Best Cake Flour for Baking Unbleached

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1. Bobs Red Mill Baking Gluten

Bobs Red Mill Baking Gluten

This flour mix is perfect for creating baked goods with great taste and texture, no additional specialty ingredients or custom recipes are required. They built a separate facility and a test in their quality control laboratory to assure the integrity of their products. This special blend of flours and starches includes xanthan gum and is ideal for food like cookies, cakes, brownies, muffins, pancakes and more. This special blend can be used to make fresh pasta, sauces andgravies. Bob's Red Mill is the idea that keeps their stone mills grinding to fill every bag with wholesome goodness.

Brand: Bob's Red Mill

👤I'm new to the scene. My daughter is not happy. I'm trying to find something that tastes good. I'm surprised by the reviews. I couldn't cut a muffin with a butter knife because it tasted like sand. I don't think purchasing this is a good idea.

👤I've been using red mills flours, but no mixes. Baking anything but bread is successful. I am using this flour for the first time and it is not good for cookies. It's hard as rock. The dough was not wet.

👤This is my go-to flour mix. It can be used for baking or thickening sauces. Bob's doesn't have that texture that many gf foods have. It's not the best for cooking. A blend of rice flour and Bob's gf oats ground down works well for that. You can have fried chicken again.

👤The wrong product was delivered to my house. It is easy to see how a mistake could be made but when I tried to remedy the situation by clicking "Return or Replace" it was non-returnable. This is not the product I ordered, so I would appreciate some help with this.

👤I make a lot of muffins and waffles with this flour. My family likes waffles better when I use all purpose flour. I add more baking powder to lighten the muffins.

👤I must follow a strict diet because I have a disease. It's not easy to find a good alternative to wheat flour. This is not like the other ones I have tried. It is a one to one conversion. I don't have to change my recipe a lot. It's a little pricey, but this kind of stuff always is.

👤I'm not sure if my standards are too high for this, but it was disgusting in the bread. I used a tiny bit in a cookie recipe that doesn't call for much flour, and it was fine. If you eat the raw dough, it will still be a little grainy.

👤I made cookies for a party. We made quite a few and the flavor was worth it, even though they were delicate. The dough that was rolled and cut was very hard to cut. The tricky part was getting them off of the cookie sheet.

👤Excellent in baking. It is expensive.

👤IHerb60 70%!

2. Gold Medal All Purpose Flour Pack

Gold Medal All Purpose Flour Pack

All purpose flour is enriched in a 12 pound bag. 100 calories per cup. Less than 1 gram of sugar per cup. The USA is where expertly milled.

Brand: Gold Medal

👤The description says 12 lbs. I only got 10 packages for a total of 20 lbs. The package had a tear and the seller gave it a 50% refund.

👤When I ordered from another source, the flour was fresh. The flour ordered here was not drugged with cannabis fumes.

👤It's flour, what can I say? It took about 3 weeks to get here. 24 pounds of flour will last a while, and it's an excellent value. I thought I'd give it a try because the stores were in short supply of flour, but it was an unusual way to purchase it. If you need it fast, don't order it.

👤The single 12lb bag was almost the same price as this one. A pack of 12lb bags for a total of 24 lbs. There was no flour leaking from the package. There was a club box.

👤Product is great, used before, packing was unacceptable, causing a bag to break. The product will be used for bread.

👤The product is always worth the money.

👤This is what I saw when I opened the box. I was initially terrified because I thought, "Why would anyone send me a large box with white powder?"

👤They both came ripped open, but I love this brand of flour.

3. Gold Medal Unbleached Flour 160 Ounce

Gold Medal Unbleached Flour 160 Ounce

It's raining. It is great for nearly everything. It is ideal for baking white breads and cakes. It is possible to achieve dependability. Strong enough to take high-rising yeast breads to new heights. It is possible to make your family's favorite pie crust recipe. All purpose. Gold Medal All Purpose Flour is the most versatile flour for any recipe that simply calls for flour. It's perfect to stock your pantry with Gold Medal flour for last minute baking needs.

Brand: Gold Medal

👤The flour was advertised as having a flour called malted barley flour added. Not included in the ingredients list.

👤I don't buy store bought bread. The flour consistently performs. Dinner rolls and desert breads are available. Thank you.

👤A favorite brand. The item was delivered open and had flour on top of it.

👤The original paper bag that had the flour in it had been opened and closed but not sealed, so it was a little concerned. It was put in a clear plastic bag and ready to be shipped.

👤The bag opened. The purpose for long term storage was defeated.

👤Good deal but not very good packaging. There was a lot of flour around the package. The box was about to open.

👤It makes delicious bread, noodles and tortillas. There is a person named Frankie.

4. Gold Medal Wondra Shaker Flour

Gold Medal Wondra Shaker Flour

It's raining. Gold Medal Wondra Quick Mixing All Purpose Flour is great for almost everything. It is ideal for baking white breads and cakes. Strong enough to take high-rising yeast breads to new heights. It is possible to make your family's favorite pie crust recipe. All purpose. Gold Medal All Purpose Flour is the most versatile flour for any recipe that simply calls for flour. It's perfect to stock your pantry with Gold Medal flour for last minute baking needs.

Brand: Gold Medal

👤I have been using this product for a decade. This product makes fried chicken crisp and delicious without the heavy starches and clumping. I use it to bread fish, pork and beef. It doesn't leave a lot of fat or waste in the pan. I don't recommend or condone anything. It has an unlimited shelf life. I have kept it in the pantry for two and a half years and it still performs as if it was new. It doesn't taste old. I have never seen a bug in flour. I can't find this product in grocery stores. I'm glad that it's on Amazon. You don't have to buy it very often because it doesn't cost much. It isn't found in grocery stores on a regular basis.

👤I have been using Wondra for over 40 years. It is easy to mix, the thickness is controlled, and it has no flour taste. Whenever I make stew, potpies and so on, I reach for Wondra. Great product! It is easy to leave space for air when you close the top. It has a dial type top like canned Parmesan, but there is a big gap around the part that is supposed to fill in the opening. A simple top would be more practical.

👤Don't eat raw flour, it's flour. Some people need to be warned. This is the best thing ever. I can not cook with regular flour. It clumps, makes a mess, and needs to be precise. Wondra is a fool proof. I can make gravy, soups, and become a master chef in this house. Gordon Ramsey would be proud. If you can't work with flour, get this. There is a noxious proof. No clumps. No punches.

👤It was a multi pack, and it was way over priced.

👤The top came off. All the flour was in the mailer. It was too difficult to work on a refund for Christmas.

👤Wonder Flour has been used by me for decades. It's great to use for gravies and souffle bases. When it's added to hot fluids, it doesn't lump up.

👤This is the best flour for gravy. It leaves no taste at all. It is a bit on the expensive side. You have to buy something extra to your All Purpose, but it is worth it to me.

👤Wondra Flour has been used by me for a long time. It's no longer available in my area from the grocery stores. My secret ingredient is gravy, sauces, or soups. It has a more "granulated" texture than regular flour. I found it on Amazon.

5. Great River Organic Milling Unbleached

Great River Organic Milling Unbleached

There are 4 and 2 pound bags. Whole grain flour, stone ground. A rich creamy flour is left after 75% of the bran is sifted out. It's perfect for French breads, Pizza crusts and more. A great base flour to add any ingredients.

Brand: Great River Organic Milling

👤I was very disappointed to see that I received these in plastic instead of brown paper. The product tastes okay, and should be provided with sustainable packaging.

👤I don't want to go in without a good reason because I haven't been able to get whole wheat flour from the local grocery using curbside pickup. This works great in the bread machine.

👤I thought I had nicked a bag when I opened the box initially. I found a small hole at the top where the back folds inward beneath the ziplock area. I'm pretty sure no one who purchases this is planning on using all this flour at the same time. I was able to transfer the flour into some of the mylar bags that I had on hand. I got 2 bags of the same brand of flour and it had a hole in it, which is disappointing. The flour makes wonderful breads.

👤This is a great price for a must have item. I have ordered in the last six months. You get 4 bags of flour for five pounds. They recommend refrigerating after opening, so I like that it is small bags, and I just chill one at time. I've looked for lower prices on organic flour, but it can't be found. I use it to make bread every week. I add extra flour. You don't need to use whole wheat bread flour. If I do, it rises better. I also bought it on Amazon. I believe it was 6 or 8 boxes. It was worth the money because I'm still using it a year later. I enjoy the Great River. I recently bought whole wheat flour. I love their bread flour. I add that to every bread and roll and hamburger bun recipe. It has a nice texture and taste. I make everything from scratch with Great River, the only flour I have used in the last year. I've had the chance to try it out.

👤I've tried whole wheat flour before and it was turned off by the density and bitterness. I made two loaves of bread using 70% of the whole wheat bread flour and 30% of the white flour. The center of the loaves was moist and had texture, but it wasn't dry. I'm going to try a softer bread next time. This is a great product and is cheaper than what I can find at my local stores, and seems to be of higher quality as well.

👤I got into baking my own breads after getting a used bread machine. I decided to try experimenting with good whole wheat flour after trying several recipes using regular all-purpose flour and generic store bought bread flour. I have been using 3.5 lbs of this flour over the past 4 months and will be ordering more soon. It's cheaper, healthier and more delicious than store bought bread. It is difficult to bake with it being a 100% whole wheat flour, and a few of my first loaves came out flat and dense, but still tasted great. The bread turned out perfect with a tiny bit of milk powder or wheat flour added to the dough. Pizza is very easy to make with this flour. I like eating homemade pizza. I enjoy eating homemade bread every week.

6. King Arthur Flour Measure Gluten

King Arthur Flour Measure Gluten

King Arthur Measure for Measure Flour is an essential pantry staple for bakers that is also free of wheat flour. This flour is fortified with iron, calcium and B vitamins and comes in a re-sealable bag. It's not ideal for yeasted recipes. King Arthur Measure for Measure Flour is certified by The GFCO, a program of the GIG. Kosher and non-Dairy are certified. The item form is powdered. King Arthur Baking Company is a founding B Corporation. They are a baking company. Their name and logo reflect who they are, bakers who are committed to spreading the simple joy of baking.

Brand: King Arthur

👤This is one of the best flours out there. I had been looking for a cup for cup flour blend that didn't contain corn starch, but still rose well for baked goods, and this is it! I have been able to make my baked goods vegan and it still tastes great. These vegan bagels and crescent rolls are made with no oil. Look at how delicious they are. The crescent rolls were almost impossible to make prior to using this flour because they required a lot of butter substitute and I can only have about a small amount of vegan butter per day, but mixing this flour with a small amount of cassava flour and brushing them with vegan butter made the task of making The bagels were made with only King Arthur's recipe, but I occasionally add a cup of cauliflower to the recipe if I'm trying to increase my vegetable intake. It sounds weird. It helps keep the bagels moist and last longer. The bagels and croissants tasted great. We get it monthly through subscribe and save. This flour is definitely worth a try.

👤I found this bread still works despite King Arthur's opinion. I made a 2LB sandwich bread using a Pullman loaf pan. The bread was a hit in the house. Within the first hour, a pound was downed. The best bread I've had. This flour is very good.

👤This is a great substitute for regular flour for people who want to removeGluten from their diet. I have tried a number of other GF AP Flour Substitutes and this one is very similar to regular flour. This is the product for people who don't want to mix their own flour. This has been my go to for over a year because I had to relearn how to cook due to my wife being diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

👤The best flour in this category! There were no weird odors, no gumminess, no texture in the finished product. I've made brownies, pancakes, pies, quick breads, and all were very similar to the ones I made with wheat flour. If the recipe is written for a wheat free bread, then KAF does not recommend using this product as a replacement for wheat flour in yeasted bread recipes. Happy to bake with good results! When I compared the prices and shipping costs, it made sense to order from Amazon, even though the price is higher than at the KAF website. I think others should make the same comparison.

👤I work full-time as a college student. My food options are limited because of my disease. Since I was diagnosed early last year, I've never had the time to plan out my meals and make sure I'm getting enough calories to make it through the day. I dropped to 95 lbs because I would only eat one meal a day for weeks at a time. For a while, I only had potatoes, cheese, and meat. I have tried a lot of different mixes and all of them were not very helpful in getting bread into my meals. I tried King Arthur's mix. I followed the recipe on their website and it worked out perfectly. The texture was off on my first try, but I finally made something that was usable. I'm eating sandwiches at work and at home. Tonight is pizza. I'm now at 115 lbs., which is a healthy weight. Having this stuff is life changing for someone without a lot of time to experiment or make their own mix. I would like it to be available at my local grocery store.

7. Swans Down Regular Flour Boxes

Swans Down Regular Flour Boxes

Swans cake flour is a pure soft flour that does not have a leavening agent or salt. It is the perfect flour for baking. America's favorite cake baking flour can be used for all scratch baking recipes. Use with cookies, pies, cupcakes, bars, brownies, coffee cake, muffins, bread and even pancakes. For over 100 years bakers have preferred bleached flour. Swans Down is made from the finest American soft winter wheat and is 27 times more fine than all-purpose flour. Their flour is precise enough to yield cakes that rise higher with texture that is lighter, fluffier, more moist and more delicious than regular all-purpose flour. Since 1894, bakers who know have passed down the knowledge that there is no substitute for Swans Down Cake Flour.

Brand: Swans Down

👤I bake a lot. This is one of the best cake flours. I don't order it on Amazon. This is the first time I've purchased it. I would recommend this cake flour to anyone who would like to bake.

👤I have been ordering this product for over a year. I like it. Since it has been delivered by the USPS, it has been damaged. The last delivery was the worst. I finally got to unpack it. It was damaged on the outside. One of the boxes had a puncture in it's bag, when I unpack it yesterday. I had no problem with the delivery person. I don't know why I switched, but I'm not happy about it.

👤This cake flour is a must for serious bakers. I use it in cakes that are delicate. I use it in the pizza crust for the thin-crust wood-fired type pizza. The texture of the crust is changed by it. I used to be able to buy cake flour at my local supermarket, but now they don't have it because of all the other flours. The price on Amazon is very good, and I was very happy to see it there. I'm glad to have a new source for this.

👤Many recipes call for cake flour. When purchased individually, Swans Down is close to $5 per box. This 8-pack is more cost-effective if you use a lot.

👤I almost didn't want to write a review because I wanted to sell them all from me, but I am so happy with how my cakes came using this flour. Will purchase more.

👤There is nothing I don't like about this product. My grandmother used to use it.

👤It makes the best cakes light and moist pound cake, and it's what my grandmother used to make. I use it.

👤When I want to bake just get a box and bake. This is a great deal.

8. Presto Self Rising Flour Baking Powder

Presto Self Rising Flour Baking Powder

In New York, Presto cake flour is used to make many delicious sweets including apple fritters and doughnuts. Baking powder and salt are already added. There is 1 - 5 Lb of flour.

Brand: Reily Foods

👤My daughter got into baking from scratch and used all purpose flour. She decided to use my presto because she ran out of other flour. She makes the best bakery style cookies. I didn't think of using it as such. I was a child in the 70's and saw my parents use Presto for their cakes. After moving to Buffalo from NYC in 2004, I couldn't find Presto in any store. We got the Presto thanks to Amazon and the seller.

👤Will use it for Puerto Rican desserts.

👤This product is for people who like cake and want to self-rise. It is easy to use and will make a delicious cake. You will be happy. There is a If you don't make a lot of cakes, you may want to order a smaller package.

👤I'm a beaker. I bake different kinds of baking. I recommend the unsalted one since Presto also have salt on it. The pastries look great and the flavor is great. I still use the regular flour, but it's just perfect.

👤No tienes buenos, pero no tienes a subido considerablemente en estos ltimos meses.

👤This is my cake made out of presto, it's my first Puerto Rico birthday cake I have ever made, and the texture that's this flour gives it's amazing, I recommend getting this for your baking cakes, I just other 2 more because it's so good.

👤I have used it for a long time. The cook used it and was very pleased with it. Overhead space is needed for your shelf because the box is tall. You should have a sifter for most cake recipes. The results are the same.

👤I am upset because I received a chemical for my lawn in the same box as that flour. The logic and the brain are used. Is logical. Excellent customer service, they send me and change the flour, I am happy.

9. King Arthur Flour Unbleached All Purpose

King Arthur Flour Unbleached All Purpose

Every time, their organic flour works in any recipe that calls for "flour" or "all-purpose flour". It's ideal for brownies and cookies, pies, muffins and yeast bread. This jack-of-all-trades flour is made from 100% organic hard red winter and spring wheats, and is unenriched, and will strengthen breads, bake up lofty biscuits, and turn out delicately crumbed cakes. King Arthur 100% Organic All-Purpose Flour is approved by the USDA. King Arthur Baking Company is a founding B Corporation. They are a baking company. Their name and logo reflect who they are, bakers who are committed to spreading the simple joy of baking.

Brand: King Arthur

👤I would like to split my review into different categories, for example KA flour would get 5-stars, while Amazon would get 1-stars for flight ticket like price gouging. I give a weighed average of 4-stars in the end, but I can't because this is more of a product review place. The flour is the first thing. It is amazing. When my sourdough starter is fed organic flour, the culture just thrives, it's not like when it's fed store brand flour. I use this AP flour in the final dough to make up for some of the KA organic bread flour that is needed. The result is not as nice as using all bread flour, but still holds up well compared to other brands' organic AP flour. The cost for the final loaf is reduced by a good amount because of the $9 price for a 5lb-bag of KA organic BF. I live in a high cost of living area and have to watch what I spend my money on. I've made cakes with it. The cakes made out of cake flour are completely expected, but the outcome is not as delicate. They are really good when making heavier cakes. I thought it would be nice to buy flour in bulk. Isn't "wholesale" usually cheaper? When I first looked at the price, it was under $40 for the whole order. I pressed the subscribe&save button because I felt bad for the delivery guy. My flour would show up at my door step more and more. I will make up for the delivery guy with a gift. I was shocked by the price hike when the next delivery time came. The price has been all over the place, I found out when I looked at the price history. It's like buying flight tickets, they increase the price right around delivery time. I don't have an opinion on the practice of price-hiking on every day grocery items, but I think it's out of line. One would never expect to find the price of pantry items in a brick and mortar store. It takes detective skills and good memory to get a fair price. It's officially more expensive than my local organic store's price at $50 for 30lb of flour. It's no longer feasible for me to continue with this subscription.

👤The product was received on July 28th. I'm not surprised that they are able to sell a nearly expired product.

👤King Arthur Flour is a top brand. I was thankful that I was able to find the organic version online, as I didn't know that it was sold as an organic version. I have baked breads, made pizza dough and created several recipes with my recent shipment of organic and while the costs for the organic were the same to ship the regular King Arthur Flour that we have grown to know and love, I could not ascertain a difference in both the red or blue, organic Unless you are suffering from a form of ailment and were told you needed to use all organic, or unless you have a profound need to openly disclose that your recipe is all organic, I must recommend to use the regular King Arthur Flour normally found at your house. My breads aren't any better than the regular, non organic version of King Arthur Flour. I am.

10. Organic Coconut Flour LBS Unbleached

Organic Coconut Flour LBS Unbleached

Their coconut flour is the perfect flour substitute for white or grain flours. It adds a sweet, rich flavor to your favorite recipes. Grain-free flour can be used to make a variety of baked goods, from cookies to bread. Substitute 1 cup of wheat flour or 1 cup of all-purpose flour for 1 cup of Coconut Flour. Coconut flour is low in both fat and salt. This silky nut flour is perfect for all your low-cholesterol snacks and desserts. This organic flour is certified vegan, paleo and keto, making it a great baking and cooking ingredient for a variety of different eating habits and lifestyles. It's good for all your coconut flour recipes. Their coconut flour is of the highest quality and was Harvested from fresh, 100% organic coconuts grown and harvested on the sun-soaked fields of the Philippines. It is Kosher, Certified USDA Organic, and Non-GMO Project verified.

Brand: Viva Naturals

👤Is this legal? There is a sticker on the bag that says it may contain some things. All of them are not allowed in my house. There is no indication of this in the description or bag pictured at the top of the page. We've already used a good portion of the bag and the kids have been feeling a little blue, so maybe that's the reason. I don't know who is responsible for this, but you need to print it on the bag in the same spot as the ingredients list, instead of putting a sticker on the other side of the bag that looks like shipping info. You can kill someone with this. Its ridiculous. I've never seen anything like that before.

👤The scent of coconut is strong. I don't like the scent of coconut and the taste isn't my thing. When I think of dried fruit, coconut is last on the list, with other dried fruit such as figs, dates, and cherry being preferred. I didn't want to use it because of the scent of coconut in the baking. It makes a good biscuit. Not the fluffy, soda raised white wheat flour. It works. This stuff absorbs a lot of liquid. A thick paste can be created with 1/2 a cup liquid. The item is very dry. The fat and egg counter this property. That defeats the term healthy. The coconut flour should be mixed with twice the amount of liquid. The total is the amount of wheat flour you need. Then add 100g of water and 1 T vital wheat gluten. They should sit for about five minutes. The coconut flour is your flour, the psyillium is your egg. You can use 1/3 to 1/2 a cup of wheat Bran to make a stiff dough. It is best to knead it for 5 minutes. You need to make a nice texture out of theGluten. Depending on the size of your rolls or loaf, bake at 325F until done. It could take 10 minutes to an hour and a half. Salt, sugar, and spices can be added. You can hide the coconut taste.

👤This is my first time using this type of flour, and I know the ratio of what to use with it, but I have a learning curve line to get use to. But. I have only made two breads so far, one chocolate and the other vanilla, and they tasted amazing, because it gets so much easier to use and bake stuff after you get used to it. I used almond flour with the breads. If you're a beginner like me, you should use a scale and write down the procedure you want to do, then experiment from there. I got here by trial and error and can now eyeball the ratios and bake good. I will make cookies today. This has helped me a lot because I started doing my diet which is the keto one.

👤I've recently started eating a diet that is low in calories and high in fat. This was the thing. The package was large. This was a good price for what I paid. The package's top wouldn't seal all the way, so I put it in two large bags. I find that when I bake with this, I need to use a lot more liquid ingredients to get the same consistency as normal flour. Coconut flour is absorbent. I bake once I get my consistency right. It's like eating regular baked goods. I barely notice the coconut flavor, it's so mild that I barely notice it. I'll buy this again in a year because it was so large.

11. Bobs Red Mill Organic Flour

Bobs Red Mill Organic Flour

Bob's Red Mill is the leader in stone milling and has the widest variety of whole grains found anywhere. The USDA recommends eating at least 3 serving of whole grains a day.

Brand: Bob's Red Mill

👤I use this to make my own buns. The things you get at the market are not as good. These hamburger buns don't come apart as you're eating, because the flour has great flavor and enough body to make bread that stands up. I will definitely be getting more flour. Highly recommended.

👤The motor on my bread machine was burned out by the dense flour. I was never able to get a loaf of bread with it. I don't know how anyone could get a loaf of bread out of it. I tried the Bob's Red Mill recipe and it didn't work, it almost burned out my kitchen aid mixer. All of my ingredients were fresh. I know that was not the problem. I love all the other products from Red Mill but this one didn't work for me. I bought a kitchen scale to measure since I had so much flour, but I decided to try again since I had so much flour. There is a huge difference. I was adding a lot more. It can't be measured using cups because it's so heavy. The loaves I have made taste good.

👤I have used this flour for a long time. It is the best!

👤This flour is organic. I haven't bought a loaf of bread in a while. I make my own sourdough bread and it works well.

👤I bake a lot of all-whole-wheat bread and rolls, and it's important to choose the right flour. The Bob's Red Mill flour has good baking qualities. I bake with wheat flour that is vital wheat gluten. It's mild, nutty, springy, and slightly sweet, and that's not true of every whole wheat flour. Good stuff!

👤It bakes perfectly for breads. I can use 7 corn flour for other things than bread, even though I prefer 7 corn flour. I add tons of nuts and seeds, onion chips, crushed garlic, and shredded carrots to my new bread maker machine's recipe to make incredible breads. You can eat a salad with a nice heavy nutty bread and have a great meal. iframe type: " http://r cm?lt1

👤Good product. Great packaging to keep pests out of the house.


What is the best product for cake flour for baking unbleached?

Cake flour for baking unbleached products from Bob's Red Mill. In this article about cake flour for baking unbleached you can see why people choose the product. Gold Medal and Great River Organic Milling are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake flour for baking unbleached.

What are the best brands for cake flour for baking unbleached?

Bob's Red Mill, Gold Medal and Great River Organic Milling are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake flour for baking unbleached. Find the detail in this article. King Arthur, Swans Down and Reily Foods are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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