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1. InnoGear Artificial Bouquets Centerpieces Decorations

InnoGear Artificial Bouquets Centerpieces Decorations

These artificial flowers are easy to bend, cut, or pull out as you need them. They are perfect for making flowers, crafts, headbands, and any other flower decorations that serve as the icing on the cake. Lifelike: The artificial flowers of InnoGear are vibrant in color, natural-looking flowers with full and soft petals, vivid realistic and realistic. The artificial rose flowers are made of high quality latex foam. There was no flower dropping off. 10 decorative leaves are included in the package. The artificial flowers compliment them nicely. It's ideal for weddings, festivals, parties, home decorations, gardens, fencing, floral tributes, sheds and more.

Brand: Innogear

👤They look real to me. I would like to order more for my mom's gravesite. You can use it for anything. Will definitely order more in the future.

👤I don't write reviews if I have had a bad experience. This was a great experience. You can get 3 roses for $1. Shipping was fast. 50 flowers with stems and leaves were packaged very neatly and securely. There were no marks on the flowers. They were all in great condition. Very realistic looking. I've brought 3 boxes of flowers so far and will continue to use this vendor for my store. I hope this review is useful for another buyer. You will not regret your purchase.

👤I ordered ivory roses from both Lings Moments and Innogear for my fiancée. The price was half that of Innogear. I thought they would be lower quality. They were even better than Ling. We kept the flowers and ordered more because Ling's had rough edges. After the wedding she ordered the blush/pink ones for other decor. The quality and price are great.

👤I spent a lot of time looking for the right white roses for my daughter's bouquet. I read at least a dozen reviews for each of the 400 options I looked at. I placed my order. I was very happy with how well they were packaged, the bright white color and realistic look. Excellent value for the price, recommended by this customer.

👤These flowers were pretty. I received a lot of praise. The steams were cut off. They also have leaves.

👤I am using a lot of roses for my wedding centerpiece, I am adding greenery that can distract from the roses that are wrong, and I am willing to work with it. I wouldn't recommend these roses from this seller. The roses I bought from another seller were packaged well. wires were barely a smushed rose, in a neat line. They look like someone used them and then returned them. I thought the first box was a mistake, but the second one was just as bad. That isn't as big of a deal as the splotches. Some of the roses seem to have someone dripped water on them and left water stains. If you aren't looking at them, it's not too noticeable, but if you need a close up of them, buy from another seller. I tried to pick up the color distortion in the camera, but it was much more obvious in person.

👤It was perfect! I wanted a cake with nice roses. The material is like a soft silky suede and these were perfect. Everyone thought they were made from fondant. I had to tell people that they weren't eating. The product was great for the price. The pink was in a well packaged box. The vine on the rose is strong and bendible. If you need it smaller, you can cut it with scissors. It was perfect and fit my needs. These can be used for decorations or banners. If you have someone with an allergy to flowers, they would be great for a suit or prom night. They look like real roses. I'm impressed. If you're nervous about the buy, this is the sign that you're looking for.

2. NIETING Artificial Decoration Bridesmaid Centerpieces

NIETING Artificial Decoration Bridesmaid Centerpieces

The size of the roses may vary slightly and there may be some color differences between different dye lots. Their rose flowers are made of high quality latex foam, which is very soft, poisonless and harmless, natural, generous and elegant, looks like real roses and never will be withered. The fake roses head diameter is approx. The stem is 18 cm/7 inch. A bendable wire is connected with each rose and wrapped in green paper to look like real plant stems. It's easy to bend, cut or curl to make your own bouquets. A rustic style box with an aroma card inside is the perfect gift for artificial flowers. It is a great gift for your friends and family. You can use fake roses at your wedding, party, baby shower or home, and they are versatile. The shape and color of the flowers will not affect the performance of this product because of the nature of the material.

Brand: N&t Nieting

👤I loved using these flowers for my bouquet and bridesmaids. Highly recommended!

👤These were the dreams of the crafter. I used them to make headbands for my flower girls. They were perfect to work with. I would recommend my friends as well.

👤The roses looked great! They look real. My client loved her cake and received many compliment on her flowers. If they are properly preserved, they are a great souvenir. If you don't want to use real flowers, this is a great recommendation.

👤They are pretty. Medium size, not a huge flower bloom head, but kind of decant. They feel like a real flower. I don't like the feel of fabric flowers, silk or whatever because they are thin and flimsy and don't look real. There is a The roses in this listing are real. They feel like they're big. It has a rubbery feel to it when you touch it. This is how they feel, not real but close to a flower. It is my favorite material for flowers because it looks more convincing from a short distance than a fabric one. The colors are divine. I love the way in which the colors change from dark to light and from deep to light, and I like the way in which the transitions are gentle. They came in a box with a window so you can see them before opening the box. I like that they came with a good length of wire attached to each head so it's easy to use. You can add it to any existing stems, bouquets, or wreath, or garlands, because of the perfect length and flexibility of the wire. It is great that this product has a wire that is placed in a strategic location so you can work with them without having to attach a wire. I would see them fit perfectly in the following uses: wedding table accents pieces, wedding décor of all kinds, garlands, chair décor, table boarders, centerpiece, buffet accents, and Wreaths. You need to use a glue gun to attach a flower in all kinds of crafts. It's really great that it's very versatile. If you are looking for a rose that closely mimics nature, then those are perfect, but if you are looking for a rose that looks real, then look further. There are always tinny gradations of color, and blends and imperfections, and that's why a rose is never one color. The roses here are just one color all the way through. For the purpose of décor flower they are perfect and way better looking heads than dollar store thin cheap fabric quality.

👤I wanted to give a 4.5 but it was not possible. The packaging was nice, the white ones looked real, and the royal blue was a true royal Blue. I didn't like that the roses were squeezed in a box that was too small, they were a little smaller than I expected, but my fault was not looking at the measurements given and just using the pictures. I am very happy with the purchase, it is a good value for money and they look real. I would purchase again.

3. Lings Moment Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

Lings Moment Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

Also, note: The size of the roses may be different and there may be a color difference between different dye lots. There is a combo pack of flowers and colors. Ready for you to make your bouquet, centerpies, boutonnieres, and corsage. The package includes Dreamy blush pink, a white rose, a blush silk rose, a nude rose, and some greeneries. The artificial flower has a stem that is 8 inches long. They're perfect for making flowers at your wedding, party, baby shower, or home. The size of the foam flower may be different from the dye lots.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤I bought these flowers to put on diaper cake and cake for the baby shower. I didn't have a lot of accent pieces to work with, but the flowers were good and there were more pink flowers in the box than pictured. The peonies in my box were small, white, and not much in the way of color. I bought this box for the roses because I didn't use them, but only had two instead of four of the bigger pink roses, so I went down two stars for price. I added a few small roses that I already had and bought some lambs ear greenery to go along with them and everything turned out great. I had to buy more to make this box work. The roses in this box set were pretty.

👤I was very impressed with this. The greenery in my box looked fake, but the rest of the box looked good. You wouldn't be able to tell from a distance that they were not real. They didn't lose their cool out in the sun. I added in a bit of real greenery, which was dried so not actually green but real plants, which helped balance it out and made it feel less fake. This is not the best picture of it, and I would like to mention that I probably only used 50% of the flowers in the box for this bouquet so it definitely could've been bigger too! I would definitely recommend this. Adding in more real plants or less fake foliage is what I would recommend. It's a good thing.

👤I made a baby shower cake out of these flowers. The color was great and theDurability was great. It is very life like and similar to gum flowerspaste on cakes. Would buy again.

👤Real flowers are more expensive than fake flowers in some stores, but these are great quality for the price, quick shipping and very sharp packaging. I ordered them to start my home decor for spring and I was skeptical because sometimes things are not as they seem, but these are very good quality and look real, I will order more for the other seasons.

👤The flowers were perfect. They are beautiful and welcoming. I used them with vases that I already had. I hid the fake stems with the stones to make them look terrible in the vase. That made a huge difference. I think it turned out nice, even if you don't want a sheer vase with fake flowers. I used them to display my daughter's art. The flowers make it seem welcoming. I would buy them again. I know they are expensive. You pay for quality.

👤I think the quality and amount of flowers make this an excellent value for the money, even though this set was more than I was willing to initially spend. The foam and silk flowers were the same colors as described. They looked realistic. I was able to create two boxes of flowers, but I didn't have another box. I would purchase from this store again.

4. Artificial Carnations Arrangements Decoration Centerpieces

Artificial Carnations Arrangements Decoration Centerpieces

The complimentary green leaves come in the box. The silk peonies have 7 stems with silk flowers, plastic grass, and bushy leaves that will look great in a simple arrangement. Without a vase. Artificial flowers fit for wedding bridal bouquets and flowers decor, centerpiece, home indoor and garden outdoor decoration, office, party, anniversary, cemetery, Valentine's Day, Christmas and Happy New Year's Day decorations. You can enjoy poetic homelife in your kitchen, windowsill, living room, dining table, bedroom, front porch, garden, veranda, balcony with fake flowers. The artificial flower will recover with slight adjustment after being displayed. You can use a hair dryer with a cold wind to dry the flowers. Plastic flowers can be put anywhere the hot/cold weather kills fresh flowers and they are vivid and alive with you.

Brand: Ddcafor

👤The delivery was fast, the packaging was good, and the flowers looked fake, but the greens looked wrong. The bottoms don't bend. The flowers are not what I thought they were. These flowers look too fake for me.

👤Terrible! Don't waste your money. People love these reviews. I can't figure it out. The representation photos are more detailed than the tinier ones. I tried to fluff them up, but they fell apart. I bought flowers at the dollar store. The stems look horrible even with the 2 stems combined. I know what I'm getting, so I could spend the same amount. It's disappointing.

👤It's great if you are making something with flowers. If you just wanted a vase, the flowers are cheap. It was needed for a diaper dreamcatcher.

👤These aren't worth the price. Bigger flowers can be found at the dollar store.

👤The flowers are from the dollar store. When I opened the plastic wrap, they started to fall apart. If money, they were all flattened. Looked better in pictures. Go to the dollar store and save money.

👤Can't beat the price. I mixed them with some expensive silk flowers and they worked great. Very nice looking.

👤They are lovely. A bouquet can be shaped into it.

👤It is very beautiful for a decoration.

👤I bought these flowers as a decoration for my living room. The product is not small and has a decent value. The biggest flaw with this product is that some of the flowers are broken off. As soon as I opened the product, about 5 petals fell out of the bag and I found 2 that were not attached to a stem. I don't know where they fell off, so I can't even get them back, and they don't seem to affect the bouquet's look overall. The "hydrangea flower" is made up of styrofoam beads that fall apart when touched, so it gets really messy when unpackaged. The most realistic flower is the peony. They look realistic from a distance.

👤I regret buying them. The quality was bad and the price was high. I could have easily purchased flowers from the dollar store for half the price. I want to return items but not sure how to do that as I have never returned an item from Amazon before.

👤I thought it would be larger. It was all I needed for my photo shoot. I was happy. A vase needs more. The colors were pretty.

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👤The packets I bought look great.

5. NEVISI Artificial Flowers Bouquets Centerpieces

NEVISI Artificial Flowers Bouquets Centerpieces

The Rose Head is 100% Silk Cloth. They provide rich color combination again together, you can choose according to different use scenes, ready for you to create your bouquet, centerpies, boutonnieres, and so on. The package includes 8 roses, 4 rose heads, 4 rose leaves, and 4 stems. Colorful boxes make them look very elegant. The material they used is environment-friendly, upscale and the stem is made up of iron wire wrapped in plastic, so it can be bent easily. It has a fine shape, long product life, and colorfast attributes. The roses head is about 10 cm in diameter and the stem is about 25 cm in length. They provide 8 leaves for the project. Silk roses are great choices for decoration in a lot of places. On special days, they are the best choice as a gift for your family or friends. Artificial roses are suitable for many home decor projects. It's ideal to fill a vase with flowers to create a romantic atmosphere. Their roses are versatile. The material of the stems makes them easy to cut or bend to fit your needs, and you can assemble them at will since different parts of a rose are separated.

Brand: Nevisi

👤They are just ok. It feels like tissue paper. They look really good from a distance. Don't look too closely. I will mix them with some flowers from the lobby. The photos are a good size, about the size of a real rose, and the color was accurate. I won't buy these again.

👤These flowers could be used in many different ways. They were perfect. You can dress down with them. I was able to have a feminine touch without being fancy.

👤The roses have a thin wire stem. You would not want to use these in a floral arrangement in a clear vase. I bought them for a wedding and they are not the color I wanted. They were described as blush. They are sweeter. I need a pale pink.

👤They look really good.

👤This worked well for my bouquet.

👤The packaging for the flowers is broken and ripped. It's not clear if this is how it looked before they packed it or if it was damaged on the way to its destination. The flowers are pretty, but not real, would order again.

6. Lings Moment Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

Lings Moment Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

The size of the foam flower may be different from the dye lots. Please don't use the white flowers on food because of the sequins. There is a combo pack of flowers and colors. Ready for you to make your bouquet, centerpies, boutonnieres, and corsage. The package includes a flannel open rose, foam rose, warm taupe, burgundy, and apetite rose. burgundy x2; hybrid tea rose: black baccara x3; high-centered rose: blush x2; white astilbe x3;gold flower pick x2; pink baby eucalyptus x5 The artificial flower has a stem that is 8 inches long. They're perfect for making flowers at your wedding, party, baby shower, or home. The size of the foam flower may be different from the dye lots.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤I don't like artificial flowers, except for these. I don't like the look of fake flowers with their thick stems and plastic leaves. I need to add some color and softness to this bar cart. I took a chance and ordered these. I am very happy I did. silk flowers are more beautiful than anything else. You can find it at the craft store. You can add leaves to them. I left them out because I don't like the look of fake leaves. They were easy to arrange and I love them. I recommend. I like the wire thin stems. I was able to fill a clear glass jar and the stems were not visible on the bottle.

👤The wreath was made with the Burgundy Luxury. The burgundy flowers were a bit darker than I thought, based on my view of the Amazon photos. I still like them. They added an assortment to an 18 inch wreath and still have 6 roses left over. Light and bendable are my favorite aspects of these flowers. The stems can be used to wrap a wreath. It's easy to work with since the stems are dark green.

👤I used a bunch of the ling's flowers in a variety of ways to make center pieces. I used a lot of the ling's products and they were a good price and I would recommend them to anyone. It was said that steam the blooms to have them open more and that did make a huge difference in the way they looked. The 25 pc Burgundy roses are on sale for 14 dollars. The product is called "B088M6KCJB" and it is available on the store.

👤The quality of the flowers and the amount of flowers that you get are just okay. I was hoping that I would be in awe based on the reviews. I wasn't. The description of the flowers is correct. They are over priced. I should buy the same flowers from Hobby Lobby.

👤These are gorgeous! Even though they are beautiful, some flowers look cheap and fake, so I only have a 3 star. I know these flowers are not real but after ordering many from this company, this is the first product that the flowers actually look fake. The flowers from this company look real. I would have preferred a lower price for how they look.

👤The website didn't have the sunflowers that I ordered. I am regretting it. The sunflowers are terrible. I knew the flowers wouldn't look like real flowers. They looked like fakes. The flowers looked dirty when I got them. If someone bought them and used them, they would return them. The sunflowers are cheap. The roses look pretty and look like what you would get fromlings moments. I'm pretty sure that the Amazon store is not the same thing. If you need sunflowers, do not order them here. You will not be happy. They get 2 stars because the roses are usable.

👤There is a great pack of roses. They were added along with other flowers to make up flower arrangements for myself and my bridesmaids. It is highly recommended for a wedding. People liked how realistic they seem.

7. Duovlo Flowers Vintage Artificial Decoration

Duovlo Flowers Vintage Artificial Decoration

Each bouquet has 13 stems, 6 flowers, and 2 buds, total length is 20.87''. The flowers were stuck to one stem and can be done. The hot wind of the hair dryer can make it more beautiful. There may be a slight colour difference due to the lighting, computer monitors, etc. You can use it for home, table, wedding, party, meeting room decor.

Brand: Duovlo

👤Salutations all. I decided to buy the most popular fake flowers to make sure I could make a decent looking wedding bouquet. The best looking was actually the fastest. I would give a solid 4 for quality. There are stains on the flowers, but she gets a 2.5. There are stains on the flowers and the leaves are weird.

👤These flowers are beautiful. When I first looked at them, I wondered what I had bought, but after they came out of the bag, you fluff them up, and they're gorgeous! I cut off all of the leaves and greenery in my first two sets and made a bouquet with wire cutter and a Mercury Glass job. I've ordered many sets since, and I'm making professional arrangements with them. I've been asked where I get them many times.

👤My daughter's Sweet 16 is coming up. Her color theme was pink and hot. I didn't want to spend so much money filling up the vases with single silk flowers at Michaels, because they cost 9.99 each. And voila... I found this bouquet on Amazon. I received it today and it is beautiful. I went to the dollar tree to buy the Long Spring Grass to accent the vase. The centerpiece consists of 1 glass vase, 1 bouquet, 1 Spring Grass, 1 yard of diamond wrap, and 5 vases covering the top and bottom. The bouquet stem should be cut at the ends to fit the vase. The stem was long on my vases. It stayed on the ground after I cut it. Love it!

👤I made a wreath out of the peonies I ordered. I gave them 4 stars because they smelled terrible. The smell and folded flowers were helped by the use of wrinkling release. Still pretty! And looked realistic.

👤I love these! I played with them for ideas for my wedding. I'm in love. I think this would be perfect for my crazy hot summer wedding, with a mixture of a few other flowers and better placement. Will purchase more from this seller.

👤The flowers look great. They were used to make floral letters. The stems were cut off and hot-glued to a piece of cardboard. Will definitely buy again.

👤The flowers are very high quality. These are perfect for photo shoots. A large bunch of peonies is perfect for a bouquet.

👤These flowers are gorgeous. I'm very pleased with how they look at my wedding and I'm using them for my centerpiece. I added fake babies to them. You can't tell if they are real until you get close. Highly recommend these!

👤Me gusta porque es, porque, porque

👤Parecen de verdad. Acabado.

👤Si me gusto, perfectas condiciones.

👤The flowers are plastic. I am covering plastic with tape.

8. CEWOR Artificial Flowers Festival Champagne Colored

CEWOR Artificial Flowers Festival Champagne Colored

The size of the roses may vary slightly and there may be some color differences between different dye lots. The package includes two bouquets of artificial roses. The total length is about 25 cm and the bouquet is about 18 cm. The flowers and leaves are made of silk. The flower stem is made by hand. It's easy to bend. Each bouquet is made of 12 rose flowers and has a high degree of simulation. More leaves, full shape, clear veins, high quality materials, comfortable feel, will not fade, no need to care, are the advantages. It's suitable for weddings, parties, homes, offices and other occasions. It is a good choice for the bride to hold flowers. The two bouquets will have different effects. You should buy it in advance if you are using them for important activities.

Brand: Cewor

👤I ordered the flowers along with the peonies. I have attached a picture of them. I like the roses a lot more than the smaller ones. The vase was made with a $1 glass bottle. You have to use both bouquets for a full look in a smaller vase. I took out a few flowers for a different vase, so my flowers are not as full as they would be otherwise.

👤The roses are beautiful. I would buy them again.

👤The flowers are soft and beautiful. The delivery time worked well for my bridesmaid proposal boxes. I was disappointed by the texture of the flowers, as I was expecting something more silky and realistic, whereas what I received felt like artificial flowers. The stems looked artificial and plastic. The petals would give off more of a real look if they were a little bit more open. The head of the Rose and stem looked a little unfinished because of the stringy glue that was coming from there. I pulled the glue away and it was fine. For what I was using them for, a few things could improve.

👤I bought these for my students. I separated the bundles so that I could give each student a rose. They enjoyed the roses and felt appreciated. You can present the roses in a variety of ways. I had a few students put them in their hair. These are definitely recommended by me. They look great in the bouquet.

👤The blooms are pretty. They are not as pink as the photos show. They are bundled into two bunches of 12 roses, each bunch held together by an extremely tight zip-tie. After two weeks, the cinch mark on the plastic stems does not completely disappear. If you are using a colored vase or will not see the stems, this might not matter to you. If you plan to use in a clear vase, be warned. It confirms that they are artificial.

👤The flowers looked bigger than they actually are. Each bunch of roses is 1 dozen. They work for me in my living room. I thought they would be more open. They seem to be coming out of the bud phase. They are ok to keep for minor decorating. It wouldn't be a good idea for a wedding.

👤I don't leave a lot of reviews on Amazon. I had to say something about the roses. They are even more beautiful than the picture shows. The description is accurate for the size. I wanted to spray paint these black for a Halloween centerpiece. I am going to do something else with them. Many times I am disappointed in the quality of items on Amazon, but the same can be said for these. I absolutely adore them.

👤I placed the flowers in a tub that was rustic. I put the tub in the flowerbeds. We had a bad winter and many of my plants did not make it, so I am replacing them with artificial flowers. You can't tell the difference between the artificial flowers and the live plants. I bought several of them and plan on buying more.

9. Jinway Garland Artificial Flowers Wedding

Jinway Garland Artificial Flowers Wedding

We will be happy to serve you if you are satisfied. There are two garlands per pack. There are 16 flowers in each garland. There are realistic champagne color flowers and green leaves. The flowers and leaves are made from silk and the vine is plastic, which is artificial and beautiful year after year. Artificial rose flowers are an easy and inexpensive way to maintain a beautiful home. It's a dangerous material and should be avoided from sources of ignition.

Brand: Yebazy

👤I was looking for flowers to make a flower wall at my wedding, but everything looked fake or expensive. This worked perfectly and was at an amazing price point. It arrived within two days of ordering. Highly recommended.

👤I opened the package and it smelled like a body odor. No kidding. I had to air dry it after washing it with soap. It doesn't affect the product's usefulness. It makes me wonder where and how they package it.

👤In love. The roses are pretty. I decorated my door with these and some lights and I am loving it. Excellent quality and recommend.

👤It was better than I anticipated. The flowers look real. Amazon sells backdrop and curtains as well.

👤It doesn't face the right way no matter how many times you twist and turn to adjust it. The smell on the leaves is horrible after they are removed from plastic. The color is pretty and you get what you pay for. These flowers were removed from my decorations.

👤I agree with the other reviewers. A very bad smell, like a chemical stench that also smells like cigarettes. I only partially opened them and they still smell bad in the basement back room, so I stuck them there to figure out if the smell goes away or if I have to return them. They are not as nice as the photo. I bought other vines that didn't smell at all.

👤Wow, they stun! When I opened the box, the smell was so strong that I could smell it. It's really bad. It was gross. I don't want to take them out of the bag because they stink so bad. I think they are coming back. The petals look ripped.

👤I no longer have a use for these flowers so I am returning. I almost didn't return them because they are pretty. I would recommend any event. They look nice.

👤It's nice to know that they have a circle for hanging.

👤Not bad. I have bought better quality in the past.

👤Rapid delivery. We were looking for something similar for part of our wedding plans.

10. Lings Moment Centerpieces Arrangments Decorations

Lings Moment Centerpieces Arrangments Decorations

The flowers were easy to set up and bend for hanging, used for weddings, hotels, parties as well as other ceremonies, best decoration for home, hotel and park, etc. It's the best photo tool. The ling's roses are made of a soft high quality PE foam which gives them the look of fresh roses and touches soft. Each rose head has a size. The stem is about 8 inches long. The roses are easy to work with because of their flexible thin wire stem. It's easy to bend, cut down or pull out. They're perfect for making flowers at your wedding, party, baby shower, or home. Each box has 8 rose leaves as complimentary. Also, note: The size of the roses may be different and there may be a color difference between different dye lots.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤These flowers are pretty nifty. The color is the same as pictured. I bought the two colors for my wedding decor. I'm very happy I did. You can use the flower wherever you need to, it has a long stem. You can't tell they are foam until you look at them. There is a fake green foam on the back of each flower that is easy to hide. These flowers were very nice. It's a lot cheaper to buy fake flowers from Michael's.

👤I ordered several of the Lings foam flowers for my daughter's wedding in a variety of blush/burgundy/white/ivory and in several styles, all were beautiful and very realistic looking. It's used for decor and other things. Highly recommended.

👤These are good for cakes. The right size. The way they are packaged is elegant. There's no damage because they send them in a box with flowers lined side by side. The box makes it easy to store. They offer several shades of color per pack. The foam material used to make these gives them a "real" feel. The oil in the buttercream can cause damage to the flower. The wire stems are wrapped in floral tape. The leaves are separate from the flowers, so you can choose if you want to use them or not. Highly recommended.

👤The rose is the most realistic looking flower Lings offers. I got the Premade center piece bouquets and the floral swags for signs, and this box is my favorite floral purchase, I love the length of the stems and the realistic looking rose. Some of the flower styles are cheaper.

👤These roses are very pretty. There was enough to make a bouquet of roses, decorate a 6 ft long garland, and use as decor on my baby's first birthday smash cake. They were used with a set of greenery from Ling's Moment. I wish I could post pics of how I used them, but you can't on Amazon. I can't believe they took the pics away from the reviews.

👤I didn't read the reviews because I'm a bit impulsive. I ordered all of them yesterday and they came the next day. The flowers are beautiful. If you are getting married, buy these! Ling's is my favorite right now. No more going to the store for cheap flowers. The prices are great. Thank you so much! I am happy as a bride. I unboxed all the flowers and they were beautiful and perfect. You have saved me hundreds of dollars by offering a great product that is easy to work with. I can't wait to make bouquets. I will definitely be ordering more things I saw.

👤My daughter's birthday is coming up and I wanted to make a cake topper. One package was enough to make a full arrangement. They were easy to work with and much prettier than any I've seen in stores. The cake size in the photo is a 6 inch top tier and the top tier uses a foam circle. I didn't use a lot of leaves for this application, but enough was included if you want to.

11. Meiliy Artificial Boutonnieres Centerpieces Decorations

Meiliy Artificial Boutonnieres Centerpieces Decorations

The leaves may be damaged by long-distance transportation. To make the product better, use a hair dryer. 40 foam peonies flower heads, 10 sets of leaves, and 3 strings of artificial pearls are included in the package. The fake flower heads are made of latex foam and look like peonies. The rose flower head is called aprrox. The stem is about 8 inches long. The string of pearls is 50 inches long. You can bend or cut down the faux peonies based on your ideas. They are perfect for making a wedding bouquet, wedding centerpiece, cake flowers, or any other flower decorations. Use your imagination and have fun with these artificial peonies. The first priority is customers. Feel free to contact them and they will guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Brand: Meiliy

👤The flowers are nice, but they are not real. We bought them for our wedding cake, but decided against them. We ordered Ling's moment for our wedding cake, but used a few to decorate our flower girl basket. The extra money was worth it. These ones are made of styrofoam and look cheaper. If you are looking for your wedding cake, I would spend more money on nicer flowers.

👤These are gorgeous! They were perfect for my project. I added some artificial flowers from the dollar store. Will be ordering more if necessary.

👤The flowers purchased here are the darker center flowers. White flowers were identical to the darker flowers in quality. I think the flower has a pen line, it's very impressive. I left that one off because I didn't need all of the flowers. Would definitely recommend! The package looked amazing when used.

👤These are gorgeous. I made a wreath out of the thin green wire stems. I cut the wire halfway so it would be easier to maneuver. I put the flowers in the vases because they looked funny in the vase without anything else in it. Our guests thought the flowers were real. It is 10/10 recommend.

👤The flowers were nicely packaged. The flowers looked gorgeous.

👤I received my order today. The flowers look and feel like the real thing. My daughter and son are going to an engagement party and I am using them in bud vases. I ordered a different box because I loved them so much. If you are looking for artificial flowers that look and feel like the real thing, look no further. If I could, I would give them a 10 rating.

👤Quality roses. The appearance and quality were very good. It had some strings of pearls which was an accessory for purchase. I was very satisfied with the quality and presentation of my sisters wedding.

👤I used the beautiful color for wall decor and fairy lights. The packaging was beautiful. It was nice to have the real effect on flowers.


What is the best product for cake flowers pink?

Cake flowers pink products from Innogear. In this article about cake flowers pink you can see why people choose the product. N&t Nieting and Ling's Moment are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake flowers pink.

What are the best brands for cake flowers pink?

Innogear, N&t Nieting and Ling's Moment are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake flowers pink. Find the detail in this article. Ddcafor, Nevisi and Ling's Moment are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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