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1. Colorful Birthday Toothpick Wedding Decoration

Colorful Birthday Toothpick Wedding Decoration

You will get enough supplies to meet your needs, including 24 pieces of different color ball cake ball toppers, 1 piece of cake topper printed with Happy Birthday, and large amount of decorative accessories. The cupcake balls are different colors for different options, you can make a proper position arrangement based on the size and shape of your cake, the happy birthday topper has double-sided glitter, which can seen from various angles, making your birthday cake and party charming and attractive. It's convenient to use, you don't need to prepare other tools and glues to finish the decoration, you can use the cake insert toppers directly. Birthday ball topper decorations are great for festive occasions, they make your birthday cakes shiny and stand out, and are also great for decorating desserts, table centerpiece, flower arrangements, fruit and more, leaving a deep impression on your guest's mind. The cup cake toppers are made of foam and latex wire, while happy birthday toppers are made of acrylic material, they are safe and have no toxic element.

Brand: Boao

👤I bought this on a last minute whim when I decided to bake and decorate my daughter's first birthday cake. I was not sure if it was quality. It looked great. The happy birthday sign broke after my daughter grabbed it from the cake, but I am fine with that. It is so cute. The little balloons will be used again in the future. This is a very good recommendation!

👤The silver and gold color of the balls was wiped off after we washed them in soapy water. It's a waste of money.

👤The item is below expectation. I didn't think I would be presentable. There are balls that are not very smooth. There is a navy mark on a white ball. The item is not easy to return, which is a shame. I can't use this so I'm going to keep figuring out a way to return it. If you're reading this, please give me back.

👤I thought they were tasty. I was going to try them, but the balls are dirty, the sticks are falling apart, and the metal stems are rusted. They won't allow me to return them.

👤The balls made my cake more beautiful. I didn't care that they were not eatable and that some of them lost their coating, I loved the way they looked and everyone complemented the cake!

👤The kit was very cute. It needed more in the colors and sizes of the spheres.

👤I will never buy them again because they don't cover the whole cake.

👤I had to do a rush job on a birthday cake for my sister and I wanted decorations that were easy to put together and not too complicated. You get balls in 3 different colors and sizes. They are mounted on a stick. If you don't have a happy birthday topper, you get a happy birthday one which I didn't need. They looked lovely when they were insitu. I had to wipe the white balls down because there was dirt and dirt on them. I am very happy with the product. I will get the balls back when my sister finishes with them so that I can use them again.

2. Birthday Toppers Anniversary Pastries Decorations

Birthday Toppers Anniversary Pastries Decorations

ATTENTION. Do not light up the candle without removing the balloon. Under adult supervision, the candle must be used. Enhance the sense of ceremony by adding words "happy birthday" in charming art fonts, wreathed with colorful flowers, and get rid of bland cake decorations, while leaving a deep impression on others. There are 5 different sizes of flower cake toppers, which are big enough to draw attention of others and add charms to various food such as cakes, cupcakes, desserts, pastries, and so on. The flower happy birthday cake toppers are made of quality acrylic and are lightweight to stay firmly on pastries and not easy to break. The package contains 5 pieces of cake toppers in different styles and shapes, and ample quantity for people to decorate different food. Happy birthday topper picks can be used to create a romantic and warm atmosphere at birthday party, anniversary, important celebration and so on.

Brand: Zonon

👤I tried to put the holder in a planter.

👤It's easy to make a cake look beautiful.

👤These are perfect for cakes. When they arrived, there were no problems.

👤The product was delivered within a day.

👤It worked out well with my granddaughter's birthday cake.

3. Sunflower Decoration Eucalyptus Decorations Birthday

Sunflower Decoration Eucalyptus Decorations Birthday

The production date is printed on the package. The total length of the package is about 141 inches or about 11 feet. The simulation flowers are made of silk cloth which is bright and realistic. The plastic used in the figurines and trees are non-toxic. There is a happy birthday cake topper, 3 white roses, and 10 leaves in the figures set. The dimensions are shown in the drawing. The realistic appearance of the model trees and the appealing color of the poses make them very cute for sunflowers cake decorations. The appearance and colors are nice gifts for your friends who like to collect. They're a great educational toy because of their pretend play props and their active cognitive learning through imaginative play. These flowers and leaves are great for a variety of purposes, from birthday gifts to Christmas celebrations.

Brand: Banballon

👤I really wanted to like this. We bought it for our small wedding cake, but I had other options. Some of the pieces were not usable. A few of the green leaves were not usable. I don't like leaving a middle of the road review, but it's the only way I know how this worked out for us.

👤I feel stupid for thinking these were something else, but it is just a pack of cheaper plastic flowers. They are not specific to cake decorating. You could get better for the price.

👤I used only the sunflowers because I didn't like the white roses that came with it. I added a brown ribbon because I didn't receive the string. I received a lot of praise for the cake.

👤My first review. I waited too long to order a decorated cake because I wanted a special cake. I ordered a cake without decorations. I threw the flowers on. I would definitely do it again. Birthday girl loved it.

👤She loved my look. Excellent value and well made. It could be used in decor as well.

👤I wanted to make my sister a cake for her 40th birthday. The cake toppers were easy to use. I like the way it turned out.

👤I didn't use the pack on my cake because it smelled bad. The design was pretty.

4. Birthday Toppers Anniversary Pastries Decorations

Birthday Toppers Anniversary Pastries Decorations

The rose gold cake topper kit is perfect for cupcakes or cakes. The bright rose gold is going to make the atmosphere warm. A birthday party is a great place to give your friends or pets. 6 different styles: you will get 6 pieces cake toppers in different designs and patterns, each is golden, with beautiful flowers and butterflies, full of summer atmosphere, with such cake toppers to decorate your birthday cake to make your party more attractive. The golden birthday cake toppers are decorated with a variety of flowers and butterflies, which are very vivid and full of vitality, and the shapes of the cake toppers are round, different styles can meet your decorative needs. The golden luster of the cake topper is very attractive under the sunlight, and the cake topper is very durable and reusbale, the use is also. Birthday is very important for everyone, and if you decorate a beautiful birthday cake with an elegant and beautiful birthday cake topper, you can make your birthday party as beautiful as flowers and butterflies. Good wishes for the future are represented by blossoms and butterflies, which is why it is a good choice to decorate your birthday party, wedding or anniversary with flower cake topper.

Brand: Jetec

👤The cute girl caught on fire while singing happy birthday to my 9yo. I thought other parents should know because she thought it was awesome.

👤This was used as a cake decoration. It was easy to use and stylish. I received a lot of praise. Would definitely buy again.

👤I would recommend them.

👤The sign was put in the box for the customer to add before serving.

👤They were pretty. I couldn't use most of them because they were broken.

5. Morofme Tropical Cupcake Decoration Birthday

Morofme Tropical Cupcake Decoration Birthday

The package comes with a plastic box and 48edible tropical turtle leaves cake decorations. It is convenient to store and can be a gift. The palm leaves are 1.6 inches in diameter. The cupcake top is made of paper. There was no flavor in it. It's not good but save and look good. It can be kept in a cool place. It is eatable leaves. It's a great way to make a cake and cupcakes look professional. The cupcake can be used as a dessert decoration. The date is on the package with a sticker. These high quality icing sheets are great for decorations such as Christmas, wedding, birthday, baby shower anniversary, engagement, new baby, Hawaii aloha jungle safari summer tropical themed party cake decorations, wild one cake decorations. If you have a question about their product, please purchase with confidence and they will give you a 100% money refund or replace. Please visit Morofme for more products.

Brand: Morofme

👤I thought they would be like sugar or fondant, but they are more like peanut consistency. They look great. I'll use them, but I don't like letting the kids eat them.

👤There is a second hand item. The box was clearly used with dirt and scratches, and had no safety seal or packaging. The leaves were not green in 888-739-5110 was 888-739-5110 If it had been described, I would have given it a 5 star review. Food items are expected to have basic packaging.

👤It is easy to use. It worked well for my cake.

👤It is a good option for birthday parties. Especially for children.

👤They don't lay flat, they work well down fall.

👤I didn't think it was food, it was very sturdy. Cute for the pretzels.

6. Auteby Happy Birthday Cake Topper

Auteby Happy Birthday Cake Topper

Birthday cakes can be made shiny and charming with the purple butterfly cake topper and glitter acrylic topper, they can also be used for baby showers, gender reveal, engagements, birthdays, weddings, Christmas and other important occasions. The floral cake topper is a great way to show your love for your partner. Adding more joy to your birthday party and creating a very romantic atmosphere is suitable for decorating cake desserts or other pastries. Their cake top is made of high quality acrylic. The cake hat will be more shiny if the protective film is torn off. The round shape topper is about 12.4 x 22.2 cm. What you get is a high quality cake. It is a perfect decoration and also a nice photo props.

Brand: Auteby

👤It was pretty little. It had some scratches on it.

👤It was not the best quality, the disc that says "happy Birthday" would slide upside down, and it looked cloudy and heavily used straight out of the package.

👤Completely scratched up garbage.

👤The flowers smelled like fish food. It is horrible. The time and money was wasted.

👤Don't buy! Terrible product. It was broken and falling apart and the wording was peeling off.

👤It looks like a lot of lines on happy budday flowers fell apart.

👤Me encanto! Facil de montar y perfecto!

7. Balloons Artificial Colorful Decorations Birthday

Balloons Artificial Colorful Decorations Birthday

We created their products with extra care and attention to detail to provide the best experience for you, if you ever have any questions about their products, please contact them for immediate personal support and customer satisfaction. Their professional customer service team is here for you. There are 2 purple leaf-shaped folding fans, 2 white artificial orchids, 6 purple artificial daisy flowers, 5 gold balls, 5 silver balls, and 6 purple balls. The specific size is shown in the picture. The material: The artificial orchids and painted daisies are made of high quality silk cloth, non-toxic paint, which can be recycled many times. The ball cake toppers are made of foam. The leaf-shaped folding fans are made of purple and silver, metallic silver and elegant purple and are modeled after palm leaves. Natural colors, uniform colors and clear texture are what the artificial flowers have. You can get more inspiration and creativity from the rich colors and a lot of ball cake toppers, and show them in the cake creation. Artificial flowers and mini balloon cake toppers are perfect for birthday party, baby shower, wedding, festival, anniversary, party decoration supplies, can work as dessert decoration, fruit picks, cookies, brownies, ice cream and more. The cute cake toppers should not be put in the oven. The size of flowers may be different.

Brand: Banballon

👤I had to pull apart other parts of the flowers to use them.

8. Cupcake Toppers Flower Rabbit Decorations

Cupcake Toppers Flower Rabbit Decorations

When you teal off the 4 floral happy birthday cake toppers, they will be much more shiny. The package includes 30 bunny and flowers cupcake toppers with 5 different colors, each color comes with 6 pieces, and 12 yellow and green cupcake toppers, each piece comes with 6 pieces. The cupcake set is made of quality paper, non-woven fabric and natural wood material and is not easy to break. Use the picks for the food at your party, light up your holiday atmosphere. The general size isBunny part size. The flower part size is approx. Attach the Easter cake topper to your cupcakes for a beautiful look. These cupcake pick set are great for decorating cupcakes, cakes, ice cream,hamburger, and most dishes you want to dress up. They created their products with extra care and attention to detail to provide the best experience for you, if you ever have any questions about their products, please contact them for immediate personal support and customer satisfaction. Their professional customer service team is here for you.

Brand: Holidaywoo

9. NIETING Artificial Decoration Bridesmaid Centerpieces

NIETING Artificial Decoration Bridesmaid Centerpieces

The size of the roses may vary slightly and there may be some color differences between different dye lots. Their rose flowers are made of high quality latex foam, which is very soft, poisonless and harmless, natural, generous and elegant, looks like real roses and never will be withered. The fake roses head diameter is approx. The stem is 18 cm/7 inch. A bendable wire is connected with each rose and wrapped in green paper to look like real plant stems. It's easy to bend, cut or curl to make your own bouquets. A rustic style box with an aroma card inside is the perfect gift for artificial flowers. It is a great gift for your friends and family. You can use fake roses at your wedding, party, baby shower or home, and they are versatile. The shape and color of the flowers will not affect the performance of this product because of the nature of the material.

Brand: N&t Nieting

👤I loved using these flowers for my bouquet and bridesmaids. Highly recommended!

👤These were the dreams of the crafter. I used them to make headbands for my flower girls. They were perfect to work with. I would recommend my friends as well.

👤The roses looked great! They look real. My client loved her cake and received many compliment on her flowers. If they are properly preserved, they are a great souvenir. If you don't want to use real flowers, this is a great recommendation.

👤They are pretty. Medium size, not a huge flower bloom head, but kind of decant. They feel like a real flower. I don't like the feel of fabric flowers, silk or whatever because they are thin and flimsy and don't look real. There is a The roses in this listing are real. They feel like they're big. It has a rubbery feel to it when you touch it. This is how they feel, not real but close to a flower. It is my favorite material for flowers because it looks more convincing from a short distance than a fabric one. The colors are divine. I love the way in which the colors change from dark to light and from deep to light, and I like the way in which the transitions are gentle. They came in a box with a window so you can see them before opening the box. I like that they came with a good length of wire attached to each head so it's easy to use. You can add it to any existing stems, bouquets, or wreath, or garlands, because of the perfect length and flexibility of the wire. It is great that this product has a wire that is placed in a strategic location so you can work with them without having to attach a wire. I would see them fit perfectly in the following uses: wedding table accents pieces, wedding décor of all kinds, garlands, chair décor, table boarders, centerpiece, buffet accents, and Wreaths. You need to use a glue gun to attach a flower in all kinds of crafts. It's really great that it's very versatile. If you are looking for a rose that closely mimics nature, then those are perfect, but if you are looking for a rose that looks real, then look further. There are always tinny gradations of color, and blends and imperfections, and that's why a rose is never one color. The roses here are just one color all the way through. For the purpose of décor flower they are perfect and way better looking heads than dollar store thin cheap fabric quality.

👤I wanted to give a 4.5 but it was not possible. The packaging was nice, the white ones looked real, and the royal blue was a true royal Blue. I didn't like that the roses were squeezed in a box that was too small, they were a little smaller than I expected, but my fault was not looking at the measurements given and just using the pictures. I am very happy with the purchase, it is a good value for money and they look real. I would purchase again.

10. Toppers Acrylic Birthday Decoration Supplies

Toppers Acrylic Birthday Decoration Supplies

Ball cake topper decorations can be used to make your birthday cakes shiny and stand out, they can also be used to adorn desserts, table centerpiece, flower arrangements, fruit and more, and serve as photo props, leaving a deep impression on your guest's mind. The cake toppers are made of high quality material. Their gold cake topper has 4 different flower patterns, they can match different style cakes and make your cake more attractive. They are perfect for birthday party and are suitable for many cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, deserts. The width of the cake toppers is approximately 4.7", the length is 7.4", and they are perfect for a 6-10” cake. When you teal off the 4 floral happy birthday cake toppers, they will be much more shiny.

Brand: Enjonar

👤These are all gorgeous! Everyone loved it for my mother's birthday.

👤I am perfecta me encanto.

11. Topper Acrylic Birthday Decoration Supplies

Topper Acrylic Birthday Decoration Supplies

We back their kit with a lifetime warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can eat your cake as well. It is risk free to try it. The cake toppers are made of high quality material. The gold cake topper can match different style cakes and make your cake more attractive. They are perfect for birthday party and are suitable for many cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, deserts. The width of the cake toppers is 4.5 inches, the length is 2.3 inches, and they are perfect for a cake of 6-9 inches. When you teal off the gold happy birthday cake toppers, they will be much more shiny.

Brand: Elwish

👤These are great for cakes. These are glass and are very sturdy and don't break easily. I have been able to reuse them. Some of them are elegant and some are fun. I would highly recommend these cakes.

👤These are the little things that I love as a home baker. The design on smaller cakes is absolutely gorgeous and adds a touch of elegance to larger cakes. I had to take away a star from these toppers because of their flammability. The look on a 6 year old's face when the cake's top burst into flames and continued to melt onto the cake was priceless. The cake is not pictured here. Look how pretty!

👤They aren't so great. It is ok for the price. Not really, what are you expecting more yellowish? I bought a glittery one at target and it is thicker and shinier than the ones I am going to post. I have a small cake and they work very well on the pic.

👤A beautiful option instead of candles. I would prefer the birthday girl not blow on a communal cake. It has a protective layer that makes it a little annoying to ply off. I don't see why that protective layer is necessary.

👤Don't hesitate to buy! The designs are included in the order. The design is sleek, modern and sturdy. These are made out of something other than paper. You can't beat the price.

👤The cake toppers exceeded my expectations. They have different designs. They're very well made and can be washed gently. They are pretty. Such a great purchase!

👤I thought these gave my cakes a special touch. They are a thicker plastic with a gold foil sheen. I have used one for two cakes. It's nice to have the option to reuse them or give them to a friend. It was nice to have a variety to choose from.

👤Perfectos para el cake, vino llegaron perfectos.

👤I thought they would be flimsy, but they are quite nice. I would order again.

👤They were lovely. They were what I expected. They added a pretty touch, but you have to handle them carefully.

👤Exactly like in the pictures. Money saving purchase.


What is the best product for cake flowers toppers?

Cake flowers toppers products from Boao. In this article about cake flowers toppers you can see why people choose the product. Zonon and Banballon are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake flowers toppers.

What are the best brands for cake flowers toppers?

Boao, Zonon and Banballon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake flowers toppers. Find the detail in this article. Jetec, Morofme and Auteby are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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