Best Cake Decorating Supplies Piping Bags

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1. Kootek Decorating Supplies Silicone Reusable

Kootek Decorating Supplies Silicone Reusable

There is an e-book user guide. If you don't receive a message after your purchase, they will arrange send to you immediately. You can use the cake decorating supplies kits to create all sorts of patterns on cake, cupcakes. There are 11 open star tips, 7 closed star tips, 3 french tips, 3 round tips, 2 plain tips, 4 leaf tips, and 3 rose petals. 0.7 inch in diameter and 1.26 inch tall. Silicone icing bags are used to support different color icing while decorating cakes or cupcakes. Premium baking supplies are made of strong, durable, and dishwasher safe materials. 2 plastic couplers are easy to switch from one tip to another, and 2 flower nails are used as a decorative bottom brackets.

Brand: Kootek

👤Click the HELPFUL button if you find this review helpful. I am a person who is starting to bake and cupcake with icing is my first go so as I search for a cheap tip and piping bag I end up with this item and here is my experience. 1. It is durable. I use it for the tips, but it doesn't open at the side, so I use it for the cupcakes. I ripped at the bottom of the bag as I changed the tips. The bag lasted, but it was good. 2. The icing design is the same as any other. You can achieve it with this one. Just have to practice. 3. The cleaning part is the most difficult to do after icing. If you have food coloring or gel in your icings, you should prepare a small brush to clean it thoroughly. It is worth it for a beginner like me.

👤These things have survived in a professional kitchen. Definitely would buy again. I'm a professional pastry chef and I was looking for a replacement set for my piping tips. The ones I used to have lasted about 5 years in a professional setting. I saw this set and thought $10 was a steal. They are not numbered, but my insert had a diagram of what tip does what. I tapped it to the top of the box. The folding of the pastry bags helped them fit better in the box, but they like to pop out. I like them all. Time will tell if they are up to the task.

👤I've bought smaller sets of tips in the past, but decided to get a complete set. I decided to use this one since the tips are in a container and come with 2 x silicone bags and a set of coupler sets. My niece's birthday cake was decorated with a couple of star tips. I'm not a professional cake designer. It's a good thing. I was excited that the tips helped dress up her cake without me having to do much. The red food coloring gel and the tips went a long way to add some special details. The tips are of high quality. They feel substantial and not flimsy like some others. The bags were easy to clean. I have used rubbery plastic bags in the past, but they washed clean more easily. The set is well made, and is offered at a reasonable price. Amazon Prime was used to deliver mine in 2 days.

👤I didn't think this set was very durable. The metal tips are very flimsy and I used to bend them. The silicone bag has the couplers that screw onto it. These are made of plastic and stripped of the first use. I have no way of securing the tips to the bag because they were only lightly hand tightened. The whole set is useless unless I buy replacement couplers, which is not really worth the effort at this point. Very disappointing. I was contacted by the seller and was given a full refund. I appreciated the customer service in handling this transaction even after the time to return product had expired.

2. Wilton 2104 1249 Decorating Tools Count

Wilton 2104 1249 Decorating Tools Count

These piping bags can be used to design and decorate cupcakes, cakes, cookies, brownies, and other baked goods. 100 disposable piping bags are included in the value pack. The plastic pastry bags are 12 inches in diameter. The plastic piping bags are easy to dispose of in the kitchen. The perfect baking supplies are a pack of pastry bags.

Brand: Wilton

👤I don't use an added tip and I love how these are disposable. I cut the bag in half. I use bag clips from Ikea to close the bag, and as the frosting gets used, I just move the bag clip down. It is easy to hold a cookie with one hand and pipe with the other. I will never use knives to spread frosting on a cookie again.

👤I have always kept a bag with some piping tips for things like deviled eggs and twice baked potatoes, I am new to cake baking and decorating. Sometimes I will also pipe sour cream. I like to put the mashed potatoes on the shepherds pies. The bags are strong and reasonably priced when bought in bulk. When piping hot mashed potatoes, I have never had a blow out.

👤This is not good. The package was incomplete and damaged when I opened it. I had to return it. This is not a good purchase.

👤It's odd that Amazon asks if the bags are easy to clean. That's not the point. They are small for a pastry bag because they are 12-inch. You will need them for small things. When I have used up all 100, I will buy them again.

👤I used bags for the first time and it was a great experience. I am not sure if the same thing will happen across the board because the bags are not very deep. It is very easy to clean up.

👤Out of the 10 bags I've used so far from this box, 8 of them have had issues. Normally, I don't have a problem with bags. I've chosen them many times, but this order is disappointing.

👤I like that I can buy a hundred of these in a pack, and never worry about running out. The bags seem well made, but I wish they were bigger at the top so I can fill them more easily. I think the bags themselves are made of a medium-thick material that will not rip or stretch easily when used with tips or with frosting. "disposable-ness" is not a word. Nothing makes a clean up easier than throwing things out. The price. The price is great. Small packs of decorating bags can be expensive. Since I don't decorate professionally, I am happy to just have this pack around, and I think it's an investment. The length of the bags is fine. I wish they were bigger and easier to fill with frosting. It's hard to fill by myself, but maybe I need more practice.

👤These are my favorite bags. These were purchased to teach students how to decorate cakes. The bags hold a lot of icing and they don't easily tear, allowing them to last through our decorating session. I wish there was a way to seal the bags at the top because new decorators have a hard time squeezing the icing down and sometimes the icing pops out the top. These bags are wonderful.

👤I was not happy with the purchase as the box came completely damaged and the pipping bags were too small to frost a cake, but I think they are fine for small things like icing cookies. I wouldn't buy this item again or recommend it.

3. Zulay Cake Decorating Piece 2020

Zulay Cake Decorating Piece 2020

Professional quality and quality design by Ateco. The Zulay Kitchen cake decorating set can help turn your homemade recipes into professional bakery-style looks. A wonderful starter set for all kinds of decoration. 3 scrapers, 2 couplers, 1 flower nail, 2 silicone pastry bags, and 24 icing nozzles are included. The icing nozzles are numbered, which makes them perfect for marking recipes. Icing nozzle patterns include: closed star, open star, french, round, plain, leaf and petals. It's great for beginners or for those who just need a set to make occasional recipes. The 3 cake scrapers that are mainly used for spreading, cutting, and designing to the 304 STAINLESS steel flower nail that helps you make intricate icing flowers and designs, plus the two couplers that make it easy to switch from one tip to another, are all you need. The bang for the buck kit will be your decorating partner for a long time. You can simply clean the decorating tools by soaking the tips in hot water and rinsing them well. The set comes with a storage case that is designed to divide spaces for easier and more organized storage. Zulay Guarantee: They love and take pride in their cake decorating set. They back this up with a lifetime guarantee. Have faith that this product will last. They will make it right if you contact them. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. They have you covered if it does not. Chances are you will not need to reach out.

Brand: Zulay Kitchen

👤The kit was purchased because it was too many deviled eggs. The bags made a big difference to me. They wash up well. The organizers is also useful.

👤I am a beginner and intermediate cake decorators. It is easy to store and perfect for someone who wants to practice or be ready.

👤The item is easy to use. I used 3 different piping tools from the supermarket and local crafting store that were not durable and only lasted once. Thanks for carrying a great product.

👤I wanted a kit to make my cakes better for my friends' birthday. It is small and doesn't take up a lot of space, and it has the perfect set of tools for beginners.

👤I am enjoying this set. I am a beginner at using piping bags but this set is a confidence booster. It's worth it.

👤What else could you want with this set?

👤Not a complete set. 2 of the 3 couplers were missed. As expected, the quality was good.

👤No me lo imaginaba tan pequeo, pero con las expectativas, se ve de buena calidad. A las buen.

4. Shappy Plastic Standard Couplers Decorating

Shappy Plastic Standard Couplers Decorating

You will soon be able to make amazing stars, flowers, petals, leaves, dots, and borders. These white couplers are 3 cm/ 1.2 inch long and have a base diameter of 2.5 cm. It's possible to change piping tips without wasting bags or frosting. Cut a tiny hole in the bag corner, insert the plastic coupler, attach the tip and screw on the ring, wash them clean. The pipe tip couplers are made of quality plastic and are durable, so they can be used to decorate cake and cookie quickly. You can change the size of the tubes without emptying the contents of the bag.

Brand: Shappy

👤Terrible! The couplers don't fit together well. The threads are not a good match. I would never order these again because they are poor quality. Stick with the person. The better quality will be better if you pay a little more. I would have sent them back if I waited too long. Don't waste your money.

👤It is decent for the price. I didn't want to spend a lot on the cake decorating party, but I needed a lot of couplers. It was difficult to get the threads lined up. You get what you pay for. If you were going to use these frequently, I would recommend buying something better. It is alright for a one-time thing.

👤There are 12 plastic standards in this package. The bags and tips are attached to the regular bags. It is very easy to use. I have always been a terrible baker and I just started learning how to decorate. Any one who wants to try can. I can change the size of the piping tips when I am decorating cookies without wasting frosting that is in the bag. It's much easier to decorate with different colors and tips.

👤I didn't know there were different sized couplers, but my standard piping nozzles don't fit in these, so be careful to look at the size before ordering.

👤They work, but they are cheap and the size is off compared to other ones. They work, and they do keep your tips, but they are not my favorite.

👤The value is great. You have to align the parts for the parts to screw together after the 2 parts are screwed together. They do the job, but if you are in a hurry or pressed for time, these add a bit of frustration.

👤These are great for using with my Wilson baking tips. They are durable and good quality. They will last me for a long time.

👤They don't thread together well when they are put into a bag. I have had more leaks with these.

👤These work well. It's much cheaper to buy at a cake or craft store.

👤The plastic is soft. Not the same quality as Ateco.

5. Decorating Supplies Reusable Standard Converters

Decorating Supplies Reusable Standard Converters

Silicone piping bags are used to decorate cakes or cupcakes. It's ideal for decorating cake, cupcakes, cookies, candy, fondants, and pies. Professional Sicilian pastries are in these bags. The 60HA elastic silicone is the perfect material for the piping tips set. The slight elasticity allows the liquids to flow smoothly inside. It won't blow out even if you make it with thick batter. It's high stretchiness means that squeezing efforts are transferred to bulging sides instead of being forced out the bottom. The smooth interior of the piping set makes it easy for the frosting to fall off. It is a good choice if you make cupcakes, biscuits, and bread with bright-colored frosting, which won't cause colored residues like other cheap pastry bag. You just need to wash it with warm soapy water. The texture of the exterior makes it easy to use and hold. There are tips for safely swinging. The icing bags tips can be easily switched without hollowing out the icing or replacing the piping bag, because the converters will not be nicked out during the process. It is helpful for different cake decoration patterns. The cake decorating supplies include: 2 pastry bags, 6 icing tips, 2 standard converters, 2 silicone rings, and 3 cake scrapers. The icing piping bag is perfect for making cupcakes, cakes, bread and biscuits. It helps for daily baking, professional baking, and suitable for party gatherings. Imagine that people praise you for the appearance of your cakes and desserts. All bakers and beginners should feel happy and motivated by the Plateau ELK. The customer's pleasant shopping experience can be enhanced by the high-quality products and services provided by Plateau ELK. If you have a problem with the item, please contact them directly, they will solve it as soon as possible.

Brand: Plateau Elk

👤The smell wouldn't come out. These are not Silicone. Cheap from China! Don't waste your money.

👤I was told this would come with a tips set, but only two bags.

👤It's easy to like- clean. It worked out great. My only recommendation is to include directions. I had never used a pastry bag before and had to watch a video on how it works. I would have failed the first time I tried it. The plastic part of the tip goes on the outside, and one part goes inside. It was fun to use.

👤There were no tips in my package.

👤Save money. These bags are thin, stretched and cannot be used again because the bubble at the end of the bag is weak. I used the bag for the first time today. July 27 and 21. Really disappointed that the return was not worth it. The accessories are what they are, so I paid for them. Don't buy if you're warned.

👤This set seemed to be ok for a low price. The smallest tip is large. If you want to write giant lines or letters, but you don't want to write on a standard 9 in round cake, it's not going to fit, it's just a suggestion. I used it because it comes with a one quart ziploc bag, and I only had to wash the points when done.

👤I don't write a lot of reviews, but these things were awesome. The rubber tie at the end of the bag is essential. H. It didn't rip like a plastic bag. It is easy to use and durable. Buy it! I felt like a pro when I frosted 48 cupcakes.

👤I got this set to replace my piping bags. The set is wonderful, the bags are easy to clean, and the results were great. The only problem I had was getting the metal tips out of the piping bag.

6. SOSTORE Piping Bags Disposable Decorating

SOSTORE Piping Bags Disposable Decorating

The gift is expendable. Icing piping tips for beginners. Their cookie decoration kit is designed to help you create your own masterpieces of various shapes and sizes, no matter what your skill level is. No experience is required. Soft on hands, easy to squeeze, and no need for a metal tip are some of the benefits of disposable piping bags. You can write, outline, flood, and other things if you cut the bag's sharp tip to the size you need. You can adjust the bag's tip size to outline and flood it. Cleanup is a breeze if you don't need to use or change metal tips. Did your previous piping bag leak? Are you afraid to squeeze? Not now. It is made of food grade plastic that is flexible, strong, reliable and thick enough to bear the pressure of squeezing and frosting without any burst or leak. Do you struggle holding an icing bag? Icing piping bags have a smooth interior that lets icing flow freely and smoothly, and a textured exterior that gives you a firm grip, no matter how much you squeeze. These cake decorating bags are perfect for projects that require multiple colors with a small quantity. Use for cake icing, cupcakes, pastries, cookies decor, thick buttercream frosting, chocolate and much more. You are 100% satisfaction. If there is a problem with Kosonka, you are welcome to contact them for a full refund or replacement. Click the button to add the item to your cart. Consider getting one for you and one for your best friend.

Brand: Kosonka

👤I used them for the first time this week. Recommended by my daughter. I used to use a famous brand but now use theses. I like them more. I can tie a knot with the big bag. I don't need a tip for frosted sugar cookies. I don't feel like I can reuse them. I wash the other pipping bags. I used them til a hold emerged. It is easier to clean up now. I would recommend it.

👤These felt great in my hand, filled easily, and I was able to use them for a more efficient outcome and less waste of icing. The ribs seemed to help move the icing down the bag. I think you'll love them, so I recommend you try them.

👤The bags shown are not thick or plastic. I could have gotten a lot cheaper with these flimsy bags.

👤The bags burst at the seam when I used different icing types. I have already gone through half the bag. They still do it. If I put my hand over the seam it helps some but it still comes out of a tiny hole at the seam no matter what I do. My 12 inch bags are fantastic.

👤The sides blow out if there is pressure added to them. I won't order again. I thought I was getting a good deal when I ordered 300. I am having to use two at a time because they don't hold up. The ones I have used so far are incorrect. I missed my return date because I finished up my other bags.

👤I would love to give zero stars. The bags are terrible. I popped every single one with flood icing. Don't buy!

👤No me, son, rompen con facilidad.

👤It was perfect for my needs. They're strong and can hold a good amount of frosting. Buying in bulk makes it possible to have multiple bags of different colors in use on the same project.

7. RFAQK Decorating Supplies Turntable Cake Spatula 30

RFAQK Decorating Supplies Turntable Cake Spatula 30

100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The highest quality products are what drives them. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to them for a full and prompt refund. CAKE DECORATING TOOLS: Everything you need to start decorating cakes is included in the set. Baking tools and equipment are the best. SMOOTH REVOLVING TURNTABLE: The turntable stand has hidden ball bearings that make it easy to decorate cakes. It's good for both Right and Left handers. Use the straight spatula from the top to icing cakes from sides. The Turntable is made from plastic that is dishwasher safe. It's ideal for beginners as well as professionals. This is the only set with numbered tips that is easy to use. You don't have to worry about which tips produce what kind of decoration, just have a look on pattern chart where they have provided outcome of each tip to make tip selection very easy. Top professional tips are selected. There are 24 tips, including 2 Round Tips, 3 Leaf Tips, 2 Petal Tips, 2 French Tips, 2 Basket Weave tips, 5 open Star Tips, and 4 close Star Tips. Useful accessOries. 3 scrapers are needed to smooth icing on sides and top. Exchange tips without exchanging bags. Use a cleaning brush to clean. The RFAQK E.BOOK USER GUIDE FORBEGINNERS is for beginners. 3 cake recipes, method of cake baking, and leveling and icing cakes are included in the user guide. There are 3 frosting recipes, a step by step guide for using icing tips, and different kinds of icing tips. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The highest quality products are what drives them. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to them for a full and prompt refund.

Brand: Rfaqk

👤Absolutely love it! I used the kit to make my daughters cake for her birthday party and it was a success. I will be making cakes for my kids.

👤I decided to make my daughter's birthday cake since bakeries were closed due to covid 19. I watched a few videos after buying this set. I intend to bake my children's cakes from this point on because the end result was so beautiful.

👤I included a picture of the leveler because it looks like some people didn't follow the instructions on how to set it up. It works well. I think this set was good for my first attempt at making a birthday cake.

👤I am very happy with this purchase. Everything was as expected. If you expected 42 pieces of the greatest decorating equipment for under $20 then you're not the smartest person in the drawer.

👤I have been a baker for many years, but recently decided to learn how to decorate cakes, thanks to the British Baking Show and America's Best Baker. The turn table is a game-changer because it is in one box. The product is good.

👤The cake cutter is the only thing I dislike. The wiring looks cheap. The piping tools are easy to use. The bags are nice. I wish they gave me some Silicone. Good for beginners.

👤The set is an excellent value and everything is of good quality. I expected it to arrive earlier. You would pay more for the spatulas at the store. I really like the direction sheet. I know how to assemble the tips. If you don't see the directions, you can remove one of the white rubbers tips from the cake leveler and spread the legs apart so that when you replace the wire it's under enough tension. I don't know how to use 2 wires at the same time as the legs angle out, so I'll just keep it as a spare, unless I can shorten it. Only one wire is shown in the photo.

👤I bought this set for my daughter to learn to decorate cakes. There were a few things that could have been better. The cake slicer wires were loose, and it wasn't immediately clear how to fix them. The cake stand is good, but could have been a little heavier if it had been made out of plastic. It comes with a link to videos you can watch to get better. I wish it had a hard copy of the instructions. It is easier to understand in words. It's not bad for the price.

👤I haven't received everything in the box. The cake leveller is bent and does not work, and I do not have any of the cake scrapers or palette knives in the box.

👤The cake set is decent value for the availability for the parts included. The turntable was the main highlight of the set and the additional items were a bonus that we used a lot. The box has everything tightly packed, so there is not necessarily a space to put everything in it. 3.8/5.0

8. Weetiee Pack 16 Inch Disposable Decorating Anti Burst

Weetiee Pack 16 Inch Disposable Decorating Anti Burst

2 plastic couplers are easy to switch from one tip to another, and 2 flower nails are used as a decorative bottom brackets. It is safe for your family to use healthy material that is non-slip and tasteless. It's safe to use with hot or cold foods. Extra thick, no-bursting: 0. The pastry icing bags are only 0. There is a new date of 2:0. It can hold more powerful extrusion. You can apply as much pressure as you want with these bags. Let's say goodbye to the days of piping bags that were easy to burst. Large capacity and wide opening make it easy to fill a bag, and transparent plastic makes it easy to anticipate refill. The bonus 2 couplers help you change piping tips without wasting bags or frosting. The Weetiee disposable decorating bags set is a multi-purpose decorating tool that anyone who loves to get creative with baked goods will appreciate.

Brand: Weetiee

👤The bag is very strong and holds a lot of frosting. I store my pre-colored icing in these and when I need to use it, I slide the whole bag into a silicone pastry bag that has a coupler attached. When the bag is empty or when it is time to change colors, the bag slips out and another bag is inserted. The bag is thrown without having to dig out a couple of things.

👤These piping bags seemed to be the best deal. It was used right away. They held up despite using a lot of pressure on the bag and using a small tip. I got my cookies done quickly. It made it easier to fill the bags as I was off about two inches from the top. I don't really need bags that large. It's easy to adjust to individual needs, and the size kept my options open. Highly recommended.

👤I have used decorating bags before. I have never bought anything else in my life. These were another choice in my search. I decided to give them a try because of the awesome reviews and the amazing price. My second choice now is Wilton. Try them. You will not be sorry. They have a couple of couplers for quick changing your tips.

👤I like to read the negative reviews first. The bags were about to burst. There is a good amount of positive reviews for the name brands, so I decided to try and get a better price. I squeezed the bags harder than I do when decorating a cake because I sacrificed 5 bags which were randomly picked and filled with water 3-4 times each bag. I am very happy with these bags, maybe the people leaving the "NR" were unlucky.

👤The bags are the worst ever. They had to keep changing bags because they would bust open.

👤The reason I bought these bags was that they came with 2 bonus couplers. The bag looked open when I opened it. I am returning because I need the bags asap and they look decent. The package was missing the couplers.

👤I received my pastry piping bags and they are hard and secure, but not completely transparent, but they are what I was looking for, and I am sure they will be one of my best.

👤I like theDurability. I tie the bag in a knot and use bands to secure it.

9. Disposable Decorating Supplies Frosting Couplers

Disposable Decorating Supplies Frosting Couplers

The customer's pleasant shopping experience can be enhanced by the high-quality products and services provided by Plateau ELK. If you have a problem with the item, please contact them directly, they will solve it as soon as possible. The new package includes 100 disposable pastry bags, 6 decorating tips, 2 frosting couplers, and 2 piping bag ties. It's a very good price for the perfect suite combination, which takes into account every step you take. It is safe for your family to use health material. You can use the disposable icing bags to ensure absolute safety of you and your family, it is made of dense plastic material, tasteless, and safe. It's safe for use with hot or cold food. Clear bags for identification of colors. The design is stronger to resist pressure. The pastry bag is thicker than the icing bag. With high strength and flexibility, it's easy to operate and not easy to damage the edge. You can use it safely. It's easy to frost a dozen cupcakes filling the piping bag just one time, the wide opening makes filling the bag simple, and the clear plastic makes it easy to anticipate refilling. It can be cut to fit any size piping tip or nozzle. You can easily replace different shapes of piping tips if you trim the end of the pastry bag. The pro set bags are needed for your baking supplies kit. 100% money back guarantee. The quality of the bags is something they are confident in. They will give you a full refund if you have a bad purchase experience, but they are sure you will love it!

Brand: Gemlon

👤I got these to play with my son. There are various colors of sand, shaving cream, and water beads. They are a good price. They do a good job. The tips are easy to use. There is not much to clean up. I am not a professional. They are large enough for small hands. I will buy another set of tips to use with more than one color. He likes putting pudding, polenta and trail mix in the tubes. This helps a picky eater. They arrived within two days. Highly recommended.

👤I have seen a lot of this type of kit, and the mouth on a 12” bag is the worst I have ever seen. The bag is small. There are funky tips. There were three attempts to pipe 6 deviled eggs. It's crazy! It was a disappointment even at only $10 for the kit.

👤The product is very useful in the kitchen and you can't do without it. My cookies look like they were bought.

👤There are missing pieces. The 2 piece piping tips were not included. I couldn't return because I used 2 bags for chocolate that I had melted.

👤These are great for the price, and you pay for what you get. You have a lot of bags.

👤I wanted to make french macarons. These didn't split when trying to pipe fridge cold french buttercream.

👤Icing cupcakes need bigger tips. These are good for small projects.

👤I wish one of the metal tips had a small opening to write letters.

10. Cake Decorating Tools Baking Accessories

Cake Decorating Tools Baking Accessories

We aim to provide you with high quality products and better after-sale service. If you have a question, please contact them. Everything you need to start baking and decorating cakes is included in the Complete Baking Supplies set. There is a blue storage box, a 36 numbered pattern chart, 100 disposable baking cups, 12 inches of TPU piping bags, 50 medium disposable piping bags, 3 scrapers, 8* fondant decorating tools, and 1* Silicone piping pen. The cake decorating supplies include a 36-numbered pattern chart and a baking book. You can see the pattern drawing of the piping tips in the chart. No matter what your skill level is, you can easily use this cake baking set. The Baking Tools Set is designed to help you create decorative masterpieces in a variety of shapes and sizes, friendly to children and baking beginners. The 6 cookie cutters help make cookies in different shapes. Enjoy baking with your family. Storage box that is foldable. The large-capacity storage box can be used to organize all the baking tools and accessories, helping to properly preserve the cake decoration tools and keep them safe. This storage box has all the tools you need to make cakes in one place. Food-grade Safe Materials are included in the cake baking set. They are made of high-quality food-grade plastic and silicone, which are easy to store and clean, and they meet the US Food-Grade standard. The cake decorating kit is perfect for making fudge cakes.

Brand: Aukow

👤I ordered this because I thought it had everything. I was not prepared for everything that came in this package. There are tips, bags, tools, and even a dome mold. The instructions are easy to understand even though English is not the native language. I can't wait to use it.

👤I bought this item for the tool box as I already have several other items. I needed a place to keep my tools and tips. I am very happy with the set. I like to have the right tool for the job.

👤She loves it and I bought it for her. Everything that begginer and advanced bakery can use is here.

11. Kootek 32 Piece Decorating Stainless Smoothers

Kootek 32 Piece Decorating Stainless Smoothers

Children can usepencil grippers. It keeps you a good writing habit and prevents your middle finger from being exposed. The pencil grips are 1.57in x W 0.59in x H 1.96in. The hole is 8mm in diameter. The package includes 3x pencil grips. You can create all types of patterns on the cake with the help of the 24 numbered piping tips, 2 bags, 3 icing smoothers, 2 re-usable couplers, and 1 flower nail. Closed Star, Open Star, French, Round, Plain, Leaf, and Petal are some of the cake decorating tips. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Plastic couplers are easy to change from one tip to another. The flower nails were used to decorate the flower. The carrying case keeps the cake decorating kits protected in separate chambers and helps you choose which one to use.

Brand: Kootek

👤I have been looking for a way to save money on disposable bags and I was excited to get these piping bags. I was looking forward to the different tip sizes. The first time I used them, I had to use the smallest point tip for some cookie decorating. I followed the first two steps to insert the first part into the bag, cutting off the excess fabric and insterting the tip. The base of the tip was too wide for the piece to fit into the other one. It seems to work with some of the tips that have smaller bases. The product didn't work for all of the tips. It was very frustrating to not be able to use all of it. The attached image doesn't work, but the person's thumb is covering up the exact area that I am having the issue with in the photo. The only reason I am giving it a single star is because of the fact that they come with many different tips. Very disappointed.

👤I don't decorate cakes often so I didn't need a fancy set. This is not what I was expecting. The product is very cheap, even worse than expected. Several tips were not used. The metal is very thin. The cheap plastic coupler that the tips go in don't work. One wouldn't screw or change at all. The metal tip was stuck and could not be removed without great difficulty. This is useless. Not worth $10 or $5. I don't recommend this product.

👤I had a lot of fun with this set. I feel like a pro. I went to town after watching a few videos on how to ice cupcakes. I feel like I have every kind of tip I need. It was easy to swap out the tips. The bags are made from recycled materials. It was easy to clean. I wish there was room for the bags inside the box. I couldn't really pack in the folded bags as there was very little space on top of the slats and tips. I didn't want them to get ripped.

👤This is my first time using cake decorating tools so I notice my mistakes. It was easy to use and clean. My kids like the taste of my cakes but now they like the look too.

👤These tips do the job and then some. The only thing I wish they had included in this set was the large tips that you can use to frost cupcakes in a blink of an eye. I was able to fill the cupcakes with goodness that was hidden beneath the decorative frosting on top of the cupcakes I made, and they cleaned up like a dream. I used disposable piping bags instead of the silicone bags that were included in the set because I wasn't in the mood to take care of that, but with the decorating tools for flat cakes and the rose piping pick that they give you, you can let your creative muse loose! It's still going to taste delicious if it doesn't look perfect. This set is very easy to use. I had never used a piping bag or tips before I used this set and people didn't believe that I made cupcakes that were not store bought. The pricing was spot on and they are wonderful.


What is the best product for cake decorating supplies piping bags?

Cake decorating supplies piping bags products from Kootek. In this article about cake decorating supplies piping bags you can see why people choose the product. Wilton and Zulay Kitchen are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake decorating supplies piping bags.

What are the best brands for cake decorating supplies piping bags?

Kootek, Wilton and Zulay Kitchen are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake decorating supplies piping bags. Find the detail in this article. Shappy, Plateau Elk and Kosonka are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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