Best Cake Flowers Decorations Edible Purple

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1. Watkins Food Coloring

Watkins Food Coloring

Derived from pure vegetable juices and spices.

Brand: Watkins

👤I bought these thinking they were natural, but after reading someone else's review, I realize they are not. I'm not sure how they can put 100% natural on the label. I could have bought the coloring at the store and gotten a better result. I used it to color the cake batter. The package doesn't say not to use in baking. The batter was vibrant and beautiful when I mixed it with the colors. The cake layers were baked in the oven. By the time the layers were done cooking, the colors were gone. The emerald green layer looked like a fuzzy mold. I don't recommend buying these. I will never do that again. They are not natural.

👤I have tried many natural food dyes to accommodate my customers. I liked these because they are less expensive than other brands and the colors work great in natural dyes. These are not made with 100% natural vegetable juices and spices as the package claims. I was really disappointed after reading the ingredients and realizing they still contain chemicals I was trying to avoid. I really wanted to like these.

👤Polysorbate 80 is one of the ingredients that can make you claim to be natural.

👤Natural colors! I was able to do a rainbow cake with those great colors.

👤The red coloring has sugar in it. My son has a very restricted diet and he cannot have sugar. He was excited to be able to make things red. The green was so thick it wouldn't drain out of the tube and the lid popped off, dumping half of the bottle into the frosting I was making. The colors are lovely and I appreciate having a natural alternative. I wish I'd read the ingredients before ordering. This is not what I was hoping for. If you buy them, be aware of the viscosity and remove the lid if they get thick.

👤Other reviewers have noted that the red comes out more purple. The blue and green are lovely shades of calm. I had an issue with one bottle being blocked with a strand but it was removed and the bottle worked fine. If you don't expect these to be like artificial dyes, you'll enjoy them. I used them to color. I tried to combine yellow and red to make orange, but ended up with brown. After sitting in the fridge overnight, that became muddy yellow. Not sure if you could make orange with this set. I made a purple with red and blue.

👤I needed a small bottle to get a green color in the dough for my Christmas cookies, but I bought this to make them. I baked the first batches and low and behold the cookies are pale in color and the kids like them, but the rest had to be decorated with red and green sprinkles. I have never had a problem with the products I have bought before. I think it's a good idea to say on the label that it's all natural and juices and veg are used in the manufacture, but if it's not going to hold a color in baking I think it's a bad idea.

2. Bucherry Butterfly Birthday Butterflies Decorations

Bucherry Butterfly Birthday Butterflies Decorations

Pre-cut and ready to use. 80 pieces butterfly cake decoration set, 1 happy birthday gold round acrylic cake topper, and ample quantity can make your party cake beautiful and colorful. The butterfly cupcake top is made with a 3D vivid effect and has different sizes, which makes the decoration more realistic. Quality material: the cake toppers are made of paper and acrylic, odorless and safe to use, not easy to bend and scratch, and the stick is made of iron wire, sturdy and safe, you can directly attach the butterfly to the cake. The butterfly birthday decorations will make your cake eye-catching and stand out, creating a sweet and romantic atmosphere, and you can adjust the height of the butterfly cupcake toppers, and make your cake more sweet. Birthday cakes can be made shiny and charming with the butterfly cake topper and glitter acrylic topper, they can also be used for baby showers, gender reveal, engagements, birthdays, weddings, Christmas and other important occasions.

Brand: Bucherry

👤I encanto lo recomiendo.

3. NIETING Artificial Decoration Bridesmaid Centerpieces

NIETING Artificial Decoration Bridesmaid Centerpieces

You will receive 100 purple rose flower heads. The purple fake roses are made of latex foam which is soft to the touch and bears a strong resemblance to real roses because of the flexibility of the material used. One foam flower has a total length of about 17 cm and a width of about 8 cm. A bendable wire is connected with each rose and wrapped in green paper to look like real plant stems. If the stem is not needed, it can be removed. They added small adjustments to make the real touch roses more presentable, and handmade flower petals are put together in accordance to the shape of genuine roses. All the flowers you purchased will be sitting nicely in a rustic style box with an aroma card inside to add a light yet pleasant floral scent. The well-thought packaging makes it easy to take out the artificial roses for decoration or gifts for loved ones. The time, energy and money it takes to care for real flowers can be unpleasantly huge. With N&T foam flowers, you can easily decorate your wedding, bridal showers, birthday parties, and daily indoor decorations. Save time by enjoying the gorgeousness of floral decorations. Artificial roses are perfect for making bouquets, centerpiece, kissing balls, boutonnieres, cake flowers, or any other flower decorations, and can be used at a wedding, party, baby shower or home. The shape and color of the flowers will not affect the performance of this product because of the nature of the material.

Brand: N&t Nieting

👤I loved using these flowers for my bouquet and bridesmaids. Highly recommended!

👤These were the dreams of the crafter. I used them to make headbands for my flower girls. They were perfect to work with. I would recommend my friends as well.

👤The roses looked great! They look real. My client loved her cake and received many compliment on her flowers. If they are properly preserved, they are a great souvenir. If you don't want to use real flowers, this is a great recommendation.

👤They are pretty. Medium size, not a huge flower bloom head, but kind of decant. They feel like a real flower. I don't like the feel of fabric flowers, silk or whatever because they are thin and flimsy and don't look real. There is a The roses in this listing are real. They feel like they're big. It has a rubbery feel to it when you touch it. This is how they feel, not real but close to a flower. It is my favorite material for flowers because it looks more convincing from a short distance than a fabric one. The colors are divine. I love the way in which the colors change from dark to light and from deep to light, and I like the way in which the transitions are gentle. They came in a box with a window so you can see them before opening the box. I like that they came with a good length of wire attached to each head so it's easy to use. You can add it to any existing stems, bouquets, or wreath, or garlands, because of the perfect length and flexibility of the wire. It is great that this product has a wire that is placed in a strategic location so you can work with them without having to attach a wire. I would see them fit perfectly in the following uses: wedding table accents pieces, wedding décor of all kinds, garlands, chair décor, table boarders, centerpiece, buffet accents, and Wreaths. You need to use a glue gun to attach a flower in all kinds of crafts. It's really great that it's very versatile. If you are looking for a rose that closely mimics nature, then those are perfect, but if you are looking for a rose that looks real, then look further. There are always tinny gradations of color, and blends and imperfections, and that's why a rose is never one color. The roses here are just one color all the way through. For the purpose of décor flower they are perfect and way better looking heads than dollar store thin cheap fabric quality.

👤I wanted to give a 4.5 but it was not possible. The packaging was nice, the white ones looked real, and the royal blue was a true royal Blue. I didn't like that the roses were squeezed in a box that was too small, they were a little smaller than I expected, but my fault was not looking at the measurements given and just using the pictures. I am very happy with the purchase, it is a good value for money and they look real. I would purchase again.

4. Edible Butterflies Large Light Purple

Edible Butterflies Large Light Purple

Good quality and fast delivery will make you happy. 100% money back guarantee! These butterflies are not real. Each order contains 12 butterflies. The wing span is 3 inches. You can use it within 4 months of purchase. Pre-cut and ready to use.

Brand: Sugar Robot Inc.

👤I waited until the cake arrived at the restaurant to add butterflies, because I was nervous reading reviews about how butterflies curled. I didn't need to do that. Don't put them in the fridge. They will snap if you fold them. It was a beautiful impression. It's gorgeous!

👤These are very similar to the photo and packaging. It is nice to get something from a seller. I am very pleased.

👤They were used on cupcakes at a birthday party. The table was beautiful and the party goods were lavender butterflies.

👤I searched online at the last minute to find an alternative to the silk butterflies that I had doubts about. Sugar robot was the best find ever. The butterflies arrived in record time. They look real. My guests were amazed when they saw the cake they made. Thank you very much.

👤The butterflies are easy to use.

👤They were packaged well and were beautiful. They made my wedding cake look great.

5. Wilton Sugar Pearls White Oz

Wilton Sugar Pearls White Oz

Is the product expirationated? There are sugar pearls. Great for cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, and more. The white pearl sprinkles will make your goodies more fun. It was made in the United States. It is exciting for cakes and treats.

Brand: Wilton

👤I was determined to not pay for my wedding cake. My solution was to order a 2-tier plain cake and decorate it ourselves. They paid less than the total for their cake. So. Yes. These little guys saved us from a cake that was completely plain. The bottle is large. We didn't use any of them, but I'll put the rest to use on some cupcakes or something.

👤I made some homemade patties as a gift and bought these to class them up. It was a mistake to wait until after the fudge was set. I don't think I'm to blame for that. I shouldn't have tried to be smart with my baking. If you're more skilled than me, you should buy them in every color. I don't recommend trying to bang them into your baked goods with the bottom of a cup. The fudge and pearls will break and you'll be left wondering why you made it in the first place.

👤I did a wedding cake for the bride and groom.

👤These were used for eyes on chocolate rats. It was shiny and showed up well. I made pretzel ghosts and owls, but they were not broken or damaged. Highly recommended! I used a total of at least one hundred.

👤These made my cupcakes look pretty, but they were too hard. I thought they'd break apart quickly, but people at the party started picking them off for fear of breaking a tooth. The cupcakes were pretty and delicious.

👤I thought this was a good deal on a large container of bowling balls that you could personalize with a fresh coat of paint. I was a little disappointed when they showed up, but I will give them a try anyways. I went to the local lanes and started my first frame, but it was disappointing. They were so small and underweighted that they couldn't even make it all the way down the lane. Back to searching. It really is if it sounds good to be true.

👤They looked great on a wedding cake and the flavor was just sugar, which is not a big deal. They were very hard. I was afraid to bite into them. I thought they could break a tooth. I don't know if I would use them again.

👤These look great! My daughter had a pearl necklace on her birthday cake. They taste great. I was happy to find that these are not very hard. It's pretty easy to get a large sprinkle on the teeth. Shipping was very fast.

👤Fast delivery! I love my pearls for cakes.

👤These were cute for baking. I thought the beads were larger than they were, but the bottle goes a long way.

👤It was pretty in the pearlized effect. Will work well for wedding cake decor.

👤I made my little girl a birthday cake from it. Thank you, pearls look real.

👤It will last a long time.

6. Flowers Butterflies Cupcake Toppers Decoration

Flowers Butterflies Cupcake Toppers Decoration

Each cupcake is about 4 inches in length and 2 inches in width. 27 pieces are packed in a big, small, and butterfly packing. About the taste. It is not very good. They are tasteless and sugar free, suitable for vegetarians and vegan. You can use them within 12 months of your acceptance. There is a package. They are put into a bag that is self-sealing to protect their quality and shape. You can use butterfly gently fold to create a 3D effect and put it on the cake or cupcakes.

Brand: Chockacake

👤Roll them on a pencil and make the shapes more 3d. I used a little bit of frosting to get the smaller pieces to stick to the larger ones. The display was good, but the taste was stiff and not good for cupcakes, so I wouldn't cover a cake in full. The description that they are similar to church wafers is close, but they don't dissolving quickly in your mouth.

👤The colors were not as vibrant as the picture said. I was hoping that they would be flexible so that they would look like the flowers in the picture. Trying to bend them and getting them wet made them fall apart.

👤They were easy to use. I used a pencil to make the flower look a little more realistic on some of them, but I realized I didn't care because my child is 5 and doesn't care about those details. There was no taste at all. The flower detail was beautiful.

👤The flowers are pale. Flat and useless... A large amount of money. I threw the sugar gum flowers away after I bought them.

👤I was thankful for the flowers, but they didn't have directions for first-time users like me. I had to sift through a lot of videos and tutorials to find the same instructions on how to make them look 3-D and how to shape them. I only work with buttercream with my confections, so directions on how to apply them would have been helpful. Wafer paper is made of potato starch, so it has no flavor or texture, and once wetted, it is malleable. I am giving the stars to you because it comes with no direction of how to use, and some of the smaller pieces break when wetted, so don't do anything but stick to whatever surface you have instead of shaping to whatever shape you want. Is it possible that I would buy them again? Probably not. I would look for better made wafer paper flowers if I were to do them again. For the first time, they did well.

👤I can make my own frosting and bake from scratch. I'm not good at decorating with frosting. It's difficult to work with frost. I needed to make my daughter's 21st birthday special by making her a cake, and I found these beautiful flowers. It's phwew! Glad these exist. They feel like styrofoam and have no flavor so I suggest plucking them off before eating. There are flowers. Really cute!

👤They look like they are real with a couple of quick bends. I would buy them again.

👤I bought two different types of flower cake toppers and this one had a variety of shapes and colors. They looked more real than I have seen before.

7. Anniversary Christmas Birthday Decoration Supplies

Anniversary Christmas Birthday Decoration Supplies

If you have a question, please contact them, they will try their best to meet your requirements. The party will be completely risk-free if you click "add to cart" now. There is a clear pink bubbles ball and a clear color bubbles ball. Cup cake toppers are made of plastic safe for cake or dessert decorating use, but please do not use it in the oven or microwave. A great cake decoration can be used to decorate cake, pie, fruit, ice cream,appetizers, donuts and more. Also used as part of a floral arrangement for table decoration. It's ideal for weddings, anniversaries, birthday party, garden party, home party, Christmas party, baby showers and so on. The Clear color bubbles ball cupcake toppers are already a complete product. You don't need to do anything else, just open the package and use them to make cupcakes for your party.

Brand: Pashion

👤They were broken a few were intact others had big holes broken on the sides not as good as the other ones I have gotten which were a different brand. I can't say that I'll buy these again. Someone else might like them. I didn't like them or the quality.

👤Muy producto tienes pocas para lo, son y lo peor.

👤It is a Christmas ball. Has not picked out a cake with a plastic ball. I'm not sure how to make a cake.

👤The bulb at the end helps keep it connected to the cake.

👤The pictures in the description are beautiful.

👤These were what I needed. 2 balls were broken but still looked great. Overall great value.

8. Balloons Artificial Colorful Decorations Birthday

Balloons Artificial Colorful Decorations Birthday

We created their products with extra care and attention to detail to provide the best experience for you, if you ever have any questions about their products, please contact them for immediate personal support and customer satisfaction. Their professional customer service team is here for you. There are 2 purple leaf-shaped folding fans, 2 white artificial orchids, 6 purple artificial daisy flowers, 5 gold balls, 5 silver balls, and 6 purple balls. The specific size is shown in the picture. The material: The artificial orchids and painted daisies are made of high quality silk cloth, non-toxic paint, which can be recycled many times. The ball cake toppers are made of foam. The leaf-shaped folding fans are made of purple and silver, metallic silver and elegant purple and are modeled after palm leaves. Natural colors, uniform colors and clear texture are what the artificial flowers have. You can get more inspiration and creativity from the rich colors and a lot of ball cake toppers, and show them in the cake creation. Artificial flowers and mini balloon cake toppers are perfect for birthday party, baby shower, wedding, festival, anniversary, party decoration supplies, can work as dessert decoration, fruit picks, cookies, brownies, ice cream and more. The cute cake toppers should not be put in the oven. The size of flowers may be different.

Brand: Banballon

👤I had to pull apart other parts of the flowers to use them.

9. Edible Butterflies© Assorted Cupcake Decoration

Edible Butterflies%C2%A9 Assorted Cupcake Decoration

A leader in cake decorating made decorations for a woman. The DecoSet range of quality products is used by many professionals. These life-like butterflies can be eaten. There are 24 butterflies in each order. The wing spans are small. It can be used within 12 months of purchase. Cut and ready to use.

Brand: Sugar Robot

👤When working with wafer paper, there is a certain amount of skill required. I coated the front and back with shortening before bending. The butterflies were more flexible. I don't care for the flavor of wafer, it tastes like communion bread, really just for decoration. Attached to my sugar cookies was royal icing. Some of the butterflies have little to no black wing details, while others have black wing details. I didn't like it but I saw how pretty my cookies were and got over it.

👤The paper is stiff and shiny like butterflies. To open the wings, you bend them in the center. If you bend too far, you can snap in two but you have to stick them into the frosting separately and they look great. They stayed perfect in a buttercream frosting for a week. When you eat them, they are fairly nondescript. They are there because of the slight rigidity. You don't like them. You can easily remove them if you don't want to eat them, and they don't detract from your cake experience. They were packaged in a cardboard envelope.

👤The seller sent me another package after my first order ended up in a wrong mailbox. The item arrived on time. They smell similar to vanilla. You're going to love them even though they don't have any taste. They last a long time and don't change shape. Cute! Thank you!

👤I wanted to decorate my daughter's cake beyond the standard "Happy Birthday" moniker and was on a cruise celebrating her birthday. They don't allow actual candles, so I brought along a funLED candle, a custom cake topper, and some butterflies. It made the cake decor look nicer. Everyone at the table was questioning if it was food or paper. I re-read the packaging to confirm. If you wanted to use an actual butterfly decoration that tasted sweet, this is not the product for you.

👤The seller was kind enough to replace the item and ship it to me in time for my baby shower, despite the fact that the USPS lost the package which was frustrating, but it was not their fault. The butterflies are on the smaller side but fit perfectly on top of the mini cupcakes, they are pretty and come in a variety of colors, some with detail and some without, they are pink and purple. They are easy to bend and stick onto the cupcakes, the flavor isn't terrible, it tastes like a flavorless wafer. It is cool that they are made of food, so eating them with the cupcakes will be fine. Excited to serve cupcakes with butterflies.

👤I was looking for a butterfly ornament to put on a cake for my daughter's first birthday and found these on Amazon. I wanted something that would be good for her. I bought these butterflies and they were in great shape. I was able to put them on the small smash cake we purchased and I thought I would try one to see what they tasted like. I wouldn't order a bunch of butterflies to eat as a snack, I didn't think the taste was bad. It would not be a problem to eat these as part of a cake. I will consider ordering these again in the future for any other cakes or events that need butterflies as well as any other products that they make.

10. GEORLD Butterfly Birthday Butterflies Decorations

GEORLD Butterfly Birthday Butterflies Decorations

The butterfly is about 2 inches wide and made from high quality white cards. There are 44 colorful butterfly cake toppers in the package. The butterfly cupcake toppers are only for cake cupcake decorations. I have an idea. The butterfly cake decorations are perfect for birthday cake, engagement cake, wedding cake, baby shower and cupcakes.

Brand: Georld

👤I brought them to my baker for the cake and they are really pretty. You can tape to the back of them if you want, they are plain white and come with sticks.

👤It is very easy to pop off a butterfly. I used the sticky tab at the baby shower and it worked perfectly. The rest of the butterfly. I spread it on the table. It is easy to clean up the price. I should not have ordered 2 sets.

👤My daughter's 4th birthday was perfect for these butterflies. She loved it!

👤Glue wouldn't stick. The package was bent and couldn't be exchanged. I had to put something heavy on it to get it bent out.

👤No sirbe, no me gusto, no me salio el color.

👤I was going to use these for a birthday party. I liked that there were different sizes and they were perfect for my cupcakes. They have little sticks in case you want the butterfly to stand. I did not use the sticks. You can see the two versions in my photos.

👤I used this product to make a cake.

👤Estn pequeas.

👤Just 888-353-1299

11. Butterfly Birthday Toppers Decorations Supplies

Butterfly Birthday Toppers Decorations Supplies

It will be delivered intact and quickly if it is shipped from Amazon. They will help you solve your problem as soon as possible, if you have any problems. The purple butterfly theme cake topper will make your cake more beautiful and enhance the happy party atmosphere. The butterfly cake decorations set includes 55 pieces of different size butterfly, 1 piece of gold metal frame, and 1 piece of purple beautiful girl cake decoration. The package has 55 iron wire stick and 55 dot glue. Clean paper is used to make the butterfly cake toppers, they are safe for food decoration. You can either use dot glue to attach the butterfly to the cake or use the sticks to attach the butterfly. It's not anedible and single side. These butterfly cake decorations can be used for many things. 3D butterfly design looks very vivid, perfect for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, garden parties, baby showers, home decoration, wall decoration. Add a festive atmosphere to your party. The metal gold happy birthday cake toppers will be much more shiny if they are torn off before use.

Brand: Cadeya

👤It is easy to use. The butterflies stayed put on the wire stems with the small glue dots provided even after an hour delivery drive in the trunk of my car. The gold trim made them pop even as a cupcake topping. The cake was simple and beautiful and everyone commented on it. On her birthday, grandma was happy.

👤It looked like it came from a high end bakery. Very pretty. The birthday girl was happy.

👤Does not meet its purpose. If you are using it for welding. It will burn your skin. My son found out quickly in his welding class. There are burn marks on his arm.

👤It looks tacky.

👤Muy bonito, fuera exelente.


What is the best product for cake flowers decorations edible purple?

Cake flowers decorations edible purple products from Watkins. In this article about cake flowers decorations edible purple you can see why people choose the product. Bucherry and N&t Nieting are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake flowers decorations edible purple.

What are the best brands for cake flowers decorations edible purple?

Watkins, Bucherry and N&t Nieting are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake flowers decorations edible purple. Find the detail in this article. Sugar Robot Inc., Wilton and Chockacake are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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