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1. NIETING Artificial Decoration Bridesmaid Centerpieces

NIETING Artificial Decoration Bridesmaid Centerpieces

You will receive 100 purple rose flower heads. The purple fake roses are made of latex foam which is soft to the touch and bears a strong resemblance to real roses because of the flexibility of the material used. One foam flower has a total length of about 17 cm and a width of about 8 cm. A bendable wire is connected with each rose and wrapped in green paper to look like real plant stems. If the stem is not needed, it can be removed. They added small adjustments to make the real touch roses more presentable, and handmade flower petals are put together in accordance to the shape of genuine roses. All the flowers you purchased will be sitting nicely in a rustic style box with an aroma card inside to add a light yet pleasant floral scent. The well-thought packaging makes it easy to take out the artificial roses for decoration or gifts for loved ones. The time, energy and money it takes to care for real flowers can be unpleasantly huge. With N&T foam flowers, you can easily decorate your wedding, bridal showers, birthday parties, and daily indoor decorations. Save time by enjoying the gorgeousness of floral decorations. Artificial roses are perfect for making bouquets, centerpiece, kissing balls, boutonnieres, cake flowers, or any other flower decorations, and can be used at a wedding, party, baby shower or home. The shape and color of the flowers will not affect the performance of this product because of the nature of the material.

Brand: N&t Nieting

👤I loved using these flowers for my bouquet and bridesmaids. Highly recommended!

👤These were the dreams of the crafter. I used them to make headbands for my flower girls. They were perfect to work with. I would recommend my friends as well.

👤The roses looked great! They look real. My client loved her cake and received many compliment on her flowers. If they are properly preserved, they are a great souvenir. If you don't want to use real flowers, this is a great recommendation.

👤They are pretty. Medium size, not a huge flower bloom head, but kind of decant. They feel like a real flower. I don't like the feel of fabric flowers, silk or whatever because they are thin and flimsy and don't look real. There is a The roses in this listing are real. They feel like they're big. It has a rubbery feel to it when you touch it. This is how they feel, not real but close to a flower. It is my favorite material for flowers because it looks more convincing from a short distance than a fabric one. The colors are divine. I love the way in which the colors change from dark to light and from deep to light, and I like the way in which the transitions are gentle. They came in a box with a window so you can see them before opening the box. I like that they came with a good length of wire attached to each head so it's easy to use. You can add it to any existing stems, bouquets, or wreath, or garlands, because of the perfect length and flexibility of the wire. It is great that this product has a wire that is placed in a strategic location so you can work with them without having to attach a wire. I would see them fit perfectly in the following uses: wedding table accents pieces, wedding décor of all kinds, garlands, chair décor, table boarders, centerpiece, buffet accents, and Wreaths. You need to use a glue gun to attach a flower in all kinds of crafts. It's really great that it's very versatile. If you are looking for a rose that closely mimics nature, then those are perfect, but if you are looking for a rose that looks real, then look further. There are always tinny gradations of color, and blends and imperfections, and that's why a rose is never one color. The roses here are just one color all the way through. For the purpose of décor flower they are perfect and way better looking heads than dollar store thin cheap fabric quality.

👤I wanted to give a 4.5 but it was not possible. The packaging was nice, the white ones looked real, and the royal blue was a true royal Blue. I didn't like that the roses were squeezed in a box that was too small, they were a little smaller than I expected, but my fault was not looking at the measurements given and just using the pictures. I am very happy with the purchase, it is a good value for money and they look real. I would purchase again.

2. Artificial Bouquets Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

Artificial Bouquets Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

Also, note: The size of the roses may be different and there may be a color difference between different dye lots. Floroom Studio's artificial roses are made of a soft high quality PE foam which gives them the look of fresh roses and touches soft. The rose head is called aprrox. The total height is 9 inches and the stem is about 8 inches long. They have flexible thin wire stems, which make it easy to work with. It's easy to bend, cut down or pull out. They are perfect for making bouquets, centerpiece, kissing balls, boutonnieres, cake flowers, or any other flower decorations, centerpiece and arrangements that you want at your wedding, bridal shower, party, baby shower or home decor. 8 complimentary leaves for every 25 flowers are offered by Greenery. You can add some leaves to your cart if you need more. It's a good thing. The size of the roses may vary slightly and there may be some color differences between different dye lots.

Brand: Floroom

👤My daughter's wedding is coming up. She wanted to use foam roses, however in the end she needed more and we found these ones and we were so excited and angry at the same time! We couldn't tell the difference between the ones from Ling's moment and the ones from these ones. They are perfect, delicate and thick. We would have ordered all the roses if we knew this earlier.

👤I like it! They were very soft. My daughter's 16th birthday dinner was held in the center piece. They looked real. They received a lot of praise.

👤It's a must buy. I wanted fake flowers for my bridal shower and these did not fail to impress. The pictures don't do it justice. They come with stems that are easy to work with, and they are very pretty.

👤Beautiful flowers. I ordered 50 pieces. The flowers were packaged beautifully. There were 7 leaves and 25 large crystals in each box. We hot glue the crystals to the flowers. I used it for a beautiful centerpiece. My family and I are buying again.

👤Wow! Well packaged and beautiful. They packed them in a box that was large enough to hold 25 faux flowers along with eight leaves so that they wouldn't be crushed. Nice job. I didn't realize that the stems were attached when I ordered them. The stems seem to be made from a type of paper that is flexible so for my purposes it is fine. I want to add these to a few arrangements so they can be clipped or tucked away. The colors are striking. I ordered pink and gray. Excellent quality! I can see these being used for a bride's bouquet. If I need more, I would definitely order these again.

👤The stems are not very strong. It was difficult to get them to stay in the place I wanted them. I made it work. I bought a vase filled with rocks at the dollar tree. The bouquet is pretty. It looks like I spent more than $13.

👤I had to get the wrinkled flowers out of my mouth. I bought the Floroom roses to see the difference. I came back for more to make bouquet's for my girls because they were so beautiful. They are perfectly boxed and each rose is perfect. The shape and detail of each flower. I know I say perfect, but they are.

👤My best friend is having a wedding and bridal shower. I have already recommended them to 2 other people for home use and for another wedding because of the quality and packaging. The way the stems are easy to change is one of the reasons I am using them. They will be great for filling in on the arch. I like how I can drape them in cloth. They ended up costing me the same price per flower as the white and pale pink roses pictured in my review pictures, but I like the purpose so I will mix in foam...

3. DuHouse Artificial Flowers Wedding Bouquet

DuHouse Artificial Flowers Wedding Bouquet

Each of their calla lilies flower is hand-made by experienced craftsmen, and they provide a 30-day full refund guarantee. Their handmade flower can be last all year round and requires no looking after. Artificial calla can be bought at the best price. The artificial calla lily flower is about 12 feet tall and 2.1 feet in diameter. The fake calla lily flower is made of latex. The stem has wires that are easy to bend or cut, so that they can make flowers arrangement with the plastic calla lily. Artificial calla lilies are used for decorations of home,bridal bouquet, table centerpiece, bathroom,office,bookstore, cafe shop, art gallery, outdoor, backyard, and etc. Each of their calla lilies flower is hand-made by experienced craftsmen, and they provide a 30-day full refund guarantee.

Brand: Duhouse

👤Wowza! Stunning Calla's. They are inexpensive and worth every penny. I am very pleased with these. I used them in a Christmas arrangement. They are beautiful in that vase, aren't they? I'm not sure why these only have 4 1/2 stars, but every review gave 5. There are more ratings than reviews. Don't pay attention to the ratings, just read the reviews, and look at the photos. I am amazed by how nice these are. The high quality product is a steal. I highly recommend them. If you like any of the arrangements I've made, you are more than welcome to follow me on here. I try my best to review the products that I buy here and I also take pictures and post them on here. I read the reviews before I make a purchase. I added all of the products I have purchased on here to the photo so you can click on them to add them to your cart. There is a reason for this.

👤I ordered a lot of flowers to make bouquets for my niece's wedding. The white calla lilies were the best. These were the only ones that didn't go through the hassle of shipping. They smelled like flowers, not plastic. Only one pack had a small flaw. I can live with that. I used these in everything, and I had 3 leftover that I was able to put with other leftovers and make a small bouquet for their entry table. I will be ordering more to put in my living room. My niece and her husband loved their bouquets.

👤I made a wedding bouquet out of 2 bundles, it looked gorgeous in pictures.

👤These are the most realistic Cala lilies I have ever seen. I love them. They smell great. There is an issue. They get overtime that is very yellow. I got the white, which is probably not an issue for any of the other colors. I received two new sets after placing another order. The first set and the new set are pictured. It would be great if there was a way to keep the original white color.

👤I bought these flowers based on reviews and photos and was not disappointed, as I usually am with artificial flowers' purchases. These are realistic looking lilies. They arrived in great condition without the need for a lot of adjustments. I've had a lot of fun playing with these flowers and they look amazing in every vase I tried! Highly recommended!

👤I always thought fake flowers were not good for decorating. I had to buy another 20 because they're so nice. The photos don't show how natural they are.

👤We create 100's of bridal bouquets a year and often order calla lilies in different colors. A bouquet of red calla lilies mixed with other flowers and neutral whites is a beautiful addition to a bridal bouquet.

👤Very realistic. Soft and not plasticy. We attached them to the pens in the salon. This way, the pens stay in the shop, and it looks like a flower display on the counter.

4. Arrangement Bouquet Suitable Centerpiece Valentines

Arrangement Bouquet Suitable Centerpiece Valentines

The flower decline is an art form. The set contains realistic-looking flower bouquets for interior decoration, office decoration, or for a special event. The road lead flower rack is also sold in their store. US patent number D935347 The material is high quality. The flower heads are made of soft polyester and can be placed directly on a rack to be cleaned. It mimics the feel of real roses with high color saturation. It can give more ideas for you to make wonderful works. There are 15 flower heads. The artificial flower ball contains 15 flower heads, which makes the whole rose ball more eye catching. The flower head is an average size. They think you will be amazed when you receive this flower ball. Adaptable: These bouquets do not require water or sunlight, which is perfect for decoration on a windowsill, as well as for brightening up your office desk. Functional: Their fake rose flower bouquets are great for decorating. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Brand: Nuptio

👤A beautiful flower. It looks better than it looks in photos.

👤I added my own colors to the white set. I bought the red and white set because I love them so much. It is beautiful.

👤The flowers were perfect. I ordered champagne and it looked real. It's beautiful and elegant.

👤Very nice decor. I used these two to decorate the buffet table for my daughter's 2nd birthday party. It blends well. I was so happy to buy them. I bought purple and white in September of 2020 and have been decorating our table ever since. I really like this. I might buy the pink and white next time. Thanks.

👤I was looking for white roses to go with my vases. I initially ordered loose flowers, but they didn't form the shape I wanted. You don't have to shape them because they are pre-formed. I was in love when I put it on top of my vase. These will be great for a centerpiece. It looks elegant and sophisticated.

👤They looked very realistic when I ordered them. They looked cheap when I received them. Someone told me that they reminded them of the flowers at the funeral home. I don't want my guest to have a bad experience at the party. The price was wonderful, but not the quality I was expecting.

👤They smelled terrible when they arrived. I had to spray them with lysol and fabric softener, but they are very well made. Excellent quality for the price. They were used for my 25th anniversary vow renewal ceremony.

👤The flowers are smaller than the recommended center piece.

👤These are lovely and will look great in the middle of the wedding tables. I am happy with my puchase, it was a great price, and the size was great.

👤The way it was written was the same as the item. It was a nice decoration for my bedroom and dining table. Overall very satisfied with the size and color.

👤These are of the worst quality. I would not recommend these to anyone or buy them again. Don't buy them, put them in the bin. The quality of the poundshop is AWFUL.

5. JUSTOYOU Artificial Blossom Bouquet Wedding

JUSTOYOU Artificial Blossom Bouquet Wedding

It's easy to make your own rose flower bouquet. It is possible to make a faux rose out of the real flower and keep it fresh for a long time. The flower heads have a diameter of 4.7 inches and a height of 58.6 cm. Technology and craft use metal wire as a skeleton. Artificial plants and flowers are produced using advanced technology. It can be used in many things.

Brand: Justoyou

👤Artificial roses are always a small fortune, so they are a good deal. I was shocked and upset that they folded the bouquets and put them in a small box. Buy bigger boxes for shipping if you raise the price by a dollar. I would have paid it. I have to bend back into shape 40 of them. Many of the leaves and petals have a small stain on them, either red or black. It's not very noticeable, and I just cut off the stained pieces. I would be panicked if these were for my bouquet. I'm not too concerned or upset because they are just individual roses to add to the bridesmaids bouquets. They look pretty. Again, were a good deal.

👤I ordered red champagne roses because I enjoyed them so much. My edit to this review was disappointing. They are not as realistic as they could be. They were crammed into a tight box together and are all devastated. The stems were folded in half like the first order, which is fine if you want to bend them back to straight. I can't figure out how to fix the smashed blossoms. They are being returned. If you want these flowers, go for the champagne color. The champagne colored roses are in a bouquet with some other roses. They are large with long stems that can be trimmed. The long stems were bent in half so you'll have to do some work. They came a bit more crushed than I expected and I can't quite get them uncrushed in all places. I guess that makes them even more realistic. They are still nice and fit my needs.

👤I bought the purple roses for an arrangement I am making for a friend and I am very pleased with them. The color is correct. If you know how to fluff them out with a blow dryer, they are fine. I took a picture of my kitchen.

👤These are so realistic, I am so shocked. I like receiving roses from my husband, but it gets expensive sometimes. My husband will save a lot of money because of the look and feel of these. You will not regret buying the red roses, they have more color than the picture shows. They are looking to order more in white color, so please keep an eye on this.

👤I was looking for silver roses. I wanted them to sparkle. These definitely do. They look great when all fluffed. The problem was getting them to follow that path. I think the amount of effort needed is ridiculous. I knew the flowers would be small from the reviews. I would rather pay a little more for them to be nicely packaged, otherwise this would have been a sure return. I had to use a hair straighter to get the leaves and petals straight after using a hairdryer. Yes, it's a bitiness, right? They come in a 10 pk and not 12 as I had thought, but luckily my vase opening works with 10. It was a good buy for the price. If you don't mind the work, I would recommend it.

6. SERRAFLORA Artificial Flowers Centerpieces Arrangements

SERRAFLORA Artificial Flowers Centerpieces Arrangements

There are more great cupcake, candy, cookie and cake ideas in the current Wilton yearbook. There is a combo pack of flowers and colors. They look very realistic. The long wire stem of the flowers and greeneries makes them very easy to work with. They are the best flowers. The artificial flowers and greenery combo pack can be used for a variety of purposes. Daisy x7 is a set of artificial flowers that include a 2.50 inch rose and a 1.96 inch peony. The branch is 6.29 inches in diameter and has a orchid on it. There are berries Stems, flower rod wire, and hot melt accessories. The flower box is long and wide. The stem is long. You can trim the flower stems to fit your needs, they are perfect for flower decorations at home. The soft iron wire can be used to make a variety of flower arrangements, such as bouquets, centerpiece, kissing balls, boutonnieres, cake flowers, and any other flower decorations which you want at your wedding, party, baby shower or home.

Brand: Serra Flora

👤Most flowers are missing from my box. I received a pair of scissors and a tissue. The second box was perfect and met all my expectations. I don't want to touch the open box again because it has grease and oil on it. How does this happen? I need to have that second box like yesterday.

👤I bought this prop for book staging. It was easy to work with. If you want a larger item with more flowers, you should order 2.

👤So beautiful! I love them! They are even more beautiful than the pictures. I bought them for my friend who is getting married and she will be doing the bridesmaids bouquets.

👤I was not sure what I was getting since there were no reviews, but I am so glad I took the risk. These are what I was looking for. The kit is easy to put together, the colors are vibrant, and the flowers and greenery are good quality. The majority of the flowers pictured are from the bouquet kit. I would recommend any bride that is doing this.

👤The flowers were beautiful. I was surprised that it was more beautiful than I anticipated. I wore them for part of my costume. I received a lot of praise. I can not throw it away because it is too pretty. I will buy these flowers in other colors. Excellent quality and many uses.

👤Silk flowers are almost like dried flowers with muted colors. Soft to touch and come packaged in a box that is not crushed or shaped. You have to assemble, but I prefer that over crushed flowers. There is a small amount of plastic greenery. The flowers look real, but these do not. There is oneouquet stem with 3 branches and several nubs to attach flowers. Great buy!

👤So pretty. There is a nice variety of flowers. Two boxes was enough for two full table arrangements. The value is great.

👤I bought this for my baby's dedication. I got about 8 mini arrangements from them. They will be hanging from the tree. Excellent quality and colors. There were only 2 small flowers that came with a weird flourecent orange. The flourecent orange worked out to create a little pop in two of the arrangements. Will be buying again.

👤I have never purchased from the US and found the flower heads disappointing. Otherwise happy with the purchase.

👤Muy bonito, el material, e de excelente calidad.

7. Lings Moment Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

Lings Moment Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

You can use it for home, table, wedding, party, meeting room decor. The ling's roses are made of a soft high quality PE foam which gives them the look of fresh roses and touches soft. Each rose head has a size. The stem is about 8 inches long. The roses are easy to work with because of their flexible thin wire stem. It's easy to bend, cut down or pull out. They're perfect for making flowers at your wedding, party, baby shower, or home. Each box has 8 rose leaves as complimentary. Also, note: The size of the roses may be different and there may be a color difference between different dye lots.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤They are perfect for my center pieces. Only 16 of the 50 flowers came with green leaves. The rest is notComplicated. Not a flower without the leaves. I want Ling's to send me the leaves. I bought 2 more boxes in hopes of getting more leaves. I hope I can get my problem solved as the flowers are perfect once they are complete. I want to say that these flowers look real. They are perfect for my center pieces. Lings responded to all of my emails in a timely manner, and they were able to take care of my issue, even though I had an issue with the lack of leaves. I think they have updated their information about the leaves. If you want more leaves, they will sell them separately. I purchased more flowers after this first purchase, but I will continue to purchase them in the future.

👤These flowers look real. I used 1,000 to create a flower wall. It came out well.

👤I bought these flowers to make a wedding centerpiece. I was not disappointed when they came. The flower was packaged well and arrived in a timely fashion. Some of the flowers were smooshed. I wanted to see what I could do with them. The stem and leaves of this flower are not eye catching, so I recommend it for arrangements that hide the back. The leaves are made from construction paper. If you look at the ad, you'll see that they don't hide it, but they don't reveal it either. This isn't a problem for kissing balls or bouquets. You may want to look at other options if you want to expose the stems. The flowers are made of foam and are pleasant to look at, but they are not floaty. Don't think about getting them to submerge. Unless you have a heavy anchor, the are very strong and float to the top. I used 10 glass beads as an anchor for a rose and it floated to the top. I found that they perked up when I submerging and that the smooshed petals dried out after drying. This is up to you. The red didn't run after being submerged, but I didn't do it for a long time. I hope this helps some. For my intended use, they are fine.

👤I was very pleased with the quality of the flowers. You would think they were real up close. I assumed that they would be of a lesser quality since they were cheap, but that's not the case. I was able to make almost all of my wedding flowers. I purchased 2 of the colors and they are gorgeous! My wedding colors are blush and ivory. They are easy to work with. They come packaged in plastic, but I don't need to tug on the petals very much, just squeeze the base of the flower to loosen it. I will definitely be purchasing additional flowers from this company to finish my wedding decorating, because I have recommended these flowers to anyone that I know getting married, and I will definitely be purchasing additional flowers from this company. Thank you for the great quality flower!

8. Felice Arts Flowers Artificial Hanging

Felice Arts Flowers Artificial Hanging

There is an artificial rose pink vine for wedding. The length of the wreath is over 6 feet. Each corolla has 9 flowers, with 4 in diameter and 5 in diameter buds. The flowers and leaves are made of silk. The leaves are soft and comfortable to the touch, and they keep the fake vines fresh and beautiful year after year. Colorful colors make you feel good. Pink rose vines are romantic. You can hang it on a wide range of objects. Artificial leaf vines are great for enjoying anything. It is perfect for wedding decoration, party, house decoration, anniversary decoration, table center decoration, holiday celebration.

Brand: Felice Arts

👤The Happy Birthday banner was made using the faux roses on the garlands. I used a Christmas wreath above the banner and a Christmas wreath on the tree and mantel. The garlands are beautiful by themselves.

👤I bought these to see if I could be an artist, and decorated my mirror like a picture I saw on the internet. I guess. Jkjk. I mixed the white and pink ones and it looked nice. It was difficult for the white ones. I tried to untangle them but they were too tangled. It was easy to fix and still looked nice.

👤There were only 3 roses on the stem of the flowers. They were not 13 feet long. I was surprised at how small the box was. These are 3ft long with 3 flowers. I was very disappointed as I had previously purchased a nice bunch. They have changed things.

👤I used string lights to make these pop. I used them in the middle of my tables. If you do something to them, they look good.

👤1st The roses are not the color shown, the quality is so bad that they place the garland in a bag, and the price is too cheap. I'm assuming it's thrown around and flattened by other deliveries. You can't fix them. The replacement was worse than the first one.

👤I had a vision to decorate this frame with this. I think it adds a fun touch to my daughter's nursery.

👤I ordered this product for my child. It was in the bag and mailer. It took a while to get thewrinkle straight. If you need this, it is better to order early so you have time to make your flower and leaf look good. I am satisfied.

👤I like the way they look. It seemed like it would come with 2 vines that were 13ft each. I have to buy another vine to finish my project. I'm very happy with this.

9. Leagel Fake Flowers Vintage Artificial Decoration

Leagel Fake Flowers Vintage Artificial Decoration

The mateiral is made of silk and plastic. Each bouquet has 13 stems, 6 flowers and 2 buds, the total flowers are 18''H x 11''W. Suggestion1: vase should fit 2 bouquets. There is a big artificial peony flower. It's suitable for: home, table, wedding, party, meeting room décor.

Brand: Leagel

👤These flowers are beautiful. These are fake flowers that you can use if you like them. They look like peonies. I used to get fake flowers from Michaels when they had sales, but these are a better deal for more flower beads. It is 1 bouquet. I can't get over how realistic they look. If you want, you can open the heads and make them bigger. The only flower that had a red ink stain on it was pushed toward the back of my case. Order some and add some flowers to your life.

👤The peonies are very nice. I was careful when opening the package. I was pleasantly surprised that they didn't need a lot of fluffing, their flowers were small, and the bouquet was full. The listing is true to color. I wish the flower stems were thicker, they're all the thickness of the wire. I was happy to make 3 small arrangements with this bouquet. I would buy these again.

👤I used them for a project. There are center pieces and a floral letter. These did not fail to impress. They look realistic. I love the variety of colors and the foliage. I was left speechless. Highly recommended.

👤They look like the pictures. They are a good size. They are a little soft, but not as soft as a fabric. The leaves are not great, but you can see the fabric cut in some of the flowers. Overall pretty.

👤Absolutely exceeded my expectations. You won't regret it. Spring white looks better than red and pure white.

👤We can't afford to retile our bathroom, so I decided to make it pretty. These flowers add a lot. There is a beautiful splash of color in the room. To me, it changes the whole look.

👤I ordered two white bouquets and one lavender. Went in vases of 7” in a foot high. A good display can be made up of two vases. If your vase is a size of a big mug or a short type, one would do it. I was tempted to get a green-ish white, but went with the creamy white because it complemented the lavender and pink flowers. The fabric is a little rough. The flowers were crushed and had to be fluffed up. Some flowers need more work. I was a little worried that the flowers might be too fake because I compared the colors of other vendors' flowers. My worry was not necessary. The lavender color is very pretty. If you stare at it, you can tell it is not real. They are realistic when enjoyed from a few feet away. My home office is very bland and lighten-up by them. Being able to look at soft pastels helps me relax while I work.

👤How I rate: 1 star-don't like at all, 2 stars-it's ok, 3 stars-impressed, 4 stars- pretty darn good, 5 stars- wow. It'spensable in my life. I hesitated to return them because they looked like the real thing, but I no longer needed them. I bought artificial peonies from Michael's and Joann Fabrics for my wedding years ago because I wanted to see them in person before buying them. For my daughter's first birthday, I wanted to get a new set of peonies just for her cake and decor. I got these along with the lighter pink peonies from Duovlo. I had bought them years ago for my wedding and they looked more realistic than ever, and the price was great for the quality. Since I don't have the time to make her birthday cake and we are doing the birthday at a restaurant, there was no need for floral decor. I thought of ways to use them in her room, as a mobile, and as a corsage for Easter. I don't have time to do that, and I didn't want this to be another unfinished project sitting in storage. I still have a few boxes full of floral decor from my wedding. These gorgeous flowers will not be used soon.

10. Rose Flower Heads Artificial Decorations

Rose Flower Heads Artificial Decorations

The pack comes with 100 flower heads for all your decoration and craft projects. These stemless flowers are made of quality material that will last for years to come. Bring love into any decoration with these gorgeous flowers. These stemless flowers are perfect for baby showers, engagement parties and weddings, and each purple rose is 3 x 1.25 x 3 inches. You will receive 100 purple rose flower heads.

Brand: Juvale

👤I made a rose background wall. It turned out great. They were the perfect size.

👤I worked on a craft for my niece and bought this. These were amazing. I bought the light pink and white 100 packs and have plenty left to make more things. Definitely ordering more. I made more frames with these roses as you can see on the added pics. I am getting orders for more of them. Can't wait for more colors to be added.

👤I used these roses to make my costume. I used every single one of the roses. They are soft to the touch.

👤I was skeptical about buying these after reading bad reviews. Many people said they received less fat than 100 or that they smelled bad. I took pictures to prove that I got the 100 count that was promised. They have a slight smell of foam/plastic, which is what they're made out of. They look good to me. The quality is very good. I believe 3 of the 100 I received have a small hole in one of the outer flower petals. 10/10 would buy again. I think I'm going to buy more right now. They're light weight, so it's easy to do with no damage to the wall.

👤I ordered three bags and only two of them had 70 roses in them, not the 100 advertised. My event is in two days, so I am extremely frustrated by this.

👤I ordered the flowers after reading the great reviews on here. They are a very pretty blue that is vibrant but not turquoise or a deep blue color, which is exactly what I was looking for. They are cheaper than other artificial roses I have ordered before, they are not too small or large, and they are realistic looking. I like the flowers for the price and will be ordering again in the future.

👤The smell was like someone smoked a carton of cigarettes near them. Each flower had a patch that looked almost like a melted fingerprint. I may have gotten a bad one. I would look elsewhere for your flowers.

👤A beautiful white rose! It's perfect for a main attraction or a flower. I used these in addition to other flowers for a luncheon engagement. I needed a lot of flowers for 20 arrangements. Will order again.

👤There are no wires on roses. I had to order wire to attach heads. The product looks good, it arrived quickly.

👤The table was used for the event with mirrors and candles.

👤I wanted to make my own decorations. They are a good size and quality. They are foam and don't fall in the packaging. I have nothing bad to say about them.

👤Very pretty. I was looking for them to be used for wedding decorations. Quality and feel great.

11. Felice Arts Artificial Hydrangea Decoration

Felice Arts Artificial Hydrangea Decoration

The soft iron wire can be used to make a variety of flower arrangements, such as bouquets, centerpiece, kissing balls, boutonnieres, cake flowers, and any other flower decorations which you want at your wedding, party, baby shower or home. There are 7 purple flower bouquets in the package, including 2 big rose flowers, 2 medium roses, 2 rose buds and 1 purple hydrangea. It's a gift for lovers. The height of the purple flower rose bouquets is about 12 Inches. The flower heads are small. The material: The symbol of romantic and love is the flower bouquet. The flowers and leaves are made of silk. The leaves of the bouquets can be changed. The artificial purple bouquets are realistic and durable, they are suitable for wedding, wedding bouquet, birthday celebration, anniversary, graduation ceremony, table runner, beautiful vase and photography. A purple flower bouquet is a good gift for your family and friends. The leaves may be damaged by long-distance transportation. To make the product better, use a hair dryer.

Brand: Felice Arts

👤I have lived 1600 miles away from my parents for 7 years, but I still send my mom flowers when she seems to be having a bad day, even though she is going through cancer therapy. I sent these and a bottle of lavender essential oil to her. She loves that they look real from a few feet away, and that after a few hundred drops of essential oils going on the petals, they show no signs of wear.

👤These look like fakes. I wouldn't use this for anything too close to people. It looks cheap. The stems are just rubber and the purple color is artificial. I don't think it's worth the price unless you're bulking up other better looking flowers. I think you can find better looking bouquets.

👤A nice flower bouquet. It is easy to modify and add more flowers.

👤The artificial flowers are very bright. I changed out a few of my vases after I got them. It is amazing.

👤Was expecting something different. The flowers were put into a bag. I wouldn't buy this again.

👤This arrangement was beautiful and great quality, and can be used as part of a mother's day floral arrangement.

👤The tea rose and hydrangea bouquet is very pretty. The colors are pink and purple. They are a good buy for a number of reasons.

👤It is smaller than expected. A lot cheaper from other sellers.


What is the best product for cake flowers purple?

Cake flowers purple products from N&t Nieting. In this article about cake flowers purple you can see why people choose the product. Floroom and Duhouse are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake flowers purple.

What are the best brands for cake flowers purple?

N&t Nieting, Floroom and Duhouse are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake flowers purple. Find the detail in this article. Nuptio, Justoyou and Serra Flora are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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