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1. JeVenis Silicone Sugarcraft Crafting Projects

JeVenis Silicone Sugarcraft Crafting Projects

Care: It is recommended that you wash your hand. Unique shapes and beautiful cake adornments look great. Modeling chocolate, candy, gum paste, and Pastillage. It's perfect for cakes, cupcakes,cake pops and cookie decorations. The wedding cake mold can be used with a variety of different materials, such as fondant, gum-paste, chocolate, cooked sugar, fudge, ice, butter, jelly, marzipan, bread dough, candy clay, gummy candy, and ice cream. It can be used by people of all ages. These easy-to-use molds are perfect for decorating cakes and bakes. The molds are made from food-safe silicone and are safe to use in ovens, microwaves, washing machine, refrigerator and freezer. Sugarpaste, petal paste or marzipan are a wide range of non-edible materials. It's great for making cake decorations. If you have a question about their product, you can get a 100% money refund or replace. Purchase with confidence. Please visit JeVenis for more products.

Brand: Jevenis

👤I was able to make the crowns that I needed for my cookies because of my idea in my head.

👤I was excited but whoever made the molds made it impossible for the chocolate to go deep into the mold so when the chocolate gets hard it will not have the print of the mold on it and the crown is always breaking at the points. I am so disappointed. I have to order another one somewhere else.

👤When I did it, it was so easy that I was afraid to start. A very satisfying feeling pinching the gum paste pressing it into the molds. You want to make more when you see a piece that is great. You have a hard time keeping gum paste in the mold if you use too much corn starch.

👤The mold was not made right. The frames are not perfect and the circle frame is not a full correct circle. I had to use this product when I had an order coming up.

👤Miniature chocolate molds are great for chocolate molds.

👤It was a perfect fit on my strawberries.

2. Fondant Impression Embossed Cobblestone Chocolate

Fondant Impression Embossed Cobblestone Chocolate

The total product size is 15.35 x 11.28 x 0.08inch / 395mm x 2mm. The mats are made of high quality plastic and can be used as templates for frosting. The brick impression mat is 14 x 7 x 5 inches. There are 10 classic patterns, which include brick wall, stone wall, mayan sun, flower vine lace, diamond, grid, tree bark fondant mold and more. Impression molds are textured and Embossed to give your cakes and home made bakes a unique design. Roll out your dough or icing and place the brick mold on top of it, textured side down, and roll over with a little sugar, using a rolling pin for the pattern to be imprinted; repeat for larger pieces or alternate between the 2 designs.

Brand: Qicfrk

👤The blue stamps are great for clay work. I only bought this set for two of the patterns, so I wish you could buy them individually. I have not used the clear plastic ones. I wish the blue ones/patterns were the same size as the clear plastic because it is difficult to align side-by-side.

👤I use these for decorating pottery and they work very well.

👤The blue plastic presses were difficult to use. It is difficult to use on large pieces of fondant. I already had the large clear plastic ones. The set was bought for the little ones. Had to open and use the cakes that should have been returned. Unfortunately for me.

👤This is an update to the earlier review. I tried them out and they are great. You can't beat the value for all that's included.

👤There are a lot of choices to use. It's easy to clean up. Very happy with the use.

👤I thought they were on the smaller side, but they were not. The job was done.

👤I haven't tried the big clear plastic ones yet, but they work great.

👤Facil uso, un poco mas pequeo de lo.

3. Decoration Stencil Embosser Decorating Silicone

Decoration Stencil Embosser Decorating Silicone

Safety MaterialStencils for cake decorating, made of high-quality soft environmental friendly PET material, healthy and environmentally friendly, strong heat resistance, high durability, can tolerate the temperature range of -40-230 C, easy to use and clean. It is made of soft food-grade plastic and can be used in a range of temperatures from -40 to 230 C. Quickly and easily create beautiful floral designs. Smaller cutouts of the stencil can be used for cupcakes. Add homemade sugar icing to create different floral designs and place a stencil above the cake. It's lightweight and flexible and can last with your other baking tools for a long time. It is easy to store and reuse because of its compact and foldable design. You can save money by using stencils more often. Good for weddings, birthdays, housewarmings, anniversary, etc. Bring your dessert with you for a creative idea. It is suitable for all types of cake lace.

Brand: F.t

4. Mikiso Impression Decorating Supplies Decoration

Mikiso Impression Decorating Supplies Decoration

The cookie cutter set is perfect for decorating. Use this sheet to make impressions. It's great for small decor. Not whole cakes. Measures are being taken. The moulds are 5' x 7' and are ideal for edging, wraps, and statement pieces of fondant and icing. There are embryo and text-URED things. These moulds are textured and Embossed to give your cakes and bakes a unique and funky design. A brick wall is included in the designs. Roll out your dough or icing to place on your cakes. Place the mould on top, textured side down, and roll over with a little sugar, using a rolling pin for the pattern to be imprinted. For larger pieces, alternate between the 2 designs. Care: It is recommended that you wash your hand.

Brand: Gobaker

👤I used the brick pattern to make ceramic plant pots. The depth of the impression was perfect for what I needed. It took some trial and error to get the pattern to line up when combining multiple stamps for larger areas because the sheet is small. The material works well on clay. The product isn't perfectly square. I had to make adjustments after it was stamped into clay. If it had straight edges, the process would have been a lot simpler.

👤I received this texture mold for free because I was honest about how well I liked it, I don't get paid for any of my reviews just trying to help whoever is interested in buying this texture mold. You receive a brick wall and tree bark set, I love both of them, they are great mats and I do a lot of cake decorating. I used the tree bark to cover my board and then placed a mat on top of it and rolled it with a pin to make the cake look finished. There will be more textured mats.

👤These worked well. They were the right size for the flower crate holder. The material of the Imprint is very nice.

👤Textue was great. Really came through for my cake. It's important to make sure fondat is at least a quarter-inch thick.

👤Does it work? Yes. You can't be too thin for the brick. It will cut through. I used this for a cake. The mold is small. I practiced and tried to get the brick to line up, but I never could. It was very easy to go up and down. This is great for details but not the best option for larger scale cakes.

👤I would love to return these. They make us believe that they are misleading. The photos make you believe that they will work well. I noticed they were much smaller than I was. You can't use it on fondant until you try. The imprints are very small. They can be used as an imprint on a sugar cookie, but they are not fondant. The tree bark is not realistic.

👤It took me a long time to write this. I stumbled across this section while searching for it. It was easy to use and looked great on the cake. Love it. Will order again.

👤These weren't what I needed. The print was not the best. I was disappointed after seeing what they were. I like large mats. So sorry. I can't recommend.

5. Meizhouer Embosser Sugarcraft Decorating Accessories

Meizhouer Embosser Sugarcraft Decorating Accessories

Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, graduation, and anniversaries are interesting gifts. The Embosser Fondant Cake Shapes are easy to cut and operate. The Embosser Fondant Cake mold is perfect for cake, chocolate,biscuit making. You can make a cake to surprise your family or friends. Attach the Embosser Fondant Cake mold to the top of the cupcake with sugar paste or gently press it into the mold. It's so easy to use and for professional cake decorating, that the cake fondue mould is your guide to make professional looking and decorated cookies every time. It's perfect for creating the quilted effect and can work with any type of paste.

Brand: Meizhouer

👤It works on buttercream. You can use these tools to make buttercream cold. I used a diamond for this cake. I put a bowl of hot water in a dried towel and pressed it into a cake. I use a style of buttercream called swiss meringue. It works great and saves me a lot of time. I used to cut the buttercream with a knife. This is very easy.

👤This is a great set for the price. I'm not sure if I'll ever use some of them, but it's still a great deal. The cake in this photo is large. It would have been nice to have more flexibility in the imprinter, because curves are difficult. This is a plastic. The price couldn't be so good for that. I know a lot of people who do it, but they are more skilled than I am, because that technique becomes a stretched-out mess for me. After covering, I do the impressions. I realized it was easier to use the ruler edge to extend the lines on flatter areas than it was to use the embosser. If you look closely, you'll see that the diamonds aren't uniform, but I don't think anyone will notice, and this wouldn't be an issue for round or rectangular cakes. I used a ruler edge to deepen the lines and a quilting tool only if you want stitches. I used a star tool to give the fullness. It's not necessary to use a slightly darker shade of dust if you're short on time.

👤Dust the tools to avoid them sticking, it's easy to use on rolled fondant. It's easy for me to do highly detailed cookies without a lot of time.

👤I used these to make cupcake toppers for a bridal shower and breakfast at Tiffany's birthday party. They are a great value for the price. I go to a cake supply store that sells the same items individually for less than the set cost. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤It will do it job if you add enough pressure. I've used at least three of the molds since I purchased the package of many, can't wait to create more cakes with them all.

👤I used this kit to make cupcakes for my sister. They were the perfect touch. It was very easy to work with these.

👤A great tool for the job! I wanted to add a quilted theme to my cousins wedding cake, so I bought a set in a crunch. I had to buy an additional wheel to run the quilted imprint but this tool definitely cut my time down. It was worth the purchase. There will be more items in the future that will allow me to use more of the tools in this set.

👤The items arrived quickly, but one of them was damaged.

👤Not happy with the purchase. I received two pieces with the same design, but I'm not sure if others have faced this issue.

6. Anyana Chandelilac Impression Decorating Sugarcraft

Anyana Chandelilac Impression Decorating Sugarcraft

The cake lace mix is 200g. Anyana candy jewels are ornamented in Art Nouveau style of Swiss lace. Silicone mold and sugar gum paste mat. There are beautiful drawings for fondant cake decoration, cupcake decor, clay crafting, and other projects. Food grade silicone material is re-usable. It's perfect for beginners as well as professionals. It is easy to clean and store. Can handle high temp. It's great for holiday gift and sugar veil products. Only with food products. It works with any cake lace mix. The finished lace width is 4.2 inches (10.6 cm), the color is pink or purple, and the total product size is 36.1 inches. The weight is 2.89 oz and the depth is 0.2 cm. The cake decorating supplies create beautiful lace. Adding intricate borders to wedding, anniversary or any other celebratory cake is one of the many uses of your imagination.

Brand: Anyana

👤What a joke. I don't know who these other people are, but this item is not intended for use as a fondant mold. I've worked with many different types of fondant molds, some harder than others, but this one is simply impossible to use. The design comes out in a thousand pieces when I try it with sugar craft. If the base was 4 times thicker and the mold portion was twice as deep, it would be wonderful.

👤When the product was shipped, it was folded in half and put in a storage container. No luck after several uses and hopeful solutions. The liquid lace pool was weak in the middle because of the crease. It was difficult to remove lace from mold without tearing it and ruining the design. I just wish it worked better.

👤I was excited to use the impression mat on my soap. The silicone had fused together after it folded over. It took me 30 minutes to pry it apart without tearing it, as it is thin in the design. I think it will work well for my purposes, and I think the manufacturer should look into placing a sheet of tissue paper between the folded halves to prevent this in the future.

👤The mold was hard to remove without tearing. It could have been better. Love the design.

👤It cuts easily to fit a mold.

👤This item was disappointing. Not intended to be used with anything. It comes out on a million pieces. It's a waste of time and money. The mold designer didn't care that I had to rethink a cake at the last minute.

👤It was easy to prepare and design. Thank you!

👤It worked as described. It turned out great!

👤Fast shipping and a nice mold!

7. Impression Cobblestone Embossing Decorating Decoration

Impression Cobblestone Embossing Decorating Decoration

The Crochet Texture Cake decoration is perfect for all types of cakes. Good idea for small decor like edging, wraps, and statement pieces of fondant and icing is included in the package. There are 10 classic patterns, which include tree bark, brick wall, cobblestone, stone wall, mayan sun, flower vine lace, diamond, grid, etc. Impression moulds are textured and Embossed to give your cakes and home made bakes a unique design. Roll out your dough or icing and place it on top of a mold with a rolling pin, then use a little sugar to make a pattern, repeat for larger pieces or alternate between the 2 designs. Non stick mats in their set are easy to wash, and hand washing is recommended.

Brand: Hi-party

👤I like the look of the mats, but they don't lay flat. I've tried rolling them in the opposite way, laying them in the sun, and pressing them between two pieces of wood to make them flat. No luck. I want to use them for my homemade soaps, but it doesn't seem practical unless I find a way to keep them flat, and I don't see that happening with my glue tack. The sheets that came with the pack are very thin and flimsy. I will revisit my rating and review if I discover a way to make them work. I wouldn't recommend or buy again at this point.

👤The sheets that are not see through make it difficult to line up if you want to make your impression larger than the matt. There is no way to line up the lines. The sheets were much smaller than I had expected.

👤These aren't well made. The clear plastic ones will not flatten after two days with a heavy book on them. The blue ones are poorly molded and will show up in the final product if not repaired.

👤I used these to make clay. They aren't being flexible so their uses are limited. I knew that to begin with. The price is a good value for these.

👤It's perfect if you use it on cakes, just make sure the icing is dry.

👤These worked well for what I need. They are smaller than I thought.

👤The product was confusing. I wanted the design to be clear and larger. The mold is shallow to get the best impression. If you are working with larger pieces, the patten is hard to match up. I missed my window but would like to come back. Would you consider giving me the courtesy of retiring this product? Let me know. Thanks.

👤The lace I made was perfect. The lace recipe I use is perfect. I would highly recommend them.

8. Embossing Fondant Flowers Decoration Silicone

Embossing Fondant Flowers Decoration Silicone

They are made of high quality plastic and are sturdy. The lace decorations are easy to use and clean. The molds should be kept in a dry area. Made of high quality food grade silicone with a soft texture and no odor. It has a microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher that are low and high in temperature. Do not place Mormons on a fireplace. These Silicone molds are great for making melted chocolates, gummies, sugar lace, sugar dress, and so much more. 5 PCS in total.

Brand: Fyz Brothers

👤If using for crafts, don't use clay. This works well and cleans up easily.

👤I ordered them for the doilies molds. I received the molds today, however they are very small. They wouldn't cover the Mini cupcake bites. I was just hoping they would be the right size for a cupcake or cookie because I didn't see any dimensions for finished product. I don't know if I will keep them or not. I need bigger ones for my daughter's shower.

👤I made cupcakes for my daughter to eat. The molds worked great.

👤It works great for me. I see a lot of negative things. I'm glad I ordered. I was able to get the fondant out of the mold. It was dusted with cornstarch and used as fondant.

👤The more expensive lace mats are more difficult to make.

👤Not deep enough, paste breaks easily when taken out.

👤My lace came out well for my chocolate covered cookies.

👤I love the silicone molds. They are easy to use. Just received them. Will be using them soon.

9. Embossing Relief Transparent Stencil Sugarcraft

Embossing Relief Transparent Stencil Sugarcraft

All Occasions Birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, baby showers, and classroom projects are just some of the occasions where their cake mold are perfect. It is lightweight and easy to use, and the detailing is very precise. The material is material. The cake embossing mold is easy to clean and durable. It's very suitable for wedding cake decoration, sugar crafts, handicrafts, etc. The lace tool is a daily occurrence. It's suitable for baking, cakes, fudge, chocolate, etc. The design: The cake mold has a stable structure design that can keep the original shape of the cake lace. The items won't stick to the mold when they are made with the cake edge decoration. The cake mold size is 28.6 x 6 inches and is suitable for cakes less than 9 inches. You can use the cake mold. You will get a cake mold for your daily use. You can decorate your cake immediately by choosing the style you want and using the different shapes they provide.

Brand: Dualshine

👤I used it for what I wanted. The customer loved the cake and it was beautiful.

👤The product is cheap hard plastic that comes folded and it's hard to work with because of the folds. It was tossed in the trash.

👤The product is made of thin plastic. The ends of the molds broke.

👤It has cracked in two different places.

10. Embossing Different Patterns Embosser Decorating

Embossing Different Patterns Embosser Decorating

A premium wool pressing mat is a great gift for Christmas or a birthday. They will thank you for making their ironing go faster. The cake fondant mold is perfect for decorating all themed cakes. It is very easy to make items with different colors. Cookie cutter sets with L shape handles make it easy to work around birthday cake and cut down production time. Make sure the lines connect to worked amazingly good by using 6 different patterns of fondant impress. The good idea for fondant gum paste molds of realistic texture decoration is to use each stamp as a good idea. They are made of high quality plastic and are sturdy. It is worth the price.

Brand: Mity Rain

👤I liked using the embossers. I made my own marshmallows and applied them to the gingerbread walls. I suggest a pasta roller or something similar to make sure the fondant is even. You have to push the tools hard into the fondant to make sure the pattern is seen. For a larger piece of fondant, I matched the pattern as best I could, then continued to press the tool over the entire surface. I would recommend it.

👤These have been used several times. They are built to last. I used them to make a cake. Make sure the lines connect and you won't have a problem.

👤I was not very positive when I bought them, but I was pleasantly surprised that the handle makes it easy to lift or work around round cakes. Happy with the purchase.

👤I needed the patchwork design for a cake and bought this set. The other designs are also very nice and worked well. It is worth the price.

👤I love it! It's great for cookies, cakes, cupcakes.

👤I was looking for a diamond pattern press that would make my cake look like it was made out of wood. My daughter's 6th birthday cake was made with a little press that was just the right size. The stencils are very cute and will be used soon.

👤If it met my expectations, this could've been a 5star. I was expecting something bigger and bendable.

👤I haven't used all of them yet, but the ones I have used work great and are highly recommended.

👤They were perfect for the job.

11. Joinor Silicone Chocolate Fondant Decorating

Joinor Silicone Chocolate Fondant Decorating

Food grade silicone material is re-usable. It's perfect for beginners as well as professionals. It is easy to clean and store. Can handle high temp. It's great for holiday gift and sugar veil products. TheLFGB-SGS is certified. The materials are Platinum Silicone. The size is 22x5 cm. It is easy to use and wash.

Brand: Joinor

👤I used this mold to make hot glue pieces. Even with high temp glue, it worked perfectly.

👤This is a good mold for the price. I believe it's the same mold other sellers are offering.

👤A friend told me to get a mold for a cake. It was very easy to use. I have no issues with the product and I wish it was a little bit bigger.

👤It was smaller than I anticipated and it created a nice bead.

👤The best mold I've ever purchased. Highly recommended. It is easy to remove and will not distort. You can use a border or a link to cover the cake.

👤It was very easy to use and I liked it.

👤Good quality, easy to use, and beautiful touch to any cake.

👤I loved this mold. It was made shimmery like pearls by adding luster dust. It was easy to make a snake with fondant and push it firmly in the mild, and it came out without any problems.

👤tel sur la photo Rendu was perfect. Pour pte porcelaine froide, Utilisé. Livraison rapide.


What is the best product for cake fondant embossing mould?

Cake fondant embossing mould products from Jevenis. In this article about cake fondant embossing mould you can see why people choose the product. Qicfrk and F.t are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake fondant embossing mould.

What are the best brands for cake fondant embossing mould?

Jevenis, Qicfrk and F.t are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake fondant embossing mould. Find the detail in this article. Gobaker, Meizhouer and Anyana are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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