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1. Disposable Sturdy Plastic Hinged Containers

Disposable Sturdy Plastic Hinged Containers

The dimensions are as follows: Top Compartment diameter is 15 inches, Bottom Compartment diameter is 3 inches, and Height is 3 inches. Make sure the container will fit your cupcakes by checking the dimensions. These containers are the perfect size to hold a whole bunch of goodies, with an inside dimensions of 8 in x 4 in x 3.85 in and an outside dimensions of 9 in x 5 in x 3-1 5 in. Keep sandwiches, hoagies, bakery items, and cakes in these containers for easy and efficient storage. The design of these loaf containers is ingenious and made in the USA. Their boxes are strong and sturdy and will hold up to the food placed in them. The hinged design keeps the lid securely attached and allows you to open it with ease. Safe transportation. The clever barlock closure provides a solid seal to keep product freshness and prevent accidental opening during transportation. Travel with ease knowing your food will stay safe in their nifty containers. No message. The containers are transparent. The risk of little hands opening it and smashing or dirtying your delicious inside is mitigated if you get a glimpse of the baked goods inside. Send home goodies after a party. It is possible to take home leftovers like hotdogs, burgers, breads, and the like. It is a great container for deli's, supermarkets, cafes, bakery, groceries, take-outs, and restaurants.

Brand: Mt Products

👤The containers are great for home made cookies. Will hold 2 dozen pizzelles.

👤I used to send home meals to my family. They were perfect! I used them to bake cookies and bread.

👤I was able to fit a small sub in the container. I had a movie night at my house and we were able to use the containers for food. My guest was able to take slices of pies with them because they were able to use the containers as boxes. Will buy again, I am very satisfied.

👤These aren't big enough to hold sweet breads like banana or zucchini bread. Possibly cookies.

👤I ordered the best for my business.

👤The locking mechanism presents well.

👤I wish the loaf container was bigger. A loaf of bread is not enough for housing. The plastic is not very strong.

2. Plastic Container Boards Holder Supplies

Plastic Container Boards Holder Supplies

Stunning display. This box has a striking white design and a clear window front. These pretty and attractive boxes will impress your customers and friends. They make gorgeous gift boxes. You can give a present to a loved one with a bow. The set includes a black tray and a clear dome lid, which are great for displaying cakes. The lid is tall enough to fit cakes that are up to 9 inches in diameter. Customers or guests will have a great view of your cakes if the lid is clear. There is a system for snapping-on-LID. The lid snaps onto the tray to protect it from being damaged. The container air tight makes it possible for the cake to stay fresh for a long time. REINFORCED TRAY The container is much stronger with the molded-in honeycomb design. This container is perfect for bakeries and home use. If you help transfer cakes to your events, it is also great. There is a perfect cake base and pizza Board for 10 and 8 inch cakes, material corrugated cardboard cake rounds, color/white style, style single wall corrugated, uncoated.

Brand: Herofiber

👤These containers are perfect for bundt cakes. They are easy to assemble and make a great presentation. I've bought more than once.

👤These were great. The ones in the grocery store have cakes in them. I was able to transport a 9inch cake with ease.

👤I needed a covering for the cake plate. The size I needed was the exact one I got. I was very happy until I started to assemble the product and the lid didn't stay in place. The cover wouldn't snap into place, so it kept popping off. This item is not good for quality. Does not stay fastened. The cake lid will fall off if you are transporting it.

👤The product itself was a good value, especially when you need this type of thing to get from point A to point B without any accidents or you don't want to leave one of your good cake carriers and risk never seeing it again. The size wasn't big enough for my cake and it didn't work out. This would be the correct size for an 8 inch, 2 or 3 layer cake but not a 9 inch...unless it was only a 2 layer cake and not much icing on the sides.

👤The cake has three layers of pecans and coconut. The fit was perfect. The top snapped on. The base was strong. I slid to the edge of the counter as I picked it up. The lid snaps off easily if you tilt it. You want to be able to get the top off easily, but only if you want to get it off. The cardboard cake round was the perfect size and I really liked the set.

👤I was not happy with the cake containers. They were cheap. I had to throw them out after they broke. I have used heavier one's from another co many times. You won't get a second use out of these.

👤I give these away because I don't eat sweets and I love to bake. I decided to try these because I was tired of having to struggle to get my containers back from people. I like the containers. The cake I made for my best friend felt like it weighed more than 5 pounds. I was worried the containers wouldn't hold the cake. But it did. I took one star away because the clear top breaks easily. I will order them again.

👤I bake bundt cakes for sale so this product would be perfect if not for the cake boards. The clear dome lid and bottom is exactly as pictured, but the cake boards are too small for my cakes, unlike the ones I have been buying.

3. Twdrer Container Disposable Sandwiches Containers

Twdrer Container Disposable Sandwiches Containers

Travel is something you do. These square containers are lightweight, sturdy, and have a secure lid. They are a great way to keep your delicacies safe from being crushed. If you need the container snap shut, it is best to use tape or staplers. The material is made of food grade plastic. The outer size is 5.31" x 4.25" x 3.35" and the inner size is 4.88" x 3.54". The disposable plastic food containers are a good choice for safe transportation if you use tape or staplers to fix them. The transparent appearance of the food container makes it easy for customers to notice the desserts and cakes that are in it. These plastic hinged lid containers are perfect for food delivery businesses and other commercial food services, but also ideal for personal daily use. These plastic hinged lid containers are perfect for food delivery businesses and other commercial food services, but also ideal for personal daily use.

Brand: Twdrer

👤The container is too thin. I can't put the cake inside because it can't guarantee its safety. It is difficult to cover the box because it is too thin. I need to use tape to fix it so that I can put the cake inside. I can't come back because I have used many containers. I don't think you should buy this container.

👤The product was used to minimize exposure. They were used for salads. They are a bit flimsy, but serve their purpose well. I would order them again.

👤I don't recommend anyone purchase this item. The corner clasp/close buttons don't connect, don't line up, and don't hold, so the unit doesn't snap closed. To keep the lid closed, food must be put into it. I am very disappointed in this product. I feel cheated because I made this purchase. I will not spend the money to return the item.

👤The reviews say these don't snap shut. I would have liked to have read them. They were used at a school bake sale and had to be taped shut. Every 5th one I used snapped shut. The lid has a round piece that is supposed to fit into a square hole on the bottom half. Save money. Add some tape to your cart as well.

👤It was very flimsy. I tried to fill them. Several wouldn't shut up. Will not buy this brand again. They are completely transparent.

👤The containers were flimsy and it was difficult to keep them closed. They had to be sealed with tape and staples. I wouldn't recommend them or purchase them again. I would like to say better.

👤In the photo, I'm putting the smallest amount of pressure. I don't want to put these in my husband's bag because they'll either smash in on themselves or pop open if he doesn't baby his lunch. I wish I'd taken the 2 star rating more seriously. Don't waste your money.

👤Don't buy this item. The CONTAINERS would not close or only one of the ends would close.

4. Plastic Containers Clamshell Strawberry Supplies

Plastic Containers Clamshell Strawberry Supplies

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact them. QUALITY - Made of durable oriented polystyrene (OPS) with wide ribbed sides for added strength, ensure food safety, and offer optimum product visibility with this crystal clear construction. The clear hinged lid containers are a classic clear design and are great for displaying your baked goods, sandwiches, salads, desserts, pastries, frozen foods, and more. This allows your desserts and salads to be marketed and sold. Hinged LID is a design that keeps the lid and container attached and saves storage space. The Tailor Seal. The barlock closure provides a solid seal to keep product freshness and prevent accidental opening. It's durable. The container's longevity allows you to stack containers for transportation and presentation. The container's base is made of ribbed material and provides a sturdy foundation. This product is made of approved plastic material and is safe since it is made of a non-toxic substance.

Brand: Supellectilem

👤The first three I pulled out of the box were not sealed, so they came apart in two pieces. These are used for wedding boutonnieres and corsages.

👤The kid broke off if these have broken.

👤The price is reasonable for the quality, but not sturdy or durable. The side breaks easily and the lid doesn't lock- good for light use but not to keep items secure for transport or heavy use.

👤The size stated is not accurate. They are 8x8 but the interior is only 7x7. My friend can't use them at the Farmer's Market because they are too small.

5. Cake Keeper Cover Cupcake Insert

Cake Keeper Cover Cupcake Insert

The set contains a bake dish with a red plastic lid, a hot/cold pack, and a red tote. This round cake saver with locking lid and handle latches shut ensures your cakes, pies, cookies, cupcakes, and cheesecake don't get old. The clear top and white bottom of the cake saver keep the focus on your treats, and it is designed to hold it all. The cake transporter has a collapsible handle and a cupcake insert that can hold a lot of cupcakes. There is a cake turntable and extras included. Their cake carrier has a plastic cake turntable, cupcake shelf, and extra snap latches, which make it easy to decorate cakes and cupcakes. FRIDGE & FREEZER SAFE. The cake carrier is made from PP plastic, which is strong and reliable, and it has a sealed lid to protect against freezer burn. You should start transporting your cakes and cupcakes in the right way. Simply add to cart.

Brand: Cake Master

👤The seller said that it would fit a 5 inch cake, but it is not tall enough to fit a 5 inch cake.

👤The cake keeper is a great product bundle, perfect for most baking needs. It can hold all types of cakes. The cake carrier is a perfect deal and value for money because of the cake turntable and snap latches. Good quality material.

👤I made two cakes and stacked them.

👤The best cake carrier I have seen. I've been looking for a good quality cake carrier for a long time, and finally found one in the blue one. It is easy to use, seals well, and has no plastic smell. It is light and small, which is what I need. Highly recommended.

👤The handle that snaps the top to the bottom broke on the first try. Don't buy it because it's not worth the money.

👤This cake holder kept a homemade cake moist. If you are going to use the turntable to frost the cake, you should get some cake boards.

👤The locking works well, but the bottom is flimsy. Returning.

👤We have been looking for a container for cake. My daughter is making cakes for us. The key keeper is the best and I think more to eat them. I have reviewed several of them and bought a couple but this one is the dirtiest and has the most options.

6. Smygoods Containers Disposable Clamshell Container

Smygoods Containers Disposable Clamshell Container

The ribbed sidewalls give this container additional rigidity and grip. A pack of 50 high quality disposable containers. The plastic is made in the USA. You can use them as dessert containers, pastry containers, cake containers, or take out containers. Clear dessert containers are great for bakeries, cake shops, supermarkets, fast food restaurants, cafe, dessert shop, and ice-cream shops. 50 Pack Backed by Smygoods Lifetime Guarantee.

Brand: Smygoods

👤The other container I brought was not as strong. They stack well and are easy to open. I'm giving them 4 stars because the back has a small gap where air can get in, you can close one side and the other side will open, a piece of tape will keep air out. If it was air tight, I would give it 5 stars, but other than that, it's a decent container for the price. I'll buy this again for my desserts because I'll continue to look for others that are air tight.

👤When I shut the container, the gap along the side toward the back wouldn't snap together. I tried several with the same result, nothing snapped together and stayed the same. I was immediately told that nothing will stay fresh in these. I will have to tape the whole thing to keep it fresh. I realize this is not meant to be tight, but they should snap together all around and not just the 2 spots in the front to better secure my products and freshness. The item seems to have a design flaw. I bought a brand that snaps all around and not just the front. I needed bigger packaging and thought these might work for me. These are the right size for me, but I wish they snapped shut.

👤I love these containers. I've used some of the best ones yet. We use a lot of different packaging for our cottage bakers, and these are so sturdy. We don't have an issue getting them to close or stay closed, which is a common issue with plastic packaging. We use these for large puffy cinnamon rolls and large decorated brownies and have them stacked up in a large box, not one has collapsed so far. We've purchased at least 2 packs at a time before.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. A nice presentation. 10/10 Must have.

👤These are exactly what I was looking for. Everyone comes to my house to eat and I always send them home with containers. I need some for dessert and these are perfect, I will be ordering again and again and thank you so much.

👤I ordered 200 containers and plan on ordering more in 2 or 3 weeks.

👤I use it for cookies. It is sturdy and can see clearly what kind of cookies are inside. The price was reasonable for the amount of boxes included.

👤For my boss' retirement, I packed all the desserts myself. The container came in a clutch. It was cheap and all of them survived. That's right!

7. Plastic Containers Clamshell Compartment Disposable

Plastic Containers Clamshell Compartment Disposable

The quality to go clamshells can be used for hot or cold food. These disposable shallow containers are cut resistant. It's convenient to use as a weight loss aid. Adding your company logo and/or icon to their white Takeaway containers can be done easily. Business Supplies are perfect for home use and throw. You will get 100 pieces of hinged square containers, enough to meet your needs and replacements, and you can share them with your friend and family. Clear cake containers are made of quality plastic material which is reliable and not easy to break, and you can use them with confidence. These plastic cake containers are easy to store, they have a hinged design which can tight seal well and protect the food from slipping off even on a bumpy ride, keeping the food fresh and not occupying much space by stacking. These clear hinged containers are ideal for restaurants, markets, cafes, parties, cake stores or homes, which can hold food, desserts, fruits, pastry, cake, cookies and sandwiches. Plastic cake containers are designed with a square shape and clear appearance, which makes them easy to see and highlight your cake or dessert. Plastic cake containers are designed with a square shape and clear appearance, which makes them easy to see and highlight your cake or dessert.

Brand: Bbto

👤I thought using a clear container would show them off. They are thin and not very sturdy. Problem #2. I will never order them again, only about the 10th one closed. The others had to be stopped. The cake slices are large and beautiful. Putting them in these containers has been a bad idea. They aren't large enough to hold my large items, and having to tape them closed looks terrible. I have a loyal following and they are not put off by any of this. I can't wait until they are used.

👤Not a fan of these quality is not really very good and most of them didn't close properly and they weren't even full. I would not purchase again in this style.

👤I was very disappointed. We were given cake slices for the event. The cake wouldn't stay upright. We had to tape them because they wouldn't stay closed. We had to use them because we didn't have time to buy another product. I will never buy these again. I will not give a 1 star to the product.

👤It was deceptive. The measurement shown is wrong.

👤I had to tape shut most of them because they were so flimsy and the latches wouldn't hold. They did not break. I will say that. I used them for cake slices and thought they would be better for something lighter.

👤Absolutely terrible. It is made of flimsy plastic. Terrible quality is not worth the price. Stay away from them.

👤The material is very thin and flimsy. Container will not stay closed if there is something inside. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤It was very cheap. Does not close.

8. EHomeA2Z Containers Hinged Shells Plastic

EHomeA2Z Containers Hinged Shells Plastic

These containers are disposable and made of durable BPA Free OPS Plastic, with wide ribbing along the sides for added strength. You can have a stress free party. The material is strong and rigid, which allows for exceptional stacking strength, saving you a lot of space. Easy grip tabs make it easy to open the dual locks. A wide variety of products can be achieved with durable, sturdy and reliable clamshells. A classic design to send desserts and pastries home with your customers. The container is a great addition to restaurants and markets. The size of the product is perfect for snacks or treats at the reception.

Brand: Ehomea2z

👤When I closed them, they were a nice size and all of them broke. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤I use them to sell mini bundt cakes. I used them for the first time last week. When I looked at my display, I noticed that 2 of the hinges were broken. I had to remove those from my inventory because of that. When I got home, I noticed that some of the hinges had broken. I pack them in boxes so they don't move. Very disappointed.

👤I needed a container that was high enough to clear the garnish and close so I used this for individual desserts. The baked item was visible because of the clear container. The closing seemed to hold.

👤I have purchased this product three times. These containers are an easy way to deliver small portions of food to friends and are often used to take desserts to friends.

👤Excellent product for salad. The presentation and packaging is lightweight but sturdy enough for salads and even pastries. Will be an order from again!

👤These were perfect for individual portions. All of them had locking lids and looked good when we ate them. I would buy them again.

👤These are more difficult to close than they need to be. I had to put tape on the containers to keep them out of sight.

👤We intended to package it. The product was of good quality, even though it wasn't what we needed. I could see it being perfect if I were packaging slices of cake or a sandwich. I was worried that it was not sealed. This would be great if you aren't packing something with sauce or liquid.

9. Containers Container Disposable Clamshell Sandwiches

Containers Container Disposable Clamshell Sandwiches

It's perfect for holding food. It's suitable for party, wedding,picnic,bakeries,cafes,restaurants,food delivery business. The disposable plastic food containers are made of high-quality plastic materials, can direct contact with food, keep food delicious and undamaged. The internal size is 4.3 x 4.2 x 2.8 inches and the external size is 5.1 x 4.7 x 2.8 inches. The hinged design makes the base and lid remain attached, it provides a tight seal to reduce leaks, and it ensures food's freshness. The hinge can fix the box well to reduce leaks and the transparent appearance can see the freshness of the food. 40 Pcs disposable clamshell containers can be used in home, restaurants,cake shops,supermarkets,picnics and so on. A bunch of products could not be closed due to a problem with the mallet. 40 Pcs disposable clamshell containers can be used in home, restaurants,cake shops,supermarkets,picnics and so on. A bunch of products could not be closed due to a problem with the mallet.

Brand: Cshangzei

👤These are our favorite to use, even if the lid doesn't snap shut. I can put 6 cookies in one and it's great for taller bakery treats.

👤Not very strong, flimsy, and careful grabbing them. I had to use them. They look nice, but they served their purpose.

👤The hinges barely lock because the plastic is so thin. One side locks, the other doesn't.

👤It's a great idea for organizations to bake sales. You can easily fit a half dozen cookies in each container if you separate them by type. It was difficult to seal at the site.

👤When putting warm food in them, most of the lids didn't close. I was hoping for something better when I purchased it.

👤The containers did not close correctly. I had to throw them away. What a waste of money.

👤El artculo tienes unas horas.

10. Dart Solo C57PST1 50 Container Sandwich

Dart Solo C57PST1 50 Container Sandwich

The width is 11 13/16 inches and the height is 5 1/2 inches. The diameter is 11 inches and the height is 5 inches. Clear plastic food container. The dimensions are 6 x 5 x 3. The label window has a snap tight closing.

Brand: Dart Solo

👤The small containers are great. I don't have to think about what it contains because they are completely see through. They are great for carrying lunch to work and the grown son loves raiding his mom's fridge.

👤The containers were large. They're good for salads, sandwiches and cake slices. The containers are strong. I think they're a good choice.

👤I wanted these to be less than 6 inches, which is what they are. The others say 5. I kept them because I was able to use them.

👤These were the perfect size for my candles. The containers give the candles a baked look.

👤The perfect size for "manzanas preparadas" spicy apples. Will buy again.

👤It was what I was expecting and I was happy with the purchase.

👤They are hard plastic and great to work with.

👤It's perfect for my small bundts.

11. Dart Container Sandwich Take Out Cupcake

Dart Container Sandwich Take Out Cupcake

13 x 7 inches. The entire container is sealed for maximum freshness and leak-resistance. The opening tabs have a slip-resistant grip. The dual bar-locks have an audible snap for secure closing. The stacking platform provides greater stability. The curved sidewall strengthens container handling.

Brand: Dart

👤I used them to make cakes for a soul food event. I was able to put some cakes in a container. They needed to be clear so customers could see what they were buying.

👤The containers have mini cakes. They are well made and secure. I was skeptical after reading some reviews, but the seller might have fixed it because I was quite alright. I would like them to be cheaper for bulk orders.

👤I bought the containers for desserts. They were a bargain, sturdy and durable. I will buy them again.

👤I was sent 21 containers instead of 25.

👤My children's birthday party is coming up and I bought these to bring. There was a lot of cake and cupcakes with us. I wanted people to take some home with them instead of coming back with us. These were great. I have extras I will use. I will do this at our parties.

👤Party guests will take home cake and cup cakes. I probably could have used a bigger one. Maybe 6 inches. They will work just fine. The lid is nice. Saran Wrap is a great way to wrap paper plates of cake.

👤You can use it for sandwiches, cake slices or other food items. They are clearly designed for one time use. It's handy for occasional group use but contributes to plastic waste.

👤I dropped at least 3 slices of cake in the containers. Very secure!


What is the best product for cake container plastic?

Cake container plastic products from Mt Products. In this article about cake container plastic you can see why people choose the product. Herofiber and Twdrer are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake container plastic.

What are the best brands for cake container plastic?

Mt Products, Herofiber and Twdrer are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake container plastic. Find the detail in this article. Supellectilem, Cake Master and Smygoods are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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