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1. White Spiral Birthday Party Candles

White Spiral Birthday Party Candles

Good customer service. If the candle is damaged during transportation, please contact them and they will replace it with a new candle or refund your purchase price. Birthday party candles in pink, white and gold. The candles measure 6 cm in height. There are spiral wax candles in various colors of pink, light pink, white and gold. It's ideal for any birthday party.

Brand: Unique

👤The online pictures are not real. The package was covered in glitter. The candles wouldn't fit on a cake because glitter would transfer to the icing. I will return because they were over priced and poor quality.

👤The candles pop in the gold color. I've been using the same pack for a year. I've bought candles in the past that were not as good.

👤You'd get the same quality candles at the supermarket. The gold colour and patterns are very nice. The only downside was that the candles and plastic bits were not included in the packet, so you have to use some of the candles from the other side. I had some from a previous packet. Good purchase for price. postage

👤I had to light 18 on a cake and they were slow burning and had no wax drop. Excellent quality. Highly recommended.

👤Terrible product. The box tells you to remove glitter from the cake. It is hard to clean up glitter. I have not touched the candles or glitter on my hands.

👤It was difficult to insert the plastic holders into the cake because the pack didn't include them.

👤You light a candle, it burns and there is fire. Sapphire.

2. Candles Birthday Numeral Numbers Decoration

Candles Birthday Numeral Numbers Decoration

Satisfaction is guaranteed. 10 pieces of cake number candles, numbers from 0 to 9, which can meet your different needs, are included in the package. Birthday numeral candles are decorated with golden edges, making them look cuter, and are designed in white, making them more fun to decorate. The number 0-9 cake candles are made of wax which is odorless and safe to use. Each candle is packaged in a separate box that can be used to protect it during transportation. The candles with gold borders are approx. 3.34 inches long and 1.37 inches in width, small and lightweight, are convenient to use and store. Birthday party, wedding, baby shower, anniversary party, graduation party, and other occasions can be decorated with cake topper candles.

Brand: Bbto

👤I ordered this for my son's birthday. The set came with two number 0's and no number 1.

👤One came apart. We needed a different one this year.

👤I like these because they don't melt quickly and I can use them again. I can change the numbers for friends birthdays. I plan on spraying them and adding glitter because the white doesn't show much on the cake.

👤These are the perfect size.

👤The candle number 3 was broken in the delivery. I wanted the 5 and 0 for the golden wedding.

👤Einzelkauf von Geburtstagskerzen ist die Set aus Kerzen. The Kombination aus Wei und Gold ist gut. Allerdings ist der goldene Rand. Dadurch ist die Zuckerguss aus dem Keks. Strt persnlich. In weien Kartonhlle, die Kerzen alle besondere. Dadurch ist beim Versand aneinander. Die Nummer sechs hat Schaden genommen. Ihren Verpackung und Plastik ist behalte. Goldrand ist flicken. Die Kerzen jeweils aret uns kurz und bei dem Kuchen brennen, vllig ausreichend. Ich wrde, wende Bedarf besteht.

👤Plusieurs étaient cassées in carton le 4 compltement et 5 la base. It's Déue donc. Protéger le contenu, qualité, et souci d'emballage.

👤3 candeline sono arrivate rotte. Pessimo rapporto is qualit.

3. Beanlieve Black Numeral Birthday Candles

Beanlieve Black Numeral Birthday Candles

Birthday cake candles should be placed away from the fire. Please don't allow the child to touch the candle while it's burning. The front of the cake candles are covered in light and create an elegant and romantic atmosphere for the celebration. The small size is easy to use and it is suitable for decoration of cakes and cakes. Birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, retirement parties, weddings can be used with numeral candles. You can combine different ages with these 10 numbers. The safety cane. The cake numeral candles are smokeless, tasteless, harmless and safe to use. Keep the candle away from fire when not in use. Keep away from children. Each digital candle is packaged in a separate box that can be used to reduce the damage to the product during transportation. Good customer service. If the candle is damaged during transportation, please contact them and they will replace it with a new candle or refund your purchase price. Good customer service. If the candle is damaged during transportation, please contact them and they will replace it with a new candle or refund your purchase price.

Brand: Bean Lieve

👤They are different colors. This was a big selling point for me. They come in plastic pieces to keep them in good shape. Each plastic piece is packed in a larger plastic item. I like the idea. It will benefit me when I use certain ones. This is a good way to protect the candles. The colors are bright. I would have liked them a bit larger, so I didn't pay enough attention to the size of them. If I knew the size before I ordered them, I wouldn't have ordered them because I didn't like anything else. The size was the only reason I gave a 4 stars. I haven't used them yet, so I can't comment on how the flame is on them. Enjoy.

👤The photos and colors were great and the price was alright, but the product is flimsy and arrived broken both times, the original shipment and the replacement. I didn't bother calling because I didn't want to try for a third time. The colors are bright. If you make candles, you might be able to fix broken candles. I hope you get an intact product.

👤Well packaged. You get a box of candles. The blue is cheerful. They did not look childish when used for a guy's cake. It was coordinated well with other candles and icing. Numbers are not too large. I'll use the first digit again next birthday because I didn't burn down too much.

👤The candles are packaged well and are very nice. The candles have plastic holders with ridges at the bottom. It's easy for the candles to go into the cake and you don't have to worry about the wax dripping. I used it for my dad's birthday. I'm not sure if they're disposable, but I will find out. I think that's correct.

👤The candles are a nice shade of silver and a nice size. They are a great value. Don't let them burn for too long because the wicks in my zero fell over. I had to blow them out before the cake fell.

👤The candles burn very quickly. The numbers are melting as you sing happy birthday. Not worth the money.

👤I got these for someone who was 30 years old. The numbers are small, but the advantage is the toothpicks that slide easily into the cake. The boy didn't want cake. Just Rice Krispie treats!

👤These candles were what I 888-276-5932 888-276-5932 888-276-5932s were supposed to be. They looked great on my birthday cake. They're secured with a toothpick. It worked well. The candles were packed in their own boxes so they weren't stuck together.

👤I was very disappointed in this product, at $1.20 per candle, it was a total rip off, they would burn up quickly, returning immediately, so I wouldn't use any of them. It's better to buy at the dollar store.

👤Absolutely happy with these. Individual boxes were used to package them. We celebrate birthdays at the same time. These were great because there were 3 generations in one day. Will use again.

4. LUTER Glitter Birthday Candles Decoration

LUTER Glitter Birthday Candles Decoration

The width is 1.9in. Number height is 2. 76in. The total height is 5.6in. The candles hold up well on the cake. Make sure. The size of your cake is related to the size of their candle. Birthday candles are made of smokeless wax. Eco-friendly and non-toxic. It is easy to insert and light. Burning evenly and consistently. Number candles are suitable for any celebration. A person added to the party. Happy birthday candles are bright in dark light and come in rose gold vivid color. Stand out with your birthday cake. You can pick any number from 0-9. 5 birthday candle is ideal for those who want to keep their mystery. Birthday cake candles should be placed away from the fire. Please don't allow the child to touch the candle while it's burning. Birthday cake candles should be placed away from the fire. Please don't allow the child to touch the candle while it's burning.

Brand: Luter

👤These candles were what I was looking for. A rose-gold color that was glittery to celebrate the 75th of a friend. She noticed how nice the candles are. The lit fine and did the job of holding fire while we sang. They arrived in good condition. There is a birthday candle. I was looking for something unique, and it held up. Would buy again.

👤The candle is not pink in color. It looks like gold, with or without my glasses on. Disappointed.

👤I bought this candle for my daughter's first birthday party. It arrived in a nice box. The candle is a good size and the color is true to the photos. We sang Happy Birthday and it burned but didn't melt. I would buy these candles again.

👤This candle is very good. Our baby's first birthday cake was made by it. I would definitely buy from this company again. The rose gold was not as rosey as we had expected. We still loved the candle.

👤My daughter's Two Wild birthday party was very cute.

👤I liked it, but not as much as I wanted. The candle burned too quickly. When the candle was half way burnt, we weren't done singing happy birthday.

👤It was gorgeous and elegant. Comes in a nice box. The birthday celebration has a special addition.

👤Since I really like the way this looked, I will leave a review. This candle is very nice and not like dollar store candles. The candle is not light orflimsy. The edges are clean and sharp. The rose gold color is perfect for a girl. It looked great on my daughter's cake.

5. Stonebriar Unscented Lanterns Hurricanes Centerpieces

Stonebriar Unscented Lanterns Hurricanes Centerpieces

Their candles are dipped in the best quality wax to ensure a long lasting burn time. The candles are made with cotton and are smoke and fire free. The pillar candles are the perfect size for candle lanterns, glass hurricanes, and fireplace mantel decorations. Candle set can be used as every day decor, decoration, unity candles for weddings, or emergency candles. The pillar candle set is wrapped in a sturdy cardboard box to make sure it arrives undamaged.

Brand: Stonebriar

👤They made these with a substance that does not burn. The center of what does burn is a small diameter. That is not wax. This product is deceptive and should be removed from the Amazon store. I don't write reviews but I do need to hear this before you buy.

👤These candles are really weird. It has a bumpy texture and is all ragged. They burn a ton, and leave a shell that collapses, leaving giant chips of wax on the table I have them on. I have thrown away many handfuls of wax, including the melted wax that spilled out after one of the giant outer-shell chips fell off. If you don't plan to burn them, they're lovely for decoration. I was pretty disappointed that they are not functional for burning.

👤They are less expensive than other candles. They burn really weird, as they burn down, they leave an exterior shell that is really unattractive and skewed. I took a picture and you can make your own decision. I will throw these out. I will not use them so they cost more.

👤The candles looked beautiful and had a smooth exterior. The picture shows that they almost immediately started having a weird burn and wax leaking out of their lips. I have been burning candles. Poor quality and does not look very nice at all. I would not recommend that there are better candles out there.

👤The way these candles are lit is not even. I got what I paid for after purchasing a six pack. The first two burned in different ways and one burned down one side, but a hole developed and the wax dripped onto the table. When I burn these candles, I have to make sure that the wax around the top is evenly distributed so that this doesn't happen again. Won't buy again.

👤35 hours? A day and a half? Are they not in their minds? This thing lived for over 6 hours. The glass lantern was ruined because it burned so hot and fast. I had it in my possession. There was wax pouring everywhere.

👤Don't spend your money on candles. The candle should be finished before the candle burns out, but it only burns 1/3 down the candle. The first 3 candles I've burned out of the box of 6 have burned out with the candle still left in it. The money was wasted.

👤The candle is thick and good for burn time, but will have some tunneling issues. The tunneling can be made asymmetrical by the way the wick leans. If you try to leave the candle lit long enough to reach the rim, the edge will melt and leak wax, which will defeat the purpose of buying a candle for long burn time. It's nice to reach all the way down to the candle. The last inch of the candle is curled inwards so it will look like it has two wicks. I didn't realize until I saw the flame being lit. It's not a problem because you should be nearby and watching. The candle pack is great for value.

6. Wilton W2811773 Birthday Candles 5 875 Inch

Wilton W2811773 Birthday Candles 5 875 Inch

Every Creative Converting product has attention to detail. It's perfect for making a bold statement on a cake of any size. There are twelve candles included in each package. 48 pound candles.

Brand: Wilton

👤The candles were damaged. Not eligible for a return.

👤This candle is really nice. I used it for a birthday party for my mother-in-law. The price is right. Everything is what I wanted. There were no issues with the order and item. The delivery was perfect.

👤The candles burn quickly. You won't get a happy birthday until they melt all over your cake.

👤They burn slowly and don't drop wax on the cake.

👤Great candles. Love the tall stature. Birthday cake decorations. Excellent quality. Very happy with the purchase.

👤The package was open and the candles were broken. I needed them quickly. I cut the broken sections off and used them. Thank goodness they were able to do that.

👤Product was described and expected.

👤Candle magick and spells are perfect for birthday cakes.

👤These burn quickly so they weren't ideal for my use. For celebration cakes would be fine.

👤I make dolls house items so I have made about 6 candles out of one, I will be buying more in the future, it's a great value for money and nice candles. It's perfect for parties and cakes.

👤A great candle burn for a long time.

👤I ordered them for my son's 1st birthday cake because they are tall and elegant, and will not double grace the cake with the desired finishing touch. I would definitely recommend them.

7. Molded Birthday Candle Party Supply

Molded Birthday Candle Party Supply

Burn time is over 30 minutes. 1 candle per pack. The candle has a bright red outline. Any cake looks festive and fun.

Brand: Amscan

👤The candle is a little pricey compared to the ones at the stores. Since I am on the disease, I am just glad I found something to celebrate my daughter's birthday.

👤I needed a good quality candle for our golden dog's second birthday. Going to the store is not a guarantee. I was happy to find this candle here. It is what I was looking for.

👤It is the same candle you would buy at a bakery or dollar store. I bought it here since I couldn't find it anywhere else. I was going for a effortless look with it.

👤The candle was painted to look like a flag for my son's birthday. It turned out great.

8. PHDCAKE 24 Count Birthday Candles Holders

PHDCAKE 24 Count Birthday Candles Holders

24 long, thin and tapered candles are designed to make your cake and birthday a unique and truly inspiring event. The candle holder will keep your cake wax free. Their candles are very safe. Their candles will burn for a long time. Make your wishes and give hugs on your birthday. Their candles will burn until you blow them out. Birthday cake candles can be used for many special occasions such as birthday party, weddings, baby shower, and bakery shops. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. They are very confident that you will like their candles. If you are not happy with the product, they will give you a full refund. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. They are very confident that you will like their candles. If you are not happy with the product, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Phd Cake

👤I loved these candles. I've used them many times. These candles are pretty to look at, and are not disposable, because they are covered in wax. The plastic holders make it easier to stick the candles into the cakes that have extra decorations. Nice feature to have.

👤My teen loved the candles.

👤These candles are beautiful. They have a metallic shimmer. It's great that the cake didn't get drips on it.

👤Our daughter's sweet 16 cake looked great with these.

👤I haven't used them yet. They arrived in one piece. Can't wait to use it for celebrations.

👤Muy bellas para decorar.

👤It was beautiful and elegant to add it to our celebration.

👤tall candles on celebration cakes are very cost effective and high quality. Would definitely recommend.

9. LUTER Metallic Birthday Candles Decoration

LUTER Metallic Birthday Candles Decoration

Birthday candles are made of safe, non-toxic paraffin. It is eco-friendly and Biodegradable. Don't drop the wax, burn for a long time. Birthday cake candles can be used for many different occasions, such as birthday party, wending, baby showers. It's also suitable for decoration of bakeries. A bright atmosphere is created. A stylish outlook with a holder. You can easily insert the cake. Any cake accessory is perfect. Birthday cake candles burned with a nice steady flame. The cake should be special and beautiful. Cake candles come in different sizes with a 1.2 inch holder. You can cut to any length with a scissor. Cake candles come in different sizes with a 1.2 inch holder. You can cut to any length with a scissor.

Brand: Luter

👤The candles are packaged securely and arrived next day for me. Great for birthday candles, or to use when you want candles that burn a little more quickly than chime candles. I was a bit worried that the gold coloring would melt or burn off, but the gold coating stayed on throughout the candles, so I was happy. The candleholders are a nice touch, but I removed them from the candles I've used. I'm satisfied with my purchase, and will purchase again in the future.

👤The candles were a perfect match for his Dallas Cowboys theme, and I bought them to use for his 10th birthday. That is the end of thepros. They came in a pack of 24 and I will be throwing them away. When I removed the candles from the cupcakes to serve, the clear plastic piece on the bottom stuck to the icing and was not visible from the outside. I had to dig each fork out to make sure I didn't give the kids "choke cakes" It would have done a hack to a regular sheet cake. It's definitely something to avoid. Birthday parties are busy enough that I don't have to worry about every piece of cake, I want to enjoy the time with my family. These candles are trash.

👤The candles had a metallic sheen. The height was good as we placed them behind the surfboards. I was worried about how quickly they would burn down, but they seem to have a normal burn time. When the boy called off the couch to enjoy his birthday cake, he didn't budge and then decided to go to the bathroom before blowing out the candles on his cake. The candles may get another use out of them because they didn't burn down all the way. You should keep the boxes in case you want to save for another event. There were no broken things upon receipt. I was worried that they were tall and slender.

👤I bought these for a family member. These exceeded expectations. They are a long candle. The candle holders have candles in them. There are four packs of 6. They made the cake look pretty. They are perfect for special events. It was very elegant and fancy. The price point is great and the candles are a lot more expensive.

👤My daughter loved her cake, which was homemade and delicious, but I am not the greatest decorating person. A pretty cake can be turned into a beautiful one with great candles. The candles are packaged so that they arrive intact, but also that they can be kept in a drawer or cabinet. I can make this package last through a few birthdays, but when the time comes, I'll definitely be back for more. Great purchase!

👤We are sharing our idea for a birthday party. I think the days of blowing out candles on a cake are over. These candles were found on Amazon. They were stuck in a piece of foam. The birthday girl had candles to blow out. We used the same ones for another birthday. In November and December, the candles will be used again.

10. Skinny Birthday Candles Wedding Decorations

Skinny Birthday Candles Wedding Decorations

The tall candles will be the center of the party. There are 20 candles in the pack. There is a tall and a diameter. Burn time is over 30 minutes.

Brand: L&co

👤These candles are nice for burning. They are definitely not without drips. They dripped an amazing amount for being upright and compared to similar ones with beeswax, which didn't leak at all. I wouldn't put them on a cake. It's hard to find candles in this shape that aren't metallic or glitter, so I appreciate the colors.

👤I should have seen this coming, but these melt fast. We had a white cake and the wax was really thin and ran all over the top of it. The cake was black after it was removed and sawped down inside. No one got sick, but they were off putting. I will definitely try something else next time.

👤If you need all the candles in the pack, don't buy this. The people are bent at the tip. I wonder if they were kept in a hot place. If you need half the pack, they should do it. Otherwise pretty and colorful.

👤The quality and length of the skinny candle is not comparable to the Wish candles. The wish candles are longer and thicker. I returned it because it wasn't up to my standards.

👤These candles do not stay lit. We tried to light the candles before carrying out the cake, but they all blew out when we picked up the cake and walked down the fee steps. We were so disappointed that he didn't get to blow out the candles since it was outside and there was a small breeze that blew out the candles.

👤I haven't used them yet. I like them! For my daughters' birthday. She loves pink, so I know she will love these.

👤I bought them for a homemade birthday cake using 3 colors of orange, sherbet and cream frosting and these stately candles were perfect. Will order in other colors.

11. Wilton Celebration Candle Inch Black

Wilton Celebration Candle Inch Black

50 pieces of thin candles is sufficient for decoration needs. The candles are black. Add fun to any occasion with novelty candles from Wilton. Twenty-four candles are in this package. It is used as a decorative item.

Brand: Wilton

👤I am very happy with my purchase. I was a little disappointed with the size of the candles, but they burn nicely, clear and last for almost 15 minutes. I bought theses for candle spells and they serve their purpose well, and 15 minutes is enough time to set your intention, and you're done. There is no need to worry about a lit candle being left in the house. I would buy this product again and again.

👤I bought the candles for my husband's birthday party. I wanted the candles to match the cupcakes I made. Since I was making 24 cupcakes, the candles in the package worked well. I was hoping they were thick and durable because I have had other candles break on me before. I had 24 candles on each of my cupcakes and they were perfect. They gave my cupcakes a nice touch, so I attached a picture to show you. I washed off the icing on the candles after the party since they are all in perfect condition. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤My husband is 40 years old. He's older than dirt. His birthday pie had nice candles on it.

👤The quality is great for the price, they have really short wicks. They work well and are very affordable.

👤I live quickly and easily. They went perfectly with my cake.

👤These were what I ordered. Burned like normal candles. They are a little longer than the basic candles. I saw some in the dollar tree.

👤I was looking for something.

👤These candles are perfect for a birthday cake, they are nice deep colour and no glitter. It arrived quickly and in good condition. They don't come with holders, that's something for the makers to think about, it's very hard to find matching holders.


What is the best product for cake candles white?

Cake candles white products from Unique. In this article about cake candles white you can see why people choose the product. Bbto and Bean Lieve are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake candles white.

What are the best brands for cake candles white?

Unique, Bbto and Bean Lieve are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake candles white. Find the detail in this article. Luter, Stonebriar and Wilton are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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