Best Cake Carrier with Lid and Handle Rectangular

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1. Nordic Ware Cakes Cupcakes Carrier

Nordic Ware Cakes Cupcakes Carrier

All-Natural Wood and Premium Glass are made with high-quality wood and borosilicate glass that are easy to maintain and keep clean. Melamine Free Plastic andBPA-free Plastic. There is a flat side for cakes and mini cakes. There are cupcake holders on the reverse side. The dimensions are 16.2L x 11W x 4H.

Brand: Nordic Ware

👤The pictures don't show the true size of the lid, so your icing will get damaged, but only in the center of your cake. I ordered this carrier for my mother because other carriers aren't deep enough for the frosting to stay intact. The dimensions listed made me think this carrier would be better. I knew it wouldn't work when I opened the box. The stupid center part would make the lid perfect. It is very difficult to see how deep that hole is in the pictures. When you take that into account, the measurements aren't accurate. The handles don't stay latched well. I wouldn't transport a cake or cupcakes in this carrier. Do not like it. Do not recommend.

👤It's not big enough for a 9 x 13 cake. The base and height are not the same. The way the handles close or lock the lid is very flimsy. I don't think it will last long. I am keeping it. Why? To not send it back. I will use it to make cup cakes. This will be disappointing.

👤I made a cake that was the same size as the container, but the lid wouldn't fit on it, so I used a different type of cake. An independent is able to pick up the lid. The latch is not really secure. Someone may need to hold it. You have to put a layer cake in there. I haven't made cupcakes yet. The lid didn't fit on at the last moment and I was angry.

👤I bought this because I needed a carrier for my cake and it should work. The lid has a large handle molded into it which dips into the interior space of the carrier. It's impossible to fit a cake taller than 3 inches into the carrier without causing it to fall in the center. The lid popped off when I carried it, even though the locking handles on the sides were supposed to keep it in place. The correct dimensions need to be reflected in the description. It's more of a cake saver than a carrier.

👤In a cross county move, we lost our Tupperware cake storage. I was shocked at the cost of a new one. The Nordic Ware cake carrier is very sturdy. It's easy to clean. It was very easy to use. The cost is less than the competition.

👤I have stored 2 cakes in this holder. It holds the rectangular cakes. If you plan to store your cake on the plastic, make sure it is completely cooled. Hand wash.

👤Love the color! Nordic Ware is up to its high standards. Would do it again.

👤It was very nice and practical. It was easy to use. Not bad for a cupcake holder.

👤Good sturdy material had trouble snapping the handles closed on the flat side, but it was fine once it was worked in.

👤A large container. It's perfect for what I need. I can carry larger cakes if I need to, so my loaf cake was smaller than the carrier. I hope the system closes everything.

2. Metal Products Company Nonstick Bakeware

Metal Products Company Nonstick Bakeware

The width is 11 13/16 inches and the height is 5 1/2 inches. The diameter is 11 inches and the height is 5 inches. The ProBake Nonstick 12-inch Cake Carrier is easy to carry. You can easily take cakes, pies, and other baked goods to parties, bake sales, or fundraisers. Most fake goods are compatible. The perfect size for most cakes, pies, cupcakes, and other pastries is the cake cover. Steel construction. The oven-safe pan is made of professional weight steel and has no hot spots for uniform baking. There is a dual function. The base of the baking pan is safe for use in the oven and can also be used as a serving platter. The cover's inner dimensions are 10-3/4".

Brand: G & S Metal Products Company

👤Don't buy this unless you want, what looks like it should have been an excellent product, but is not because some one decided to save a few pennies, and attach the four clips on the cover to the bottom plate. There are four clips that work well until the two small plastic pieces hold the top to the plate. It took a couple of uses for the first one to break. I have two out of four that are not broken, and two out of four that are a little less broken, depending on whether you are an optimist or a pessimist. When you use a product, it becomes an excellent product, but then it starts falling apart. Amazon should be ashamed to have such a product in its inventory, and one should be ashamed to make such a product. I bet you can do better than this. Potential buyers would be held up until this part is made over correctly.

👤I carry a cake to a potluck if it's rare, but I wouldn't risk carrying it by the handles, which are pretty flimsy. I don't like the non-stick coated base because cutting it would scratch it. I put my cake on a cardboard round because there was no plate to fit inside. The clips that fastened the cover to the base could be a problem. They, too, were pretty flimsy and took a few tries to clip on. It's a good buy for something I might use a few times a year for, but I wouldn't want to use plastic wrap on it.

👤You know you're getting older when your favorite toy is a cake cloche. It's pretty awesome. You can just take a cake you made with you and cut it and serve it from the bottom. The handle doubles as a coverable air hole so you can keep the airholes open or shut depending on what you make. Well traveled. For pound cakes that can take a little more handling, it's a great cake, but for rocky trips with an iced cake, it's not perfect. I'm not sure if it's a great recipe. I have a poundcake that is 5 days old and still moist, and not in the gross gooey way from the glaze or something. The cake is holding up well. Make sure you lock all four hinges before you swing this thing.

👤The carrier did what it was supposed to do. I was concerned after reading the reviews. Everything else in my life is falling apart. I thought about why not. I made an overweight cheesecake for Christmas and it was great. I was able to serve my dessert to my entire family because the handle didn't break. I would recommend this carrier to anyone who wants to take a risk in life, because the handles don't feel sturdy at all.

👤I should have listened to the comments about the poor quality of the item. It cracked when it arrived. The tabs easily slipped off. Returned.

3. OvenStuff HGC45UH KMN Pastry Carrier Non Stick

OvenStuff HGC45UH KMN Pastry Carrier Non Stick

The OvenStuff 12-inch cake and pastry carrier is easy to carry. You can easily take cakes, pies, and other baked goods to parties, bake sales, or fundraisers. Most fake goods are compatible. The perfect size for most cakes, pies, cupcakes, and other pastries is the cake cover. There is a dual function. The 12-inch baking pan base can be used as a pizza pan or serving platter. Steel construction. The oven-safe pan is made of steel and has no hot spots for uniform baking. The finish is non-STICK. The OvenStuff cake pan base is coated with a proprietary DuraGlide Plus finish that eliminates the need for cooking sprays and oils.

Brand: G & S Metal Products Company

👤I was really excited to receive this product, it has for locking mechanisms that are simple to use, and you can use the enclosed pan as a pizza pan, and it also has for transporting cake without damaging it. I noticed that one of the locking mechanisms had a broken pin. I requested a replacement because I really like the design of the product and the price was reasonable. One of the pins on the locking mechanisms broke off when I used it for the second time. After removing the lid, replacing it, and removing it again, that was. The pins are very flimsy, so I could not use this product. I would ruin my cake if I felt like the bottom would fall out. I returned it. This product would be amazing if the pins used for the clips were more resistant.

👤Reviewers who said they received damaged product should have listened to that. The clasp is wobbly because of the cracked product. I thought the seller had learned from bad reviews. I am going back.

👤I liked the carrier very much when I got it. I found it easier to fit my tall cake carrier in the refrigerator. I used it for the first time recently. I took our daughter's cake to her house in this carrier after making it at the end of March. It seemed great. There was a cake with thick frosting. I unlatched the lid four times and one of the latches broke. The part that holds the lid in place snapped. It was one of the small plastic arms that held the lid in place. It is a small piece of plastic. There is no way to fix it. I don't trust the lid to be strong enough to cary it by the handle, and I'm frustrated about it. How long until the carrier is useless? I won't use it to store something in the refrigerator now that it snapped at room temp, and would be more prone to break if it's cold. I really liked the rest of the features of this product, but I am disappointed in its lack of waisted money andDurability. I bought it three months ago. It is too late to return.

👤The height is just right, I bought this for carrying a cheesecake. The first use was when one of the clips broke. I can't recommend. Doesn't seem like he's strong enough.

👤I needed a container for storing cake in my fridge and for carrying cake to parties and this is what I got. I didn't like that it was a metal tray, because you end up cutting cake on it and getting scratches. cardboard cake rounds are sometimes used to prevent this issue. The locks can be a little hard to lock but they seem to lock well and tight, that's great.

👤The lid dropped to the floor when it slipped off the table. The plastic broke when one of the fastenings broke. It works well to keep cakes and pies fresh. I wasn't going to use it for carrying cakes outside of my home. It looks cute. Not for the clumsy. It's a good thing.

4. Nordic Ware Classic Metal Covered

Nordic Ware Classic Metal Covered

For the best results, wash in warm soapy water before each use. The bakeware is made of pure aluminum and will never rust. The baked goods rise and bake evenly because of the superior heat conductivity of aluminum. It is easy to clean up. There are wood, nylon, and silicone utensils that can be used. The exterior and interior dimensions of the pan are 15.63 x 9.63 x 3.25 inches and 13 x 8.88 x 2.5 inches, respectively. Nordic Ware is made in the USA.

Brand: Nordic Ware

👤I am excited to try it out, but it doesn't look how I expected. After a few uses, will update review to let everyone know how well it works for its purpose and holds up. I bought in January. The brownies/cake are still looking great and working well, even though there are some scratches from cutting them in the pan. I use the best pan for baking cakes. It's easy to store moist. Cooks do not stick. It was worth every penny. It definitely sees. It looks new but is fair use weekly. There is an update on 09/10/2018. I love this pan.

👤My mom used to make cakes, brownies, and casseroles from this pan. I got one of these pans when I started building my own kitchen supplies, and it's the only 9x13 I'll ever use. I replaced my mom's pan a few years ago after using it for 20 years. I use this pan as a container to share cookies and other goodies at pot lucks and at the office, and I bake all sorts of different things in it. The pan is called the magic pan because it always has tasty treats for sharing. You should only wash this pan. If you put it in the dishwasher, it will tarnish. That is a small price to pay for the amazing pan.

👤I accidentally threw out the pan when I was cleaning through her other stuff. I nearly lost my mind over the loss of her priceless artifact, after she discovered it was missing. Amazon came to the rescue. I did not have to walk the plank. She put it to good use quickly and has been enjoying the results. The best pans to bake in are aluminum.

👤I bought this pan because I'm clumsy and have broken glass bakeware in the past, it has a raised lid, and I've had good experiences with other Nordic Ware products. It has not disappointed. I will make a Pros & Cons list. There are pros and cons. The pan is light. Really, really light. Being an ex- football player is nice, but it doesn't matter to me. Food has been cooked evenly and consistently. It is possible to adjust the temperature of dark aluminum pans. This does not. Food does not stick. Not anymore with glass bakeware. It has never been a problem for me. There are four There is no coating that can wear away. There are five The pan has a lid. It's convenient because taller casseroles don't get compressed by the lid as it happens with glass bakeware. It's good for decorated cakes. I used these to hold and transport cookies to work, my wife's classes, and other things. The raised lid is a major advantage. It does not stain. I've cooked a lot of food in this pan, and it's not cleaned at all to the original silver color. 7) The pan is a few centimeters taller than its competitors, adding even more height and flexibility. It scratches. Who cares? Performance stays the same because it doesn't have a coating that scratches away. Sometimes using metal serving utensils can give me a weird feeling. Some people have their nails on a chalkboard. My wife doesn't care that I'm crazy. It's probably barely worth mentioning. There you go. If I buy more bakeware in the future, I will buy this pan over and over again.

5. Tupperware 795 Rectangular Cake Taker

Tupperware 795 Rectangular Cake Taker

There is a concierge service. At Top Shelf Elements, they pride ourselves on their products. They want to provide the best customer care. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact them and they can resolve the issue. They appreciate your business. It's ideal for transporting 9-by-13-inch cake or 18 cupcakes. One side has cupcake holders. A carrying handle and two-handled tray are included. 17 inches long, 11 inches wide, 6 inches high. There is a lifetime warranty against chipping, cracking, breaking and peeling.

Brand: Tupperware

👤This is the best carrier that you could have for a young child who is going to school with cupcakes. I'm not a professional baker. I like decorating the goodies that I make so that they are appealing. I didn't have the right equipment to transport cupcakes when I made them, so they would get ruined in transit. The Tupperware cupcake taker changed all of that for me as it holds 18 cupcakes inside shallow cup holders so that they don't touch and therefore stay nice. The bottom of the cupcake taker can be turned over so that it can be used to transport a sheet cake. This is a great purchase and although it may seem a bit pricey, it is worth every penny.

👤I needed to hold my double decker cakes.

👤The Tupperware Cake Taker has a top side for sheet and flips over cupcakes. Nice item to have to take with you.

👤It arrived 10 days before the scheduled time. Very impressed!

👤It's easy to handle two layer retangular cakes. Great purchase.

👤Excellent service was provided by the seller. The item was well packed and shipped quickly.

👤The best invention of all time! A must have! It's great for carrying cakes or cupcakes. I have to put my cakes on a board because I decorate my cakes right on the bottom of the container. Very happy with the purchase!

👤In 2000 I took cake classes and tried to find cake covers or glass cake domes but no one would take them. I have all of them. The taker has a flat bottom and a small hole on the other side to keep cupcakes from moving. You can use your Tupperware to keep bread fresh when you don't take a cake in it, and you can also store 2 loaves of bread in it to keep them fresh. Thank you for the great product!

👤Sehr schnelle Lieferung, typische Tupperware Qualitt. The Einbuchtungen f'r Cupcakes ist die Unterseite.

6. Wilton Non Stick Diamond Infused Oblong 13 Inch

Wilton Non Stick Diamond Infused Oblong 13 Inch

2 pans total You'll be proud to add this piece to your kitchen. The Diamond- infused non-stick coating is durable and easy to clean. It's safe to use with metal tools. The cover has an easy- carry handle. The large curved handles give you a better grip in and out of the oven.

Brand: Wilton

👤They are larger than the description I received. I'll be returning them because they seem very good. The handles are included in the measurements. The largest pan is 10 1/2 L x 9 1/2 W. I was angry that I wasted my time ordering them based on the description and will have to return them.

👤The dimensions listed are for inside dimensions, and do not include the width of rim/handles. 3 of the items do not fit inside the oven.

👤The set is beautiful, however the oblong pan is not 10 inches like it was said, so I can't use it, I rely on that for things I buy, so I don't know why these websites feel they have to lie. The pan is almost 11 inches long. I am angry.

👤I use my regular sized oven more than my toaster oven, because I'm one person. I bought the pans at Big Lots and they are perfect for my Black & Decker toaster oven. I love french fries, chicken patties, onion rings, and all the other bad things that come in the tray. I have had no issues with it. The round pan is used in the same way as a normal baking pan. The two square pans are used the most. The inside corners are starting to chip after a couple of months of use. Sometimes cleaning is done with a dishwasher. I have come to expect more from a name like Wilton and finding pans for a toaster oven is harder than I thought it would be. I was happy to find the right pans from a trusted company, but now I wonder if I should have bought a cheaper set.

👤It would have been easy to gift wrap this set because it was wrapped individually in the box. I had recently upgraded my oven and chose this set of bakeware. I have known the quality of bakeware from Wilton for a long time. My mom preferred the brand of bakeware. She made great birthday cakes. It was a no-brainer for me when I saw this set. I needed more pans that would fit both of the racks because I upgraded my oven to 9x13. I wanted to let everyone know how great this set is, whether you want a portion size or a full size, they will be a go to. The blue diamond pans are very well made, clean up is easy, the variety of pans give many recipe options. Depending on the cooking taste of the day, at least 1 or 2 of those pans are used almost daily. Unless you need to prepare a large meal most of the time, I think this set works for everyone. I think it would make a lovely gift for a wedding, a housewarming gift, or even a downsizing household, the possibilities are endless. They are a set that I will use for a long time and they are blue diamond pretty. I am terrible at photos. If you are in the market for a set of this size, I don't think you will be disappointed, Amazon has their return policy if they are not your cup of tea. I always read Amazon reviewers for anything I might buy, they are a huge help. Happy shopping.

7. Wilton Recipe Right Non Stick 13 Inch

Wilton Recipe Right Non Stick 13 Inch

USA Pan has provided jobs in the USA for over 50 years and has manufactured high quality bakeware. This covered pan is great for taking desserts or casseroles on the go. The lid is made of plastic and has a non-stick coating. 13 x 9 x 2 in. 33 x 22.8 x 5 cm For the best results, wash in warm soapy water before each use.

Brand: Wilton

👤I bought this item a year ago because it was a non-stick baking pan. The pan worked well for a while. When I baked a bunch of brownies recently, cooled them and removed them from the pan, I noticed the bottom of several of the brownies had pan coating that made them inedible. When I washed the pan, I noticed that one of the parts had lost its coating and that there was some rust in it. I contacted the manufacturer of the pan and they told me that the pans are meant for baked goods only and that any other food source will affect the coating. The paper we recommend is parchment. The pans have to be sprayed with a baking spray or coated with shortening and flour. We will be glad to replace the pan as a one-time courtesy if you send us a photo of the pan. Allow up to 3 weeks to receive. We try to send the same size, but it may be a different pan than you have. I was surprised to learn that their pan was not stick free even though it has non-stick coating. I used Pam and it came off into the food. The item can be used for brownies, cake, Lasagna, casseroles, but only baked goods according to the description. I don't use plastic or Silicon tools with this pan. The coating is failing and coming off in the food. I gave it a rating of 2 because it lasted a year. I received a replacement pan from Wilton today. The item is the same size, dark coating and has a 10 year warranty. The rating has been upgraded from 2 stars to 3 stars.

👤A few months ago, I was excited to get a couple of new pans. The first couple of times I used them, they didn't stick too much, but soon thereafter, they began sticking badly. I have to work really hard to get the food off after I soak them. I don't use metal utensils and wash them with a sponge labeled as safe for use on non-stick surfaces. The food sticks like glue and there are rough black spots. I only use them occasionally, but now there is rust around the edges and corners, and it is so bad the last couple of times, I am ready to throw them in the trash. I'm going to buy a different brand of pans. The lids are hard to get off as they fit tightly. One is a bad choice.

👤I only use this pan for cake baking. I decided to purchase a pan to use for only cake baking after I found that the cakes did not come out as expected when I used other pans. My cakes are perfect now. I like that it has its own lid. I don't have to use foil or something that can mess up the icing. I would recommend this pan to other bakers.

👤I had the pan for a day and the lid cracked. It was in the sink with other dishes. It doesn't fit right. I don't know if the plastic is cheap or if it doesn't fit well. The pan was in the water for a few hours and seemed to rust easily. I shouldn't have left it and I don't want to say it's the quality. It is disappointing. We baked monkey bread in the pan.

8. T Fal 84840 Signature Covered Nonstick

T Fal 84840 Signature Covered Nonstick

The finish is non-STICK. The OvenStuff cake pan base is coated with a proprietary DuraGlide Plus finish that eliminates the need for cooking sprays and oils. Lighter in weight, but still sturdy and non-warping, for all your baking needs. The nonstick surface cleans baked goods easily. The hand holds are easy to use. It is designed for the serious home cook.

Brand: T-fal

👤Since I discovered this pan, I rarely order pizza. I use a $1.00 Pizza Buddy in the deli section of Walmart and rub a small amount of olive oil onto the pan. Remove the oven and add sauce, cheese and cheese to the baking. Every time, this pan gives you a perfect crust. Thin and crisp! Nothing sticks to it. It's a good idea to slide off the pan for easy slicing.

👤I have had AirBake cookie sheets for a long time and they are very reliable. I bought this set for my daughter and they are not as good as my original sheets. The newer version of the kitchen product is not as good as the previous versions.

👤It's not safe to use in the oven if you clean it in the dishwasher. I had water in my air bake in the dishwasher. Itblew up in the oven because of the steam. Hand washing this item is recommended by me. T-Fal should stop calling this product dishwasher safe. I have to see if they will give me a replacement.

👤The pan is not non stick. The cornbread was stuck to the pan. I used a spatula to slice and remove the cornbread slices from the sweet rolls. I used spry on baking spray next cornbread, but some stuck and the non stick was coming off the bottom, spray on product didn't work the next cornbread bake, I used spry on baking spray next cornbread, but some stuck and the non stick was coming off the bottom, I use the non stick baking spray all the time, but I'll still use it. It's respectful to Mili.

👤We have a bakery business and sell cookies that are free of wheat. My mom requested some cookies one day when we were at my parent's house. We set out to bake her favorite snack. We didn't know anything about AirBake or the fact that the quality of your cookie sheet affects the quality of your cookies. When our cookies came out with a better texture and no browning on the bottoms, we were amazed. They were perfect. We've always been proud of our cookies, but we have had to change the recipe and baking times in order to get cookies that are just the right size and shape. We ordered our own AirBake cookie sheets, and now they're all we use. Our cookies are consistent. The texture has improved and the bottoms stay golden, but they still taste amazing. They don't stick to the pan. The sheets are so light that they're easy to remove from the oven. The quality of these cookie sheets is amazing, and I expect them to last us a long time.

👤These worked well for a few weeks, but then they got really warped. I have never put them in the dishwasher, they were always washed by hand. I would have liked to have gotten regular cookie sheets. It is hard to use because it is meant to lay flat, but it does not. I wish I hadn't done it.

9. Snapware Stackable Dishwasher Microwave Containers

Snapware Stackable Dishwasher Microwave Containers

It is made in Southern California. The large cookie and cupcake carrier is perfect for transporting cupcakes, sheet cakes, cookies, brownies, and more. Two cupcake holders can hold up to 24 cupcakes. Food items are kept separate and organized. There are trays that can be added or removed to personalize the carrier. The container and lid are safe for use in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. Care instructions do not include abrasive cleaners or scrub pads. High-fat foods, sugar, oils and tomato sauce should not be overheated.

Brand: Snapware

👤This seemed like a good case. I tried to use it. I baked and decorated cupcakes and put them in the carrier. I put it on a flat surface after I carried it out of my car. I drove 15 minutes to my son's party venue, but I don't drive like Mario. The cupcakes had fallen around inside the case because there was no lip to hold them in place. If you need to travel with your cupcakes from one location to another, this case is not worth it.

👤I was excited to use the carrier the night it arrived. I had 2 dozen cupcakes in my new case, all beautifully decorated, and I made them for a dinner I was attending. I was shocked when I arrived at my destination to find that all of the cupcakes had been turned on their side and rolled across the carrier, if not completely upside down. The idea was great, but the execution was terrible for making sure the cupcakes were held in place. It needs to be taller to be effective. I'm sure it's great for storing, but it's a failure at transporting.

👤I am very happy with this carrier. I got it to fit 30 because it says it fits 24 cupcakes. I bought 30 cupcakes from Sam's and they come in plastic trays of 15 each. If you remove the carrier's white tray, you can put the bakery's tray in. There are 30 cupcakes inside. Don't even think of carrying this by the handle because the way the sections are attached doesn't seem secure. The bottom section of the ring has less headspace than the top section, but you can see from the pictures I uploaded that.

👤I did a lot of research before buying a carrier. I wanted the option to expand, but I only needed two tiers. I wanted the inserts to be white because the pink and blue ones could clash with anything I was storing. The circles are a little too small for cupcakes, but I thought I found the perfect one with this carrier. The cupcakes fall over. What the heck? That is the main feature of this carrier. I don't know if baking cups in different sizes are available in standard baking cups. I want a carrier that keeps the cupcakes separate from the inserts. I might try a different brand of baking cups before I return it.

👤The Large 2 Layer Cupcake Keeper was used by me. The two pieces that are fastened on one end of the tiers have broken off. It was empty when they broke. Very disappointed. I thought it would be much stronger than that. We will use it, but we have to put that tier on the bottom. The cupcakes were held in place by the side of the tray. We were very careful in transporting them. We lined the side of the tray with paper towels and filled it with cupcakes. I will not buy this item again.

10. Estink Portable Carriers Locking Container

Estink Portable Carriers Locking Container

dishwasher and freezer are safe. The round cake container is easy to clean. The dimensions for this item are 13 7/8" L x 13 5/8" W x8" H. The material is food grade PP and is safe to store food, recycle and be more environmental than paper cake carrier. The application is for something. It's perfect for cakes, cupcakes, rolls, baked breads and many more. The ticker cover is shockproof and waterproof. Each tub comes with a thick coloured handle and a flat base, ideal for party cakes. Benefits: A portable tote with a base and transparent top is perfect for transporting pies, cheesecakes and all other baked treats. AMETER: Approx. 26.6/ 10.47

Brand: Estink

👤The handle is not what the description says it is. The cake keeper is strong. The side clips are a little awkward at first, but may be easier with use. The item I received is not the one pictured in the main picture of the cake keeper, however I now know that it is a less expensive item than I paid for. I don't like the clips, but one broke off so it works better.

👤SWMBO uses cake caddies from Amazon Prime to store her cakes in the frig. She wanted to add a medium cake caddy to her collection because the small one is too tight for cakes that she makes with her 9" springform, and the large one is too large for the frig. I ordered this one from China because I couldn't find any on Amazon Prime. It took 2 weeks to arrive, but it was worth it. The size is perfect and the quality is good. SWMBO is happy, Frig is happy, everybody is happy.

👤It fits a two-layer cake nicely. Two plastic clip locks are used. Light weight and easy to carry. It takes a few weeks for it to be shipped.

11. Carrier Container Cupcake Transport Included

Carrier Container Cupcake Transport Included

Product dimensions in the interior. 13 x 9 x 2-inch exterior product dimensions with lid It was made from Carbon Steel. No metal. The handle is gray. Product descriptions can be used to refer to use and care instructions. Forget. If you want a small, convenient cake carrier, then this is the one for you. It can hold up to 45 cookies and 32 mini cupcakes. The unique food storage system comes with 3 trays and a bottom tray. You can quickly adjust the trays to fit foods like cupcakes, brownies, cookies, bundt cakes, cheese platter, deviled eggs, pizza, and more! Are you looking for an easy way to pack and carry snacks? Place one or two trays in the cake box to make little compartments. You are ready to rock when you fill the slots with your favorite snacks. The dessert container is made in the USA and comes back by a generous 1 year warranty. They put a lot of effort into making their cupcake holder carrier last. They will replace it if there are any issues in the first year.

Brand: Bakers Sto 'n Go

👤The trays do not fit in most of the options the carrier gives. You only have two placement options. They make it difficult to close the lid. The trays were warped so they wouldn't stay flat. The lid doesn't close well. When I tilted it, it snapped. You can't do that with the product. The lid still pops off. The handle needed to be strong. I almost gave up on the carrier. The lock on the handle makes it awkward to transport. I bought this carrier from a Bon Appetite recommendation, but it is not a good product.

👤This is a great storage carrier for cookies. The shelves are strong. The container is small and does its job well. The side closing lid seals great, even though I was a little nervous. I ate the cookies I made on Monday and they were not old at all. I might buy 2 just to store more if I recommend this. I made cookies for a 30th birthday party and used 3 of the trays.

👤This was disappointing. The plastic trays and carrier are not very sturdy, so if your items are heavy, they will bend. I destroyed 2 trays of cookies because of this. The shape of the egg trays gives them structure. The lid on the side pops off if bumped only slightly, so I don't know what "lock feature" they're talking about. The handle that is supposed to slide on and off to store it is so tight that I could barely get it on without damaging it. It will not be coming back off again. It is a bucket that you carry sideways with a lid on the side. You can adjust the trays for different heights, but I can not rely on more than one tray at a time. I was willing to pay more for a solid product, and it was featured in an article about baking, but I am starting to wonder if it was a marketing article. This is not worth the price.

👤The storage container is smaller than expected. There is a small tray at the bottom but there isn't a way to hold it in place. The baked goods were included with 3 trays and 2 egg trays. It is easy to wash. I am very happy with the product and would recommend it to anyone who has a small house and loves to bake. I received it at a discounted price.

👤A cookie holder. My daughter loves to bake, but she gets eaten fast. I found this product and it was perfect, I love how a whole bunt cake can fit as well as another cookies for our whole family. We get to enjoy it for a while as it stays nice a fresh, it is a perfect size, easy to carry and store, and it is a good size for a cake and tons of cookies. The fact that it is American made is a huge bonus and we really like the design.


What is the best product for cake carrier with lid and handle rectangular?

Cake carrier with lid and handle rectangular products from Nordic Ware. In this article about cake carrier with lid and handle rectangular you can see why people choose the product. G & S Metal Products Company and Tupperware are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake carrier with lid and handle rectangular.

What are the best brands for cake carrier with lid and handle rectangular?

Nordic Ware, G & S Metal Products Company and Tupperware are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake carrier with lid and handle rectangular. Find the detail in this article. Wilton, T-fal and Snapware are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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