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1. McCormick Culinary Imitation Banana Extract

McCormick Culinary Imitation Banana Extract

The rich and creamy flavor of banana can be infused into all your favorite recipes. The 16-ounce container is convenient for larger amounts of bulk recipes, and the flip-top makes it easy to disbursing one drop at a time. Premium banana extract is a ready-to-use format that is specifically made for chefs. It is made with no added MSG. Add imitation banana extract to desserts.

Brand: Mccormick Culinary

👤For health reasons, I have to eat a low-fat diet. I don't want to load up on carbs because I am very overweight and workout twice a day. I eat a gallon of ice cream on my off days, but I don't go on a low-fat diet. I miss the Sonic Banana. I use this extract to make a more grown up morning smoothie consisting of a scoop of low-fat meal replacement powder like Orgain, Purely inspired, or even Slim Fast Diabetic, as well as a few other ingredients. Adding a little bit of monk fruit or stevia extract will make the blend sweeter. I love it. It is one of my favorite post workout meals because it tastes like a dessert and is very satisfying. I read reviews before buying. The flavor was watered down and you had to use a lot. Others said the flavor was artificial. The flavor is good and I am using a small amount for a smoothie. I don't know how much ice I add because my smoothie size is different. I have made at least five or six smoothie with the banana extract and it still looks full.

👤I tried to order natural banana extract, but it sold out in my cart. I went with imitation. It was a blessing in disguise. I use real bananas in a lot of things and this will enhance the banana flavor in the best way. The smell of banana shot into my nose when I opened the seal. Natural extract is not subtle. I used to get banana runts from candy dispensers at the store. I used it in my banana pancakes, and I think the high heat made the flavor go away. It tasted great when I used it for my toddler's date balls and when I used it for a smoothie. If you heat it, it is best to use it as a flavor enhancer to things that already have banana. It works better than the natural stuff for things that don't need heating.

👤Maybe I can't get the amount to use correct, but I don't like it either, or it has a fake banana flavor. It's not candy banana flavor. More powerful. I'm glad I have it. It's not as good as I had hoped. Again. Maybe I'm not using the correct amount. I was hoping it would be better than it is. It's not a good idea to say taste is subjective. Maybe you will like it more than I did. Even though it wasn't my favorite, it was definitely a solid 4 stars from me.

👤It is so strong. So strong. So strong. It is hard to use. Just show the bottle to your recipe and then put it back in the pantry. That should be enough.

👤It was used to make some banana bread. Very delicious! I couldn't tell if there was a banana in the bread.

👤I don't know why I bought that bottle. 16 ounces. What was I thinking? I will be able to pass this down to my heirs.

2. OliveNation Pure Mango Extract Oz

OliveNation Pure Mango Extract Oz

It is best to use kosher ice cream, whipped cream, and pudding. No corn syrup or sugar added. Adding fresh and pure ingredients to your baking recipes will create a delicious fresh mango flavor. Alcohol, mango essence, annatto and water are ingredients. Kosher certified natural extract is also free ofgluten. The extract drops have a good flavor.

Brand: Olivenation

👤Do not use extracts for baking. You need to use an emulsified flavoring. It's also oil-based. When heated, alcohol-based extracts are not stable. Ice cream can be affected by extracts. They are used in drinks. Do not bake with them. Do not pay attention to the reviews where someone was baking with the extract. It's good for things like dessert that is not heated, cream cheese that is not heated, or cool items. The alcohol content may affect the freezing point.

👤This review is only for sparkling water flavor alternatives. I have a sparkling water machine in my home and wanted to try some different flavors. Diluted syrups are usually more liquid than syrups. The flavor is great but there are not many options compared to the sparkling water flavors at the grocery store. You can use extracts if you research alternative flavoring items. The OliveNation Pure Mango Extract does not taste good in water. This extract is intended to flavor food. You can taste the alcohol in the water. The smell is off putting. It is harder to carbonate when added to the water and then C02 is added. The extract contains alcohol. I don't recommend this for water flavor. I'm looking forward to using this item for food items. This is an all natural product and it is naturally colored with plant based ingredients. I wanted my water to be as natural as possible. I will keep this product to experiment with flavors. I am looking forward to trying this product out.

👤Didn't smell like mango. It says "mango essence". It's like a slice of mango that wasn't ripe yet, but was dropped in a solution of alcohol for a few minutes. The liquid was poured in this bottle. I wouldn't order this again if I got a bad batches.

👤No smell, no scent, and no flavor that was disgusting. I would not order this item again. I think I'm going to have to send them back. I'm sad. This product is terrible. Do not purchase this if you are looking for pure extract. I used 1oz in the cake. No one could pick up the smell or essence. I was not happy. I will not purchase anything from this company again. It says "mango essence". The first thing on the label is alcohol. Not fruit extract at all.

👤I use this to make mango ice cream and mango cream cake. A small amount of this goes a long way. I make ice cream by using 2 cups of heavy cream, 1 and 1/2 cups of milk or half and half, puréed mango, and a few other ingredients. The ice cream has turned out great each time, even though fresh mangoes can vary in their intensity of sweetness and flavor. For the cake, I use 2 cups of heavy whipping cream and add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of extract along with the confectioners sugar, and then after the whipped cream is ready, fold in 1/2 to 1 cup of puréed mango, and I use this to cover the cake. There are many recipes for mango ice cream and mango cake on the internet. A small amount of mango extract can be used to enhance any of the recipes. I will buy more when I need it.

3. Pure Pineapple Extract 8 Ounce

Pure Pineapple Extract 8 Ounce

Water, alcohol, and pineapple flavors are included. Coconut Flavor Fountain is water-soluble, kosher, sugar-free, and calories-free. The flavor of fresh pineapple is given by Olive Nation pure pineapple extract.

Brand: Olivenation

👤I ordered Olive Nation's Pure Pineapple Extract. "Pineapple extract" was sent to me. Pure extracts are made with real ingredients. A product that is just an "Extract" is made with chemicals. If I could have gotten the "Pure" pineapple extract, I would have liked it, but it's made with alcohol, water, and "natural ingredients" and it really stinks. I wouldn't eat this product. I requested a refund. If I can't find a viable pineapple extract on the market, I will use real ingredients and learn how to make my own extract from videos on the internet.

👤I'm pretty sure they changed the recipe. I gave it a number of bottles over the course of a few months. This was my favorite. I no longer use it. The extract tastes artificial and sweet. I like this product. If I run out before my next shipment, I get grumpy. I became addicted to Trader Joe's sparkling pineapple water about 18 months ago. I was going through a lot of 1L plastic bottles. My husband bought me a soda stream to help cut back on my pineapple sparkling water habit, but I had a hard time finding a flavor that I wanted to add to the water. This extract was for me. It is definitely a different flavor than the Trader Joe's version, but it is still one that I love equally as much, and I can make it whenever I want. My daily water intake has tripled because of this extract.

👤This extract is definitely less. I was nervous after smelling it, but a good shake and a few drops later I had the water I was hoping to recreate. Give the bottle a shake and it will make a difference. I can see why some reviewers noted a strong alcohol or petroleum smell, and if it means you've used too much. I was disappointed at first. After reading more about the extracts, I gave it a second go and gave it half of my original amount. I don't have to pay through the roof because I have the water I want.

👤I used this extract in a recipe for a carrot cake. I would have used actual pineapple juice if I wasn't concerned about the amount of calories in it. I was happy with the product since I am concerned about the carbs.

👤I use them for natural soda. The pineapple was excellent. A couple of droppers and you're set for a liter. The pineapple is stronger than cherry or raspberries. Someone mentioned that it has a "chemical" flavor, while someone else said it didn't have any. This was not my experience, though I would say that due to it being heavily concentrated, and strong pineapple smell, I can understand how someone could mistake that for a chemical flavor.

👤I want the extract that I ordered. I paid a hardy price for Pineapple extract that I ordered. Amazon won't exchange it. I need pineapple extract for baking. I can make a pineapple upside down cake with nut extract. Somethig is not good.

4. McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract

McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract

Premium pure vanilla bean extract has a deep, rich taste and color. Every bottle has a consistent flavor. A baker's best friend cooks meat and seafood. There is no corn syrup or non-GMO. It's a great addition to cakes, cookies, pies and other baked goods. The pour spout is easy to use.

Brand: Mccormick

👤I ran out of the bottle I bought at the grocery store several years ago. It smelled better and said something on the bottle that was 42% alcohol. The bottle I bought in January of last year has different ingredients and doesn't state the alcohol content. Maybe there was a change in the labeling, but it also has less kick when I lick it. I don't think it's the same. The ingredients in my bottle are not the same as those on Amazon. I'm willing to pay a lot more for good vanilla beans and not cheapen their product, even though the price of them has gone up a lot. Disappointed.

👤The extract is more dense than other brands. The taste is artificial and not the same. The picture shows the difference in concentration between the two products. This product is lighter than other brands.

👤I bought five bottles of this and they are not authentic. I bought a small bottle of pure vanilla extract at the grocery store and it tasted very similar to the ones I smelled. This stuff is not real. The bad reviews are correct, and whoever is selling this is putting fakes on Amazon. I poured the small grocery store bottle at the top of the plate in the photo I took. The Amazon bought ones are on the bottom of the plate. You can see that the grocery store is darker than the Amazon store.

👤Unless it is from a known source, don't buy it. I make my own syrups for coffee and use a lot of the stuff, so I know what to expect from it. This product is not as good as the small bottle of genuine McCormick vanilla I bought from the grocery store and the same size bottle I bought from the store before they stopped carrying it. Those were complex and rich. The product smells and tastes like artificial vanilla with a strong alcohol smell and a lighter color. The quality of this vanilla has declined or it is not an authentic product. I think it's the latter. I am stuck with a cheap vodka because I didn't finish my old bottle before the return period ended.

👤I can't believe this is a product from a company. I will never do it again. It has to be different. There was no smell or taste. The color is a bit lighter than my last bottle. Rip off! Very dissatisfied! It's terrible!

👤The product is great. The description read a much larger bottle when I purchased it. The description was changed to read 16 ounces. After my order, there was no notification. Very dishonest in my opinion.

👤This is false advertising and it is banking on the good name of the company. The ingredients and description say that it's pure vanilla extract, but you can see on the bottle that it's avanilla bean extract. I bought water with flavors. It is almost tasteless. Do not recommend.

👤The product tasted a little watered down compared to my smaller bottle. I gave it a good shake, but it still tasted a bit weak. No one seems to notice.

5. Watkins Original Gourmet Vanilla Packaging

Watkins Original Gourmet Vanilla Packaging

All naturally derived ingredients were used in this recipe. It is ideal for baking. There are no artificial colors or flavors. There is a note that contains Sulfites. Corn Syrup is Kosher.

Brand: Watkins

👤Water is the first ingredient. The second substance is sugar. There are three things that are third is propylene glycol. I should have checked more carefully.

👤I was convinced after seeing the reviews and price. One could not help but be attracted to the cheap price of vanilla extract when it is available. Ah ha! Don't click immediately if you're looking for pure vanilla extract. We had a chance to look a little more closely at this product after we received it, as it is not a pure vanilla extract, but aBakingVanilla extract. It does perform well, but it does give non-baked items a slightly minty flavor, which is different to the rounded and warm flavor of baked goods. During this crisis, a replacement for vanilla was not terrible.

👤It was a complete waste of money, but it also cost me money for my other ingredients and time. I made 1 batches of cookies with this, and it added no flavor at all. When you search for it, it is listed under pure vanilla extract. I'm not sure if there's any extract at all. It's not right when I search for pure vanilla extract on Amazon. The cost of dumping out this bottle and throwing out my batches leaves me angry at Watkins and Amazon. I have had better results with artificial extracts. The only thing I can say is that it smelled nice after I dumped the entire bottle into my sink.

👤Watkins was a brand name that we used in our household. I bought that brand when I was looking for a reasonable price. I guess you get what you pay for. This is the worst I have ever tried. It has a strong smell. It doesn't taste like it's from a movie.

👤This is not a pure extract. There are artificial flavors, alcohol, and water in this picture. There is Sulfides. I can't use this product because of my family members. I will try to find a use for the bottle, but it will be sitting around for a while.

👤I really like Watkins products, but this one missed the mark. It's awful. I bought it in September of last year because the price was right and it smelled cheap, and I thought the bad reviews were because it was expensive. I've never smelled imitation vanilla before, but this is what I thought it would smell like. I use it in baked goods and it makes the food taste different, even though I cut it in half. I've used it about 15 times, but I can't seem to like it anymore. It's not real tasting. I wouldn't recommend this.

👤It is not pure. That is one of the ingredients. The ingredient is listed as more than the one that's called vanilla. This is not acceptable and does not taste like other vanillas. Several of my family wanted to know why my desserts tasted different during the Thanksgiving dinner.

👤If you receive a different label than the double strength one, don't be alarmed, it's called baking vanilla and it's a new label. I have been using Watkin's products for a long time. This product is used by my Grandmother, Mother and I. I used to sell Watkin's products. I ordered the 11oz version because my personal rep retired and I didn't have a local one. The seller is also Watkins, and the price was fair. I was shocked when I saw a different name and label for this product. I immediately called Watkins to get clarification. The new label is because the rep confirmed that they were changing the name. She said that there is still a mix of old and new labels out there, but that my item is the new label and completely safe and real. I told her that I thought the new label should be in the stock ad on Amazon, or at least advise potential customers of the change with a caveat. I thought I was getting a fake product. I think so. The strength is what I love about this product. This product doesn't bake your baked goods. The taste is very strong. I always use a minimum of 1 capful per recipe, even though they say you can use very little. This is the best I have ever used. No comparison! My adult children use this brand of products. I paid full price for this item. My thoughts are my own and I don't pay for them. My opinions are based on what I have experienced.

6. Lorann Oils Honey Ounce Flavoring

Lorann Oils Honey Ounce Flavoring

Imagine adding pure honey to your baked goods. Their honey flavor has so many possibilities. A little goes a long way. LorAnn's flavors are four times stronger than typical baking extracts. When substituting extracts with super strength flavors, use 14 to 12 teaspoon. Hard candy, general candy making, cakes, cookies, frosting, ice cream and a wide variety of other baking and confectionery applications are typical uses. Made in the USA.

Brand: Lorann

👤I am a fan of baking with lo-carbs. I was looking for a honey flavor without the sugar when I bought this. The ingredient label is not shown in this listing. I thought it was going to be an unifier but when I opened the package I found it had inverted sugar as one of the ingredients. It doesn't say how much there is, so we don't know how friendly it actually is. The flavor was ok in the recipe I used it for. The listing should have mentioned the sugar component.

👤The ad for the product did not mention inverted sugar. I was buying this as a sugar free ingredient to replace honey, but it is not returnable.

👤I have used this in a few low-carb recipes where I could not use honey, and one where I wanted to bring out the honey flavor a bit more. I think this does a great job of capturing the scent of honey, but I think wild honey from my area has a bit of bite, a slightly sour edge to it, and you feel it at the back of your throat. I didn't understand that. When no honey was used, the honey flavor faded to a sweet overtone that didn't really cut through, and I felt that it was best to emphasize the honey flavor where a little honey was used. It's good for some uses, but not as good for others. I don't want to end up with lemon-honey flavor, so I may experiment with adding something to add a bit of bite.

👤It doesn't taste like honey unless you add a lot to the recipe. It's pretty odd that other extracts only need a small amount to taste great. I'll be looking for another extract.

👤This stuff is amazing. A small amount goes a long way. I put it in a glass dropper bottle and use it to brew a mug of tea. It has an authentic honey flavor. I do not do sweet. I am not claiming that. You do get the smell of honey. It feels like honey. I have not used it in baking yet.

👤I like the flavors from LorAnn. I have many and have never been disappointed. The honey flavor is not an exception. I used this in sugar cookie cut outs and thought it was a great result. This is a great value since you only need a small amount.

👤The smell is similar to honey. I add fiber syrup to it. Highly recommended for a low sugar diet.

👤It tastes like honey. I like the taste of honey in my tea, but this tastes like wax. I use a dropper and only add a few drops to my tea, which is not what I wanted. There may be applications when the smell is not unpleasant. It was in a nice container and looked good. Wrong flavor for me.

7. McCormick PumpkinPie Features Cinnamon Allspice

McCormick PumpkinPie Features Cinnamon Allspice

Premium pumpkin pie spices and flavors are 100% pure. The easy pour spout eliminates mess. A perfect blend of cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. Pumpkin pie has many flavors and aromas.

Brand: Mccormick

👤I use the Pure Pumpkin Pie Spice blend extract to make my own Pumpkin Spice Lattes. You only need 1/2 of a cup of coffee. If you prefer your "cup-o-joe" without sugar, add a little of your favorite creamer. ""

👤It tastes like a dessert. I don't like pumpkin. If you want to use your own spices in a pumpkin recipe, use butter or oil instead. You will get better flavor with cinnamon, clove, andNutmeg, and pumpkin from a can. The pumpkin to butter ratio is 1/3. Happy cooking.

👤It is the same flavor as the spices used in pumpkin pie. Storage directions should be marked. Is it a good idea to keep it refrigerated after opening? There is a It makes some nice cakes and adds depth to pancakes.

👤It tastes like hot cinnamon candy. I had to throw away what I made because the flavor was so bad. I also threw this extract.

👤I'm impressed. I use this to add to my hot tea as a less expensive alternative to spiced tea bags. I add a drop of pure Mccormick orange.

👤The recipe called for a pumpkin goody cake. Couldn't find it locally so ordered it from Amazon. I'm pretty sure this helped the cake be so delicious.

👤I had this with cinnamon to my morning shake and it was great.

👤I read reviews before buying something. I had a piece of my Thanksgiving pie and it was gross. If you already have some, use half of what the box says. I'm not sure what it is, my mouth is burning from the alcohol flavor. This one was messed up by McCormick.

8. OliveNation Pure Hazelnut Extract

OliveNation Pure Hazelnut Extract

It is certified Kosher. The extract contains alcohol, natural hazelnuts, caramel coloring, and water. The extract can be used in cakes, cookies, frostings and icings. The quality of the flavour. Five gallons of ice cream can be had with three ounces. Adding the pure taste of hazelnuts to your recipes is possible with Olive Nation extract.

Brand: Olivenation

👤I bought this because I wanted a less-costly replacement for 12-ounce Torani brand sugar-free hazelnut syrup from my grocery store. A bottle of syrup would last me about a month. A bottle of extract should last me over 400 days, or about 14 months, assuming I only use 12 drops per day. It's grim! This purchase was for 2 8-oz bottles, which was the minimum order, for $11.00, which may last about 3 years, compared to $5/month with Torani. So darn well. Yes. It's cheaper to have a single serving of coffee with straight extract. I should say that it tastes good. It's different than Torani hazelnut, which is sweeter, but this extract does the job to mask the coffee bitterness. I use a medicine dropper to put drops into my coffee. Wishing all the best.

👤A bottle in December. The taste and smell of hazelnuts are lovely. Would have given it five stars. It was a pale beer. In March, I ordered an 8 oz bottle. The smell is like wet moss and the taste is faint. It's the color of Guinness stout. I can't recommend a product with such variability.

👤I got this and the stuff from Flavorganics to compare. They are not the same. The extract has no problems with giving a distinct hazelnut flavor, but it has more power than the Flavorganics stuff. I prepared two equal amounts of simple syrup and added a small amount to each until it reached the flavor intensity of Torani Hazelnut syrup. In 3 cups of syrup, I put 3 ounces of this extract in order to get a bang on the Torani flavor levels. I had enough to make almost another 2 batches of syrup. This and the Flavorganics extract do not contain a substance called polyethylene glycol. I am very happy with the results. I use my syrup to flavor coffee and I put a little of it in the cup. I like that the flavor is well rounded and not as sweet as I would get with the same amount of Torani. The bottle is made of glass and has a black lid.

👤I was very happy to read many positive reviews of this product. I used it 3 times to make sure that I was fair and adjusted the amount used on each attempt and barely used any on my last attempt to make sure that the taste was not bad. I want to return it, but it is not worth my time. Do not buy this product, please. It does not taste like hazelnuts. It has a hint of hazelnuts when you smell it, but it is also overpowering by alcohol smell.

👤The flavor is okay, but there is something troubling about it. The caramel color in this product is a known carcinogen. The bottle says "Prop 65 compliant". I didn't read the fine print before I bought it. I thought I would warn others. Is that Amazon?

👤I read the reviews and decided that I could afford to gamble on a good or bad batches. I lost. The bottle arrived with an intact cap seal. The bottle appeared to be slightly low of expected fill level, even though it did not measure. The liquid had a brownish tint. There was no dirt. If oak tree bark was dipped into alcohol, it would have a flavor that I would expect. I would expect alcohol to have more presence. It seemed like it was about 20 proof. I don't want a high alcohol content or taste, just that as the top ingredient listed I would expect a detectable alcohol 'burn' from an undiluted sample. The smell from the bottle was somewhat similar to that of vanilla. Chemicals are metallic. I added 3 drops to a half cup of hot water to make sure it didn't require heat to fully activated. There was a slight mustiness and taste to this form. A dry pucker was left to the lips and tongue. Unfavorable taste reviews seem spread evenly throughout the year, with more in Dec and Jan as expected for Xmas sales, and only April and October having no complaints. This is harder to factor in because it's not known the total yearly sales. Is the yearly increase of unfavorable reviews due to a higher percentage or more sales? The complaints were relatively consistent in #. It's your choice. The bottle did not work as a drain cleaner.

9. McCormick Imitation Cake Batter Flavor

McCormick Imitation Cake Batter Flavor

Trusted for over 125 years. It's a tip. Put 1 cup of water in it. Birthday cake pancakes are made with 14 cup sprinkles. Freshly baked cake flavor is added to cookies, cupcakes, blondies and more. The idea is fun. For intense cake flavor, whip into the frosting.

Brand: .mccormick

👤I've used Butter Nut Vanilla from McCormick for years and was upset when it appeared that it had been dropped from their product line. This is the same product as the new one. This is a good place to add a more intense flavor and richer color to cakes and cookies. You will not be disappointed.

👤It is good but could be better. It smells like a cake mix. I have deducted stars for the addition of yellow and red food dyes. Why add this? My food looks like franken-foods because of the fluorescent coloring. It is not healthy. I would like to see a clear version without the unnecessary dyes.

👤I used to use this flavor when it was called butter nut. It has always been my secret to bake cakes, cookies, brownies, puddings, frostings and caramel corn. People say, "This is really delicious!"

👤I use cake Batter all the time. I add good flavor to my chaffles by doing keto.

👤It was received and used. The top quality flavoring.

👤The cake batter flavor is great. I used it to make delicious cookies. I will buy it again.

👤I like this stuff. I put it in all of my food.

10. Lorann Oils Baking Flavoring Batter

Lorann Oils Baking Flavoring Batter

You can eat your cake as well. Don't be left out on your next dessert. Adding a touch of cake batter and some sprinkles will make your dessert extra special. A little goes a long way. LorAnn's flavors are four times stronger than typical baking extracts. A small bottle of Dr Tackam is the perfect size for a small amount of homemade Hard Candy. Most of the flavors are available in larger sizes. A bottle has approximately 6 ounces. 16 ounce and gallon are also available. Hard candy, general candy making, cakes, cookies, frosting, ice cream and a wide variety of other baking and confectionery applications are typical uses. Made in the USA.

Brand: Lorann

👤This cake has a good flavor and is perfect for a butter cake. I lost half a bottle while trying to pour it. I used almost a whole bottle because of the trouble pouring, which makes this un economical. The kitchen now smells like cake.

👤It was suggested to use this product to make lip gloss with more flavor. It's great for candy making.

👤These bottles are small because of the extra strength. They smell and taste great. It's a good value to have it delivered to your house with everything going on.

👤It tasted like a confetti birthday cake. It should last for a while.

👤I didn't think it was strong enough. I added more than the recommended amount and my cookies tasted like plain vanilla.

👤The bottles are small and not worth the money.

👤I bought this flavor to use in cookies and hard candy. I like the flavor of cake batter and this worked perfectly.

👤This brand has a favorite flavor.

👤The entire bottle is needed to taste any flavor. Money is wasted.

👤I will not be without this again.

11. Amoretti Premium Birthday Syrup Fluid

Amoretti Premium Birthday Syrup Fluid

It is made with natural flavor. It's delicious for beverages. 35 calories per serving and 62 calories per bottle. It is made in Southern California.

Brand: Amoretti

👤I've been wanting to try something from Amoretti for a while now, and I decided to purchase the Birthday Cake Syrup for my first purchase. I'm making Italian Cream Sodas for my daughter's 8th birthday. I did a test drink last night and it was really good. Everyone who tried it liked it. It works well in the Italian soda and tastes like birthday cake. I'm going to try more products. I was very happy that Amoretti sells through Amazon and uses Prime.

👤This is not as good as birthday cake. It tastes like your grandma used to have. Don't waste your money if you are looking for cake flavor.

👤These syrups are really good. I've bought several and they all taste great. I bought them for sno cones. We have to stir the syrup in to make it slushy, but that's fine. They are also used for pancakes.


What is the best product for cake extract flavor?

Cake extract flavor products from Mccormick Culinary. In this article about cake extract flavor you can see why people choose the product. Olivenation and Olivenation are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake extract flavor.

What are the best brands for cake extract flavor?

Mccormick Culinary, Olivenation and Olivenation are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake extract flavor. Find the detail in this article. Mccormick, Watkins and Lorann are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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