Best Cake Explosion Gift Box Valentines

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1. EKKONG Explosion Handmade Scrapbooking Birthday

EKKONG Explosion Handmade Scrapbooking Birthday

100% money back or replacement is what you can buy with confidence. If you have a question, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they will help you. The gift box with 6 faces, 5layers and 12 pockets will explode when opened, revealing all the love you put into it. It can give you a satisfactory result if you follow your own ideas. It's perfect for lovers, family, friend birthday, party, surprise gift. You can give the photo album to anyone. Whoever it is given, it is recorded and has a sentimental value. They put the memories in a box. The box is the memory. A small gift box is inside and you can surprise someone with a ring, watch, necklace or other item. It's the perfect gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or just because of love. The package includes a finished product explosion box, 9 office cards, double-sided adhesive, built-in middle box, small sticker, glass beads, ribbon, and color pens.

Brand: Ekkong

👤The product came with a small amount to decorate. Can't wait to surprise my husband on his birthday.

👤I saw this product in a video and wanted to purchase it for my friend who loves different looking boxes. The exploding box is a piece of art. The box is giftable if you add pictures and decorate the flaps. I wouldn't give someone a box that needs to be completed as a gift because I had nothing else to give them. I thought the box was bigger. The largest place to glue on your pictures is not a 4x6 The box is just cardboard. I thought the picture flaps would have a hole in them to slide the pictures in. You have to glue the picture to the cardboard. There is a small box that you could put rings or earrings in. It would be difficult to put the boxes back together, I think once the flaps have stuff like pictures on them, it would be harder. I couldn't figure out the other cards it came with. Also came with the double so ided tape and a gel pen set with 6 different colors gel colors that can be interchangeable. This would be cute with some effort.

👤This took a lot of work, but my mom loved it for her birthday. It is worth it to give a gift to someone sentimental. My mom keeps it out all the time. To make it easier to cut out your pictures, I suggest drawing an outline onto your pictures.

👤I wanted to write a review for this product because it is so great. The quality of the paper is great, and I really appreciated the fact that it came with adehesive to stick the pictures on it. The gel pens contrast well with the paper. It was difficult for me to find enough pictures for the 2 most inner rings. There are poloried pictures in that section. I'm excited to give this gift to my boyfriend.

👤Awesome project to make and give. My best friend is very fond of it.

👤It was used as a Christmas Present for my girlfriend and it was a nice sentimental present. She loved it! It has 6 sides and many flaps inside to make great designs. It came with a gift wrap string, gel pens, and stickers to tie it all together. I didn't need to buy anything else. Would recommend for someone close to you.

👤This was a clever idea. It will be a wonderful surprise gift and I wish the sides were a bit more sturdy. The pockets on the lower levels allow you to add more pictures. It's nice to have another box inside to hide another gift. There are many mini folding blank cards. The pictures on the product list made me think it was larger than I thought.

👤It is very easy to decorate and hold a lot of photos. I wish there was a manual on how to use the side pieces. It is not hard to figure it out. If you don't have enough photos, you can either add more or decorate it with poems or quotes. There is also a 3inch by 3inch box in the center for you to either give an actual gift or not. I will buy a watch as the last surprise. I wish my husband would make me one. This is a lot of work but it will be worth it. It is beautiful once it flares out.

2. Wanateber Explosion Assembled Anniversary Valentines

Wanateber Explosion Assembled Anniversary Valentines

There is a blank photo album card. The package includes a finished product layer explosion box, 6 fun cards, 6 black graffiti cards, and a built-in small gift box. The explosion photo box is shipped in the form of an assembled finished product. You only need to paste your photos, folding the inner small box, and make your own patterns according to your own preferences. Assembly steps can be saved. The opening and folding box sizes are 12.2in x 11.5in and 6.4in x 4.8in. The small box is 4.3in x 2.5in x 2.1in. The photo size is fixed. Put some memorable photos and write some message from truely heart, 10pcs fun cards help to add unique and wonderful display. It's the perfect gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or just because of love. 100% money back or replacement is what you can buy with confidence. If you have a question, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they will help you.

Brand: Wanateber

👤I liked it a lot. I like how it came with stickers to decorate, even though some weren't great. They were not meant to be used together. I had to crop the photos because they were too big and I ordered them based on the measurements in other comments. The pictures are 4.5" x 3.5", 3.5" x 3, and 2.

👤This product comes with everything you need, minus your own pictures. It has double sided tape to attach them. It uses wallet size pics. They come in sets of four. If you want to save money, you can put four pictures into a format and then print the whole thing for less than you would pay for a single picture. Cut and paste!

👤My brother passed away. Every year, I give my mom something on his birthday and death day. I wanted to make up for his absence on Mother's Day by buying her an explosion box. I wanted her to remember the good times. The photos were not preprinted. I printed my own photo paper. I used the supplies that were included. It was easy to assemble. I had to add the decorations and the gift in the middle. Eric is looking down from heaven and saying good job. My mom loved it. I know that the most precious gifts are the ones you make yourself. How many people make explosion boxes? I picked blue because it is pre assembled. It was great to have a color option unlike some of the other companies, because Eric was a fan of the Carolinas. It is very versatile and can be used for anyone close to you. You should not pre print your photos until you get the box. I found the dims listed to be incorrect. You can measure it yourself and open the photos on your computer. Eric Matthew was born on April 6, 1989.

👤I was a bit skeptical of the picture sizes but I just ordered 18 wallet sized pictures. You need 18 pictures and they fit. I didn't know there was a secret pouch to hide cute notes. The tape works well. Makes for a great gift. If you take your time.

👤La compre para regalar a la novia. Un poco triste para cerrar, pero con calma y paciencia.

👤Anyone can enjoy this gift. This can be a very fun gift with minimal effort or a very personal, caring gift with some effort and time. It isn't the prettiest, but it's fine with a little care. It is fine if you are gentle. My 7 year old could not help it. It is what you make. We took all the photos and wrote notes on them. We decorated all the sides. The ribbons and tape were nice to use. I threw in our supplies after we left. Overall nice purchase.

👤I am glad I didn't buy an explosion box because this one came out pretty much perfect. It was fun to get all the pictures together. This is a gift for someone who is 50 years old. It will be the most exciting gift at the party.

3. Explosion Scrapbooking Valentines Anniversary Christmas

Explosion Scrapbooking Valentines Anniversary Christmas

A photo album filled with your love will leave a wonderful memory. A photo album is a great way to show your loved ones how much you care. There is no instructions in this explosion box, if you can't assemble it, please contact me, I can send you a video by email. The gift box has 6 sides, and when you pull the knot and pick up the lid, you can see the surprise in front of you. Make the feelings of the moment last longer by giving your impact and touch. The package includes a gift box, a roll of double-sided tape, a heart shaped card, and small tapes for photos. The explosion box is not Floded. The fully expanded size is 18.5 " x 18.5 ". The smallest gift box inside is 4.3"x 3.7" The first layer photo is 5.1 inches, the second is 4.5 inches, and the third is 3.8 inches. The pen is 5.9" in diameter. The tape is for a photo. The gift box is lightweight and practical. There are many card packs that can hold more than one photo. Each layer is the witness that you decorates with heart according to your own ideas. The gift explosion box is perfect for many occasions. It can be used as a photo memories book, a Polaroid album, a wedding album, a baby album, a travel album and a graduation album. The good memories should be kept forever. The gift explosion box is perfect for many occasions. It can be used as a photo memories book, a Polaroid album, a wedding album, a baby album, a travel album and a graduation album. The good memories should be kept forever.

Brand: Goensjt

👤The explosion box is in a bag. It's a bunch of pieces of paper. There are no instructions. It wasn't even possible to use it. Very disappointed.

👤It was difficult to put together but it was easy to figure out. It was a lot of work but it was worth it.

👤There is no instructions and the video does not help, it shows it after it is put together. Don't waste your money, I wish I'd known that before.

👤Good quality. It was difficult to assemble, instructions weren't very clear. It came with some decorating accessories.

👤It is extremely difficult to put together a group of things.

👤It's flimsy and there's no instructions on how to put it together. A little complicated. I figured it out.

👤I loved it! It was easy to make and my boyfriend loved it.

👤I bought this for my best friend. I added all the pictures. It arrived on time and was a hit. Thanks!

4. Hallmark Large Solid Color Gift

Hallmark Large Solid Color Gift

The gift explosion box is perfect for many occasions. It can be used as a photo memories book, a Polaroid album, a wedding album, a baby album, a travel album and a graduation album. The good memories should be kept forever. The gift box is 7.25" wide and 5" tall. It's perfect for holding jewelry, candy, clothing accessories, gift cards, small candles, perfume or cologne. The festive red gift box has a matching ribbon and red shredded paper on the inside to make it stand out. It's sure to stand out on any special occasion. All of the gift products created by the company are made with high-quality paper. Purchase includes a large gift box with ribbon closure and red paper filling, which can be crumpled for more volume.

Brand: Hallmark

👤The box is perfect for gifts. The filling is more unique than the tissue. This product was everything I expected. This was a beautiful add because I like getting creative and putting little things togeather. Highly recommended! It is only available as an add-on item.

👤The foldable box makes it look weird when you open it. It doesn't look strong at all. It seems like it can collapse at any moment. I was unhappy with my purchase and threw it away when I opened it, but I found a nice sturdy box similar to the one I found at Michael's. I wasn't going to give a gift box that looked like it was falling apart. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤I've bought these gift boxes several times in the past and felt compelled to write a review. I use this to send small gifts. The plastic wrap that allows you to pull the gift box out of the outer packaging when you first receive it is a must keep. Once you get everything inside this gift box, place the fill paper on top of the gift, close the lid, tie a bow, and place the plastic wrap on top of it. It will be helpful for your recipient to pull out the box. I shipped fountain pens, ink, small perfume bottle, gift items and more. It makes a great presentation. The box is likely to hold up to 4-5 lbs. Don't take my words for it, I prefer to send something that's not too heavy for this size of the gift box. It's a good size to ship gift items that won't break your wallet once you have to pay for shipping.

👤The gift I received was perfect for the red box. I wanted it to be black. I wrapped the box in black and it still looked nice. The little confetti it comes with is wonderful. I definitely recommend it.

👤This is a nice box, but I didn't think it was special. It is plain and not bright. Ribbons are nothing special either. Unless you don't mind plain, be prepared to add it if you give it for Christmas.

👤The purple color of the gift box is what I like most. The box is strong but not sharp. I put a coffee mug inside of the box and it worked out perfectly, with a little room to spare. It was nice that the box had something to eat. I have a problem with that stuffing. It is made of a long skinny piece of purple paper stock that is wrapped in a circle with the idea that you have to cut, rip, or tear it to fill the box. There wasn't enough paper filling to do this. The gift box needs to be at least four times more filled than it is for it to have any purpose. I lowered my rating for this item because of that. Bows are usually placed on the top of gifts. I wouldn't recommend this product to others and I wouldn't buy it again without buying extra filling elsewhere.

5. Scettar Butterfly Decoration Colorful Bookmark

Scettar Butterfly Decoration Colorful Bookmark

Dancing and eye catching are included. The unforgettable rose teddy bear is a must have for the special person in your life. rose bears for valentines day are perfect for mothers day gifts. A teddy bear. 40 PCS Magic Flying Butterfly with assorted adorable styles and colors is just like real butter. It can be stopped. The butterfly's size is 4.3 inch. A happy moment with a friend or family. The 40 piece Wind up rubber band powered butterfly toys is a surprise gift. It can also be a novel gift. Flying Butterfly can be used as a gift for girls and boys. The butterfly wings are made of a flexible material, which can be adjusted by the rubber band, and it can fly in a variety of colors. First, hold the tail of the butterfly with your left hand, then twist the head of the butterfly with your right hand, and finally loosen the butterfly. You can put the butterfly toy in a book or a card, and the butterfly will fly out when you open it. Scettar will always be there for you if you have any questions with their Magic Butterfly toys.

Brand: Scettar

👤It will fly if you twist it. We can keep using it until it runs out because I like how we get a lot. You can only fit a few in one card. If you're making a box, make sure it's large enough to fit inside. To make it fly high, twist until you can't anymore. The bands will snap if you don't know when to stop. The tension of the rubber bands probably caused a few to break in the box. Make sure your box is tight, otherwise you can hear it unraveling. Thank you for your purchase, I am still happy with it.

👤I bought these to put into gifts for my friends and family, and they didn't fail to impress. The children love them. The wings are made with a sticker like material so they can bend or fold easily. Sometimes that helps them fly better. If you have ever built an airplane with the rubber band powered propeller, you will know that it can be difficult to get a straighter flight. These butterflies are similar. I keep a bunch of these butterflies for bookmarks and "Thing-a-ma-bobs" to distract my brain from tedious situations. Even though it's only for a short time, the flapping of their colorful wings is very relaxing and meditative.

👤I received them very quickly. They are the same as advertised. I use these a lot and I was glad to get these flying butterflies. It's the best value for the quantity. I would recommend this company to anyone who is interested.

👤I put them in a box and they didn't fly out. I waited too long to be able to return them, but I have not opened all of them. I wanted to surprise them with a box for their birthday but now I don't want to put them in because it will be sad to have them fall out. If they were smaller, they would have been better. They don't fit in a small box. The paper on the side came off the stick.

👤I just finished treatment for breast cancer. You are encouraged to ring the bell at the end of your treatment. There is a lady sitting in the waiting room when I leave. She has already gone through a lot of treatment. I didn't want to ring the bell in front of her. The butterflies were set off in the treatment area. The technicians loved it. I liked it. It was perfect. It was symbolic of how I felt. I left the butterflies there.

👤A card for a husband. When it flew out, it was hilarious.

👤Some butterflies did not work and some looked like they could be broken. The sizes are too similar to each other and there were a lot of the same designs. The videos show it does not fly as well as it should. When gifts and books are opened, my butterflies are on the ground. Butterflies break if the wind is too strong. It was going to be a waste of time.

6. «BOOM» Exploding Greeting Birthday Confetti

%C2%ABBOOM%C2%BB Exploding Greeting Birthday Confetti

The package includes a flying butterfly toy. Other accessories are not included. The unforeseen collapse occurred. When the envelope is opened, your chosen card will pop out, taking the form of a cube, and sprinkling the recipient with glitter and confetti. The highly original card provides an unforgettable surprise for everyone. Emotions can be explored in a way that is guaranteed! Who would have thought that a surprise could be hidden in a regular envelope? Even by-standers will be happy. You can express your feelings. This card is the perfect way to send your best wishes to a special person in your life. Premium quality. All cards are made in Europe using the highest-quality materials. Each card undergoes strict quality control and is shipped carefully.

Brand: Notta&belle Feel Love Every Minute

👤Happy birthday popped up card arrived quickly. My sister was excited to receive it. I didn't send it to her because the contents on the envelope revealed something. I gave it to her in person, but she didn't open it. The confetti was stuck in the box. I had to remove the confetti from my hand. I was not able to reuse it. I threw it in the trash. I'm not sure if it was just defects or if it was damaged. I am very disappointed.

👤The product was disappointing. It's a pity. I bought it for my niece. When she opened it, it didn't pop up. She shook the confetti out and the box fell out. Total disappointment.

👤There was no surprise about this. A poor excuse for a birthday card. Expectations were high after seeing video ads for other surprise birthday boxes. There was no confetti when it was opened. It's definitely not worth the price. Why does the box arrive flat? It doesn't work the way it was intended.

👤There was no way to write on the card or insert anything for the receiver. The glitter confetti came out after we fiddled with it. My idea of fun is not mine.

👤The card was very fun to receive. The best birthday card ever! I recommend a prank. Send this to a family member who doesn't have carpeting.

👤The card is very cute. The thing popped open when I took it out of plastic wrap to sign the card. The glue on the back was not strong enough. I had to piece it all back together after picking up confetti. Bummer!

👤The cube did not open at all, it was opened quickly and there was no pop of confetti. I was disappointed. This was for an old person. It was a complete waste of money. The box was intact. The seller only had it in a small envelope.

👤My son was facing a dilemma when his girlfriend opened the card and gifts sent to her for medical school. She opened it and there were boxes of confetti. It was great. Thank you for the awesome card, it really knows how to celebrate with you.

👤Disappointing. The confetti stayed in the card even though the card did not pop out.

7. LEAMEERY Butterfly Powered Surprise Playing

LEAMEERY Butterfly Powered Surprise Playing

The package includes a finished product explosion box, 9 office cards, double-sided adhesive, built-in middle box, small sticker, glass beads, ribbon, and color pens. The Magic Flying Butterfly toys are easy to draw attention and can be used to develop children's interest in the game. The butterfly will fly freely if you hold the tail of the butterfly still, turn the head of the butterfly 40 or so, and release your hands. When they open the book or card, the beautiful butterfly will fly out and surprise them. A perfect toy for kids. This is a great gift for a child or butterfly lover. The bookmarks can be used at the end of the flying fun. The package includes a flying butterfly toy. Other accessories are not included.

Brand: Leameery

👤A wonderful gift item. They were put in thank you cards. To be safe, I wrote a note on the back that said to "open away from your face and away from animals". I think this could be frightening. They are skiddish. I bend the top wings a little, as recommended by another reviewer. I pulled my finger over the wings. They are flying high up in the air. They have 2 rubber bands for hours upon hours of fun. They are made of study paper and plastic, so delicate for a young child, but with parental help, no problem.

👤These are cute. A set of 15 are wrapped. It would be a great door prize. They are thin, but fun.

👤I wanted to make an explosion box. They don't fly well when they are in the air. Would not recommend it.

👤Very cute. I bent the wings slightly to try a couple out and found they flew better when I put them in cards. They flew up in the air after a short flight. I think they were colorful and well made. Kids will love getting these in their birthday cards.

👤The butterflies were packaged well by the vendor. Each butterfly is wrapped in a sheet of cardboard. There are three butterfly designs. Each butterfly has rubber bands on it. The directions are easy to understand. The plastic will bend after a few uses, but they will provide some extra fun at our Christmas gathering, at 80 cents a piece. I wanted to place the butterflies in the box above the gift cards, so I bought a box that was wide enough to hold the 4 1/2 X 5 1/2 butterflies. After opening their gifts, my granddaughters will try them out a few more times. There is a skull on the right upper wing and a lady's face on the left wing. Some of the girls will like those even though a skull seems odd for a butterfly. I paid 80 cents for a piece of them. They will be a highlight of the gathering.

👤They only fly for 2 seconds, they fall or fly back to you, not like the video they show.

👤Don't expect a butterfly to emerge from a book. They fly, but it is a short distance. The action from the device is expected. The response was more startled than WOW. I would suspect short interest vs a rubber band airplane. We made eggs in an envelope as a kid. The Bobby pin, paper clip, and rubber band are the same surprise. There was no flight. The price is right and one pack is ok for me.

8. Explosion Scrapbook Creative Birthday Anniversary

Explosion Scrapbook Creative Birthday Anniversary

The gift explosion box is perfect for many occasions. It can be used as a photo memories book, a Polaroid album, a wedding album, a baby album, a travel album and a graduation album. The good memories should be kept forever. The Pleasantly surprised gift box has five layers. There are 6 hidden pockets in the first two layers. The most creative and perfect gift box is the one that you can put rings, flowers, watches, love letters and other gifts in after the first four layers are opened. 2. The finished product assembly is the form of the surprise box. You only need to paste your favorite photos. To save the tedious assembly steps. The fully expanded size is 18.5 " x 18 ". The smallest gift box inside is 4.2"x 2.2" The first layer photo is 5.1 inches, the second is 4.5 inches, and the third is 3.8 inches. The package includes a gift box, 3 organ cards, 9 self-made cardboard, ribbons, 2 daisy flowers, 1 roll of double-sided tape, 3 stickers and 1 pack of color pencils. 5. If you are not satisfied with their products, please contact them. They will exchange it for something else.

Brand: Lonma

👤The word "expulsion" is not true. It doesn't open like the one I bought from another vendor. The little pieces of paper are supposed to be tucked into the little envelopes. I was happy to see the video on another person. The recipient didn't seem thrilled by it. I will modify it for the child I bought it for. They include the sizes of pics to print for the leaves and sides when the box tops are removed. It will be great, crossing my fingers. I will update this with a better review if it turns out that the 9 year old really likes it.

👤I read online that they can be difficult. I messed up the first one I tried, but this one was easy to put back together. The box is sturdy when put together with the lid and comes with a lot of decorations to make it unique.

👤It would have been nice to have some sort of instructions for the extra pieces. I probably wouldn't have bought this if I'd known the material was a little bit sturdier than construction paper.

👤I absolutely loved it. My oldest is going to school out of state and living with her father. We can say we miss you and always think of you. She said the best present was by far. If you order, keep a tissue handy.

👤I knew it would be cute because my girlfriends birthday is on the 25th of April. I was surprised that there were no instructions when I arrived. I will be returning the product because I am very disappointed. For 20 dollars there should be instructions.

👤I did this for my mom and she loved it.

👤The product looked different than the picture shows. Most of it was crushed when it was made. Very disappointed.

9. Flying Butterfly Surprise Favors 20pack

Flying Butterfly Surprise Favors 20pack

Goodie bags for kids on february 14 Their flutter flyers butterflies are easy to notice. The playing process can cultivate interest in the child. It's good for development of intelligence and ability. It's suitable for children. They are a great gift for kids and teens. Imagine that your lover opens a gift from you and a few butterflies suddenly fly out. This is a surprise and a romance. It's a great surprise. It's also a good gift for kids, birthday, wedding or anniversary gifts. It is suitable for all ages. You can put the butterfly toy in a book, card, explosion box if you keep holding the butterfly tail and turn the butterfly's head 30 - 40 times. The butterfly shape wings are made of card-stock, which is small and flexible, and rotates by anticlockwise, and the butterfly can fly in any direction.

Brand: Xinxiyan

👤I bought these to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 to 888-269-5556 The description is not in line with what this product does. Most times the butterflies don't do anything or drop on the floor after 1 flap of their wings, but I did as instructed. The thick rubber bands that were used to put these together causes them to not work. Unless you want to spend more time and money changing the rubber bands, I would suggest you save your money. I thought it would be wonderful.

👤The paper wings bend easily. As they fall down, they flutter. When you wind up with instructions, they don't fly. The rubber bands break if you try to wind up more. The way they drop and not fly was obvious when we tried to drop them from the second floor. They hit the ground in 1-2 seconds and it's not worth the price.

👤I bought them for my birthday party. I tried one out first. I followed the directions and it flew for a short time before falling to the floor. I tried outside and had the same result. I wouldn't give these to little kids as they would be disappointed. Some of the very pretty colors were the only positive to these. The instructions have the word "flying" spelled wrong. It's spelled "flyeng".

👤They pop out so fast that you don't see them fly.

👤When I saw it on Amazon, I was completely enchanted. I add gifts to my family and friends with the pack I purchased. I was excited to watch it fly when it arrived. The first bombed. The butterfly nosedived to the floor after the rubber band twisted into a mess. I opened a second pack thinking it was a mistake, but it didn't do anything. The butterfly sat in my hand and didn't move. The concept is lovely, but they do not fly.

👤They were bought as gifts to send in boxes and cards. Some of them would fly off due to old glue. They had to use tape to make sure they stayed put.

👤I went to a butterfly exhibit with my grandkids a few months before Christmas and thought these would be fun to put in all of their Christmas cards. The kids range in age from 3 to 22. They all loved them. The older kids wanted to buy some of them. They took all of the extras I had.

👤They aren't worth the money, they didn't work, and maybe one or two out of the whole bunch. It was very disappointing to my grandsons that they didn't work. I was not happy with them.

10. Hallmark Paper Wonder Valentines Hearts

Hallmark Paper Wonder Valentines Hearts

The eco-friendly gift products are made with paper from well-managed forests. Small gifts like candy, perfume, or jewelry can be held in the three colors of Valentine's gift boxes. Small gift boxes are about the same size as a large one. These pop up boxes feature a classic paper craft Valentine's heart and are perfect for any gift recipient. You can use the tissue paper to make beautiful gift presentations, and you can use the cards to send greetings to your loved ones. All of the gift products created by the company are made with high-quality paper.

Brand: Hallmark

👤It was used third for mini gifts. So cute!

👤It's easy to assemble. It's great for small gifts.

👤These little boxes were great for candy.

👤I used these for a cute gift for a loved one.

👤It's perfect for very small gifts. I was expecting it to be a little bigger but I didn't measure before.

👤These were filled with brownies perfect for co workers.

11. Hannababy Creative Explosion Gift Box

Hannababy Creative Explosion Gift Box

It is fun for all ages. Random delivery of multi-colors. The cards are great for stocking stuffers. The explosion photo box is related. The box looks like a gift box when closed, but once opened, it becomes a large card. The box is called a surprise box. A photo explosion box has a small surprise gift box inside that you can put a ring, watch, necklace or other goods in as a surprise. The picture box is called a picture box. The explosion photo box has fun magic cards and agencies cards that can hold more than 20 photos. You and the person you love can write and record their happy memories. Let the person you love feel your love for them. The perfect gift for a wedding, anniversary, baby grow, Mother Day, Christmas, or just because of love. The box size is determined. The folded with a size of 4.7" x 4.7" The first layer photo is W: 3.54*L:4.13 inch, the second layer photo is W: 3.7*L: 4.3inch, and the third layer photo is W: 3.9*L: 4.3inch. What you will get is a box, a gift box, a ribbon, a sticker, and a star heart.

Brand: Wanateber

👤I loved it! It is at least large as an adult hand. I was unsure if it was going to fall apart or if it was just paper thin. It wasn't. It was very hard and durable. You can make your own box with the other things sent with it; an open heart, stickers, and so on. There is enough room in the middle of the box for a ring box.

👤My daughter ordered this for her graduation. His family, our family, and her boyfriend really liked this box. They made something like this. This is a great gift that will hold memories and pictures. I wish my daughter's boyfriend gave her this instead of her. It's true! It was a gift that my daughter loves.

👤This was made for my nephew. He loved it. He was impressed by how much time I spent on it. It takes a long time to get the pictures selected, printed to size, and so on. I used alternating picture sizes when I did a photo Collage at Walgreens and it worked great and cost less than printing it.

👤Since my mother passed away, I have been searching for ideas to make a thoughtful gift for my father. I was able to fit in my mother's photos from her 20s to 70s. When he opened the box, my father was very touched. It was a priceless moment.

👤The box is nice, but all the walls are just on top of each other, unlike other boxes that are staggered and come apart much nicer. It also comes with some extras but they would be better off as their own little thing rather than in a box. It's just random stuff that creates an extra step in opening something, but none of the things are big enough for a decent photo. There are 15 squares in a box of the same color and you can just glue them together. It's not that interesting compared to other boxes. If you take the extra 20 minutes, you can get one of the hexagonal boxes. Unless you buy other things separately, this doesn't pop. There is a It comes with a single lid, so there is no point in these "layers" when you take the lid off.

👤If you are looking for a project, this is not a good gift. Don't buy days before you need to give it to someone. This gift takes a lot of time and the picture size is awkward. This is perfect for you if you are willing to put in the effort and time.

👤This is a great gift. I put something in every pocket. The box was enhanced by the stickers and the pictures I put in. There are tons of add ons and options. Would buy again.

👤I was hoping the box would help me make a piece for my niece, I'm not very art inclined, so I was hoping it would help me be creative with some pictures. It didn't have any suggestions for things to do. I didn't know what to do with a ton of pieces, that's my boring brain's fault, not the product. My niece liked it. It is made of cardboard. I don't think it matters because my niece is older. Warmth came with a lot of stickers. It is all black, so you have to be creative to make it look pretty.


What is the best product for cake explosion gift box valentines?

Cake explosion gift box valentines products from Ekkong. In this article about cake explosion gift box valentines you can see why people choose the product. Wanateber and Goensjt are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake explosion gift box valentines.

What are the best brands for cake explosion gift box valentines?

Ekkong, Wanateber and Goensjt are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake explosion gift box valentines. Find the detail in this article. Hallmark, Scettar and Notta&belle Feel Love Every Minute are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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