Best Cake Boards 12 Inch Black

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1. Cardboard Cake Drum Board Restaurantware

Cardboard Cake Drum Board Restaurantware

There are eye-catching colors. You can choose from a variety of sizes and colors. They have a wide range of paper doilies that are perfect for any use. STURDY FOUNDATION The cake drum is made from corrugated cardboard and is strong enough to support heavy cakes. It's suitable for circle or square cakes. The finish is beautiful. The cake board has a beautiful backdrop that accentuates the vibrant colors and icing designs on cakes. The edges are covered. This grease-resistant cake base is great for icing cakes on a rotating cake stand or for reliably transferring delicious cakes from an establishment to an event. It is possible to use it for professional or home bakers. This cake drum is strong enough to support decorated cakes. It's great for birthday parties, anniversaries, and other special events. The size is right. The cake board is a good base for all types of cakes. The cake board is 12 inches in diameter. There is a 1 count box.

Brand: Restaurantware

👤I got a square board after ordering a black 12 inch round cake board. Due to the timing of the event I was making the cake for, I didn't have time to return it and get a new one. The board was of good quality, but not what I ordered.

👤I needed a round board for a customer's order and this picture shows it. I didn't have time to replace the square board. I couldn't use the square one for my customer's order.

👤It was perfect for transporting a cake to our party. Everyone wore a mask.

👤Excellent product. It is a great value.

👤Excellent material. I used it on a cake.

👤I was looking for a sturdy, well packaged item.

👤I was surprised at the weight it held. This cake was very heavy.

👤It was perfect for my cake.

2. Cake Drums Square 14 Inches

Cake Drums Square 14 Inches

The size is right. The cake board is a good base for all types of cakes. The cake board is 8 inches in diameter. There is a 1 count box. You have worked hard to make a beautiful cake and want to display it on a platform that is worthy of it. Protect your cake with a strong and sturdy base. The last thing you want is to have your cake on a board that can bend or even collapse and ruin your masterpiece. There are two rolls of champagne gold cake ribbon with large multi packs. Fully WRAPPED EDGES. Their other cake drums have smooth edges, but they are not suited for cakes with butter cream or similar icing as it causes grease to get under the foil and cause stains. If you prefer buying in bulk to save time and money, then check out the multipack options which are great value for money.

Brand: Cakebon

👤I ordered a very special cake. I received it damaged and sunk in parts. I couldn't use it. If you are going to buy it, make sure to do it days in advance so you have a plan B. I assume that the drum was damaged when it was shipped, because it was properly packaged.

👤I have tried several times to use this brand of cake boards, but they always have defects. 2 of the 3 boards were curled on the rim. It might be a weather issue as it has been raining. I have never had a problem with other brands.

👤This is what I wanted in terms of smoothness of the covering and thickness, but it is badly warped and doesn't lay flat so I couldn't use it. Disappointed. It was given 3 stars because it seems like a quality cake drum.

👤I used it because it was bed and curb and I didn't want to buy a cake that wasn't 1/2 inch thick.

👤The quality is okay, but these are not 14 Inches as described. When you order them based on size, it's very frustrating.

👤It was served for its purpose. I was hoping that I didn't get a damaged one. I did. I still used it eventually.

👤The board construction was shipped in a plastic envelope. A thin plastic envelope. They were all damaged.

👤The last threee have been damaged. Two were sent back. They are being shipped in bags and the corners are being crushed. I will not order them off of here.

3. MyGift 12 Inch Burnt Scrollwork Design

MyGift 12 Inch Burnt Scrollwork Design

The size is right. The cake board is a good base for all types of cakes. The cake board is 12 inches long. There is a 1 count box. The display stand is made of wood and metal. It's great for use at birthday parties and for displaying items in your bakery or retail store. It's easy to display on counter top surfaces. A wide range of decors use burnt wood and metal scrollwork. The dimensions are 7.5 H x 11.8 Diameter.

Brand: Mygift

👤It is a cute concept. It was used for a cake at a virtual bridal shower. You screw in a total of four screws for the two feet of the scroll design bases. One of the bases is always crooked, no matter how you screw them in. I don't know how it's manufactured. The platform has some rough edges. The product is made in China. If you position the stand in a way that hides the crooked piece of base, it will be fine. The product could have been better.

👤I would put 0 stars on sturdiness. It was exactly what I was looking for and I was so excited to use it. I realized after we assembled it that it was not even. The legs and parts for assembly were cheap. The legs would move with the slightest amount of pressure on top. I don't know how I'm supposed to cut a cake on something unbalanced. I returned it. Very disappointed. Don't recommend.

👤The iron legs were bent at a 30 degree angle and could not be bent back. I was unable to assemble the item because of this. The top piece of the cake stand was damaged and I could have hid it with the cake if I had installed the legs properly. I canceled it because it wouldn't ship, but I tried to get a replacement. Very disappointed. Save your money.

👤I bought a cake stand for my wedding. It was easy to assemble and it is sturdy to me. I didn't have a problem with the pilot holes for the screws when I built my stand up. This is a beautiful cake stand.

👤A perfect cake stand for a wedding. We had room on the stand for decor because our cake was a 6 inch.

👤I can't wait to use this for my wedding cake. Thank you.

👤It was bent when assembled and didn't sit level.

👤I don't like that I have to assemble it, but it looks pretty easy to assemble, so that's a plus!

4. OCreme Circles Gorgeous Diameter Disposable

OCreme Circles Gorgeous Diameter Disposable

If you have a question, please feel free to contact them and they will get back to you. Their round cake boards have been created using strong corrugated construction paper so that they won't bend when in use. The cake drums have been finished with reflective foil. The gold foil round cake circles are the perfect way to show off your baked goods in a professional way. It is perfectly fine to frost your cakes. Their disposable cake drums are perfect for helping you quickly and easily frost your cakes with a spatula and frosting tool. You can display the finished cake on the board once you've finished it. It is easy to throw away their round cake boards once you are done with them. It is made so that you don't have to worry about any clean up after you use them. Their corrugated paper boards are great to use as pastry trays and can also be used as pizza bases.

Brand: O'creme

👤The product had poor quality control. Sturdy. There was some damage to the underside. If this is an isolated incident or not, they should have been checked before shipping. I didn't open the package to see the rest as the items are expensive and I want a refund or another one.

👤I used these boards to decorate cakes. The boards have a smooth appearance on both sides. The cakes looked beautiful. This is the first time I have used cake boards with smooth sides. I am glad I discovered them.

👤I used one of the boards as a base for a wedding cake. The boards were light weight and the cake was heavier than expected, but this cake board held up nicely and looked beautiful. There were no folds in the gold foil.

👤The cake scraper can't stay level because of the unevenly seamed top.

👤I ordered them because of the great reviews. It is not well made, but it is sturdy. The top part was not completely covered and some of it was damaged. Will not be ordering again.

👤I loved this drum. It is what the description says. Sturdy, beautiful, etc. I make a very heavy wedding cake and this can hold it. Absolutely recommend.

👤The gold is placed over the wrapped edge and I don't like that. It is distorted a bit. I usually buy the ones that are wrapped and tucked under so that the folded part stays on the bottom. I will not purchase again.

👤I used this product for my niece's wedding cake. The cake is absolutely sturdy with 3 x 8 and 3 x 10. No concessions. The cake board was stuck to it with hot glue connection, and it didn't absorb any water. Highly recommend!

👤Excellent quality for a good price.

5. Cardboard Cake Drum Board Restaurantware

Cardboard Cake Drum Board Restaurantware

If you prefer buying in bulk to save time and money, then check out the multipack options which are great value for money. STURDY FOUNDATION The cake drum is made from corrugated cardboard and is strong enough to support heavy cakes. It's suitable for circle or square cakes. The finish is beautiful. The cake board has a beautiful backdrop that accentuates the vibrant colors and icing designs on cakes. The edges are covered. This grease-resistant cake base is great for icing cakes on a rotating cake stand or for reliably transferring delicious cakes from an establishment to an event. It is possible to use it for professional or home bakers. This cake drum is strong enough to support decorated cakes. It's great for birthday parties, anniversaries, and other special events. The size is right. The cake board is a good base for all types of cakes. The cake board is 12 inches long. There is a 1 count box.

Brand: Restaurantware

👤Excellent quality and sturdy. The cake was fit perfectly and added a certain elegance. The sparkle on the board does not come through in the picture, but it does in person.

👤A good quality square cake board. It is exactly what I was looking for. Will purchase again.

👤Very strong. It was a lot better than I thought. The cake looked good after the job was done.

👤It is very sturdy and thick. Exactly what I was looking for.

👤Me gusto mucho.

6. SpecialT Inch Round Cake Drums

SpecialT Inch Round Cake Drums

DIMENSIONS Each pack is 12 inches in diameter. Each bulk cake drums package includes 12 round white cake board drums, which can be used to decorate and professionally display your small pastries or cupcakes, cakes and pies, and other delicious treats. TheDecorative Smooth Wrap adds a sophisticated elegance to each 12in cake board piece that will impress your clients and guests. These thick white cake boards are great for bakers who want to impress their guests at a wedding reception, birthday party, bake sale, baby or bridal shower, family gathering, or in their business. Each large cake base cardboard cake drum measures 12 inches in diameter to fit your 10 inch or smaller cakes, free of chemicals and safe for food with decorative film covering to provide a smooth surface for cutting and serving cake with ease. The 1/2 inch thick cake base is made of corrugated cardboard to ensure maximum strength and support without bending, collapsing, or causing damage to your masterpiece; durable cake cardboard rounds can also be used for heavier, multi-tiered cakes.

Brand: Specialt

👤When I received these, I was very disappointed. The board was not completely wrapped. I noticed that the edges and sides of the boards were different. I won't buy them again.

👤The cake boards have a rim that folds up 75% of the time, but I like how they study them. It gets greasy if it gets buttercream on it. Other than that. They are good. I don't know if I'll buy again. They seem to be getting worse.

👤These are the cake drums that you should use if you care about presentation. They are easy to use and thick. They can be used with the imprint that comes on them, or trimmed in ribbon and covered in fondant. I like these boards.

👤6 of the drums were received.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. The price and quality are good.

👤It's perfect for my small cakes.

👤These weren't white! I had a gray tint to them. Not good.

👤I love these boards. Good product.

7. Stacking Boards Parchment Rounds Dowels

Stacking Boards Parchment Rounds Dowels

Remove the protective barrier and wash thoroughly before use with detergent and soft cloth. The item may be damaged by aromatics and abrasives. When washing this item, make sure to retain a smooth edge. Everything you need is in the 120 piece cake tiering set. There is enough cake boards, paper, and plastic to make five 3-tiered cakes. The how-to guide makes cake tiering fun. 5 of each size of white round cake boards There are 6 inch, 8 inch, and 10 inch corrugated cardboard rounds. Each board has a pre-cut hole in the center that can be used to place the center dowel. Sturdy and greaseproof! Eco-friendly! 55 paper round ups! There's more time to decorate with pre-cut round parchment papers in 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch sizes. Professional cakes can be baked easily with an oven safe with a non-stick coating. Sturdy and thick clear plastic boba straws provide support for your tiered cakes! You don't need to buy other tools if you cut straws. Doesn't leave splinters like wooden dowels. The how-to guide includes pictures and pro tips and tricks, so you don't have to figure it out. Professional looking cakes for birthdays, weddings, and more are what you can get from them.

Brand: Little Ladle

👤I had my first wedding cake request and needed the boards and straws. The package had everything and pre-cut rounds. I had no issues with the items, even though the rounds were a little bigger than my pans. This helped create a successful wedding cake. There was a lot of stuff in the package to make a test cake. I had read that they had issues cutting straws. I just used kitchen scissors and didn't have that problem.

👤The value is great. The set made it easy to stack my daughter's cake. The cardboard has a hole in the center that is partially cut to aid with stacking on a skewer for extra stability, and the parchment papers fit well inside my cake pans. The package has instructions for stacking up to 3 tiers. I am not a professional baker and this was my first attempt at a tiered cake, so these work great.

👤I bought this tier set because my sister-in-law asked me to make her niece a cake. I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed. The cake boards were perfect. I used everything that came in the set. They provide pre-cut papers. I will be ordering from this company again.

👤Baking and stacking cakes are much easier with this set. I am going to buy it again. The straws are wide. The precut parchment is easy to use. The boards have a film on one side.

👤The poor quality of the boards made me realize the idea of this kit was not good. The first or middle tier used these. Will not purchase until the board quality improves. It is still great to have straws and pre-cut paper.

👤The boards were flimsy and couldn't hold my cake tiers. The plastic began to peel off while I was cutting them. I've used poor quality boards for years in baking. I don't recommend.

👤Products worked well. The boards were easy to use and the rods did a great job holding the cake up. The bottom of the pans were covered in papers. It was my first time using them, but it was easy to clean up.

👤The quality of the cake boards was not satisfactory. They were bent and broken when they arrived. I was in a rush to get the straws and didn't want to send it back. I wouldn't recommend buying.

8. Recyclable Tray Platters Catering Appetizers

Recyclable Tray Platters Catering Appetizers

The performance is spoiled free of degradation. Their heavy-duty hostess trays are made of strong plastic that will hold many items without bending or spilling. 100% recycled and free of BPA. Free entertainment. Their deli platter is made from food grade plastic and is safe for hot or cold foods, making it an eco-friendly alternative to plastic trays and cover sets. It is guaranteed for life. All of their 12-inch round black serving trays have a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. They will make it right if you send them an email at any point. You can add a touch of elegance to your parties. Their black round platter is a premium container for your event. They're great for cheese and meat plates. Ultra TIGHT COVERS are what they're called. There are safe and portable treats. You can take your snacks and desserts with you. The hostess trays have clear, scuplture lids that won't slip. They are used for tailgating, fancy parties, and wedding showers.

Brand: Avant Grub

👤This product is great. I use it to transport flan. It's a perfect fit. The caramel from the flan does leak from this container if you're transporting it somewhere. The caramel should be put in a separate container. I'm going to keep using these containers.

👤The containers are exactly what they were described as. The tops are very tight and easy to remove by using the tab on the lid and just a little at the plate. I was most impressed by the fact that all the containers were in perfect shape after I received them twice. They package them tightly together. I put a white doily on the plate to dress them up a bit.

👤Estos recipientes perfecciones para flanes y un material resiste creo.

👤I only wanted to see how it works and if it fits in my house, because I had to open them to see what was inside. I feel like this is too much of a hassle since the foil has been ripped off. They wanted to use them for the communion party, but ended up with 10 plastic single serving plated for over $30.

👤The item is really what you pay for. The lids are difficult to remove. I dropped a fruit tray on the floor because the lid wouldn't come off. The tray is very small. These are what you would expect to find at the shop. The size of a dinner plate is the only thing they are. If I were you, I would pass.

👤I used these trays for some of my work. It is very durable and sturdy. When you close the lid, it's not loose fitting. I would like to see them sell larger sizes as well. I will purchase more in the future.

👤I wish I knew that the lids were stacked together. I went through the first four trays and realized I didn't have enough lids, but other people loved it and will buy it again.

👤The tray works well for some of my desserts. The tray is very sturdy and the plastic is a strong type. Will be ordering more from this company. Hopefully they will come in higher quantities.

👤It was perfect for my homemade Christmas cookies gifts.

👤I tried to take them out of the packaging, but they were stuck together.

9. Wilton 12 Inch Cake Circle 8 Pack

Wilton 12 Inch Cake Circle 8 Pack

The 6 inch cake boards are Lifetime 100% satisfaction. White cake circles, white circle cake sheets, cardboard cake rounds, and Corrugated Cake Board are some of the supplies that come with the White cake circle. The materials were produced with the highest grade. The cake boards are round white. It was manufactured in the United States.

Brand: Wilton

👤An 8 inch cake circle is not a cake circle for an 8 inch cake; it is a cake circle for a 6 inch cake. I have 8 inch cake pans, so I can't tell you how they work.

👤These are great! They are cheap and I like their products. A piece of cardboard is pretty strong. I don't know how grease proof it is because I've only used them for tarts so far and they don't make a mess. It is easy to move the tart around once it is on there. There is an 11” and a 9” tart. It looks great either way. Will buy again because of good value.

👤I would not use these boards for my cake to sit on as they are just coasters. The cardboard on the sides is not covered with a foil finish. I use them to make cake tiers. I fill and cover my cake with buttercream on top of the board and then cut the board to the rim of the cake and then cover it with fondant which I glue to a more sturdy finished cake board.

👤I have been using cake circles for over 40 years. I use them for cakes, but covered with foil, and they are the best plate for holding cupcakes, cookies or other sweets for parties and bake sales. The value for the money is excellent because these circles are very sturdy.

👤I will be honest. I think they should be cheaper. They are very nice, but they are just cardboard. These are cardboard that is hard to cut with good scissors. They have a good look to them, and the tops were very nice looking, and without flaws, so I generally can't complain. I put a cake on it and it held up. I was not worried about it flexing while being transported. I liked how well packaged they were so that I knew they were new and clean. I will use them in the future. Another great product.

👤I need something disposable to make cakes for friends. These are perfect for a standard two layer cake and saved me a lot of time running back and forth from neighbors. I like the fact that they are white colored cardboard, I previously bought cake circles that were brown and they didn't look as nice. If you make cakes and give them to people, they might think it came from a bakery.

👤I like the fact that the cakes don't stain the surface of the White Corrugated Cardboard Circles, so they stay Nice and Clean, which is a better alternative than the regular white cake circles. "Wilton 12 inch cake circles" are not very strong but they are the perfect surface for the cakes to rest, even though they are not very strong, they do provide some support, make sure your hands are placed under the cake circle to hold it securely, otherwise it might bend fast If the cake is heavy, use more circles. Sometimes I just cut a Round Circle from a clean and heavy corrugated box and use different aluminum foil colors to decorate the cake circle and place it on top of a cake platter. I found a place where they sell 100 and even 50 of them for a better price and they are Greaseproof. The cake circles arrived quickly and without any problems. Thank you D.D.

10. Cake Boards 12 Piece Cardboard Diameter

Cake Boards 12 Piece Cardboard Diameter

If you prefer buying in bulk to save time and money, then check out the multipack options which are great value for money. There are 12 pieces of white round cake boards. It's ideal for showing off your creation. The base for all types of cake is made from corrugated construction paper. It's not easy to bend. After use, simply throw it away. Simple presentation. A simple background will make your creation stand out. Guests will be impressed by your work. Look delicious! There are multiple sacramentals. It's ideal for displaying cakes at home, house party, wedding, birthday, baby shower, Christmas, and many more. Pie, bread, pastry, or even pizza can be presented with it. DIMENSIONS Each pack is 12 inches in diameter.

Brand: Juvale

👤The cake board absorbed the icing oil as shown in the picture. The display of this cake looked bad because I decorated it with my sweet buttercream icing. I won't buy these again. I opened them and would return them. This is terrible.

👤Sturdy cake boards when you put them together.

👤I make Christmas pastries every year. The pastries are about 10 inches in diameter.

👤The cake board is not resistant to water. It can't be used to ice the cake as the cardboard can't hold any water. The waist of money is complete. I used aluminum foil to wrap the cake.

👤My daughter and I are starting to bake cakes. The cake boards are very important. We have smaller boards, but they are not as big as the bigger ones we needed. These cake boards are great for us because we are only playing with cakes until we get better.

👤I'll buy him again when I run out because they worked great for the money.

👤It would be nicer if it had a shiny finish. The oils from the cake make a ring on the board.

👤I painted records black and made them for a retro party. It worked out great.

👤They are what they are. I wish it was less expensive for a few pieces of card.

👤The fat from the buttercream is absorbed by the boards. If you're ordering these, be sure to give me a heads up.

11. Pack 14x10 Black Corrugated Board

Pack 14x10 Black Corrugated Board

We offer a 30-day return window because they want to give their customers a good experience. Let them know if you're not happy with the cake base set and they'll give you a hassle-free refund. DIMENSIONS The 14 inches length x 10 inches width corrugated black cake board is thick and has class and eye catching to make sure your creation will stand out with its sophisticated accent. Standard size cake is great for homebaking, business use, party and wedding. There are 17 pieces in a pack. It's elEGANT. The style adds design and presentation. A quarter sheet pad can hold up cakes, pastries and even pizza trays. These cardboards are dense, grease and resistant to the elements, making them perfect for events. Commercial grade quality This is made of premium materials, with a base made of corrugated cardboard and a laminated top for additional protection. The cake boards make it possible to transport your cake in a good place. The laminated top design made it easier to clean since it holds the excess and crumbs. You can wipe the edges of the board for a neat presentation without fear that it will become floppy and bend. It's great to use in serving meat and cheese. It is guaranteed that it is made in the USA. Food grade cardboard is safe and friendly to the environment. They have you covered! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Fit Meal Prep


What is the best product for cake boards 12 inch black?

Cake boards 12 inch black products from Restaurantware. In this article about cake boards 12 inch black you can see why people choose the product. Cakebon and Mygift are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake boards 12 inch black.

What are the best brands for cake boards 12 inch black?

Restaurantware, Cakebon and Mygift are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake boards 12 inch black. Find the detail in this article. O'creme, Specialt and Little Ladle are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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