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1. Wilton W2811 7 701 Numerals Rainbow 10 Pack

Wilton W2811 7 701 Numerals Rainbow 10 Pack

Your message will be put in lights. The candle pick is 3 inches high. It is used as a decorative item.

Brand: Wilton

👤The description says 3 inches tall. The number is only 1 inch tall, so it means it is 3 feet tall. To get to 3, you have to add in the size of the pick. It was a very deceptive description. Will be back.

👤Beware. They are measured with a stem, though it says they are 3-inch. The number is about 1 1/2 inches. It was very misleading.

👤3 inches is what the description says. The candle is 3 inches, but the stick is 3 inches. It was too small. Will look lost on a cake.

👤The candles are more than 1” in diameter. The description is not accurate.

👤They are a lot smaller than I thought they would be. I thought it was the size of the number, but the number itself is tiny, so it must also include the stick. This will work on a cupcake, but would look small on a cake.

👤The numbers are only 1 inch, not 3 as the description stated, but just know that they are much smaller.

👤These were smaller than I was expecting, but they were very cute and a hit with my family. They were easy to blow out. The pick worked well to insert into the cake.

👤The number portion of the candles is not 3 inches. The stick portion of the candle is 3 inches. These are small but they were used for something.

👤I knew these would be small, but I wasn't surprised about the size. The candle is three inches, but the measurement includes the stick part that goes in to the cake and not just the wax number part. This was what I was looking for. Simple, cute, and sweet. I ordered four packs because I was worried they would break, but they all came in perfect condition. I will definitely buy again since I have four packs.

👤The stick was included in the measurements. The candles looked like they were under a heat lamp when they arrived. All of them are drunk. These would look great if I wanted my cake to look like a wreck. Candles are always sad. Money is wasted.

👤The candles were smaller than expected. The stick is 3 inches long. Candles worked well.

👤These are great. I got for my kids. They love them!

👤No. 3 candle is broken, but there is no missing part.

2. XNOVA Birthday Candles Decoration Numeral

XNOVA Birthday Candles Decoration Numeral

Pink foil is not falling off. The champagne Pink candles are great for decorations for birthday cakes or cup cakes, they are also suitable for wedding, anniversary, Christmas, festival celebration or various parties. These candles have novelty appearance. They are not food. The flame is stable and looks very elegant. Burning time is three minutes. When the candle is burning, please don't allow the child to touch it. When the candle is burning, please don't allow the child to touch it.

Brand: Xnova

👤The candle is in rose gold, just as shown in the picture. It's sturdy and lights up. Would I buy it again? If I was looking for a rose gold candle to go with my cake, I would probably not. It is expensive. I didn't know anything better until my sister said something. I chose this one because all the candles on Amazon were in the 6-7$ range. It's a nice candle, other than the price. The candle was in a tin can.

👤Well made, looks great in person. It arrived in perfect shape because it was packaged well. It looked amazing on the cake. It was easy to write. The candle is nice. I was very happy. This would get a very high recommendation from me.

👤So sad. Product arrived broken. Beautiful color. The replacement should arrive before the event. I hope it will not be broken, but I will update it.

👤It was a great purchase. The color of the 9 was pretty and it was packaged nicely. The candle was secured inside a case that looked like a sunglass and was the right size for the candle for extra protection. I appreciated that.

👤The packaging was beautiful in appearance. It was in a case to protect it. I spoke too soon. When I opened the second number, it was broken and I ordered a number 4. So disappointed.

👤Cute candle! It was held up for what we needed. Just fine. I put it back in it's packaging so my daughters can keep a sake book.

👤The candles are pretty. They stand out because of their size and color. They were protected in a tin case. Couldn't ask for better.

👤I didn't think the candle would arrive in a metal case. Well done! My oldest daughter joked that the candle looked pretty enough to eat.

3. OlanHey Birthday Candles Numeral Decoration

OlanHey Birthday Candles Numeral Decoration

We guarantee 100% satisfaction. If there is a problem after receiving the product, they will give refunds and returns. The number birthday candles are designed into different numbers in golden, so you can make any combination to meet your celebration. It makes your cake look better and creates a romantic atmosphere. The number part is 1.77 x 0.98 inch and the stick is 1.77 inch in length. The gold number candles are well placed on the cake. Number birthday candles are made of smokeless wax. Eco-friendly and non-toxic. It is easy to insert and light. Each candle is packaged in a separate box that is hard to damage. Birthday, baby shower, anniversary, family party, wedding, Christmas are all suitable for various occasions. Adding glitter candles to your celebration creates a romantic atmosphere. If you have a question, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they will offer you solutions.

Brand: Smartsf

👤The candles were perfect for a birthday party. They have a plastic ring that is optional to use to protect the cake. It helps to keep everything nice. I am very pleased with this set of candles.

👤The candles smell like soap. Some numbers had air bubbles in them. The plastic pick that sticks into the cake broke, leaving a plastic piece in the cake.

👤They were exactly what I expected.

👤These candles burn quicker than regular candles.

👤The cake came to life because of what I needed.

👤Don't waste your money. Returned all the broken items for a refund.

👤The flame goes out when the candles break apart. I couldn't sing Happy Birthday and the candles broke on the cake at my mother's birthday party.

4. Threlaco Anniversary Graduation Retirement Decoration

Threlaco Anniversary Graduation Retirement Decoration

The gold candle has a shiny golden appearance, which is shiny and beautiful under the light of the candle, and it adds a touch of warm to the party, which makes people impressed and immersed in it. The candles are made of wax which is odorless and safe to use. Candles are packaged in a box that can protect them during transportation. The cake candles come in a moderate length, can be combined with digital candles, and can be trimmed to any length you want. Birthday, wedding, baby shower, anniversary party, graduation party, and other occasions can be created with the help of cake topper candles decorations. You will get 24 candles, the quantity is enough to use, and you can share with family and friends. You will get 24 candles, the quantity is enough to use, and you can share with family and friends.

Brand: Threlaco

👤The value is decent. As the candle burns, it drips black wax on your cake.

👤We had an extremely large cake with these candles and they complemented it very well.

👤It was an important birthday and worth going a little bit further than I normally would.

👤I loved them. Looked great. Burned well. Would buy again.

👤It was hard to light. Cheap quality. Not recommended at all.

👤I thought I'd have to burn my wife's cake.

👤The candle broke when it was in ice cream. It's perfect for cakes.

5. Birthday Candles Number Topper Decorations

Birthday Candles Number Topper Decorations

2 candles, large number 65 candles are included. The length and weight are perfect. The number is 2.76 in. The total height is 6 in and 0.56 in thickness. Can be used as a birthday candle. It's widely used for birthdays, weddings, reunions, theme part and other special occasions. Eco-friendly and smokeless. Eco-friendly and smokeless.

Brand: Qj-solar

👤These candles were delivered in a small box, but they were not sealed or shrink wrapped like you get from the grocery store. I thought they were put on the box by hand. We didn't use them because they didn't fly with us. It was for a very special birthday and I was very disappointed. Nice product.

👤The cake was just what we wanted. There are 6 candles.

👤The 5 were broken. My mom was able to find some old candles. Definitely disappointed.

👤Burn slowly. It was a long time. We used them again the next day for a second cake.

6. IBLESSU 10 Pieces Number Birthday Candles

IBLESSU 10 Pieces Number Birthday Candles

The number candles are made of ecofriendly quality wax, smokeless and harmless. If the candle is not in use, place it in the shade away from the fire source. Each candle comes in a box, this will make sure that all candles are intact. It is easy to store them. You will get 10 glitter birthday number candles and one happy birthday decoration, the number includes 0-9, which can almost meet all your needs, you can make combinations with them as you like, such as 18, 24, 48 etc. These candles are suitable for many occasions, such as birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, retirement parties and so on, they can give you a Pleasant and unforgettable experience. If there is a problem after receiving these cake topper candles, please contact them and they will give you a full refunds or returns. If there is a problem after receiving these cake topper candles, please contact them and they will give you a full refunds or returns.

Brand: Iblessu

👤There is a set of candles. They are on a stick. It is easy to clean off.

👤These candles were nicely packaged.

👤A full set of candles can be recycled. The plastic picks on the bottom make a small hole, but the candles stay upright. They were the right size and color.

👤Well made, as described.

👤I ordered the black and silver sets. Both sets were what I wanted. The perfect size was looked at.

👤It's perfect for the cake.

👤Each candle had a stand for it. A pleasant surprise. They were well packaged and pretty. Thank you.

7. Yaomiao Birthday Numeral Candles Decoration

Yaomiao Birthday Numeral Candles Decoration

The glitter candles add a touch of elegant, bright glow create romantic atmosphere to your celebration, small size is suitable for cupcake and cake decoration. The candle holder would not break your cake and is suitable for many occasions, such as birthday, baby showers, anniversaries, retirement parties and so on. Candles made of quality wax, non-toxic, odorless and harmless, are safe for your use, but please keep the candle away from the fire when not in use, and keep away from children. The candle size is approx. The stick size is approx. 9.8 x 3 cm/ 3.86 x 1.18 inches. The length is 9.5 cm. The package includes 10 pieces of glitter numeral candles, the number from 0 to 9, enough for meeting your needs.

Brand: Yaomiao

👤I should've paid more attention to the actual candle size, which is about 1.5 inches tall, not including the stick that goes into the cake. The candles sold at grocery stores are larger. The gold color of the candles was nice. We used them. When I opened the box, I was a little disappointed. I hope my review will help others see the size of the candles so they can order with confidence. The dimensions are listed in the description, but the stick is not.

👤The cake is 10" round and 5" high, it was perfect for my grandson's cake.

👤These are better than expected. The gold is shiny. They arrived quickly and were protected.

👤They are very cheap and come in a package with all of them rubbing up against each other in a plastic box. They chip very quickly.

👤My daughters will stay at home during the party. These candles seemed to be a step above and we were trying to make her day even more special. They burned well and looked classy.

👤I used this product to display something. They make a good presentation. I didn't light the candles or buy them for that.

👤These candles are an upgrade from the normal grocery store candles. We are looking forward to using them.

👤I was surprised that I was able to use the same number more than once. It melted more slowly than expected. The number candles have a more multi-color look.

👤These candles were really nice. They look really nice and classy, and once lit, they didn't melt away all over the cake like cheap candles, so we could take lots of photos of them lit. Solid spikes that held up. We'll get a lot of use from most of these numbers.

👤I bought these for my mother's birthday. We all liked them and she was delighted. No hesitation in giving them a recommendation.

👤I only needed the 8 and 0 and I was very pleased with the item. I put it away for the next birthday.

👤As expected, the numbers came through.

👤The candles look lovely, nice colour, and quality are not used yet, but they are very pleased with them.

8. Birthday Colourful Decoration Anniversary Celebration

Birthday Colourful Decoration Anniversary Celebration

The birthday candles are in a separate plastic box. All boxes will be packed in a larger bag to keep them in good shape. Have a cane? The number candles have plastic holders. Birthday candles can't go into the cake because of this. Reusability and virulence colors are available. The number candles can only be put back in the box for birthdays. The candy-colored candles make your cake look different. The number candles are cute and go with any cake color. The birthday cake candles are not bad, don't worry about handling them. It can be used for the entire family. The colorful cake candles bring a good atmosphere for celebrating birthdays in a child and adult and retirement people, and still bring a smile to the faces of the people.

Brand: No/brand

👤They came as described. I should have got every number. In my bedroom. It was less than a dollar per one, which is great because when I go by the bigger ones they're $1 each. I'm always losing them. I keep all of them together so that I can reuse them again, they are small and cute, easy to light and put on a cake, and I can read the letters very well. I'm happy with them. I didn't think much of it until my kids asked me how many we had and I said we have one through whatever because we have one of each, but since there isn't double if you go even just through the teens, you can't have 11.

👤I paid less for the numbers I needed and more for the extra numbers. They are a good size, but the smell is a little floral. I will air them out. I hope that doesn't happen.

👤We used these candles to celebrate several birthdays that had been missed over the past year. They were the perfect size for each large cupcake or iced donut. Colorful and sturdy; can be used again.

👤I bought this item for my baby's birthday. I don't have to worry about next year or her birthday candle until she is 9 years old. I am happy! Good purchase!

👤Cute style and color. You can't get a photo before the numeral loses its shape. It's a shame.

👤We needed a candle with the missing digit. It's a great value if you don't need ninth.

👤We just ordered a pack because we couldn't find them anywhere local. The pack will last a few years because we have two kids. The one we used was of good quality. There were no issues.

👤This would make a nice addition to a cake. The numbers come in a variety of bright colors so you can mix and match.

9. PHD CAKE Number Candles

PHD CAKE Number Candles

10 Pieces 0-9 Gold Number birthday Candles are designed to make your cake and birthday a unique and truly inspiring event. The candle holder will keep your cake wax free. Their candles are very safe. Their candles will burn for a long time. Make your wishes and give hugs on your birthday. Their candles will burn until you blow them out. Birthday cake candles can be used for many special occasions such as birthday party, weddings, baby shower, and bakery shops. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. They are very confident that you will like their candles. If you are not happy with the product, they will give you a full refund. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. They are very confident that you will like their candles. If you are not happy with the product, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Phd Cake

👤I have never bought these candles before. The color looks good. I'm happy to have this product. It was well designed.

👤Awesome candles. Can't beat the price.

👤The candles are fragile and one of the numbers broke.

👤Great candles for a good price. I received my order quickly and the candles were not broken.

👤The candles are elegant and a good price.

👤The number was broken when I bought it. The package was broken when I opened it. I didn't want to say anything, but after using it, I feel that the quality is poor and the taste isn't good. There are gaps in other products.

10. Sivim Birthday Multicolor Decoration Celebration

Sivim Birthday Multicolor Decoration Celebration

Good customer service. If the birthday cake set is damaged during shipping, they will replace it with a new one or give you a full refund. The width is 1.9in. Number of inches: 2. 76in. The total height is 5.6in. It was extended big and thick. Held up well and didn't melt like traditional candles. It was definitely a top candle. Quality Eco-friendly, non-toxic materials are used to make these candles. The candle was packaged well and it was gorgeous. Not as damaged as other candles. It's a good addition to birthday cakes, homemade cake or cupcakes, but also a good partner for any celebrations, such as weddings, reunions, party or business's anniversary. Birthday cake candles should be placed away from the fire. If you are unhappy with the birthday candles, they can give you a new one or a full refund. Birthday cake candles should be placed away from the fire. If you are unhappy with the birthday candles, they can give you a new one or a full refund.

Brand: Sivim

👤These are pretty. They were wrapped in a sturdy box with no scratches or nicks on the candles. The stick makes it easy to insert them into a cake and they stand up well unlike others with a wax base. It was easy to lite the cake and not have wax all over it.

👤The candle is pretty. My daughter loves it.

👤The candle is beautiful. It was perfect! I loved the shimmery blue look. It's perfect as a cake topper.

👤There is a protection lining inside the box. It was nice for the birthday cake.

👤These candles are perfect for special occasions or ordinary occasions.

👤Excellent quality, big and bright. The cake was beautiful.

👤These make a cake more special.

11. Beautychen Birthday Numeral Decoration Anniversary

Beautychen Birthday Numeral Decoration Anniversary

It is recommended that you keep the candle away from the fire when not in use, and keep away from children when burning. You will get 22 pieces of birthday candles, 12 pieces of long thin metallic candles, and 10 piece of candle in number shape, and they offer you all numbers from 0 to 9. The candles are in a classic color combination of golden color and white color, metallic surface that covered with gold foil, pretty and eye-catching under lamplight, it looked shiny when burning. Birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, retirement parties, family reunions, weddings, Hawaiian parties,bachelorette parties,even Christmas are occasions. You can use these numbers to piece together different ages. There are 10 numeral candles from 0 to 9 and each candle is packaged in a separate box, which reduces damage to the product. There are 10 numeral candles from 0 to 9 and each candle is packaged in a separate box, which reduces damage to the product.

Brand: Beautychen

👤This is a great set. I bought two sets so I could double my family's numbers. I can pull the candle after they blow it out and relight it if I need to because they light easily and don't melt. Great value. As we age, I will probably buy more.

👤I got these for my daughter. They are cute but when I got them they were wrinkled up because they heated up in their truck. Mayne makes the paint that is used to coat these out of something that can stand a little bit of heat.

👤These were bought a month ago. These look great and came on time, but they were smaller than I expected and are cheaper in the local market. I am thankful that I was able to order them in a pinch and have them delivered to my door the next day when I was not willing to shop for them during the Pandemic. I would order them again.

👤My 21st birthday cake was a challenge to decorate because my package was missing numbers 1 and 0, but the candles were great.

👤This is great! I wish the numbers were double.

👤I thought they were larger, but they were much smaller.


What is the best product for cake candles number?

Cake candles number products from Wilton. In this article about cake candles number you can see why people choose the product. Xnova and Smartsf are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake candles number.

What are the best brands for cake candles number?

Wilton, Xnova and Smartsf are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake candles number. Find the detail in this article. Threlaco, Qj-solar and Iblessu are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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