Best Cake Cutting Set for Wedding Engraved

Wedding 25 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Lenox Devotion 2 Piece Dessert Set

Lenox Devotion 2 Piece Dessert Set

The handles of their cake knife and server set are made of inTRICATELY WOVEN double hearts. The blades are Rustproof and have lightly serrated edges. The material is silver- plated. One 13" cake knife was included. The package weight was 0.65 pounds.

Brand: Lenox

👤I was disappointed to learn that these are not single flutes and that the glass part arrives separated from the stems. I assumed the manufacturer designed them this way to make it easier to clean them, but when I put the glasses on the stems they didn't seem sturdy enough. It felt like they would fall apart if I tilted the flutes too high. I expected these to be higher quality, and to feel sturdy, but they were too fragile to use often.

👤I bought this frame for our anniversary photo because it has the right amount of bling to make it look so classy. The frame is sturdy, I don't think you will have to worry about the leg giving way, which happened on the last frame I purchased that lasted about 2 months. You get what you pay for. You will not be disappointed.

👤These are the right balance of dressy and cute. I was looking for a server that would be good for cutting a wedding cake, but could also be used by the couple for birthday celebrations and other special occasions for years to come. These fit the bill. The bride loves them.

👤The cake knife and server look more expensive than they are. There were little crystals at the top of the stems. I only use them a few times and recommend hand washing them.

👤This was part of a wedding gift. My heart should always hold Loving pictures such as a Wedding pic because of my love for Lennox. I have some Crystal pieces but they are hard to find. Thank you for that.

👤This was a present for my cousins. He and his fiancée were happy.

👤It is wonderful to have a tool like this when cutting a cake. It's not too expensive but it's beautiful! When it is time, you get the knife and server. I put them back in the box. A must!

👤This set is gorgeous. You can tell it's quality by the set's weight. The diamonds at the top are beautiful. It is perfect for our wedding and for a lifetime. I didn't want to buy a cheap cake knife and server just for the wedding, I wanted a set that I could use over and over, and this just fit the bill.

👤Se mucho gracias, en la foto y estan inclreiblemente, super recomendadas.

👤Idénticas a la foto, de las hermosas.

👤Producto, una calidad del material, perfecto. It's ideal para regalo y vas.

👤Llegaron intactas, tal, se ven en la foto.

2. AW BRIDAL Wedding Anniversary Birthday

AW BRIDAL Wedding Anniversary Birthday

A wedding cake knife and server set is a great gift for a soon to be married couple. The gift box for the serving set is modern and elegant. Birthdays, Mother's Day, Anniversaries or even Housewarming and Holiday parties can be given a cake cutter set as a present. A wood cake knife and server set are included. These cake cutting sets are made from solid wood and sanded to a smooth surface. It is a stunning addition to your wedding. The cake server is approximately 11.28''W *2.75''D *0.09''H, the knife set is approximately 12.2''W *1.14''D *2.65''H. 2 piece cake knife and server sets are packaged in a gift Wrap. There are ideal wedding gifts for bride and groom, anniversary gift, birthday party gift, Mother's day gift, Christmas gift, bridal party gift, baby shower gifts, engagements gifts and etc. It's perfect for casual or elegant entertaining. Such as wedding, bridal shower, birthday, housewarming, home dinner, kitchen, restaurant, etc. The vintage design is a nice decor. A perfect cake cutter, pie server, pie cutter, serving utensils and cookie cutter are also included. Just choose your favorite style and click "Customize Now" to create a unique gift. Don't put a towel in a dishwasher or submerge it in water, towel dry immediately after wash.

Brand: Aw Bridal

👤The perfect cake knife and serving set was purchased for a wedding. My daughter didn't like them from the pictures. I told her to trust me. I am glad that ended well. The grain is beautiful and not bulky. It was perfect! Thank you.

👤These are beautiful and affordable. They are perfect for a wedding.

👤These are great. I ordered the more expensive ones first. I paid $50 for them because they were engraved. Save money. The seller had no customer service and the price was not nice. I had to deal with Amazon to get my money back. I ordered them and they were over the top. It was a great price. No one will see them at a wedding. They were in a cotton bag. The other ones did not. The color of these is better.

3. Fashioncraft Vintage Double Design 2468

Fashioncraft Vintage Double Design 2468

Birthday party, baby shower, wedding shower, bridal shower, housewarming party, engagement party, graduation celebrations and also can be used for cake pops. The Double Heart Design knife and cake server set has a knife and a cake server, each with a knife that is serrated for easy cutting. The wedding cake knife and server set features two interlocking hearts in a cut-out see-through design and is painted in a vintage antique ivory color with gold leaf accents. The size of the cake server is 10 feet by 2 feet. The size of the cake knife is 12 5/8" The double heart design knife and cake server set are packaged in a display box with a vintage floral design in a light pink color.

Brand: Fashioncraft

👤I had to order them again because they wouldn't come in time for my wedding. They look pretty on the surface, but they are cheap to make. So if you just want to look. If you want it to cut your cake, I would look elsewhere. The box they were in was destroyed when I got them. It looked like they ran it over with a car before they shipped it to me, so I don't have a box to store them in, so if you can find better ones before you consider these.

👤The item was broken before it was shipped. The material of the handles is not strong enough.

👤I had been looking for a cake serving set for a long time. I wasn't finding anything that I liked and I was ok with it. I wanted something very cheap, but not so cheap that it fell apart in my hand, as it is something I will likely use rarely or never again. I was hesitant after reading the reviews, but decided to try it out after reading that the set was broken on arrival or as it was being used. It wasn't much of a risk for $11. The quality of the set surprised me. The handles are heavy and rustic, and the silver parts are clean. There were no places that looked like chrome covered plastic and everything was held together. I am not going to use the set for a while, but I am confident that it will work. I ordered the champagne glasses that matched and they were not good.

👤The items I received were broken and you can see that in the picture. I wish I could not give it stars. I am very disappointed. You get what you pay for.

👤I bought this set for my wedding. It was the same as our table centerpiece and pen guestbook. It's easy to cut our cake with the beautiful, well made resin. I will use them in the future of our marriage.

👤I was worried that it was cheap and that it wouldn't work, but I bought it anyway and it worked out great! It looked pretty and was a great price. You want to save money when it comes to weddings so I would recommend buying these!

👤This set is for my wedding. I was surprised by how good they looked. I took the chance and bought them even though I thought they would break. A knife set is not a priority for us as we aren't doing a traditional wedding cake. My fiancée and I are just eating a cheesecake and getting cupcakes for guests. We need it for a couple of cuts. It will do the job and for the price, I can't complain.

👤Absolutely garbage! I ordered them in March for my wedding. It's too late to get my money back since they broke during our cake cutting at the wedding. I hope they see this and send me a refund, we had to cut our cake with a plastic knife.

4. Server Stainless Weddings Elegant Events

Server Stainless Weddings Elegant Events

Measures 9.75 inches long x 2 inches wide at the widest point. 12.88L X 1.75W X.63H Can be used for fancy dinners. It's an ideal gift for Mother's Day.

Brand: Godinger

👤I was disappointed in the way this was received. You could hear the metal hitting each other as you walked with the package. It was obvious to see when I opened it. The small bands that held the knife set didn't stay. The metal was heavy. One was not connected to the cardboard anymore. The knife and server were banging against each other, causing small scratches on the metal. There was a small flaw on the knife that can be seen in the photo. The blade and handle meet there. I have included how I opened it to see it and how it wasn't packaged well.

👤This set is wonderful. This was the cake cutting set for our wedding. The gold accents on this set were very nice. We use this to cut cakes for our birthdays. We love this set. The gold doesn't wear off and it's easy to wash. They still have their shine a year later. The weight of the handle makes it feel cheap. I think we got a decent bang for our buck on these.

👤I took the risk even though I was hesitant after reading reviews. The item was wrapped in tissue paper and a bag and delivered in a box. I can't wait to use them at our wedding because there is no damage. I would recommend these to anyone.

👤They seem sturdy and pretty. They have chips, missing gold and tarnishing. There are black marks where the knife/spatula con tel was clearly ground and the metal was worn off. I am sad.

👤They are great for a wedding. They did a great job of photographing.

👤My daughter is getting married. I was concerned that it would look cheap because she was trying to save money. It was very unusual and lovely. The gold rimmed dishes and gold flatware worked well with it. It is made from solid materials. We were very happy with this choice.

👤This was bought as an engagement gift for a couple. It was too expensive when I first came across it. I was glad I was able to find an affordable alternative. It makes for a great gift, I didn't use it, but I can't comment on it's function. The couple liked it.

👤This was added to my daughter's wedding cake. She was excited about the design. Well done. It was well cleaned up after use and will be a good set.

👤We were not going to have a special knife for cutting our wedding cake, but when we stumbled upon this set, it was so unique and a great price, we couldn't go past it. We were very happy with the quality and finish of the item. The pieces are heavy and don't feel cheap. We will keep these for a long time to remind us of our wedding day.

👤Absolutely stunning! The quality is heavy. Can't wait to see it on my wedding day.

👤Excellent quality exceeded my expectations.

👤The cake server set is for our wedding. We will engrave them. They are elegant and unique. The craftsmanship was good. There is a flaw in the part where the knife blade joins the handle, there is excess welding material on the front of the joint. I don't want to return it. Everything else is the same. I'm very pleased with the quality and price of the product. I would recommend it to others.

5. Fashioncraft Hammered Design Stainless Wedding

Fashioncraft Hammered Design Stainless Wedding

The stylish set consists of two pieces. The first is a cake server. The second piece is a cake knife. The wedding cake knife and server set have sturdy poly resin handles. The handles are made of shiny silver. The size of the cake server is 10 feet by 2 feet. The size of the cake knife is 12 1/2 x 1. The cake knife and server set are packaged in a white bottom with a silver Hampton link design. There is a clear display front for easy viewing of the cake server and cake knife inside the box.

Brand: Fashioncraft

👤It looks nice. We haven't had the wedding yet, so we can't comment. I'm sure it will work. It is very attractive and good for the price. I didn't want to spend a lot on something that I would only use once. I'm sure it will work out.

👤The set is pretty and not cheap. It is not very strong. I used it several times in the office after buying it three months ago. The blade part flew when someone was cutting an ice cream cake. Thank goodness. The craftsmanship of the knife can be improved. It would be a much more study knife if the part from the blade went further into the handle. The least amount of pressure causes it to break. This should suffice for light and fluffy cakes.

👤I took the product out of the packaging to make sure it worked. It seems to be sturdy and I don't think they will break from cutting the cake at my wedding. I was a little disappointed in the handles. The paint is not smooth. There are marks on both handles. I don't think it will be noticeable from a distance or in a picture. There is a ring around the blade and handle. It is loose and spins. I think it is worth it for the money. You only use it once for 5 minutes.

👤The product exceeded my expectations. It was very heavy and beautiful. The price is a great value. I expected the knife to be a bit larger, but I am not complaining! It can be used many times in the future. I was very satisfied with my purchase.

👤The clear engraving on the photos of this item made me choose it to gift. I was disappointed by the quality of the pieces and the poor engraving. It was difficult to read the words. I could have picked the same item at the local store for half the price. Very disappointed. I was glad I got another shower gift as this looked cheap and didn't look good in a box.

👤The quality was not enough to make us trust cutting many layers of cake. I bought some better quality ones from a wedding shop. Quality very thin steel is great. No returns were accepted.

👤I was looking for an inexpensive set of tools. This is light and attractive for parties and get togethers.

👤These are what I was expecting. They look nice! They are not high quality, but they will be great for my wedding. Very happy.

6. Lenox True Love 2 Piece Dessert

Lenox True Love 2 Piece Dessert

The material is silverplate.

Brand: Lenox

👤I spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect cake cutting set. I decided on them because they were beautiful, and they came as expected. This set took my breath away and I fell in love with it. I would love to give them a 5* review, but I just can't. A plastic bitterknife would have cut better. It was not what I wanted to happen after spending almost $400 on the cake. The knife blade was thick like a piece of cardboard, they hadn't tried to make it sharp. I give this set a 5* because it is sturdy and shiny and looks just like the picture. There is a I wish I could give this set a negative rating because it ruined our cake and made us feel bad. Such a shame.

👤The cake set is pretty, but the knife is just for decoration. You have to use a different knife. It defeats the purpose of having a pretty set.

👤The server and cake knife are gorgeous. It will be used for our wedding in July of 2021. It was in a gift box. The set looks like it cost more than we paid. I love the details in the hearts on the pieces. I would buy this set again for anyone getting married or celebrating a major anniversary. The set is very well made and will add a nice touch to the cake cutting.

👤The knife was bent in one order and the serve was scratched, so be sure to check them over. We had a good set and received credit for the damaged ones. It was probably a mistake. I was very happy with the transaction and these.

👤A couple used the set to cut their wedding cake. The set was a great gift for a great time. The set is highly recommended.

👤Very nice set. I bought these for my son's wedding and was happy with the appearance. I was surprised that the knife didn't have a sharp edge.

👤My Wife's Sister's wedding was where this was purchased. We took our chances since the other reviews were ok, but we read the one review about the tarnish on the silver coating. What a mistake. They arrived fully boxed and wrapped in tissue paper, but when opened they had dark spots on both of their pieces. We tried to clean them with a silver polish, but after an hour we gave up. My wife was able to find the exact item in Macy's for the same price. She explained to the sales person at Macy's that she wanted to open the box before making the purchase. The story has a happy ending because the items were perfect. I can't think of a reason why Amazon is selling items that are not up to retail standards. I had never had a problem with anything purchased at Amazon, but this was disappointing.

👤This set was used to cut the cake at our daughter's wedding. The set is very high quality and looks elegant. The knife is not sharp enough to cut through fondant without a lot of effort. Even the wait staff were having difficulty, even though it was no problem to have the edge sharpened. The set contributed to the beauty of the pictures.

7. MooMouM Wedding Cake Knife Server

MooMouM Wedding Cake Knife Server

The most important thing for them is your feeling of using. If you have a problem with their products, please contact them by email, they will give you a reply as soon as possible. Clear plastic has a cut crystal look. The knife is 13 inches long. A set is a great gift. The handles are 888-405-7720

Brand: Moomoum Jdyyicz

👤This serving set is the best for the amount I paid. The handles are very light. The quality of the steel is good. I wouldn't buy something heavier for every day use. There is a For the purpose I'm using them, I have no complaints.

👤It's good quality and sturdy, but it's cheap. The bag with lots of tape was used to wrap the packaging. I tried to unwrap the knife and it was very sharp.

👤You get what you pay for. They're gorgeous! They worked for the cake cutting at the reception. The knife rusted after being washed.

👤I didn't expect the knife to fall out of the handle when I received it, but I was not expecting the best quality. I had no issues with this item, apart from the wobbling of the knife. I think it's value for money based on the price. The crystal handle made the item more elegant. Still, would recommend it.

👤These were perfect for our wedding. Exactly what we wanted.

👤It was perfect for our wedding.

8. Wedding Serveing Weddings Anniversaries Birthdays

Wedding Serveing Weddings Anniversaries Birthdays

The cake server is 8. Wedding cake knife and serving set, wedding cake cutter set,Pizza cutter,Pie cake server set,cake and knife set, wedding bridal shower gift. The size of the cake server is 13 inch and the size of the cake knife is s 27 cm. The style is rustic. Both are made of STAINLESS STEEL and wrapped around the handle by handmade. The set is great for wedding cakes, wedding gifts,anniversary gifts,bridal shower,engagement party, etc. This cake serving set is a great gift for a wedding and makes a great souvenir.

Brand: Senover

👤This purchase is not worth it because I have been shopping around for a while. I should have made my own self. I was very excited when I opened the mail. When I opened it. There was hot glue all over it and it wasn't even bothered to be cleaned up or covered. I wouldn't spend my money on it. I was not happy about it.

👤I didn't like many of the cake and knife server sets I found in the stores. I didn't like the price in the stores and it was a lot of money for me to spend on something that I might not use. Found these and love them. I used a rustic theme for my wedding and they were pretty durable. I can reuse them for other occasions.

👤I bought these for my wedding. They were perfect for my wedding reception at a winery. At my grandmother's 50th wedding anniversary, they held up amazing and got lots of praise for how pretty they were. If I could give more stars, I would.

👤These were not terrible but they looked cheap. No one looks at your utensils. I was hoping to keep these after my wedding, but they are too cheap.

👤They are a good value for the money, they are cute, but shipping took a while. They look well put together.

👤My daughter's wedding was a rustic themed. The cake was easy to cut through the heavy metal. A nice display was made on the table.

👤These were perfect! They weren't going to make it on time, so we wanted some with engraved names. These were perfect!

👤The twine came unglued as we tried to cut out the cake at our wedding. It won't be a big deal.

9. Silver Cake Server Set Stainless

Silver Cake Server Set Stainless

An exceptional gift. Idea. Kitchen items are always appreciated. The cake knife and server set is a gift that can be given for any special occasion. The beautiful wedding cake supplies include a silver cake knife and server with graceful and delicate design on the handles. High quality. There are pearls on the wrapped white ribbon and lace handles. The box was designed well. The creation of a memory is done by creating MEMORY: It's ideal for creating a lovely reception moment. Classic and elegant designs are great for keepsakes and won't go out of style. Gifts for engagement, anniversary, birthday, bridal shower, and housewarming party are stunning. You can pass it on to your family. DIMENSIONS The cake server is 28.6 cm long with a blade that is 14 cm long.

Brand: Juvale

👤The wedding was co-ordinated by a good friend's daughter and she didn't have a cake serving set for the reception so she wanted to bless her and her fiancée with this set. This set is pretty and looks great because of the white lacing on the handles. The handles underneath the lacing and the blade and serving parts were all very good quality, and I was very pleased with this set! It is a great value for the money. It was a great addition to the wedding cake table. The bride was very happy to receive it, it looked great on the table, and it did a great job of cutting and serving.

👤Our wedding theme was timeless classic meets playful and we wanted a cake cutter set that fit that. When we looked at other sets, this one was the best value and we decided to order it. The knife and server had a good weight and the packaging was well made. We will enjoy the lace and pearl details.

👤I was disappointed in the cheap look of this item. You get what you pay for.

👤If you take the silk and lace handles off, you get a gorgeous crystal look.

👤The wedding cake set was of good quality. I will purchase from this seller again.

👤It has a rip on the ribbon and doesn't know why it was sent that way.

👤I bought for my wedding. What I was looking for.

👤Didn't have any issues. It worked well with my cake table. It was engraved at a shop in my hometown. It was engraved by a lady who said that it was easy to work with and that it was a nice set.

👤It worked well for cutting my wedding cake, and it was very nice with lace around the handle.

10. Homi Styles Stainless Birthdays Anniversaries

Homi Styles Stainless Birthdays Anniversaries

This cake serving set is a great gift for a wedding and makes a great souvenir. The most beautiful knife and server set for special occasions is timeless gold color and unique design plastic handles, and will be by your side to add a touch of elegance to your special moments. The blades of the charming cake cutting and serving set are made of the highest quality 420 STAINLESS steel and will never rust, corrode or lose their shine. The handles are made of strong, extra durableABS, so that you can save this top quality gold cake serving set as a souvenir. Perfect for any dessert, the 2 piece cake knife and server set is perfect for impressing your guest. The design of the pie server spatula and matching knife makes it easy to use and make the best impressions. It's ideal for any celebration cake, as well as for fruit pies, pumpkin pies, and even quiches and crust pies. The ideal dimensions are 5” x 1” and the knife blade is 8” x 1” with a 1.2mm thickness. A wedding cake knife and server set is a great gift for a soon to be married couple. The gift box for the serving set is burgundy. Birthdays, Mother's Day, Anniversaries or even Housewarming and Holiday parties can be given a cake cutter set as a present.

Brand: Homi Styles

👤The bride loved them because they looked so cute. They broke the cake before cutting it. If they are just for show, I wouldn't recommend them.

👤It was received on time. A nice shirt at a reasonable price. Very pleased with the product.

👤It will be great for the wedding day.

👤Not heavy at all. It was light and appeared to not hold up. The knife was damaged when it arrived. Returned the set. The reviews should have been read first.

👤Very nice set. I need a gold tone for my wedding. I made it a bit better, since it is a very plain set. I put roses on them. They look great. The item was great for the price.

👤The handles are light and make the set feel cheap.

👤I wanted something special for my party, but this feels cheap. The handles are cheap. I will return it. No tienes porque la parte de donde se agarran es plastica. No merece lo pagas. Para fiesta, no vale la pena. It's lo regresare.

11. GURUDAR Stainless Supplies Birthday Anniversary

GURUDAR Stainless Supplies Birthday Anniversary

It's a great gift and a great way to remember your special day. The most beautiful knife and server set for special occasions is timeless gold and has unique handles to add a touch of elegance. Excellent quality can be enjoyed for a long time. The cake serving set is made of high-quality food-grade STAINLESS steel and gold anti-rust coating from the handle to the blade to ensure that they will not rust, corrode or lose their shine. Premium materials and high-end vintage design ensure that this product can be kept for a long time. It's perfect to use for any cake or PIE, and it's perfect to impress your guest with your elegant 2 piece cake knife and server set. The design of the pie server spatula and matching knife makes it easy to use and make the best impressions. It's ideal for any celebration cake, as well as for fruit pies, pumpkin pies, and even quiches and crust pies. The cake pie pastry knife and cake pie pastry server are made with non-slip vintage handles and are ideal for serving your dessert. A wedding cake knife and server set is a great gift for a soon to be married couple. The gift box for the serving set is modern and elegant. Birthdays, Mother's Day, Anniversaries or even Housewarming and Holiday parties can be given a cake cutter set as a present.

Brand: Gurudar

👤I bought this for my mom for Christmas and it's a nice set. It is a very yellow gold color which was perfect to go along with her other flatware set for special occasions. It arrived in a giftable box. I would recommend this set to anyone.

👤The set was bought for a daughter's wedding. What we were looking for. The gift box was nice.


What is the best product for cake cutting set for wedding engraved?

Cake cutting set for wedding engraved products from Lenox. In this article about cake cutting set for wedding engraved you can see why people choose the product. Aw Bridal and Fashioncraft are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake cutting set for wedding engraved.

What are the best brands for cake cutting set for wedding engraved?

Lenox, Aw Bridal and Fashioncraft are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake cutting set for wedding engraved. Find the detail in this article. Godinger, Fashioncraft and Moomoum Jdyyicz are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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