Best Cake Cutter Set for Wedding Blue

Wedding 25 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Chloe Lighting CH33353VR21 DC3 Tiffany Style Chandelier

Chloe Lighting CH33353VR21 DC3 Tiffany Style Chandelier

If the product received is faulty, please contact me, I will try to improve the product and bring a better shopping experience to the customer. The 60 Watt max E26 type A bulb is not included. The wall outlet switch is hardwired. 486 pieces of glass cut, 63 pieces. Highly skilled with top quality materials. It was finished in an antiqued bronze. It was finished in an antiqued bronze.

Brand: Chloe

👤The light is nice. The hardware looks a bit different in person than it does in the picture. It is a large light. We decided to move it into our dining room because it was too large for the spot we originally planned. We are very pleased with the light. The stained glass is beautiful.

👤Absolutely gorgeous. It looks like a Tiffany lamp. It is easy to assemble. Someone comes over and I get a compliment. It is simply beautiful and bright. It's worth the price.

👤Absolutely gorgeous! It is what you are looking for. The colors are beautiful even without the lights on. The directions could be better. It's not hard to assemble and wire. Such high quality. Highly recommended!

👤The light fixture is difficult to install. The lamp holders that hold the globes are cheap and I hope I don't have to replace them. The fixture comes in many pieces and is difficult to attach. I have been an electrician for 30 years and know how to install light fixture. Just be prepared for a challenging install, this fixture really does look nice.

👤The light is beautiful. This fixture has so many details that it makes it look like a real work of art. It is well constructed, has ample cord and chain, and is gorgeous! It was better than I could have imagined. I love this light and I am very satisfied.

👤The light was packed in the wrong box in China and the wrong directions for assembling it were in the box. Everything was good after I figured that out. I bet on plastic and the globes are glass. It's a nice overhead light, I hope you get the right directions.

👤I wanted a chandelier with light shining down on the table instead of the previous model that 800-381-0266 The glass is very pretty and is complemented by vintage-style bulbs. I want more Tiffany glass because the bronze finish fits with the hardware in the house.

👤I was amazed at how beautiful the lamp looked after I installed it and then turned on the juice, I was so glad I purchased it just in time for dinner.

👤We love the handmade quality of the light, we also went with the Edison bulbs, which makes a difference. In case of damage or not being able to replace the same globe, we want to order 2 more. The response time is days, and still waiting to hear if it is possible to only purchase globes.

👤A piece in my bedroom. I put the bulb in the air.

👤The light is beautiful. Better than expected.

👤The light was easy to install and delivery was earlier than expected.

2. Creative Co Op Stainless Handle Pieces

Creative Co Op Stainless Handle Pieces

It's easy to clean a dishwasher. It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean, and it is a reponsible, healthy, and durable piece of furniture. Wood and horn construction. Comes with a bag for protection. 11.75"L x 0.25"W x 0.25"H.

Brand: Creative Co-op

👤It is what I wanted and what I was expecting. It works for gatherings at home when you break out the good dishes. You want to make sure that he is getting his sustenance when you invite his flamily, because you know those meals. Yeah. That one is mine. Not necessarily the Thanksgiving Turkey but a roasted chicken with a casserole. YAAS!

👤I like the handles. They look good!

👤The knife has a nice metal look and a sturdy handle. The wood has a light coat of something but it is not finished. It would have to be sent to wood with a darker color. I was expecting a high quality wood.

👤My son's wedding was where this item was purchased. The bride picked up the cake and barely made it through one layer, then the knife fell apart in her hands. This is not acceptable. I would like to get a full refund for this.

👤They were very happy with the gift we gave them. I think it's a good idea.

👤Nicer than I thought. They actually have some weight to it.

👤I ordered two sets of them. The knives broke when we were cutting the wedding cakes. Very disappointed! The spatulas did not break and I gave them 2 stars.

3. Homi Wedding Stainless Birthdays Anniversaries

Homi Wedding Stainless Birthdays Anniversaries

Quality and service guarantee are what they pride ourselves on and are responsible for the purchase behavior of their customers. If you have any issues with products, please let them know, they will solve it for you. The most beautiful knife and server set for special occasions, from your wedding day to your birthday, will be by your side to add a touch of elegance. The blades of the charming cake cutting and serving set are made of the highest quality 420 STAINLESS steel and will never rust, corrode or lose their shine. The handles are made of strong, extra durableABS, so that you can save this top quality gold cake serving set as a souvenir. Perfect for any dessert, the 2 piece cake knife and server set is perfect for impressing your guest. The design of the pie server spatula and matching knife makes it easy to use and make the best impressions. It's ideal for any celebration cake, as well as for fruit pies, pumpkin pies, and even quiches and crust pies. The ideal dimensions are 5” x 1” and the knife blade is 8” x 1” with a 1.2mm thickness. A wedding cake knife and server set is a great gift for a soon to be married couple. The gift box for the serving set is burgundy. Birthdays, Mother's Day, Anniversaries or even Housewarming and Holiday parties can be given a cake cutter set as a present.

Brand: Homi Styles

👤I bought this set for my niece's engagement table. Really nice looking. When my daughter got engaged, I bought another for her. She will have an engagement cake table.

👤When I ordered this set, I was excited, but I was let down when I received it. I didn't have to remove them from the box. You could see the scratches from the window. There are scratches on the cake server blade and the knife handle.

👤These type of cake cutter sets are expensive. The purpose of these was to serve for our special Sweet Sixteen celebration. I don't know if the more expensive sets are the same. They have "scratches" that a very picky observer can see. They are sturdy and looked great on the pictures.

👤I bought this cake knife and server because I couldn't find any in stores that were similar to his and hers wedding style. When I opened the envelope after my purchase, the box had no tape or seal. The knife and cake cutter have marks on the handle as I took them out. The quality is not the best. Hopefully they will last through my event.

👤They look cheap but are sturdy. I would have sent these back if I had ordered two Styles. I didn't have time to come back.

👤The items were exactly what I ordered. Very happy.

👤The accent to our cake table was given by this.

👤I received a set as a bridal shower gift.

👤The item was packaged well and I was very happy with it.

4. Ann Clark Cookie Cutters Wedding

Ann Clark Cookie Cutters Wedding

It is made of chrome steel and has a bow. There are cookie cut-out in timeless wedding shapes for your party guests. USA made steel has been certified for over 30 years. The recipe booklet contains delicious cut cookies from Ann's personal recipes. The Clark family makes great sugar cookies. Cut, mold and decorate themed shapes for holidays and parties with baking and party supplies.

Brand: Ann Clark Cookie Cutters

👤They were used to make cookies for a wedding shower. They worked well. It's very versatile as well. The dress can be a clam shell and the ring can be a pineapple.

👤I used them for my daughter's wedding shower. These were what I expected. The wedding dresses broke at the waist line. The cakes were delicious.

👤It's easy to use and the sizes come out perfect.

👤This is a five piece set with cookie cutters. There was a set of cookie cutters in dress shapes. Not happy, that's a waste of time.

👤The cookies turned out great, so I can't complain.

👤I am able to use the cutters with a few adjustments because they are on the flimsy side.

👤I received them very quickly and can't wait to try them, I have other cookie cutters from the same company and will not hesitate to order different ones.

👤I was looking for a long time for a wedding dress cutter. Absolutely worth it.

👤I had good success with the cookie cutter. It is nice and sturdy.

5. Shellkingdom Interlocking Stainless Silverware Personalized

Shellkingdom Interlocking Stainless Silverware Personalized

The wedding cake cutter set is a great inexpensive gift. It is an ideal wedding gift, engagement gift, anniversary gift, housewarming gift, and Mothers' Day gift. It is a perfect gift for your family and friends because it is high quality and durable. The set includes a cake server with a size of 10X2 and a cake knife with a size of 12X1. There are three functions.MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Their cake knife set is so delicate and refined, it can be used for home, kitchen, restaurant or pub, the stylish design can easily match your other flatware. It's perfect for serving dessert. The wedding cake knife and server set comes with a beautiful gift box. It is a great gift for Mother's day, birthday, Christmas, anniversary, wedding, bridal shower, engagement, housewarming, graduation or any other special occasion. This is a note. The cake knife is dishwasher safe, never needs polishing, and will easy break. If you have a problem with the cake knife set, please contact them.

Brand: Shellkingdom

👤A good cake knife serving set for a wedding. The quality of the set surprised me. The handles are heavy and rustic, and the silver parts are clean. There were no places that looked like chrome covered plastic and everything was held together. When I found this set, I was happy. I saved a lot of money by tying ribbons around them. They worked well and turned out great. It arrived quickly.

👤This was bought before my wedding. I was a little hesitant at first because I didn't shop around and just picked the one that would get here as quickly as possible. It was sturdy to cut the cake after opening it, and it looked elegant.

👤It was very cheap and nice. I didn't expect this set to be so cheap. The handles are easy to pull apart.

👤We only use em once. Our wedding day. It's worth my happiness. Yes, my happiness. My husband wants me to be. He loved the hearts on the handles. Just as much as me. It would be a great gift for a future Mr and Mrs.

👤We didn't get a cake cutting set at our wedding, so we ordered this one. It did what we needed it to do.

👤It was not sharp. I thought it was cheap, but it serves the purpose. The wedding is on a tight budget. Is it a positive note? It got here in record time. I'm in crunch mode for a wedding. Are you in need of a set right now? I would do it again. This should be the last thing on your mind. For both of us, this is our second marriage. A monster is Groomzilla.

👤This was perfect and the job was done. It was strong for my cake.

👤These were a great purchase. My son is having a wedding and I wanted to give them to him. There was a white sheet ribbon added to each one. Great purchase!

👤It's sturdy and stylish for a wedding.

6. CATHYLIN REVERIE Collection Wedding Cutting

CATHYLIN REVERIE Collection Wedding Cutting

A wedding cake knife is a gift. The ultimate wedding gift is the server set. The cake cutter and server will be in a purple box that you can give to the newlyweds. The vintage style and elegant design of this collection make it irresistible. The handle is very unique and has a brilliant pattern. The copper part has an antique finish. These tools can impress your guests. A cake server and a cake knife are included. Every day, the desert server is accessible. The cake server set will make you happy when eating your cake. PREMIUM &LONG LASTING MATERIAL: durable, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade, high grade They can last a long time. Perfect gift for yourself, your family, and your friends.

Brand: Cathylin

👤I was putting together a board that I was going to use these for. The packaging was lovely and elegant. I will be using them for a long time. I would be happy to give them to a friend.

👤These are my favorite cheese tools. Excellent quality steel with a great handle.

👤I am very impressed with this set and will be hosting a New Years Eve Party. Everything I wanted was super classy.

👤Knives are made well. The cardboard case is not good for storage. It was thought to have a decorative case.

👤They are perfect for my cheese board. The looks are so fascinating.

👤My engraver said that the quality of the STAINLESS STEEL made it engrave very well.

👤Good quality and beautiful set!

👤Like the looks of the handles.

7. Lenox True Love 2 Piece Dessert

Lenox True Love 2 Piece Dessert

The material is silverplate.

Brand: Lenox

👤I spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect cake cutting set. I decided on them because they were beautiful, and they came as expected. This set took my breath away and I fell in love with it. I would love to give them a 5* review, but I just can't. A plastic bitterknife would have cut better. It was not what I wanted to happen after spending almost $400 on the cake. The knife blade was thick like a piece of cardboard, they hadn't tried to make it sharp. I give this set a 5* because it is sturdy and shiny and looks just like the picture. There is a I wish I could give this set a negative rating because it ruined our cake and made us feel bad. Such a shame.

👤The cake set is pretty, but the knife is just for decoration. You have to use a different knife. It defeats the purpose of having a pretty set.

👤The server and cake knife are gorgeous. It will be used for our wedding in July of 2021. It was in a gift box. The set looks like it cost more than we paid. I love the details in the hearts on the pieces. I would buy this set again for anyone getting married or celebrating a major anniversary. The set is very well made and will add a nice touch to the cake cutting.

👤The knife was bent in one order and the serve was scratched, so be sure to check them over. We had a good set and received credit for the damaged ones. It was probably a mistake. I was very happy with the transaction and these.

👤A couple used the set to cut their wedding cake. The set was a great gift for a great time. The set is highly recommended.

👤Very nice set. I bought these for my son's wedding and was happy with the appearance. I was surprised that the knife didn't have a sharp edge.

👤My Wife's Sister's wedding was where this was purchased. We took our chances since the other reviews were ok, but we read the one review about the tarnish on the silver coating. What a mistake. They arrived fully boxed and wrapped in tissue paper, but when opened they had dark spots on both of their pieces. We tried to clean them with a silver polish, but after an hour we gave up. My wife was able to find the exact item in Macy's for the same price. She explained to the sales person at Macy's that she wanted to open the box before making the purchase. The story has a happy ending because the items were perfect. I can't think of a reason why Amazon is selling items that are not up to retail standards. I had never had a problem with anything purchased at Amazon, but this was disappointing.

👤This set was used to cut the cake at our daughter's wedding. The set is very high quality and looks elegant. The knife is not sharp enough to cut through fondant without a lot of effort. Even the wait staff were having difficulty, even though it was no problem to have the edge sharpened. The set contributed to the beauty of the pictures.

8. Berglander Servers Serving Perfect Birthday

Berglander Servers Serving Perfect Birthday

Live with picture-in-picture. The 2 pieces cake serving set includes a pastry knife and a cake pie server. The cake knife is perfect for any party, wedding, birthday or special event because it is long enough to cut the cakes more efficiently. It is easy to clean up. Good grip is what it is designed to provide. The titanium golding is made of high quality STAINLESS STEEL and is free of lead and nikle. Match all your gold kitchen utensils with titanium gold. The design of this silverware makes it appropriate for formal events. You can put them in a dishwasher to save time in hand washing. It's well-balanced to fit securely in your hand.

Brand: Berglander

👤There are a lot of scratches on it. Not good. You can't tell from far away. We are issuing for our wedding and can't afford to pay 30 dollars for these. They are cheap and look good from far away.

👤I've returned spoons and forks on Amazon because they were too big. If you are looking for a smaller mouth part with the handle regular length, then these are for you. I don't want to put a spoon in my mouth. I've been using these for a few weeks now. It was brand new. No scratches. It was worth the buy. I use these to eat.

👤I like them. They were easy to make and will work well with our wedding theme. They will work well for occasional use in our home. Simple and modern. I wanted to be able to remove the bows and still use them. Awesome set and would buy them again.

👤I don't know if any of you fellow parents are always running out of clean spoons, but we can never seem to have any in the drawer. Why do kids use so many pacifiers? I decided to get some fun rainbow spoons this time because we've already bought extra spoons. Our previous extras were purchased at Target for more money, and these rainbow spoons are better quality for less money. These spoons fit perfectly in your mouth. They are a good size for small children. They are very sturdy and feel nice in your hand. They will last a long time. They are also pretty. I'm going to get another set and get rid of the Target spoons that I don't like. It would be highly recommendable.

👤I wanted to take a wedding cake photo. I bought crystal handles and tied bows and flower pieces on them. These were very colorful and sturdy, but they felt more like serving pie on Thanksgiving than cutting wedding cake. I think you would prefer them as they seemed very well made.

👤Since I am adding to my rainbow silverware, I ordered the tiny rainbow forks. I had my boyfriend over for dinner and handed him a fork, but he laughed at me and said, "no I asked if a fork was a toothpick." I think that's correct. People should understand that they are buying miniature forks if they are thinking of buying these forks. I hope this will help someone else save gas.

👤The length of a salad fork is the closest thing to being a salad fork. Maybe I will serve them as appetizers. They have weight to them but that is the only positive. Money wasted for me. Will have to buy more salad forks.

👤The price and amount of the items included are great. I found the size to be perfect for dessert and coffee banquet style, even though it was smaller than others expected.

👤Es un set de dos piezas para cortar, compuesto por un mango largo. I resultan elegantes para servir, aunque lo uso para un montn de cosas. Desde, el lavado a mano, en el lavavajillas y siguen con el mismo brillo.

9. Wedding Serving Parties Anniversaries Supplies

Wedding Serving Parties Anniversaries Supplies

100% satisfaction guarantee, full refund warranty. The Responsible message reply is 24 hours a day. If you have a problem, tell them and they will try their best to solve it. Their priority is your satisfaction. The size of the cake server is 13 inch and the size of the cake knife is s 27 cm. The style is rustic. Twine wrapped around the handle by a handmade flower is a trendy accessory. The set is great for wedding cakes, wedding gifts,anniversary gifts,bridal shower,engagement party, etc. This cake serving set is a great gift for a wedding and makes a great souvenir.

Brand: Senover

10. Silver Cake Server Set Stainless

Silver Cake Server Set Stainless

This set includes a silver cake knife and a server with graceful and delicate design on the handles. The cake serving set has blades made of steel with pearls on a white ribbon and elegant lace handles. The box was designed to be elegant. It's ideal for creating a lovely reception moment. Classic and elegant designs are great for keepsake and won't go out of style. A stunning cake cutting present is a gift for the bride and groom. You can pass it on as a family heirloom. There is a cake server with a blade that is 28.6 cm long and a knife that is 33 cm long.

Brand: Juvale

👤More beautiful than the picture.

👤In person, it is poorly made. The handles were wrapped in a white ribbon that was peeling off, the spatula was scratched up, and the steel was very flimsy. I got a cheaper one at hobby lobby. Had to come back.

👤They were bought and knew that they weren't going to be the prettiest ones on the market. They held up for the cake cutting and that was all I needed. I don't think the ribbons will last long-term. If you want something for a cake cutting and don't want to spend a lot, these will work.

👤It was well made and superceded my expectations.

👤It broke as I was cutting my wedding cake. Looks terrible. The handle snapped as I was cutting my wedding cake. Do not recommend.

👤A diva wedding needs the right amount of bling. Very cute. The set is sturdy and ready to use.

👤I was surprised when I opened the package and saw how beautiful they were. I was not expecting much for the price, however these exceeded my expectations. I had people ask where I got the praise from. Would definitely recommend!

👤The wedding cake set is being returned. It looks cheap. The handle was wrapped in white material. The stones are put on a plastic sheet that is wrapped around the handle. The blade on the knife was scratched.

👤The gems are beautiful but they are only one side of the knife, and it is sticky to the touch from the glue.

👤They served their purpose and are no longer with us. They are nicer in person.

👤Llegaron, solo, el detalle de la pedrera.

11. Gold Double Heart Wedding Serving

Gold Double Heart Wedding Serving

It's a great gift and a great way to remember your special day. The double heart design gold knife and cake server set features nested hearts design on the bottom with rhinestone accents. A beautiful and elegant engagement or wedding gift, knife and server are presented in a white bottom box with a stunning silver Hampton Link design. The box has a clear plastic cover that makes it easy to see the set. The handles for the knife and server are made from poly resin. Both pieces have sturdy handles with a double heart design on the bottom. The handles are finished in gold. The wedding cake server and knife set are made of premium quality steel and are easy to cut with. It is easy to clean and maintain. The Wedding Cake Knife is 12 feet long x 1 foot wide, and the Wedding Cake server is 10 feet long x 2 feet wide.

Brand: Fashioncraft

👤It's not worth the money as the craftmanship is horrible and the gold looks blurry, it's not worth the money for my wedding on December 31st 2021. This company should really take more pride in their craftsmanship because this is very poor quality and looks very cheap and the longer I keep it the worse it will get.

👤Next time, I would spend more money. It was bought for my wedding and I wanted it to be a good souvenir. The silver coating wore off after the wedding.

👤You can't beat the price of this set. It is a tad bit heavier than it looks. I was expecting more of a metal, but it's more like a plastic. But! We didn't have the cake cutting/server set at the last minute, so this worked out just fine. The plastic didn't bend and it looked great on the table. We were happy.

👤We were worried that they would look cheap but we were only using it for one time and it wouldn't be a focal point of the pictures. They are not cheap to look at. They were perfect for our wedding decor. We definitely recommend them.

👤I was very happy with the set. I would have liked to have gotten them engraved. The set was very sturdy. I was pleasantly surprised by this set.

👤This set is very nice. I will use it for my wedding. The product was great for the price. It's nice and sturdy.

👤These will be useful at a wedding. They are pretty but not exceptional. The price was cheaper than Michael's clearance, and they will do the job nicely. This Das is the right product and price point for something they will rarely use.

👤The writing is small. You get what you pay for. I don't know how sturdy they are, but we will see. If a person is going for simplicity, they are giftable. Can change out the box with some nice ribbon.

👤La presentacin de la pala y el Cuchillo es un hermosa.

👤I bought a wedding cake serving set for my friends' wedding and after one use the knife broke from the handle while it was being washed. The job was done though as it did not break until after the cake cutting. The design was nice and it was also quite fragile.

👤No tienes, son de metal, pero no tienes, color dorado.

👤I added some ribbon and butterflies to the wedding.


What is the best product for cake cutter set for wedding blue?

Cake cutter set for wedding blue products from Chloe. In this article about cake cutter set for wedding blue you can see why people choose the product. Creative Co-op and Homi Styles are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake cutter set for wedding blue.

What are the best brands for cake cutter set for wedding blue?

Chloe, Creative Co-op and Homi Styles are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake cutter set for wedding blue. Find the detail in this article. Ann Clark Cookie Cutters, Shellkingdom and Cathylin are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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