Best Cake Eyeliner Palette

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1. Emirde Versatility Waterproof Pigmented Smudgeproof

Emirde Versatility Waterproof Pigmented Smudgeproof

The best eyeliner set can be used as an eye shadow. It's good for glitter art on the face. The liquid eyeliner is easy to apply and colored, natural and comfortable, and it glides on smoothly. The Matte Color Gel Eyeliner is easy to remove and clean. The makeup eyeliner pen is a perfect gift for girls on Birthday Party,Cosmetic Show and Wedding Makeup. In the morning, apply their waterproof and long-acting color eyeliner. It lasts all day, and you will find it clean.

Brand: Emirde

👤Before buying, please read. I wanted to put this item to the test so I ordered it on 10/25/2020 and it was delivered on 10/31/2020. I want to say that I did not use any filters. The quality of the photo and video is true. If you look closely, you can see the ash. It's a pity. Each test line is formed by one single brush. The pink line has 3 swipes. I was amazed at how rich the color is. I see it on my dark skin. I give 5 stars for staying power. It does not normal when used with less than two. It's not necessary to cake it on. Unless you want to peel it off. I made sure there was no liquid on the brush. I'm split here. I'm giving it a 5 star. It's a little harsh on the eyelid to get it off. It is water proof and has some staying power. You have been informed. Look at the video. I washed my hand with soap and a towel. Still stayed, but had a bit of cheaping. It came off with noxema. I give 5 stars, but you can't do much. It does what it's supposed to. At least mine was not hard. Some have commented that theirs is. A lot. I give you three stars. I expect to get what I paid for even if it's not free. My yellow and brown are not full.

👤TheSE are not my pictures. They are just being used as references. I was shocked when I tried on these liners, they were mostly good reviews, but I was only reading them. They are flaky. It will chip or crack if you wear them as eyeliner. It's similar to the pictures I provided. Doesn't look nice. If you want them to look opaque and have good color, you need to add more. I don't think it's a good idea. I tried every single color and it wasn't right.

👤Each color is wrapped individually. I had my makeup done before I took the picture. After 2 or 3 Swipes of color, the orange went over the black. I tried to get the orange to break on my eye, but so far it hasn't. I can't say if the colors will work or not but if I put them over black eyeliner the rest should work well. They all look the same. So far, so good. I'm not getting paid to write this review. This is the actual option that I have. I will change my review if it changes.

👤The colors are amazing and they last a long time, but I haven't found an easy way to remove it without scrubbing. That's what you're looking for.

👤I tried them on my eye and it burnt my eyes. After an hour, my eyes still feel a little sting, but I washed it off immediately. It would get tacky when put on, like it was crumbled on whiteout. It looked fine on my hand. If you have onewrinkle it will look weird. I swatched every color in the picture and it was very bright except for the yellow, but if you put white under it it pops more. I kept it on my hand to see if I got any weird reactions on my skin, but it went away after a few minutes. No marks were left. I think this is a good sign. I assume it could be worse if you have sensitive skin. I am excited to try these out.

2. Jolie Extra Long Wear Eyeliner Black Brown

Jolie Extra Long Wear Eyeliner Black Brown

A rich color formula with great staying power. Smudge and transfer-resistant formula glides smoothly on the lashes. For a more defined look, apply their cake eyeliner sealant.

Brand: Jolie. Impeccable Me

👤I've been looking for a decent replacement for Fran Wilson's cake eyeliner. This isn't it. It was a disappointment that I tried Graftobian a few months ago. The container looked like it was from the movie "Gattobian" with the name on it. It's the same thing. It's hard to get off at the end of the day.

👤There are not enough cake eyeliner options. Longer lasting color is the same as others I have used, so it could be improved. It would be nice to have a brush option, but I am very happy with the inexpensive brush I found here, which was a suggestion when I searched for this one. I have never spent a lot of money for eyeliner so I can't compare it to expensive products, but in the price range it is about what I expected. This is not black-brown. If you're looking for darker than brown, this is not the one for you.

👤I used eyeliner in my teens. Many years ago! I use a fine liner artist brush and I love it. Just shorten the handle. It goes on fine and stays all day. Excellent quality. Thnaks.

👤I like dark brown eyeliner. This one is not dark at all. It is a very light brown. It's almost invisible by the end of the day. The fact that they call it Black-Brown is not true. I don't think you should.

👤I am very happy with this eyeliner. I used to love cake eyeliners, but for some reason went on to pencils and really hated liquid. I am so happy that I have returned to the cake variety. It goes on smoothly. I will purchase this product again.

👤I bought this eyeliner in black-brown. The dark color enhances the lashes without being harsh. The liner works well, but I need to go over the line twice to get even color. I used this with a brush and sponge and it was very easy to apply. I've used other cake liners and the cost is the same. I think most cake liners are a bit overpriced, but one cake should last a long time if you keep it clean.

👤I dropped this three inches onto my counter and it broke into a powdery mess. Not well packed! Quality compact makeup can break if dropped, but this exploded. It is not good quality.

👤The cake eyeliner is easy to apply. You can paint a thin line close to your lashes with a fine brush and a little water. It blends well and allows you to control the intensity.

3. 1Black Eyeliner Eyebrow Brushes Included

1Black Eyeliner Eyebrow Brushes Included

The gel eyeliner kit comes with two classic colors, black and brown, which are perfect for daily eyeliner or eyebrow makeup. The creamy gel with its light and supple texture helps you easily clear the eyeliner line and provides a waterproof, non-blooming effect. This gel is smudgeproof and can stay on for a whole day. Provide 2 small eye makeup brushes, one regular liner brush, and one angle liner brush, they help you easily create different eyeliner, such as doing a good wing. This is a must have set for different occasions, perfect for party makeup, casual makeup, wedding makeup, etc. You will love it.

Brand: Ucanbe

👤There is so much to like about these jars. The suggestion that you get what you pay is true, but in this case the value is extraordinary. I thought I'd try them, even though my expectations were low. They are better than the price would suggest. Two colors, black and brown. Two uses, eyeliner and brows. There are two brushes. There is a color. I don't want the more dramatic black eyeliner, so I use this one for a subtler effect when I don't want a brown one. In the short video I made applying this, I held the camera with one hand, and the brush with the other, and it stayed on. Quite the challenge. The gel stays liquid for a short time so it doesn't smudge and it dries just right so it doesn't oxidize. There are some things that are CONS: 1) Some reviewers think the brushes are not top-notch. Really? The brushes work. They do the job, even though they are not the best ever. Are you really expecting two jars of exceptional product and two brushes that are designer labels for under $6? Overall, I'm blown away by this product and the exceptional value it offers.

👤The product is amazing. I use brown for filling in my brows and black for lining my waterline. One of the reasons I love it is that it is very versatile. It should last a while because a little goes a long way. I did my makeup this morning. My brows haven't budged since 6 pm.

👤I have never tried a product like that before. I put a picture of my makeup application on my face. There were no signs of coming off or being smeared. I will recommend this item to everyone and will come back for more once I need it.

👤I have been looking for a great brow kit and this is it. I think it is amazing and my eyebrows look great. I mean, all of you see it right. The eyeliner is great. The texture of the gel makes it easy to apply. You know it will last you a while. The brushes are workable but not the best. Next time, I will use my own liner brush and brow brush. If you want to save some money, this is a must.

👤The black and brown eyeliners are my favorites. The color is great. The eyeliners are not shiny when they dry. They don't give up. I like the brush that comes with them. These work well for my winged looks. My eyes tear up a lot when I have allergies. One of the easier waterproof liners I have to remove. I will be ordering again. I have had these for several months and have only put a small dent in them.

👤Where has this product been all my life? I've tried tons of eyeliners that promise not to smudge or run, but only to be disappointed time and again. I'm not prone to give up easily. I saw this product at Amazon. I thought I would give it a try because it had good reviews. The packaging was intact when I received the order. I was very impressed with the overall look of the product. I tried the gel eyeliner. I like mixing brown and black together to get the exact match for my skin tone and this product was flawless. I wore it for 16 hours and it never ran. It was smudge proof and was easy to remove with my eye makeup wipes. If you are looking for a gel eyeliner that will stay in place and won't fade or feather, then this is the product for you. I am very happy with my purchase. I will purchase this item again as Christmas gifts for my girlfriends.

4. Professional Eyeliner Lasting Pressed Smudge Proof

Professional Eyeliner Lasting Pressed Smudge Proof

The cake eyeliner is a water-based eyeliner. It can be applied with a damp brush. Black cake eyeliner is an easy-to-use cake eye liner that gives long- lasting colour payoff that doesn't fade throughout the day for flawless defined eyes. A waterproof formula, easy to dry, natural and smooth eyeliner, long- lasting for a whole day. A clean line with a powder dry finish. The formula glides on the lashes. It is easy to apply and dries quickly, leaving a clean and stable line. For a more defined look, apply cake eyeliner. The dark blue and purple color is perfect to use for an intense eye look. Smudge-proof and resistant to transfer. It was made in China.

Brand: Sace Lady

👤The company's name is the only thing written in English on the package. It's impossible for me to check the ingredients in it because it's in Chinese. I know that Wish's merchandise is of inferior quality because I have ordered many things from them. I don't want to put a product on my eyes if I can't read the ingredients.

👤I was expecting a dark, black line instead of a watered down black when I used a cake eyeliner. The water completely disappears into the cake pan when I dip my brush in water and rub it on the eyeliner. The water turns black when I dip my brush into it. That doesn't happen with a good eyeliner. There isn't much eyeliner left on the brush to make a line on your lid. Will not buy again.

👤It's hard to find cake eyeliner. It is very expensive if you find it. After using it for over a month on a daily basis, it has proven to be a great product. Thumbs up.

👤I'm used to automatic pencil and gel pen liners, so maybe it's me. I haven't been able to achieve a consistent color despite practicing. It won't work without water, and you need a very precise water to product mixture to get the right color. Getting the right mixture takes a lot of trial and error, so this WAY is too high maintenance. I don't want to spend that much time when I can pick up a gel pen and it goes right on the way I like.

👤I had been trying to find a powder eyeshadow that would combine with water to make a good liquid liner and I was seriously struggling. I didn't know the word was water-soluble. This is a liquid eyeliner that takes less water than others to make a good dark line. If you're looking for a liquid liner, definitely recommend it.

👤I bought this because it's hard to get eye liner on my eyes. It works great for getting all of the skin that is hard to put on other eye liner.

👤I put the cake liner with the "KINGMAS 100 Pack disposable Eyeliner Brushes" and WOW. The application was perfect. I love the eye liner and brushes.

👤It's hard to get on the brush. Doesn't adhere well to the eyelid. Does not include brush. Would not buy again.

5. Maydear Eyeliner Waterproof Smudge Proof Set Masquerade

Maydear Eyeliner Waterproof Smudge Proof Set Masquerade

The light colors eye liner set has fluorescent green, fluorescent blue, fluorescent purple, and fluorescent pink. Light green. You can choose the colors that suit your skin, eyes, and hair. It's easy to apply and remove, it's so light you can't even tell you're wearing any. The effect is high purity and smooth. It can be removed with warm water and cleansing oil. It is suitable for contact lens wearers. They use a safe formula with no skin burn or allergies. It is perfect for children and adults because it is non-toxic, and has a superior cosmetic grade. Bright neon colored in the daytime or under regular lights creates a glow under UV lighting. This is a must have eyeliner set, perfect for different occasions, perfect for party makeup, casual makeup, wedding makeup, etc. You will love it.

Brand: Maydear

👤I absolutely love these liners. The color of the skin is the most important thing. It is like butter if you get a good ratio of water and product. I got the dark and light sets and they are both very expensive. I am so excited to do more makeup looks with these. They mix well with other hydro liners to make more color variations.

👤I decided to mix it water and it was good to go because I was upset that the pigment was hard. I like it. It's the same look I wanted. I don't think it's a good idea to put it under your eye, it will run, but I absolutely love it and would recommend it. I got a set of light and dark colors.

👤It's hard to get any color onto the brush to get in your eye, the color falls out of the container and it's hard to see.

👤It will take a little patience in figuring out how much water to use and how much consistency to get, but once you do it it will pay off. I did not have any issues with the pastels, I even used the same eyeliner brush they supplied. There was a small amount of something on the top of my eyelid. Definitely a product that I would recommend. I have seen single pots of the UV gels sell for $20, so it is definitely a steal.

👤It's hard to get between too wet and dry and cakey, so they aren't easy to work with. The colors are bright but dry. They didn't smudge very much once they were dry, but it came right off with a bit of water, so they didn't have to scrub or anything. If you have the time to put in and set your makeup, you may get some use out of it. If you want a reliable eyeline, you can easily apply it.

👤If you brush the brush with the water, it will make up for the lack of water. Too much water will cause your face to be wet. I would recommend a gel-like eye primer for it. It smudges very easily as it looks on. If you use a primer or Setter that is mostly liquid, you will get a long lasting look of this stuff on your face. Don't use a liquid primer with it.

👤I had doubts about how the colors would look on my skin, but I am very pleased with the result. The product is amazing. Would definitely recommend.

👤It's very easy to wash off. As long as it's set, it says on. The results are stunning. Thank you for giving me the chance to try this item out. It is definitely worth it's regular price. Yes, too.

👤I was looking for a cheap liner. These are a little pricey but I think they would be cheaper than what I have seen. I like them.

👤I love these! They are easy to use and bright even though they are dark. They are easy to wipe off. Doesn't stain like some brands. I wipe my hand over it. They will move a little bit.

6. Mehron Makeup Paradise Palette Pastel

Mehron Makeup Paradise Palette Pastel

Water activated face and body paint is loved by professionals across the globe for its bold color and revolutionary formula that doesn't crack or fade. The professional formula dries down to a matt finish. The skin soothing ingredients include Cucumber, Lemon, andAvocado. It is possible to be vegan, vegan. Made in New York with top quality ingredients.

Brand: Mehron

👤This was everything I wanted it to be. You can use these like the kids water color paint palettes, where you use a brush and some water to make a wet makeup cake. The kit comes with a brush that is good for most general work, but you may want to invest in a larger brush or sponge for more broad application of product. I could mix the colors on a separate surface or on the mirror in the kit if I wanted to keep the color cakes pristine, because this product dried very quickly on my skin. The mirror is large and nice on that note. I wore makeup for an hour after doing a test. I put makeup on my face and chest and just moved around the house. It was washed off with soap and water. I had no reaction to this product. I did achieve some shading with and eyeshadow on top of the dried paint, as well as the makeup, in this look. I used eyeliner to line my eyes because I wanted to be safe. The look was sealed with a spray. I caution against setting the makeup since it will break down if you sweat a lot, and it's not the best for situations where you might be sweating a lot. The instructions for this palette recommend that you don't use red, yellow, or orange around the eyes and that you don't use blue or green on the lips. If you need those colors, it's a good idea to use regular cosmetics in those areas. I think the NYX has a colorful eyeshadow palette called ULTIMATE that is pigmented and affordable, at the time that I'm writing this. I recommend testing the product before the event you are planning for to make sure it works the way you want it to. At the time I'm writing this, Amazon is fulfilling the orders of this product. The first thing I received was a broken and shattered mirror. I called Amazon and they worked with me to fix the issue. The second palette was perfect.

👤I ordered the Mehron palette because I felt Snazaroo paints were too hard to get a heavy, opaque color. One of the photos shows the difference between the black and red of Snazaroo and the black and red of the Mehron. The Mehron gives a brighter, more opaque color. I have included a photo of my arm with each color in the palette and I'm very happy with the shade and opacity of each color. I only ordered one Mehron palette because I wanted to make sure they were a higher quality paint than what I had been using and I will definitely be adding more Mehron colors to my makeup kit.

👤I am with this make up and I am on social media. It's light and didn't affect my skin or eyes, I read the instructions and the colors didn't go near my eyes. You are unstoppable with the color if you figure out the water ratio...unless you mess up...and then it comes off with q-tips or toilet paper. The layers are very clean and precise. I had to buy a set of Wolf FX paints because they said not to mix with other paints. My nose didn't fall off so we're good. I haven't used my Wolf Fx Paints to compare the two, but right now Mehron is the best! .... I fight. There is a To anyone who feels like they shouldn't spend a lot on face paints. Then treat yourself. Have fun! The mirror wasn't cracked, the paints weren't used, and the packaging was good.

7. Activated Eyeliner Blacklight Luminous Halloween

Activated Eyeliner Blacklight Luminous Halloween

These water activated eyeliner cake set could glow under the UV light. It is smudge proof, long lasting transfer resistant and won't fade until you remove it. This water activated face UV black light glow paint is a multi-functional paint that can be used for a variety of looks, from fine detailed lines to full-body art. It's great for face and body painting. This water activated face body eyeliner paint is easy to use and dries quickly, just dip a sponge or brush into the color and apply for a variety of looks or body art. It's perfect for Stars, Party Supplies,Nails,Balloons, Festivals,Clubs or Raves. You can wash off with soapy water or wet wipes. The water activated eyeliner set is very colorful, including red,hot pink, black, white, yellow,green, blue, purple and so on. Halloween Party Anywhere with UV Lighting is a large club where you can express yourself. All day glow colors are visible under natural light. Try it under blacklight to get those double takes. Face paints are vegan and Cruelty Free.

Brand: Ecofavor

👤Makeup types and this are the truest colors to use from the light source I have yet to use. I will be getting more in the future and recommend it to anyone who asks.

👤The yellow one was the only one that didn't work well. It was not flawless and left a mark on my eye. The other colors did not stay on. It was very smooth, no cracking at all. I wouldn't recommend wearing these when it's raining. It is running everywhere because of a small amount of water. I would recommend using a damp brush to clean up your liner. I got these for $18 instead of $25 because I don't like the neon yellow, and I still give this 5 stars. I would recommend friends to buy me more makeup stuffers, and I am buying more for my fellow makeup addicts.

👤The only downside was the hair at the bottom of one of the containers, I loved the color and how easy it was to use. It could be upsetting to other people who care about those things.

👤I was hesitant to purchase but I am so happy I did. I use all of the colors. It is possible that it will come off easily, but it usually holds up well. I can't wait to buy more!

👤I did not receive the whole kit. I only received 6 of the 10 colors I was supposed to get.

👤I liked how it looked.

👤The producto los colores son brillantes. Lpido y buen.

👤These liners are everything. They are buildable and don't sting if you accidentally get in your eye, I'm obsessed with them.

👤These are the first time that water activated liners have been used. They are amazing, apart from the fact that they need a 2 coat on white.

8. COOSA Waterproof Eyeliners Eyeliner Retractable

COOSA Waterproof Eyeliners Eyeliner Retractable

The eyeliner gel pen is highly pigmented and easy to use. The Eyeliner Set is waterproof and sweat resistant. You should be happy throughout the day and have charming eyes. It's easy to apply and remove, you don't have to worry about pigmentation. Also can clean with cleansing oil. It's ideal for many occasions. The gel eyeliner is smooth and comfortable. It is suitable for all seasons makeup, 20 different colors to meet the needs of different makeup, perfect for various occasions, such as dates, parties, weddings, bars, dance parties, camping, office or daily makeup. 20 different colors are bright but not dim in thePerfect Eyeliner Gift Set. Save money by buying eyeliner pencils with 20 colors. They can be used to fill in your lips for a beautiful look. They can also be used for eyebrows. The beautiful packaging can be used for personal use and is a gift. You can give a gift to friends and family.

Brand: Coosa

👤I didn't expect much when I bought these eyeliners. They were similar to the gel liners from Colourpop, but at less than half the price. These are really nice. They are creamy and perform well. Definitely recommend!

👤The best eyeliner ever! Absolutely recommend!

👤You can easily control the thickness of your lines. Rich color lasts all day. After a long day, a hard workout. The q-tip had to be gently run on the bottom of the liner to clean up the feathering.

👤I was very excited to get these. It was amazing when I opened it. I opened a second one and it was empty. It happened when I opened another one and it was broken and wouldn't come up. I can't use half of them because they are broken. It's disappointing as it stays all day and it goes on.

👤I was surprised to see how small they were, but I realized they have a lot of product. If you are looking for an eyeliner pack that will last you a long time, I recommend you purchase it.

👤All colors are gorgeous and water resistant. The orange one was a little dry and crumbly, but still usable. Use a primer for easy removal of the reds. I have not experienced staining with any of these. I was satisfied with the purchase. The colorpop assorted eyeliners box is similar to one that's similarly packaged.

👤They are a hit and miss. The quality. You have to go over and over to make it look like there is some color, some colors are just lacking. As soon as you took the cap off, at least 5 of them fell out. It is difficult to remove the plastic wrapping from each one. I was not impressed and it is a waste of money. I was hoping the product would be a better substitute for the Colorpop liners, they have the same name so I would try them.

👤They are affordable and worth a try. The box I opened had a warning about ingredients such as iron oxide black and allake. D&C red no. 6 BA Lake, D&C red no. 7 CA Lake, and D&C red no. 28 AI Lake. I don't know if they have the same make-up regulations as we do, and the package says it was made in China. I purchase oil paints that are not to be put on your skin. ... I need to look at all of the ingredients to make sure they are safe. I don't recall any warnings when buying make-up. It's great if everything turns out to be safe. I won't be buying make-up on Amazon again if that's the case.

👤Crayon pour le yeux couleur superbe changeante facile.

9. Inglot DURALINE


It is possible to find new ways of using your favorite makeup products with just a drop of Duraline. Make your makeup last longer by keeping the right consistency. A small amount of Duraline will restore the consistency of AMC Eyeliner Gel. Check out the new way of using loose eyeshadows and enjoy a long- lasting color finish. Duraline is a perfect eyeliner because it is super durable. For body painting, mix Duraline with your favorite pigments and apply them to larger parts of the body.

Brand: Inglot

👤I am officially a believer in this product. I was crying my eyes out. I cry like screaming and wiping my eyes. This made my eyeliner stay put. It faded a bit. I didn't need to touch up. This product is for sale. If you mix it with your gel eyeliner, you can cry to your heart's content, because no one will ever know you were crying to begin with. There is a new word for it. I want to say that I have oily skin. I hate how the oil ruins my makeup, so I have tried everything to control it. I heard about this product on the internet. This product is useful for people with hooded eyes. I rated the packaging four stars because my bottle's top doesn't screw on tight, it hasn't spilled product or anything, I think it's just because there's a lot of product in the bottle. I live by this stuff. I used a drop with my eyeliner. It helps the eyeliner go on without dragging the skin. There is a slight drag on my eyelid from the smooth texture of Pretty Vulgar. Inglot DURALINE helps a lot with this. It dries quickly. If your eyeliner transfers as soon as you apply it, you won't have an issue with this product. This stuff is very strong. I have a bad habit of touching my eyes. When I touched my eyes, there was no product on my fingers. I sweat like crazy because of my intense workouts. I usually don't wear makeup to the gym. I didn't want to remove it because I was strapped for time, but I'll be fine if I start working out. It's funny. It is not a disco. I touched my eyes when I wiped my face with my towel. I went to the bathroom to wash my hands after completing my workout. I was shocked when I looked in the mirror. There was no smudge or fading of my eyeliner. I am a believer in this product. Inglot DURALINE is the best thing for my makeup. It's not a joke when the product is water resistant. If I were at a waterpark, there would be some fading, if not complete removal. I'm very excited about this product, I've had a good experience with it so far. I have high confidence that this will last me a long time, because I only need a small amount to use with my eyeliner. A small amount of this product will go a long way. You won't regret buying this product.

👤I've always wanted to try duraline, but didn't know why I waited so long. When I had 2 post of my favorite magnetic gel eyeliner start drying up on me, I couldn't use them anymore, and the replacement cost of a new liner over and over was too much for me. Oh my gosh! I tried it out as a glitter glue for a shimmery eyeshadow and it was amazing. I have hooded eyes and any shimmer, glitter, etc always transfers in my crease and on the hood of my eyes, even ones that claim they wont...unless it's a cream that dries down solid and does not budge...well the duraline not only stopped it from tranfer This will be my glitter glue and everything else from now on. Two face and NYX... The possibilities are endless. I can make my own colored eyeliner. A must try.

10. Ownest Eyeshadow Waterproof Sparkling Shadow 10pcs

Ownest Eyeshadow Waterproof Sparkling Shadow 10pcs

The most liquid eyeliner. It can be used as eyeliner, eye shadow, or even nail polish. Long Lasting Maintenance, Water-tight, metallic glitter sparkling effect. Liquid eyeliner is used to outline the tempting eyes after drawing black eyeliner. It's not glue because it has sequins. The eyeliner will adhere to the skin after it dries. It could be that it is made of glue. Please do not touch it or blink your eyes, it is a liquid product. Please wait a few minutes to dry it and then continue with makeup. It can stay the whole day without makeup. Colorful has a unique appearance. The colors included are red, blue, purple, green, silver, yellow, and pink.

Brand: Ownest

👤When you order from Amazon, you never know how good these work will be because they are one dip and one stroke. I love using glitters in my crease. The price is very high. Highly recommended!

👤After a couple weeks of use, I updated my rating. I end up with dry and peeling skin on my eyelid and around the corners where I used this product, every time I wear this. The skin around my eyes is dry and irritated and looks like a dinosaur. I have to apply eye cream for a week before it heals because I can't wear contacts. The quality of the pigment is not worth the damage to the skin. I'll most likely keep these to use and lose at a festival, but only for BODY glitter. I will never put this near my eyes again. The color is bright and is easy to apply with just one application, which is great. It's something you want to put on after you've done your makeup. Unless you're crying or swimming, it doesn't budge once it's dry. I was expecting glitter, but it came off with make up wipes. I thought I'd never wear them again, but I love them and wear them all the time. I can confirm that the bright colors of these looked just as good on my Black and Middle Eastern friends as they did on me.

👤They are perfect, not dried out, and come with 10 beautiful colors.

👤You have to apply a lot for it to look bright. It makes my skin itch so bad after I apply it. When it dries, it peel off. If you have sensitive skin, I wouldn't recommend.

👤Make sure you let it fully dry before you smudge it.

👤I was skeptical at first but had to get it. It arrived the next day after I placed my order. The eye liner glitters are pretty, but you have to do multiple times to get them on your skin. The product isn't good enough for the price. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤I used the glitter liners right away and had an allergic reaction. Really sad about that. If you order, be careful. I don't recommend it for sensitive skin.

👤I opened the product and found it to be a disappointment. The spread was not high quality but good for $1 each. The packageing of the product made me give it a low score. The delivery box or the glass bottles are the choices. I picked it up to see if it was gold or orange. It looked like a clean seam break at the bottom. It was on my clothing. Bye bye white shirt. I had to return it. I had to use my only day off to find a store that would accept returns because the contracted stores in my area don't. I had to wait in a long line at the actual store to be told that I couldn't go to the actual store to get the product, so I ruined my shirt and took 4 hours out of my day.

11. MEICOLY Activated Eyeliner Palette Fluorescent

MEICOLY Activated Eyeliner Palette Fluorescent

Water Based Eyeliner:6 cakes are not waterproof. The eyeliner is easy to remove with soapy warm water or wipes. Method 1: apply a small amount of water into the color cake, then use the brush to paint the area you want. The method 2 makes it easy to control the amount of paint in the pan. The package includes a water based eyeliner palette with brush and 8 colors. It won't itch, crack or irritate skin. As with all cosmetics, they advise that a small skin patch test is done before applying as everyone's skin is different. The eyeliner palette can be used for eye, face and body. Fit for fancy ball, parties, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Club, Events, etc.

Brand: Meicoly

👤The Bowitzki eyeliners on Amazon and the Glisten Cosmetics water eyeliners from the UK are more expensive than these two palettes. They are similar to a children's facepaint. The best results and consistency can be found in mixing the paint directly in the pan, which makes it easy to control the opacity. The majority of the colors are very opaque. Most of them hold up well over eyeshadow. It lasts well without eyeshadow on, but only with a primer. If you rub your eyes, it will come off at the end of the day. It comes off easily with water.

👤For halloween, face paint is decent. If you're trying to pull up super cute to school while colored liners on the rise, it's not a good look. Doesn't look like a liner. I had to use other makeup after removing all of it. It was really disappointing.

👤After wearing it for 30 minutes at the bar, it was already burning my eyes and was starting to run. Setting spray was used for a better stay. It can be wiped off with bar TP. I think it's a plus. You have to get more of a paste and apply multiple coats to have a solid liner. The UV does look amazing, but you can save money and get a product that won't burn your eyes.

👤I was expecting less than that. All day.

👤The colors are very bright. I was skeptical about the florescent pink that I wore in the photo because it was cheap, but it was really good for what I paid. I have only tried a few colors, but I was pleasantly surprised. The brush works well. I used smaller liner brushes to get a sharper line.

👤They are not the best but they are not the worst. They are very bright. They won't last a night out.

👤This is something I have in my collection. They are easy to apply and feel like watercolors on my face. The only thing I didn't like was that it was packaged in a mess, some of the product had gotten into the other colors.

👤The color is very vibrant if you layer a bit and the brush has a few flyaways that are annoying.


What is the best product for cake eyeliner palette?

Cake eyeliner palette products from Emirde. In this article about cake eyeliner palette you can see why people choose the product. Jolie. Impeccable Me and Ucanbe are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake eyeliner palette.

What are the best brands for cake eyeliner palette?

Emirde, Jolie. Impeccable Me and Ucanbe are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake eyeliner palette. Find the detail in this article. Sace Lady, Maydear and Mehron are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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