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1. JOEYZ Multifunctional Serving Platter Veggie

JOEYZ Multifunctional Serving Platter Veggie

If you have a problem, please contact them in time, they will help you solve it. Functional: The basic cake stand is one of the functions that the 6 in 1 clear cake stand integrates. You can do a lot of things with this stand. A super-durable ACRYLIC. Unlike glass cake stands that are too heavy to lift, this crystal-clear acrylic serving stand with cover is made with lightweight acrylic, so it is easy to carry and clean. It looks like glass. It's dishwasher safe as well. Even larger cakes will fit in here perfectly, because of the large base and dome depth. Their 6 in 1 cake stand is easy to use and has a dome, tray, and bowl which can be used separately or in combination. This all in one server is great for parties or family dinners. You can serve everything from Appetizers to Desserts with its many functions. It's a great birthday gift, engagement gift, or housewarming gift. You may want to keep the cake stand and server in your home.

Brand: Joey'z

👤It is simple to use but not clear. The box was crushed and the item had scratches. It doesn't fit well.

👤The item is good for the job, but not tall enough for a cake unless you bake it at home.

👤My mother used to have a glass plate for cake. It took a little longer to wash and keep the glass clean because it was so heavy. This product is lightweight so I can lift it and move it around with ease, and it has the same use as before. It's made of plastic, so make sure your baked goods are cool before putting them inside. I bought this for a cake plate and have no complaints. It stays on the dining room table to hold cakes, cookies, donuts, muffins. I can't wait to use it as a salad bowl or dessert bowl. You can use the bottom plate to hold cheese, crackers, dips, and other items. You will be happy with this purchase.

👤I want to return it because it melted when I kept it in the dishwasher.

👤I thought I was a design when the small bowl cracked. It's a shame. I still think it is great to use at a private meal, just because it is very useful. I might buy again if I have a picnic table with snacks. The flies are kept off. I think so.

👤Lighter than a glass or crystal cake plate. Multi use is versatile.

👤I was excited when I ordered this. I was more excited when I opened it and saw all the ways I can use it. It is not glass. I hope it stays clear. It is very well made. I can not wait to use it.

👤The plate portion cracked when I put a cake on it. This is supposed to be heavy-duty. Not much.

2. Sweese 709 101 12 Inch Porcelain Dessert

Sweese 709 101 12 Inch Porcelain Dessert

Easy care. The cake stand is easy to clean. There are no need to worry about sticky dessert or stubborn sauce stains. It is recommended to wash your hands. It is suitable for cake less than 12 inches in diameter. The cake pedestal is perfect for serving cupcakes, macarons, candies, cookies, fruit, or other desserts. A wide and weighted base design makes the cake stand more stable, even while holding two- and three-tier wedding cakes. The plate has a raised edge to prevent cakes from slipping out. White is a timeless classic. A gorgeous addition to your kitchen is the modern cake display stand. It can be used as an everyday centerpiece with candles and seasonal decor. Their cake stand is made of porcelain, which is a type of ceramic that is chip resistant and more sturdy than stoneware. It's safe for everyone to use and there's no worry about adding elements to your food. Easy care. The cake stand is easy to clean. There are no need to worry about sticky dessert or stubborn sauce stains. It is recommended to wash your hands.

Brand: Sweese

👤The stand is simple and elegant. It's perfect for my little boys birthdays and for fancy cakes to be put in our farmhouse style home. There is no large edge to cut cakes. It is easy to clean and the top is level. It was perfect!

👤It's pretty with my glass dome and I like cookies on my counter. I found the top wobbly on the base and when I picked it up, the top was separated from the base. I was able to apply super glue. I am hand washing the glue that is holding. It's easy to wash your hands.

👤The small flourless cake was held by the cake plate. The edges were decorated with flowers. The cake plate wouldn't tip if the cake was cut. Very happy with the purchase.

👤The white round cake stand added to the appeal of my cake. I had enough space to add a bead of frosting around the base of the cake, and still have enough room to start the spatula. I would buy it again. A pair of Sweese scissors was the bonus gift.

👤Exactly what I wanted but didn't get. The 10" stand was sent back as an exchange and received in a box labeled "12". Gave up trying to get what I wanted.

👤The cake stand is simple and beautiful. It is not ornate. It will go unrecognized with its large plate and raised edge, which makes it a certainty that they won't slide off. I couldn't say with certainty that the short pedestal could handle a heavy cake, but it provided a low center of gravity for stability. I like it. I may buy a second for the Appetizers.

👤The plate was well packaged and did not have any flaws. The plate is large enough to hold cakes, cupcakes, etc. The white color is perfect for all occasions. Some stores have a price that is almost double that of others. I will order another for larger gatherings and gifts. Five stars!

👤There is no assembly required. Well packaged, undamaged, and exactly as described.

3. Glass Cheese Diameter Europe Barski

Glass Cheese Diameter Europe Barski

These candy boxes are great for decorating birthday, baby shower party, wedding favors, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, or any other special events. Finest european quality glass for clarity and sparkle. It is designed to coordinate beautifully with any décor. The height is 7.75" and the diameter is 11. dishwasher safe for convenience. It's a perfect gift for someone special.

Brand: Barski

👤The height was perfect and the gold ring added beauty.

4. Cabilock Plastic Cover Dessert 21X10cm

Cabilock Plastic Cover Dessert 21X10cm

It adds elegance to desserts, cakes, snacks and wine tasting parties. The cover is made from food grade safe materials. It is very easy to take and uses. It is easy to clean it up and a good kitchen tools. It is made from PS and is safe for a long time.

Brand: Cabilock

👤It was scratched up and very used. The top fell apart after being put together several times.

👤The dome is what I expected, and I like it just fine, however, like many of the other reviews, I received all the parts but the screw for attaching the handle to the dome. This company would fail to include all the necessary hardware. My dad had a screw for the thread.

5. Pasabahce Premium Servicing Housewarming Weddings

Pasabahce Premium Servicing Housewarming Weddings

It's great for holidays, parties, entertaining and everyday use. CAKE PLATE: The glass border is in a wave shape. Excellent for serving cakes, pies, muffins, pastries, cupcakes, fruit, and much more. Atisserie service cake plate is included. QUALITY: Clear glass for happy tables. Care: It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Brand: Pasabahce

👤I think I should testify about the item's longevity. It was shipped in a cardboard box. There was no packing paper. There is a platter in the box. Even though the box was not treated kindly during shipping, it is not damaged. I had to tap it to make sure it was glass. It looks like the photos. Simple and elegant. I also ordered a dome from Amazon. Hopefully it will fit and be packed better.

👤Absolutely loved it. I liked it so much that I ordered several more. They were used for a wedding table. The white lights reflected through it.

👤Absolutely beautiful. We have used it as a tray and covered it with figs, a fruit and cheese board, and even a cake plate. It feels sturdy even though it is thin. We keep it on the bar with tall glasses when not in use. Very happy with the price. Under $13.

👤The platter was re-taped and crunched. I was disappointed that it was a gift. I opened the box to make sure the dish was not broken, but it was dirty and appeared to have been wiped with a dirty sponge before being returned to the box. It's really bad. I washed it and it looks better, but it was very disappointing. The platter is attractive now that I have washed it, but with care it should be fine.

👤The plato de cristal is una belleza. Se ve lindo y es fcil de limpiar. I tiene me. The excelente inversin was por el precio. Se tiene muchas cosas, pero tiene muchas photos, pero tiene muchas photos, pero tiene muchas photos.

👤This thing is gorgeous. A simple design. It's a really generous size and it washes up crystal clear. I got it for around $13 and it's amazing. I paid almost double for a universal cover that I used. It's a favorite in my kitchen. C.

👤The manufacturers description of this tray is overstated. I should have used common sense, because it's cheap and you get what you pay for. The tray is light and fragile, I wish it was bigger. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤I loved the presentation it gave to my birthday cake, but it feels fragile on my hands. It looks amazing, as glass is easy to clean and won't pick colors from the cake icing.

👤It was made for the price.

👤It looks good for money, but not yet used.

👤Ich bin sogar insgesamt, die meine Familie und meine kreieren, die jedesmal insgesamt. Man damit arbeiten und ist die aus. War schnell und ordentlich verpackt. I am empfehlen.

👤I bought this plate so that the syrup wouldn't leak into my fridge. The juices stay on the plate with a slight lip to it. Very happy!

👤Bandeja Grande y Bonita, para servargas, varios pastelitos, pequeos, and todos los tipos. Hmedo tienen caramelo lquido o salsa porque con el borde, pero no se derram el lquido.

6. DOITOOL Plastic Display Serving Platter

DOITOOL Plastic Display Serving Platter

It is a good gift to give to your friends or family. Storage of your cake and salad is greatly improved by a suitable size cake display dome. It can keep your food clean and sanitary. The butter dish is dome tray. The handle is suitable for human hands. The cheese cloche dome is made of cheese. A cake display dome is portable and can be used for a long time. Can be used to cover your food. The cake dome is being served. The material is very wear- resistant and sturdy for long serving time. The tent has a food cover.

Brand: Doitool

👤There were about ten different pieces that were broken.

7. Tebery Acrylic Multi Function Serving Platter

Tebery Acrylic Multi Function Serving Platter

Premium crystal-clear plastic. A dishwasher safe. This lightweight serving stand is easy to carry and clean, unlike glass cake stands that are too heavy to lift. It looks like real glass. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be Inverted for a sectional chip n' dip server. The cake stand with dome lid, salad bowl, server, chips and dip platter, and pie serving dish can be used with 3 parts. It's great for holidays, parties, entertaining and everyday use.

Brand: Tebery

👤This is made of plastic that is easy to clean. It's multi-functionality is something that I like, as you would have to buy multiple products to equal just one. It's a cake plate, a serving platter, a punch bowl, a salad bowl, and the "dip cup" detaches from it and could be used independently for holding salsa or other condiments. I used it to hold my cakes. I rigged up a little set-up to make sure the top didn't touch when closed. It's a good product. I don't have a dishwasher so I don't know if it's dishwasher safe. I wasn't worried about that, but it cleans very easily and is sturdy.

👤The dome's internal diameter is more than 10 feet, not 12 as was claimed. The stand is similar to the other plastic stands, but is too small for me. It took me 30 seconds to grab a ruler and measure. Minus three stars for providing misleading information.

👤The cake stand is made of plastic. I thought it was glass, so I read it wrong. I need to wear my glasses more often. It is not worth $30.

👤It was received on December 12th. When the crack was present, it only got as far as one bundt cake. I knew I would have this for a long time so I used a plasic butter knife to cut. I need a replacement for the multifunction. I have another event in January. It will leak with the dip, and as you can see it started from the center, it may need to be reinforced. I purchased it because of the possibilities. Please let me know how we can resolve this.

👤It's light and nice. I was looking for a plate that was covered. I didn't want something that was heavy. I didn't want something that was breakable. It's not as pretty as a glass or crystal cake plate, but it still looks nice. This can be used as a covered vegetable and dip tray at a BBQ with the stress of someone dropping the dome and breaking it. I highly recommend it.

👤I needed a cake platter for my cooking class. It worked well when I was making the cake. It was easy to store the cake. There were no cracks in the product when I washed it. I put a cake on it and noticed a crack on the platter piece. I thought I had been a little overzealous in cutting the cake, and that I would be a little nicer in the future. After not touching the cake or platter for two days, I noticed two cracks in the platter that were not close to the original crack. It was rather disappointing.

👤I love it! It scratches easily, but it still works. I was tall enough to put a double layer cake inside. I have not used it for anything other than a cake. I am excited to have a get-together after the Covid as it will be perfect for Appetizers as well. It was worth the money.

8. Caydo Pieces Serving Centerpiece Wedding

Caydo Pieces Serving Centerpiece Wedding

The dimensions are 6.25 H x 11.75 Diameter, Wood Top, and Metal Base. There are 8 wood table number holders, 5 paper cards, 15 glue stickers, and 2 large natural wood slices with bark. The diameter of the natural wood slice is 10inch to 12inch. The thickness is 0.78inch. The table card holders are small. Round wood slices and wood table number holder are natural and unique. The wood slice is made of paulownia and has the bark attached. The place cards are made of paper. The wood table holder can hold cards, as well as the cake stand with dual tape. These are great for decor and crafts, such as country wedding decor, wedding centerpiece, cake stands, carvings, arts, woodworking, holidays party decor, cabin, plate coasters, table mat, home decoration, crafts and do it yourself supplies.

Brand: Caydo

👤I like the boards but they didn't come with the glue to attach the legs. Very disappointed.

👤It is easy to use with or without the legs. It was great for the stump cake at the party.

👤I ordered them for the baby shower. The card stock and the card holders were not in the box. It's an absolute waste of time and money. The cake stands I ordered came without them.

9. Marble Wood Cake Stand Diameter

Marble Wood Cake Stand Diameter

We provide free return and replacement service. If you have a problem, please contact them at any time and they'll help you to solve the problem quickly for a replacement. Purchase now and make your event better. There is a strong design element in each marble and wooden cake stand. Friends and family will be amazed at the arresting form of the cake pedestals. On the other hand, you have a wooden cupcake stand. On the other are plastic ones. They've combined marble and wood for a unique display. You'll feel smooth surfaces and flawless seams if you run your finger around the lip of the marble and wooden cake stands. Your guests can focus on the cakes and the white pedestal platter and splash photos on their social media platforms. The aesthetic fits in any room. The stone cake stand can be used to serve cupcakes or icing pastries. You can use the stand for cheese and grapes. This fancy white cake stand is the only gift worth giving because the host will love entertaining with true hospitality. It blends in with the décor and serves up a bit of flair.

Brand: Coopers Grace

👤The cake stand is not stable. The wood on one side is lighter than the marble on the other. The base is made of wood. A beautiful $100 cake went to the ground as pieces were cut off from the birthday cake. The base needs to be bigger and heavier.

👤The cake stand is very attractive. I bought it as a gift and was very pleased with the quality.

👤The product isn't very study. The stand is used when trying to slice through the cake.

👤I have a collection of cake stands. 50% of cake decorating is using a beautiful cake with a beautiful cake stand, so I love when I find a new, cute cake stand. I was excited for this but it didn't meet my expectations. This is a sturdy cake stand. The diameter of the cake plate is 12. This is a heavy cake stand and it is stable. The base and cake plate were the two pieces. It came with a washer to place between the two. The cake stand is still fine even though the washer did not fit. The pictures associated with this listing were not the best. I assumed that was an advertising issue. It was not. The cake stand isn't very pretty. The idea of it being beautiful is what it wants to be. When done well, marble and wood pair nicely. The wood to marble ratio is off on this cake stand. I thought I was being too critical of the cake stand but after seeing some cake photos on it, I think I'm right. The cake plate is made of marble and wood. This can be unbalanced in photos, so more wood or more intensive marbling would make it look balanced. It is a well-made cake stand with potential. It will look cute. I had expectations for this combination and it didn't meet them.

👤The cake stand is 12” in diameter. The white marble and the wood are in perfect harmony. The box was well packaged. The stand was not attached to the upper part. It is very easy to assemble. No instructions needed. It is very sturdy and stable once assembled. The table looks nice for serving cheese, cake, crackers, fruits and so many other things. Can be used as a perfume stand in a bedroom or bathroom. The idea of mixing wood and marble is very nice. It makes the marble trays look great on the table. I have many marble and wood trays, so I will use them both for my next event, with this being the matching point. I don't need to wash it because I wipe it after every use. The quality is good and the price is good. I would recommend it as a gift. Hope this was helpful.

👤I really like this. The sleek modern look is amazing. They brought together the two different materials of wood and marble. It can be used as a cake stand or as a dessert display stand. It's not a holiday or seasonal theme which I like. It's more like a high end product. It only involved the base being screwed on. The circular part is a good size without taking up a lot of counter space.

10. Tiger Chef Stainless Acrylic Spatula

Tiger Chef Stainless Acrylic Spatula

It's a shame: VARIETY: These cake circles are great for many different projects. They can be used to make a wheel or eyes of a puppet, or even as a beautiful centerpiece at weddings, parties, or special events. The cake stand is made of highly polished steel. The diameter is 13 and the height is 7. The dome lid has a handle for easy lifting and keeps food fresh. The diameter is 12 and the height is 8. The pie server is the perfect spatula for serving or cooking. This multi-functional cake stand can be used to display your baked goods, desserts, condiments, or lazy susan. The base and plate can be separated for easy storage.

Brand: Tiger Chef

👤The covering lid was the best thing about this item. The stand was only 2 hollow cups inverted and held together by a bolt and wing nut. If the stand did not turn you would risk the wing nut becoming loose. It wasn't sturdy or heavy, it was easy to slide. I got a cast iron base with a Silicone bottom and spinnable platter that had internal steel bearings, and it blew this item clear out of the water.

👤I think only I can notice that it did not stay straight after assembled, but it looks ok. It does not look cheap. It was expensive for what it was. I kept it because I had no time to get something else.

👤There were too many scratches on the cover.

👤There were hairs all inside the product and on the stickers. The covering had scratches and scuffs. Very dissatisfied.

👤Sturdy construction, easy to assemble, tall enough for most 3 layer cakes.

👤It's great for tall and fat cakes.

👤Me dicen el producto equivocado, pero en vez de lo, ped me.

👤I am encant. There is a person named Muy bonito. Entrego antes de la fecha.

11. Godinger Silver Harper Cake Plate

Godinger Silver Harper Cake Plate

Godinger has specialized in handcrafted silver, pewter, crystal, and alternative metal giftware since 1973. You are sure to find the perfect item for any special occasion, from wedding gifts, candlesticks, barware, bakeware, tea sets and frames. All major retailers in the US and Canada carry Godinger products. The perfect centerpiece for any occasion is the stunning cake stand footed cake plate. The gold trimmed cake stand will make your home look better. Glass that is lead free. The dimensions are 13 inches. Godinger has specialized in handcrafted silver, pewter, crystal, and alternative metal giftware since 1973. You are sure to find the perfect item for any special occasion, from wedding gifts, candlesticks, barware, bakeware, tea sets and frames. All major retailers in the US and Canada carry Godinger products.

Brand: Godinger

👤Absolutely perfect. The wedding cake is on the plate. My daughter loved it.

👤This stand is gorgeous. We knew we made a good investment when we took it out of the box. It was used for a wedding cake. The weight was well balanced, it sat nicely on the table, and never teetered when the table got knocked by the little kids trying to reach for the food! I'm going to have to find more uses for it. I will not put it in the box. It's too pretty!

👤Buy it! It's beautiful. I love this cake plate. It has enough glamor without going over board. If you're using it for a cake plate, you would probably want to use it for a cake with several layers because of the stand's height. The height is perfect for me because I use it for smaller items.

👤The cake plate is gorgeous. The 13” size has a gold edge. The other reviews are for the other pattern, but this plate is absolutely stunning. It will be perfect for my tiered cake. The photos are not the best, but they look like the photo. It was packaged beautifully and arrived on time.

👤The packaging for this cake base was designed to conserve the product. It is a bit heavy due to the thickness of the glass.

👤Stunning and chic! This is a must have for a Gold lover.

👤I believe it will hold my three tier cake without issue. The tint of the glass is blue/green.

👤I was very excited to receive this plate. I was hoping it wouldn't disappoint, but the photos showed it was amazing. Oh man. It is beautiful. When you get excited about a cake plate, you know you are old. It's right. It is much shorter than most cake plates. It looks right. The gold is beautiful. It is very well made. I am using it for a party. A black cake is on a plate. It will be beautiful.


What is the best product for cake dome 12 inch?

Cake dome 12 inch products from Joey'z. In this article about cake dome 12 inch you can see why people choose the product. Sweese and Barski are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake dome 12 inch.

What are the best brands for cake dome 12 inch?

Joey'z, Sweese and Barski are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake dome 12 inch. Find the detail in this article. Cabilock, Pasabahce and Doitool are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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