Best Cake Flour for Baking King Arthur

Flour 1 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. King Arthur Purpose Unbleached Flour

King Arthur Purpose Unbleached Flour

It's ideal for the full range of baking. All-purpose flour that was unbleached.

Brand: King Arthur

👤This flour is the best.

👤A bug was found in the flour and had to be thrown out.

👤King Arthur's flour is the gold standard for home baking and cooking. If you want to cook quality baked goods or sunday morning pancakes, start here. It's the best purchase to elevate your home cooking.

👤The description was for 8 x 5lb, but I only received 1 x 5lb.

2. Swans Cake Flour 32 Oz

Swans Cake Flour 32 Oz

Does not have baking powder or salt. The cake flour is the same. For over 100 years, bakers preferred swans down cake flour. The finest american soft winter wheat is used to make swans down. 27 times more fine than all-purpose flour.

Brand: Swans Down

👤This came damaged and could not be returned or replaced, so it was given a 15.98 out of 15.98.

👤You still have to wash ft. The cake was great and I didn't sift it.

👤Very happy with the product. The cake came out delicious.

👤After moving to the US, I couldn't get my cakes light and fluffy like I used to in Europe. I've searched grocery stores, and specialty stores, but have not found anything. I was getting desperate because that works with my recipes. The cake flour is called Swans Down. I baked a fluffy sponge cake today and it came out great. This is some good cake making stuff, so I will buy more of it.

👤The finely ground flour makes cakes easier to bake.

👤We made several cakes with this flour. The cake was delicious. The cake is light and fluffy. I wish I would have had this when my children were young. That cake mix is better than we usually get.

👤I am new to baking and using this flour in place of All purpose has really stepped up my cake baking game.

3. King Arthur Flour Unbleached All Purpose

King Arthur Flour Unbleached All Purpose

Every time, their organic flour works in any recipe that calls for "flour" or "all-purpose flour". It's ideal for brownies and cookies, pies, muffins and yeast bread. This jack-of-all-trades flour is made from 100% organic hard red winter and spring wheats, and is unenriched, and will strengthen breads, bake up lofty biscuits, and turn out delicately crumbed cakes. King Arthur 100% Organic All-Purpose Flour is approved by the USDA. King Arthur Baking Company is a founding B Corporation. They are a baking company. Their name and logo reflect who they are, bakers who are committed to spreading the simple joy of baking.

Brand: King Arthur

👤I would like to split my review into different categories, for example KA flour would get 5-stars, while Amazon would get 1-stars for flight ticket like price gouging. I give a weighed average of 4-stars in the end, but I can't because this is more of a product review place. The flour is the first thing. It is amazing. When my sourdough starter is fed organic flour, the culture just thrives, it's not like when it's fed store brand flour. I use this AP flour in the final dough to make up for some of the KA organic bread flour that is needed. The result is not as nice as using all bread flour, but still holds up well compared to other brands' organic AP flour. The cost for the final loaf is reduced by a good amount because of the $9 price for a 5lb-bag of KA organic BF. I live in a high cost of living area and have to watch what I spend my money on. I've made cakes with it. The cakes made out of cake flour are completely expected, but the outcome is not as delicate. They are really good when making heavier cakes. I thought it would be nice to buy flour in bulk. Isn't "wholesale" usually cheaper? When I first looked at the price, it was under $40 for the whole order. I pressed the subscribe&save button because I felt bad for the delivery guy. My flour would show up at my door step more and more. I will make up for the delivery guy with a gift. I was shocked by the price hike when the next delivery time came. The price has been all over the place, I found out when I looked at the price history. It's like buying flight tickets, they increase the price right around delivery time. I don't have an opinion on the practice of price-hiking on every day grocery items, but I think it's out of line. One would never expect to find the price of pantry items in a brick and mortar store. It takes detective skills and good memory to get a fair price. It's officially more expensive than my local organic store's price at $50 for 30lb of flour. It's no longer feasible for me to continue with this subscription.

👤The product was received on July 28th. I'm not surprised that they are able to sell a nearly expired product.

👤King Arthur Flour is a top brand. I was thankful that I was able to find the organic version online, as I didn't know that it was sold as an organic version. I have baked breads, made pizza dough and created several recipes with my recent shipment of organic and while the costs for the organic were the same to ship the regular King Arthur Flour that we have grown to know and love, I could not ascertain a difference in both the red or blue, organic Unless you are suffering from a form of ailment and were told you needed to use all organic, or unless you have a profound need to openly disclose that your recipe is all organic, I must recommend to use the regular King Arthur Flour normally found at your house. My breads aren't any better than the regular, non organic version of King Arthur Flour. I am.

4. King Arthur Flour Organic Unbleached

King Arthur Flour Organic Unbleached

Trust King Arthur Four is dedicated to the pure joy of baking.

Brand: King Arthur Flour

👤They make it look like it's two bags. And it is not. Another practice of selling things. I will be figuring out how to report this to Amazon. Love the KA brand.

👤Only 2 lbs? This would have been a little more expensive than a 5 lbs bag. This is not free during tough times. Very disappointed. I should have paid more attention. Don't get sucked in.

👤Shipping only one bag is misleading. I should have paid attention to the tiny writing on the bag, it said 2lb per bag. Shame on you for putting up a picture of 2 bags at a price that seems reasonable in the times of the Pandemic, but only one bag at a price that may be God's guidance.

👤The post is too expensive and confused about the quantities.

👤It wasn't what I expected. The package is small. It was too expensive and 12 dollars more. Than kroger. I bought a bag at Kroger. I felt like I had been cheated.

5. King Arthur Flour Certified Substitute

King Arthur Flour Certified Substitute

This King Arthur is an equal substitute for conventional all-purpose flour in any recipe. Each serving of their paleo flour has 4 grams of fiber and 4 grams ofProtein. King Arthur Paleo Baking Flour is certified Kosher and Grain-Free by The GFCO, a program of theGluten Intolerance Group. King Arthur Baking Company is a founding B Corporation. They are a baking company. Their name and logo reflect who they are, bakers who are committed to spreading the simple joy of baking.

Brand: King Arthur

👤I can't believe that I've made many paleo pancakes and baked goods and they were grain free. Baking paleo does not mean sacrificing flavor. The mistake of purchasing this product is too high. I made pancakes using this flour. I mean disgusting. The pancake texture was very coarse and lacking in flavor, and you could have used it as a paperweight. These pancakes were horrible even though they were using the recipe provided on the package. Save your money. There are a lot of paleo baking recipes that use tried and true paleo flours. I will not purchase this product again.

👤The taste of what we were making didn't seem to be affected by this one. My kids don't notice when I substitute it in for pancakes.

👤I like this flour because it doesn't have the funky coconut taste which makes it ideal for dishes with seasonings.

👤This is better than the brands I have always favored. I like to make my own bread occasionally. It makes the best bread. It is worth every penny above the other brands. I don't buy any other brands anymore. This is the best for bread making. I adore my King Arthur.

👤It's great for the grain free lifestyle.

👤My neighbor made me a Paleo baked good. I assumed it was something she did because it had a strong flavor that made it basically inedible. I wanted to try out the recipe myself because I felt like it would be a great recipe if there was no aftertaste. I only got through making the crust because I used the recommended flour. I tasted it and found it needed more maple syrup. The unpleasant taste is the Feast. It is a cross between vomit and sour milk. The smell of the flour was the same as the taste. I am shocked that this is a King Arthur product and I have no idea how this product is still being sold. It's not good. I will get a refund.

👤This product was mostly used for baking. It's easier to use than its competitors. The bag should have come in a larger size.

👤I'm surprised coconut flour is the last ingredient of the blend, as I think it carries the same properties as coconut flour. Compared to standard wheat flour, it adds more of a light and sweet flavor to baked goods. If you replace some of the butter and oil in your recipe with applesauce, banana, etc., you can cut down on the fat in your baked goods and they remain tender.

6. King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Chocolate

King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Chocolate

One minute to have dessert! Have you ever wanted to see a rich, moist chocolate cake in front of you? You can now. Even better? Their chocolate cake has salted caramel chips in it. They believe in dessert for everyone. Their new single-serve mix is portable and ready in a minute. Add water and microwave for a dessert that's perfect for one. King Arthur is a Non-GMO Project verified cake mix. King Arthur Baking Company is a founding B Corporation. They are a baking company. Their name and logo reflect who they are, bakers who are committed to spreading the simple joy of baking.

Brand: King Arthur

👤These are little cups. I have found a way to cook them better in the microwave. I mix it in the cip and then put it in the smallest Lodge cast iron pan and bake it until it is golden brown. It was soft on the inside. I have added some chopped nuts. It was very delicious!

👤It seems a little steep for $2.50 per cup. These are very good. The consistency is pretty good, I couldn't tell they were free of wheat. 1. The best cake I have ever tasted. The texture is very soft and it tastes like a piece of yellow cake, even better than one. 2. My second favorite is chocolate chip. It isn't going to produce a cookie, but it is a little cookie flavoured cake. The texture is very pleasant. 3. The girl is called Brownie. It is softer and less dense than a regular brownie, but it is not too cakey like most mug brownies. My favorite drink. 4. This one is ok to me. The cake texture is more dry than the chips and the chips sink to the bottom. I cook less than the instructions say. Hope new flavors come out!

👤I ordered a case of this product because I can't find it in stores anymore. The cups seem to be contaminated with soap. The first cup I made tasted like soap, which I thought was from the spoon I used. I had to throw it away. The second cup smelled like soap when I opened it and didn't add water or microwave it. It smells like soap. I don't know how it got into the baking mix, but it has ruined the product.

👤I would take off points for consistency. The texture and flavor make up for it. Good cookies are hard to find even if I'm not a huge cookie fan. The trick was done by these. My family can't keep their hands off them either.

👤Mother of ChocoLATE! There is a If you are a fan of chocolate, you have found the new object of your worship in the little cups. Each cup is a journey into chocolate profiles and a partnership of texture. Absolutely hands down, better than every other brownie out there, let alone the Gluten Free factor, and this tiny cup of the heavens' rich, delicious goodness will make you think you've died and gone to heaven only to reincarnated to King Arthur's Flour's pantry. I don't know if I got my point across. When you pull the cup out of the microwave, these brownies may seem small. You can think that they're not worth what you've paid, or that you're going to need to make another one, but have faith and in a moment it will all become clear. The brownie is the most decadent, rich and life-changing brownie I have ever had in my life. Just wait! It's nakasse! Thank you so much!

👤It's hard for me to justify buying a dozen of anything I haven't tried because they don't sell the chocolate cake. I am so glad I caved. I had only tried the brownie and chocolate chip cookie ones, which I hadn't liked. I was pretty happy with that, because it makes sense as far as GF stuff you can bake in a microwave. Any good dessert will do, we can't use our oven or buy fancy GF baked goods these days. This one, too? The chocolate cake has salted caramel chips. I love it. It's probably too much. I like the consistency of the brownies more than the brownies, which is funny because I love the consistency of the brownies when I can bake them. And salted caramel? Woohooo! These make me happy. I have to add a few seconds to the instructions because our microwave is not as high as I want it to be. Sometimes I put some ice cream on top. Really, really good. My favorite dessert is easy. Thank you King Arthur Flour!

7. King Arthur White Purpose Flour

King Arthur White Purpose Flour

Milled from US wheat. The item package has a dimensions of 6.5" L x 4.5" W x 9.5" H. The package weight was 82.0 ounces.

Brand: King Arthur Flour

👤Happy ending. The product was in a box. The driver left it on the doorstep. I usually get to bring the packages in before the local animals get to it, because I order a lot of food. I got to bring the box in after a while. I noticed a hole after I brought it in. It was not clear if it happened before or after the package arrived. The animals don't get a whiff of the food and so don't bother it. The bag of flour was wrapped in plastic. The plastic and paper bags were open. There was a neat split along the edge. It might have experienced being dropped, so it was done by force. Unless the squirrels have got to it, they have started carrying scissors. The flour had spilled from the bag into the box. I shook out a little more to make sure the bag didn't come into contact with a rat. I was able to save half of the bag. I chatted with someone at Amazon before the salvation effort. She would give a full refund. I ordered another bag. Unless I change this review, assume it arrived fine. I received an email from the customer rep at Amazon apologizing for the problem with King Arthur White Whole Wheat Multi Purpose Flour. We don't require you to return the original. You are welcome to keep, donate or dispose of it. I've asked for a refund. You will see the refund on your credit card statement in the next few days. You can view the refund details on the order summary in your account after you received the confirmation e-mail. At the bottom of the individual order summary page, refunds will appear. I hope this helps. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. Thank you,

👤I like the benefits of whole wheat without the heavy texture and distinctive flavor of red wheat. I am disappointed that I can't find this product in my store. I am happy to have it from Amazon so I can make my favorite recipes.

👤It was not possible to use that much flour in a month. Next time, I will pay for the shipping directly from King Arthur.

👤I use this flour for all my recipes. My husband doesn't notice the difference because I am white, but I feel I am doing a better job on nutrition.

👤I used to like buying this product, but it seems like this company likes to jack the price without warning. I don't know why they would do that. I have alternatives to their flour that I will continue to use.

👤I always use KAF for flour. My bread has a great texture and flavor. I follow the online recipe for a bread machine that uses maple syrup and sesame seeds. This was a good price at a time when I could not find it anywhere else.

👤Being white whole wheat flour tastes good. The package was broken with flour when it arrived. That's how it came, I'm not sure who's fault.

8. King Arthur Flour Espresso Powder

King Arthur Flour Espresso Powder

Add espresso powder to your favorite chocolate recipe and you will see a difference in the taste of your chocolate. This baking ingredient is ground and dried from coffee beans. This espresso powder is easy to mix. King Arthur Baking Company is a founding B Corporation. They are a baking company. Their name and logo reflect who they are, bakers who are committed to spreading the simple joy of baking.

Brand: King Arthur

👤This product was received with an expired tag. Returned item isn't available for returns. There is a drain and there is money going down it.

👤There is a huge sticker on top of this item that says it will be gone in February.

👤This just arrived and it says it expired 3 months ago.

👤I was able to use the product for my chocolate cake after it was open. I was going to try the powder for the first time, but now I have to order it from the KA website. The top portion of the espresso has been open for a while, so it is not new.

👤I use this in my homemade ice cream to make it coffee-flavored. It's awesome. I just use a small amount. I tried a few recipe versions which used a cup or less of coffee but they didn't work as well as the espresso powder does. I can make mine at home and also dairy-free, since I don't have to worry about the store versions.

👤A friend of mine once sent me a recipe for some chocolate covered spiced shortbread cookies that needed espresso powder. They are very good. The last time I made the cookies, he said they didn't taste as good because of the lack of espresso flavor. The powder was expired when I checked my container. No problem. A lot of things in my kitchen cupboards expired in 2020. I threw things away. I had no idea that espresso powder could expire. Figures! What should we do? The espresso powder that I ordered will last a while because of the expiration date. I'm thinking of adding this powder to brownies or chocolate cake to enhance the flavor. I'm happy to have a new container. Can't have my friend unhappy with his cookies. The Rebecca Review.

👤The first time I ordered it, it was going to be gone in a few months. It became hard to use after a month or two after having it, and it got worse over time. I live in a humid climate, so it could be that it clumped because of that. It became much harder to break up as it became useless. The clumps were sticky and I had to wash the zester after, so I could not use it. I kept this in an airtight bag in my cupboard between uses, and it still came out the same. Attached is an image. The espresso powder did it's job for two months, until it became useless. Unless you plan to use the entire amount within a short period, I would strongly advise against buying this product.

👤It's perfect for cooking. I've used this in cakes, brownies, and even a coffee creamer recipe. I don't recommend using this as a substitute for espresso, as that isn't what it is designed to do. This is a great addition if you want the chocolate flavor to pop in your recipe. The wide mouth makes it easy to get measuring spoons out of the container. I would buy again.

9. King Arthur Whole Traditional Flour

King Arthur Whole Traditional Flour

5 lbs of flour per bag.

Brand: King Arthur

👤The brand of this flour is known for its good quality, but the one I received was old and had threads like spider webs, because it had been stored for a long time.

👤My starter loves to eat this flour. The KA bread flour has a lower than normal level of proteins. I'm adding this into my bread flour since it's more dense and helps with the development ofGluten. Can't really go wrong with KA.

👤The King Arthur flours suit my style of baking. I don't have any bread baking tools and I just make bread. Some of us just make bread, so it's ok to fool around with that. The flours suit me even though I have read that the King Arthur aura is just marketing hype. This is not a substitute for wheat flour. A popular niche brand is a graham flour.

👤This flour is great. Excellent flavor, well-made dough, and rises well... This is a staple in our kitchen.

👤My favorite food. One of the best.

👤I use it for my sourdough starter and bread making.

👤King Arthur is just not up to par. Great product!

👤The arina is an integral part of the pan sale.

10. King Arthur Flour Measure Gluten

King Arthur Flour Measure Gluten

King Arthur Measure for Measure Flour is an essential pantry staple for bakers that is also free of wheat flour. This flour is fortified with iron, calcium and B vitamins and comes in a re-sealable bag. It's not ideal for yeasted recipes. King Arthur Measure for Measure Flour is certified by The GFCO, a program of the GIG. Kosher and non-Dairy are certified. The item form is powdered. King Arthur Baking Company is a founding B Corporation. They are a baking company. Their name and logo reflect who they are, bakers who are committed to spreading the simple joy of baking.

Brand: King Arthur

👤This is one of the best flours out there. I had been looking for a cup for cup flour blend that didn't contain corn starch, but still rose well for baked goods, and this is it! I have been able to make my baked goods vegan and it still tastes great. These vegan bagels and crescent rolls are made with no oil. Look at how delicious they are. The crescent rolls were almost impossible to make prior to using this flour because they required a lot of butter substitute and I can only have about a small amount of vegan butter per day, but mixing this flour with a small amount of cassava flour and brushing them with vegan butter made the task of making The bagels were made with only King Arthur's recipe, but I occasionally add a cup of cauliflower to the recipe if I'm trying to increase my vegetable intake. It sounds weird. It helps keep the bagels moist and last longer. The bagels and croissants tasted great. We get it monthly through subscribe and save. This flour is definitely worth a try.

👤I found this bread still works despite King Arthur's opinion. I made a 2LB sandwich bread using a Pullman loaf pan. The bread was a hit in the house. Within the first hour, a pound was downed. The best bread I've had. This flour is very good.

👤This is a great substitute for regular flour for people who want to removeGluten from their diet. I have tried a number of other GF AP Flour Substitutes and this one is very similar to regular flour. This is the product for people who don't want to mix their own flour. This has been my go to for over a year because I had to relearn how to cook due to my wife being diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

👤The best flour in this category! There were no weird odors, no gumminess, no texture in the finished product. I've made brownies, pancakes, pies, quick breads, and all were very similar to the ones I made with wheat flour. If the recipe is written for a wheat free bread, then KAF does not recommend using this product as a replacement for wheat flour in yeasted bread recipes. Happy to bake with good results! When I compared the prices and shipping costs, it made sense to order from Amazon, even though the price is higher than at the KAF website. I think others should make the same comparison.

👤I work full-time as a college student. My food options are limited because of my disease. Since I was diagnosed early last year, I've never had the time to plan out my meals and make sure I'm getting enough calories to make it through the day. I dropped to 95 lbs because I would only eat one meal a day for weeks at a time. For a while, I only had potatoes, cheese, and meat. I have tried a lot of different mixes and all of them were not very helpful in getting bread into my meals. I tried King Arthur's mix. I followed the recipe on their website and it worked out perfectly. The texture was off on my first try, but I finally made something that was usable. I'm eating sandwiches at work and at home. Tonight is pizza. I'm now at 115 lbs., which is a healthy weight. Having this stuff is life changing for someone without a lot of time to experiment or make their own mix. I would like it to be available at my local grocery store.

11. King Arthur Flour Organic Wheat

King Arthur Flour Organic Wheat

Their organic whole wheat flour has a robust flavor and whole grain nutrition. They're in it for the taste of the whole wheat flour. Their premium whole wheat flour is the top-selling whole wheat flour in America and has all the benefits of whole grains. King Arthur 100% Organic Whole Wheat Flour is certified Kosher by the USDA. King Arthur Baking Company is a founding B Corporation. They are a baking company. Their name and logo reflect who they are, bakers who are committed to spreading the simple joy of baking. Quality Assurance International (QAI) has certified 100% Organic. America's finest flour since 1790 has never been bleached.

Brand: King Arthur

👤I bought 2 bags for bread baking and they smelled like soap. I tried baking with the sealed bags. The bread and muffins I made were terrible, carrying the same smell and taste. I have had a good experience with King Arthur products before, but this time was different.

👤It is possible that I did not realize that this is hard red wheat and different from the KA organic whole wheat flour I usually buy. I thought it was just a packaging difference since these are smaller bags, but the flour is much denser and darker.

👤I was promised a new king Arthur flour but was sent an old one with an expired date. The bags are damaged and the flour is in a bag. Very disappointed.

👤This flour can be used for whole wheat sourdough bread and whole wheat pancakes.

👤We bought this and it came with a return label and an email saying there was a recall on other lot numbers for E coli. It was the first time we bought this brand, and now don't really feel comfortable eating it, although the lot # is not in the recall. It's not a good way to get products sold. Maybe you will have a better outcome than we did.

👤It's healthy and tasty. I used to make beignets. It is difficult when kneading with hands. Kitchen kneading hardware is probably the best.

👤I wanted flour. The package was so bad that it broke inside the plastic bag when it was shoved into my mailbox.

👤All of it is delicious, from bread flour, to sprouted wheat flour, white whole wheat, whole grain. My bread and pizza are perfect. They offer the yeast that I prefer. There is a lot of food on the site. I love the high quality products that KAF creates.


What is the best product for cake flour for baking king arthur?

Cake flour for baking king arthur products from King Arthur. In this article about cake flour for baking king arthur you can see why people choose the product. Swans Down and King Arthur Flour are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake flour for baking king arthur.

What are the best brands for cake flour for baking king arthur?

King Arthur, Swans Down and King Arthur Flour are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake flour for baking king arthur. Find the detail in this article.

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