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1. Plastic Container Boards Holder Supplies

Plastic Container Boards Holder Supplies

Stunning display. This box has a striking white design and a clear window front. These pretty and attractive boxes will impress your customers and friends. They make gorgeous gift boxes. You can give a present to a loved one with a bow. The set includes a black tray and a clear dome lid, which are great for displaying cakes. The lid is tall enough to fit cakes that are up to 9 inches in diameter. Customers or guests will have a great view of your cakes if the lid is clear. There is a system for snapping-on-LID. The lid snaps onto the tray to protect it from being damaged. The container air tight makes it possible for the cake to stay fresh for a long time. REINFORCED TRAY The container is much stronger with the molded-in honeycomb design. This container is perfect for bakeries and home use. If you help transfer cakes to your events, it is also great. There is a perfect cake base and pizza Board for 10 and 8 inch cakes, material corrugated cardboard cake rounds, color/white style, style single wall corrugated, uncoated.

Brand: Herofiber

👤These containers are perfect for bundt cakes. They are easy to assemble and make a great presentation. I've bought more than once.

👤These were great. The ones in the grocery store have cakes in them. I was able to transport a 9inch cake with ease.

👤I needed a covering for the cake plate. The size I needed was the exact one I got. I was very happy until I started to assemble the product and the lid didn't stay in place. The cover wouldn't snap into place, so it kept popping off. This item is not good for quality. Does not stay fastened. The cake lid will fall off if you are transporting it.

👤The product itself was a good value, especially when you need this type of thing to get from point A to point B without any accidents or you don't want to leave one of your good cake carriers and risk never seeing it again. The size wasn't big enough for my cake and it didn't work out. This would be the correct size for an 8 inch, 2 or 3 layer cake but not a 9 inch...unless it was only a 2 layer cake and not much icing on the sides.

👤The cake has three layers of pecans and coconut. The fit was perfect. The top snapped on. The base was strong. I slid to the edge of the counter as I picked it up. The lid snaps off easily if you tilt it. You want to be able to get the top off easily, but only if you want to get it off. The cardboard cake round was the perfect size and I really liked the set.

👤I was not happy with the cake containers. They were cheap. I had to throw them out after they broke. I have used heavier one's from another co many times. You won't get a second use out of these.

👤I give these away because I don't eat sweets and I love to bake. I decided to try these because I was tired of having to struggle to get my containers back from people. I like the containers. The cake I made for my best friend felt like it weighed more than 5 pounds. I was worried the containers wouldn't hold the cake. But it did. I took one star away because the clear top breaks easily. I will order them again.

👤I bake bundt cakes for sale so this product would be perfect if not for the cake boards. The clear dome lid and bottom is exactly as pictured, but the cake boards are too small for my cakes, unlike the ones I have been buying.

2. Plastic Containers Disposable Carrier Holder

Plastic Containers Disposable Carrier Holder

The cake packaging boxes are grease resistant to hold your cakes, cupcakes, pastries, and other sweets without getting soggy. Thickened base plate design is not easy to modify. The package includes 5 pack plastic cake containers with lids, measures of Base Dia, lid measures 5.5" H x 10.8" Bottom Dia, and 5 pack 10" corrugated white cake boards, suitable for 1-2 layer cakes. Food grade cake carrier is made of premium quality material and meets food preparation. The sturdy design of the tray makes the plastic container much stronger and resistant to cracking and compression resistance, perfect for storing, displaying and transporting cakes. The lid snaps securely onto the tray to ensure that the cake stays fresh and safe for transportation, so you can easily transport the delicious cake to any place. cake plastic containers with lids are freezer safe and can be used to keep the cake fresh for longer. The crystal clear dome cake carrier has excellent transparency, so you can easily and quickly identify the contents without opening the lid. Plastic disposable is the best choice to show and store cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, cookies, muffins, fruit, salads, and other dessert. The disposable plastic dome protects the product in the container, disposable cake carrier is an efficient take-out carrier for home kitchen, deli, supermarkets, cafes, camping or picnics, great for crepe cake, bundt cake, cheesecake in dinner party, Christmas party, holiday decoration,

Brand: Nplux

👤I use these to make cakes for friends and family. It's a great way to deliver the cakes and not have to worry about the cake pan coming back home. Sturdy so the cake won't fall off in transit. These would be great for cakes and pastries.

👤These are what I've been looking for. There is a Not staying closed after several accidents from previous brands. These were quite elegant and a huge sigh of relief. Very happy.

👤They looked good online. The gold bottom looks off and cannot hold the weight of a large cake.

👤I used this container to send my cake to my sister in Florida. It took a week for her to receive the cake. It's a good thing.

👤I love this container. It is the perfect size for a bundt, cheese or smaller cake because of the gold bottom.

👤I tried them because of the height of the cover. The bottom is not very strong.

👤It's a breeze to transport cakes.

👤I love it so much. I highly recommend anyone looking for a cake container to look at these, they are very high end and perfect for a cake.

3. Cupcake Carrier Storage Container Translucent

Cupcake Carrier Storage Container Translucent

The dimensions are 3 inches and the capacity is 135 ounces. The holiday season is here. This cake carrier is designed to hold cake and serve. The cake keeper can hold up to 13 inch diameter cake. It's possible to fit 13 inch over-sized bakery items in a large container. There are two things that are safe: BPA-free and phthalate-free. Carry handle and locking cover. The dishwasher and freezer are safe. 14 inch diameter x 8 inch tall. The dimensions are 14 x 14 x 8 inches.

Brand: Unique Imports

👤I'm looking for cake holders that will hold a 3 layer cake forever. This does. ( o )/

👤I settled on this because I was desperate for a new cake holder. I try to buy American made as often as I can, but in this case I was desperate for something. I bought it because it was a decent price. It arrived with a "Made in USA" sticker on it. The imported cake holder from TJ Maxx was more expensive than the one I paid. It's the same quality as the imported one. I love the look, price, and quality of this cake holder. Being made in the USA is the icing on the cake. No pun intended.

👤It is large enough for a decorated cake.

👤It keeps my cakes nice and moist. Money was well spent.

👤I love this caketaker. I don't worry that a cake or muffins will fall out onto the asphalt when I walk across the parking lot because it's locked. It is large enough for my 9-inch cakes with decorations and piping around the base of the cake. It is tall enough for a 2-layer cake. I took a cake to a friend's birthday party and they loved it so much they ordered me one. Would buy again. Very happy.

👤The cake storage container is the perfect size, easy to use, and very spacious for tall cakes, and it supports what I need it for in the present as well as the future. This product is easy to carry when I need to transport for family functions.

👤It's perfect for cakes or pies. It keeps everything fresh. It's easy to wash.

👤I was looking for something similar to this for my mother. She makes a cake, sends it home with my son and I, and the only cake cover she had was not locking, and the top didn't stay on, so not difficult to knock it off kilter and have it slide, especially when sitting. That issue has been removed by this. The cover is in place. I would have given 5 stars. I don't like the locking mechanism. Since I can see these failing sooner than the kind that just slide in and out to lock in place along a track, I would prefer something less strong. Still, better than we had.

4. Jucoan Shooter Containers Confetti Shooters

Jucoan Shooter Containers Confetti Shooters

The value pack for food business is a must for every cafe, restaurants, food trucks, and other food vending establishments. These take away boxes are multi-functional and reliable. There is no BPA-free. 100% money back guarantee. The cake push pop containers in the set can hold 3.5 ounces, perfect for serving small desserts. The freezer is safe. The push-up mold is made of high quality plastic materials. It is easy to push up the base because it is snug with the tube. You can use the cake pop stand to layer slices of your baked goods with frosting or fruit filling and make individual desserts for all types of events. It's great for cakes, ice-creams, jelly, and lots more. The cake pop shooters are easy to use. Simply remove the lid and push the treat up to enjoy the delicious desserts without any mess. It's also suitable for filling confettis as confetti poppers shooter.

Brand: Jucoan

👤Great price and cute! They are strong.

👤It was perfect! They were easy to use. All of the pieces were there. The stand pictured was not included.

👤It's easy to use and sell desserts.

👤It works well for filling with desserts, but the lids don't stay on long and pop off easily. You can't put them in a box without the lid coming off. They are fine if they are in a stand.

👤It's great to have any issues.

👤I love them very much. The lid is for security.

5. TeamFar Stainless Baking Healthy Dishwasher

TeamFar Stainless Baking Healthy Dishwasher

The oven and dishwasher are safe. The brownie pan is dishwasher safe, bakes evenly in the oven, and should be hand-washed to save time and hassle. TeamFar 8 inch cake pan with lid is made of food grade PP material, no toxic chemical coating or harmful substance release into your food, healthy for your daily baking use, a great replacement of aluminum pans. There is a visible cleft in the PLASTIC LIDS. The round cake pan with sturdy lid covers tightly to avoid spilling, easy storage in fridge and convenient to carry out, prevents from getting dust, helps quickly find the food by the clear visible lids, and more. Heavy duty and leakproof. The cake pan set is heavy duty and has a 2 inch deep Straight-side to make perfect layer cakes and a one-piece construction for leakproof cake mix. The finish of the dishwasher is safe. Smooth roll edge without rough spots prevent hurting your hands, Dishwasher safe to save your time and labor, as shiny as new after washing, easy clean up even in hand-wash. 8in cake pans are great for making cakes, baking deep dish pizza, tiering steaks, steaming vegetables and serving fruits, with the lid as good choice for storing leftovers.

Brand: Teamfar

👤The cake pans are beautiful. They are made of steel with a mirror finish. It was very easy to clean. They have covers as well. I've been looking for a good set of cake pans for a while now and these really take the cake! No pun intended. I was thinking that I would have liked aluminum pans my mother had when I was younger. I was wrong. I like these steel pans. Definitely worth it! You won't regret it if you give them a try.

👤They were so easy to clean, they were so versatile to use for more than just baking, and the tops made a nice snack display. The tops are a great purchase and may be used for Halloween.

👤I ordered three sets of three and two sets of two. One of the safest materials for cookware and bakeware is made of the same material that I ordered them from. I ordered them because they come with lids which would be helpful for cake storage. The items arrived in perfect condition. I will bake with them in about two weeks.

👤I wanted to make frozen pizzas. I wanted to have more than one so I could freeze. These are large enough for thin or pan crusted pizza. I haven't baked any pizzas yet, but I have assembled and frozen 2. I used the pan to cut the circles of dough and it fit into the pan. I might try to stack a few into one after freezing them because the pans are so deep. I'll try deep dish pizza at a later date, but I need a recipe that I can freeze for that. The pans are made from high quality materials and are easy to clean. The pans are made of steel. I was surprised that these are the cheapest I have found. I paid more for 4 pans than for 2 comparable products.

👤These pans are non stick and I made a green tea banana walnut cake. The cake came off the pan after I put olive oil in it. The lid is tightly held. I bought a set of pans and was very happy with them. It's great to wash with soap.

👤Makes a pretty cake. When turning the cake, watch your nails. I caught mine. The edge was rolled. It's not a big deal, but watch where you put them. A manicure could be ruined. It took less than 30 seconds for my nail kit to be free.

👤The pans have a domed lid and are stackable. I bought them to store food. I keep the leftover cheesecake in the fridge by using the pans that I use to make the 7 piece cheesecake. I didn't think they'd need to bake in, but now I'll use them for baking. It is very easy to clean.

👤The 8” cake pans were a pleasure to own. They are exactly what I was looking for. The sides are straight. The pans have a shiny finish. It was easy to remove the cakes. It was easy to clean up. These pans are wonderful.

6. 10 Plastic Disposable Containers Transport

10 Plastic Disposable Containers Transport

The dimensions are 5 1/2 inches wide, 4 1/2 inches tall. This plastic protects your pies and is made of durable oriented polystyrene. It is resistant to water and oxygen, and does not cause odors to food products. The 10" shallow pie container is classic clear design and has optimum visibility. The plastic pie container is great for storing pies. Set up eye-catching displays with this container's crystal clear lid. HINGED LID - The hinged lid provides a seal to freshness. It makes removing the pie easier since you don't have to worry about where you put the top. It's durable. The container's longevity allows you to stack containers for transportation and presentation. The container's base is made of ribbed material and provides a sturdy foundation. This product is made of approved plastic material and is safe since it is made of a non-toxic substance.

Brand: Supellectilem

👤Product for what you get. I needed pie carriers for baking. I was hoping that they were like the ones you get when you buy a pie at the grocery store, but they aren't as good as those. The clam-shell design is only ok in the beginning. After a while the hinges split apart, why bother designing this as a 1 piece? It would have been better if they had made it a 2 piece product. The plastic itself is very thin and brittle, so when the front clasps are clicked tight, it's hard to open them easily. The edges are very sharp and can easily slice your hands off. Its structure is strong enough to hold 2 or 3 fruit pies in one stack. It works well enough for a 9" fruit pie or something without a lot of topping, but cream pies or meringues with tall topping aren't going to fit well. If you want to keep the pie closed, you can put whip cream on top and close the lid. If you need something completely disposable and don't mind throwing 10 bucks in the trash, then buy this product. Pick another brand if you want to save yourself plastic cuts. If you intend to reuse it for a long time, you should pay more for a better product.

👤They were thick enough to make pies. The hinge was very bad and several broke apart before I could use them. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤Worst pie containers! They came apart on the back hinge because they wouldn't stay shut.

👤The hinges were broken when I opened the pack. It is not worth the money.

👤This product is terrible before you can even use it, it comes apart, and it does not deserve a review.

👤The containers broke in half. I had to tape them. It's not great when you're giving a presentation. I would like it to be a little taller. I make some cheesecakes that have topping. It was ok, except for that.

👤These were very strong and had larger pies. I was impressed with the quality. It's worth the money.

👤No he was rapido, no he was 2 uso.

7. Sweet Creations Locking Carrier 3 Layer

Sweet Creations Locking Carrier 3 Layer

The wooden rolling pin is ideal for rolling out bread, biscuit, and cookie dough as well as pie crust, pastry, and more. It is possible to adjust kindness. The perfect thickness for any recipe is ensured by the fourremovable rings. There are noises. The rings snap onto the pin, making it easy to switch between thicknesses. Measurement markings on the barrel are etched in both centimeters and inches to allow you to precisely roll dough out to the correct size.

Brand: Sweet Creations

👤I bought this to store the cake and the leftovers after they were cut. It's great as a carrier since it's extra tall for a triple tier cake, but the underside of the handles sometimes mess up the frosting. I didn't notice that the holes around the bottom don't seal with the lid on, which makes the cake dry out. I covered the holes with tape, but it wasn't as effective as I would have liked.

👤I clipped the birthday cake on the cover after placing it in the carrier. I lifted the cake saver by the handle which pulled off as the carrier hit the floor, causing the cake to smash into the inside of the cover. The frosting was ruined. I tried to smooth it over but it was not smooth. One of the clips on the cover popped off. I had to leave and not have time to make a new cake. This product ruined my friends birthday cake. No one should put a cake in it.

👤I baked two layers of cake and was going to open the door when I shifted my hands. I grabbed the handle. I held the plastic handle as the carrier fell to the ground. The base cracked when it landed. The top and bottom were locked up. So angry about the whole experience.

👤The stand is cute, but it is not a carrier. I made cupcakes for a family dinner. 10 minutes into the trip, my cupcakes looked like they were on display. I wasted my entire morning's effort. The cupcakes were for 9 children who didn't seem to care. If you want a cheap stand, buy this. Get something else if you want a carrier. The wells aren't deep enough and you will see work that looks like you were in a head-on collision.

👤This is a review of a cake carrier. People are asking if a 3 layer cake will fit. If each of your layers are no taller than 1.25", this will work for a 3 layer cake. 3 x 1.25 is 4 inches. If you put icing between the layers and decorative icing on top, your cake is going to come close to the maximum height: safe clearance for inside the domed cover is 5.25" with a tiny fraction to spare. The inside dimensions are not stated in the description. The item has a diameter of 13 and a height of 8.5", but those are the outside dimensions. I measured the inside dimensions with a "usable space" result of 11 by 5.37 by the height. A 10 inch round cake will fit around the edges for decorative icing. The cover has a handle. The clearance for the center of the cake is cut by the hole on the lid. A cake with a height of 5.25" is safe. If using a board, remember to factor in the height of the board, and don't put anything on top of the lid while the cake is inside. It would be terrible to have the decorations ruined by the lid. The serving tray is 2 inches tall. It's not appropriate for a fancy party, but it's okay to use at a cookout or birthday party. You can use a ribbon to dress the tray up a little by using the little holes at the bottom. The semi-clear lid has handles that are soft blue and a base that is ivory. If I had a 3 layer cake inside, I would not use the handle to lift the carrier because it is too risky. Lift from the tray with your hands. The handle is meant for lifting the lid off, not carrying a decorated cake. The set comes with a matching cake server, which will do the job of slicing and serving nicely. All pieces are dishwasher safe. I wouldn't use the heated dry cycle, remove at the end of the cycle, towel dry and put the lid on the base before storing. I wish I knew the inside dimensions before buying this. The cake I'll be transporting will be over 6 inches tall. It sounds so bold to describe this carrier as small. It's a big difference when you realize the inner height is under 5 inches. It results in my deduction of one star if you call it a design flaw or lack of information. I was able to look at the cake carrier. It is going back because of Amazon Prime. It is a good product and I would definitely recommend it to other bakers, even though there is no info on it.

8. 10 Cake Container 12 5 Black

10 Cake Container 12 5 Black

Ultra TIGHT COVERS are what they're called. There are safe and portable treats. You can take your snacks and desserts with you. The hostess trays have clear, scuplture lids that won't slip. They are used for tailgating, fancy parties, and wedding showers. The container is 12 1/2 wide x 4 1/2 tall. The product is made from 100% recycled PET and cristal clear plastic. A black honeycomb tray increases base strength and helps hold your cakes, pies or any items you may want to display firmily in place. A clear disposable plastic dome makes it easy for customers to take the product with them at any event that requires customers on the go. The case has 50 disposable black trays. It was shipped in bulk cases. It was shipped in bulk cases.

Brand: Wow Plastics Inc.

👤I only bought these containers because of the large amount that came with the price, and I would like to get my money back for them.

👤The tops don't fit, so I tried to use it for homemade pound cakes. I didn't keep the box they came in, so I threw them in the trash. The box smelled musty. I had to pay for the delivery. I am cutting my losses. This is the second attempt at posting a critical review. People need to know. I was disappointed that my review was not shared.

👤These cake containers work well for my products. They are strong if you use a cake board in the bottom. The lid is very tight.

👤Attach the top cover to the bottom. It was sealed once on it. It's hard to reattach.

👤I got what I was expecting. No problem!

👤It's hard to close. The lid pops off when it's closed.

👤The container is the worst for closing. It takes two people to close it. Not what I was looking for.

9. MontoPack Disposable Containers Reheating Recyclable

MontoPack Disposable Containers Reheating Recyclable

Environmentally Friendly and Convenient for Storage. Their disposable 9” cake pans provide ultimate convenience for bakers, chefs and hosts alike. MontoPack makes food service an enjoyable experience. Straight-edge dishes encourage even cooking and fit more food per container because of their deep, slanted walls. It is possible to bake pies or last night's leftovers with strong, flat bottoms. HeAVIER-DUTY ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION. It doesn't mean disposable is wasteful. You can reuse their foil cake tins time and again because they are stronger than other takeout boxes. They are easy to grip and hold. The 9-inch pie pans help to reduce your carbon footprint by saving money while handling all your soups, stew, salads, cakes, cookies and other light to heavy fare. The kitchen is clean. Clean conscience. If you want to keep your party going, skip the cling wrap, heavy glassware and expensive party plates. The 50-pack of aluminum pie tins lightens your load. Prepare food for an army.

Brand: Montopack

👤I would have given zero stars if I could. The top of the pan is 9 inches high. The bottom of the pan is only 7.5". I thought the pans I used in my cinnamon bun recipe were 9. The cinnamon buns are in the bottom of the pan. I can't use them. Deceptive advertising! Next time, I will look at the product dimensions section. Even those are incorrect. Very disappointed!

👤I'm very pleased with the pans from MontoPack. I use foil cake pans to cook couscous, because I find it easier to add the boiling water and the grain to the pot of water, rather than adding the grain to the pot of water. I haven't been able to find them in stores recently due to the Pandemic cooking at home. These are an ideal replacement. These are disposable foil pans. When they're full, you want to carry them with both hands or something underneath. I use foil for the lid. The price is reasonable and they are packaged in a way that protects them while not being wasteful. 50 pans will last me a long time, but I would buy them again. Hope this information is helpful.

👤These were ordered for a graduation party. To be used without paper plates. The sides were straight. The upper edges are uncrimped, which surprised us, but they don't feel sharp, so they should work great. We hope they have a barbecue sandwich. They don't appear to have room for much else.

👤These are flimsy, but that's what disposable pans are made of. They have a smell and a coating that makes you feel something. They are used to send food to relatives who can't leave. I have to line each one with more foil because I fear it will make someone sick. I wouldn't eat anything that was put in them.

👤We don't have to wash dishes because I have these to cook chicken in. It is lazy, but. Oh well! These work well for two people. I put it on a cookie sheet to make it easier to get it out of the oven, but I always use a disposable pan. The job was done well and was a great deal.

👤The pans are perfect. These pans allow me to do weeks of meal prep and weigh out and portion individual dose meals that can be frozen for later use. I put the three from the freezer in the fridge to thaw. When I get home from work, I just take out the fridge and feed my dogs. My wife and I use these for left overs when we want to make something for the next day. Have bought many times and will continue to do so in the future.

👤These pans are made to last. A nasty chemical smell comes off the pans, I would like to report that. That is terrible. It's not worth exposing yourself to who knows what. My nose gets sore. It was almost like a fresh paint smell. I'm not happy with this purchase. I will discard them.

10. Metal Products Company Nonstick Bakeware

Metal Products Company Nonstick Bakeware

The width is 11 13/16 inches and the height is 5 1/2 inches. The diameter is 11 inches and the height is 5 inches. The ProBake Nonstick 12-inch Cake Carrier is easy to carry. You can easily take cakes, pies, and other baked goods to parties, bake sales, or fundraisers. Most fake goods are compatible. The perfect size for most cakes, pies, cupcakes, and other pastries is the cake cover. Steel construction. The oven-safe pan is made of professional weight steel and has no hot spots for uniform baking. There is a dual function. The base of the baking pan is safe for use in the oven and can also be used as a serving platter. The cover's inner dimensions are 10-3/4".

Brand: G & S Metal Products Company

👤Don't buy this unless you want, what looks like it should have been an excellent product, but is not because some one decided to save a few pennies, and attach the four clips on the cover to the bottom plate. There are four clips that work well until the two small plastic pieces hold the top to the plate. It took a couple of uses for the first one to break. I have two out of four that are not broken, and two out of four that are a little less broken, depending on whether you are an optimist or a pessimist. When you use a product, it becomes an excellent product, but then it starts falling apart. Amazon should be ashamed to have such a product in its inventory, and one should be ashamed to make such a product. I bet you can do better than this. Potential buyers would be held up until this part is made over correctly.

👤I carry a cake to a potluck if it's rare, but I wouldn't risk carrying it by the handles, which are pretty flimsy. I don't like the non-stick coated base because cutting it would scratch it. I put my cake on a cardboard round because there was no plate to fit inside. The clips that fastened the cover to the base could be a problem. They, too, were pretty flimsy and took a few tries to clip on. It's a good buy for something I might use a few times a year for, but I wouldn't want to use plastic wrap on it.

👤You know you're getting older when your favorite toy is a cake cloche. It's pretty awesome. You can just take a cake you made with you and cut it and serve it from the bottom. The handle doubles as a coverable air hole so you can keep the airholes open or shut depending on what you make. Well traveled. For pound cakes that can take a little more handling, it's a great cake, but for rocky trips with an iced cake, it's not perfect. I'm not sure if it's a great recipe. I have a poundcake that is 5 days old and still moist, and not in the gross gooey way from the glaze or something. The cake is holding up well. Make sure you lock all four hinges before you swing this thing.

👤The carrier did what it was supposed to do. I was concerned after reading the reviews. Everything else in my life is falling apart. I thought about why not. I made an overweight cheesecake for Christmas and it was great. I was able to serve my dessert to my entire family because the handle didn't break. I would recommend this carrier to anyone who wants to take a risk in life, because the handles don't feel sturdy at all.

👤I should have listened to the comments about the poor quality of the item. It cracked when it arrived. The tabs easily slipped off. Returned.

11. Elements Carrier Fashionable Doubles Section

Elements Carrier Fashionable Doubles Section

This all in one server is great for parties or family dinners. You can serve everything from Appetizers to Desserts with its many functions. It's a great birthday gift, engagement gift, or housewarming gift. You may want to keep the cake stand and server in your home. Any 9 inch cake is fit. The total size is 6 inches high. The stand is 11 inches in diameter. It's big enough to fit most cakes. STURDY CLAMPS: The lid is locked in place with a pair of sturdy clamps. 2 extra snaps are available for easy replacement. The purposeMULTI base is for purpose. The bottom of the base has a serving tray. There is a clear cover. The cover is elegant and allows you to show off your design. Food and dishwasher safety are important. The cake carrier is completely safe.

Brand: Highball & Chaser

👤Excellent customer service from them. They sent me two new plastic clips that were the same color and material. They did offer that option. I changed my review because of this. The product is the same cheap plastic, but they don't make it, so they just sell it, and offer you a replacement or a refund, which is great, but not all sellers do it. Thank you for the quick shipment of the replacements. It was awful and cheap. I baked a cake for the family after I got it. The plastic clips on the sides are hard to clip on and only one side works.

👤I bought three of these before Christmas. The first arrived with a big hole in the lid. I ordered another one after returning it. The second one had one of the clasps detached. I was able to put it back on. It was fine on both sides. I ordered a third cake for Christmas and it arrived in perfect condition, but I dropped the cake holder and busted a hole in the lid. I ordered another one this year because I threw the busted one away, and it arrived with a long crack in the lid. I did not take a picture, but I saw that other buyers had posted pictures of theirs arriving cracked as well, and mine was quite similar. I found a better cake carrier at Walmart after I returned the extra handles. I bought a Better Home And Gardens brand from Walmart. It looks like it can hold up to a three layer cake. It can also be used as a cupcake carrier. The plastic lid is heavier than the clear one. The handle in the lid is very secure and it has four clasps to hold the lid in place. The Better Home and Gardens cake carrier is better quality than the one here. I was disappointed in my purchase this year. It's too much hassle to go back and forth ordering. I would go to Walmart to find the Better Home and Gardens cake carrier.

👤This could be a great product if it had better quality locks. If the plastic is put in the fridge it will become brittle. I think waiting for the plastic to warm up might be able to avoid this issue. I can't lift it by the top handle anymore, so it's still functional as a box to put cakes in.

👤I only used it once. The cake was too tall for the lid. So it was a bit on top. It traveled well and was protected. One of the handles broke off when we tried to get them to open again. Extra handles are included because they break easily. They should fix it. The lid cracked after the first wash. I split the frosting off with a soft sponge and didn't cut it or hit it. I wouldn't recommend this.

👤Two of them were perfect and the other was trash. I unlocked it for the first time and the lock on the other side came off.


What is the best product for cake container round?

Cake container round products from Herofiber. In this article about cake container round you can see why people choose the product. Nplux and Unique Imports are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake container round.

What are the best brands for cake container round?

Herofiber, Nplux and Unique Imports are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake container round. Find the detail in this article. Jucoan, Teamfar and Supellectilem are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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