Best Cake Batter Premier Protein Shake 4 Pack

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1. Premier Nutrition Protein Shake Vanilla

Premier Nutrition Protein Shake Vanilla

There is no artificial hormones.

Brand: Premier Protein

👤The picture is of a box. I ordered 2. I was surprised when I received 4 4-packs, 8 short of the 24 bottles I expected, and thought I paid for them. I am intelligent. Walmart is the seller. I got a Walmart box. Yes, in the writing at the top, it says an 8 pack. I think I'm justified in being angry about the product I received because it wasn't in 8 packs and the picture was a 12 pack. The seller will be receiving the email. I'd be returning them if it wasn't for my need for these for my special needs child.

👤Unless you are going to drink 18 shakes within a couple of weeks, don't buy 18 at a time. I bought these in December and they have been in the fridge for 8 months. The dates on the containers show when they are still in date. They are in good shape now. The product is disgusting. I had to get rid of most of the box. I will never buy this quantity again. Ick!

👤This is a good product, but the last two boxes I have purchased have something wrong with them. They are not like they are supposed to be. I am going to see if they will give me back my money. I tried to get some satisfaction by writing to the company. If you like the taste of this product, you will like it. People never buy again because of bad batches.

👤These shakes are a great find for a leader of a Weight Watchers meeting. They only have 2 Smart Points.

👤This was my favorite drink. The last two cases I bought were so thick they resembled pudding. The drinks don't fill me up as much as one drink would. Very disappointing. I will buy again at Cosco or Walmart. The 'best by' date was changed from Sept 17 2016 to the present. I couldn't squeeze anything out of the containers of the last drinks. It was shipped by the company. The lot number is 7201P. I received cases from Cosco. Don't say 'best by', just have a date. On June 1, 2018). I still think the product is terrific, but I believe the case was either very old or mistreated. I think they were very old.

👤I can't believe how great this is. It's great for people who are watching their carbs and looking for more of a source of nutrition. It's great for adding to recipes like mashed potatoes, pancakes, and others. I have been on this for a long time and have found the 18 pack to be one of the cheapest. As it may change, do compare pricing. If it is left out for long exposure to a hot room or car, it may be my fault. Learned quickly that I like to drink it cold. It comes in other flavors. I'm a fan of the language.

👤I have opened 5 containers and each one contained a very different product. I don't know if it's ok to drink. This happened to the vanilla. I used caramel. It was fine.

2. Premier Protein Vitamins Minerals Nutrients

Premier Protein Vitamins Minerals Nutrients

The winner of the American Masters of taste gold medal is a ready-to-drink beverage with a creamy coffee flavor and energy from a cup of coffee. 30g ofProtein helps curb your hunger, as a mid-day snack, or for post workout recovery. A healthy diet and lifestyle with 24 vitamins and minerals can help support a healthy immune system. 1g Sugar, 5g Carbs, 160 calories and low fat are guilt free. There are ten delicious smooth and creamy flavors: Chocolate,Vanilla, caramel, Cookies & Cream, Cafe Latte, Strawberries & Cream, Peaches & Cream, Bananas & Cream, Cinnamon Roll and Chocolate Peanut Butter. This ready to drink shake is great for on the go nutrition that pairs well with coffee, cereals, a pancake recipe, or in your favorite smoothie. This product is only used as a food supplement. Do not use it for weight reduction.

Brand: Premier Protein

👤Don't buy from this seller. This product is delicious and I buy it all the time. It is possible to get it for less than $2 per 11 oz container. The seller is selling each 11 oz container for more than $5 each.

👤I didn't read correctly that 4 x 4 for cost was small bottles.

👤There is a love item warning on the store.

👤It's not a good option for people with diabetes. It is difficult to drink because of the sucralose.

👤This is the best shake I have ever tried. The cafe latte is amazing, but I love peaches n cream, bananas n cream, cinnamon roll.

👤I was deceived. This was a 4 pack and it was $7. The price was $20 I thought it was true. It's terrible to charge someone that much for a pack.

👤I can kill 2 birds with one stone at breakfast because it has a good coffee flavor. I don't always have time to eat, but it's perfect, low calories, gives me energy and low carbs.

👤Our favorite shake didn't taste as good as the strawberries did.

3. Premier Nutrition Protein Shake Chocolate

Premier Nutrition Protein Shake Chocolate

The American Masters of Taste gold medal winner is a chocolate flavoured shake. 30g ofProtein helps curb your hunger, as a mid-day snack, or for post workout recovery. 50% of the daily value of calcium is used to maintain bone health. Satisfying low fat shake with 1g sugar, 6g carbs and 160 calories is guilt free. There are two delicious flavors: Chocolate and Vanilla. This ready to drink shake is great for on the go nutrition that pairs well with coffee, cereals, a pancake recipe, or in your favorite smoothie.

Brand: Premier Protein

👤I have bought this product twice. The first pack was good. I like the taste of the flavor and the packaging is nice, but I don't like peeling the wrapper to get another wrapper. I understand... freshness, right? Wrong. My first bottle started with a slightly different taste. I drank it because I thought it was still good. I took a drink and felt something in my mouth after I got down to 25%. I thought I had mixed it up enough. I blamed myself. That was until bottle #2. I drank about 75% of it and started getting chunks. I knew I shook it a lot. It was so large that I nearly vomited. I opened bottle #3 and drank it. You guessed the same thing. I opened bottle four to pour it into the sink. I wanted to take a picture of the disgust. I refuse to drink the chilling in my fridge and now have over half of it. I wouldn't recommend it. I stopped my subscription.

👤This is a great drink. I like it. There is one thing that is annoying about this drink. To open it, I need to remove a plastic seal, twist the cap, and then peel off another seal to drink it. They need two seals on every bottle. I have to open my shakes for two minutes. That is inconvenient. It is much easier to open and drink from this issue. I don't want to be annoyed every time I have to crack two seals to drink the shake. Please fix the issue and it will be a 5 star product.

👤Diets do work. I replaced the 14 ounce shake with one meal a day. If you worry about feeling hungry or having an after-taste, get a 14 oz bottle. The SMALLER size is too hard to open, is squishy to hold, and sometimes has some liquid in it. 11 ounces doesn't fill me up. The double-sealed bottle of the premier nutrition high nutrition shake does work for me perfectly. Everything else is better because of the difference in my feelings of fullness. I think the taste of the 14 ounce is better because it comes in a real plastic bottle instead of a paper-like carton, and has an outer seal, which is more eco-friendly. They have several months before the end of their lives. I had to write this review because I came back to Amazon to get more and they were out of stock. I went to the company website but didn't see it. I called them and they said they couldn't make the 14 ounce size. I'm writing a review because they have the 14 ounce bottle again. They realized what was important. The bottles I have liked are in the 11oz. size in cardboard cartons, instead of the bottles I like. This is the picture pictured here. Unless you're already a small person and you don't get very hungry, don't waste your money on the smaller carts.

👤I have been using premier chocolate for a while. The chocolate flavor tasted terrible after I got this order. The drink tastes terrible on the Jan 2020 date. I bought two boxes.

4. Premier Protein Clear Drink Peach

Premier Protein Clear Drink Peach

GLUTEN Free, Sugar Free, fat free, there are no artificial flavors. You can mix with fruit and freeze for delicious popsicles, or enjoy a refreshing beverage any time of the day. Your body needs more calories from food than it does from sugar.

Brand: Premier Protein

👤The taste is pretty good, but it leaves a funny after taste. I add lemonade to it to help it freeze and add a straw to make it icy. The Crystal lite helps a lot.

👤Don't read the negative reviews on this product. This is a type of food. It is easier to digest than caseinate. It's better for you than soy. It tastes great. I have rasberry. After taste, all of the food has a slightly dry texture. If you can't get over that, you shouldn't drink a drink. Only 90 Cal's and 1 carb, perfect.

👤I don't like regular protein. I have tried all of the flavors with milk or water. Nothing works for me. I wanted to try it. I enjoy it. This product. It is light and has no weird taste. This has a wonderful fruity taste that is light in color. I like to mix it with alcohol for a guilt free drink. I will purchase this product again.

👤The real breakthrough is how far the taste of the drinks has come. I love this drink, it has 20g ofProtein with 90 Cal. If you have drank a lot of it in the last few years, you would think it was from the land of milk and honey mentioned in the Bible. Why did I rate 4 stars instead of 5? The peach flavor is outrageously overpriced and the mango flavor is $21, which is why each flavor price is different. I like this product because I drink it before I run in the morning and when I go to bed, it's overpriced and all of the flavors have increased in cost over the last month. If they increase the price again, I wouldn't recommend buying it, even if I have enough money to do so. Maybe there is a reason. I don't like it. It is a great drink. If you want, you can watch the price on your subscription.

👤This stuff is great. These drinks are low in calories and are a great way to lose weight and build muscle mass. I like that there is no aspartame in these. They could cut the sucralose in half for my taste buds, although I think people who drink soda will like this level of sweetness. The orange/mango flavor is great.

👤This is repulsive. It has a weird consistency. The taste and aftertaste are worse. It's like I chugged a bad artificial sugar water. It was too much fake sweetener. I bought a case instead of a four pack because I was so angry. I don't know what I'll do to avoid throwing the rest away. I would try one before you buy this many.

👤I received it today. There is a mold in a bottle cap. The box was leaking when I picked it up. This bottle needs to be replaced. The other drinks were okay.

👤I've bought the chocolate/vanilla premier drinks before. They are one of the best I have found, so I just suck it up and drink it. I was happy to hear that this new beverage was clear, I don't like how thick the consistency is. The punch flavor is what I have. That part of it was good. I could drink it because they were so sweet. Maybe the sucralose is in it? I will not be buying again. If you want to try it, you have to find a place where you can buy one pack.

5. Premier Protein Caramel Shakes Count

Premier Protein Caramel Shakes Count

All of the essential amino acids are present in 30 grams of theProtein. There are 24 vitamins and minerals. An excellent source of calcium.

Brand: Premier

👤I like all of the shakes and these were no exception. The package was well packaged and fresh. These shakes are my go to for lunch because they are only 160 calories and have 30 grams of protein. The price was comparable to a big box store, and I like the convenience of having them delivered. I've made espresso drinks with this kind, using a couple of espresso shots over ice and 1 shake. I would definitely buy again.

👤This is a great flavor. Amazon sellers are charging more for this one than the others.

👤My new favorite flavor of the shakes. I drink these everyday and have tried many flavors. I have leaned towards the vanilla and didn't try these just because of the reviews. I wish I tried sooner. I add this to my coffee to add some extra flavor. My new flavor is going to be great!

👤I joined weight watchers because I love my coffee, but my creamer was too many points, so I use this instead. Great flavor!

👤I'm floored! These shakes are amazing. It's amazing! I only get 2 points for a whole shake if I have a ton ofProtein. I like to drink them after a workout or add a bottle to my coffee and put it on ice. Delish!

👤This caramel shake is perfect for lovers. I drink when I'm hungry. You should buy it when you see it.

👤I tried to add two shots of espresso to it, but it was too sweet.

👤My oncologist recommended that I get 80 g or more ofProtein daily, when I recently went through treatment. This flavor is great for smoothies.

👤The best flavour yet! This is the only place I can get it in Canada. If I could, I would buy an entire case.

👤I can't believe I spent what I did on this product. I thought I was getting 4packs. I was excited to get them in Canada but they were not worth much.

👤I have to make them less sweet by using the premier shakes. The caramel flavor is nice.

6. Premier Protein Shakes Drinks Individually

Premier Protein Shakes Drinks Individually

Each shake has 30g ofProtein with all the essential amino acids, 160 calories, 1g sugar, low fat, 24 vitamins and minerals, and 5g ofCarbohydrates. The winner of the American Master of Taste Gold medal for Superior Tasting ready-to-drink beverages in a national taste test was from Chefs In America. Enjoy the smooth and creamy flavors of these bottles as a delicious meal replacement, snack, or workout fuel. There are no artificial colors, no soy ingredients, and no Kosher ingredients. Other sources provide a lot of sugar and fat. Their shakes are designed to make you feel better and make you want to do more.

Brand: Premier Protein

👤It was more expensive than the store but gave the person the chance to try a range of flavors without buying a case. The hospital's nutrition officer recommended 15 different drinks to get adequate nutrition. This wasn't on their list. She already said they had the best ones on their list, so we showed her the product and admitted it was better than any of their products. It tastes better too.

👤There are 10 shakes of various flavors for over $30 each. It's over $3 per shake. It's unbelievable. If you can figure out which flavor you like, you can order 12 of the same flavor for about $20-25, which makes them $2 per shake or less. You can subscribe and save them. It's nice to try 5 flavors at once. They're all delicious if you don't mind a fake sweetner aftertaste. My review was lowered from 2 stars to 1 star. The spout popped off after the first sip of the shake. The container should be higher quality for $3.25. I'm only going to buy plastic containers now because they're recyclable.

👤I love the product but it was packaged in a way that was not appropriate. The bottles were leaking.

👤I ordered the drinks after reading that they had won awards for taste three years in a row. I decided to try the premier brand because I had been having trouble finding another popular 30 gram supplement in my local grocery stores and I wanted to try something new. The flavors in the variety pack sounded good so I bought them. I needed a drink with high levels of vitamins and minerals for an elderly relative who was receiving physical therapy after hip replacement surgery. He is in a facility. The facility did not like the food and was not eating enough to heal. He drinks the caramel flavor of the Premier drinks at room temperature with the straw included in the box, it doesn't have to be refrigerated for him, and he loves the taste of the 30 gram drinks. It is worth spending a little more money to get a tasty, high-protein drink for my elderly relative, even though it is probably higher in price than some of the other top drinks on the market. I will be ordering the variety pack from Also, note: I order two boxes at a time of the variety pack which is heavy, it is always in stock on and PRIME free delivery to my front porch can't be beat! I recommend the 30 gram Premier drinks for elderly relatives who need to increase their intake of food and drink.

👤Hurrah! A great tasting drink that I can drink while tracking my weight. One of these drinks fills me up, gives me energy, and only takes me 2 smart points because of the great amount ofProtein. I am happy because the flavors are delicious.

👤I received my order for a variety pack of drinks. It was a pleasant surprise that it wasn't expected until January 3-11. I was expecting to receive 2 chocolate, strawberry, banana, and Carmel chocolates. I received only 1 chocolate, 1 vanilla, 3 Carmel and no strawberry or banana. The other five were Cinnamon Roll, Mint chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut, and Cafe Latte. I should have been advised that the vendor didn't have enough stock to fulfill the order. I could either wait or cancel the order at that point. The advertisement led me to believe that 10 more drinks would be included for a total of 20 for $35.00, but it turns out that the price is $3.50 per container. The reviews should be read. I was not the only one who thought that.

7. Premier Protein Shakes Bananas Ounces

Premier Protein Shakes Bananas Ounces

Each shake has 30g ofProtein with all the essential amino acids, 160 calories, 1g sugar, low fat, 24 vitamins and minerals, and 5g ofCarbohydrates. The winner of the American Master of Taste Gold medal for Superior Tasting ready-to-drink beverages in a national taste test was from Chefs In America. There are seven delicious flavors of cookies and cream. Enjoy them as a snack, meal replacement, or workout fuel. No artificial colors, no soy ingredients, and Kosher. Each carton contains 4 shakes.

Brand: Premier Protein

👤These don't taste good. They have a bad after taste and Amazon lies about its delivery dates. They lied three times and said our orders were on the truck and then all of a sudden they'd be delivered in a day or two. I'm getting ready to cancel my membership.

👤These are good for a shake. The price was reasonable when I first ordered them, but now I can't find the Bananas and Cream flavor and the price is outrageous. If you can find them at a reasonable price, I can recommend them.

👤For days and hours the spot is healthy. My 9 year old loves it. They are pricey, but you can't put a price on staying healthy. Highly recommended.

👤I use half for breakfast. It works well with peanut butter and frozen bananas.

👤I like the taste of this drink and it has a few flavors. If you are taking a supplement and skipping meals. I would use that as a feature.

👤The 30 grams of protein are great. Drink after working out. Great for people with diabetes.

👤My husband drinks these drinks because his doctor recommended them. He has lost a lot of weight because he doesn't eat like he used to. He has been able to maintain his weight and he loves the drinks that I buy for him.

👤I don't think my husband's favorite flavor is so much. He likes it.

8. Premier Protein Shakes Vanilla Pack

Premier Protein Shakes Vanilla Pack

All of the essential amino acids are present in 30g of theProtein. An excellent source of calcium. Only 1g of sugar and low in fat.

Brand: Premier Protein

👤I like to combine this with cold coffee and ice. It was filling and tasty.

👤I like the ready made shakes. I've gotten caramel, chocolate, and the flavor of the drink. I use them in my coffee as opposed to half and half. The entire carton of 30grams of protein is only 2 points for me on Weight Watchers. It was very delicious!

👤I had been looking for a coffee creamer that met my expectations and yet was lower in WW points than what I could find at the local supermarket. I tried several drinks and they tasted weird to me, and then I read about this brand on social media. It's a good substitute for coffee and tastes like it. You know what I mean. I have to order it online because I can't find it in my area. I tried different flavors, but only the one that worked for me.

👤I was able to get these shapes for less through Amazon than I would have gotten at a store like Costco, they had them for less than 25 dollars, and they went all the way up to 39 dollars.

👤I can't live without these shakes. I brew three shots of espresso over ice and add a shake. My coworker likes chocolate. There are 2 points on Weight Watchers.

👤It tastes great, provides many vitamins, and keeps me satisfied, but don't expect it to make you feel full because that's not what it's for. If you want to get more satisfaction from the product, you should whip it with an electric, hand held, Wisk. It will make it more like a traditional "shake" due to the high amount of high-Protein content. If your wisk is strong, you can whip small batches in the bottom of a wide based glass. You can whip at one time if the glass is wider. There is a If I don't feel like frothing it up, I'll first take a sip, put the cap back on, and shake it up to get some air in the container.

👤One of our friends recommended the product. My husband drinks a carton of the shake every day, and he says the taste is good. This helps him meet his daily requirement due to medical issues. Sometimes he mixes in a scoop of ice cream. Will buy this product again.

👤This is a necessity in my life. I drink a shake every morning. It has more grams of sugar than any other. I can drink it plain or flavor it with other things, so I chose it. I prefer to order it from Amazon because it's so easy to get it from the store. It is more convenient to have it delivered to my door. I would consider ordering a larger pack if it were possible. Would highly recommend to others.

9. Premier Protein Shake Caramel Fluid

Premier Protein Shake Caramel Fluid

Lean muscle gain is promoted. Provides 24 essential vitamins and minerals. The item package has a dimensions of 6.0" L x 5.0" W x 4.0" H.

Brand: Premier Protein

👤I was happy to find this flavor. I love the product, but can't find caramel. It's delicious and meets my needs. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤This is a great flavor. I have been a fan of the product for a while. This flavor is very good. It is one of my favorite flavors.

👤Mailing costs were high. The cost is almost as much as the product. Will not order from this seller again. The mailing cost is over forty dollars. I thought I was doing a favor for a disabled friend by giving her this product.

👤Our go-to breakfast. There is no weird taste from the packaging. There is a plastic bottle of this flavor, which tastes like plastic and has a lot of wasteful packaging. This version is definitely sticking to it. Carmel is our favorite flavor and we have tried almost all of the other flavors.

👤One of these works as a dual purpose when mixed with my afternoon coffee. There is a snack called creamer and it is a snack that is high in calories. The flavor caramel is perfect, and I love this brand. The price point is the only thing I would change. What can you do? It's a good thing.

👤I had a reaction because I didn't know sulfates were in the products. I was disappointed. I found a lot of people had the same problem after I went on line. Some of them ended up in the hospital. If it wasn't for the reaction I would have looked on fine print.

👤The premiere flavor is good. I keep them in the refrigerator and shake them when I need them.

👤Adding a pinch of salt to my favorite flavor brings out the flavor more.

👤I usually give these shakes 5 stars, but I am only giving them 3 because of the shipment I received. Some of the shakes are clumpy. I have never experienced this before, but am somewhat disappointed. It's not ok for the price. It's a pity.

👤They arrived so gross that it looked like they were coming back as they had opened the box and sealed it with tape. I tried to open one of them. It's like milk left out in the heat. I had to throw them all out. The chocolate ones that came with them were the same.

👤I was happy to find theses for a good price. I am disappointed that the date is April 2021. If you are going to buy theses make sure you drink them quickly.

👤I can't speak for other flavours but caramel is great. I drink it with ice and espresso in the morning to get some calories before work. It's a little too sweet on its own but that's really to be expected. The price on here is comparable to the price on the other side of the country.

👤I've purchased this product before. The last batches had a thicker constituency. I had to add milk to it. I don't know why this batches was different from the previous ones.

10. Premier Nutrition Protein Shake Chocolate

Premier Nutrition Protein Shake Chocolate

30g of high quality. Just 160 calories and 1g of sugar. Decrease hunger and sustain energy.

Brand: Premier Protein

👤It was very delicious when chilled and well-shaken. I have found other drinks, powders, and bars to have less than 160 calories. These don't seem to be filling because of the lack of fiber. A lot of chocolate drinks I've tried have a bad chocolate flavor. I don't like the mess that powder makes. I got these when they were on sale for a very good price. An 18-pack is for $25 at the store. The price drops to $20 when it's on sale.

👤I ordered chocolate shakes. I have ordered the premier shakes many times. After I placed my order, a friend text me to say she was in Sam's and asked "did I need any protein shakes?" I laughed and told her I just hit the " complete order" on Amazon. I feel like I was tricked. I'll be buying from Sam's.

👤I like these shakes. They taste great and are very convenient to have with me on my way home from the gym. The 18 pack arrived on time. I was leaving the gym and drinking my usual drink, but after a few drinks I noticed a small hair in my mouth from the drink. I spit it out all over my car. I was not sure if it was hair or not. The texture felt like that. I emptied the container and found a chunk of the drink that had solidified. This experience ruined these drinks for me, and I really liked this shake. I'm not sure if I'll be surprised with more containers. I hope this doesn't happen to other people.

👤I want to lose weight. I didn't think I could. I have lost 40 lbs. In three months. It tastes the best.

👤I like this large quantity more than the 4 packs, I go through a lot of these. I put them in the freezer to keep them cold. If I get hungry, I keep them at work. I don't buy anything in the cafeteria because I'll regret it. I got one after I hit the weights. I get the chocolate, but not sure how the other flavors are, but they are really good. I have never had a problem with the package, I believe I have received at least four of them.

👤Great taste. It's only 11 ounces and has 30 grams of protein. A lot of premade shakes have more liquid than less. It works well because I can only drink small amounts of liquid at a time. I've enjoyed every flavor I've tried.

👤I've been drinking a premier shake for a year. This is my breakfast five times a week. Until I ordered this product, there was no problem. There is a lime green stamp in the corner. That's code for thick brown sludge. The texture is not as good as the stamped shakes. I'll need a new shake if these are all gone. I will stick with the original thanks.

👤These are the best tasting drinks I have ever had. The chocolate is my favorite, but the peach, strawberry creams and the cookies and cream are awesome too.

11. Premier Protein Shakes Vanilla Ounces

Premier Protein Shakes Vanilla Ounces

There are no artificial colors, no soy ingredients, and no Kosher ingredients. Enjoy them as a delicious meal replacement, snack, or workout fuel, and they are available in three smooth and creamy flavors. Each shake has 30g ofProtein with all the essential amino acids, 160 calories, 1g sugar, low fat, 24 vitamins and minerals, and 5g ofCarbohydrates.

Brand: Premier Protein

👤I was surprised to find that I liked it. I had tried that one and found it to be unpleasant. I thought I would try the premier brand of shakes. I find them better because of the taste, but it has more calories and less grams of fat than I would like. I thought the premier brand was superior. I don't think it's too expensive. It's more than $2 per shake. I need to drink one per day. It was in a pack. I have to make a decision soon as to whether or not to continue to purchase from Amazon or from Costco if I can find someone who has a membership there. I think it's a better shake than the Atkins brand. Thank you.

👤I like the best of the ready shakes. The taste is great, it has a high amount of high-fat milk and is low in sugar. I warn you that you may want to have a bathroom handy when you consume these shakes.

👤I saw a person I follow on social media use these in her coffee to get enough calories and to keep her full. I decided to try it out with chocolate and holllllly and I am so happy I did. I feel better throughout the day because it helps keep me full and stops me from snacking. There is no real taste in it. It tastes good. I have used them to make delicious coffee drinks. It is a bit sweet so I recommend mixing it with something you enjoy.

👤The taste is good and I liked it. I have been drinking these for a year and have not had any issues. I recently ordered these from Amazon and they have a lot of gunk in them. I don't think they are rotating their stock. I don't have these issues when buying from other stores. I canceled my order on Amazon and only buy from local stores as it's hard to drink this when I feel something in my mouth.

👤Everything is made of sugar. The latte from the coffee house has more high fructose corn syrup than coffee. 'Energy' drinks have a lot of it. Kids cereals, need more? My mother is a cancer survivor and could use a pick-me-up after lunch. It's great to find a shake that isn't loaded with sugar. I chose this because she wanted to try a flavor. She looks forward to having one every day. I don't know about the rating, but 5 stars for her being able to open it easily because she doesn't have the strength she had 30 years ago.

👤I put a splash in my coffee because of this. I am not usually a fan of the language. It was rich and thick.

👤It's amazing! This review has nothing to do with the fact that I love premier Protein. I ordered some chocolate. I noticed that the box they gave me was not the same as the one they gave me in the warehouse. The chocolate was close to being smashed. I was afraid to try and make them better. I don't like the appearance of my things when I spend money on them. This is not okay. At all!


What is the best product for cake batter premier protein shake 4 pack?

Cake batter premier protein shake 4 pack products from Premier Protein. In this article about cake batter premier protein shake 4 pack you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake batter premier protein shake 4 pack.

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