Best Cake Airbrush Decorating Kit Wilton

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1. Decorating Supplies Beginners 1 Turntable Numbered

Decorating Supplies Beginners 1 Turntable Numbered

Before and after use, wipe down the tool set caddy with a soft, damp cloth. Everything you need to start decorating cakes like a pro is included in the complete cake decorating set. SMOOTH REVOLVING TURNTABLE: The turntable stand has hidden ball bearings that make it easy to decorate cakes. It's good for both Right and Left handers. Use the straight spatula from the top to icing cakes from sides. The Turntable is made from plastic that is dishwasher safe. It's ideal for beginners as well as professionals. There is a cake server and tips. Every happy occasion, use the RFAQK cake serving set. The cake sever is used for serving love. 48 48 icing tips are very easy to use. You don't have to worry about which tips produce what. A whisk is included in the package to make your batter smooth. Useful accessOries: 3 scrapers are needed to smooth icing on sides and top. Exchange tips without exchanging bags. Use a cleaning brush to clean. The decorating pen helps you write and decorate the same as with a normal pen. The flower nail can be used to produce roses. The flower lifter scissor can be used to shift the flower from the nail to the cake. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The highest quality products are what drives them. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to them for a full and prompt refund.

Brand: Rfaqk

👤I've iced a few here and there but I've never decorated a cake. I made a mini wedding cake after my husband bought me this set. The kit helped me create a beautiful first cake. I highly recommend beginners because it is easy to use. The value is great.

👤It came the day after I ordered it. I was excited to unbox it and it made me happy. Everything is in plastic and there are no defects. The number and the result of every tip were shown in a paper. Everything you need is here. This is a real review.

👤I had fun. I have never made butter cream frosting before. My sister is a professional cake designer and has been for years. We live many miles apart. This kit is perfect for me, so I wanted to play. I did the tech. I put the three or more colors on to a plastic piece and rolled it up to make a sausage type bag. I think I should have added more powdered sugar to my butter cream. I had a blast. I think it's worth the money for what you get. Thank you! I am not a paid person.

👤This is a good set if you want to make small cakes. Some of the tips are bent so that they don't fit on a normal one. The spatulas and scrapers are small and not good for making a larger cake because they are half the size you would expect. I would not call it a bargain, but it was a decent price for what you get.

👤I bought this set for my son, who is interested in becoming a chef. It comes with a lot of pieces and is really good quality. It comes with everything you need to decorate. He did a cake for my baby girl.

👤I always wanted to bake but never had the right equipment to do it. I am a beginner when it comes to baking and wanted the best bang for my buck with multiple products and didn't want to spend a ton of money. The reviews looked promising, but I was disappointed. The turntable doesn't turn as if it is a defect in the product, or it seems as if it is stuck on something, and the whisk fell apart when I tried to mix my dry ingredients. You still get a lot of product for the money, but not happy with the quality. A review from a customer.

👤The product is not bad. Customer service is not available. I did not receive the ebook, I have not received a reply from the seller for a month. The main reason I buy this product is that I am new to cake decorating and any instruction helps. If you are going to sell your product, you need to do better. I refuse to use the cupcake liners because they were thrown into the box with no packaging at all.

👤There is an update to the previous review. When I wrote my review, I only counted the pieces. Some of the tips didn't have numbers on them. The photographs in the brochure that came with the kit are not large enough to show what the tips do. The numbers of the tips in the brochure do not match the numbers used in the E-Book. There are no instructions on how to write. I bought this set to do cookie and cake decorating with my children. I received the E-Book in an email, and all the pieces were in the box.

2. Wilton 3 Color Coupler 9 Piece Decorating

Wilton 3 Color Coupler 9 Piece Decorating

It's great for coloring cake batter, icings, eggs and more. This three-color set is great for making tri-color swirls of icing on cupcakes. The decorating tips include a coupler and disposable bags. The color is purple and white. Plastic and metal. Before each use, wash the tips and couplers in warm soapy water.

Brand: Wilton

👤This was a lot of fun to use. It's nice to have all three colors, but not in one bag. I was able to make a full pipe. Add icing to the bags near the end of the cake in about 15 minutes. The plastic bag should not cover the grooves and notch that are meant to interlock when you cut the bag at the right point. I will definitely use this again.

👤I am a complete novice in baking and this was my first attempt at cupcake decorating. Read the instructions. It seems rediculous to say that. I would have had a harder time if I had known how to assemble this. Be patient and don't overfill your bags. I used a fourth bag to hold the filled bags in place. It was easy once I had everything in its place. The cupcakes turned out better than I anticipated.

👤This product worked well for me. I ordered this product after reading the reviews because I wanted to make a tie dye themed cupcake for my son's birthday party. I had never piped frosting before, but the result was adorable. The set up does take some time. Make sure to couple the bags together. I had a small hiccup when I had to re-load some frosting into the bags halfway through and that created some air bubbles, but nothing was going to stop me. I will be using this again.

👤I was one of the people who had trouble with these. I couldn't get my bags to line up and lock together after I filled them. I just read an update that says the pieces are not the same and that they need to match the larger tab with the larger slot. I am going to try it again with some store bought frosting. I love the tri-color look and I'm hoping for better results. I did a practice run using canned frosting from the store, and I was able to get the bags on, lined up, and put the tip on, but I had to use Scotch tape to hold them together. I got it together after a few tries. The icing was room temp and too soft. I feel more confident using my homemade buttercream frosting now that I know I can get the whole assembly together. The first two attempts used up all the bags that came with the kit, so I'll have to pick up more.

👤2.5 stars. I'm lazy and I thought. I can do more than one color without stripping. One click! I've used it twice and both times I ended up with the biggest hand cramp. The frosting goes out of the top with the empty coupler. I didn't read the instructions to see if I did something wrong. I need to put the bag in with the coupler to do two colors. I think the results are pretty. A lot of work for the same results. I found it easy to use, but my hand hurts like a mother.

3. Wilton Decorator Preferred Decorating Caddy

Wilton Decorator Preferred Decorating Caddy

The base mould can be used to make Graphics and Patterns on cakes and other baked goods. All of your baking supplies are in a convenient cake decorating tool caddy. The purple latches on the side hold your baking tools in place. The tool caddy is 17 x 8 x 8 inches. Great for holding cake decorating tools. Before and after use, wipe down the tool set caddy with a soft, damp cloth.

Brand: Wilton

👤I was excited to have a caddy that would hold my cake decorating stuff. I tried to put my stuff in it and it failed. The tips compartment doesn't fit large tips. You have to put them in the open area. The bottom of the case is not deep enough. Unless you put the containers on their sides, they won't fix. The Watkins extracts are to be discussed, as are the smaller squeeze bottles. I don't like the fact that I have to keep my supplies in different containers. The gels in the bottom are too tall and my large tips are off the side of the picture.

👤This design is terrible. The box is all curved, unless you have shapeless bags of fluids. The walls of my food coloring bottles are too curved so they don't stay in place when I move the box. The brushes and tools I put in at the top layer don't fit in the corners of the compartments and leave a lot of wasted space. I can't put anything on that spot inside the box because the handle of the lid can sit inside the box. It was so much wasted space. If you want to save space and not try to be all cute and round-cornered, buy a normal toolbox that has square edges.

👤Just as described. I put my extra large tips in the top compartment because the main section doesn't hold them. The other wilton organizer cases stack well together. The icing color organizers were purchased at the same time. I put a silver sharpie on top of my label.

👤I am a cake designer. I do nothing fancy for my kids' birthdays. I thought it would hold the color gels I bought. I kept them in a bag until they leaked all over and caused a huge mess. The holes in the container are not big enough for the colors of the Wilton. They teeter around and don't sit upright, which means eventually they're going to spill all over the place again. I don't understand how you can make a carrier that doesn't fit your stuff. What is happening?

👤Very organized! On both sides, the lid snaps on tightly. This is the best for tall icing colors. If you double stack short containers of colors, they will be all over the place when the container is tipped.

👤This held a lot of stuff from my brushes and implements. I don't have to look through all the little boxes anymore because I have space in my cabinets. The sort of domed top should be domed to allow for more space for larger tips to be stored. I have several large Russian tips as well. It seems like they would try to accommodate their own tips. It's neatened everything up, and I think it would be a great gift. I would have liked getting it as a gift. The larger one has drawers that can fall out. I decided to keep my food coloring in smaller plastic bins because I probably could use two of these. I'm not sure of the strength. When I lift it with the handle, I will probably support the bottom. I'm amazed by how much it holds after I'm able to separate the sections by lifting out the slides. It's similar to some of the plastic organizers that stack, but I didn't want it to be clear, and it has cubbies for specific things. I think the price could be lower. I went ahead with the purchase because I had rewards to use. I think that it should cost about 40% less than the price that Wilton has set, because of what it is made of and how it closes. I'm happy that I bought it. I recommend it. I feel like I'm in control.

4. Wilton Sugar Cookie Decorating 15 Piece

Wilton Sugar Cookie Decorating 15 Piece

The tips, flower nails and couplers are dishwasher safe. The decorating set makes it easy to make fun designs on cookies. Includes: Meringue mix, 8 icing colors, cookie icing bottle with 2 tips, and 3-piece cookie decorating tool set. Meringue mix net weight: 8 ounce (226 gram); is made in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, milk and wheat. Net weight is 0.2 ounce (14 gram) for each icing color. Icing colors are made on equipment that also processes milk, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. Silicone icing bottle is microwave safe and can be washed in soapy water. Meringue mix and icing colors are made in the USA.

Brand: Wilton

👤These items were EBT eligible and bundled together. Will be useful for Christmas cookies.

👤I decided to get this set instead of researching individual items because I wanted to start decorating with royal icing. The 8 gel colors are all that I needed. They will last for a long time because you only use a small amount. The royal icing was made in no time. The bottle with two tops was very flexible and easy to use. I would buy another one. It is expensive on it's own. I didn't think I'd use the tools. I used them all and they were very helpful. You can't go wrong with this set if you don't duplicate what you have.

👤It was easy to use and had many essential tools. The gels are a great set for beginners.

👤The set is perfect for beginners. The gel containers are the only thing I dislike. I wish they were squeeze bottles, instead of having to scoop out food coloring. The bottle and tools are amazing.

👤Do you want to use easy to use tools to make cookies? The kit is for you.

👤Excellent quality and small baking set. I decorated cookies with this kit and they all turned out beautiful.

👤The colors weren't very vibrant, but the tools are useful. I couldn't get a true Christmas red from these even after adding what looked like the entire tub of red.

👤I am going to decorate my cookies soon. All items are pictured and described. You don't find these items in a local store.

5. Wilton 46 Piece Deluxe Decorating Supplies

Wilton 46 Piece Deluxe Decorating Supplies

The perfect baking supplies are a pack of pastry bags. There are a variety of cake decorating tools. When not in use, the case holds piping bags and tips. The tips, spatula, and coupler are dishwasher safe. The spatula, storage case, and pastry bags are plastic. Before use, wash the case with warm soapy water.

Brand: Wilton

👤I haven't done cake decorating in a while but with a young child at home I want to teach her how to decorate as well. This is a nice set to start with. There is a variety of the basic tips, which are lighter than the vinyl bags but heavy enough to be washed and reused at least a few times, a nice offset spatula, and a box to hold it in. Dropping your tip into the bag is all you need to add icing. If you plan to use a few different tips, you can use the coupler and change the tip without having to use another bag and more icing. If you are planning to use the same tip with multiple colors, you will probably need a few more couplers as the base goes into the bag with the icing. If you are going to have the tip off for a while, there is a cap to cover the bag. The larger tips don't work with the coupler. It only fits the small tips. I believe you can find larger ones to use with those. A bag cutter is also included. The bags don't have a hole in the end, so you need to cut off the ends. If you have trouble cutting off too much or not enough, the cutter could be useful, but I find that a quick snip with the scissors is much faster and easier. This is a nice set for home designers. The instruction booklet is my biggest complaint. I was excited to see a booklet in the package. I was excited when I opened the booklet. The booklet will be useless if you are over 35. It is written in a 6 point type. I couldn't read it. It's a single color black ink on a booklet. It's not very expensive to produce. Add 4 more pages and increase the size of the booklet to at least 11 point. There were no instructions on how to use the coupler in several reviews. Many people can't read the instructions because they are so small.

👤I'm a mixed bag on this set. The standard size is what I like. The set has half the tips that can't be used with the coupler. I have a large one, but you won't be able to make your perfect cupcake swirl without ordering that too. The large petal tip is not compatible with my coupler. I think it will work. The case doesn't have a divider to separate the tips. I'm glad I have it. I was not happy with my other kit. I was not sure if I was using the correct tip.

👤I have been using the products for 45 years. I have always been impressed with their materials. My daughter wants to start collecting decorating materials, so I bought this set for her. The tips are upright in the 3rd image. This is one of the reasons I bought this set. The set has no holders like the one in the image. You can keep the thin plastic tip holder if you want to. That is not a long term solution. I bought a smaller box a few years ago but the tips are too tall and the side closures are hard to use. I don't like my tip storage caddy being all messed up.

6. Wilton Beginning Buttercream Decorating 20 Piece

Wilton Beginning Buttercream Decorating 20 Piece

The basic decorating patterns of each icing tip and related cupcake design ideas are shown in a colorful tip chart in the cake decorating tips guide. This Beginning Buttercream decorating set is a great way to learn and practice piping designs. The set is perfect for beginners. There are 10 decorating tips, including round, star, petals, leaf, and specialty. The tips are made of steel and the bags are plastic. Before each use, wash tips in warm, soapy water to make sure they are dishwasher safe.

Brand: Wilton

👤I ordered this to make cupcakes for my son's first birthday party. I was amazed at how easy it was to use. When I ordered this, I had no idea how to make cupcakes. The product was so easy to use that I felt like I could compete in Cupcake Wars. I watched videos before making my own frosting. I plan on baking more often.

👤My toddler daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and she loves checking out the sweets at the supermarkets. She wouldn't feel left out at birthday parties, so I wanted to learn to make some home baked safe sweets. For the price, the Wilton kit is attractive, but it is a no frills kit. It was straight forward to use and I am interested in learning more about decorating. The tips clean well in the dishwasher. There are a lot of cheap brands in the search for a set, but one brand that has been around for a long time is Wilton. I was not disappointed that they provided quality material for the kit. I hope to learn more techniques soon.

👤I loved this cheapo set. I am not a professional baker, but I decided to try a fancy design on my cupcake frosting. It's a good thing that fingers crossed. You will be doing those Food Network cupcakes on your first try with this kit. I got rave reviews on my skills, and cupcakes were a big hit. Me?

👤The variety of tips is what I like. The box was crushed and missing the guide. One of the reasons I got this set was because it supposedly has the guide, and I am a beginner. There is a Even though the box arrived crushed, the tips were not damaged.

👤Good quality. A nice set. You can just drop the tip into the bag and cut a hole big enough for the tip to pass through, but not the entire tip. You put the frosting in.

👤It's not necessary to have the piece. They were used to frost Christmas cutout cookies. My niece had no problem squeezing the frosting out onto her cookies because they were easy to fill and decorate. I chose this set because it had so many different tips. They make pretty designs. This was a big step up for me because I'm not a good buttercream spreader and I used to spread it with a knife. Looking forward to practicing with them.

👤The kit had everything I needed, except for the coupler. I made cookie monster cupcakes and it was very easy to make. I was glad to find the specialty grass tip in this kit, it was expensive, but it was included with a bunch of other tips and piping bags. I was able to make flowers and shells with the other tips.

👤I bought this set to try it out, I am a beginner at cupcakes. It is very easy to use for beginners. The price and amount of bags and tips are included in the package. It's a great value for your money.

7. Wilton Student Decorating Discontinued Manufacturer

Wilton Student Decorating Discontinued Manufacturer

The ball tool and decorating brush should be washed with warm soapy water. Everything you need is provided in this kit. It is used for decorative purposes.

Brand: Wilton

👤The basic materials that you need for the course are in the student kit. The kit has 12 decorating tips. Round 1,3 & 12; Star 16,18 & 21; Open Star 1M; Petal 104; Leaf 352; Bismarck 230; Drop Flower 2D; Specialty 233. There are 4 standard couplers. There are 12 disposable bags. - 15 in. There are Parchment triangles. 1.5 in. A flower nail. The brush is a Decorator brush. There are 12 flower template stickers. 9 in. spatula. There is a practice board with sheets. The basic tools you need to decorate with buttercream will be provided in this kit. The tips can be used in courses 2, 3 and 4. The practice board with the practice sheets is the best part of the kit, it has a plastic cover that you can put the practice sheet inside to practice decorating with buttercream, after you finish you clean it up with a cloth and store it. I was able to do a rosette after practicing a few times. You need to buy the Lesson Plan for course 1 (building buttercream skills) and take the class at a local Michael's, Hobby Lobby, A.C. Moore and Joann if you want to advance and actually learn to decorate. If you don't want to go to a class or they don't offer it in your area, you can also take the course online at The lesson plan book is not included in the kit. I don't regret buying this kit.

👤I had to purchase this for my class. I would like it to come with more for the price I paid. The items it includes are of good quality. If you're going to be bringing this kit back and forth to class, I would recommend getting a storage box or container. The box is very easy to open.

👤This was a requirement for the class I took. I needed all of the tools in it. There are practice boards in there. It was easy to practice the skills multiple times without having to buy more practice boards. The kits for Courses 2 and 3 have already been ordered.

👤I was very disappointed with my purchase. I paid $25 for a kit that wasn't in the book. The stencils were the only thing that came with it. I needed the purchase for my class. I didn't have a book for guidence. I have to spend more money to get the book.

👤The book looks good. I am looking forward to using the book in my class on Thursday.

👤The kit and the practice table were not included in the book.

👤I ordered this for the class and it was great. The price was better here.

👤I went to the store to get the kit and book for the class. If you don't take the class, it has great tips for decorating.

8. Wilton Royal Icing Mix Oz

Wilton Royal Icing Mix Oz

There are twelve boxes in the pack. It's easy to add water. It's great to make flowers in advance. It's easy to add water. A box of Royal Icing Mix is contained in this package. Kosher dairy. The taste and texture of homemade buttercream icing is delicious. Just as you would use your favorite buttercream recipe, use the creamy white buttercream from Wilton.

Brand: Wilton

👤It's really sweet, but limon or lime juice makes it taste great.

👤I ordered this kit for some gingerbread cookies, but it was not what I pictured. The kit was for royal icing, but not this one. The icing tasted horrible as if it had gone off. It was not usable. I'm not happy.

👤The icing began to break after covering more than six dozen cookies. I have been baking cookies for decades. Same recipe. The icing was the only difference. I was very disappointed as I didn't dare give away anything. Very disappointed.

👤Things were done faster with this mix. It works well. It tastes great. It was easy to use. It was easier to decorate a lot faster.

👤This stuff is hard to use. I had a sticky mess in my kitchen. It is expensive to keep replacing these cookies because they take so much practice.

👤The boxes had gone bad after being purchased. We made the first one and didn't realize it. It smelled like rot. The second box was the same as the first one. Will not be purchasing it again from Amazon.

👤It was very easy to use. Consistency is perfect for piping. You can change consistency as well. This worked great for me, I needed something stiff.

👤I use this a lot. It's perfect for my cookie recipe. It's easy to thin out if needed. I prefer to make my own icing. It was a breeze. I get praise whenever I use it.

9. Master Airbrush Decorating Airbrushing Dual Action

Master Airbrush Decorating Airbrushing Dual Action

Please read the manual carefully before using the airbrush. If you want to make sure the airbrush works, you need to test it with enough water. You should clean the airbrush thoroughly after using it. The Model G22 Multi-Purpose High Performance Precision Airbrush has a 1/3 oz. The cup and tip are small. 6 foot braided air hose. The C16-B Black Mini Air Compressor is lightweight and portable. Automatic on/off shutoff with a maximum air pressure of 25psi and produces 15psi air pressure on demand. Air-on-demand shuts off air when not in use. A built-in holder is included. The 12 Color Chefmaster food coloring set has 0.7 ounce bottles. The strongest and truest colors are found in theedible colors. They are made in the USA with high quality ingredients. A bonus How-To- Airbrush Manual and Guide Booklet is included. If you're not satisfied with the product within the first year of purchase or the second year of purchase, they'll give you a replacement or refund.

Brand: Master Airbrush

👤I read the reviews to see what people thought about the machine. I decided to take a chance because I read some good reviews. That didn't work out for me. The machine blows in spurts after the first use. I saw a video on the internet that said if you tighten the needle, it will start working. Set the gun down, went to use again, and it wouldn't release any color. Sounds like a problem? It blew off for about ten seconds and then stopped blowing liquid. Thetrigger is messed up. I wouldn't purchase this again. I had high hopes for this. I was so excited to get to make cookies for my business that I am crushed. They sent it with a package and it got two stars.

👤A few of the paints had leaked out after I received this product. I was very disappointed. I got it going and it didn't put out a lot of pressure, but I didn't go onto cookies as I should have. This gun doesn't have an adjustability, so you're stuck with one setting. I would not order again or recommend anyone to do so. I thought I was going to love this and it was a great deal, but I got my money's worth.

👤The machine didn't come with a case, but the stencils it came with were similar to stickers. Those are not the reasons I bought it. The machine works. I had no issues trying it after cleaning. It came with all the colors. Good for the price.

👤When it sprays it looks great on cakes. It's hard to get it to spray in between colors or add more of the same color. There are a few more reviews of that problem. The product is easy to use and take apart, it's great. I wish I didn't have to fight for it. Not bad for a starter kit. I used this for the second time this week and the compressor went out.

👤I used this item to decorate cookies. The system was easy to use and clean. I can't wait to use it again.

👤The airbrush works well. The kit I received didn't come with the food coloring I was told it would. I would have returned it for the correct one, but I didn't have time to do it. I made my own food coloring. I don't think it's worth the extra money if they don't send everything advertised.

👤I was scared to use it as I had never done it before, but it was so easy to use that I was able to decorate over 200 sugar cookies very quickly. Can't wait to use it again.

👤The machine works well and saves me a lot of time. A great purchase!

👤No me llega el aergrafo, lo devolvi aduana.

👤La aduana las dos veces tienen compres.

10. Wilton Ultimate Cake Decorating Tools

Wilton Ultimate Cake Decorating Tools

The ultimate baking supplies set for cake decorators of all skill levels. The Caddy has drawers and top compartments for holding spatulas and tips. The spatulas, piping tips, and caddy are made from metal. The cake decorating kit is 15 inches tall. Before use, wipe caddy with damp cloth and wash spatulas and tips with warm soapy water.

Brand: Wilton

👤I didn't know that this tool kit was missing many of its items until after the return period was over, but I was able to use the product recently. Almost 25% of my kit was missing. I don't think you should get this item.

👤I bought this for my mom's birthday. She had always wanted this. I was hoping that she would be happy, but when she opened it, there were no tools in it. It was really unfortunate to see it practically empty, because it was an ultimate decorating tool set. I had to go to the store to get the product again.

👤The decorating kit made it to The Cayman Islands in perfect condition, with all items in tact and of good quality. I was able to bake and decorate the pictured cake as a beginner using the yellow cake recipe from their website, thanks to the kit and a few videos on the internet. I intend to expand my collection of products as I try new things in the near future, because of the quality line of products at a reasonable price. It's a good thing. The included cake bands make sure the level cakes are achieved.

👤I'm excited by all of the tools that come with this kit. The kit comes with a lot of great tools that I can use. The carrying case is made of cheap plastic and it seems like it won't last very long. I think I'll be replacing it soon. It would be nice if they sold all of the tools without the case. A good tackle box or something more sturdy would be better for you. It was nearly impossible to get everything back in the drawer that I took everything out of. Make sure you keep an eye on the price. I got it for $150, but realized that some people had seen it for $112 before. Don't pay more than $150 for it.

👤Great product! Everything you need to decorate. My goddaughter is starting a baking business to help with college expenses. I bought this for her to help her get started. Her parents and grandparents are buying pans. The set only has 18 tips. It's a good start, but she will need more. The container can hold up to 36 tips. There is a container that holds the dishwasher tips. There are 12 types of tips in the product line, including Basket Weave, Open Star, and Closed Star. I was going to purchase a full set of tips in each category for her birthday and Christmas gifts. She would get too many duplicate sets because I can't find sets like that anywhere. I would have to buy a lot of tips individually, which would cost more. Are you listening?

👤This was a big hit with my daughter. She likes to bake cakes and cupcakes. She is still using every attachment. I have many decorated cupcakes. Most of the negative reviews said they received missing parts. Everything came in our kits, that's what I want to say. Nothing was missing or broken. A wonderful product for someone that is starting out. This is a good choice for the beginner.

11. Wilton Cupcake Decorating Icing 12 Piece

Wilton Cupcake Decorating Icing 12 Piece

The candy melt and chocolate melting pot has dimensions of 5.7 inches by 6.3 inches by 16 inches. Use the decorating set to make your cupcakes unique. There are tips 1M, 2A, 2D, 4B and 8 disposable decorating bags. The tips are metal and the bags are plastic. Before and after each use, wash tips in warm soapy water.

Brand: Wilton

👤I'm so happy that my cupcakes turned out beautiful, it's my first time decorating cupcakes. I used 2M for these cupcakes.

👤It was great to decorate a cake for my wife. I am not a professional and have never done this before. There was no instructions to show me how to set it up. I was looking for a piece to attach the tip to the bag. I decided to cut the tip off of the bag and then drop it in hopes that it would work for the small amount of work I had to do. I was told by my wife that you're supposed to do that. If I had instructions, I could have saved 10 minutes of thinking. I think that's correct.

👤We used these to decorate doggy cupcakes for our golden dog's 2nd birthday. There are a lot of tips and it's easy to use. I used an old toothbrush to clean the tips.

👤The 1M tip costs about $4 on its own, so I bought this set for it. I mostly use the 1M because it allows me to do some amazing designs in less than 20 minutes. The photo is attached to one of my finished products.

👤We wanted to try a few different tips and see how hard it was to decorate. We wanted to see if we would want to buy a more advanced set later. It was a great way to try out decorating. Everything we needed was in the set. We thought there was a nice variety in the tips. It was easy to use and we had a fun family activity piping deviled eggs. It was a great experience.

👤It comes with 4 high quality tips and a bunch of bags. I used it to decorate a cake.

👤This set is great. It is perfect for frosting cupcakes. There are four different options and a few bags to start. I was worried that using these tips to frost a large amount of cupcakes would be difficult, time consuming, and hurt my hands, but I am happy to say that wasn't the case. I found this to be very easy to use and you can find a video on the Wilton website. I thought it was quicker and easier than frosting by hand. Very pleased!

👤The description of this item is not complete. A nice variety of tips and 2 or 3 bags would be included in a 12-piece set. One can use zip lock bags as bags. This set includes 8 light weight decorating bags and only four tips, all of which are large enough to do main icing for cupcakes, but not for cookie decorating or such things as leaves. Shame on Wilton for the incomplete and deceptive item description. I feel like I've been ripped off.

👤Nos enfants acheté ces douilles. Rien, voir un douilles du commerce. Je ai déj utilisé pour des cupcakes et des verrines. J'en ai d'autres, le plastique des poches est trs solide et de qualité. C'est. J'achte la premire. Pour ma part, je sais satis fait du produit. I am not sure if I want to say that I am not sure if I want to say that I am not sure if I want to say that I am not sure if I want to say that I am not sure if I want to say that I am not sure if I want to


What is the best product for cake airbrush decorating kit wilton?

Cake airbrush decorating kit wilton products from Rfaqk. In this article about cake airbrush decorating kit wilton you can see why people choose the product. Wilton and Master Airbrush are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake airbrush decorating kit wilton.

What are the best brands for cake airbrush decorating kit wilton?

Rfaqk, Wilton and Master Airbrush are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake airbrush decorating kit wilton. Find the detail in this article.

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