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1. Containers Container Disposable Clamshell Sandwiches

Containers Container Disposable Clamshell Sandwiches

Environmental protection and durable container for cakes,cupcake,sandwich,burger,donuts,cookies,muffins, etc. You will reveice 100 pieces of clear food containers in each package. The outside size of the container is 5.1 inches wide and 2.6 inches deep, and the inside size is 4.3 inches wide and 2.6 inches deep. You can store cake,salad,sandwiches,hamburger,pasta,chips and other foods with them. The plastic clear food boxes are easy to carry and transport. Thehinged design of the food container can prevent food from leaking out and keep it undamaged. The disposable takeout trays are made of high quality plastic material. You can see the food through the transparent material if you find that it can't be closed. The disposable takeout trays are made of high quality plastic material. You can see the food through the transparent material if you find that it can't be closed.

Brand: Szsrcywd

👤The value was not too large or thick. They're thin and stuck together, so it was a little difficult to separate. We had a lot of help so it wasn't a deal breaker. I used to get cake from about 10 that didn't close. The closing issue is most likely caused by 2 that are stuck together. It's sturdy enough for a slice of cake.

👤The product quality isn't the best, but I liked the price. They were a pain to take apart, they were thin, and wouldn't stay closed. I had to keep them closed with stickers. They got the job done, but I wouldn't buy them again.

👤I should have looked at the reviews before buying because they are correct. I had to wrap 75 boxes of cinnamon rolls with ribbon to keep them closed. Extra time and money were wasted. These boxes are the perfect size for baked treats and I wanted to like them.

👤It was hard to work with these containers. They pop open after being put in place. If you want these containers to stay closed, you need a piece of tape.

👤The containers I bought here were the worst I have ever bought. They are so flimsy that they can be easily warped. The part that snaps together never works out because it is so thin. Every time it messed up, it was worse. I haven't received my refund after returning these.

👤I thought they would work for some of my bake goods.

👤Very thin and not strong enough to stack.

👤I want my money back because they are dirty and only arrived in 34 pieces.

2. Dart Container Hinged Plastic Clamshell

Dart Container Hinged Plastic Clamshell

It's great for packing food such as Spaghetti, Macaroni n Cheese, Vegetables, Meatloaf, Quiche, Lasagna, Roast and many other dishes. A snap-tight secure closure is provided by dual bar-locks. These containers are strong and reliable. The ribbed surface of the construction makes it more durable. The tight perimeter seal and the stacking platform make merchandising easy. The length is 6 and the width is 5. 50 clamshell containers were included. 50 clamshell containers were included.

Brand: Dart Container

👤The 50 pack I ordered only came with 49. I needed all 50. I am not sure how I am going to package my 50th cinnamon roll, I am supposed to give our elementary faculty a treat the night before. They are a little flimsy but I am ok with using less plastic.

👤I thought the containers were small. I was wrong to think that they were a perfect size for the cakes and treats that I made easy to stack.

👤The top dozen or more were split in the front. Maybe from an impact? It would shatter on the edge. Clear plastic is very brittle. I may shop around for an alternative quality if I don't get an application. I'm not happy with how easily it splits, and I'm worried about having anyone else stock or store.

👤I used them for food on my daughter's birthday and it was a hit. Good quality.

👤I thought I would be able to fit 6 strawberries, but it closes secure for me. I tried to fit four strawberries, but they couldn't fit 3 if I put the 3rd sideways. I would have to use small strawberries. They work well for a cupcake or muffin, but aren't able to hold much.

👤The product is phenomenal. I made two cakes. There is lemon and chocolate. Cut in squares and give them to the family for pick-up. They thought we bought the cakes from Raley's. They are worth it. The product will be purchased again in the future.

👤Excellent product! With the amount of space, fast shipping with Amazon prime is a must.

👤They were bought to prepare the food for the party. The size is perfect for sandwiches.

👤I buy these every year at Christmas because they work great for what I need.

3. Aluminum Pans Clear Plastic Lids

Aluminum Pans Clear Plastic Lids

The festive royal blue exterior of a Reynolds aluminum cake pan with lid makes it extra special. Let's start baking when the oven is turned on. You can do it all with their aluminum foil pan value pack. They have foil pans that are extra-sturdy. Tin pans are great for storing food for delivery or take-out in a restaurant. Their durable, silver pans are great for presentations. Let's start baking when the oven is turned on. You can do it all with their aluminum foil pan value pack. They have foil pans that are extra-sturdy. Tin pans are great for storing food for delivery or take-out in a restaurant. Their durable, silver pans are great for presentations. The 1-Pound aluminum foil oblong pan and lid value pack is eco friendly and recyclable. Don't worry about cleaning up, just throw them away. Their aluminum trays have a high thermal Conduction which allows them to handle extremely high temperatures in the oven. Premium aluminum pans are eco-friendly. They are also oven and freezer safe. The value pack has 50 1-lb aluminum foil pans with clear plastic lids. Pan dimensions are approximately 1 34” height, 4 18” bottom length, 3 18” bottom width, and 5 18” top length. The dimensions of the lid are 34” Height, 5 12” Length, and 4 9/16” Width.

Brand: Stock Your Home

👤We are a family owned small business that sells donuts. For the last 9 years we have operated from our booth cooking our donuts on site, delivered to our customers in a bag with a variety of sugar spices, hot and fresh. In 2020 the business model was no longer viable so we decided to package the portions of 6 donuts into sealed grab n go containers and sell them at the Farmers Market. These containers are ideal for 6 of our food items. There is a catch. We had a surplus of the aluminum base at the beginning of using the containers. We found out that the plastic lids would stick together and that we would have an even match of base to lids. We are careful to separate the lids, but often there are not 50 in a sealed package. We value the purchase as just ok because of this. It would be great if we could purchase a bunch of the lids to make up for the discrepancy. Maybe the effort of this product review will catch the attention of the manufacturer and we can get lids to match our left over 70 bases. Hope this helps other people with this product.

👤These pans are amazing. They are easy to close with their plastic lid. It's perfect for small cakes. The seller helped me solve the delivery issue. The price for the amount of pans is the only thing that can beat it.

👤The perfect size for containers was these. We made everything and put it in boxes so people could pick it up. Initially they looked small, but they held up.

👤The 2 lbs containers were bought to make individual salads. People liked the single serve approach. They still did the job despite the fact that they were a little brittle. If the contents are heavy, you don't want to stack too many containers. The pan's foil edges were not as sharp as they could have been. When handling, be careful to avoid cuts. A container of 2 lbs was a good size for a salad. It was given people enough space to mix in dressing without having to worry about salad falling out of the container.

👤The foil is a little flimsy and the bottoms don't line up. I would buy again.

👤I have not used all of the products I purchased, so I cannot speak about them. I have used the containers and pans. I will use some of the loaf pans later. I like the quality of the pans. They were thin and flimsy. It was difficult to handle pies without having to double or triple the pans underneath. This isn't an issue with your product. The pound containers are great for making a loaf of banana bread. Along with other baked items, the larger pans will be used.

👤My husband and I cook a lot and always have people over to eat. There is always enough leftover food for people to take home. I had been using the food containers from the Chinese food takeout. I bought these to make it easier for everyone. I thought they were too small, but the containers hold enough food for what we are using them for. Once I use these up, I will be re-ordering. The quality and value are great.

4. MontoPack Disposable Containers Resistance Eco Friendly

MontoPack Disposable Containers Resistance Eco Friendly

Their value pack comes with 50 plastic containers for desserts. Their containers are the perfect size for a single slice of pie or cake. The try's dimensions are approximately 5.500" Length x 4.500" Width and 3.500" Height. Perfect for red velvet cake, chocolate cake, birthday cake, cherry pie, peach strudel, and more. Prepare, transfer, and serve food in perfect organization. Their aluminum foil pans are the best choice for everything from food prep to cleaning. MontoPack makes it easy to plan a meal, host a party, or join a group. Their pans have a deep design and are included with their containers. These classic takeout containers are your go-to choice for soups, stew, fried foods, salads, cookies and more. A simple one-handed edge seal helps keep food fresh. Their foil pans work together to beat the containers. You can pinch the foil edge over the rim of the container for a strong freshness seal. AFFORDABLE, DURABLE, TILE, REUSABLE, then dispensable. A single pack of their 50-count aluminum pans with lids is all it takes to replace heavy dishes, serving trays, cling film, plastic jars, and plastic bags. Pick up any leftovers and throw the pans into recycling. Made of economical aluminum foil. It doesn't mean disposable is wasteful. Their disposable food containers can help you reduce your carbon footprint. They can last a while in your kitchen before they are retired.

Brand: Montopack

👤I'm not downrating this because the mistake on this product was my fault, but just make sure you pay attention to the size, which is stated in the product info but easy to overlook when there's a lot of info in that title. I thought I could use these to carry large salads, but it's barely large enough for a side salad. Not checking the dimensions was my mistake, but just leaving a warning for anyone else so they don't repeat it.

👤It can hold cupcakes. The best price for a bang. I found that this product was cheaper than similar products.

👤I made large squares of rice krispies and chocolate cake from these. They are great for making individual meals for the freezer.

👤The aluminum containers are perfect for bake sales, they fit about 6 cupcakes and can make small cakes in them. I can fit 7 to 8 empanadas in here because of the raised lid. I like that it comes with raised lid because I can fit more inside. I used aluminum foil to close the extra containers because the plastic ones were cracked. I will be buying more soon.

👤It has a raised cover so you don't have to worry about getting food squishy. The smaller size is about the size of a kitchen sponge but deep enough for a good portion of food like for left overs, which is what my intended use is for.

👤These are perfect for individual bakers. Thank you! Thank you God.

👤I like them a lot. I was expecting them to be larger than they were. I realized they are the perfect size after opening them. They are easy to store. My husband and I like to share our food. They're great for leaving overs for friends to take home. I don't have to worry about getting the container back.

👤Nos han gustado mucho estos moldes, pero son un buen tamao.

👤He comprado 5 veces, de cada paquete de 100 piezas. Los contenedores tienen 100 piezas pero las tapas tienen 1 to 4. Agradeceré tomar en un detalle para 100 piezas ntegras.

👤They can be used to cook in and freezer. I can only say that they are great and practical. Thank you.

👤Protegidos y tipo de dao. A mam.

👤The product is good, but I am not happy with the price increase. I bought this one 3 times and now it's worth $111. Like srsly? Don't buy something that isn't worth it. You can find cheaper options.

5. Stock Your Home Plastic Clamshell

Stock Your Home Plastic Clamshell

14 inch diameter x 8 inch tall. The dimensions are 14 x 14 x 8 inches. Premium Quality Plastic Containers: Beautifully display bright salads, pasta, sandwiches, and more in their crystal clear take out trays! Their trays are made of durable plastic and make transportation easy. Their containers are secure and keep your food fresh. The plastic togo boxes for food have lock tabs to securely seal them. When you hear the snap, you will know that the container is tightly closed. They have included slip-resistant tabs to make opening their containers easier. Extra strength is added to heavier meals with the curved, reinforced sidewalls. Their plastic containers are leak resistant, so you won't have to worry about liquids getting in. The tight seal on their containers makes them odor resistant and prevents odors from affecting the taste of your food. They're also safe in the freezer. You can personalize these clear dessert boxes by adding your company logo and/or icon. It's perfect for bakeries, cafes, restaurants, food delivery businesses, food trucks, and more. Their value pack comes with 50 plastic containers for desserts. 5 1/2” L x 5 1/2” W x 2 1/2” H

Brand: Stock Your Home

👤One of the best items I have ordered. We had to have a socially distant 1st birthday party because of COVID 19. Having food prepared by one person and served that way helped a lot.

👤I wanted to give these to people to take home after the event. I've used them for a lot of things. They work well. They stay closed after you secure them. I have had to tape shut some of the other sellers. They are great.

👤The edges that snap together are what the dimensions are for. The food is placed on a 4x4 surface. They were great for the bake sale.

👤A slice of pound cake is given at the drive by graduation celebration.

👤I only gave 4 stars because I thought they could be bigger, but my sandwiches fit just fine. I can't believe I got a compliment on how nice the sandwiches looked inside the containers, and I thought they were ordered from somewhere when we actually made them at home. Excellent containers!

👤My products last for a week in the fridge. It holds about 2 ounces of microgreens. It can be dropped from a table on a concrete floor and still protect the contents.

👤These are perfect for my business. They're affordable, customers can see what they're buying, and by placing a little paper doily in the bottom, it makes them look better. I will be ordering more.

6. Sandwich Plastic Container Dessert Cardboard

Sandwich Plastic Container Dessert Cardboard

It can tolerate up to 60 degrees Celsius. They are made in Taiwan. The set of 50 Craft Paper Box with Clear Lids are not labeled and do not include food. The tray is made of high quality White cardboard and food-grade plastic lid, water and oil proof, Eco-friendly and safe to use, can direct contact with food, beautiful and clear design. The delicious roll cake inside is clearly visible because of the clear design. The roll cake stand fits tightly with the slot on the edge of the lid, good seal performance, easy to fix food and box cover, make food clean and sanitary. Customer service is what it is. They will try their best to help you if you have any concerns. Their greatest encouragement is your satisfaction. Customer service is what it is. They will try their best to help you if you have any concerns. Their greatest encouragement is your satisfaction.

Brand: Xiaohong

👤What I was looking for! Excellent quality as well!

👤Todo lo dems estuvo.

7. Fig Leaf Disposable Aluminum Roasting

Fig Leaf Disposable Aluminum Roasting

When stored in bulk, these pans stack nicely. You should always have a few casseroles, vegetables, breads, and other dishes on hand. The ribbed walls of the Steam Pans make them strong enough for freezing. When the party is over, simply discard or recycle them. Each package contains 30 Half Chafing Dish Steam Pans, which measure 11.75 inches long x 9 inches wide and 2 inches deep. It is made from premium quality aluminum foil that is heavy duty, recyclable, and Stackable. The base is 7.12 inches and the inner dimensions are 8 inches x 8 inches. The snap on plastic dome lids will allow you to keep your food safe. It's perfect for everything from restaurant to-go containers, meal prep containers, school trips, camping, lunch, roasting, sample dishes, outdoor events, and more. 35 plastic dome lid and 35 square pans are included.

Brand: Fig & Leaf

👤It's perfect for our bake sale. These were great for the bake sale. We ordered three sets of lids and they fit well on all of us.

👤The last one I ordered was so brittle that it fell apart when touched. The foil pans are thicker than the ones in the grocery store. The lids are strong. I will buy them again after this purchase.

👤We've always used these for our bakery, but with the Pandemic these went out of stock and we couldn't get them in time for our customers. Reynolds Heavy Duty tins were terrible. I looked at them and they were very flimsy. I will never be caught again without fig and leaf. Their products are heavy duty, well made and they donate their proceeds. Great company and product.

👤I got all my supplies from Walmart but they ran out of trays so I decided to get some here. When I placed an order for square pans, I waited for a few days to receive them, but the trays that came were round! I thought it was okay as it was for raising money and people wont worry if I use square or round pans for the baked goods. I felt a little guilt when I delivered them because some people thought the square pans would fit more items than the round ones.

👤This is the first time I have ordered aluminum containers and I was very pleased with the quality and size of the container. I sell 12 pieces of croissant puddings. I discovered that there were two missing lids. There were only 33 containers in this pack and they were foil square. I only gave it a 4 star review because I was not happy about this. I hope this doesn't happen again.

👤These pans are great for bake sales. I usually make a recipe for a 9 x 13 pan and split it into two different pans. I used to buy these pans at the store. It is cheaper to buy a large pack than it is to buy a small one.

👤A good size and clear lid. You can either bake cake or prepare food. I made 20 mashed potatoes for food baskets and baked 4 coffee cakes. I don't recommend using the cracked lid for storage of items that you need to open frequently. The bottoms are thin and can bend if not supported. Ex. The potatoes need to be moved using a cookie sheet. They are practical because once you remove the lid, you can cook again.

👤These are strong. We like the cover for the pans.

👤It was on time and right for what I needed.

8. Hexagonal Mini Bowl Appetizer Bowl Disposable

Hexagonal Mini Bowl Appetizer Bowl Disposable

These containers are disposable and made of durable plastic. You can have a stress free party. The material is strong and rigid, which allows for exceptional stacking strength, saving you a lot of space. The value is super. Don't compromise on quality. These mini bowls are of the highest quality. These mini bowls are very heavy and made with clear plastic. Each bundle has 40 bowls and their spoons. The product has a dimensions of 3 x 2.6 x 2.5. High quality. The Mini Bowls are very tough and made with clear plastic. These plastic bowls are easy to dispose of. These plastic dessert bowls are unique and stylish. There is a multi purpose. These mini bowls are eco-friendly and free of harmful chemicals. The bowls are not limited to desserts. They can be used for many different types of food presentations. If you want to store leftovers for future use, you can use dessert bowls' lids. It's possible for all of them. These bowls are perfect to use at weddings, parties, tastings, holiday meals, and more. The 30 day money back guarantee policy ensures that you don't lose anything.

Brand: Oasis Creations

👤The product was only used for the event I needed it for. I would have been in trouble if the mother had ordered 30 pudding cups instead of 24. The corner cracked due to them being stacked and compressed to tightly together. I decided to serve open topped after the lids were hit and miss.

👤They were very small, which is what I wanted. Some would stay on and others wouldn't. If you hit a roadbump, all the tops will come off, but a few came damaged, but I blame the transport. The tops were useless on the road, so I probably wouldn't get them again.

👤The product is very thin and must be handled carefully. If I can keep most of the shipment in one piece, I might be able to make a light dessert. The package arrived in a flimsy envelope type mailer rather than a box with air cushion as it should have. I can count 5 that are broken before I open the wrap.

👤A Catan themed birthday party was purchased for. It works for individual portions. They should make a size 3x as big. Didn't use lids. Are you clean?

👤It's super cute. I love the design. The plastic did not break in transit, but did break when used. You have to handle the entire container a lot to get the tiny ledge to be clicked in, and then they pop off easily. I think there will be more quantity for this price.

👤The bowls are large enough to hold a portion. If you are taking them to an outdoor gathering, the Tops make sure nothing gets in there. The little spoons are the perfect touch to the presentation.

👤The spoon is the size of my finger. We enjoyed them at the party.

👤There are mini dessert cups. They were used for a party. The package was cracked along the side which was a shame. The look is cute. The cake had spoons and lids.

👤The material is very thin and easy to break.

9. Containers Container Disposable Clamshell Sandwiches

Containers Container Disposable Clamshell Sandwiches

It's also suitable for filling confettis as confetti poppers shooter. 50 plastic food containers are enough for daily use. The plastic takeout trays are designed with dual bar-locks, which makes them easy to open. The external size of the disposable food container is 5.1 inch Length x 4.7 inch Width x 2.8 inch Depth. Great size for sandwiches, dessert, cakes,salads,cookies,hot dogs and hamburgers. These clear square hinged food containers are made of high quality plastic material, which is strong and reliable, can direct contact with food, and keep food delicious. Their plastic hinged lid food containers are ideal for birthday party, cake shops,supermarkets, outdoor use, easy to carry and transport. Their plastic hinged lid food containers are ideal for birthday party, cake shops,supermarkets, outdoor use, easy to carry and transport.

Brand: Xanllaxa

👤I think the burgers pictured in these photos are small and flat. It is very misleading. I was not able to fit normal sized cake slices in these. The buttons on some of them were not strong enough to close them.

👤These containers are so cheap that they don't stay closed. Poor quality! I don't want a refund, I want it to work on your product or there isn't enough.

👤The container was not strong. I used it for small cookies. Not for the items I intended.

👤The product was not good. It was not sturdy and would not close. The money was wasted.

👤It is super thin and does not close. I purchased the item with the idea of putting cake slices inside only pound cake slices, but it wouldn't close.

👤It was cheap and flimsy. The plastic is very thin. Will not hold anything heavy. It's hard to close and stay sealed.

10. Containers Container Sandwiches Disposable Clamshell

Containers Container Sandwiches Disposable Clamshell

The size of the product is perfect for snacks or treats at the reception. Easy grip tabs make it easy to open the dual locks. A wide variety of products can be achieved with durable, sturdy and reliable clamshells. A classic design to send desserts and pastries home with your customers. The container is a great addition to restaurants and markets. The size of the product is perfect for snacks or treats at the reception.

Brand: Ehomea2z

👤The front of the clam shell is very strong. The back is paper thin, and after opening a few times, it splits, and of course nothing is held it. There are berries everywhere.

👤The last containers I bought were more sturdy. I got them because they would be delivered quicker. They came apart when I opened them more than once. The top fell from the bottom. I hated it.

👤The material is cheap. It was in a box with no wrapping. Don't buy! You will be disappointed.

👤At a small event, I gave out cake slices. It's perfect during confession time since everything has to be kept to a minimum. It is a good value for money.

👤I needed food containers and these things are working great.

👤It's a great value for mothers. I am new to baking and have ordered about 4 cases of theses.

👤A lot of cake is made for friends. I have a better way to deliver my cake.

👤I wish the came in a plastic covering or something similar, they were just in the brown box. They are not as big as I expected.

11. Containers Stackable Tamper Proof Recyclable Container

Containers Stackable Tamper Proof Recyclable Container

The oven and dishwasher are safe. The brownie pan is dishwasher safe, bakes evenly in the oven, and should be hand-washed to save time and hassle. These food containers are a must-have for all cooks. They are perfect for storing soup, fruit, vegetables, leftovers, to-go meals, coffee, tea, snacks, and so much more. There is a tetanus vaccine available. Nothing gets in or out of this set of plastic containers with the snap-on lids. This will help extend the life of the food and maximize safety. It won't take up a lot of space. You don't want to open your pantry to a mess of containers. That won't be a problem with these small containers. You will get a lot of storage space freed up and stay organized by stacking them. It's safe for freeZER and dishwasher. Their meal prep containers are made from heavy-duty plastic that is safe for the freezer, dishwasher, and microwave. The containers in this set won't warp or crack like other togo containers. Bud pack saves you money. These containers are going to save you a lot of money. You can stock up and save with the plastic containers that come with every order. They are great for delis, restaurants, and homes.

Brand: Nyhi

👤I discovered that they're actually 4 ounces by putting 8 ounces in them. I opened the containers and tried to use them, but I'm stuck with these useless containers.

👤The product was advertised as being 4.25" wide, but it is only 3 1/2" wide at the bottom. I couldn't use it to store the product I bought because of the incomplete measurement description. I have to return the product, so I took two stars off.

👤I wanted to make homemade cakes that looked like Korean minimalistic style and I searched everywhere for square Tupperware, and these were perfect. I'm definitely going to buy again and use for more baking gifts.

👤I make my own food for my dogs. I have to make them different food because they have different food allergies. To save time, I like to make big batches, portion them out for each dog, and put them in the freezer. The round containers are more difficult to fit in a freezer than a side by side refrigerator, for example. I can fit 3 across. They are perfect for my needs. They seem strong. They hold 8 ounces despite what another reviewer said. They are made in Canada and are free of the harmful substance.

👤The containers are leakproof and convenient, and they are exactly what I needed. I needed smaller-sized storage for meal portion control, and living in a small place with an apartment-size fridge/freezer, needed square containers to maximize space. These are great! They are leak-proof and are strong. When I had a lot of other storage containers, I hesitated spending on these because they were cheap, thin, and not leak-proof. These don't crack when frozen. Great purchase for me.

👤I have these 8oz. containers. They went through the dishwasher well. I cook and freeze. There are neatly stacked in the freezer. The lids were difficult to remove. Won't be buying more of them.

👤They stack well and are great for freezing meal portions. You should wash well and reuse. They love them and will order additional for food prep fruit and veggies as well as the main entree. It's helpful for people who want to plan ahead and eat healthy.

👤This is the perfect size to freeze. Plastic is a little heavier than Tupperware. It's great for storing casseroles. I used the dishwasher and washed everything in it.

👤It's perfect for small portions. They take up a small amount of space. I have not had a leak when I have sauces in the car. It has worked well. Inexpensive with many uses.

👤No son adecuados para lo q.

👤Nunca recib a pedido.


What is the best product for cake containers with lids square?

Cake containers with lids square products from Szsrcywd. In this article about cake containers with lids square you can see why people choose the product. Dart Container and Stock Your Home are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake containers with lids square.

What are the best brands for cake containers with lids square?

Szsrcywd, Dart Container and Stock Your Home are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake containers with lids square. Find the detail in this article. Montopack, Xiaohong and Fig & Leaf are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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