Best Cake Dowels Wood

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1. Wooden Dowel Rods Craft Inch

Wooden Dowel Rods Craft Inch

We support the arbor day foundation by using sustainable sources for their woodworking and craft dowels. The wooden sticks are made from top-quality beechwood. The smooth finish on the sticks makes them safe to use for a wide range of projects. The wooden dowels are very practical for both household and industrial needs. They are 100% food grade and have a uniform finish that can be colored, so you can use them for home or school projects. If you love parties, their wooden rounds for crafts are very useful in creating spectacular d├ęcor arrangements or accessories. You can use the dowels to make amazing candy bar settings, wands for children or masks for parties. Their wood dowels are an eco-friendly and cost-saving solution that can help make your life easier and your activities more enjoyable. Every home or business needs to have the sticks because they are a must for them. The complete set includes wooden craft sticks with a range of sizes. They come in a bag of 50 pieces and have a length of 12-inch.

Brand: Steso Dowels

👤The product I received was not close to the size shown in the packaging. The packaging doesn't claim they are 1/6th of a stick. I am guessing that the vendor was sending the real thing, but now has replaced the inferior product with something else. The wood quality and finish is not as good as the one I bought at the craft store. I liked these because they were already pre-cut to the length I needed and could get them in bulk but sadly it was a disappointing purchase and won't work for what I need them for so I am returning them. If you don't need a true 1/6 in dowel, these are barely half that. You don't mind cheap wood so these may work for you. In both pictures, you can see that the top is bigger than the bottom.

👤Several other people have said that the dowels are smaller than they are. Those reviews are correct. The description stated that the dowels were 3.175mm in diameter, but they are actually 0.118 inch (3mm) in diameter. There is a I am returning them for a refund because I need a smaller diameter for my application. The dowels appear to be well made, other than the inaccurate diameter.

👤3/16 is not the correct date for the dowels. If you need 5 MM, these will not work out because they are close to that size. They will be fine. There is a I don't like to get stuff that is advertised incorrect, I know the co knows these do not measure 3/16, they do not care.

👤My nephew is a big fan of picking up sticks and twigs. These were a good solution. He chews on them and uses them to drum on everything. This is a perfect gift for a child with an intellectual disability who constantly looks for twigs and sticks to amuse themselves.

👤These worked well as aisle runners. I stuck the decorations in the ground. When they're thin, a few of them snapped while handling, but that's to be expected. You get a lot for the price. It wasn't an issue.

👤I gave it 4 stars because they were the correct size, even though only half of them were good enough to use. These were the perfect size for many others.

👤The packaging for dowels is not the same as shown and they are not the right quantity. This is supposed to be 150, but I only got 91.

👤I had to return them because they are not a full 12. They are not very big. I need a full 12 for my project. The bad info on size was not accepted in terms of quality.

2. Wooden Dowel Rods Unfinished Woodpecker

Wooden Dowel Rods Unfinished Woodpecker

The measure is 1/6-inch diameter by 12-inch length. You can get right to crafting with the pre-sanded 14" x12" round wooden dowels. These are safe wood craft sticks because of their smooth wood. The dowels are clean, uniform, and light-toned Baltic Birch, which makes them look great. The perfect wood crafting combination is quality and beauty. 14 inch is the ideal thickness for cake layer support, and is easy to sharpen with a pencil. You may want to add a thicker rod at the center. Are you planning a party? Are you a party host with a penchant for making things? You will keep reaching for these. The wood sticks can be used for a variety of things. All of their wood is sustainable and they support the arbor day foundation in planting trees for the future of their planet.

Brand: Woodpeckers

👤These are very high quality. It was made from good hardwood. There is a The wood grain is straight and consistent. Cut, sand, trim and glue these dowels. The best way to buy good dowels is in packs of 100 and 12. If you only need to cut off a short piece of wood for your usual repair or project, then you don't need to bother with a long 3' spear of wood. The price is the same for the 12 inch size. There is a They are very handy for mixing. I trim the last 2 inches of the good mixing stick on both sides to make it easier to mix paint or stain. There is a Use a rag to wipe clean. My wife may have taken a few of these 12 footers to use as houseplant support sticks. I need to question her about the use of my supplies. Happy wife happy life! Well guys and ladies... That's my review. Be kind, be safe. Make really cool stuff. Best wishes always... "Skip".

👤The quality of the dowels is excellent. My daughter had a wedding. We needed something that didn't require the janitor or groundskeeper to clean it up. We borrowed this idea from a website. Two bells are tied with ribbon and hot glue. The bride and groom ran through a tunnel of people jingling the wands after leaving the reception. A happy sound! Many people wanted to give their kids extra wands. We made all the dowels into wands and they were all perfect. We got 3 bonus dowels.

👤The 100 pack of wood dowels was used for a craft project. The sticks were of uniform size and sanded smooth, and they were fairly sturdy. The order was short. The sticks look like they have been re-packaged. There were two bags of 50. There was a plastic bag with a hole in it. I kept and used what was shipped because I didn't want to return the bags.

👤These are small pencil size dowels that are useful for different projects and needs around the house and campsite. These were delivered very fast and the packaging was solid. Will buy from them again in the future.

👤I made a shelf out of these dowels to hold my paintings. I got a pack. They seem to be holding on when a canvas is on them. I would probably use the larger size next time.

👤I needed a couple of rods to attach fake mustaches and hats to a photo booth at an event. I decided to purchase this pack at the local store because it was a tad bit more expensive than buying in the store. The quality of the rods is good. I was worried that they might be too thin, and that they could snap in the hands of guests at the event, or while moving them around. I was wrong. The thickness of a pen or pencil is not as thin as the rods. They are very strong. I had to place a lot of force on the rod before it cracked so that I could test it out. I did not feel any splintering or bumpy in the wood of the unfinished rods. If you're making small signs or using it to hold up fake props for a photo booth, these are the perfect arts and crafts addition. I'll grab another pack when I run out.

3. Perfect Stix Wooden Dowels Pack

Perfect Stix Wooden Dowels Pack

Finding the right size wooden dowel rods is important when you're sweating away over a project. You can find a selection of wood dowels in every diameter or length at the store. The baker Rod is a Perfect Stix. There are lollipops and cake rod. It's a size of 1 inch x 14 inch. The product is high quality.

Brand: Perfect Stix

👤It's great for threading through flags.

👤I'm giving 5 stars because they were described exactly. It was my fault that I didn't know that I needed thicker sticks. I bought bigger and thicker ones for my current project after keeping them.

👤You can order these for a project. They weren't nice enough. I hope to be able use for future projects that don't support, or my just cut in half and use skewers for bbq.

👤These are the perfect thread board. It will hold up forever. Thank you for fast shipping.

👤It was bought for a craft project at home. The easy to use and cut down to size of these dowels finished off our bird feeders nicely. The milk carton held up despite being worn.

👤They get the job done, that is what they are; nothing really remarkable about them.

👤They are bamboo, not solid wood.

4. WEN JN400D 400 Piece Variety Woodworking

WEN JN400D 400 Piece Variety Woodworking

Do you need a specific length or diameter of woodworking or craft dowels? They have a huge assortment of dowels in their storefront. These wood sticks are strong and smooth. Great for making sturdy joints in woodworking projects. The storage bucket makes it easy to organize. The fluted design expands on contact with water-based glues. It was made from trees that were FSC certified. Includes 1/2 by 1 inch, 5/16 by 1 inch, and 1/3 by 1 inch dowels. Includes 1/2 by 1 inch, 5/16 by 1 inch, and 1/3 by 1 inch dowels.

Brand: Wen

👤I am new to woodworking. I'm sure there are strong opinions about doweling, it's perfect, and an upgrade from using pocket hole joinery, which I previously relied on to join wood. You have to be attentive to details when doing doweling, and it's much more work intensive. I found that my pieces were much stronger and more resistant than anything I used pocket holes to join. Even though it is more work, I like this method of building because I know what I'm building will last. The kit has good value and comes with different sizes of dowels for different needs.

👤If I had known that these were pressed sawdust, I wouldn't have ordered them. I thought wooden dowels would be solid. I needed them to fill in a hole in the end of the chair legs so I could hold on to the protective chair leg protectors. These are not strong enough to hold a screw.

👤I'm a Wen guy. I know it isn't the best quality, but the stuff I've bought from them exceeds the price in my experience. I figured I'd give them a try because they are hard to mess up. I'm glad I did because I can't see how I can improve the dowels. They have a nice and consistent notching. The bucket is convenient, but there are a lot of flat face dowels in my bucket that I didn't see in my picture. I don't know what happened, but it did. They should work, but they are not good for alignment. I got more like 395 for the price. I'm happy. For the price, I think he wins again.

👤These seem to be made from wood that is porous. I only used 6 of them and they were in a low stress application. I chop my own dowels out of the rod. The texture may help absorb the glue. The box was cute, but I was expecting something bigger.

👤I wanted the plastic box that the dowels come in to use for storage so I bought this. Amazon's packaging left a lot to be desired. The item broke the plastic box in transit because there was no padding or airpack. The overall product isn't going to be as useful as I had hoped, despite the fact that the dowels are fine.

👤It's easier to get to the size you want when they are in different compartments. It has three different sizes. The only problem I have is that the ones that are shorter are the ones that are used. This is a good kit.

👤It worked great for a glue up. But. Oh well. It's definitely worth the money when compared to other flabby expanding dowels on Amazon. These were several times cheaper and more useful. I would recommend getting a jig for it. Your holes will be in your stock. 15/09/

👤These should be carried by every Ikea store. If you only use a few when replacing broken pieces or missing dowels, it is a good thing.

5. Woodpeckers Pieces Wooden Unfinished Hardwood

Woodpeckers Pieces Wooden Unfinished Hardwood

Premium wooden sticks in a variety of diameters are used for alternative uses. There are quality dowels for the intricate wood project. The hardwood dowels are thin enough to capture detail, and still sturdy. They are straight and uniformly sized. Does your project require many different lengths? You can easily cut the sizes you want with this 36" rod. Do it yourself is double the fun. These wooden sticks can be used to make kites, centerpiece, scale models, and more. The wood crafts sticks are safe for little hands. Choose your wood with eco-recyclability. They give back to the environment by planting trees for the future. Looking for a wood stick in a specific length or diameter? There is a huge assortment of dowels in different sizes in their storefront.

Brand: Woodpeckers

👤I bought two packages. One was excellent. The second package was disappointing because most of the dowels had slices out of them. I used a lot of waste for the project. If they are selling seconds, they should tell people that they are imperfect so they can decide if they want to buy them. It's not a perfect dowel when a foot is on one side.

👤The quality seems to be fairly high, so I'm giving two stars. Three stars were detracted for being the wrong size. The size is advertised as 1/6 inch. They are less than an inch. I got out my tool and it's all 7/64 inch. That means they are not the same size as they are supposed to be. If you're just sticking them to things, this might not be important. I bought them to replace the ones that are part of the kit. I'm going to have to find a different source. This was a waste of time and money because the producer is cheating on size. This is disappointing.

👤These are great for helping my babies grow up straight and tall. Even though they're one of your thinner products, they're absolutely perfect. It's rare for plant supplies to get to me so quickly, so thank you for getting them to me. I am very appreciative of you!

👤I would recommend these to anyone who needs a small diameter dowel, they are useful for my purposes and I really liked them. There are many good points. There are some very minor issues that I would point out. Good: The dowels are all the same length. They stand up well to normal use. They were undamaged and without damage. The wood product is good. Again, I would recommend. There are some minor issues. The dowels are a bit smaller than they should be. You may have to adjust if you need a snug fit. In case you don't know, it's very common in a milled piece. 2. The bag had not 100 dowels in it. There were 96, which was very minor. 3. There may be a bow in the wood. The majority of the dowels were straight. There is a bit of warp. There are many ways to remove this bow and it isn't a show stopping bow. Most uses wouldn't be affected by the bow. My use requires straight pieces. 4. Some people have mentioned splintering. I only saw very minor milling burrs. Before I use any of these pieces, I have to rub them together in your hands. Similar to how many people rub wooden chopsticks together. This method will eliminate burrs from the milling process. Overall a great product that I have bought on two occasions and will buy again when needed.

👤When the hinges on a door frame are loose, I use these dowels. Put the wood glue into the hole. When the screw goes into the hole, it's almost stronger than it was when it was new.

👤These things are not thick. A breeze could break them. The packaging was good. The best part of this purchase was the free craft paper they used for packing.

6. Pieces Plastic Construction Stacking Diameter

Pieces Plastic Construction Stacking Diameter

There is a 2-pack of cake pop stand. If the product is damaged during shipping, please contact them. Quality assurance and friendly customer service are provided for a year. The package contains enough plastic white dowel rods to meet your needs for tiered cake construction. These cake rods are made of good quality material and durable plastic. The plastic rods are strong enough to support your cakes. The plastic rods are designed to separate cake tiers. Pushed into tiers as dowel rods, these plastic rods fit onto most white separator plates.

Brand: Boao

👤I used these in our wedding cake. They were easy to cut to the size I needed. They held up well.

👤Perfect! I used to stack 5 tier cakes and they worked great. I used a tiny handsaw and some sandpaper to sand them down after reading that they were too hard to cut with scissors. I tried scissors and they were cut. They held up perfectly. They were still intact when I got to the bottom of the cake to cut it. The cake took over 6 hours to bake.

👤These can hold the weight of a cake. I found them very difficult to trim down. The knife was difficult to use. They made my cake asymmetrical by trimming it very jagged. I don't think you should.

👤They are so hard to cut that I am giving them 3 stars. I could not cut them with regular scissors because of the thickness. If you're looking for support straws that you'll need to trim, these aren't the ones.

👤They are too hard to trim down with a straight cut. I tried to trim them using garden sheers that I normally use for my dowels. I wasn't able to get a straight cut. The dowel was jagged. These will do the job if you know you need your dowels exactly 6 inches. Unless you are using a pair of steel cutters, you won't be able to cut them down.

👤I like them better than the wider ones, but they were a little smaller than I expected.

👤I have never seen this product before. I made a 3 tier wedding cake. I highly recommend buying a hand cutter that is made of PVC, it cuts the plastic very easily and cleanly. You can find them online or in a store. Good luck!

👤These are very sturdy. They're difficult to cut. I haven't found any that are really not. If they were easier to cut, you wouldn't have such a sturdy support. The small pipe cutter I bought was perfect.

👤These are very strong and can't be cut with regular scissors. I bought them thinking they would be the same size as the PME ones I could buy in hobbycraft, but they are much thicker, so I had to get my husband to cut them down to size. I knew they would be very strong. You will need the right tools to cut them down.

👤It is easy to cut to size for my cakes.

👤It's great for tiering cakes.

👤To keep wires and florist tape away from cake, I used flower picks. It is easy to cut to size and insert cake. I used one in the middle of a cake to put a display.

👤Excellent quality. I use them all the time to make cakes. It is easy to cut when needed. The material is strong.

7. PME DR216 Dowels Decoration Standard

PME DR216 Dowels Decoration Standard

It's easy to use, insert into tiers as dowel rods. A scissor or knife can be used to cut the dowels. It's perfect for putting in between pillared cakes or stacked cakes. A set of 8 cake dowels. It can be cut with scissors or a craft knife. Made from high quality plastic.

Brand: Pme

👤These are good for tier cakes.

👤The Dowels are listed as "Dowels". False marketing. I bought them for the purpose they were purchased for, but they were not used for that. So disappointed. I have to go to the store.

👤The items broke before I got them.

👤I bought this for a two tier cake that I had to make for my college course exam and I am happy to say that I have passed. The experience was good, and I had my first attempt. It's easy to cut a good value for money. The style of cake was well held.

👤I make cakes for a living but have never seen these before. They are too flimsy for my liking and you end up using more than you normally would. I like cakes with holes. I wouldn't buy them again.

👤I thought they would stick with cement. They don't, so find another glue. They're easy to cut, but flimsy. It would be good for small modelling projects.

👤The cake supports are about a quarter of an inch wide. It is very easy to cut with scissors as there is not much substance to them. I am wary of using the centre support on a wedding cake because they bend very easily. I thought the plastic would be more rigid than it is. I am not sure if I will use them for heavy cake.

👤I made a carved dog cake for my son and I knew it wouldn't support it's own weight without the support dowels. I was able to finish his cake the next day because these were available on prime. I am not sure how they would fair with some of my cakes. When I try them, I will update.

8. Dowel Rod Wood Inches Pieces

Dowel Rod Wood Inches Pieces

Push the dowel rods into cake tiers, strong enough to support the heavy weight of multi-tiered cakes, fit onto most white separator plates. There are 10 unfinished natural wood craft dowel rods. It is made of hardwood. It's a great item for making arts and crafts projects. They are ideal for home decor projects, holiday ornaments and decorations, or handmade gifts that will add charm to any room. The measure is 1/6-inch diameter by 12-inch length.

Brand: Darice

👤It's perfect for wands. Smooth and durable.

👤The 888-666-1846 Straight, perfect rounds with smooth fine sanded finished hardwood. Will buy again. Home supply stores have higher quality than those found here.

👤These were described. It is very durable. It's used for backing on photo props.

👤Our party needed to make wizard wands. I used an electric pencil sharpener to give it some shape.

👤I bought this because I needed sturdy dowels for a custom 2 tiered cake that would be unstable using straws. The cake was made with these dowels. It is hard to cut with just kitchen scissors, so I would recommend using a stronger cutting tool, but other than that it did its job!

👤It's easy to use. These worked well to hold my centerpiece.

👤Wood quality was good and each one was straight and consistent.

👤I will be making snowmen with these. They are a great value. If you only need a few, I recommend these. The strength of them is perfect.

👤Difficult to get an English sized rod so I was happy to find these. Accurate to size and close grained hard wood. It was used for pottery tool handles.

👤Good quality wood. Correct size.

👤If you want holes in the craft ideas, you have to drill them.

👤Good product that can be used for craft purposes.

👤Excellent, expected some bends. None. The job was done well.

9. FOCCTS Cardboard Plastic Scraper Supplies

FOCCTS Cardboard Plastic Scraper Supplies

It's perfect for any occasion, from a birthday to a wedding, from a house party to a bake sale. There are three different sizes of the round cake circle bases. You get 2 cake boards. It's a perfect size to make 2 tier cakes. These cake circle bases are made of high quality thick food safe 100% biodegradable cardboard, which is grease proof, no cleaning needed. The film is easy to clean and reuse. The wooden dowels are 5mm in thickness and can provide a strong base for any type of cake, keep the cake complete in transport and store. The heavy duty poly cake dowels are strong enough for large birthday cakes. The Scrapper cake edge decorating tool is made from food grade plastic and is eco-friendly. You can use it to bake cakes. All medium-sized bakes are given a firm, stable foundation by these cake boards. Not only suitable for supporting birthday, wedding decoration cakes, but also bakery, candy, chocolates, cupcakes, food, pizza and creating and displaying cardboard crafts.

Brand: Foccts

👤They say they are plastic but when they are wood and smaller they will not buy again.

👤The bamboo sticks are hard to break, so I bought this set to help me with the cake. I will try to break it before I put it in the cake. I received the bamboo sticks, scrapper and boards, as well as the 3 other items.

👤I am a beginner. I would buy this again.

👤The wood and boards are strong. Didn't get the scrapper.

👤Can't wait to use tiered cakes. The cake boards are very nice.

10. Boards Wooden Dowels Stacking Decorating

Boards Wooden Dowels Stacking Decorating

These wooden cake stands can be used for many occasions. It can be used as a wedding cake stand, cupcake stand, pastry board, or platter. Perfect for weddings and birthdays, bake like the professionals and add that special touch. Solid premium cake boards are used to set up your cake dowels. Save their set and you will be able to make as many as 4 3 tier cakes. The wooden cake dowels are used to reinforce the structure of the cake. You will receive an ebook with instructions on how to properly use a cake tier stacking kit with this purchase.

Brand: Upper Midland Products

11. Wooden Dowel Rods Unfinished Woodpecker

Wooden Dowel Rods Unfinished Woodpecker

All of their wood is sustainable and they support the arbor day foundation in planting trees for the future of their planet. The top quality wood for a sloped project. Their Baltic Birch wood is beautiful, solid and has no cracks, chips or discoloration. The pre-sanded rods are great for any project. There are floating shelves, ribbon/craft tape organizers, jewelry holders. Enjoy a wooden crafting experience. The wooden sticks are ideal for crafting. You can either paint, stain, or decorate the wood craft sticks. The wood sticks can be used for a centerpiece. Solid sticks are easy to work with and fit nicely in the hand. In music class, you can use the round wooden dowels as rhythm sticks or drum sticks, or as open-ended loose parts in projects like a catapult or aNewton's cradle. At Woodpeckers, they make sure your wood is sustainable. They give back to the environment by planting trees for the future. Do you need a specific length or diameter of woodworking or craft dowels? They have a huge assortment of dowels in their storefront. These wood sticks are strong and smooth.

Brand: Woodpeckers

👤I asked the seller if they treated the batches with anything after I noticed an odd smell. The materials sheet they sent me was made from Russian plywood and not solid hardwood. Russia is known for its manufactured wood products, so this isn't a surprise, but it should be stated in the description that they are not solid hardwood and are technically not unfinished due to the added bonding agents. Formaldehyde is a massive carcinogen and can cause a number of long term issues. Don't use them for any type of children's toys or kitchen applications. The take-aways here are 1. They are of Russian manufacture. They contain a chemical.

👤The 1/2 inch dowels were purchased by me. They are used in the children's music class I teach. These are great! I would've preferred thicker sticks. It might have been better to have 1 inch. The price was right, and they did a good job. I might try to get my husband to rib some of the sticks for me, so they'll be more like the expensive rhythm sticks. I spent a fraction of the price on these and got way more than I would have on a real rhythm stick.

👤I needed something that would fit on the ends of the wall hooks and hang them with bracelets. I plan to make jewelry out of five rows of dowels. They saved me from cutting and sanding the wrong size.

👤The old Dodge Motor home is being renovated. It means out with carpets, cushions and curtains. The curtain rods were expensive when they were needed. I had an idea to use wood. I stained and added a bead to the ends of two lengths of dowels. This turned out to be very cheap and cute. The dowles are very sturdy and smooth. I'm trying to come up with different ideas to use the sticks. If I say so myself, this project has been fun and clever.

👤I cut, stained, and varnished these dowels for a coffee table project and boy were they perfect, the table was pre-varnish and before we switched out the white bottom for wood. I only ordered the 50 pack initially and had to get more from Home Depot. Buying them individually from your local hardware store is a lot more expensive.

👤I hang small quilts that are strong, straight, smooth, and perfect. I used a household drill to drill holes in the ends. Very happy. An art shop would have charged me more. The quilt will arrive tomorrow. I am happy!

👤The quilted wall hangings I make use the hardwood dowels. They are sturdy and straight. The 1/2 inch diameter is what I need. I don't stain or paint them because I love the natural look. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤The dowel rods are straight and uniform, and very smooth, and I am giving them 5 stars. I don't have to cut them because of the 12 inch length. They arrived on time. The box was damaged and 9 rods were missing. When I contacted the vendor, they responded quickly with replacements. I can't deduct for something they didn't have control of. I appreciate that they will send the replacement rods because I need every one of the 500.


What is the best product for cake dowels wood?

Cake dowels wood products from Steso Dowels. In this article about cake dowels wood you can see why people choose the product. Woodpeckers and Perfect Stix are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake dowels wood.

What are the best brands for cake dowels wood?

Steso Dowels, Woodpeckers and Perfect Stix are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake dowels wood. Find the detail in this article. Wen, Boao and Pme are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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