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1. Wilton Performance Coloring Achieve Consistent

Wilton Performance Coloring Achieve Consistent

Customer service is what it is. If you're dissatisfied with this item, please contact them and they'll help you solve the problem within 24 hours. Baking supplies come with 8 concentrated liquid food coloring with built-in droppers. Food coloring liquid gives vibrant colors and won't change the consistency of batter, icing, or frosting. The perfect color combinations can be found with the QuickCount chart. It creates bright colors or pretty pastels with royal icing, cake batter, fondant, and more. The food coloring is made in the USA.

Brand: Wilton

👤We made a cake with different colors. After tasting it for the first time, it was terrible but not horrible. We narrowed it down to the bites. This kit does not include the red coloring. Why would a food product have a bad option? They sell the non-terrible tasting red coloring separately. I was expecting better for a $20 kit of food coloring. I'm tempted to return the entire kit in case the other colors don't go well. Selling the "no taste" red coloring separate is clearly greed and has ruined my cake and left a foul taste in my mouth.

👤The colors that were supposed to be in the box were not sent to me. I bought the set to make a rainbow cake, but I am missing 3 colors. I have two bottles of pink, yellow, and brown. It was too late for me to come back. I am very unhappy with my purchase. I did what I could with the colors I was given. I'm not sure if I would buy this again.

👤Excellent color system! The idea is that you can change any color by keeping up with your drops. Okay. Get a system down first. It's liquid and according to how you squeeze it can affect the outcome. It's not a normal concern if it's a paying customer. Well. Some customers can be. I gave the bottle a hard shake and hoped it would be close to the same drop each time. The family liked them. That and friends are all that matters to me. I didn't follow the recipe exactly because it was working with 2 cups. Don't be harsh, I just started trying to make roses with tips. It's a good thing.

👤These colors are amazing. I use them to make my bath bombs brilliant. The colors work like magic from the deepest, darkest times to the richest, most vibrant ones. When making bath bombs, spray your ingredients with either 70% rubbing alcohol or a mixture of alcohol and witch hazel to get the dry ingredients to pop with color. Rub the mixture between your hands. It releases the color that is trapped in the dry mixture.

👤The bottles were not the right colors. We got two black, two brown, but no yellow, blue, green, or pink. There is a sticker on the box that says it has been inspected. Is it for what?

👤I needed a red dye that would turn my cake red instead of the red dyes that you use to get pink in the end. This worked well. I used more than 40 drops as the package recommended. I used a little red color along with a lot of red drops. I will buy again in the future because it gave me what I needed. My buttercream still turned out perfectly despite the added water from the food coloring. My daughter's 2nd birthday cake was a hit.

👤Unfortunately these dyes your mouth, especially the black and dark colors. The color chart is very good.

2. Wilton 2104 1249 Decorating Tools Count

Wilton 2104 1249 Decorating Tools Count

These piping bags can be used to design and decorate cupcakes, cakes, cookies, brownies, and other baked goods. 100 disposable piping bags are included in the value pack. The plastic pastry bags are 12 inches in diameter. The plastic piping bags are easy to dispose of in the kitchen. The perfect baking supplies are a pack of pastry bags.

Brand: Wilton

👤I don't use an added tip and I love how these are disposable. I cut the bag in half. I use bag clips from Ikea to close the bag, and as the frosting gets used, I just move the bag clip down. It is easy to hold a cookie with one hand and pipe with the other. I will never use knives to spread frosting on a cookie again.

👤I have always kept a bag with some piping tips for things like deviled eggs and twice baked potatoes, I am new to cake baking and decorating. Sometimes I will also pipe sour cream. I like to put the mashed potatoes on the shepherds pies. The bags are strong and reasonably priced when bought in bulk. When piping hot mashed potatoes, I have never had a blow out.

👤This is not good. The package was incomplete and damaged when I opened it. I had to return it. This is not a good purchase.

👤It's odd that Amazon asks if the bags are easy to clean. That's not the point. They are small for a pastry bag because they are 12-inch. You will need them for small things. When I have used up all 100, I will buy them again.

👤I used bags for the first time and it was a great experience. I am not sure if the same thing will happen across the board because the bags are not very deep. It is very easy to clean up.

👤Out of the 10 bags I've used so far from this box, 8 of them have had issues. Normally, I don't have a problem with bags. I've chosen them many times, but this order is disappointing.

👤I like that I can buy a hundred of these in a pack, and never worry about running out. The bags seem well made, but I wish they were bigger at the top so I can fill them more easily. I think the bags themselves are made of a medium-thick material that will not rip or stretch easily when used with tips or with frosting. "disposable-ness" is not a word. Nothing makes a clean up easier than throwing things out. The price. The price is great. Small packs of decorating bags can be expensive. Since I don't decorate professionally, I am happy to just have this pack around, and I think it's an investment. The length of the bags is fine. I wish they were bigger and easier to fill with frosting. It's hard to fill by myself, but maybe I need more practice.

👤These are my favorite bags. These were purchased to teach students how to decorate cakes. The bags hold a lot of icing and they don't easily tear, allowing them to last through our decorating session. I wish there was a way to seal the bags at the top because new decorators have a hard time squeezing the icing down and sometimes the icing pops out the top. These bags are wonderful.

👤I was not happy with the purchase as the box came completely damaged and the pipping bags were too small to frost a cake, but I think they are fine for small things like icing cookies. I wouldn't buy this item again or recommend it.

3. Wilton 417 1648 Cake Icing Smoother

Wilton 417 1648 Cake Icing Smoother

It was manufactured in the United States. For standard cake heights, Icing is smooth. The grip is white and purple and smooths icing. The material is metal and plastic. 9 x 3 in. The measurement is 22.8 x 7.6 cm. Before each use, wash in warm soapy water.

Brand: Wilton

👤I bit the bullet and decided that I would like this product. I did not. However, I ended up not liking this for a number of reasons. I was worried the grip would get in the way of the scraper. The rounded corner edges are the real downfall of this product. If you don't plan on doing a bottom border, you need square edges to get a clean edge on the cake. I like the straight metal edge of this product. The grip was comfortable. I liked the size, but I thought it could've been a little bigger. The weight is fine. I'm not sure how well the product smoothes a cake since I knew from the corner edges that it wouldn't work for me. I went to a hardware store and bought a smooth tape for the same price after I returned it.

👤I bought this cake icing because I am going to bake a cake for my son's birthday. This smooth icing has an even amount of weight all the way around and it feels good in your hands. I love my products from Wilton.

👤You have to get used to it. I found it hard to hold and when you have a lot of icing it builds up on the blade and gets messy. I think it would work better if the blad was larger. I found that using a metal drywall scraper was easier to use and smooths cakes perfectly.

👤I like the way this is smoothed out. It feels very strong. The metal edge seems to work better than plastic for me. I wish that one of the corners had a right angle, but I'm pretty sure that Wilton just wanted to avoid sharp edges. I still get smooth cakes. I have used it to cut fondant because of it's straight edge. I expect to use this smoother for a long time. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤This icing is smooth. I have been using a dough cutter for a couple years but it never got my icing right. You can easily clean up the mess with a paper towel. It's easy to hold, it's large enough that you can smooth out 3 full layers, and it's exactly what I was looking for. I'm mad that I didn't purchase it sooner. Someone who only works buttercream cakes would have avoided a lot of headaches. If you're looking for an icing smoother that will make your buttercream absolutely stunning, get this.

👤After using this a few times. I still prefer the good ol' spackle spatula from the hardware store. This is great. It worked well on 9x13 cakes. I'm not happy with round cakes. I keep in my decorating arsenal.

👤Baking requires a smoothing tool. I wanted this to be the one for me. It's perfect for cakes with great height because it's longer than others. The edges of the cake smoother should not be rounded off. The smoother can't get a clean look at the bottom of the cake. It's a solid 5 stars if you fix that. It's a 4 until them.

4. Wilton 2104 0239 28 Piece Decorative Press

Wilton 2104 0239 28 Piece Decorative Press

Everyone, everywhere, every day, has innovative products. There is a lot of inspiration. There is fun in the kitchen. This has been at the center of what they do for nearly 90 years. Whether you need to bring a special treat or host a party, they have it covered. Includes 2 corner, 9 border and 16 icon presses. The multiple corner, border and icon designs work perfectly together as a design imprint in icing. Also works with cookie dough. Instructions are easy to use. Before use, wash in warm, soapy water and then rinse and dry with soft cloth.

Brand: Wilton

👤So far, my first attempt is a good one. I think I'll be able to make some lovely cakes with these. The variety is great, from small patterns to large scrolls.

👤I used these for a cake order. They did a great job. They were easy to clean up after. Sturdy plastic. Will last a long time.

👤My arthritis makes it difficult for me to have a steady hand, so I bought these to help. It's almost effortless because they help me to know where I need to be. When using these, you have much more confidence.

👤I love it so far. I received it today. I know it will help me in the bakery. The set was nice.

👤This is for a song. I was glad I took a chance. They don't show you what is in the box. It will be a little secret.

👤The wedding cake was a success. I was making a wedding cake and I needed this. It worked out as expected. It was used recently for a birthday cake.

👤The best price. Excellent quality. It was delicious!

👤This will allow me to trace the design onto the cake. Press onto the cake and pipe over it. There are 28 designs in the box. Very pleased with the product.

👤The item is well worth the money paid and it was decribed.

👤Excellent selection of shapes to work with. There are many scrolls and curved bits. Just what I needed. I almost didn't buy the product because I couldn't find anything about what was in the box, but the box cover photo does a disservice. There are 28 different tiles in the box and only the ones with a left and right facing pattern repeat. This is very easy to use.

5. Turntable Leveler Rotating EBook Cake Decorating Accessories

Turntable Leveler Rotating EBook Cake Decorating Accessories

Clear bags are ideal for instant icing color identification. When you open the package, the decorating tips, bags and scraper are at the bottom of the cake turntable. CAKE DECORATING TOOLS: Everything you need to start decorating cakes is included in the set. The Turntable is made from non-toxic plastic and is dishwasher safe. It is good for both Right and Left handers because of the hidden ball bearings on the clock. The bottom of the turntable has a non-skid silicone ring which provides stability on countertops, preventing cake rotating turntable from sliding from workspace. It's ideal for beginners as well as professionals. There are cake decorations and bags. You can take your cake decoration to the next level with the professional piping bags and tips set. Use the straight cake spatula to icing round cakes from the Sides and Top while rotating the cake turntable. RFAQK Cake leveler slices and levels cakes into even layers for creating professional looking layer cakes at home. Use cake icing tools to smooth the cake icing on the sides and top. The EBOOK USER GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS was written by RFAQK. The EBook User guide includes 3 cake recipes, method of cake baking, and icing cakes. 3 frosting recipes, a step by step guide for using cake turntable, spatuals, scrapper set, cake leveler and icing tips. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The highest quality products are what drives them. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to them for a full and prompt refund.

Brand: Rfaqk

👤This is not a good choice for beginners. With more time at home, I'll buy a set for home to use with my 4 year old, I have 11 years of pastry and cake decorating under my belt. This set is very upsetting to me. The offset and straight spatulas are the only nice piece of equipment. The pastry bags exploded. I wouldn't use something that small with the piping tips. The cake turntable doesn't move with ease, which is annoying when trying to smooth everything out while turning at the same time. The wires still have too much slack, even though I set it up per the directions.

👤This is great for beginners. It has everything you need to start decorating cakes. They should have been more clear about using the cake slicer. The instructions had no words to explain what to do. They didn't send any information on how to get the cookbook, which was disappointing.

👤I decided to make my two year old a birthday cake. Two weeks before the party, I decided to order this set because I didn't find a recipe that would help me as a beginner. There is an E-book through which beginner like me can get some ideas reading baking and icing.

👤I've used this for a couple of years now. It works well for making cakes for family parties. I have added more decorating tips and a cake spatula to help move the cakes off the turntable.

👤Leveler is a bad thing. You can not use it. The wire was not a good one. The spactulas were fine. One of them looks at the box. The turntable is amazing. It is easy to clean. It is worth every penny. The piping tips add to the look. There is nothing wrong with them.

👤I need a turntable on short notice. You can't ask for more for under $13. The turntable is working well.

👤It seems good quality for what I will use it for. The turntable is not completely flat in the video. I don't want to be a professional. The only thing you need is the instruction card. I think the blue scrapers smelled like bacon dog treats but after washing it wasn't as bad.

👤The owner of this bussiness puts their heart and dedication into their products and service. Excellent customer service and very informative instruction to follow up the order. The spatula and turnable one are my favorites at this price. I can't figure out how to use the leveler, but I won't use it much. I think it is okay.

👤The kit was great, except for the spatulas. The spatulas were washed and the handles turned red. We scrubbed but there was still more slime coming off. What are they given? Is it safe to eat if it comes off in your hands? The one on the right has been washed at least 10 times. The one on the left went through the dishwasher to see if the detergent worked. You will be slimed if you get them wet.

6. Wilton 411 1989 Coupler Set

Wilton 411 1989 Coupler Set

All bags and tips are compatible. The package has a set of 4.

Brand: Wilton

👤I removed one star because of the lack of information on the packaging. I have a large icing tip that is too large for these couplers. I tried to find information about the standard couplers that would fit the tip I had, but they weren't compatible with it. I'm assuming that a seasoned baker would know the difference immediately, but for a novice baker like me, it would have been a lot easier if the packaging had a list of the tip #s on them. I think it would be very helpful to have a link to the information on their website or in their packaging.

👤You don't have enough couplers to hold your tips to the pastry bags when you start to ice cookies. The tips are held to the bag by these couplers. They are easy to use, and do not get caught in the bag, and they allow you to easily screw the tip to the bag without causing any issues. I'm taking off a star because they seem a bit pricey for just being four plastic rings. I think they should be around $5 a pop. You can usually expect quality from the supplies, but it seems like it's steep for them. The packaging is terrible, but I didn't deduct stars for this. The packaging came apart during shipping and caused my couplers to come loose. The packaging is flimsy and bad, but I understand that this is a shipping issue. If you order these for someone other than yourself, use caution.

👤The set of 4 plastic couplers is for standard-size piping tips. These couplers work just fine with my standard tips. I almost always use the couplers when I use the same bag of frosting because I can easily switch out my tips. These couplers aren't compatible with Russian piping tips. I used the tri-color coupler that I bought on Amazon. I find it better than not using one at all.

👤I bought this because I wanted to try a chocolate cake. I needed a piping tip to pipe the ganache in the center of the cakes, I read that I could use a bag instead of a piping bag, to make it easier to switch tips and to get a good seal. The couplers were recommended. I tried these. They worked well. It's easy to use. The bags were sealed perfectly at the corner. I tried using the piping tips with the coupler in a regular sandwich size bag for deviled eggs. The deviled eggs I made were the best I had ever made. These are a set of 4. They were on sale for $3. I gave the extras to people I like. D.

👤For family birthdays, I cake decorate casually. I always like to have extra couplers on hand because I can make up new bags of icing without having to stop and wash them. These work as expected. The ring on the end of the bag keeps the icing tip secure. No complaints! I put these in the dishwasher silverware basket to wash. Would recommend.

7. Wilton Leveler Small 10 Inch 415 0165

Wilton Leveler Small 10 Inch 415 0165

Better baking results can be achieved with affordable bakeware. The small cake leveler makes it easy to level cake layers that are consistent in height. The wire blade can be adjusted up to 2 inches high. The wire has a plastic grip. The leveler is 12 x 6.25 inches. Clean with a soft, damp cloth after use.

Brand: Wilton

👤I fail miserably in leveling cakes so I was scared to work with layer cakes. I don't like ruler and knife. I can't do that. I feel like I am an expert cake maker after giving this a try. It works perfectly and is easy to use. I have tried it on a white almond sour cream cake. I couldn't imagine doing a checkerboard cake before I did it. Can't wait to bake more cakes. Do not hesitate to get this tool if you don't like leveling cakes. I promise you will love it. I have used this cake leveler many times with different cake recipes and it levels cakes perfectly every time. I love it so much. You need to make sure that the cakes are cool for people who say that this leveler shreds cakes. I freeze my cakes. I usually make them days in advance, freeze then thaw for two hours before leveling. The method works well. If you need the cakes the same day, what should you do? The cakes should be inverted after 10 minutes. Wrap them in saran wrap and freeze them for an hour. Take them out of the freezer. The chocolate cake I posted with my review is moist, but the cake leveler still worked. I didn't have a problem. I love this cake leveler. I can't live without it. The cake layers are not the same as the cake domes.

👤It works well. I let my cake cool completely in the pan before I remove it because it's too warm and moist to hold up to being cut. I baked a 4-5 inch deep cake and used the leveler to make 4 layers, and I was so happy with the result, I was so excited. My first real dessert. It is easy to clean with a wet paper towel.

👤It took me a while to master this, but I put my cakes in the freezer for 30 minutes after they are completely cooled. They can use this product on clean slices more often. I'm only a hobby baker for family and friends so maybe that's why I had a small problem with my first cake. I think I tried to level my cakes fast so they fell apart. I learned that lesson and now I use this product every time.

👤I've been able to get by all my life by using a long knife to slice off the dome from cake tops. For those times when I want to slice cake layers into two equal layers in order to create a torte with many very thin layers, I use a length of upholstery thread or dental floss wrapped around the layers and pulled from opposite directions. The old ways of cutting cake layers work well. I've taken a lot of time to get it right, so they're not always as accurate as I'd like. That's where the cake leveler makes a difference. There is a little bit of difference. It takes time to get the wire on the leveler and practice to cut it. Once you have the correct position, the serrated wire will do a quick and accurate cut. How can we move the wire? The wire needs to be tight. To change the wire placement, you have to loosen the tension by pressing down each leg. It's easy. Push down on the other side of the counter and gently move the less-taut wire to the place you need it. Do the same thing with the other side.

8. Wilton Decorator Stainless Decorating Stainless Steel

Wilton Decorator Stainless Decorating Stainless Steel

Meringue mix and icing colors are made in the USA. 5 decorating tips, a fill tip, and 2 couplers are needed to create stars, flowers, leaves, and other designs. One hand pushes icing through the cylinder for easy control. You can use to decorate cakes, cookies, pies, brownies, candies and even appetizers. The included baking supplies storage bag will keep your cake decorating tools safe. The cookie press should be handwashed.

Brand: Wilton

👤The pampered chef easy accent decorator has been used by me for years. I looked up the reviews and thought I would try this one instead of mine. When I got it. I liked the variety of tips and I was impressed. I used it. I couldn't seal it properly because it leaked from the top and bottom. It's much better to have a well-manicured chef. I will return.

👤I bought this to make churros and am happy with the result. I tried churros with a bag. This is a perfect fit for a churro. It is easy to fill and clean.

👤I've had the plastic version of this as well. It was half the price and lasted a long time, but eventually the hand pump broke and I needed to replace it. I wanted to buy the same one but couldn't find it. I bought it. I love it. It's better. It was very easy to use. My 10 year old daughter uses it to decorate cupcakes. It's so easy to use and will last for years if you spend the money.

👤Light-weight frostings, such as buttercream and cream cheese, are very effective. The design of the chamber makes it easy to refill it with frosting. Everything has to be washed. A mesh bag for washing the tips in the dishwasher and to keep them together for storage is a nice addition. The variety of tips works well for modern-style decorating, and I have used this set to decorate sugar cookies and cakes. Icing roses are not the same as they used to be. It's good to know that both types of roses tips are included. I would like this set to have a container or box to keep it clean in the cupboard. The thumb-pressed lever on the Pampered Chef decorator broke in use, so this kitchen tool was purchased to replace it. The one from Wilton has been of the same quality,Durability, and design as the one from Wilton, and I think the design is better. I don't want to do without this tool, even though it isn't the most used item in the kitchen. It makes sugar cookie decoration easier. Highly recommended. 4.5 stars, rounded up to 5.

👤I bought this a year and a half ago to replace a plastic gun. It's more sturdy and easier to use than either of those, but after a year and a half, the top and bottom won't stay screwed on, and the plunger broke. I use it every 2 weeks for devilled eggs and buttercream frosting, and I think I've gotten my money's worth out of it, and am ordering again because I like this far better than the plastic products.

👤I love it! It is very easy to use. This is the tool to use if you have warm hands. This will give you more control over the amount of frosting you put on cakes. When you are using a piping bag, your hand gets tired, but not as much as when you are using a hand. I would not have to refill it so often if the container was bigger.

9. Shappy Plastic Standard Couplers Decorating

Shappy Plastic Standard Couplers Decorating

You will soon be able to make amazing stars, flowers, petals, leaves, dots, and borders. These white couplers are 3 cm/ 1.2 inch long and have a base diameter of 2.5 cm. It's possible to change piping tips without wasting bags or frosting. Cut a tiny hole in the bag corner, insert the plastic coupler, attach the tip and screw on the ring, wash them clean. The pipe tip couplers are made of quality plastic and are durable, so they can be used to decorate cake and cookie quickly. You can change the size of the tubes without emptying the contents of the bag.

Brand: Shappy

👤Terrible! The couplers don't fit together well. The threads are not a good match. I would never order these again because they are poor quality. Stick with the person. The better quality will be better if you pay a little more. I would have sent them back if I waited too long. Don't waste your money.

👤It is decent for the price. I didn't want to spend a lot on the cake decorating party, but I needed a lot of couplers. It was difficult to get the threads lined up. You get what you pay for. If you were going to use these frequently, I would recommend buying something better. It is alright for a one-time thing.

👤There are 12 plastic standards in this package. The bags and tips are attached to the regular bags. It is very easy to use. I have always been a terrible baker and I just started learning how to decorate. Any one who wants to try can. I can change the size of the piping tips when I am decorating cookies without wasting frosting that is in the bag. It's much easier to decorate with different colors and tips.

👤I didn't know there were different sized couplers, but my standard piping nozzles don't fit in these, so be careful to look at the size before ordering.

👤They work, but they are cheap and the size is off compared to other ones. They work, and they do keep your tips, but they are not my favorite.

👤The value is great. You have to align the parts for the parts to screw together after the 2 parts are screwed together. They do the job, but if you are in a hurry or pressed for time, these add a bit of frustration.

👤These are great for using with my Wilson baking tips. They are durable and good quality. They will last me for a long time.

👤They don't thread together well when they are put into a bag. I have had more leaks with these.

👤These work well. It's much cheaper to buy at a cake or craft store.

👤The plastic is soft. Not the same quality as Ateco.

10. Wilton 909 192 Decorating Tip Poster

Wilton 909 192 Decorating Tip Poster

The food coloring is made in the USA. The most popular piping tips are listed on the poster. For reference when decorating. A guide to decorating tips for the family of Wilton.

Brand: Wilton

👤This poster is very helpful. I have been completely unaware of what tips are for decorating cookies. The poster comes close to a comprehensive guide. I don't actually use any of the tips, but I use Ateco and the numbers are the same. I am not sure where they expect people to put this poster. It doesn't match my decor. I put them on a ring so I could toss them in my tote with the rest of my cookie decorating items.

👤This is my problem. The poster was great. The picture is perfect. The poster was ripped in half when I opened it. The poster should have been made of plastic. Maybe it should have been warned.

👤I own a lot of brands. It's nice to have a reference to see what the tips are supposed to represent. The description says it is plastic. It has a smooth finish on it. It is easy to read. Can it tear? Yes. Is it readable? Yes. It is easy to read the tips because they are categorized by type. Some people gave it a 1 star because they did not include this with their tips. The quality of the tip sheet has nothing to do with that. That is advertising. Reviews should deal with the product, not the company's marketing. I will be using this paper a lot and so I will be taking it for laminating myself. This is not a high quality laminated sheet. You want to know what to expect from your tips, this is what you want for the most common tips.

👤It should never have been ordered. I didn't read the description and the reviews. The tipoff should have said that the item is plastic and then paper. If I'd read reviews, I would have realized that this is not a durable, laminated poster which can be rolled back. It's a flimsy paper poster which will tear, become dirty, and not last. I'm very disappointed with him. The practice board is an example of a decline in quality.

👤If you buy more than a few tips, this is a must. You will decorate cakes often. It's large. I don't know how to display it. I'll keep it in a drawer. The other side is written in Spanish.

👤If you have a place in your kitchen where you can display this poster, it is fantastic. I don't. The illustrations are colorful and informative. The process of folding it will cause it to wear on the folds, damaging some of the illustrations. I think it would be more useful for the home baker to have a PLASTIC pamphlet with all the wonderful illustrations that this poster offers. A few pages is all it would need. If we got frosting on it, we could reference it and wipe it clean. I don't understand why I couldn't find something like this from Wilton. This is great for information. If you plan on taking it in and out on a regular basis, it won't hold up. There is nothing better to choose from. You will get all the information you are looking for. It is not ideal for the home baker.

11. Wilton 399 5003 3 Piece Center Purple

Wilton 399 5003 3 Piece Center Purple

Product height is 0.8 Works with any size cake. It is easy to cut with scissors. 4.5 in. (11,4 cm) Each.

Brand: Wilton

👤I don't understand people complaining about not supporting a cake. I used this for a two tiered cake that was three layers with a 6” double layer on top, I had to transport the cake and it survived the car trip, not one shift of the top tier. I was hoping that it would work the way I was expecting. As long as I can get it back, I can reuse this for future cake projects. If you have additional support to help hold up the other tiers, it will work great.

👤I use them for stabilizers in wedding cakes. I use a skewer in the center of these to support them. I've been able to take 3 tier wedding cakes an hour away without any issues.

👤You fear that the tiered cakes won't uphold the regular straw method or the super wide post method, but these dowels are great for that.

👤I used a 5 tier wedding cake to hold it in place. The price is great, but it is not strong enough to hold a lot of weight. I didn't use it in the middle of the cake. It would work better if it was used on a small cake.

👤There are a lot of sophisticated support systems on the market. This is a more economical system that is easy to understand and adapt to fit most needs. Traveling with tiered cakes can be a bit much, since I live in the mountains. I am impressed with this system and the accompanying rods. I traveled with a wedding cake and some gravel roads. My cake was not distorted by gravity.

👤I love the additional supports for tiered cakes. They make traveling with a cake easy. I like these.

👤I am not sure if it was a mistake or not, but all of my tiered cakes leaned on this product. My cakes don't lean anymore after I switched to a different product.

👤These are for a wedding cake. I've never done anything like this before, but these are easy to use once you've worked it out and read the instructions. I would use them again now that I know them.

👤I bought these to make my son's wedding cake. It worked well. I have never used them before. The lengths were easy to cut. The cake was well held. It made a three hour car journey.

👤I bought these with the support rods and caps because I needed them to support my daughters wedding cake. I am happy with my purchase, they look easy to use.

👤It was just what I needed, but it was a bit difficult to put together.

👤Very pleased with the product.


What is the best product for cake decorating supplies wilton?

Cake decorating supplies wilton products from Wilton. In this article about cake decorating supplies wilton you can see why people choose the product. Rfaqk and Shappy are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake decorating supplies wilton.

What are the best brands for cake decorating supplies wilton?

Wilton, Rfaqk and Shappy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake decorating supplies wilton. Find the detail in this article.

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