Best Cake Cutting Set for Wedding with Glasses

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1. Tytroy Wedding Serving Stainless Crystal

Tytroy Wedding Serving Stainless Crystal

It is recommended that you wash your hands. The set includes a 13in knife, an 11in server, and faux crystal non-slip handles. It's perfect for special occasions like retirement, engagement, anniversary, bridal shower, wedding and housewarming party. It's perfect as a gift as well. They go nicely with any special occasion, such as a wedding or birthday cake. You can either keep them or pass it on to your children. It's great for a souvenir and won't go out of style. The blades can be engraved with a loving message or a special date to make your day even more special. This service is not included.

Brand: Tytroy

👤My sister received this set as a gift. I had a similar one when I was a part of a wedding show. I didn't know there was a cutting knife in this set, I only had the wide utensil. I used it to cut and serve cake. It is better to have both items. It was used by my sister the next time we had cake. It is functional and pretty to look at. I thought about it as a replacement when I saw her cutting cake with a knife that was bent in the middle and she made a slightly curved cake slice. I was looking for another product when I saw this. She is very happy.

👤My sister is getting married. I've been helping out as much as I can. She was on a limited budget. The utensils I found were more expensive than they were cute. I wanted to decorate them to match her candles. They are a good buy for $6. They may not last a lifetime, but they are strong enough to serve their purpose. They turned out to be pretty cute. They were pretty before I changed them. If you're looking for utensils to get the job done, these should be the ones for you.

👤I am not shy of buying low quality items, but this was a joke. There is a piece of shit. This is a disposable picnic wear. I would show you a video. Amazon wants to take control of my pictures. Not. Trust me, it is.

👤You get what you pay for. They serve the purpose they were intended for, but are cheap. If you want an item that you can keep for a lifetime, these are not for you.

👤They are using cheap metal. The price is great but not presentable for a gift.

👤You get what you pay for. It broke while cutting the cake. It's not worth your money.

👤It was smudged and scratched, very disappointing.

2. Wedding Toasting Reception Supplies Champagne

Wedding Toasting Reception Supplies Champagne

First quality brand new You will get 2 pieces champagne flutes, 1 piece cake knife, and 1 piece pie server with the package. The toasting flutes are made of glass, the cake knife and server are made of rustproof steel, and the server has lightly serrated edges. The couple can raise a glass to cheer to the love of their life with these elegant wedding toasting flutes. The champagne flute glass is 10 inches in height, the knife is 13 inches in length, and the cake server is 10 inches in length. It's nice for your birthday party, bridal shower, outdoor celebration and other occasions.

Brand: Boao

👤They didn't know how to handle the product because it was made of glass and the box was not fragile. It was broken when I received it. I don't have enough time to get my stuff resent again because the day I'm gonna use them is approaching.

👤The toast was very special and the flutes for the bride and groom looked amazing. I have 2 coming up and I wish they had some for them. The company that makes them has an idea. Please make other colors.

👤I was looking for a matching flute and cake cutting set, this one came in search and I was more than happy with it, my wife loved it and said we keep it for every year anniversary. No regrets.

👤The glasses are pretty, but they have flaws. The first set was sent back because of the same issue. Sending these back and hoping that the 3rd time is a charm and that I receive them on time!

👤The toasting glasses were broken when they arrived. The cake server was small and I thought it would be larger. I will return the set.

👤These are an inexpensive alternative to pretty glasses. They came in a nice box with foam cutouts to keep them safe and snug.

👤The glasses were cute but the cake utensils were not sturdy for cutting. They bent over when cutting out cake.

👤I was expecting my parents to love it.

3. Server Stainless Weddings Elegant Events

Server Stainless Weddings Elegant Events

Measures 9.75 inches long x 2 inches wide at the widest point. 12.88L X 1.75W X.63H Can be used for fancy dinners. It's an ideal gift for Mother's Day.

Brand: Godinger

👤I was disappointed in the way this was received. You could hear the metal hitting each other as you walked with the package. It was obvious to see when I opened it. The small bands that held the knife set didn't stay. The metal was heavy. One was not connected to the cardboard anymore. The knife and server were banging against each other, causing small scratches on the metal. There was a small flaw on the knife that can be seen in the photo. The blade and handle meet there. I have included how I opened it to see it and how it wasn't packaged well.

👤This set is wonderful. This was the cake cutting set for our wedding. The gold accents on this set were very nice. We use this to cut cakes for our birthdays. We love this set. The gold doesn't wear off and it's easy to wash. They still have their shine a year later. The weight of the handle makes it feel cheap. I think we got a decent bang for our buck on these.

👤I took the risk even though I was hesitant after reading reviews. The item was wrapped in tissue paper and a bag and delivered in a box. I can't wait to use them at our wedding because there is no damage. I would recommend these to anyone.

👤They seem sturdy and pretty. They have chips, missing gold and tarnishing. There are black marks where the knife/spatula con tel was clearly ground and the metal was worn off. I am sad.

👤They are great for a wedding. They did a great job of photographing.

👤My daughter is getting married. I was concerned that it would look cheap because she was trying to save money. It was very unusual and lovely. The gold rimmed dishes and gold flatware worked well with it. It is made from solid materials. We were very happy with this choice.

👤This was bought as an engagement gift for a couple. It was too expensive when I first came across it. I was glad I was able to find an affordable alternative. It makes for a great gift, I didn't use it, but I can't comment on it's function. The couple liked it.

👤This was added to my daughter's wedding cake. She was excited about the design. Well done. It was well cleaned up after use and will be a good set.

👤We were not going to have a special knife for cutting our wedding cake, but when we stumbled upon this set, it was so unique and a great price, we couldn't go past it. We were very happy with the quality and finish of the item. The pieces are heavy and don't feel cheap. We will keep these for a long time to remind us of our wedding day.

👤Absolutely stunning! The quality is heavy. Can't wait to see it on my wedding day.

👤Excellent quality exceeded my expectations.

👤The cake server set is for our wedding. We will engrave them. They are elegant and unique. The craftsmanship was good. There is a flaw in the part where the knife blade joins the handle, there is excess welding material on the front of the joint. I don't want to return it. Everything else is the same. I'm very pleased with the quality and price of the product. I would recommend it to others.

4. Wedding Stainless Birthdays Holiday Anniversary

Wedding Stainless Birthdays Holiday Anniversary

The perfect hostess gift is a chic set that is practical and stunning for any special occasion. The blade of the wedding cake knife and server set is made of high quality 420 STAINLESS STEEL, the handle is made of wood, and the upgraded double card slot reinforcement design is truly anti breaking, anti falling, and anti slip. The ideal dimensions are 5.1'' x 1.1'',Knife Blade 8.3'' x 1.4'', server blade 5.7'' long, and 1.2mm thick. The blades of the cake cutting and serving set are made of high quality STAINLESS STEEL and will not rust, corrode or lose their shine. It is easy to clean up, but also looks beautiful and luxurious. Workers wear gloves and handle with care during the production process. The cake spatula and pie server need to be packaged in a beautiful box in order to keep them clean and avoid collision. If you are still worried about choosing gifts for special occasions such as weddings,shower parties,receptions and birthdays, wedding gifts for bride and groom and couple and Golden Wedding Anniversary, then this cake server is your best choice. Thanks for allowing All Thing Eternal to be a part of these special moments. Finish types Clear Cut.

Brand: Emonya

👤I had no regrets about taking a chance on this. They are strong with wooden handles. They are also dishwasher safe. I recommend putting them on the top rack of the dish washer. Great product!

👤My daughter's wedding has a lovely addition.

👤This set was terrible. Our wedding cake was cut in the middle of a break. It was great for pictures but not much else.

5. Gold Hammered Handle Knife Server

Gold Hammered Handle Knife Server

It cuts through the most delicate pastries without affecting the elegant shape. It is made of quality steel. Measures 13 inches long. The item must be made in the local area. A beautiful and unique gift item.

Brand: Creative Gifts

👤Love at first sight. When I received it, I was in love again after buying it for my own wedding. I was hesitant about the price because I wouldn't use it a lot. It was worth every single penny. The set is well made and stylish. It can be easily wrapped to be a gift.

👤I don't like cake knife server sets that cost less than $100 because they are cheap and tacky. The set is nicely packaged and has ahammered finish on the handle. The knife and server were wrapped in plastic and tissue and resting in the styrofoam base, they were packaged in a grey box with a "satin" lined interior. My son's wedding reception will be beautiful.

👤The item color is a bit lighter than the picture shows. More of yellow gold than brown gold. They work well, and are as well-versed as possible.

👤These were great for my wedding cake service. Beautiful and strong. Happy to use in the future. No spotting on the wash.

👤We use them for all of our birthdays.

👤A little pricey. It looked great at our winter wedding. Both items are heavy.

👤Our wedding reception decor was perfect with this knife and server set. I was running out of time and options so I ordered this set on a last minute basis. I was absolutely loving them. They looked great for the price and were really sturdy.

👤When I bought this, I made a good decision. I would like to thank Amazon, I am happy.

6. 4 Piece Wedding Supplies Champagne Toasting

4 Piece Wedding Supplies Champagne Toasting

It's perfect for romantic events. Make sure they are in your photo shoot. It was built to last. A must have item. The ideal elegant and sophisticated meal serving set includes 1 Serrated Knife, 1 Pie slice server, and 2 champagne flutes. The knife and pie server have edges that are serrated. The knife has a long blade and the pie server has a short blade. Both have a ribbon bow, crystal, ribbon rope wrapped handle for a better grip when handling meat or cakes. The champagne flutes are ideal for holding champagne, wine, or a classy cocktail. The glasses have lace cotton and ribbon bow, crystal, ribbon rope, and add that extra touch of natural elegance. DIMENSIONS: The Serrated knife is 13.21 x 1 x 1.1 Inches, the Pie server is 11 x 1 x 2 Inches, and the Champagne Flute is 2.5 x 8.4 x 2.5 Inches. The dinner serving set is a perfect gift for newlywed friends, relatives, neighbors or as a party accessory. As you toast to health, wealth and good times, serve the party guests their cake.

Brand: B O B O

👤Product was broken when it arrived. The beads came off. The cake knife and server are flimsy. Had I been able to get a replacement, I would have returned.

👤It was beautiful and my mom loved it.

👤It has a weird smell but nothing can be done to fix it.

👤I was speechless by the display on the cake table, but I wish I had plate and forks.

7. Lenox True Love 2 Piece Dessert

Lenox True Love 2 Piece Dessert

The material is silverplate.

Brand: Lenox

👤I spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect cake cutting set. I decided on them because they were beautiful, and they came as expected. This set took my breath away and I fell in love with it. I would love to give them a 5* review, but I just can't. A plastic bitterknife would have cut better. It was not what I wanted to happen after spending almost $400 on the cake. The knife blade was thick like a piece of cardboard, they hadn't tried to make it sharp. I give this set a 5* because it is sturdy and shiny and looks just like the picture. There is a I wish I could give this set a negative rating because it ruined our cake and made us feel bad. Such a shame.

👤The cake set is pretty, but the knife is just for decoration. You have to use a different knife. It defeats the purpose of having a pretty set.

👤The server and cake knife are gorgeous. It will be used for our wedding in July of 2021. It was in a gift box. The set looks like it cost more than we paid. I love the details in the hearts on the pieces. I would buy this set again for anyone getting married or celebrating a major anniversary. The set is very well made and will add a nice touch to the cake cutting.

👤The knife was bent in one order and the serve was scratched, so be sure to check them over. We had a good set and received credit for the damaged ones. It was probably a mistake. I was very happy with the transaction and these.

👤A couple used the set to cut their wedding cake. The set was a great gift for a great time. The set is highly recommended.

👤Very nice set. I bought these for my son's wedding and was happy with the appearance. I was surprised that the knife didn't have a sharp edge.

👤My Wife's Sister's wedding was where this was purchased. We took our chances since the other reviews were ok, but we read the one review about the tarnish on the silver coating. What a mistake. They arrived fully boxed and wrapped in tissue paper, but when opened they had dark spots on both of their pieces. We tried to clean them with a silver polish, but after an hour we gave up. My wife was able to find the exact item in Macy's for the same price. She explained to the sales person at Macy's that she wanted to open the box before making the purchase. The story has a happy ending because the items were perfect. I can't think of a reason why Amazon is selling items that are not up to retail standards. I had never had a problem with anything purchased at Amazon, but this was disappointing.

👤This set was used to cut the cake at our daughter's wedding. The set is very high quality and looks elegant. The knife is not sharp enough to cut through fondant without a lot of effort. Even the wait staff were having difficulty, even though it was no problem to have the edge sharpened. The set contributed to the beauty of the pictures.

8. Homi Styles Stainless Birthdays Anniversaries

Homi Styles Stainless Birthdays Anniversaries

The gold wedding cake knife and server set with its timeless gold color and unique beaded handles is the most beautiful set for special occasions. The blades of the charming cake cutting and serving set are made of the highest quality 420 STAINLESS steel and will never rust, corrode or lose their shine. The handles are made of strong, extra durableABS, so that you can save this top quality gold cake serving set as a souvenir. Perfect for any dessert, the 2 piece cake knife and server set is perfect for impressing your guest. The design of the pie server spatula and matching knife makes it easy to use and make the best impressions. It's ideal for any celebration cake, as well as for fruit pies, pumpkin pies, and even quiches and crust pies. The ideal dimensions are 4.5” x 1” and the knife blade is 8” x 1” with a 1.2mm thickness. A wedding cake knife and server set is a great gift for a soon to be married couple. The gift box for the serving set is burgundy. Birthdays, Mother's Day, Anniversaries or even Housewarming and Holiday parties can be given a gold cake cutter set.

Brand: Homi Styles

👤There was something that looked like rust between the gold balls on the handle when I opened the box. I realized that it was chocolate cake. My server set was used and then returned. I just cleaned it up, and it was almost as good as new, but it was disappointing. The gold handles are plastic.

👤Looks great! I only need them for a day.

👤Very elegant! There is a If you want a top of the range that is going to last a long time, don't buy this. This serves the purpose. The handles and blades are made of plastic. I didn't put mine in the dishwasher because I was worried about the handles. A child can hold it without dropping it.

👤It's perfect for a wedding.

👤I like this set. Very nice looking.

👤The set was giftable. The knife will break. It was not strong. I use them occasionally and I still like them.

👤It was cheap looking but served the purpose.

9. Strova Wedding Memorable Keepsakes Anniversary

Strova Wedding Memorable Keepsakes Anniversary

The seamless construction eliminates food traps and is 100% free of phthalates. The classic cake cutting set is made of rose gold and has vintage style and bold luster. The wedding cake server is made of rust and zinc alloy and will last the longest. The cake cutting knife has a wide server bottom to make serving quick and easy. The wedding cake cutter and server is dishwasher safe and stylish, which makes it a great choice for other parties. Surprise the engaged couple with this beautiful cake serving set as a wedding present. The bride and groom will be able to enjoy this gift on their wedding, as well as future anniversaries, parties, and other social events. Their wedding cake cutting set comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Either you're happy or you can return it for a full refund.

Brand: Strova

👤These cake cutting tools are so. Stinking. It's gorgeous. They were wrapped in plastic bags, wrapped in tissue, and wrapped in styrofoam. I loved the packaging. The gold is very shiny, and the pattern is beautiful. I spent a long time trying to find a set that was worth the price and these were perfect. They are heavy and nice. I will pass them down one day. You won't regret it if you get these.

👤I bought this for my daughter at a wedding shower. I received it this past week after she picked it up on Amazon. It is a nice set. It is simple and elegant. I think she will be very happy with it on her wedding day, I took it to be engraved for her. The engraving company paid for a replacement for the machine that damaged the cake server, after I ordered another set to be engraved. It looks very nice engraved.

👤Great looking set! The gold accents in the wedding theme helped them. It was difficult to cut the cake because they aren't very sharp. The job was done.

👤Perfect! I used these for my wedding and they were gorgeous. I kept returning the cheap cake utensils I had ordered. I always wanted this set. I decided to spend a few extra dollars and just order this. It was beautiful and good quality. The set did a great job of looking vintage. Would recommend anyone to me.

👤The cake cutting set is beautiful. The detail is amazing and the color is true rose gold. Heavy and durable. They would last a long time.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. The rose gold is pretty. The design of the server looks very elegant. I think it's perfect for my daughter's wedding.

👤This was a perfect compliment to our wedding day. I would like to thank you for the quick delivery and follow-up on my purchase. I will keep it until I pass it on. Thank you!

👤We had a couple of cake and pie serving sets that we wanted something different for our wedding day. I received a lot of praise for the set. It looks more expensive than it was. Great value!

10. Wedding Serveing Weddings Anniversaries Birthdays

Wedding Serveing Weddings Anniversaries Birthdays

This is a note. The cake knife is dishwasher safe, never needs polishing, and will easy break. If you have a problem with the cake knife set, please contact them. Wedding cake knife and serving set, wedding cake cutter set,Pizza Pie cake server set,cake and knife set, wedding bridal shower gift. The size of cake server is 13 inch and the size of cake knife is s 27 cm. The style is rustic. Both are made of STAINLESS STEEL and wrapped around the handle by handmade. The set is great for wedding cakes, wedding gifts,anniversary gifts,bridal shower,engagement party, etc. The Pie cake serving set is a great gift and makes a great souvenir. The Pie cake serving set is a great gift and makes a great souvenir.

Brand: Senover

👤It's perfect for a rustic wedding. Well made and arrived quickly.

👤I could have bought a cheap set at Walmart, but it was worth it. Very cute.

👤I sent the items back because I canceled my wedding.

👤It is very practical to look at. It is cheap and bends.

👤The handle snapped as we were cutting the cake. The table at the reception was beautiful.

👤Our daughter's wedding was where we bought these for use. The rustic theme was nicely complemented by them.

11. Chloe Lighting CH33353VR21 DC3 Tiffany Style Chandelier

Chloe Lighting CH33353VR21 DC3 Tiffany Style Chandelier

If the product received is faulty, please contact me, I will try to improve the product and bring a better shopping experience to the customer. The 60 Watt max E26 type A bulb is not included. The wall outlet switch is hardwired. 486 pieces of glass cut, 63 pieces. Highly skilled with top quality materials. It was finished in an antiqued bronze. It was finished in an antiqued bronze.

Brand: Chloe

👤The light is nice. The hardware looks a bit different in person than it does in the picture. It is a large light. We decided to move it into our dining room because it was too large for the spot we originally planned. We are very pleased with the light. The stained glass is beautiful.

👤Absolutely gorgeous. It looks like a Tiffany lamp. It is easy to assemble. Someone comes over and I get a compliment. It is simply beautiful and bright. It's worth the price.

👤Absolutely gorgeous! It is what you are looking for. The colors are beautiful even without the lights on. The directions could be better. It's not hard to assemble and wire. Such high quality. Highly recommended!

👤The light fixture is difficult to install. The lamp holders that hold the globes are cheap and I hope I don't have to replace them. The fixture comes in many pieces and is difficult to attach. I have been an electrician for 30 years and know how to install light fixture. Just be prepared for a challenging install, this fixture really does look nice.

👤The light is beautiful. This fixture has so many details that it makes it look like a real work of art. It is well constructed, has ample cord and chain, and is gorgeous! It was better than I could have imagined. I love this light and I am very satisfied.

👤The light was packed in the wrong box in China and the wrong directions for assembling it were in the box. Everything was good after I figured that out. I bet on plastic and the globes are glass. It's a nice overhead light, I hope you get the right directions.

👤I wanted a chandelier with light shining down on the table instead of the previous model that 800-381-0266 The glass is very pretty and is complemented by vintage-style bulbs. I want more Tiffany glass because the bronze finish fits with the hardware in the house.

👤I was amazed at how beautiful the lamp looked after I installed it and then turned on the juice, I was so glad I purchased it just in time for dinner.

👤We love the handmade quality of the light, we also went with the Edison bulbs, which makes a difference. In case of damage or not being able to replace the same globe, we want to order 2 more. The response time is days, and still waiting to hear if it is possible to only purchase globes.

👤A piece in my bedroom. I put the bulb in the air.

👤The light is beautiful. Better than expected.

👤The light was easy to install and delivery was earlier than expected.


What is the best product for cake cutting set for wedding with glasses?

Cake cutting set for wedding with glasses products from Tytroy. In this article about cake cutting set for wedding with glasses you can see why people choose the product. Boao and Godinger are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake cutting set for wedding with glasses.

What are the best brands for cake cutting set for wedding with glasses?

Tytroy, Boao and Godinger are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake cutting set for wedding with glasses. Find the detail in this article. Emonya, Creative Gifts and B O B O are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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