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1. Felice Arts Flowers Artificial Hanging

Felice Arts Flowers Artificial Hanging

There is an artificial rose pink vine for wedding. The length of the wreath is over 6 feet. Each corolla has 9 flowers, with 4 in diameter and 5 in diameter buds. The flowers and leaves are made of silk. The leaves are soft and comfortable to the touch, and they keep the fake vines fresh and beautiful year after year. Colorful colors make you feel good. Pink rose vines are romantic. You can hang it on a wide range of objects. Artificial leaf vines are great for enjoying anything. It is perfect for wedding decoration, party, house decoration, anniversary decoration, table center decoration, holiday celebration.

Brand: Felice Arts

👤The Happy Birthday banner was made using the faux roses on the garlands. I used a Christmas wreath above the banner and a Christmas wreath on the tree and mantel. The garlands are beautiful by themselves.

👤I bought these to see if I could be an artist, and decorated my mirror like a picture I saw on the internet. I guess. Jkjk. I mixed the white and pink ones and it looked nice. It was difficult for the white ones. I tried to untangle them but they were too tangled. It was easy to fix and still looked nice.

👤There were only 3 roses on the stem of the flowers. They were not 13 feet long. I was surprised at how small the box was. These are 3ft long with 3 flowers. I was very disappointed as I had previously purchased a nice bunch. They have changed things.

👤I used string lights to make these pop. I used them in the middle of my tables. If you do something to them, they look good.

👤1st The roses are not the color shown, the quality is so bad that they place the garland in a bag, and the price is too cheap. I'm assuming it's thrown around and flattened by other deliveries. You can't fix them. The replacement was worse than the first one.

👤I had a vision to decorate this frame with this. I think it adds a fun touch to my daughter's nursery.

👤I ordered this product for my child. It was in the bag and mailer. It took a while to get thewrinkle straight. If you need this, it is better to order early so you have time to make your flower and leaf look good. I am satisfied.

👤I like the way they look. It seemed like it would come with 2 vines that were 13ft each. I have to buy another vine to finish my project. I'm very happy with this.

2. Meiliy Artificial Greenery Centerpieces Decorations

Meiliy Artificial Greenery Centerpieces Decorations

60pcs silk rose leaves are included in the package. The material is high-quality silk and plastic. Life-like green. The total length is approximately. There is a minimum of 7. The leaves are 2.3" x 1.6" The leaves of the rose green are large and have a clear texture. There is a hole in the center for thin stems to pass. Artificial rose leaves are perfect for making crafts and decorations.

Brand: Meiliy

👤I needed more than the 8 rose leaves that came with the flowers, so I purchased a bunch of Ling's Moment roses. Ling's sells extra rose leaves. I'm pretty happy that I ordered these instead. The Ling's rose leaf is left over from the Meiliy rose leaf. Ling's stem color is a little bit smaller than the tow products'. I was very pleased with this product since I spent less on this route. The smell is something I don't like about this product. They smell like plastic. They still smell almost 3 months later, so air them out for a while.

👤I love the leaves. They look realistic. I bought 300 roses from Amazon and also purchased rose leaves to add to the bouquet for my daughter's wedding in October. They are easy to add to any artificial rose.

👤These were perfect for a baby shower theme. We put some of the leaves in jars with oranges. They were great to use as table decorations. You can't beat the price of the product.

👤I gave a great review after pre-maturely reviewing these leaves. The machines that make the leaves are notLIGNED. I lost more than 1/3rd of the product. Frustrating. Whoever is doing quality control is out of control. If you purchase these leaves, take your chances. Once received, look at them. I did not. It is a fixable issue on the part of the manufacturer.

👤The stems were perfect in my first pack. I have ordered the packs three times. The majority of them were bent out of shape and I couldn't use them. I ordered a third time to replace the second order. The third set was good. If there is a need, I will probably order more. I like the color, the stems were thick, and I could easily stick diamanté pins through them to keep them in place. They worked well in my projects.

👤Great product! They look realistic. It's a little fragile. The fishing string snapped in half when I tied it around one of the balloons. I loosened them a little, so it was fine.

👤I am regalaré en ramitos de dos, todos pensaban, y las me sobraron las coloqués.

👤If you are putting together a centerpiece or something that people aren't going to pay much attention to, these are decent. I used the holes to loop floral wire through and place them where I needed them, and they fit on the stems of the flowers I had. It is good for what it is, don't expect 100% realism, but when you squint they are great.

👤We placed the artificial rose leaves on the tables after finishing the arrangement.

3. Eucalyptus Artificial Wedding Bouquet Decoration

Eucalyptus Artificial Wedding Bouquet Decoration

The flower rod wire stem is about 11 inches long. The size of the silk flower may be different than the color of the dye. You will get 400 pieces of artificial eucalyptus leaves, which are enough for you to make all kinds of flowers to decorate your party or house, and you can share them with your family. If you use fake leaves for decoration, you can get rid of your busy work and study, and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, because the flower language of the eucalyptus leaves is the gift of the earth and good memories. The leaves are roughly the same size. The leaves are large and play a good decorative effect, and you can see them at a glance. The artificial fake leaves are made of quality plastic and silk and waterproof, allowing you to use them for a long time. There is a layer of white on the leaves that makes them more realistic. The silver dollar leaves can be used to make a bouquet, a brooch, a cake decoration, or as a wedding background.

Brand: Willbond

👤I know I will sound like a bad person. Everything was carefully counted to stay within the budget for my wedding. I have 25 tables. I have 800 leaves, so I ordered 2 packs. I have separated the leaves so I have 30 leaves per table. I don't have anything for my head table. I only received 750 after I ordered 800. I was expecting to be 10 or 15 short, but 50 is a big difference. They want me to ship the ones I received back and receive a new shipment, even though I tried to have them shipped to me. They are vacuum sealed and cannot be resealed. I can't do that. I don't want to be shorted again. They are pretty and a good deal. They have a funky smell, but once you spray perfume it goes away.

👤Very cheap looking. I was ordered to place leaves around the center piece. The stems are plastic. No way will I use it. Maybe for a jungle party, but not for an elegant shower.

👤Hated these. They are basically yellow in color, not close to the orange/cinnamon color in the pictures. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤More orange than yellow. The Stems were green.

👤These were the best deal I could find on the pieces of eucalyptus.

👤The green original colour leaves are perfect. They arrived on time. They are being used as table confetti at my wedding.

4. NEVISI Artificial Flowers Bouquets Centerpieces

NEVISI Artificial Flowers Bouquets Centerpieces

The Rose Head is 100% Silk Cloth. They provide rich color combination again together, you can choose according to different use scenes, ready for you to create your bouquet, centerpies, boutonnieres, and so on. The package includes 8 roses, 4 rose heads, 4 rose leaves, and 4 stems. Colorful boxes make them look very elegant. The material they used is environment-friendly, upscale and the stem is made up of iron wire wrapped in plastic, so it can be bent easily. It has a fine shape, long product life, and colorfast attributes. The roses head is about 10 cm in diameter and the stem is about 25 cm in length. They provide 8 leaves for the project. Silk roses are great choices for decoration in a lot of places. On special days, they are the best choice as a gift for your family or friends. Artificial roses are suitable for many home decor projects. It's ideal to fill a vase with flowers to create a romantic atmosphere. Their roses are versatile. The material of the stems makes them easy to cut or bend to fit your needs, and you can assemble them at will since different parts of a rose are separated.

Brand: Nevisi

👤They are just ok. It feels like tissue paper. They look really good from a distance. Don't look too closely. I will mix them with some flowers from the lobby. The photos are a good size, about the size of a real rose, and the color was accurate. I won't buy these again.

👤These flowers could be used in many different ways. They were perfect. You can dress down with them. I was able to have a feminine touch without being fancy.

👤The roses have a thin wire stem. You would not want to use these in a floral arrangement in a clear vase. I bought them for a wedding and they are not the color I wanted. They were described as blush. They are sweeter. I need a pale pink.

👤They look really good.

👤This worked well for my bouquet.

👤The packaging for the flowers is broken and ripped. It's not clear if this is how it looked before they packed it or if it was damaged on the way to its destination. The flowers are pretty, but not real, would order again.

5. Lings Moment Artificial Ceremony Decoration

Lings Moment Artificial Ceremony Decoration

The large flower swag design has a length of 20 x 7 and a width of 7. There is a package of flower swags. + The metal clip is not included with the cable zip tie. The material is made with foam and silk. white, blush and plum rose, ivory and dusty rose, petial pink gardenia flower, white high-centerd rose, blush hybrid tea rose, dusty rose silk austin rose combined with eucalyptus and willow greenery vine with white filler floral and golden berry floral pick decoration. You can come with metal clips. It is ready to use and has a flexible base with iron wires inside the plastic stems for bending a model easily, and green releasable cable zip ties and metal clip attached for easy tieing to any type of wedding sign, chair back, etc. The flowers might bend a bit due to shipping and packing, so please softly knead the petals to help recover the shape.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤It was smaller than expected. In my pictures, the shot without drapery is just one set. I ordered 2 sets because my gut told me they wouldn't be big. I think they are overpriced. If I could get 2 sets for a total of $100, that would be more reasonable, but at $70 for one set these are small for that price. I think they are put together nicely, sturdy, and nice that the packaging includes zip ties and clips to hang them with.

👤The leaves and flowers were packed tightly in the box. They look beautiful, other than that. Zip ties were used to secure flowers to where you need them to be. I also bought matching drapery from Ling's Moment. I was on a time crunch and stuck at planning, but her website has more options. Amazon saved the day!

👤I am in love with the flowers. The guests commented on how beautiful my wedding was and how real it was, even though they were not there. Being able to do my table arrangements weeks before was very convenient. I loved this set for the sign. I highly recommend.

👤We used these to decorate the fireplace mantle after we had our wedding indoors. They added color to our greenery. These weren't worth it for the price. The bunches were smaller than I thought, and even after spending some time fluffing, they still weren't as full as I wanted.

👤I used other Lings flowers for a variety of wedding projects. I loved the look and convenience of these, but they were more expensive than what you get. I would definitely recommend any of the Ling's floral products. The 25 pc Burgundy roses are on sale for 14 dollars.

👤Wow! They look real! They were perfect. I swapped out the maroon flower I had in the other loose flowers I purchased from Lings for a mauve flower that was made with styrofoam so I could pop it on and pop it off. All my guests were impressed by it. Definitely worth it! The packaging makes you feel special just opening it.

👤I got mine today! They look pretty and will hold up at my wedding. The color is white and beige. I was expecting white, brown, and a faint pink. I was expecting a lot of pink, but it was not what I wanted, so I was upset. Some of the white flowers looked like packing material. Don't know how to explain it. I was disappointed that they are not the right color and that they spent almost $200 on the flowers.

👤I love my Ling's moment. They can be used for many occasions. I'm glad I bought these, and you will too. One happy customer. It's a good thing.

6. Lookein Artificial Flowers Decoration Centerpieces

Lookein Artificial Flowers Decoration Centerpieces

You can keep this unique cake topper forever as a gift. The material is high quality silk and foam flowers and greenery. The best flower is attached with less than an hour. These flowers are designed for an event. It's perfect for any project you'd like to do, such as table centerpiece, wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, corage, wreath, aisle, arch, or any other flower decoration at your wedding, party, bridal shower or home decorations. This artificial flower box set is combined with a variety of flowers and greeneries in a specific color scheme, which is perfect for your statement floral arrangement, making your event take on character easily. The flowers box set can make a bouquet or centerpiece.

Brand: Lookein

👤The flowers I ordered were absolutely beautiful. I would order again. I received a lot of praise for making the front door sign with roses. The order was placed very quickly.

👤I decided to get Lookein for a better price because I was hesitant to buy flowers from lings. I made a good choice. Absolutely gorgeous! I used these gorgeous flowers for my table centerpiece. Excited to get more for my floral arrangements for my wedding and bridesmaid bouquets.

👤I was very pleased with the product for my clients last minute bouquet color change need. I loved the flowers.

👤I used these flowers for so many small details in my wedding, they worked great for all of them. They bend well so they can be manipulated. It worked great in my hair.

👤Beautiful! I'm very happy with it. Highly recommended.

👤They will look great in the garlands for my wedding.

7. Floroom Centerpieces Confetti Romantic Decoration

Floroom Centerpieces Confetti Romantic Decoration

The size of the foam flower may be different from the dye lots. 100% handmade with fabric. They will be disposable. 300pcs of real looking rose petals are approx. 1.5 inches. There is a possibility of an event. Their roses are perfect for wedding, sweetheart table, wedding cake, table scatter, aisle runner, bridal shower, baby shower, banquet, anniversary, party favor, hotel. The flower girl basket has 200-300 petals, the dining table has 30-50 petals, and the aisle runner has 500 petals. The colors are peach pink, blush, cream, and white. The theme was designed by Floroom Studio. They offer a solid color petals pack for your free combination to compose the specific crafts accessories which hit the decoration of your wedding.

Brand: Floroom

👤The silk flowers in the box were not all 300 pieces. It was unfortunate. The quality of the roses was better than I have seen before. I had an event and these were perfect for it. The product description states there are 300 petals, but I don't like that. The quality of the roses was the reason for the 4-star rating.

👤I would have liked to have gotten two boxes.

👤I love the flowers! Exactly as described. I'm not sure if there are 300 pieces, but they are beautiful and work perfectly for their purpose.

👤It was perfect. I have ordered rose petals before, but not this kind of silk. I love them.

👤I was expecting them to look more natural, but I don't know if it's me or not. I wanted to use them around my centerpiece, but I didn't like it that way. I will scatter them across the main table so that I don't waste my money.

👤I used these at my sister's wedding and at the reception to scatter the centerpiece and flower girl basket. Everything turned out great. The rose petals looked like the real thing. I would buy them again.

👤These were bought to decorate for a bridal shower and they were absolutely perfect and realistic. Better than real rose petals. Simple and classic. Best of all? .... Reusable.

👤These are pretty. I only needed a few for the photo shoot. You get a lot of petals, but they are not as big as real rose petals. They look and feel like the real thing for my purpose.

8. Lings Moment Artificial Centerpieces Decorations

Lings Moment Artificial Centerpieces Decorations

The skin cream has notes of tonka bean, coconut milk and velvet musk. The ling's roses are made of a soft high quality PE foam which gives them the look of fresh roses and touches soft. Each rose head has a size. The stem is about 8 inches long. The roses are easy to work with because of their flexible thin wire stem. It's easy to bend, cut down or pull out. They're perfect for making flowers at your wedding, party, baby shower, or home. Each box has 8 rose leaves as complimentary. Also, note: The size of the roses may be different and there may be a color difference between different dye lots.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤They are perfect for my center pieces. Only 16 of the 50 flowers came with green leaves. The rest is notComplicated. Not a flower without the leaves. I want Ling's to send me the leaves. I bought 2 more boxes in hopes of getting more leaves. I hope I can get my problem solved as the flowers are perfect once they are complete. I want to say that these flowers look real. They are perfect for my center pieces. Lings responded to all of my emails in a timely manner, and they were able to take care of my issue, even though I had an issue with the lack of leaves. I think they have updated their information about the leaves. If you want more leaves, they will sell them separately. I purchased more flowers after this first purchase, but I will continue to purchase them in the future.

👤These flowers look real. I used 1,000 to create a flower wall. It came out well.

👤I bought these flowers to make a wedding centerpiece. I was not disappointed when they came. The flower was packaged well and arrived in a timely fashion. Some of the flowers were smooshed. I wanted to see what I could do with them. The stem and leaves of this flower are not eye catching, so I recommend it for arrangements that hide the back. The leaves are made from construction paper. If you look at the ad, you'll see that they don't hide it, but they don't reveal it either. This isn't a problem for kissing balls or bouquets. You may want to look at other options if you want to expose the stems. The flowers are made of foam and are pleasant to look at, but they are not floaty. Don't think about getting them to submerge. Unless you have a heavy anchor, the are very strong and float to the top. I used 10 glass beads as an anchor for a rose and it floated to the top. I found that they perked up when I submerging and that the smooshed petals dried out after drying. This is up to you. The red didn't run after being submerged, but I didn't do it for a long time. I hope this helps some. For my intended use, they are fine.

👤I was very pleased with the quality of the flowers. You would think they were real up close. I assumed that they would be of a lesser quality since they were cheap, but that's not the case. I was able to make almost all of my wedding flowers. I purchased 2 of the colors and they are gorgeous! My wedding colors are blush and ivory. They are easy to work with. They come packaged in plastic, but I don't need to tug on the petals very much, just squeeze the base of the flower to loosen it. I will definitely be purchasing additional flowers from this company to finish my wedding decorating, because I have recommended these flowers to anyone that I know getting married, and I will definitely be purchasing additional flowers from this company. Thank you for the great quality flower!

9. Artificial Wisteria Hanging Garland Flowers

Artificial Wisteria Hanging Garland Flowers

Artificial flowers vines are about 3.6 feet in length and have one longer string and one shorter string. The artificial hanging flowers vine can be hung on the wall, doors, swing, mirrors and anywhere you want to enjoy it. Natural-looking flowers, Full and soft petals,vivid realistic and realistic,looks more natural and beautiful, is suitable for wedding decoration,table arrangement or elegant home decoration. The wisteria flowers look and feel like real flowers, and are easy to wash and keep clean. The flowers were easy to set up and bend for hanging, used for weddings, hotels, parties as well as other ceremonies, best decoration for home, hotel and park, etc. It's the best photo tool. The flowers were easy to set up and bend for hanging, used for weddings, hotels, parties as well as other ceremonies, best decoration for home, hotel and park, etc. It's the best photo tool.

Brand: Dearhouse

👤I bought 5 of these wisteria for the gazebo at my wedding and they looked beautiful.

👤I used them to make a photo backdrop. Each strand is very thin and one package wasn't enough. They don't look as full as they do in the photo, so be weary of how much you need. I thought these were pretty, but pricey if you need a lot. I ordered two packages so I could show you an accurate depiction of size and quantity.

👤I really liked the flowers. I made a backdrop for the bridal shower. I used a total of 3 packages for the backdrop, which is 36 pieces. I was happy with how full it was. I bought 3 packs. The quality of one of the packages I purchased was not as good as the other two, and the flowers were not as full. It was only noticeable from a distance. They were easy to hang and really pretty, so I thought they were perfect for what I used them for. I would buy these again.

👤I ordered these flowers along with other kinds for a variety of color and flower choices to hang from my tree in my backyard. I wanted a look with flowers and lights. I was very pleased with how the flowers came together. Although I have blended these flowers with others in my pictures and videos, I tried to take video in day and night so you can see how these flowers look in different lighting and different types of flowers. I would recommend these if they looked real.

👤I was obsessed with how the wisterias came out for my daughter's first birthday. This look was used for three orders.

👤My daughter's first birthday was a great time to use these for party decor. I only used half of it.

👤Poor quality. The pieces are falling apart. Basically useless. See the pictures.

👤A lot of petals fell off the package, which was dirty on the outside. Sometimes fake flowers have weird stains or glue on them, but a few of the petals have no stains at all. I was able to complete the job and it looks good. The stems were being sold for 1.50 at daiso. I needed a lot of them and they were overpriced. If you need to make a wisteria Garland, it will look good.

👤The same as shown in the pictures.

👤Product was great, but not enough for the money spent. It's meant for packaging to look beautiful from distant. I would suggest anyone to buy it. You can use it to remove a few flowers.

👤The product was awful. It is totally different from the picture shown. Not worth it.

👤Hello people. The quality is fine and the flowers are awesome to look at. The price is a bit overpriced. I like the way they look and feel like original flowers. I have at least 5 stars.

👤The petals fell off as they were pulled a part. Not worth the money. We were able to remove some of the flowers from the strands.

10. Lings Moment Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

Lings Moment Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

The best choice for weddings, parties, homes and offices. Two bouquets have better effects. There is a combo pack of flowers and colors. Ready for you to make your bouquet, centerpies, boutonnieres, and corsage. The package includes a garden with a dusty rose, blush rose, ivory rose, and blush high-centered rose. The artificial flower has a stem that is 8 inches long. They're perfect for making flowers at your wedding, party, baby shower, or home. The size of the foam flower may be different from the dye lots.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤The flowers were bought because of the reviews and pictures. Some people said that the color was off. That isn't true! They held up to the abuse when I made and remake my Boquet 6 times. They are beautiful. I had a hard time keeping my circular. I think I got it down. I ordered the dainty dusty, garden dusty and elegant dusty. I thought the french garden would be my favorite. I didn't enjoy it as much as the other people. My dusty was lost in the mail. I bought an additional box of dusty rose for fourteen dollars. I used 3 different boxes for my dance. They look stunning in person, and it's worth the money. I received a rose. If you are going to buy any of them, buy that one. It's the most beautiful box of flowers.

👤The lighter colors have a slight sparkle, I love that! You wouldn't know they were fake if you had a flashlight on. The code for 30% off purchases was on the package. You should get the second one from there because I want more than one.

👤My daughter's wedding is in September and I have spent a lot of money preparing for it. Buying multiple boxes at the same time. The flowers are not real. I have bought 16 boxes and have another 1 coming. boutonnieres, table decorations, throw bouquet, bridal bouquet, bridesmaids boutique, and mom's wrist corsages are included in the wedding. The box I received yesterday was terrible. It was not even half full, there were 4 stems without flowers, what was in there was not as good as I have been used to. I was disappointed. I will be ordering more because I need to finish getting ready for everything, but I hope that this was a coincidence. I was expecting more of this box because it was one of the more expensive.

👤These are amazing. I wanted a bouquet for my wedding, but it was expensive. I bought a bunch of supplies after using pins on the board. I am amazed! I bought the flowers and broaches off eBay and Amazon. It is absolutely gorgeous. The flowers are beautiful. They are not real with this look, but they are great quality. I will purchase more to use elsewhere for my wedding. Definitely worth the money.

👤These flowers are wonderful. They are just as beautiful as real flowers. I made my bridesmaids bouquets as well, they turned out pretty good, but I loved them, the colors went perfectly with our wedding colors, and I am no expert in floral design. The bouquets looked really elegant and beautiful because of the elegant dusty rose.

👤The flowers of Ling's Moments are of the highest quality. They are pleasing to the eye and soft to the touch. My daughter's wedding bouquet was expensive. I was going to buy one from Ling's. I came upon some flowers. I decided to make it myself. My daughter loved her bouquet. She said she was not tossing it. Please make another one for tossing. We used a few on the cake. Don't second guess yourself. Purchase flowers from Ling's Moments. You will be like HaPpY. You and your bride will be happy.

11. DearHouse Artificial Eucalyptus Handmade Greenery

DearHouse Artificial Eucalyptus Handmade Greenery

TWICE AS STURDY: Made twice as durable as other brands, your premium squeeze bottles will last for years to come. If you no longer feel that one of their products is right for you, they will buy it back from you. Any time. For any reason. Period. The Handmade eucalyptus Garland is made from wood. Look like it. Silk flowers are placed over the edge of a table or sign. It's perfect for accent chairs, arches, backdrop,hallways and more. It's perfect for weddings, special occasions, and home decor. These are the best home wedding decorations, table centerpiece covers, wedding arch flowers, outdoor wedding flowers, decorations, and rustic eucalyptus garland. The artificial silver dollar eucalyptus garland is made of silk and plastic and has a wire rod inner for support with a vibrant green color. This vine is vintage color and has many branches, it is 6 ft long and has approx. Approx. 150 leaves. There is acorss. It is a kind of hanging plants that can be used for many things, such as indoor, outdoor, autumn, wedding, door, fireplace, Thanksgiving, Festival, and Dinner Party.

Brand: Dearhouse

👤My photos have not been edited, but they were taken with daylight being the light source. I bought 7 of the Eucalyptus Garlands for my wedding and they are beautiful and exactly what I wanted. The product matches the images online perfectly. I was hesitant to purchase any faux Eucalyptus garlands from any seller but the one I purchased my foam flowers from, which will later be incorporated into the garlands, but when I realized I needed 7 garlands, $18 each for one was way out of budget... The quality is exactly the same as the $18 option online, and I'm very glad I bought these from DearHouse. The leaves look real. I like how the leaves can be popped back onto the stem, even though one fell off while I was removing it from the plastic packaging, it was incredibly easy to pop it back on into place. You can twist the leaves. My main concern was the fact that almost all of the negative reviews had said they smelled horrible. I didn't notice a smell at all, unless I pressed my nose up to the garland, and it smelled very close to what leaves in the Fall smell like. If you're looking for high quality on a budget, I would recommend DearHouse's Eucalyptus Garland.

👤I am decorating for my wedding and I was looking for a budget friendly garland. I was hesitant at first because some people said it was flat. I decided to try it. It's a good deal to have five 6 foot vines. It is that price at other stores. Some people had a smell. Three out of five had no smell. The other two were very faint. If you have a sensitive nose, I would recommend letting it air out a little. The smell dissipated quickly. The people complained of how flimsy it was. I did not find this to be true. I found a few leaves that had come off the package. When you buy silks at the store, leaves and flowers are off. I fluffed it up, and the leaves didn't fall off. I was concerned that the stems looked light green, but in reality they look real. It was sparse, flat, wouldn't fluff, was one of the things that other reviewers complained about. It is not very thin. I doubled up on the vines for a more lush look. The main stem is wired but the smaller stems are not. It can be flat. You can only fluff it up if you separate the leaves in the right or left direction. I like the fact that there is a few extra inches at the end of the vine so that you can tie them to the next garland with ease. The first picture has a single vine. If you are looking for a vine that is so thick that it can be seen on a mantle, this may not be for you. I recommend it if you use it to decorate a table or sign for an event. Pros: good value, sturdy and realistic looking. A little sparse.


What is the best product for cake flowers wedding?

Cake flowers wedding products from Felice Arts. In this article about cake flowers wedding you can see why people choose the product. Meiliy and Willbond are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake flowers wedding.

What are the best brands for cake flowers wedding?

Felice Arts, Meiliy and Willbond are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake flowers wedding. Find the detail in this article. Nevisi, Ling's Moment and Lookein are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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