Best Big Cake Ombre Yarn

Ombre 9 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Lion Brand Yarn 217 606 Ferris

Lion Brand Yarn 217 606 Ferris

The knitting gauge is 16 sts x 20 rows and the crochet gauge is 12 sc x 13 rows. This yarn is lightweight, has beautiful self-striping colors, and is super soft. The cake has 270 yards, enough to make a scarf or hat. The CYC #4 Medium has 100% Acrylic Fiber. Instructions for washing and dry. The weight is 3 ounces and the length is 270 yards.

Brand: Lion Brand Yarn

👤I usually buy Lion brand directly from their website. I am going to take my yarn back to see if there are any issues. This one has a lot of garbage. I don't know if it's seconds Amazon bought or I just got a lousy ball. I bought two, but I am not going to relive the other one. I will return them. I have two more colors I bought. I really like the colors, so I hope this is just a bad lot. Maybe try again later. I don't know. It's pretty sad right now.

👤They have all the colors they have available.

👤It was easy to work with. The afghan I made with Cotton Candy is beautiful, because of the yarn. It looks like a Monet painting. I believe I used eight skeins to make the afghan. The skein yardage is short compared to other yarn. I think it is softer than those two yarns. If I didn't have so much other yarn, I would order more. I will combine two different colors next time, but not with this afghan.

👤I have never done crocheting before. I have worked with yarn that works well. I'm excited to make my own accessories. The yarn is soft and fuzzy. It's easy to work with and elegant as well.

👤I like the cake-style yarns because it is easier to dig into the center to find the end. There is a This says it is a #3, but it is actually a 4. At some point, the yarn gets wrapped around another part of the yarn because it started fuzzing as I worked with it. I like the colors, but I won't buy this again because my project turned out fine.

👤The Cottonwood Candy was received. The colors look a bit dull compared to the image provided. The yarn doesn't feel like a 4med. It is fuzzy and thin. If I search for this type of yarn, it will be usable. Can share how it held up.

👤The texture is lightweight. I made two toddler items. The yarn is pretty good.

👤This yarn is beautiful. It works up so soft with the fun colors. These would be great for babies.

👤This is not Lion Brand yarn. It is spun from imitation wool. I had a bad feeling when I removed it from the packaging. I tried to give it a chance by working it up into a swatch but I was afraid theyarn was going to break. It doesn't feel good. Please watch the video of me un-spinning. This is not a legitimate product and any crocheter or knitter can tell it. Don't waste your money.

👤Idéal pour mon projet. tellement, couleur. Pour l'hiver prochain, trs chaude. cakes pour ne pas en manquer

👤I got about 6 in total. I don't know that the size wasn't as big. I will use the length for my next knitting project even though I read it wrong.

👤The price was great for these. I have used the brand many times and have no issues with it.

2. Bernat Worsted Self Striping Acrylic Chambray

Bernat Worsted Self Striping Acrylic Chambray

The weight is 3 ounces and the length is 270 yards. 3 Ball Factory Pack Dye Lot Match of Bernat Pop! The yarn is self-striping. You are sure to enjoy the striped projects that are created without continually weaving in the ends. The balls are 5 ounces and 140 grams. The total for the balls is over 800 yards. The knitting gauge is 16 sts x 20 r and the crochet gauge is 12 sc x 13 r. The yarn is machine washed and dry for easy care. There is a match per bag of 3 balls.

Brand: Bernat

👤This is an Afghan who crocheted with yarn. I got on special, then found out that the store no longer carried it, so I was happy to find it on Amazon at a reasonable price. It worked well with the stitch I use. This queen size afghan is easy to work with. When you need to join a new skein/cake, the three pack stayed the same color sequence as you worked the yarn from 1st to 2nd to 3rd cake.

👤You can trust BERNAT. It comes with any color combination you want. Have made very unique items and they are striking. This yarn is easy to work with, it is soft and bright, and I have made items for people that they just loved the vibrant colors. I have tried a lot of expensive yarn and thought it was going to be good, but Bernat is better. If you try it, you will see the difference this yarn makes.

👤The colors are exactly what I was looking for and the weight and value are excellent. This is going to be a present for a granddaughter.

👤I have never used the cakes before. If the colors change too much, you can cut and pick up from the same color added to stay in the color scheme. I am very pleased. Thank you!

👤This is a great value. The yarn is soft but I don't like how it looks. I made a blanket out of this yarn. I didn't like it. I told myself that I would give this yarn another try. The yarn is a weight 4 and looks like it wants to be bulky. I love self striping yarn. It's not a good yarn for me. Next time, I will go with another brand.

👤I used the one I purchased at a retail store, but it seemed thinner than the one I had used before. I was able to finish the blanket. I may have been the one who used the different crochet hook.

👤I used this yarn to make a scarf. The yarn worked well. There were no knots. My hook glided. I plan to use this yarn again. There was a small brown spot on the white part of the striping. That is it.

👤I have never tried this yarn before. It is warm and soft. I am making a shawl for my partner who is cold all of the time, and I am using another yarn in this same color. This will become a shawl for my partner.

👤Afghan worked up quickly and didn't have to worry about matching coronate colors. Will be ordering again. The delivery was quick from Amazon.

👤Just in time, I can continue my blanket. The colors are perfect.

👤No, he is utilizado, pero se ve uno de los tantos en textura.

👤No lleg, I have 2 packs.

3. Red Heart 385957 Super Icelandic

Red Heart 385957 Super Icelandic

It was made in the USA. The yarn is red heart super saver. The medium weight yarn has been America's bestselling yarn for over seventy years. It's perfect for all knit and crochet projects.

Brand: Red Heart

👤I've never ordered yarn on Amazon. I would have had to drive 30 miles to the store to get 1 more skein of yarn. I don't drive out of town. Someone would have to take me. It matched. The yard looked like it was lighter in the picture. I was happy that it would match.

👤It must have come from my grandmother's basement. How old is it? I'm used to buying yarn products with no dye lots. I assume this yarn is very old since it has been the norm for years. It is not close to the color of Red Heart Aran yarn. I'm going to have to put it back because I'm not going to finish an afghan. Be careful.

👤It is not a match for the yarn purchased at Michaels. I was expecting the color to be different but it is not and it feels different. The yarn is not as supple. It feels different. The color looks dirty like the bottom of a socks. I don't know what happened.

👤I was surprised by how bad this yarn was. I used it with another yarn. I didn't think that "super economy yarn" was split apart and scratchy. The price for this yarn was more than I spent for the entire shawl, but I needed just a little bit of this shade to complete my project. I had to figure out how to add this thin splitting yarn to the rest of my shawl on my own. I don't think it is a beginner yarn. Does Red Heart really want to introduce itself to someone new? I have been using this brand of yarn for many years and it has been sad to see the quality decline. I want my hand made gifts to last, so I am hesitant to buy. It used to be that cheap did not mean inferior, but now many items are not just yarn.

👤It is not as soft as Red Heart yarn, but it will absorb some of the fabric after a wash and rinse. It is what I expected. I realized there is a lot less blue than I thought after a couple of yards. 2 inches of blue is used for every 21 inches of cream and brown variegation. It made for a really messy looking crochet pattern. It looks better when knitted into a stockinette. I want to rate this yarn a 3-star.

👤It was on sale for a great price. It's good yarn. I only buy on sale. It's ridiculous for vendors to charge $8 and over for a yarn skin when it should never be over $3 or $4 a skein. I would like to see Amazon regulate these overpriced vendors. It should be illegal to sell something for more than it's worth. Red Heart is a great company because of the vibrant color. I hope it's still made in the USA. We can put mennon the moon, but can't make yarn. Don't get me started on that. Don't overpay for great yarn. Thanks.

4. Caron Striping 10 5oz Cookie Crumble

Caron Striping 10 5oz Cookie Crumble

The length is 236 yards. Fiber: 100% Acrylic Worsted. Each cake is 10 ounces. 4” square on US 8 (5mm) needles is the knitting gauge. A square is 4” on a US H-8 (5mm) hook. All your projects are easy to care for because they are machine washed and dryable.

Brand: Caron Yarns

👤This brand and type of yarn is my favorite. I only order yarn online when I am in bed. The price of these yarns can be triple what it is in most stores.

👤I love yarn cakes. They have the same amount of cakes as normal size cakes and the colors blend well.

👤Don't buy this yarn. I thought the first roll was bad luck. The teal blue bled into the lighter colors in spots, making the whole blanket look spotty. The second cake was worse than the first. So sad. My granddaughter was going to be the beneficiary of this blanket. It was a lot of work and not a good result.

👤I crocheted an Afghan that called for two big cakes, so I bought two of them. The first big cake was very proportional and pleasant, only one knot, and uniform texture. The speckling was fun. The second cake was different. It started out okay, and to continue my striping I had to do a little of my own cutting, which was easy to hide on this afghan, but soon the color pools were all out of whack, and color transitions were abrupt rather Han thoughtfully blended. I had to work in the yarn I had trimmed off at the beginning of the second half after the knots came. The yarn became thin and stiff as it became saturated with dye. I hope it will sort itself out with washing, because that persisted for longer than I wanted. You can't tell by looking at the finished product, but it didn't feel good. I am happy enough to make one for my daughters, but I would probably look for a different gift for an adult.

👤I fell in love with the yarns when I first saw them. The colors were great. I was going to make six blankets for Christmas. Three of the blankets are made with double yarn, using a variegated Caron yarn and a solid Heart color. The three others were not made with any other yarn. The smaller blankets for the baby and toddlers are the three Caron Cake blankets. The yarn would be tied together in several places throughout the skein, which was an issue that I kept running into. It was what I would think of as normal in a few skeins. If necessary, maybe two or three times. Several of the skeins were tied together multiple times. There were some knots that were very close together. I don't like having to hide, or trying to hide, a bunch of knots in my blankets. You want something to be beautiful when you work so hard on it. The yarn was easy to work with and the finished result is beautiful.

👤I like big cakes from Caron. The blanket was made using two different colors. The value is great and it is soft after being washed. I highly recommend.

👤This yarn was used to make a blanket. It is very easy to crochet. I have washed it a few times and it is as new as can be.

5. Caron 29402222006 Simply Medium Acrylic

Caron 29402222006 Simply Medium Acrylic

The gauge is 4 - MED and 100 percent Acrylic. 13 sc and 14 rows with a 5mm crochet hook. The knitting gauge is 18 sts and 24 rows with a 5mm knitting needle. 5 ounces/141gm, 235 yds/ 215 M. Machine wash and machine dry.

Brand: Caron International

👤I made my first "in the round" hat with this yarn and it turned out very well. The yarn is soft and nice to work with. It is too slippery for a regular magic knot if you need to join the yarn. I had to use a bigger knot to make sure it wouldn't fall apart. I really like this yarn.

👤I got these for so little that I'm still jazzed. Simply soft is my favorite basic yarn to crochet with.

👤I really liked the color and it was perfect for my project, but I ended up needing a lot more of these skeins than I anticipated, for a project that wasn't really huge. I was concerned that some of the skeins had knots in the middle. I expect the yarn to be a single strand. One of them had been tied up twice.

👤I bought this yarn to make a baby afghan. I didn't like the texture of the yarn or the olor ombonation. There were several places in the yarn that were tied together. I bought a few more skeins to make a throw for the couch after I decided it was not a good weight for a newborn baby afghan. I will buy this yarn again.

👤I had a problem making an afghan with it because there were places where one color would go on forever and make big patches of another color. I would have to cut the yarn and tie it to get a better blend of colors. If the colors were only 4 or 5 inches each, it would blend better. Some of the colors weren't dyed well and there were little threads of white. The yarn is very soft and works well.

👤Simply Soft is my go-to product. Finding variegated yarns that suit my purposes is difficult, but this is very good. They should have a yellow.

👤It arrived quickly. They were wrapped individually in their own bag and then in a box it doesn't get dusty or dirty before it is used! Excellent done!

👤This brand of yarn is not something I have experienced before. It was frustrating because I had to untie the knots and there were too many extra ends to weave in. The whole purpose of this yarn was to avoid that.

👤The scarf turned out lovely, because of the great colour.

👤Knitted up well. It was soft and washed well. Would buy again.

👤This is even nicer than the Simply Soft one. It's a camo with longer color ways.

👤Pour faire des cache-cou mes petits enfants.

👤Wech lst die gut verarbeiten und beispielsweise gut aus.

6. Red Heart E793 3952 Tealberry Unforgettable

Red Heart E793 3952 Tealberry Unforgettable

Machine wash and machine dry. Information on the composition is provided by composition and permanence tables. They want to earn your trust through the traditional way they do business. It was manufactured in china.

Brand: Red Heart

👤I wanted to make a scarf. The first ball had knot where yarn was joined and inconsistent size. It ranged from a baby fingering to 4 or greater. Each ball has yarn size inconsistencies. I have pictures attached to me. The yarn inconsistencies were not a deterrent and the colour variations and my pattern choice helped to hide the size changes. The yarn is very soft and fuzzy and as I worked with my 5mm hook the yarn split at times and the fuzziness enabled it to tangle up on itself. I give 5 for beauty and 3 for manageability. It requires more experience for a patient.

👤I bought three skeins of this yarn brand for my crochet project. The pros are 1. It was soft. 2. Beautiful colors. 3. Nice sheen. They had a cons. I don't know how this was classified. I have yarn that is thicker than this. 2. The skeins varied in thickness and softness. 3. Sticks together. You can't get a piece of this yarn on a pet or in your mouth. It felt like you were working with it. I would buy this yarn again for some very specific projects. Don't buy it expecting aran thickness.

👤This stuff is impossible to remove once you've knitted or crocheted it. Unless it is a familiar pattern, don't use this. The yarn is soft but unforgiving.

👤The color was not what I expected. I don't have any of the bright teal shown in the picture, and there are more shades of purple and blue. There is a patch of yellow that is out of place with the rest of the colors. I had to finish my scarf. This skein is not as harsh as the first one, but it's not going to match. I think it will be okay, there are so many colors in it. The thread size is not consistent with the first skein. The first was the same throughout but the second kept getting skinnier.

👤I bought every skein and it arrived in at least 3 pieces. The last one was in 7 different sections, the last being a tangle of wires in the middle that dropped out as I was winding. It doesn't break as much as it pulls apart, which is a pity. When it needs to be cleaned, what will happen? It's beautiful. I'm more than disappointed. I've been a yarnie for 51 years and I understand that it could be a bad batches but come on! This isn't acceptable from a great company. If you are a beginner, stay away. It will be hard for you. If you have to retreat and restitch, this yarn is not for you. I'm not going to use it after this haul. It was sad.

👤The yarn is gorgeous. This is for your patient. It is easy to tangle and you sometimes have to cut fuzz of the yarn to avoid knots. It's soft and eye pleasing. The name is unforgettable. I will definitely buy more. It is not for a blanket because it is thin for fishnet patterns.

7. Red Heart E300 0932 Super Saver Zebra

Red Heart E300 0932 Super Saver Zebra

The yarn is red heart super saver. The material is made of 100 percent acrylic. There is a 5-mm knitting needle and a 5.5-mm crochet hook. The zebra color is available. The length is 236 yards.

Brand: Red Heart

👤I am not good at crocheting but my dad wanted a scarf that was American. I think it looks great, but if I had made the scarf a little less wide I would have gotten a better pattern. I will definitely be ordering again. I am not that impatient and shipping took forever but it didn't bother me.

👤I was looking for something a little different when it came to the "stars and stripes" aspect of this yarn, and it has a cute self-striping aspect. The blue section of this yarn has "stars" flecked in so you get all of the aspects of the American flag without having to use multiple strands of yarn.

👤I started an afghan last year but forgot about it. I ran out of yarn when I re- started the project and am using 3 colors. I went to JoAnn's but couldn't find the color. I tried to use another green that was variegated but it didn't blend in with the other colors. I was pleasantly surprised to find the yarn at AMAZON, but I was not sure if it was the right color for me, so I ordered 2 skeins, even though the price was higher than what it sells elsewhere. When I opened the box, I saw that it matched perfectly. I can finish my afghan now that I have paid extra. If you can't find it on Amazon, it doesn't exist anywhere else. It's a good thing.

👤I was very disappointed in the purchase. I have to purchase my yarn online because I am quainted. You can see from the picture that the yarn that was purchased a long time ago has more yarn than the yarn that was verigated. I just bought something. More money for less. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤The yarn pools are nice. This yarn is hard to work with, especially for beginners, because of the long repeat. I am not crazy about how this looks. I stopped partway through because I didn't think the pattern looked good and it was not worth the effort. If you are looking for an easy pooling yarn, this is not it.

👤Red Heart yarn's quality has plummeted and it is no longer a quality product. It has many tie offs within a skein and the plys are not strong. It used to be cheap, but high quality. It is more expensive and less quality. SMH.

👤I was hoping to make many happy Christmas projects with this Mistletoe yarn, but the color bleeding on the other colors makes it look too sloppy to make anything out of. See the photo. Green seems to do it more often than the other two colors. It has a rough texture that is hard to work with. This yarn is going to be used to make things that don't need to look good. So disappointing.

👤If you are buying any of the Super Savers, Red Heart is not known for soft yarn. The yarn is not soft. The color ranges you can get are amazing and it's great for structured projects like hats, toys, etc. It's a favorite of mine because it holds the shape so well. The yarn is variegated and the colors change on every stitch. It looks like stained glass if you pair it with a black color. I have bought a lot of this color and I don't have to worry about knots or anything. Very happy with it.

8. Lion Brand Yarn Mandala Felicity

Lion Brand Yarn Mandala Felicity

The color changes of Mandala Ombré are more subtle than the original, as each color gradually blends into the other. The hand-dyed effect is created by the printing technique that allows for some of the cream yarn base to show through. The CYC #4 Medium has 100% Acrylic Fiber. Instructions for washing and dry. The weight is 5.3 ounces and the length is 343 yards.

Brand: Lion Brand Yarn

👤The original display picture showed 3 rolls of yarn. I wouldn't have paid that much for a single roll. Not satisfied.

👤The yarn is soft and bright and it's nice to work with. Even in the dark!

👤The cake has a squishy texture with a denim color that works up into a stripes pattern. The Classic Beret pattern was originally written for Patons Kroy Socks yarn. I thought I'd have to make a lot of changes to get this yarn to work with the Patons 1-super fine pattern, but that wasn't the case. I was close to the gauge of the original pattern. I ordered the yarn because I liked the copper colors and thought it would work with the dem color. I'm surprised that the two yarns are close in gauge. The Patons is more like a 2 than a 3.

👤I bought it for 5 bucks. I thought it was for 3 balls. I need to finish the project. The price is too high.

👤This yarn is my new favorite. It is soft, good quality, works up nicely, and the colors are bright. The colors work well together and the pattern that was created is unique. I have worked with many different brands of yarn and this one is the best.

👤I used this yarn to make a scarf. The pattern was really lovely and was worked with 10 needles. The scarf can be worn several ways.

👤I made 2 scarves with this yarn. The yarn is soft and lovely. I decided to make a 2nd scarf because I liked how well the first one turned out. Wishing you a Merry Christmas, who will know who you are soon?

👤I used this for an afghan that I gave away, and I have bought more to make one for myself. The changing colors kept it from getting dull. I love this yarn.

👤Absolutely wonderful to work with. The colors are vibrant and soft. There were no knots in the cake. I will be buying more colors this year. Not sure how fast it is. I will wash in cold water.

👤I think the wool is thinner than aran. It's amazing to work with colour change. It was worth every penny.

👤I was expecting the wool to behave well, but when I crocheted up some squares with it, they were stiff. When sewing squares together the wool splits a lot, but it's still workable, it's just a little annoying. Even though it's stiff, the wool is still soft, and it had no problems with it when working with just a hook.

👤It is a little expensive but it is definitely worth it as it is not easily available where I am in the world. The balls are 150g and are beautiful to work with. The 5mm crochet hook is very soft and easy to work with.

👤The velvet texture and colors are beautiful.

9. Lion Brand Mandala Baby Echo Caves

Lion Brand Mandala Baby Echo Caves

Mandala lovers are rejoicing! One cake is enough to make baby sweaters or stroller blankets with 13 bright, happy color combinations of your favorite CYC 3 yarn. CYC #3 Light is made of 100% Acrylic. Instructions for washing and dry. The weight is 5.3 ounces and the length is 590 yards.

Brand: Lion Brand Yarn

👤I am tired of being shorted on yarn. My scale fluctuated between 142g and 143g, but it was supposed to be 150g. That is close to 30 yards. If yardage is an important factor, keep this in mind. The yarn is described. It seems to knit up well with the colors. I am crossing my fingers that it will be bright and wash well.

👤The colors are not the same as in the photo. Solid colors are not speckled with blue. The quality of one of the cakes was disappointing as it did not have the correct colors. The cake only had four colors that were supposed to be in it. Light blue, white, beige and taupe are all colors. Half of the cake was so thin it was like working with thread. It looked like it was made from scraps. The quality was not the same as the others I have purchased, but I had to use it anyway to complete my project. I spent $10.80 for a cake, but it was not worth it.

👤Lion Brand is one of my favorite yarn companies. I decided to try out a different yarn type from Lion brand, because I adore their Nuboo and Truboo yarns. It is a little older. I was excited to start my project after purchasing 5 cakes. I felt dread when I pulled out the yarn. The yarn was not what I was expecting. It's light but it feels weird on your skin and crocheting with it isn't easy, I've been doing it for 20 years. I want to give it a chance as it is beautiful. I don't like debating on returning the remaining 4. It's not something you want on your skin. If you are looking for good yarn for clothing, go for the nuboo, it is a little higher but is worth it just make sure you read the washing instructions and tie your ends together multiple times as I have found they can. I did it.

👤I like the yarn. It crochets well. I knitted 2 strands together on a baby blanket, which created even more color variations within the 5 separate colors in each skein. In my experience of buying 9 balls, only 2 of them matched the blue through brown color scheme. The other 7 had a different color. I was crocheting a baby blanket for the fun of it, but I had originally purchased the yarn for a boy blanket with a specific child in mind, and so had to crochet another one instead. This is fine if you don't care about "blue for a boy, pink for a girl". I would recommend choosing another color if you do.

👤I have used other cakes with this yarn. I find it difficult to use because of the weight #3, but I often use it in combination with a matching solid color, holding two strands together. This way it works. I don't have any babies to crochet for anymore so I am not using the yarn for baby blankets or baby clothes. It would be useful to make baby things to donate. I would recommend this yarn to people who like thin yarn.

10. Bernat 16103636006 Blanket Ocean Ombre

Bernat 16103636006 Blanket Ocean Ombre

Make a statement with Bernat Blanket Ombré. The same Bernat Blanket yarn is now in graduated shades to create beautiful multi-tonal home décor projects. The ball is 300g. 5oz, 200m / 220yds. The gauge is the Super Bulky. The knitting gauge is 11 sets and 13 rows. The crochet gauge is 7 sets and 8 rows.

Brand: Bernat

👤I am in love with this yarn. I wanted to make a blanket for my granddaughter. She loves snuggling in it. These colors were beautiful. Everyone loved it.

👤I loved this yarn. I made a blanket for my daughter that was soft and Hippie.

👤I have been trying to get a pretty afgan done. I liked the feel of the yarn by Berat and she chose the color in the skein which would go well with her colors at college. I have at least 4 more skeins to go, but I am on my 3rd skein. I am very disappointed with thisombre. Every skein has had at least 4 knots connecting where a color was supposed to fade to another one. If I could change it to a solid color, I would. I either wasted my time or threw it away when I got into the first skein. If I can get around it, I will not use this again. I have decided to cut at the knot and use the color to connect at a new row completely rather than have it change color suddenly. If you want a true ombre, I wouldn't recommend this. I know what I'm supposed to have as an outcome if I go with a "dapple" or "stripe". I would probably run into all the knots if the brand was the same.

👤I would give this yarn 4 1/2 stars. The entire skin isn't entirely ombre, but there are some parts that do. I love it! I bought the yarn from another vender, and I love it! I am crocheting a blanket. I am using 2 different yarns and using a 10mm hook. I am using the ombré navy yarn and the baby blanket yarn in the same company. The entire blanket is made up of half double stitches. The blanket is 5 feet wide. The blanket is 5 feet wide and you will get about 1 row of each color. The first color went in a row. The second row was full. There was a knot tying the darker blue with the lighter blue, so there wasn't any transition between those 2 colors. I had to cut out some yarn because it wasn't going to finish another row. A skein of yarn gives 8 inches in length. You might get a little more length if you are crocheting a less wide project. I like this yarn. I don't regret using it. I will get another skein of this yarn and use it for this project. It is so soft! It is softer than bernat's baby blanket yarn. I think it would be good for you to know that when I ordered my second ball of ombré blue yarn, it didn't come in the same color pattern as the first one, which is good in a way. Don't expect the colors in each skein to be in the same color sequence if you order this yarn. The cream color I am using is not included in the skein. The baby blanket yarn is called Vanilla and is cream colored. I think that I will use the ombré orange blanket once I finish this project, and I think that they are reading their reviews very well.

11. Lily Sugarn Cream Cotton Nautical

Lily Sugarn Cream Cotton Nautical

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - They're confident you'll love their Poly Zipper bags just as much as they do. If you don't want to exchange your order, contact them and they'll give you a full refund. It's suitable for knitting and crochet projects. Natural cotton is absorbent and soft. It is designed for easy usage and storage.

Brand: Lily

👤I use this for crocheting and it works well. The yarn does not stretch at all, but it does not split, which is great, and it can be a bit stiff to work with until you get used to it. I like the variety of options and the colors are lovely. It's nice to not have to join yarn midway through a project, and the cone holds enough for about four or five nine-inch-square washcloths, which is a great value. I use it for mesh bags and washcloths because it's not particularly soft, but it's great for projects that needDurability over Softness. I use it in the garden to tie up tomato plants and it lasts the whole season. The yarn is easy to wash and dries in the washing machine. This yarn is easy to work with and durable. I definitely recommend it.

👤Buying a cone of yarn is to avoid having all those wasteful ends to work in when making projects, whether knitting, crocheting or weaving. The cone of Sugar and Cream has been tied off knots almost every 25 to 40 yards. I've been winding a warp for weaving, using individual colored balls of Sugar and Cream along with an off white cone of Sugar and Cream. I haven't seen any knots in the balls, but have had 5. The amount of yarn is the same. This is frustrating and annoying. The general quality of the yarn is good, making allowances for the cheap nature of this kitchen cotton yarn. I'll stick with individual balls of Sugar 'n Cream since the quality control seems better.

👤This cone was a huge disappointment. There are splinters of yarn. I gave up trying to knit from it. The deformities were getting bigger. I have been using your yarn for a long time. I have made hundreds of dishcloths for family and friends, but I wouldn't want to give anything with this yarn to anyone. I can't imagine what to do with it. The problems are obvious. It got past any quality control.

👤This is a great yarn to crochet with. I like cotton yarn that has a variety of colors in it. This one starts with one basic color and then throws in a few more colors randomly. I'm making a blanket for my daughter. The shade of green/blue in this color matches her couch. I think it's looking good so far. I think two cones will suffice for a throw size blanket. If you want it to be a bigger one, you should probably have 3 cones. I am making it on the smaller side. It was about 42" long. It might be about square. I don't have to worry about tying yarn together with these cones. I don't like doing it and worry that it will come apart, so the less I have to do it, the better. The cones are easy to use. I realized that I could work from the inside of the cone if I removed the cardboard form that held the yarn. I didn't have any issues with it getting tangled. From now on, I'm going to do this. The price makes this yarn a great value. Thanks for reading my review.


What is the best product for big cake ombre yarn?

Big cake ombre yarn products from Lion Brand Yarn. In this article about big cake ombre yarn you can see why people choose the product. Bernat and Red Heart are also good brands to look for when you are finding big cake ombre yarn.

What are the best brands for big cake ombre yarn?

Lion Brand Yarn, Bernat and Red Heart are some of the best brands that chosen by people for big cake ombre yarn. Find the detail in this article. Caron Yarns, Caron International and Lily are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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