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1. Hanpabum 40Pairs Stainless Earrings Hypoallergenic

Hanpabum 40Pairs Stainless Earrings Hypoallergenic

40 pairs of stud earrings are included. There are elements that women love like candy, rainbow, flower, and butterfly. Bright colors are eye-catching. They have classic geometric earrings like ball, triangle, heart, star. It's suitable for your daily outfit. It's worth buying. Safe material. The pattern is made of alloy, nickle-free and lead-free. There is no worry about the allergenic problem. All stud earrings are not too big for your ears. You are special because of the design. It is the ideal gift for women, and jewelry is always the best gift. You can share the earrings set with your friends. It is a perfect gift for mother's day, birthday, thanksgiving day, etc. 365-day money back or exchange guarantee is the best after-sales warranty. You can contact them if you have any questions. They want you to have a pleasant shopping experience.

Brand: Hanpabum

👤My daughters are 8 and 9. They got infections in their ears after wearing these. They had their ears pierced and used a higher end stud due to metal allergies. These were labeled for this. I had cleaned their ears and earrings before putting them in, but within hours both girls had pain. We let it be after changing back to their previous studs. Both girls had a discharge from their piercing holes the next day. We had to let their ears heal up after we tried to clean them and went to the doctors office. Don't buy these. We bought them because they were labeled so. They are cheap. Not worth the doctor's and prescription bills.

👤My daughter will get the Hanpabum 40 Pairs of Stud Earrings for Christmas 2020. They caused my daughter to have infections in her ears. The earrings are not as advertised. My daughter wouldn't have a reaction to them. The material we use on our piercings is smilng steel. I don't know who lied to Hanpabum, but they aren't made of steel. Will not purchase it.

👤These are not made of steel. My daughter's ear lobes turned green when she wore a pair of these. That will not be possible with the use of steel. It's clear that your product isn't something it's advertised as. I'm not happy with the quality of the earrings. Buyers beware!

👤My daughter had her ears pierced 6 months prior to me getting these for her, and I thought they wouldn't hurt her ears. I was wrong. She had an ear infection from these earrings. We took her earrings out because she had enough of trying to clean her ears 3 times a day and the infection wasn't subsiding, so we're done with earrings for now. If your child is concerned about an allergy or reacting to something made of that, please don't buy these. My child will need to have her ears pierced again after the infection is gone.

👤My niece's mom took her to get her ears pierced as part of her coming of age tradition. I got her a set of earrings and a jewelry box to celebrate her big step. She lives in Ireland so it took a while to reach her, but she was completely delighted with my contribution to her life and my reminder of love from her aunty. There are many fun designs and they are a good size for young girls.

👤It's super cute. My daughter likes these! She picks a new pair every day. I will definitely buy more.

👤The description said they were for sensitive ears, but they really bothered my skin. Skin color change to greenish and pain. The designs are cute but I can't wear them.

👤I am giving it a 1 star as the earrings are nice, but I would give it a 0 if they were not. I would expect 50 pairs to be there, for the amount I paid. They were not. One was missing. I had no choice but to wrap it because I had no time to replace it.

2. JIUBAN Surgical Stainless Earrings Huggie

JIUBAN Surgical Stainless Earrings Huggie

Their small hoop earrings are available in six different colors, perfect size 8mm, 10mm, 12mm inner diameter and 2.0mm width for choose, and gauge size 18G. Their Cartilage Earring Hoop is lead-free, rust-proof, non-fading, and sensitive to ear health. It's perfect for nose and lips piercing, and of course, both are popular. The endless hoop is a suit for men and women of all ages. If you have any questions, please contact them by email. If you promise free exchange or money back, you'll get it.

Brand: Vishoca

👤My 7 year old daughter got her ears pierced four months ago and was having sensitivities to nearly any earrings we tried besides her original ones. She had swelling in her ears and butterfly backs in her ear. I was hoping that the lack of earring would give her time to heal from the swelling. She has had these for 9 days without a reaction. Her ears are back to normal. My daughter is happy with the choices.

👤Three month update. My 18 year old piercings handle them just fine, even though they annoy my newer piercings. The review is now three stars instead of two. My 2.5 month old piercings have become swollen, irritated, and bleed after a full day of wearing them, and have now happened to both of them at different times. The first time I thought it might be a coincidence, but after the second and third times, I'm pretty sure it's because of these earrings. I'm not very pleased with the result after 2 weeks, but I'm not sure if the material is not stainless steel or if the gauge thickness is the issue. The original review was great. I got the 8mm with 4 different colors and I like that I can change my look for my second piercings depending on the other set of earrings I wear that day. They are easy to put on and look cute. The huggies on my second earlobe holes are not quite as cute as the ones on my first but the size still looks elegant and adorable. I had expected it to be a bit thicker. They look great with another set of earrings. If the metal, coating, or color starts to irritate my 2 month old piercings, I will update the review.

👤The colors of these were not what I was expecting. They were not as bright and rainbows in person, but were more like a rainbow on motor oil. The earrings I received are not the same as the one in the picture.

👤I disliked the earrings when I took them out of the bag, but I loved them when my boyfriend put one on. There is just enough wiggle room in the biggest size to fit him. I've bought him other ones but he feels like this one is more secure. Although it's only been a few days, we're both very happy with the purchase of it. We are pretty happy at this point.

👤When I was born, I had my ears pierced because I am latina, but I have cero issues with my original holes, and I have added second holes for the last 10 years, and they get red and itchy. Had been wearing this hoops for three days and had no issues. I had a pair of earrings that worked for those holes. I didn't take them off. I have options to match my other earrings. Definitely recommend.

👤I waited a few days before giving my review so I could see if they turned green. They are perfect! This seller will not bend easy and will do more than that.

3. Aganippe Earring Earrings Little Animals

Aganippe Earring Earrings Little Animals

40 Pairs of colorful small stud earrings are cute and small, especially suited for little girls. There are two series in the set, animal and vegetable. There are many cute earrings, like crystal ball earrings, little pearl earrings, bee and owl earrings, ballerina earrings, butterfly earrings, ice cream earrings, bow earrings, fairy earrings, heart-shaped earrings, cake earrings and candy earrings. The earrings set is made of good quality environmental alloy, with different beautiful color, and some laid sparkling crystals. The materials are not harmful for your girls ears. 40 Pairs mini stud earrings are put in 2 cards separately, and every card has 20 pairs. They pack the two sets of earrings with bubble film and opp package. The earring set is a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love in a variety of occasions. You can wear different earrings every day, and you can also share with your friends. If you have any questions after receiving your products, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Aganippe

👤My daughter is 5 years old. She has sensitive ears and can wear them.

👤I was worried about letting my daughter wear the earrings because they looked cheap. She needs to have ears that are not prone to blisters. The package didn't say anything about being allergic when I received the earrings. I let her wear them and she seems to be doing well. Some are cheap. She loves them. I think that is what counts.

👤These are cute! My daughter was losing earrings that were expensive. She has 23 more if she loses a pair. She loves these more than the real gold earrings that cost me a lot more money. She lost: She changes her earrings daily. She picks them according to her outfit even though we have no place to go with the government shut down. She loves them and feels grown up.

👤I didn't have high expectations for the earrings as they are inexpensive. For my four year old. Oh my gosh, they are so pretty! It was larger than I anticipated. The packaging was better than I expected. I will be buying more for birthday gifts. Highly recommended.

👤I bought these for my daughter and I absolutely love them. I wasn't expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. They are sturdy and cute. Bananas with shades? Sea horses and fish bowls? Is there hedge hogs and avocados? Is there dinosaurs and Mermaids? It's amazing! The options are cute. I recommend these. It's not a good idea to go wrong at this price. Love it.

👤My daughter loves them. They didn't make her angry.

👤I bought these earrings for my niece and she loves them.

👤Cute! My 4 year old loves my 4 year old because I have not caused an allergic reaction to her sensitive skin.

👤My daughter has had gold earings since she was born, and she hasn't had any allergy problems, so these are the first earings she has used. She's 5 years old and it feels like some earings are a little too big for her, and one of the earings looks like it has a small scratch. These are good for the price.

4. Hypoallergenic Earrings Stainless Set Animal Butterfly Rainbow Earring Jewelry

Hypoallergenic Earrings Stainless Set Animal Butterfly Rainbow Earring Jewelry

The earrings are light weight and comfortable to wear,won't burden your ears. All of the metals are lead-free, nickel-free and cadmium-free. That won't hurt your ears or health. The stud earrings that they offer come in 24 different models and are basically everything that small girls favor these days. It's appropriate for girls that age to show off their many styles every day and share them with their friends because they look very beautiful when those sparkling decorations are present. These stud earring hoops set suit for various occasions such as engagement, wedding,meeting, party,working,holiday, daily wearing, perfect earrings jewelry for women,cute earrings for teen girls, such beautiful earrings should be a part of every womens earring collection. The gift box is convenient for the daily collection of jewelry. Each box has a bag of earbuds. It looks cute as a gift. Their earrings should be your first choice, be it for birthday or Christmas gifts, or even to be worn daily! Jewelry is different from other products. It is more fragile and needs to be cared for. Don't wear in a shower and don't wear when you sweat a lot. Place them in a dry and clean jewelry box when not wearing them.

Brand: Taomoco

👤There is a warning I bought these earring set for a 3-year-old because they said they were made of metal that was notallergenic and that was the type of metal she wears. My daughter has sensitive skin, but the earrings never give her a reaction, even though she does have an allergy. She wore them for four days and they were terrible. The earrings are large so the infection was covered, we only noticed because the bottom was pink. She took a picture of her ear after taking her medication. Something went wrong here.

👤Lleg todos los aretes. 3 estrellas porque al da. A cambiarlo por otro y pas lo mismo, son cierres de pl. También donde rosaban con la cabecita. Idio de comezn, luego pas, tratéde usar uno desinfectado. Son lindos? Hypoallergenic? S, hermosos? No, tu hija es sensible, duraderos? Parecen duraderos, tiene unos das. solo el cierre.

👤These are very high quality. My 9-year-old daughter has sensitive ears and we usually have to spend a lot of money on sterling, so she has never had a large collection of styles to choose from. She loves having so many choices and these have not bothered her ears. I thought it was a good price.

👤These are perfect for my daughter's ears. She has had something happen. She and I love them.

👤So cute! It was nicely packaged. The backs of the earrings are not on the earring, which is a con. The bag is under the earrings. When opening a box, be careful.

👤These are amazing. They don't look cheap, unlike a lot of little girl earrings. They were packaged in a cute and nice way. I like how it has different types of backs for the earring. My girls loved them. Would definitely recommend.

👤The design is cute and my daughter liked it, but there is a huge flaw. The earring back support isn't holding up. The earrings are easy to fall on. It sucks but you get what you pay for. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤The packaging was cute. Each set would be a great gift. My daughter has had redness in her ears for a week now. They have different types of backs to use. Excellent quality for the price.

5. Hanpabum Painless Earrings Lollipop Multiple

Hanpabum Painless Earrings Lollipop Multiple

You will get 20 pairs of little girls earrings. Cute pattern with fun asymmetric style. Bee&Flower, Dog,Cake, Bird, Ladybug, Fox,Acorn, Rabbit, Fish, andFish bones, etc. Not only do you have fun from them, but you also get a pretty cute looking. The design isLIP-on. Fit for children with non-Pierced ears. You will get white rubber pads for each pair of earrings. It should not be worn for long. Hope you can understand. This is a note. They need to make sure they can be held on the ears, but each person has different ability of bearing stress, so they suggest 6 years and up to use this item. The bottom of Earlobe has a clip on it. Take them off when you feel uncomfortable. The ideal gift choice is ready for gifting to children on special days. A service called the Allied-Sales Service. They want to make the shopping experience the best for you. If you have a question, you can contact them. They will try to solve your problem. They promise to give you exchange or refunds if there is any loss or damage during the delivery process. Wishing you a good day.


👤You get a lot for your money. Some of the sets do not make sense. One set is an orange heart and a carrot. A dog and a piece of cake? A fox and acorn? This is a purchase for an 8 year old who wants pierced ears and I think if they work she'll be happy with a good amount of them. Most earring designs include either pearls or rhinestones. This may or may not be something you like. My daughter would rather it be cute without bling.

👤This purchase was interesting. Half of the pairs were matching sets, and the rest were random earrings. The earrings had no relation to each other, it seemed like they were grabbing 2 from a bin and throwing them in a bag. I was expecting 20 pairs of earrings, but only half are usable. I would have spent my money somewhere else if I had known I would only be getting 10 pairs of earrings.

👤I was very excited to see these earrings. They look cute. They press on so tightly that it hurts the skin. I had to adjust them on the back for my little girl because the little white cushion doesn't help when it comes to falling. I was going to give them away as graduation gifts. I am afraid after seeing them.

👤I got these for my daughters. They get to wear earrings because they love them. My oldest had her ears pierced but was allergic to metals so they healed up and I wasn't going to bother putting the younger ones through it. These are a great solution.

👤It is nice to rest the ears or create a second piercing if you want to. Even if your child doesn't have an ear pierced, they can still wear clip ons, like my daughters do. There are 20 pairs and they are all cute.

👤I was expecting cheap earrings that wouldn't last long, for the price and amount of earrings you get. I was pleasantly surprised. These are cute, don't look cheap, and should last until my daughter decides she's brave enough to pierce her ears for real.

👤My daughter likes these earrings. They have amazing information. She doesn't know what to wear next. The colors are bright and the designs are cute. The padding is very comfortable. The price for 20 pairs of earrings is amazing.

👤These were very cute. The pairs are working well. My 13 year old loves them because her ear piercings did not work out. It comes with a small bag to hold the clips together.

👤My daughter had her ears pierced at 5 and 7 years old. She is not an earring person. I got these for her because I thought she could wear them when she went out to special functions, and eventually we'll be able to dress up and go to restaurants again. She loves them. She wears them to school and returns with both earrings. It's funny. She forgets to have them on. I've worn a pair with my regular earrings because they are beautiful and comfortable.

6. SkyWiseWin Hypoallergenic Earrings Childrens Colorful

SkyWiseWin Hypoallergenic Earrings Childrens Colorful

There are 9 different styles of girl earrings, it can show a different style everyday for children. The earrings are made of eco-friendly material. Don't hurt your child's skin. Sky wise win. All products have passed the test. The materials are safe to use. Girls over the age of 3 should try these. Birthday, Children's day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, are perfect gifts for your daughters, granddaughter or young girls, the earrings set comes with a beautiful gift box, which is convenient for daily collection of jewelry. Children stud earrings are easy to handle. They stay in place and don't tangle with your hair. You love them more when you have a closer look. If you have a question, please send me an email, I will respond as soon as possible, and make sure your prolem are solved.

Brand: Skywisewin

👤I had to take the earrings out of my daughter's ear because they were causing irritation and had a small hole in her ear. My daughter has very bad allergies and is on a daily allergy medication, so maybe her skin is a little more sensitive than other children. I wouldn't recommend theses earrings to people with sensitive skin or to people in general after our experience with them.

👤I bought these earrings for my daughter. She is almost 4 years old and obsessed with the mythical creatures. She needed new earrings and they were perfect. They were in perfect condition when they arrived. Good quality and cute! My daughter has 5 stars as well.

👤These are what is advertised. My daughter was thought to only be able to wear 14k gold earrings because of her sensitive ears. She has been able to wear these without any irritation. She likes the variety and how detailed each pair is. They are a good size for a little girl to wear.

👤The first earrings I got for my 6yo were made of plastic. I was concerned about metal sensitivities and allergies and didn't want to stop the healing process. She has not had a problem with these earrings. She has had problems with other cheap metal earrings. She wasn't as excited about the unicorns as I thought she would be, but I think they are cute.

👤I have a lot of earrings for my girls. I'm always skeptical when I buy costume jewelry because they look so cheap. The picture could not give them justice. So happy with the purchase. The different designs are perfect for my lover of the mythical creature. It's a good idea to recommend good quality, price and beautiful colrs.

👤The earrings are cute. Since I haven't had them for a while, I'm not sure about their quality. You can use your own earrings backs. My daughter lost an earring 3 times in a week, and I used my own metal backs. I was worried that her earring hole would close since it was new. She lost one of her favorite pairs.

👤I put a pair in my ear and she had them on for two days and they broke off and the metal part was left. I treated my daughter's ear and it was bleeding and stretched her hole. I lost money buying theses earrings because I couldn't find the box.

👤My daughter misplaces her earrings all the time. She enjoys being able to pick her own earrings. It's not a big deal if she loses them because it's a great value for the product.

👤I was not sure what to expect, but they are very nicely made and look great! My grand daughter was happy. I would buy more from this seller.

👤We had to use other earings backings to keep them on because the backing fell off easily, but the daughter loves them and finds them cute.

👤The quality of these is terrible and I bought them for my daughter. The earrings fell off. My daughter had a severe reaction to them, turning her ears red and peeling. I bought a different set with the same material. I wouldn't use this product.

7. PinkSheep Earrings Little Unicorn Ladybug

PinkSheep Earrings Little Unicorn Ladybug

There are 12 different designs. There are cute designs such as butterfly flower cat clip-on earring for girls, and bling and tiny. There is a picture shown. High quality. The earrings are made from high quality acrylic. It is not easily broken by kids. It's convenient. With the clip-on closure, the earrings can be easily put on and taken off, it will protect children's ear. They are packed in a flower box. It's perfect for birthday bags, pretend play and dress up rings, tea party, treasures box and more. Customer service. If you have a question about the product, please contact them.

Brand: Pinksheep

👤Yes, these adorable clip on earrings! I bought these for my almost 4 year old to wear to a pageant and they are going to work great for it. She loves the others. If you want the little rubber backing, you have to insert it yourself, which I did, but it doesn't stay put unless you use some glue, so I put them on, and they don't. I am not going to bother. These are cute. The only questionable looking pair is the pearl since it is a half of a fake pearl.

👤These have held up well over time. They were a bit large compared to what they looked like in the photo.

👤My daughter and her cousin know to use the white rubber pads in the right place in the clasp to prevent metal-on- ear pain, even though I was slightly worried about fit/comfort based on other reviews. So far, so good. The characters are nice, but the hand-painted touches aren't all perfect, and for this price, can't expect much. The seller was great and took care of us quickly after I had a problem with one of the sets. I can't say enough good things about the communication and resolution.

👤I bought these for my child. This was a nice gift for her as opposed to the plastic earrings that she has had before, because she loves dress up. I would buy it again. For the price of the item, I don't mind if my daughter loses a pair or an earring. I was able to put the jewel back in after it came out of one of the earrings. My daughter feels like a princess, and these stay on for a long time. The large jewel makes them look good in pictures.

👤This was a present for my granddaughter. She loved opening the package. She has worn three pairs. The first earring fell apart. We are a little disappointed.

👤My five year old daughter loved these for her birthday, however after about the third day of wearing them she began to complain about her ear hurting. She was getting very bad from the earrings after looking at it. I think it is possible that the fake metal is allergic to it. I didn't think to check if these were real before buying.

👤Four of these have broken. I was hoping they would last longer than one use. 2 stars because they are cute. They should have been put together a tad bit better.

👤My daughter said they hurt too badly to wear after about 15 minutes. It didn't seem to make a difference in the comfort level. They clasp at an angle and dig into her. They are very cute. We are coming back since she can't wear them for a long time like she wanted.

👤My daughter is 4 years old. They are cute but not comfortable. She has not been able to have them on for more than an hour. She gets red ears even with the small plastic pads that are placed in the back of her earrings. When I tried it on my ears, I got a red mark and I took them out.

8. Kate Spade New York Earrings

Kate Spade New York Earrings

There are stud earrings in four-prong settings. Post with backings.

Brand: Kate Spade New York

👤These are pretty. The sparkle will not fall off. They are large. 2 would not recommend sleeping in a post that is very sharp.

👤The backs were not straight. I was unable to remove one of the earrings from the paper. See the pics. They aren't crystals. It's made of a kind of shiny feathers. It looks like plastic. The product dimensions on the website are not correct. It's pretty big. This will look terrible if you have small ears. Return them! The company reached out to send me a replacement, but I declined. I change my review to 3 stars because of that. The customer service is more important than the product. Thanks for the effort.

👤I bought them because they said they were gold-filled and I have a nickel sensitivity. My ears felt dry after I put them in. I thought it might be the weight of the earrings that kept them in for a while. I took them out and double checked the listing after I was sure it was the post that caused the allergic reaction. It definitely says "gold-filled" I thought maybe something got on them at the factory and made them sick. I tried again a few days later and was sure my earlobes were healed. No luck. They were too uncomfortable to wear. Don't buy these if you're sensitive to nickel.

👤I was debating between these earrings and a cheaper one. The quality was better and I wanted them to last. It clearly shows the same size in the photos as people are saying they are too large. These are not small earrings but they are perfect for my personality as I love sparkle and dainty things. I also have sensitive ears and they haven't bothered me. Absolutely worth the price.

👤I bought a pair of earrings for a friend. I thought they would be the same size as mine. They are not. I wonder if these are a knock off or the real deal because they are significantly bigger. I have multiple pairs of Kate Spade earrings that are the same size. I'm disappointed in the size of the earrings. My friend is very familiar with Kate Spade and these are not usual. It's a pity.

👤I wanted to love them but sadly that is not the case. Apparently, there is some misunderstanding in the ones we all receive because mine was not shiny at all. They look dull and dark, and maybe even smudgy like glue marks. Not like the picture at all. If they were $10, I would not wear them.

👤I hate these. They're cute in the photo. They are larger than I anticipated. The quality is very low for the price, but I should have read the dimensions. Definitely regret this purchase.

👤I contemplated these earrings for weeks and was really excited for them. I found the stem of the earring to be short and the backing to not sit on properly. I was afraid to leave the house because they didn't feel secure. They look nice. Sending them back.

9. Crystal Screwback Unicorn Earrings Stainless

Crystal Screwback Unicorn Earrings Stainless

Pink glitter Unicorn Earring with Screw Safety Back: Cute Stud earrings decorated with Crystal Stones for Babies,Toddlers, and Little Girls. Children's earrings are secured in their ears with a screw safety secure back earring, making them perfect for baby earrings, toddler earrings, infant earrings, and little girl earrings. The Super Sensitive Earring is made from the same material as the skin of your child, so it won't cause any irritation or reaction. The earrings are a perfect gift for daughter niece, granddaughter or your little princess for any gift giving occasion. Their kids safety back stud earring is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee and 1 year free replacement warranty.

Brand: Regetta Jewelry

👤I bought these earrings for my niece. I needed something that was cute and safe. I know that there is an allergy to gold in some people. Same with gold. That is the reason I have chosen it. I was looking for earrings with a screw back that were safe for little ones. These studs had a lot of options. They looked amazing. It was a perfect choice for me. The earrings were packed nicely and arrived on time. I liked the quality and the screwbacks worked well. The gift is on its way to the little lady. I hope she will like it.

👤It was on time. It's perfect for little ears. I had expected them to be light duty. Nice post. The textured screw backs made it easier to hold on to them. They went on. The small stones seem to be in place well, as they are colored as pictured. They face opposite directions, we have both faces looking at her. It's worth the buy.

👤I have a 4 year old and these posts on the earrings are very upsetting. They wouldn't let her see them in her ears. I would not recommend them to anyone.

👤There are one star reviews on these. My daughter really wanted them. I was hesitant to buy them because they weren't 14k gold but I figured it would be ok since they said they were hypoallergenic. My daughter had her ears pieced about 5 months before we put these in. The post was too thick when I put them on. It wasn't easy to get them in. We took off her ears and put 14k gold ones back in because of the dry skin around her ears. We tried to keep them clean. It was too late. Her ear piercings wouldn't stop draining and were red and swollen after a few days. We took her to the doctor, who said the earrings were to blame. She was put on antibiotics and we had to let her piercings go. They said she can get them re pierced in 6 months. I will not make that mistake again.

👤Grand daughters 4th birthday is in august. The earrings are more glittery than they appeared online. They are sturdy and cute. I hope she likes them. She loves them and finally gave them to her. The posts are thicker than regular post backs. total plus? The screw backs are a little larger than others. If you've tried to grasp both left and right, you'll get it.

👤I knew she would like them, they were bigger than I thought, which is a plus. I needed them to be screwbacks because she is 3 years old. She wouldn't lose them. I adore them and she adores them as well. Great earrings. The style and colors are related. Thank you.

👤These are the best! She has had them on for 4 months. I took them off just to make sure they were clean. I couldn't find any of the earrings she asked for. I went with In Season Jewelry. It was a big mistake. Less than a week. One came loose and is lost. The way to get toddler earrings is hands down, Regetta Jewlery.

10. Earrings Hypoallergenic Sterling Unicorn Valentines

Earrings Hypoallergenic Sterling Unicorn Valentines

These 2 pairs of stud earrings are made of S925 sterling silver, which is Hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive ears. The gift box is elegant. The earrings are in a gift box. The best gift for a man is a woman. Mother's Day is the best birthday ever. ! It is a wonderful gift for any occasion. The design is lovely. The set contains 1 pair of love heart earrings and 1 pair of rainbow earrings, which are decorated with small shiny cubic zirconia. The stud earrings are the number one choice when you go out. The stud earrings are made of S925 sterling silver, which is lightweight and easy to match all your dressing. If you are not happy with their products, they will get you back within 24 hours and make things right. They hope you have a pleasant shopping experience.

Brand: B Bascolor

👤There was no shine in the color. Before buying, please check customer photos to get a more realistic picture. I was not happy with the price. I was happy with the seller. Within a few hours, the seller had processed a refund after I brought my product concerns to them. This item is definitely a seller I would work with again.

👤There are no stones or details like the picture show on these. The product is cheap. The plastic bags did not sparkle like the picture.

👤These were very pretty. My daughter liked them. I pulled a piece of black gunk out of her earring hole because it left a weird black gunk around the earring. This has never happened to me. I have had my ears pierced for 32 years and my daughters have had their ears pierced for 6 years. I cleaned her ears and put in a new earring to make sure she doesn't get sick. The ear was tar like and not warm. It's so weird.

👤The earrings are not like the picture. The bright shiny color shown in the picture doesn't exist. These earrings are inexpensive for a girl. They look cheap. They arrive in little bags and a small box, but they are packaged in a gift box. Highly disappointed.

👤The picture of these earrings was very deceiving. They have to be cleaned with silver polish before they can be used. I bought them for a 6 year old as a birthday gift, but they are too small and tarnished. Don't waste your money.

👤These are gorgeous! The stones sparkle like crazy and the little detail on the unicorn is easy to see. The backs of both pairs are stamped, as are the post/bar and the rainbow heart. I can't wait to give them to my daughter when she gets home.

👤Cute eartimgs! Very pretty! It's perfect for little girls. It's great for sensitive ears. Makes a great gift. Not heavy. It was adorable. Highly recommended. Well packaged in a cute gift box.

👤My daughter is 5 years old. She had her ears pierced and now has two pairs of earrings. She loves showing them off. They have held up well and have not changed their appearance. It was well made.

👤Terrible product. They are definitely not sterling silver. They looked almost black. You can't tell the gems are different colors. It's re-tuned!

👤Se son de plata.

👤The product was not as advertised. The posts were black, so it was supposed to be 925 sterling silver.

11. Hicarer Earrings Pretend Princess Jewelry

Hicarer Earrings Pretend Princess Jewelry

365-day money back or exchange guarantee is the best after-sales warranty. You can contact them if you have any questions. They want you to have a pleasant shopping experience. A variety of styles and colors make you different everyday. No piercing pain, the clip on earring design fits your ears, and the rubber earring pad protects your ear from pain. It's easy to wear and take off, because it's clip on and stays on your ear security. The princess clip on earrings are a good gift for your girls, and good for girls to pretend they are a princess at a birthday party, festival, or other fanciful occasion. The package includes 9 pairs of earrings with different shapes and styles, and each earring has an extra pad.

Brand: Hicarer

👤It was very painful. My daughter loves them and therefore continues to wear them, but cries hysterical when I take them off. I can see a permanent mark. I don't want to do it. I will have to throw them away. Some reviewers stated that they would easily fall apart, but I don't see that happening.

👤The problem with clip on earrings is that they never clip on. I can say that these are strong enough to clip on and stay on, there is even a rubber piece added to the clip to make it more comfortable. The rubber part wiggled out because of the strength of the clip. I had to throw the rest out because she has not worn any since that first pair. Would I recommend it? They will probably not until they can fix the clip.

👤My 2.5 year old daughter wanted earrings like this one. They are very bright and shiny. The bag of plastic "backs" is useful and comes with them. This is not for you if you are expecting a high-quality item. There are 9 pairs of earrings for $10 Would recommend!

👤I bought these for my little nieces and they loved them. They are good enough quality and pretty good that they all claimed they were getting real earrings instead of the dollar store earrings they had before. Extra padding pieces are easy to lose, but you can't really wear the earrings without them. These were a win.

👤I bought these for my daughter's 3rd birthday and she loved them. She's wearing it and it doesn't hurt. You have to be careful about taking them off. You could use your money on their good quality play earrings.

👤My daughter loved them. They bruised her ear.

👤The clip is harder than other ones, but they have rubber pieces to help with this. It doesn't help much. She has to take them off quickly and her ears will be red. She loves them.

👤I gave this to one of my little girls for her 7th birthday and the girls poured over them with lots of oohs and ahs. They were nervous to put them on, but it was easy and comfortable. The clip ons when I was small were not the same. They have been great!

👤It was cheap and hurt after a while. Nice colors.


What is the best product for cake earrings rainbow?

Cake earrings rainbow products from Hanpabum. In this article about cake earrings rainbow you can see why people choose the product. Vishoca and Aganippe are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake earrings rainbow.

What are the best brands for cake earrings rainbow?

Hanpabum, Vishoca and Aganippe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake earrings rainbow. Find the detail in this article.

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