Best Cake Ebt Eligible Items

Ebt 9 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Orgain Protein Organic Nutritional Strawberry

Orgain Protein Organic Nutritional Strawberry

The Orgain kids are ready to drink the shakes. There are 8 grams of clean organic protein, 3 grams of diet fiber, 21 vitamins and minerals, 10 organic fruits and vegetables, and 200 calories per serving. USDA organic, vegetarian friendly, soy free, kosher, non-gmo, carrageenan free. All artificial colors, flavors, andPreservatives are free. A good source of vitamins C, D, E, B6, B12, calcium, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and folate. Kids age 2 and up get healthy and organic nutrition. It's perfect for picky eaters, convenient on the go meals, a quick breakfast, lunch box treats, snacks, before sports, and dessert. These shakes are free of the dairy product Lactose.

Brand: Orgain

👤I think this product is a good alternative to Pedisure. I opened a carton and found it was bad. There is a risk of sickness and wasted money. The carton was thick and bad. I'm quite concerned about why I'm opening a bad product because it's May 2018, the expiration date. Thankfully, we cut open each carton to pour into a cup and do not allow our kids to drink directly from the carton. My kids love the taste of the product and it has helped some with weight issues, so I would like to have more faith that this company isn't sending out bad product. This product would get 5 stars from me every time, because the company needs to do more quality control.

👤Children will not drink it. We should have asked other parents before buying. The stuff tastes bad even if you chill and shake it. My son will not drink it. My nephew and niece won't drink it. We tried giving it away, but 4 other families refused to take it off their hands because their kids already tried it. It tastes like Amoxicillin.

👤My daughter has a limited diet and needed the boost. She likes it. Smooth and creamy. Before she does, I inspect and taste each one. A great strawberry replacement. She chooses it over pedisure. You will be posted on consistency if you buy the second batches. They may have solved the issue years before on their product. The 3rd and 4th orders are just about done. 3/3 There were no issues of consistency or taste changes. My daughter's eyes are completely different from yours, which is'shake' and 'pedisure'. She can easily choose between the two brands. There were no issues on 6/6. I bought pedisure months ago. She doesn't want them. Over abundance of intake does contribute to snoozing, but not directly. If you get a shake, use juices in replacement or extra water.

👤My sons are a bit larger than most of their classmates. We decided to go the healthier route and not have pedisure. My 4 year old sons call it strawberry milk because it tastes great. When we're rushing out the door in the morning, I drink a few. My sons drink these twice a day with their snack. It has been a huge help. Will drink these.

👤My daughter is picky and I worry about her health. My mom recommended the other brand, but I read the ingredients. I couldn't do it. I have purchased Orgain for my daughter since she was 2 years old. I started with chocolate and she loved it. I wanted to make it a little bit different. I bought these strawberry ones. She likes the taste of chocolate but is okay with them. She doesn't get bored if I keep these in the rotation. She's healthy and the contents are great. Her doctor is happy as well. I've seen a few bad reviews of the product. I've never received a bad one in 2 years. Pour them into a cup if you're worried. Ask for your money back if they turn out to be expired.

2. Designer Protein Calorie Natural Vanilla

Designer Protein Calorie Natural Vanilla

There is a 9.13 Ounce canister of designer Protein lite. May packaging can be different. All the essential amino acids are included in the 10g of naturalProtein per serving. 60 calories per serving, 1g net carbs, fat free. Prebiotic fiber can help you feel full. B Vitamins,Vitamin D, and Calcium help with bone health. During the summer months, products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations.

Brand: Designer Wellness

👤Order this if you are a low-income person or just want a shake. This is the best shake I have ever had and it is less than $10 dollars. It tastes like it has sugar in it. I can drink it without the extra flavors. I haven't tried almond milk yet. It tastes great with regular water. There are both cookies and cream. I did not get a discount for this review.

👤It tastes like Play-Doh would make a cupcake flavor product. It's weird and I've tried many other powders before but this isn't good. I've tried baking with it and it doesn't do well. The reason I gave it 2 stars is because the powder is very fine and I think that's the best part about this. Definitely won't be buying again.

👤It's great to make cake batter balls from the taste and smell.

👤This doesn't taste like cake. If you hate yourself, they say water is an option. You will wish to never have another birthday when you mix this with water.

👤I like to eat a lot of protein powders. I thought I would give this one a try because I usually go with the more popular whey. I blended it with ice, almond milk and a small amount of water. No, no. It was icy and not well blended. I was disappointed. I tried it with almond milk and ice in a nutri bullet. No, no. It did not blend well. Icy and separated. I was really disappointed since it smelled great and tasted ok. I used a bottle with a whisk inside. It's much better. It doesn't work well with water. The ability to blend leaves a little to be desired. I have to shake it very hard to make sure it blends. It seems sticky, so my advice is to put any liquid in first and then add the powder on top before shaking orblending. I bought more because I can use it for a quick snack and not have a lot of calories.

👤This stuff is terrible. Can't believe people like this more than Muscle Milk. Does not form in cold water or milk. If you shake it long enough, it creates a suspension of particles. It can only be dissolved by hot water or milk. It tastes like baby food. It was definitely a big fail. It's cheap because. Get something else if you take my word for it.

👤I tried to use this in place of my typical product. It was worse than I anticipated, but I didn't expect it to be as good. The flavor is terrible. It tastes like a block of rancid tofu. I was unable to blend it well into any form of creamer, and had some soy-flavored grossness in my coffee. Go down the sink. I couldn't give it away at work. No one would touch it. This is not a purchase for me.

👤I enjoy this a lot. I don't like the taste or blend ability of many of the powders I have used. This one is great in all of those areas and it has fat burning ingredients as well. It tastes good in a smoothie and I don't need anything else to make it taste good. Sometimes I mix it with my morning coffee, or just some cold milk or water. The price is amazing and I like this a lot. It keeps me full for a long time.

3. Carnation Breakfast Essentials Chocolate Packets

Carnation Breakfast Essentials Chocolate Packets

13g of fat free milk is enough to make a Carnation Breakfast Essentials Powdered Drink Mix a good snack or breakfast drink. The original Carnation Breakfast. You can get the drink in two easy forms. The breakfast essentials powder drink mix is a great way to start the day with a delicious snack or breakfast drink. Good nutrition from the start is what Carnation Breakfast Essentials can help families get. It's hard to balance a healthy lifestyle and a busy day, and it's easy to start your day with good nutrition.

Brand: Carnation Breakfast Essentials

👤I'm a cancer patient. I am trying to keep my iron levels up. I have had to have blood transfusions before because of my low numbers. All of the drinks I have tried to boost my health taste bad. I remember drinking this as a child, but I didn't remember the aftertaste of Carnation Breakfast essentials. The taste is pleasant and easy to drink. Every week my blood is checked. My hemoglobin went from 7.5 to 9.1 in one week after drinking this mix. I have been taking iron supplements and folic acid for 3 months but my iron hasn't gone up as fast as I would have liked. The jump of 2.1 is a miracle. I was in the hospital in May of 2020 and almost died. I am thankful for this drink. It saved my life because I didn't have the cancer treatment I needed. I think every adult should drink this. I feel that people with a better immunity system won't get sick as much. I am also impressed with the price and this is my educated guess. It's affordable because it's cheaper than most vitamins. I keep my stock up by putting it on my list. My nurse wanted to know what I was taking. My doctor will recommend the box to other patients if I bring it in. If my iron count keeps rising, I can get stronger chemotherapy which will kill the cancer in my body. This is a good way to build your health. I can imagine how much it will help other people if this product helps me with a low immunity system. I liked the chocolate with milk. It was out in an eight ounce glass. To have a strong flavor. I'm going to brew it for a coffee. I'm ordering the same thing. I used to use other drink powders. The beer and pop taste like ice cream. The nutrition value is lower without milk. The product is very good. I'm almost done with Breast Cancer. A friend of mine has been battling cancer for a long time and I have recommended this to him. She feels better. She is impressed with the essentials. I have been giving it to my granddaughters. Kids are not eating well because of the two working parents. My girls are athletes and need good vibes. They like the flavor. They mix it with ice and milk in a smoothie. I think they have more energy and their hair looks brighter. They like the taste and drink it. I can't keep it in their house. They called it Instant Breakfast when I was a kid. It is a good meal substitute. The granddaughters mix it with milk from school. I have mixed Milk with pop to get some of the nutrition. I mentioned before that orange and root beer pop taste good with vanilla. The strawberry flavor is great with the big red soda. I like to add a bit of grape seed oil to my diet. I'm sure you could use it instead of the popular weight loss products. It keeps me from getting hungry. I need to lose 15 lbs before I have my surgery to replace my missing girl. I am losing 5 lbs a month with this product. I reduce my urge to eat junk food. It has been a blessing to me that I am in love with this product. I was sick so it replaced the nutrition value. It was one of the few things that didn't make me cringe when I was in Chemotherapy. It is helping me to lose weight. I use skim milk now. My iron is not affected by any medication. I drink it in the morning with my medication and don't get a sick stomachache. I am not a troll and I am not advertising for Carnation. I consider this one of the most important things to do. My doctor tells me that I could be run over by a truck and still talk about it. This product helped with that. It helped me recover from breast cancer. I buried my head in the sand because I saw changes in my breast. You should check your breasts every month. I would have entered the DR. I wouldn't have had such radical treatments. I wouldn't have to have surgery to remove my girls. This is a review, but please take care of yourselves. Every month, your wives are reminded to do a check.

4. Sparkling Juice Flavor Variety Count

Sparkling Juice Flavor Variety Count

6 cans of each of the flavors. IZZE Sparkling Juices have 70% fruit juice with a splash of sparkling water. There is no added sugar or artificial ingredients. It's the perfect drink to make you feel good. The Variety Pack has 24 cans.

Brand: Izze

👤I was trying to figure out how I would get 24 cans of this product if they are usually 4 cans to a package. The answer was 24 cans of each of the 4 flavors in a simple cardboard tray with plastic shrink wrap. Excellent! Let's talk about the taste. I like blackberry the most. I don't have to convince IZZE lovers that this is true, but I do have to convince people who haven't tried it. If you want to see how your taste buds react, purchase a single can in a store. You can buy bulk on Amazon when you need the IZZE fix. Some people mention the high price but it depends on where you are. I am in New York and we have water that costs over a dollar a bottle in vending machines. I think it's a great deal to get 24 cans for $18. The sugar content is very low in comparison to many other "juice" drinks. In my product reviews, I always note that taste preferences are a personal thing. This drink is a great replacement for soda. These little cans are great for small fridges in offices or dorm rooms.

👤This seemed like a great variety of sparkling soda. In big bold letters it says "no added sugar" and doesn't include a nutrition fact photo. You think the flavors are nice. Wrong! The things have 20 grams of sugar and are concentrated. There is sugar and more sugar. If you are looking for a product that is just as sweet as the one you are looking for, this is the product for you. The packaging is cute and the flavors are wonderful. Too much sugar.

👤The cans have a foul smell, but it's not clear where it came from. One of the cans had no liquid in it. It was a sealed can inside the box. Wow. Very disappointing.

👤Our family had been enjoying about 6 of the variety pack that I ordered from Amazon. When I picked up the can from the case, I noticed that it weighed less than normal, even though the can was sealed. I opened the can and found 888-353-1299 When I got to the kitchen sink to dump it out, I saw that there was little liquid in the can, but there was a big white mass in it. This was really strange. IZZE customer service sent us a coupon. It sounds like this could be mold growth. It is possible that the product may have been mishandled prior to your purchase. We're too scared to drink juice off a can.

👤After placing a second order for these light, sparkling beverages, I have to admit that they are quite habit-forming. After a few months, I found iced tea, coffee and water boring. The drinks are naturally sweetened and I tried the variety pack. Although I'm not a big fan of the clementine, I will continue to purchase this product because of the refreshing flavors. I like the fact that the cans are 8 ounces, as I think it's the right serving size. The four thirst quenchers in the variety pack are great for accompanying meals, snacks or on their own.

5. Broadway Basketeers Thinking Housewarming Birthday

Broadway Basketeers Thinking Housewarming Birthday

Broadway Basketeers Thinking of You gift baskets are perfect for birthday gifts for men or for women, they are packed with surprises for anyone with a raging sweet tooth. This snack box can be used as a Christmas Holiday gift basket, a Father's/Mother's Day gift, a housewarming gift, or a bereavement consolation. Even though they may be far away, let them know you're thinking about them. The wicker basket that comes with the Thinking of You gift basket is elegant and durable, and it makes a great storage bin when your recipient is done enjoying the snacks. Over the course of 20 years, they've only offered the type of gift boxes that they'll enjoy ourselves and that's one of the reasons why their customers come back to them. A personal note is a classy, heart-warming touch that completes a gift box. They made it easy for you to include a message for the recipient.

Brand: Broadway Basketeers

👤It exceeded my expectations when I ordered it as a Mother's Day gift. I was expecting it to be a lot smaller. My 3 year old is next to this basket.

👤The quality of the food is not up to par. The whole basket is very similar to the fake names on the packaging. It looks terrible to give something with a ridiculous name as a gift. It's not worth the $50 and you can take $10 and buy a basket and snacks, it will be better than this. I've never reviewed a product on Amazon before, but I was disappointed by this one.

👤Each of my out of town daughter's families received this product via Amazon. I read all the Easter basket reviews and found that they were good and not so good, and that the photo and product description said that the gift would make a memorable one. We were excited when we arrived in a big box, the basket was empty and stuffed with paper with all the boxes inside taped together. Most of the boxes don't say anything. There was no list of ingredients. When you open it, the inner bag says what it is. It is the thought that counts. There is nothing Easter about this basket. When I sent her a photo of the product on Amazon, I asked her if the quality and taste was at least good, she said that the contents were only about half of what was shown in the photo and that her kids only liked one particular cookie. I think I deserve some sort of compensation from Amazon or Broadway Basketeers, I am very unhappy that my gift was not as described on Amazon.

👤My son received it as a holiday gift. My son said that the products were worth less than what I spent. I use Amazon a lot and trust its products, but this was a let down.

👤It's cute, but then it says things on the boxes and they aren't in the box. One box was filled with cookies or chocolate and had fruit in it. Would not get it again.

👤I bought this for my dad on Father's Day. They were full of ants when they opened each package. They had to throw out the whole basket. I was told not to order this again. Very disappointed. I can not give it a single star.

👤Almost everything was broken and in pieces.

👤I was concerned that the basket wouldn't look like the pictures I had seen, and I finally decided to buy it. Well, it did! It looked even better. The gift basket looked gorgeous and I gave it to myself because I wanted to use it. It came very quickly, which was a plus.

6. Kinder Joy Chocolates Surprise Inside

Kinder Joy Chocolates Surprise Inside

A 15 count package is great for a surprise treat, Chinese New Year gift, and party favors for boys and girls. There is a treat on one side of the egg and a toy on the other. Two delicious cream layers, one sweet milk-cream and one cocoa, with two delicious wafer bites. Mystery toys are designed to engage kids through imagination and interaction, for play that goes beyond the moment of discovery. It may be the sweetest idea yet, to have candy on February 14th. The sweetest gift for kids on February 14th is the sweet cream and milk chocolate toy called "Kinder Joy". A great gift for Chinese New Year.

Brand: Kinder Joy

👤I like eggs. I am pretty much hooked on them. I thought I was getting more than what I ordered. The shipping update I received said they would arrive on Monday. Why should I wait for them today? They sat in my mailbox for a while. It was well over 100 inside my mailbox. That is what the picture is for, and that is after they have been in the refrigerator. My daughter and I both ate one with plastic taste. We are in September and these eggs are from Easter. You should just spend the extra money in the store. They look worse than they taste. I wasted money. I should have put a $20 bill on fire. I would have had to watch the flame.

👤Eggs were delivered broken and crashed, very disappointed. I tried to return the items, but the seller doesn't accept returns and doesn't issue refunds. There is nothing in the description or pictures that says it will be gender neutral. I was looking for a gender neutral option.

👤It said that packaging may be different. I did not expect to get Christmas eggs. The ornaments on the eggs were Christmas themed. It is Easter after all. There were newer toys on the box. It is possible that packaging may vary. I didn't expect to get old Christmas inventory. Just what my kids want... Christmas ornaments for Easter. It was a dirty trick.

👤I was happy that the eggs arrived on time and in good condition, but I was disappointed that the product I ordered was for standard eggs. I have a daughter that loves Avenger eggs, so I'm not upset about them. I ordered the standard eggs so I wouldn't have to buy "princess" eggs for my other daughter. I thought Standard would work for both, but now I have to order princess eggs or send them back. I would have said 5 if I had given this 3 stars. I got a better product, but it wasn't what I ordered.

👤The item was "shipped" to arrive around 3 weeks ago, one of the 15 was still recognizable. The rest were all messiness. It shouldn't make a huge difference. She doesn't like melted/broken foods and they are my 4yr olds "potty treat". They don't like the change, it doesn't look right and is upsetting. It's not worth it to buy them at a local shop.

👤Some reviewers have stated that the eggs are Christmas eggs. I would have no problem with this if I ordered them in December. The kids were disappointed. It's a gamble that you may get stuck with, so probably wouldn't order them again. The candy was not melted and the eggs were not crushed so that's a plus.

👤No lo recomiendo the producto. Se venci en Abril del 2019. No money.

👤These eggs were once great. The toys that they have are of decent quality. It is getting worse these days. The price is reasonable. We got 8 very tiny cheap paint brush sets and we only opened 10 of them. Eggs of any theme have been loaded with them. My child is so disappointed every time. He was allowed to open one every Friday to reward him for his hard work. He loves the dessert. The so-called paint set is not very good.

7. Pepsi Soda Ounce Mini Cans

Pepsi Soda Ounce Mini Cans

10 count of mini cans ofPepsi. The cola was born in New Bern, NC in 1898 and still bottled in the USA. It's perfect for big and small celebrations. Each can has 100 calories. The official soft drink of the National Football League, Major League Baseball, and Cola lovers everywhere.

Brand: Pepsi

👤These were the perfect size for me to drink from because I'm not drinking soda anymore. I've posted a side by side picture so everyone can see the differences between the cans. The small can is the perfect size for me, as I work on giving up soda for good. I ordered two cases and they came in an un branded brown box with no damage, so that was a plus.

👤The boxes were taped up and the soda was out of date. I will not buy this product again.

👤I bought 40 drinks to drink for at least a month and I will be drinking expired pepsi.

👤I don't finish an entire can of pop. The large liter bottles are a waste of money because they go flat before I drink the whole thing. These little cans are perfect. It was good flavor and full of bubbles.

👤I have bought the soda before. I would like to make a bigger statement... I like the way it was delivered. My groceries were put in the middle of my front porch months ago and I live close to the street. I was told they were delivered, but someone grabbed them and ran. I left instructions and this gentleman delivered them and they followed them perfectly! I asked my instructions to put my packages under the bench on my front porch to make it harder for someone to grab it and run. The gentleman really went above and beyond and needs to be recognized. He did everything right. I was very impressed. I didn't care that they were sodas because I knew they were safe. I appreciate that you took the time to follow the instructions I left for my complex, it is very safe and clean, but I am close to the road, so I always leave the same instructions. He deserves a pat on the back. Deborah Iacovelli is a person. I am in love with Amazon.

👤I bought these as a small treat. I wanted to have a soda occasionally. It is an occasional thing because there are 23 g of carbohydrates in one can. I wanted to have a mini soda because it was so hot. I took a sip and it was not very good. There were so few bubbles in the canned drink that I was not sure if it was a fountain drink or not. I did not drink the rest. I was not going to drink a flat soda. Really sad.

👤I thought they were 12 oz cans but they are good for lunches and you don't waste any of it.

👤As soon as I opened the case of soda, I fell in love with the small cans, I will be buying two more cases next month.

8. Wilton Dab N Hold Edible Adhesive Oz

Wilton Dab N Hold Edible Adhesive Oz

When a cake needs to look and taste just right, it's important to use the right type of fondant. It's important to make sure your decorations stay in place. Just add a few dots to your sugar sheets. Attach and allow to dry. It is made in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, egg, milk, soy and wheat. Is the product expirationated?

Brand: Wilton

👤It was the first time I used this and I am glad I stumbled upon it. Don't do too much. You just need to apply it. It will not work if you put too much glue, like any other glue, because it will make your decoration slide off. I did not taste it when I ate cake, but please note that this taste is disgusting. I placed the cake on my hand out of curiosity as to what I was going to place on it. It would taste like Gorilla Glue. It does the job.

👤I wanted to glue the small shark teeth to the fondant shark. I'm not sure how long you're supposed to hold this for, but it's been 25 minutes and it's still wet. It's not tacky. I can live with it. This is like a gel that never sets. I'm only writing a review because I wanted to read reviews on how long it takes to set. I want to glue the upper teeth tonight. A lot of the reviews are good. This is not a good time to make a bad cake for my daughter's birthday. Have a backup plan.

👤I think I got too bad bottles, but they both poured brown puddles. I dripped drops. I shook it very hard. I thought it would be like liquid royal icing. It was terrible. When colored decorations fell off, my white fondant was ruined. It was out for a long time. I used sugar icing on a tube. I'm angry about this junk. I would like to see how reviewers use this stuff. Looked like water. The money was wasted.

👤It was supposed to glue the decorations on the cake. It does not. The glue that I was trying to use on the cake was so hard to clean that it left a horrible glue trace behind it. The cake looked bad. I was angry.

👤It's easy to use, held on all my pieces. I worried about the weight of a few items so I got this. It will bleed the fondant colors in large amounts if you don't have much. I put too much on my first mouse silhouette and just spread it all over, the black fondant bled into the white and it slid down. Use small dots on the back to prevent this. That worked well for me.

👤I had better luck using a small amount of melted white chocolate to hold things in place. We didn't use the glue after the first few attempts because it took too long to set it up.

👤My daughter's birthday cake was made with gum pasta ballet shoes. I used the paint brush to apply the small amount I poured into the plate. For a short time, it was somewhat reposition-able, but it dried out. I had to work quickly because it hardened quickly. Gum paste isn't very tasty. The flavor of the glue didn't matter because no one ate the shoes. It had a strong sour flavor. If you are planning to eat this one, be advised if you use pan to do so.

9. Barnetts Chocolate Christmas Corporate Thanksgiving

Barnetts Chocolate Christmas Corporate Thanksgiving

The gourmet chocolate covered sandwich cookies are ready to gift for family teachers or as a care package for students and families. The Delightful Flutes are delightful. Each hand dipped in premium dark chocolate is covered with twelve sweet assorted toppings and carefully packaged to ensure safe arrival! A great gift for everyone. Birthdays, Easter, Mother & Fathers Day Clients, Customers, Colleagues, Thinking of you, Sympathy, Get-well, Condolence, Shiva, or any Occasion. Gourmet and fresh every time. Only premium, natural ingredients are used. They bake fresh in their bakeshop for you to enjoy. All of Barnett's baked goods are Kosher and are sure to be appreciated by all your recipients, including those with dairy allergies.

Brand: Barnetts Fine Biscotti

👤I bought these for my wife for Mother's Day and thought they would be a great gift. When she opened the box, we were both shocked that they were dipped. I wouldn't have paid $24 for covered Oreos. The chocolate they dipped/draped them in is so thin it is almost unnoticeable. I would have paid the most for this if I knew what it was, and I have no problem buying quality sweets and paying for them. You can use your money to buy a better dessert.

👤Not as advertised. There are even cheaper sandwich cookies. This is worth more than the $23 I paid.

👤I bought this for my wife and she loved it. It was wrapped in a bow and perfect. We finished the whole box of cookies in one sitting. It's a great gift to give for a treat.

👤They are not anything more than cookies. Not worth it. You get cookies.

👤I gave a large box of cookies to a neighbor who gave great feedback. She said that the cookies were so good that they were eaten in a day. I bought a few smaller boxes for myself to try before I gave, and I was very pleased with the taste and look. This is the first time I have ordered this product, and I will definitely order it again in the future. Thanks for making gift giving easier during the holidays.

👤I think they're mediocre, it looks like a cookie dipped in something and it leaves a weird aftertaste in your mouth, there is no way it's worth 25 bucks.

👤These are not the 12 delicious gourmet chocolate covered sandwich cookies that are advertised. They are plain old cookies. Icing on them. I can put three raisins on top of some icing to get a similar result. I wouldn't call this "twelve decadent flavors" if they were all cookies, with chocolate icing and a variety of simple decorations. I would make 500% profit if I went to the grocery store one time. I am glad I didn't get the twenty-four pack. The box probably cost more than the rest of the food. I got my money back after complaining to Amazon that the cookies weren't as described. I got a full refund because this item is not returnable, but they don't tell you until it's too late.

10. Original Golden Variety Halloween Cookies

Original Golden Variety Halloween Cookies

There are 56 snack packs in this bulk variety package. There are chocolate chip cookies and butter sandwich cookies. These treats are very popular. Cream with chocolate or golden wafer cookies, chocolate chip cookies, or peanut butter sandwich cookies are some of the most popular cookies. Everything is sweeter with these cookies, from work to the classroom to lunch, bus trips, gift bags, goodie jars, party favors, and dessert baskets. They can be added to your favorite recipes. Individually wrapped snack-sized packs are a quick and easy way to prepare for last-minute parties, movie nights, game days, school lunches, office snacks, and crowds of all ages. Each pack has 100 calories per pack.

Brand: Oreo

👤I liked that they were only 2 cookies. I only had one cookie in it. Buying cookies and putting them in your own baggies has no value compared to the price. The cookies are not normal sized.

👤The package was very poorly packaged and the cookies were out of the packages.

👤I think I'll order this again, because the package was undamaged, and several of the two cookie packs where busted open with cookies in the box. This happened when the products were put into the first box.

👤This was a gift that we were expecting to be neatly displayed, however it was thrown in the box very embarrassing.

👤The box was half full. The description says I will 14 packages of cookies, but that didn't happen. The chips taste like cardboard. I didn't want soft chew bars. It was very disappointing.

👤It's perfect for lunches, care packages and during the Pandemic. I love the individual packaging.

👤It works well for a snack.

11. Wilton Edible Glitter Stars Ounce

Wilton Edible Glitter Stars Ounce

Not a low calories food. See the nutrition facts for saturated fat.

Brand: Wilton

👤I bought these for a gender reveal I was hosting and they were not mentioned that the item was processed with nuts. I have a severe allergy and can't have any nuts. The description says it is processed in a facility with tree nuts, but as soon as I opened the package, I realized it was not true. I am very happy that Amazon gave me a refund immediately since I have to find someone to give these to. I am very disappointed in the quality control of Wilton. If I had not been trained to check ingredients every time I use something, this could have led to an ER trip. I am disappointed that I don't have something to use for the decorations, but I am happy that it didn't turn into something worse.

👤Such a great product! I'm not a big fan of Wilton but this is a great product. It's subtle and doesn't add anything. There are many in one tube. I was able to use for 40 cupcakes and still have some left. The product arrived quickly and I am very happy with it.

👤It's a great addition to the treats. Very small. It was used for 28 pops, 21 cones, and 12 cupcakes.

👤A little goes a long way with this. Everyone maintains the star shape because they are beautiful and don't break apart like sprinkles. I did not like the brownie pops they were on. I was happy that they were for decoration.

👤Beautiful color! Exactly what I was looking for. They are a bit thin. I had to sprinkle them on so they wouldn't stick together.

👤These were great! I didn't think they'd go far because the tube is tiny. I used 1/3 of a tube for 30 cupcakes. I thought they would be easier to handle. They were great for my daughter's party.

👤These are pretty stars. They are not shiny or shimmering, but they do look striking against a dark chocolate frosting with Beauty and the Beast characters. They taste terrible. They are not as sweet as some of the other topping for cakes. They don't have much of a liking for food. It was just bland. Period. The gold ones are the best for that.

👤I am incredibly disappointed. When I opened the package, I was surprised to see how small it was. I am embarrassed to give it away because I bought it as a birthday gift. I wish I hadn't spent it.

👤These aren't gold, they are a dull yellow color. They don't have any flavor or shapes that are good. I used the container on a small cake and didn't have enough. I won't buy these again.

👤Pour tre l'├ętoile de la situation. Partant de ce principe, le gteaux et le patisseries de tout acabit. Le got pourrait tre un tant soi. Une seule a passe, non. Faire attention pour remiser. A user.

👤I would love to give zero stars. Most of the stars don't look like stars. They are not stable. Very small. A picture is magnified. It can't be returned because of the waste of money.


What is the best product for cake ebt eligible items?

Cake ebt eligible items products from Orgain. In this article about cake ebt eligible items you can see why people choose the product. Designer Wellness and Carnation Breakfast Essentials are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake ebt eligible items.

What are the best brands for cake ebt eligible items?

Orgain, Designer Wellness and Carnation Breakfast Essentials are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake ebt eligible items. Find the detail in this article. Izze, Broadway Basketeers and Kinder Joy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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