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1. Party Candles Metallic Birthday Champagne

Party Candles Metallic Birthday Champagne

The Champagne Gold is a 5.5 inch holder. 24 candles with holders are included in the packet. These candles are very sturdy and can burn for a long time, they are perfect for mixing and matching to light up the party. There are novelty candles. It is safe, non-toxic, bio degradable. They were burned with a nice steady flame. If you're not happy with this item, they'll send you a replacement or refund the purchase price. They will deal with any packaging problems as soon as possible.

Brand: Party Home

👤These are very dangerous. Don't use them! They leave the large plastic holder in the cake when you pull the candles out. You won't know this until people chew on slices of cake. The candle holders were left in the cake. Don't use candles.

👤If you decide to buy, do not walk away after lighting. They were great for that purpose. They start leaking wax as soon as you light them. If I had not put most of them on the sides of the cake, the cake would have been full of wax. In case I forget, I took the unused out.

👤These candles are not the dimensions given in the description. The candles were 6 inches tall according to the description and diagram. I was looking for candles that were tall. The candles are only 4 1/2 inches tall. The candles are fine, but the description was very misleading.

👤I made myself and my brother-in-law a cake for their birthday. Four layers of sponge with different kinds of frosting were topped with ganache. I wanted the cake to be beautiful, but I didn't want any candles on it. The candles were perfect. The gold looks great on the chocolate. The cake was even more rich looking because of the long length. Very happy.

👤The length that I was sent did not match the description. The candle length was 6 and the base was 6. They had been opened and I received less than the total. Very disappointed.

👤The candles in the box were cracked but I only needed 5 of them for the cake. The cake we ordered for my fiancée's 30th was 800-313-5780 tall and had minimal frosting to show off it's layers. The candles were a great way to compliment the cake and the 30th gold cake.

👤I like the look of these candles and the value is nice for the amount of candles. The candles to me came down quickly. The cupcakes were made with thicker grocery store candles.

👤My expectations for candles are not very high. The gold leaf on the candles falls over the cake. There is a pain in removing the icing. Not buying them again.

2. Kemladio Birthday Candles Colorful Included

Kemladio Birthday Candles Colorful Included

Colorful and fun candles are lit with colored light. 5 minutes is enough to provide a light show. 55mm in length and 5mm in diameter. Environmentally friendly. There are 6 different colors. If you want to use candles for best color flame effects, please use them in a dimly lit room or turn off the light. The wax is collected in the plastic holder so it doesn't end up on the cake. If there is an issue with your order, please contact them immediately. If you don't like the candles, they will give you a 100% refund at any time.

Brand: Kemladio

👤These un-colorful flame candles are for people who like being disappointed. I purchased two boxes of these candles. At the party, I made a big deal about telling everyone about the candles with the colorful flames. The lights were turned off when the candles were lit. The candle flames look ordinary in the photo. There were no colorful flame colors that were promised. It was an epic fail. The children were unaware of my disappointment, at least the flames actually worked. I had excitedly spoken to many adults about the performance of these candles. Don't get taken in as I did when I returned. If you want colorful candles from this brand, you're going to have to cut them off the box and stick them on the cake yourself.

👤It's hard to stay lit. You couldn't tell one color from the other. Very disappointing.

👤Overpriced for poor quality. Thin candles are made out of a substance that is not wax. I tried to put one in the candle holder, but it broke. I placed the others in candle holders so they wouldn't break. They were difficult to light and the flame was small, making it hard to tell it was lit. It was hard to see the color because of the smoke, the smell and the fact that there was only one candle. The candles were on fire. When my son blew out his candles, they did not go completely out. After my son blew the candles out, I grabbed them and ran to the sink to fully extinguish them, because the people closest to the cake were coughing and the smoke was so bad. Birthday candles are worse than this. The regular $2 candles at the grocery store are better than these.

👤There are Cheep candles. They were so thin that I put them in the little holders. They do light up in different colors, but you need to touch them lightly or they will break.

👤I loved these candles. The birthday girl liked them because they are so different. The candle holders worked well. I didn't think they would stay upright because the candle was loose in the holder, but they did.

👤The candles do burn a different color, but they don't burn the color shown in the photo. They look like regular candle light with a flicker of color when lit. They're okay, but does it justify the cost for something you burn for less than a minute?

👤I had to get some candles by the next day. I was able to get through to Amazon. I was looking for candles that looked good on a cake, not crazy candles that blow out. The colored flames looked good and I knew they would be a hit. The candles are thin and small so they can be brittle. The flame is really small. You have to allow them to burn down a little. If you know what to look for, you can see the colors. The colors were not enough to notice. Some colors are better than others. They are better for low light. If you are buying them for the colored flames, I wouldn't recommend them for daytime use.

3. LUTER Metallic Birthday Candles Decoration

LUTER Metallic Birthday Candles Decoration

Birthday candles are made of safe, non-toxic paraffin. It is eco-friendly and Biodegradable. Don't drop the wax, burn for a long time. Birthday cake candles can be used for many different occasions, such as birthday party, wending, baby showers. It's also suitable for decoration of bakeries. A bright atmosphere is created. A stylish outlook with a holder. You can easily insert the cake. Any cake accessory is perfect. Birthday cake candles burned with a nice steady flame. The cake should be special and beautiful. Cake candles come in lengths ranging from 5.5 to 1.2 inches. You can cut to any length with a scissor. Cake candles come in lengths ranging from 5.5 to 1.2 inches. You can cut to any length with a scissor.

Brand: Luter

👤The candles are packaged securely and arrived next day for me. Great for birthday candles, or to use when you want candles that burn a little more quickly than chime candles. I was a bit worried that the gold coloring would melt or burn off, but the gold coating stayed on throughout the candles, so I was happy. The candleholders are a nice touch, but I removed them from the candles I've used. I'm satisfied with my purchase, and will purchase again in the future.

👤The candles were a perfect match for his Dallas Cowboys theme, and I bought them to use for his 10th birthday. That is the end of thepros. They came in a pack of 24 and I will be throwing them away. When I removed the candles from the cupcakes to serve, the clear plastic piece on the bottom stuck to the icing and was not visible from the outside. I had to dig each fork out to make sure I didn't give the kids "choke cakes" It would have done a hack to a regular sheet cake. It's definitely something to avoid. Birthday parties are busy enough that I don't have to worry about every piece of cake, I want to enjoy the time with my family. These candles are trash.

👤The candles had a metallic sheen. The height was good as we placed them behind the surfboards. I was worried about how quickly they would burn down, but they seem to have a normal burn time. When the boy called off the couch to enjoy his birthday cake, he didn't budge and then decided to go to the bathroom before blowing out the candles on his cake. The candles may get another use out of them because they didn't burn down all the way. You should keep the boxes in case you want to save for another event. There were no broken things upon receipt. I was worried that they were tall and slender.

👤I bought these for a family member. These exceeded expectations. They are a long candle. The candle holders have candles in them. There are four packs of 6. They made the cake look pretty. They are perfect for special events. It was very elegant and fancy. The price point is great and the candles are a lot more expensive.

👤My daughter loved her cake, which was homemade and delicious, but I am not the greatest decorating person. A pretty cake can be turned into a beautiful one with great candles. The candles are packaged so that they arrive intact, but also that they can be kept in a drawer or cabinet. I can make this package last through a few birthdays, but when the time comes, I'll definitely be back for more. Great purchase!

👤We are sharing our idea for a birthday party. I think the days of blowing out candles on a cake are over. These candles were found on Amazon. They were stuck in a piece of foam. The birthday girl had candles to blow out. We used the same ones for another birthday. In November and December, the candles will be used again.

4. Threlaco Anniversary Graduation Retirement Decoration

Threlaco Anniversary Graduation Retirement Decoration

The gold candle has a shiny golden appearance, which is shiny and beautiful under the light of the candle, and it adds a touch of warm to the party, which makes people impressed and immersed in it. The candles are made of wax which is odorless and safe to use. Candles are packaged in a box that can protect them during transportation. The cake candles come in a moderate length, can be combined with digital candles, and can be trimmed to any length you want. Birthday, wedding, baby shower, anniversary party, graduation party, and other occasions can be created with the help of cake topper candles decorations. You will get 24 candles, the quantity is enough to use, and you can share with family and friends. You will get 24 candles, the quantity is enough to use, and you can share with family and friends.

Brand: Threlaco

👤The value is decent. As the candle burns, it drips black wax on your cake.

👤We had an extremely large cake with these candles and they complemented it very well.

👤It was an important birthday and worth going a little bit further than I normally would.

👤I loved them. Looked great. Burned well. Would buy again.

👤It was hard to light. Cheap quality. Not recommended at all.

👤I thought I'd have to burn my wife's cake.

👤The candle broke when it was in ice cream. It's perfect for cakes.

5. LUTER Glitter Birthday Candles Decoration

LUTER Glitter Birthday Candles Decoration

Birthday candles are made of smokeless wax. Eco-friendly and non-toxic. It is easy to insert and light. Burning evenly and consistently. Number candles can be used for any celebration. A person added to the party. Happy birthday candles come in gold vivid color and glow bright in dark light. Stand out with your birthday cake. One birthday candle is ideal for those who want to keep her mystery, and you can choose any number from 0-9. The length and weight are perfect. The number is 2in. The total height is 5in. The cake has gold number candles on it. Make sure. The size of your cake is related to the size of their candle. Birthday cake candles should be placed away from the fire. Please don't allow the child to touch the candle while it's burning. Birthday cake candles should be placed away from the fire. Please don't allow the child to touch the candle while it's burning.

Brand: Luter

👤This candle is small. It is 5 inches in height. The candle is 2 inches in diameter and the stick is 3 inches. I should have read the description better because $6 is a steep price to pay. It's not a good idea to return it. I found a larger candle at my local party store for $2.

👤It worked out perfectly. It was stuck in our suitcase to use on my daughters cake. It was fine. I looked great with the cake.

👤The candle is bright and golden. I like that it is small and not too big so that it won't be noticed. I like that it has a long stem, it's perfect from my multi layer cake.

👤This is the second time I have ordered a candle from this seller and I was not disappointed. The tiny box is kept in perfect condition during delivery. The gold numbers are of great quality. Definitely worth the money and will buy again.

👤The candle is much smaller than I anticipated. I thought the candle size was the only thing listed, but the stick is also included. It worked in the end but it was overpriced. It was not cheap, but it was sturdy. The only other thing listed is glitter, but it's not glitter. Again, it worked, but it was misleading and overpriced.

👤Most bday candles are the worst because of the nasty wax drips. They were wrapped in foam and had a small box with each candle. I will definitely buy again.

👤Really cute design. The number is flawed with small dents, but it comes in plastic packaging to protect from damage. This is a pretty deep gold.

👤I liked the way this candle looked and it was very well made. The reason I give it 3 stars is that I received a #2 in a labeled box. I didn't have time to get a new one or send one back. I was able to get a full refund. If the correct number came in, it would be 5 stars.

👤Nice looking but overpriced. My husband got it from the Card Factory for 89p.

👤Preis ist meiner Meinung. Tropft in den Kuchen und deshalb gleiche.

👤I was schade gefunden.

👤Weil beispiel,

6. Bundaloo Birthday Candles Pack Decorations

Bundaloo Birthday Candles Pack Decorations

Light candles are fun and make your children's birthday party more memorable. They blow out the candles while making a wish. For boys and girls. Birthday cake candles come in 4 different colors. For boys, pink, yellow, and white are the colors. Add and subtract for additional colorful decoration. Each pack comes with 72 candles, which is enough for a year's worth of parties. One pack saves you from going to the store. Birthday candles can be used for any celebration. It's great for weddings, baby showers, and dinner parties. Use as a decoration for cakes or cupcakes. Their candles are made from non-toxic wax and are safe for cake use. It's still possible to remove wax drips from cakes. Their candles are made from non-toxic wax and are safe for cake use. It's still possible to remove wax drips from cakes.

Brand: Bundaloo

👤The candles are difficult to light because they are hidden under the wax, and by the time the wax is melted and the candle is lit, the first candles you lit have already burned down. The candles have white stripes on them that tend to fall off when you put the base into the candle holders. I have used the same style of candles for my birthday. The candles of the same style that I buy at the grocery store seem to be better quality than these. The candles were inexpensive, but they were not enough to justify the poor performance.

👤I had candles all over when my package was opened. None of them were broken. I didn't read reviews because I needed candles. The product I got was not shown in the pictures. There were 72 candles in two separate compartments and 24 candle holders. I had never used candle holders before. It looks like you don't know what you're going to get from Amazon with this product. Hope to update when they are actually used,hoping they burn well and interested in seeing how the candle holders hold up.

👤The package was opened. It's very strange if it was already opened? Some of the candles were broken because they were opened in transit.

👤The candles were just run of the mill. The packaging was flimsy and generic. They didn't use them. The holders are flimsy. Unless you pay for delivery, go to your local dollar store.

👤I chose a large amount of candles for my first birthday pack. Good for price. The packing was good. I had to put them in a container. I had to melt the bottom of the candle stand to get it to stand, but it was a great value for money.

👤I placed my order with Amazon because I don't go to stores often. Candles on cakes are used to celebrate birthdays and other occasions.

👤It is difficult to find candles when you need them the most. I stock up on these because of that. Unless the recipe didn't work out as expected, they're perfect for your birthday candle, but upgrade if necessary.

👤Quality and packaging are excellent. You should read the colors available. I thought there were red candles but they were pink. I would have given less stars but it was an error.

7. Birthday Candles Colorful Holders Included

Birthday Candles Colorful Holders Included

There are 6 different colors. Add more fun to the party birthday with the best color flame effects. It is safe and colorful. It's perfect for birthday cake. Give a surprise to your friends at the party. There is a pack of candles. Candle holders are included. 55mm x 5mm is the size. The flames are hard to see in bright light so please use candles in a dark room or turn off the light. Do not allow children or pets to touch the candles.

Brand: Eteparty

👤The idea could use some improvements. I broke two candles trying to light the colored flames. They served me and were pretty. The candles are fragile.

👤Do not have colors that indicate the product. Happy Birthday sign went up in flames after I made a 4 layer cake. It would be a good idea to make the stick for that higher. The birthday party has a great time. If I wanted regular candles, I would have bought them from the grocery store. Not worth it...

👤The candles I bought were supposed to bring my son's birthday cake to the next level, but the colors are barely noticeable. The candles were brittle and easy to break. I will not pay the premium for colored candles in the future, and instead I will get regular candles.

👤My wife and I have celebrated 23 birthdays together. This year, I want to throw something different. The flames were not the same as in the picture. The red one was a little different from the other candles, but they were all the same.

👤The candles emit a strong smell, like burning plastic, and when blown out they smolder and emit the same smell. There was a lot of smoke in the area. Is it a good idea to buy these again or recommend them to someone else? No.

👤My kids were enamored with these. The green, red, and blue colors had the best flames. I didn't try that one yet, but I assume yellow would as well. If you want the wow of different colored flames, you won't be disappointed with these candles.

👤The colors of the candles are not as rich as the picture shows, but they are sturdy and nice.

👤Worst ever. They take a long time to light and burn so fast that the first ones are burning down before the others are lit. It was on the cake. They did not all have colored flame.

8. Papyrus Birthday Candles Ombré 24 Count

Papyrus Birthday Candles Ombr%C3%A9 24 Count

Creative Converting has an extensive line of Under Construction themed party supplies. 2.5 inch tall candles. Adult supervision is required. The Papyrus candles set has shades of red, green, yellow, and purple. Papyrus candles are great for celebrations.

Brand: Papyrus

👤These candles are beautiful. As pictured! I needed candles in bulk because I have 2 kids with bdays 10 days apart, one wants a Pokemon theme and the other wants a Pickle cake. I needed everything to accommodate both styles. They came well packaged, no breaks, quick shipping, and nice thickness... I haven't used them yet. I can't wait! I hope it will allow me to update my review with photos.

👤The color combo is nice and they're a good height. The gold leafing was gone immediately. It exposed the white wax underneath and it was difficult to remove. I don't expect this quality with Papyrus.

👤These were perfect! We used the black and white ones for a smash cake, then used the gold for a jungle themed cake. It's perfect. My toddler could blow them out perfectly.

👤These candles are short and cute. They were about 5” tall when I bought them. These are small. It's great for a cupcake.

👤A perfect candle for a birthday. The cake has great quality and amazing colors. Will buy again and keep it in stock.

👤These were thin candles. I lit one and it fell. It will do the job when you need it.

👤The candles were lit. They are only 2 1/2 inches tall. I was disappointed when I received them because they looked taller than they were in the picture.

👤The candles are lovely, but the pictures don't do them justice. It is perfect for all birthday occasions.

9. PHD CAKE 24 Count Birthday Decorations

PHD CAKE 24 Count Birthday Decorations

24 long, thin and tapered elegant gold cake candles are designed to make your cake and birthday a unique and truly inspiring event. The candle holder will keep your cake wax free. Their candles are very safe. Their candles will burn for a long time. Make your wishes and give hugs on your birthday. Their candles will burn until you blow them out. Birthday cake candles can be used for many special occasions such as birthday party, weddings, baby shower, and bakery shops. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. They are very confident that you will like their candles. If you are not happy with the product, they will give you a full refund. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. They are very confident that you will like their candles. If you are not happy with the product, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Phd Cake

👤I wouldn't recommend to buy these. I bought these for a birthday cake and they started melting and folding in half before we could finish singing. Absolutely disappointment.

👤I just received my order and it is not dyed wax at all, but cheap white wax that has black plastic wrapped around them, so I would like to be aware of that. It's dangerous to light for fire safety and it's also dangerous to inhale plastic wrap fumes.

👤The review asked if it was easy to inflate the candles. I received candles that looked gold, not the roser golder color that I pictured. I think this is their rose gold, but not as pictured. I decided to buy other candles after reading others' reviews and was a bit concerned about what the candles are made out of. I only used one of them.

👤There are plastic pieces at the bottom of the candle. The candles were put on a cake. I was afraid of them being a hazard if I missed them. I had to dig through the icing to make sure I didn't serve a piece of plastic inside the slice of cake because the ones that didn't break stayed in the icing. The candles are in the garbage. Save money and save a life.

👤I got a back of random pink, silver, and whites, instead of the advertised black candles. I wasted my money and time waiting for these to go on top of my mother's birthday cake, they aren't even good candles, they are cheap, and I couldn't even get what I was advertised.

👤The venue and table setting looked good. The only problem was with the wiring. The first one was easy and the second one got a bit tangled. We were able to untangle it. I put it on a toilet paper roll and took the batteries out. Will reuse again.

👤My mom's birthday cake was covered by these golden candles. They were taller than expected and that made them look better. The tall cake was a masterpiece because they added an elegant flair. Thanks a lot.

👤When we added the candles to the cake, it looked pretty. I didn't have to worry about rushing to light all the candles because they are so long and burn slowly so we were able to enjoy the atmosphere and sing the entire song before we blew it out.

👤Mi pastel se vi bello, inventado y todo Pero siguen siendo solo velas.

👤Idénticas a la imagen pero se derriten con rapidez.

10. Amazing Colorflame Multicolor Birthday Candles

Amazing Colorflame Multicolor Birthday Candles

Birthday cake candles should be placed away from the fire. Please don't allow the child to touch the candle while it's burning. Birthday Candles set of 12 with candle holders. The candle flame colors are red, blue, purple, yellow, pink and green. It was made with non-Toxic, Biodegradable, and Environmentally Friendly Materials. It's perfect for cake decor.

Brand: Colorflame

👤The flames are almost all blue, but the candles are neat. The pink and purple are both blue with a small tint at the tip of the flame, the yellow candle is a normal candle. The candle was mostly blue. The green one is great, and I would love a pack of just green ones. It has a blue base. If that is okay with you, it is more of an aqua-leaning green. They burn veryyy fast, which is not a complaint for me, but just a heads up. If you are looking for something other than a green or blue flame candle, you are not going to get it out of this.

👤Product description is not accurate. The candles are not tall. They are tall. The package may be large. I am not lighting the package and putting it on a cake. Customers should stop buying crappy piece junk.

👤It was easy to break easily. I only needed a few, but I couldn't get the candle in the candle holder, it would snap. It was very fast. You better be ready for that birthday song. It was true. Something new to try, but not for an important birthday. Nothing impressive. It is just so. I wouldn't recommend it due to its quality.

👤These will burn with different colors of flames. It was hard to tell when the purple and pink ones were lit with regular light because they blend in so much. In a low light situation, these would be pretty cool.

👤The candles turned her made-from-scratch cake into the best ever, with the advertised bright, vibrant colors.

👤These candles would not burn. They tried to melt the wax. The colors shown in the ad were not the colors that were lit out of the box.

11. Colorfully Incredible Birthday Decorative Candles One

Colorfully Incredible Birthday Decorative Candles One

Birthday candles and cake are spinning. One Candle Light Them All, singing a birthday candle flower. Happy Birthday! You will get a pack of multicolor candles in a box package. Opens and spins candles. The cake top style may be different. The cake top style may be different.

Brand: Gle

👤The initial flame is scary but it was okay.

👤It worked, it was surprising, and it was pretty. I had to rip it apart to make it quiet because the thing wouldn't shut up even after it was lit and blew out.

👤The candle threw a huge flame, never opened and just melted. It began to play the birthday song after 2 hours after being drowned. Waste of money, scary and spooky!

👤Don't buy. When we received one of the cake decorations, we thought we were getting more for our money. We could have purchased a cake topping at our local Boswell store for just over $6. The item is overpriced and not worth it. They are fun to light but not worth much. Since the company does not allow returns, we are not stuck with an overpriced item.

👤Be careful with this product, it has a big flame. I liked the advertisement. We used it for my son's birthday. We had a big fire. The advertisement is the best. When it tried to open up. It fell apart all over the cake. Like I said, be careful. I wouldn't recommend it. The music box was destroyed by the fire. It was a disappointment.

👤My daughter loved it as her birthday candle. I was afraid that the flame wouldn't work after it opened. It surprised all the guests.

👤It was a huge waste of money. I thought it was going to be really special. Don't waste money or time.

👤It's unusual and fun. It is easy to light. It is worth the money.


What is the best product for cake candles bulk?

Cake candles bulk products from Party Home. In this article about cake candles bulk you can see why people choose the product. Kemladio and Luter are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake candles bulk.

What are the best brands for cake candles bulk?

Party Home, Kemladio and Luter are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake candles bulk. Find the detail in this article. Threlaco, Luter and Bundaloo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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