Best Cake and Cupcake Stand for 24 Cupcakes

Stand 25 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Fabulous Nest Cupcake Serving Farmhouse

Fabulous Nest Cupcake Serving Farmhouse

The dimensions are 12.8 H 11.8 W 11.8 L. Their cupcake stands are the perfect way to decorate for weddings or birthday parties. The ideal way to display your homemade treats is with a 3 tier stand. The collapsible cupcake stand is made from wood and comes with a storage box to hold the cupcakes. Their cupcake stands are made from wood with different shelves which fit into a corner to save space. The tray is easy to assemble and disassemble and is a great way to decorate for weddings, parties and more. Their appetizer serving tray is the perfect accessory to use with any type of rustic wedding decor or events. Their 3 tier shelf is a crowd pleaser and can be used at home, for a dinner party, tea party decorations, or at a large outdoor event. A display stand is a great gift idea for bakers or artisans who create handmade goods. They make great display pieces for mom and pop shops. Get a wooden cupcake stand for your party. There are cupcakes and displayed items not included. The clear coat on the display stand makes it easier to keep clean. If you experience an odor after unpacking, leave it out of the box for a day or two. Sometimes these are packaged quickly after drying in order to ship quickly. The base of the stand is made of pine wood and may have small defects in it. The stability of the stand should not be affected by these.

Brand: Fabulous Nest

👤I will use this for cupcakes at family gatherings with my grandsons but will also use it for fun and decorative holiday decor.

👤cupcakes instead of a cake were the choice of the baby shower co-hosted by me. I was impressed by the other hostesses with my cupcake stand. The stand is sturdy and it added height to the table so that all the food wasn't just on the table. The cupcakes were easier to pick up. The stand is easy to assemble and disassemble. It is easy to clean. Highly recommended!

👤The cupcake tier is strong and sturdy. It is perfect!

👤The stand broke when I tried to fit the shelf pieces in. When I use it, I taped the shelves in and made a joke that people should buy from my stand to help me get a better quality display since this is such garbage.

👤It is very easy to assemble. The cupcake stand will be useful for many events.

👤It is made of wood but it falls apart easily because there is nothing to keep it in place. I probably wasted my money because it is too big to fit in most places. Sturdy pieces that don't fit together nicely stay in place.

👤The corners of the stand are cracking. I can't come back. I spend $20 on this.

👤It was a great find for our party.

2. YestBuy Maypole Wedding Acrylic Cupcake

YestBuy Maypole Wedding Acrylic Cupcake

The cake stand is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The durable acrylic can hold up to hot water. The cake serving platter is more economical than disposable cake displays as it can be used again and again. Are you looking for a special way of displaying cupcakes? The European cupcakes stand will make any wedding, anniversary, or birthday party more fun and exciting. The cupcake stand has plates with a distance between them. You can disassemble the superior plates and reassemble them. Premium 4mm thick acrylic is used to make the pastry rack. The information is confidential. The cupcakes stand can hold up to 28 cakes of 2.5” diameter or the equivalent of 12 lbs. of food, and it was made with a rod with screws instead of tube. This Europe stylish cake stand is made from 100% transparent acrylic and can be used for many events. If you have a problem, please contact them in time so they can help you.

Brand: Yestbuy

👤I love this tower. I was able to fit 48 cupcakes and a 2 tier cake. The cake was a little heavy, but it was easy to assemble. I put the blue lights under the base and the light went up. My presentation was much nicer.

👤I saw a picture of a light on it and bought it. I tried the same thing for my son's party. It was perfect. I am glad I bought this. Very strong. I used flat disk lights on the top and bottom tiers to make the whole thing light up. It was a hit at the party. Some people thought I bought a cupcake tier. I told them my hack. Thanks again!

👤It is definitely smaller than it looks. I was able to fit 36 cupcakes for the wedding. I'm very happy with it. It's very sturdy and it looks beautiful. Some people said it wasn't sturdy enough. I got the one without the base. The small legs are close to the middle, which would make that one less sturdy. Had no issues with this one. The table was moved across the room after all the cupcakes were on it.

👤The size is just right and it was well protected. I bought a couple. I'm happy that all 100 desserts will fit. It was easy to put together and I will try to keep up with the big day. The stands were perfect on the big day, they complemented the mini cupcakes and pies we had for dessert.

👤The cupcake stand is easy to put together. It is clear plastic, which makes it very versatile for any event, and hidden under the cupcakes. For me, it only held around 40 cupcakes, if that's the case. Maybe my cupcakes were bigger. It was a great purchase and I recommend it.

👤My daughters baby shower is Saturday and I don't have time to return and get another shipped to me, it was missing the screws to hold it together. I have to buy another one.

👤The 4 tier stand was perfect for our party. My grandson put it together and then disassembled it. He was able to accomplish the task with our tools despite the fact that he misplaces the tiny screwdriver and extra screw. My granddaughter decorated cupcakes on the other 3 levels and placed tiny cheesecakes at the top layer. The distance between levels was perfect for the cupcakes and the little bugs on top of them. The Seller shipped in a timely manner. I'll use the stand at Thanksgiving and Christmas to serve various treats. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I bought the tiers. I used the square for a display of cupcakes at a wedding. They made it easy to get to the food.

👤It's easy to put together, small screwdriver, and it's all screwed in easily. Setting out afternoon tea looks great. I scratched it using a course sponge when cleaning, so only comment would be to take care when cleaning.

3. Weddingwish Acrylic Cupcake Birthday Holidays,Christmas(Yellow

Weddingwish Acrylic Cupcake Birthday Holidays%EF%BC%8CChristmas%EF%BC%88Yellow

Made of cardboard, the anti-slip pegs are strong and sturdy. The attached light string will be a gift. There are some holes in the cupcake stand. The cupcake display stand is more attractive if you wind the string of lights together. The pastry rack is made of high-quality acrylic material, and the cake stands upright by using acrylic rods with screws instead of ordinary tubes. Premium cupcake holder is strong and durable. MULTIFUNCTION Many people prefer highly transparent acrylic material. Premium cupcake holder will be a great addition to weddings, baby showers, Thanksgiving, Christmas, parties, etc. The design is simple and attractive. It's easy to ascend. The Cupcake Tower Stand is lightweight. It is easy to assemble. You can string lights on the cake stand if you have small holes in the cake stand. You can decorate your application scene. If you have a problem, please contact them in time, they will help you solve it.

Brand: Weddingwish

👤This was much nicer than I expected. It wasn't hard to put together, but it was a little annoying that the instructions didn't tell you how the holes were drilled, one side had the screws sticking out more than the other The lights were annoying, but mostly because I wanted it to be perfectly lined up. I re-thread a few times, but in the end it is worth it.

👤I used this stand for my party. I put flowers and croissants on it. Everyone looked at it. The lights were easy to assemble.

👤I paso una caja donde van las pilas de las luces. No lo haba ni perdido, pues me invento para repararlo, funcionar, y lo quiere pasado. No fun cinara, no lo aguanta, pero para los cupcake perfecto.

👤The description doesn't say where the flashing lights are. It looks terrible. It would be great if it didn't flash like that. The prices of the stands on Amazon are the same and different, but I like the price. Hopefully I can get one that doesn't flash.

👤The stand is great. I started stringing the lights after putting it together. It looked good because I had zero luck. Without any glue to hold the string of lights in place, it was hard to hold them in place. There were no instructions on how to string the lights in order to look good. You can look at the photo and guess but it ends up being a mess. I went with no lights for my 4 year olds party and it was still cute.

👤It's very easy to assemble and pretty. The lights are long enough to illuminate the entire stand. Looks great.

👤The stand is small. I bought it for our daughter's birthday party but put it together before the event. It was easy to put together. The lights were not impossible. I will definitely order again.

👤This is pretty and I love everything that shines. The colors are fun. I bought it thinking I could choose the light I wanted, but it doesn't work that way, so I decided to keep it, even though I wanted to return it. It is sturdy. It was difficult to assemble when you have time. You will be able to assemble it.

4. Chocolate Containers Birthday Supplies Transparent

Chocolate Containers Birthday Supplies Transparent

It's a great gift idea for the important women in your life, such as Christmas, Mother's Day, birthdays, or an anniversary. You will receive 24 pieces of mini cake stands, which can be used to display candy, cupcakes or cookies, or you can use them yourself or share them with your friends. You can place the cupcake containers in your kitchen table to attract the attention of the guests and increase their appetite, they are also beautiful candy boxes that can make your handmade candies look more elegant and attractive. These cake containers are made from stands and dome covers, they are cute and charming, and can make your party different. Stable performance: these cake stands are lightweight and strong, you can easily display them where you want, they don't break or deform easily, and you can use them multiple times. Stable performance: these cake stands are lightweight and strong, you can easily display them where you want, they don't break or deform easily, and you can use them multiple times.

Brand: Cunhill

👤The gold layer of product is not usable. Every piece is damaged. It was very nicely packaged. I can't use this for the event I need them for because it's not presentable.

👤They do plan on using mini cupcakes.

👤The mini cupcakes are very cute, but they should have regular size cupcakes as well.

👤I ordered 24 of those things and only got 12 of them, which is really disappointing since they are needed for a party very soon. They are unavaliable after buying. They look good, but I was disappointed that they didn't get the right amount.

5. Wilton 3 Tier Customizable Treat 13 Inch

Wilton 3 Tier Customizable Treat 13 Inch

The display stand is lightweight and easy to carry. White color can match any decor at your party. The black cake stand is elegant and can be used to display either sweet or savory. The set can be assembled as a large tiered tray or as individual serving platter displays. 9 inch diameter small tier, 11.9 inch diameter medium tier, and 13 inch diameter large tier. Use as a cupcake stand, snack serving trays, or gift bag holder. Before use, wipe with a clean, damp cloth.

Brand: Wilton

👤An upset. My daughter's first birthday cake fell on the floor when the product collapsed and ruined our cake and cupcakes, but that is the only picture I have of it. I paid for a custom made cake, but it was only for an hour. It was too late to replace the cake that went with the princess themed event as it was supposed to be a special day. I hope this review gets back to the manufacturer so they can take this product off the market and replace it with something better. The cake was a small cake and fell in the guidelines of the product descriptions. I hope this helps someone who is thinking about buying something. I am an easy going person. My little princess had a great first birthday party and I didn't let this ruin my day.

👤It's perfect for our wedding cake. The tiers can be used separately. Very versatile and will be able to use it again.

👤This is being black. It arrived and is ugly. Not impressed at all. Will likely return.

👤I bought this because I needed more space on my island because I had so many immune boosters that I took daily. It looks like a mess, but it is helping us to have more room. I had to assemble it because it was a good price and had good reviews. It took about 15 minutes to do, but it was overwhelming when I first looked at it. It wouldn't work if any of the parts were missing. If this is a special occasion, I would order two and return one to make sure you have the parts. It wasn't hard to assemble because all my parts were there. I wanted you to be aware that it is assembled. It is more of a dark teal color than a black or gray one. It blends in well and looks dark from a distance. There were more expensive ones. I just needed a good price.

👤I wouldn't buy again. It's not very strong. You have to balance them. It is an accident waiting to happen. There is a small piece of plastic on the shelves. You wouldn't believe how long it takes to install all these screws. It could be better. I'd give this away for everyday use.

👤This was wonderful! I used it at my daughter's first birthday. I like that desserts on the bottom two layers are separate so they can be used later. I didn't like the fact that it's acrylic instead of glass. They would last longer if glass was used. I would buy it again.

👤I thought it was pretty. It is not very good. The legs are held on with silver and large wing nuts. If the screws were black, it would have been better to match the item and the bolt on the back. The instructions for assembly are not good. You can't use the pictures for reference because they are so small. I thought the levels were connected. They sit on top of each other and aren't very stable. They are not straight. I had to bend the legs to make them fit together. This was inexpensive and you get what you pay for. I would have expected a better product. Very disappointed.

6. Display4top Clear Acrylic Cupcake Wedding

Display4top Clear Acrylic Cupcake Wedding

A set of 3 cake stand, each with different sizes, is available. It comes in 10, and 12 inches and is perfect for cakes, pastries, fruits, and other items. This cupcake stand can be used to display cupcakes, desserts, whatever you want to showcase. The tiers are held in place with screws. The kit contains 4 tier plates, 3 rod pillar assembly, 2 head screws, and 4 non-marring rubber feet. The cupcake stands can be put together quickly and easily. There are additional silicone pads. It is easy to move. More sturdy. The cupcake tiers have a thickness of 4mm. The size of the plate is 10". Before assembling, please remove the protect paper. If necessary, wash in warm soapy water and then towel dry. They don't recommend using dishwasher or scouring pads as they can damage the display.

Brand: Pro Display

👤The cupcakes were ordered at the wedding cake table. I believe that it held about 27-29 cupcakes and that it held 35 cupcakes. It was a good way to show the cupcakes.

👤It doesn't lock in place. I was ordered for a wedding and tried to use it. I couldn't put anything on it. It was not stable. Don't worry about money. Find something else.

👤Don't waste your money. It was not good quality and there were a lot of scratches.

👤My daughter's wedding reception is where I ordered three of these. The cupcakes were on the stands and table. They were sturdy and looked pretty, which is all I needed. I thought the price was right as well. The stands met my expectations.

👤They work well for a lot of things. I use it for perfumes and it's popping. Use a soft towel and soap. If you have one that looks used, it was. They are perfect.

👤I also make treats. 75 cupcakes have been held by these tiers. They are quite sturdy. There are films on the plates. I didn't take them off initially because I liked the "frosted" look. I will be ordering more.

👤I used this for a birthday party. Smash cake on top of cupcakes. It was perfect and will be useful in the future. The screw is visible from the top level.

👤I ordered two sets and one came a day early and looked like this, I loved the thickness of the plates. A missing plate was scratched up. The other order came in today and all the plates were there and the film on the plate looked brand new. I bought two because I have a graduation party and at least one set, so I will be returning the first order. There is a chance that this product will be used and beat up.

7. Faxco Colorful Cardboard Reusable Decoration

Faxco Colorful Cardboard Reusable Decoration

Made of cardboard, the anti-slip pegs are strong and sturdy. All of their dessert towers are made of premium paper cardboard, which is eco-friendly, hard and not easy to fold or tear, so you can put desserts on them without any worry. You can use their products for a long time with high-quality material. Most of your needs can be met by the pack of 3-tier dessert tower. The cake holder is portable and easy to store, making it a great place to keep your cake after a party. There is a suspension hole at the top of their products. They can be part of your party decorations. Their products are perfect for any cake or dessert, ice cream, fruits and so on, with 3 colors for your choice.

Brand: Faxco

👤These were interesting and study. The cupcake stand is well made. Three is for a fair price. I only used two of them, but I thought about changing the pieces in order to include all three colors, but time was not on my side. I was very happy with them. I will be able to reuse them. These cupcake holders are very good. Very cute. There are also colors that are true. Get them.

👤I used it for my son's 9th birthday party. It is easy to assemble. There were mini cupckaes between 12 and 24.

👤This was very easy to assemble. But... I put two on top and three on each of the other tiers and they slid off the tower. The guest of honor was disappointed when he saw the decorations.

👤It is easy to assemble. I was helped bring out my cupcakes. The value for money will buy me another event.

👤The cupcake stands are awesome. They looked great at my son's party.

👤Buenos por el precio.

👤It took 30 minutes for the cakes to start to bend and two hours for the cakes to slide off. Cheap is not strong.

8. Cupcake Cupcakes Graduation Weddings Birthday

Cupcake Cupcakes Graduation Weddings Birthday

The width of the platform is 12 inches, the second layer is 10 inches, the third layer is 8 inches, and the fourth layer is 6 inches. You can contact them to get better and better service if you have any problems during the purchase. Acrylic cupcakes stand with a gold spoon. This Clear Cupcake Stand is perfect for displaying cupcakes or other dessert. Life is a party. They are. It's Makin'. It was fun. Premium design. Premium grade 4mm Acrylic is the material of their Cupcake display holder. Them is more stable and durable with thicker material. Small Panels 6'', Meddle Panels 8'', and Large Panels 10'' are the sizes. It can hold up to 24 cakes of 2.5” diameter or 12 Lb of food. The quality package. All items are wrapped in a bubble film to protect them from scratches. Please remove the protective film from the side of the board you want to use. It's easy to clean. It is easy to clean the product. And store. When you don't use it. Leave them a message if you have a problem. They have 24 hours of customer service for you.

Brand: Adevar

👤Sturdy and perfect display for cupcakes or any other confections.

👤It was made out of a type of material that is child proof.

👤The film is stuck on the tray. I left mine on. The stand would start to look a little different every time I tightened it. It was not the best stand, but it made it through the night.

👤The product is sturdy for the price. It's not sure if it has 24 cupcakes or 18. It is difficult to get off the wrapping.

👤There isn't enough space between levels.

👤It's very easy to assemble. The cupcakes were very chic for my event. The pieces can be assembled by hand, but you need a screw driver for the bottom screw. It was very strong once secured. A great value for the price.

9. Adorox Cardboard Cupcake Birthday Decoration(Reusable

Adorox Cardboard Cupcake Birthday Decoration%EF%BC%88Reusable

There is a package You don't need to be aware of damage when shipping, they have good after sale service, and they fix all for you. This item is in a cupcake stand. The bottom tier is 12 and the middle tier is 9. Birthday parties, gender reveals, and baby showers are all great. It's easy to set up and take down.

Brand: Adorox

👤It was for a baby shower. The salmon is not sure of the color. I can't use it because it doesn't match any pinks out there and I need it to match other decor. Maybe the company could make a white one.

👤This product came as expected, but it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. There were times when the CUPCAKES FELL.

👤The USPS did not like it.

👤It was very flimsy and came bent with the cardboard edges torn.

👤It was perfect for a wedding shower to hold gourmet donuts.

👤It is easy to assemble. I am a 1 on a 10 scale for being handy. I can keep it to reuse.

👤It was on time and as expected. I was able to store it for later use.

10. WUWEOT Cardboard Cupcake Birthday Graduation

WUWEOT Cardboard Cupcake Birthday Graduation

Packaging: All the units were wrapped with foam and PE bag to ensure safe delivery. They will solve the problem for you in the first time and give you a 24 month warranty, if you contact them. Birthday party, tea party, baby showers, graduations, weddings, Christmas, Thanksgiving and more can be used. The 3-tier dessert stand is easy to assemble and disassemble, which makes it easy for storage and space-saving. The cupcake holders are made from cardboard and have a central stand and colorful discs. It's ideal for serving cupcakes. There are 3 tiers, each with a diameter of 7.2 in. In between each tier, about 12 in tall. It can hold up to 20 cupcakes. It was made from hard cardboard. It is strong enough to hold cupcakes, donuts, and desserts. It's a great gift for your family and friends.

Brand: Wuweot

👤cupcakes and cookies were perfect for my baby shower Nice and strong! Very strong! Was able to reuse a few times as well. Would buy again.

11. Sweet Creations Collapsible Cupcake Cakepop

Sweet Creations Collapsible Cupcake Cakepop

If you have a problem, please contact them in time so they can help you. You can show off your cakepops and cupcakes at the same time. 2 dozen cupcakes are held in indented cavities to prevent tipping. 40 cakepops are in built in cakepop stick holes. The carrier folds up for easy storage. The plastic is dishwasher safe.

Brand: Sweet Creations

👤I bought this to store the cake and the leftovers after they were cut. It's great as a carrier since it's extra tall for a triple tier cake, but the underside of the handles sometimes mess up the frosting. I didn't notice that the holes around the bottom don't seal with the lid on, which makes the cake dry out. I covered the holes with tape, but it wasn't as effective as I would have liked.

👤I clipped the birthday cake on the cover after placing it in the carrier. I lifted the cake saver by the handle which pulled off as the carrier hit the floor, causing the cake to smash into the inside of the cover. The frosting was ruined. I tried to smooth it over but it was not smooth. One of the clips on the cover popped off. I had to leave and not have time to make a new cake. This product ruined my friends birthday cake. No one should put a cake in it.

👤I baked two layers of cake and was going to open the door when I shifted my hands. I grabbed the handle. I held the plastic handle as the carrier fell to the ground. The base cracked when it landed. The top and bottom were locked up. So angry about the whole experience.

👤The stand is cute, but it is not a carrier. I made cupcakes for a family dinner. 10 minutes into the trip, my cupcakes looked like they were on display. I wasted my entire morning's effort. The cupcakes were for 9 children who didn't seem to care. If you want a cheap stand, buy this. Get something else if you want a carrier. The wells aren't deep enough and you will see work that looks like you were in a head-on collision.

👤This is a review of a cake carrier. People are asking if a 3 layer cake will fit. If each of your layers are no taller than 1.25", this will work for a 3 layer cake. 3 x 1.25 is 4 inches. If you put icing between the layers and decorative icing on top, your cake is going to come close to the maximum height: safe clearance for inside the domed cover is 5.25" with a tiny fraction to spare. The inside dimensions are not stated in the description. The item has a diameter of 13 and a height of 8.5", but those are the outside dimensions. I measured the inside dimensions with a "usable space" result of 11 by 5.37 by the height. A 10 inch round cake will fit around the edges for decorative icing. The cover has a handle. The clearance for the center of the cake is cut by the hole on the lid. A cake with a height of 5.25" is safe. If using a board, remember to factor in the height of the board, and don't put anything on top of the lid while the cake is inside. It would be terrible to have the decorations ruined by the lid. The serving tray is 2 inches tall. It's not appropriate for a fancy party, but it's okay to use at a cookout or birthday party. You can use a ribbon to dress the tray up a little by using the little holes at the bottom. The semi-clear lid has handles that are soft blue and a base that is ivory. If I had a 3 layer cake inside, I would not use the handle to lift the carrier because it is too risky. Lift from the tray with your hands. The handle is meant for lifting the lid off, not carrying a decorated cake. The set comes with a matching cake server, which will do the job of slicing and serving nicely. All pieces are dishwasher safe. I wouldn't use the heated dry cycle, remove at the end of the cycle, towel dry and put the lid on the base before storing. I wish I knew the inside dimensions before buying this. The cake I'll be transporting will be over 6 inches tall. It sounds so bold to describe this carrier as small. It's a big difference when you realize the inner height is under 5 inches. It results in my deduction of one star if you call it a design flaw or lack of information. I was able to look at the cake carrier. It is going back because of Amazon Prime. It is a good product and I would definitely recommend it to other bakers, even though there is no info on it.


What is the best product for cake and cupcake stand for 24 cupcakes?

Cake and cupcake stand for 24 cupcakes products from Fabulous Nest. In this article about cake and cupcake stand for 24 cupcakes you can see why people choose the product. Yestbuy and Weddingwish are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake and cupcake stand for 24 cupcakes.

What are the best brands for cake and cupcake stand for 24 cupcakes?

Fabulous Nest, Yestbuy and Weddingwish are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake and cupcake stand for 24 cupcakes. Find the detail in this article. Cunhill, Wilton and Pro Display are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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