Best Cake for Dogs Mix

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1. Milk Bone Flavor Snacks Birthday Biscuits

Milk Bone Flavor Snacks Birthday Biscuits

There is a tin of dog treats for all sizes. Dogs love the flavors of bacon, beef, chicken, sausage, and turkey. Dog treats help clean teeth. It is fortified with vitamins and minerals to help keep your dog at his or her best. Great for dog birthday gifts. It was produced in Buffalo, New York.

Brand: Milk-bone

👤I'm pretty sure my dog does as well. I don't mind leaving the container out on the counter because I can refill it when Milk Bone treats start to run low. I might have to make this a yearly tradition for my fur baby's birthday.

👤I didn't try this treat because I didn't think it was fresh or good for you. This doggo seemed to like it and so it's 5stars.

👤It says it all so it is pretty cool for pictures. The colors are bold.

👤A fun gift. The container was made for cute pup pics. The dog likes bones.

👤I gave this to a friend. I give her a few milk bones when she is ready to leave the park. She will not leave until I walk her over and she flies into the back of her car and I throw in her treats. I saw this tin. I had to buy it for her. So cute!

👤These Milk-Bone treats are delicious. I keep a new box of treats fresh in this canister because she loves the variety of flavors and I love the cute tin.

👤Birthday gift for your puppy! I will reuse this tin for my dogs treats. I break the treats in half.

👤I didn't try these myself so I'll only give you a review based on how the hound dogs react to them. Both dogs love them! As soon as the can opens, they run for their treat. They will often look at the can on the counter. They seem to like the special treats.

2. Bocces Bakery Everyday Treats Quack

Bocces Bakery Everyday Treats Quack

100% real ingredients: oats, duck, fruit, vegetable oil, and citric acid. There are ingredients and treats in the USA. The package weight is 6.0 ounces.

Brand: Bocce's Bakery

👤My dog loves these treats. They were fresh and smelled good. I like the simple ingredients and noticed that the bag says "made in the USA". After visiting their store page to get a better idea, they state that their recipes are made with the highest quality, local and organic ingredients. I was looking for a company that cared about our fur babies. I need to order more to make him happy.

👤My two dogs are going to eat Mud Pie treats. They approach me several times a day scratching at my legs, hoping that I'll understand that they have become Pavlovian Dogs because of these treats. I am here to buy more so that they don't kill me in my sleep, as they see me as an obstacle at this point.

👤My dog likes them. I have bought a lot of the flavors and they all smell good. The packaging and flavors are cute. They are too large to eat whole for my chihuahua, but are easy to break in half. A picture of my dog attacking a strawberry is attached.

👤I found this company because I wanted to get something different and fresh for my baby. I'm glad I did. I need them to make fresh and delicious treats for my dog. The treats description says the treats are soft. I believe that the term soft can be subjective and that they have a soft spot for them. It's like a cookie that you bake and put in a container and they are a little harder on the outside to break, but when you put them in they are a little softer to the touch. My dog loves the taste of all of them, but the Mud one is the only one I have bought. Would recommend these to your furry family member. If you don't mind, watch the video of my dog, cornchip, who recommends these treats as well.

👤I bought these treats for my dog and granddog for Christmas and they were a hit. They both love these treats. My dog is not very picky and will eat any treat that is offered, but she will circle and beg for more after one of these. My granddog is very picky and usually turns his nose up. He gets excited when we open the bag. He runs and starts drooling. We will definitely purchase this product again.

👤My dogs love these treats so I'm giving them a 5-star rating. I don't feel the need to taste them myself. If I really wanted to eat them, I probably could. These soft treats are a welcome replacement for the hard treats I used to give my dogs.

👤My dogs and my brothers dog love this brand. I buy several bags at a time. I buy a lot of them every week. They have a variety of flavors. I keep things stocked up because I don't want our dogs running out. I buy them for our dogs friends a lot. I give treats to their friends when we go to the dog park. We have larger dogs and treats that go quicker. It makes them happy, their friends happy, and us humans happy as well.

3. Petcakes Cat Birthday Cake 859989002778

Petcakes Cat Birthday Cake 859989002778

Just add water. The organic ingredients are from the them. Pans are made in the US and are dishwasher safe. Human grade ingredients. There is no wheat corn or salt sugar.

Brand: Petcakes Cat Birthday Cake Kit

👤I bought this for my cat's birthday because I couldn't find anything else like it. The mold can be used again and again. I changed the recipe because my cat liked it and I didn't want to offend her. She didn't have any tummy issues with this cake. I would buy this again and use my changes. Instead of shredded chicken, I had a fancy feast. I still have a good looking cake. My cat eats shredded chicken on her own, but she goes nuts for fancy food. 2. Wait 20 minutes until it cools. I waited for 5 minutes. It was warm, but not hot. 3. I cut it up for her because it was easier for her to eat that way. 4. I put dental products in her icing. I am still a mom. 5. The icing is not black. If you want colors, you need food coloring. You will need a small bag or plastic bag. I left it white because I didn't want her mouth to be pink.

👤The cake kit is easy to make. It came with a candle. This is the only birthday treat I could find for cats. My dogs liked the taste of it. I wouldn't want to give my baby food coloring if it didn't come with a colored decorating gel. I would buy this again.

👤I used cakes to celebrate my cats 10th birthday. She liked the frosting and they are easy to make. They smell terrible when you cook them in the microwave, so beware of making your house stink. They don't last long, this was too much food for my cat to eat in one sitting, and they became hard as a rock in no time. It was worth it because she still liked them and they weren't expesive.

👤Maybe we did something wrong, but never could get it to cook in the microwave. It all boiled away. We couldn't make the fish cake shapes from the pan. The cat wouldn't touch what was left. I was going to let it go, but my 8 year old daughter insisted we write a review to let them know how disappointed we are. It's funny. For her 15th birthday, we got her a fun party hat.

👤I mixed canned chicken with the recipe and didn't frost them and tore them up into bite sized pieces, she loved them. I didn't use the candle because she doesn't like fire. I recommend these. I think they're worth it because they're easy to make. I would check to see if your cat likes canned chicken. If your cat doesn't like it, you've wasted product.

👤Our cat loved these cakes. We gave him half of a cake at a time. The instructions are clear and the packaging is easy to open. It was easy to make the mixes, we used a little more water for the icing than the packaging recommended to make it easier to spread. The smell of cooking them was strong. Leave your microwave open for a while to let it go. Our microwave had a funky smell after it was out of the microwave, but it was not bad in the open air. The cakes are a bit dry and unwieldy for a little dude with no thumbs, so we cut them into smaller pieces and added gravy to make them better. He loved it. The product is very cute. It was worth a try. It's not a huge loss if your cat is picky and doesn't like them.

4. Milk Bone Trail Potato Treats Ounces

Milk Bone Trail Potato Treats Ounces

There is a pouch of dog treats for all sizes. Real beef has a good flavor. Sweet potato is a natural source of calories. Oats are a good source of fiber. It is made with no artificial flavors.

Brand: Milk-bone

👤A new puppy needs to know where to go to pee first. 40 years of teaching dogs the best way is to reward them for good behavior and never scold them for bad behavior. A small treat and a lot of praise is the easiest way to go. I have had good luck with the large size treats and this is my first attempt at using this brand. It's a nice product and the size is good. The price point is too high for my dog. Don't scold bad and reward good behavior.

👤I have two puppies and I'm trying basic training and we burn through treats like crazy. This is perfect. There are lots of little pieces to reward small accomplishments. I was told to avoid the brand because it is toxic, but it appears that they don't include it in this product, so we're good to go!

👤My dog takes a treat out of his bowl every time he goes outside, he was happy with his puppy for ten years. They stopped making them. I've tried every dog food company's product, but he was taking them outside and leaving them in the walkway. They would get wet when they stepped in them. It's gross. Some of these are shaped like bones and some are shaped like a cube. I don't know if he likes them or even if he eats them, but he can take one outside and not make a mess. It works for me if that makes him happy. The pieces are small enough to fit in a training toy. He has a dog, but it's hard to pick up just one. He will try until he gets it. I have had to donate or discard many brands because of the smell or mess they create and he doesn't like chewing them. I wouldn't give these to a puppy unless you're sure it won't choke on them, a big puppy could inhale a piece if he was in a hurry.

👤My golden doesn't like large milk-bone treats. She got these from a friend when she was a puppy. She only wants these so she gets them as tiny treats for fun. Our chihuahua only had about 10 teeth, but he loved the soft sweet potato and chews the tiny milk-bones. If you have a geriatric dog or puppies, the trail mix is a great choice.

👤I like to have small treats handy when I do a lot of trick training with my dog. No one wants to eat the same treat again and again. Variety is what makes life interesting. That's why we love this mix. My dog loves all the pieces. I like being able to shake it up in the middle of training. These are the perfect size for my dog to slip in the holes of his muzzle when training. These will stay in my treat rotation.

👤Daffodil wanted to write her own review. I was able to translate her barks into English. I'm a dog. These are treats that I like. When my mom says "Come", I do it quickly because I get Milk-Bone Trail Mix. I salivate all over her hand when I get this treat. I don't care because I'm a dog and that's what dogs do. Not all of the bags should be purchased. I would be sad if Amazon ran out. Thank you. Love, Daffy.

5. Greenies Gingerbread Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Greenies Gingerbread Holiday Stocking Stuffers

There is one 6 oz. There is a pack of dog dental chews. The unique texture of the dog chews helps clean the gumline and make them a great Christmas treat. The Veterinary Oral Health Council accepts Greenies treats for dogs as a way to control plaque and tartar. These dog Christmas treats are easy to digest. Greenies are the perfect Christmas treat for dogs because they are made with natural ingredients.

Brand: Greenies

👤I got these for our daughter. She said these were her favorite. Until I got these, Paisley wouldn't come up in my room and spend time with me. She hasn't been back since they ran out. She loved Greenies but there was something about them that she loved the most. They didn't smell like gingerbread, they really didn't smell good to me. She loved them. I believe that any dog will love them if they were loved by Paisley. Highly recommended!

👤Wow! What a change! I have a 9 year old Silky Terrier that had developed bad breath and her teeth were turning a dark color. A dental with the vet was not an option. I decided to try them since they were on sale. Why did I wait so long? My daughter likes to brush her teeth daily. She can't just crunch and swallow or swallow whole because of the texture of the Greenies. She has to chew them. She seems to like the flavor so she doesn't have to worry about getting her to brush her teeth. I noticed a considerable difference in the amount of days that these were effective. I will be keeping Greenies on hand for my baby because it made a huge difference. I bought treats for my cats.

👤I bought this product thinking that there were 8 pieces in the bag, which is the normal amount for the price. They were only 4 bones when I received the bag. They have a no refunds policy when I try to return. Be careful! Total rip off.

👤The size and thickness of this Greenie is great for a small dog. I bought gingerbread as a treat for her, so I can't attest to it's flavor. I feel like I'm getting a good value for my money by giving one daily. I was trying to improve my fur baby's choice of treats while addressing health concerns. A 100% accurate review is not available because my fur baby inhales everything. I'm very happy. Thank you! Will purchase more Greenies.

👤I don't eat dog treats because they don't taste good, but the dog prefers the regular flavor. I think they smell good, but my dog is not. She is neutral about smells. She likes hamburger wrappers the best. She gets her teeth cleaned and her breath gets better by eating them. Problem breath solved.

👤I am not sure how to review the flavor of a dog treat, my dog seems to love them, she is also eating a stick right now that she seems to love. Her teeth are white and she has a healthy mouth that will allow her to eat the stick. That is a win! The ginger bread smells worse on her breath than the blueberry ones.

👤I was afraid to give this to my dog because she has a sensitive stomach. She loves it and doesn't have any problems with the stomach. This favor is a holiday flavor.

👤I can't tell you what they taste like, but I can tell you that they smell like gingerbread and my dog loved them. I would like to see more in the package. I've tried other flavors to see how my dog reacts.

6. Stewart Freeze Dried Treats Liver

Stewart Freeze Dried Treats Liver

Each small batches of their made in USA dog treats is freeze dried under their own roof in Dayton, Ohio to use with confidence. The ingredients are USDA certified and from suppliers in the US. The original freeze dried dog treats have been made the same way since 1973. They are the most popular dog training treats. Reward your dog with a treat and he will love it. The only ingredient in this recipe is a human-grade beef liver. Their natural dog treats are grain free, soy free, and corn free with no artificial colors, flavors, orPreservatives. Reward good behavior and tricks with their great tasting dog treats or use as a dog food topper to add variety and excitement with a boost of raw nutrition and taste to every meal. It's perfect for picky eaters. Natural raw nutrition. Dog food can be messy. The process begins with raw liver and removes excess water to lock in flavor and nutrition. They pack their dog treats in a tub to keep them happy.

Brand: Stewart

👤I opened the container and it was only half full. The entire bucket was 13oz. There is a problem. Container and Container were held for 2.35 Oz. The product was just over 11 ounces. I received another envelope from my last order. It was 2.35 Oz. My favorite dish was my veal. At 21 o'clock. There is a product. I would not have bought it if I thought I was getting less product. I've been buying this at a higher price than I thought, because I thought I was getting more product. I'm not getting the whole container. There is false advertising and very illegal.

👤I have been buying these for years. I wanted others to see how much was in this can. There will be some settlement of the product but it is not 12 ounces. I will be returning this group. The amount they are charging is too high. I am angry.

👤I have been purchasing this item for a long time and the most recent batches I have seen had some odd holes in them and there were live bugs in the box. I am so upset that my dogs were sick last week and had to go to the vet, and now I know why.

👤I have been buying this product for many years. I have recently seen a decline. The smell of the tub is different. My dog has been vomiting and has been sick for a long time. I called the 800 number and they said they were having a problem with the size of the liver. Really! This product has maintained a stellar reputation for a long time, and I believe they need to have surprise plant inspections to investigate the cause of the product's decline in order to maintain their high standards. My complaint is not unique, as there are many similar complaints on the internet. A response would be appreciated.

👤The product is fantastic and I have been buying it for over twenty years. I have always bought them from the pet store, but this time I was going to get them off Amazon. I knew something was wrong when I opened the package. The smell was so bad that my nostrils burned for hours. They were discolored, and some looked rotten. I don't know how a sealed container got wet. It must have been mishandled. I know what they look like. I feel bad for people who don't feed their dogs. Amazon was happy about the refund. Immediate, no hassle.

👤My cats are spoiled. They get HDP freeze-dried chicken breasts every day. We decided to try the larger size of Stewart treats for a change of pace. One of the reasons we bought a plastic bucket was to make sure the pieces wouldn't be crushed or in little pieces. Not the case with Stewart. The pieces are very small and sharp, with a small amount of crumbs in the bucket. A waste of money.

👤I only review products that are the greatest thing since sliced bread or the worst thing since the Marquis de Sade. This product is in the latter category. The smell of the treats was horrible. Two of my three dogs turned up their noses, and the third one backed away as if I were offering her a scorpion to eat. Never again.

7. Puppy Cake Wheat Free Velvet Icing

Puppy Cake Wheat Free Velvet Icing

Birthday cake for your dog is made in the USA. As seen on TV. Icing mix comes with it.

Brand: Puppy Cake

👤It is amazing. I was hesitant to purchase a mix but thought I would give it a try because I was tired of throwing out premade cakes each year. I decided I could do this after reading so many reviews. Best decision ever. My dog has never been more excited over food. It was great to see how much she enjoyed this cake and how much she had to work on it. I used the directions on the box to make the cake. After thoroughly mixing the batter, it seemed a bit thin, but then it began to form into a ball as it sat for a few minutes. I baked it for 30 minutes after pouring the batter into the pan. The cake was still moist even though the toothpick had come out clean. I put it on a cooling rack and it turned out to be a good idea. I took the advice of others and waited to make the frosting until the cake was ready. It was hard to get going at first, but it eventually came together. The recipe called for 2 cups of water. I used 3 and 1 to get the consistency I wanted. I spooned the frosting into the middle and worked it out to keep it smooth and I agree with others that it could use a little more in the package. I have a few bare spots, but I am pretty sure my dog overlooked them. I piped a strawberry puree onto the cake because I wanted to add a little something to the top. I think it looked okay, but my dog loved it. Her 13th was her best yet.

👤I can't let this one go. Both of our dogs were fed with this. They have had a lot of trouble with their intestines since, making a mess and defecating with mucus. They are in pain. If they don't get better in the next couple of days, we will have to take them to the vet. It's been difficult to take them outside. Save yourself the expense and mess by saving your dogs the time.

👤I tried to give my dog a treat after using this mix. She didn't seem interested in eating it, so I urged her to try it, and she ate one of the small treats that was the size of a small Milkbone. She was sick for going on 4 days alone. We are going to the vet today because of her vomiting, lack of appetite, and lethargy, like other recent 1-star reviews have mentioned. If you're concerned about bad gastrointestinal side effects, read all the negative reviews before purchasing. I let the positive reviews convince me that this was ok, but I will never buy dog cake mix again. I have a border collie mix that is 4 years old. The instructions to make the icing are off if you're still interested in trying it. The icing packet contents wouldn't mix halfway through if it was said that 2 tbsp of water. It needed a lot of water to mix.

8. Greenies Original Petite Dental Holiday

Greenies Original Petite Dental Holiday

There is a pack of Greenies Original Petite Natural Dental Dog Treat. The texture of Greenies dog chews makes them fight plaque and the gumline to fight bad dog breath. Greenies treats for dogs are recommended by the vet. Greenies Original Dental treats are great for small dogs. Greenies dog treats are made with natural, easy to digest ingredients.

Brand: Greenies

👤I have a dog. She's cute. My baby is mine. I love her so much that I will cut someone to protect her. I'm probably crazy. Her eyes are very bright and she's very sweet. She is so smart. I've never had a dog like that. It reminds me of a Dean Koontz character. Anyhow. I have not liked her breath smelling like an unmentionable area. There are more than a dozen unmentionable areas. I've tried a lot of things, but she won't drink it and I spiked her water. I tried these Greenies. She loves them. After a week of having one each day, her breath has improved. I don't want to gag when she yawns from the other side of the couch. I don't mind that she woke me up with a puppy kiss. These are great. I'm thinking about giving my brother some to help him breathe.

👤My dog became very sick, bloody stool and bloody vomit, not knowing what to do as I thought I would not have my dog for a long time. I took her to the doctor. She was diagnosed with a very rare disease. Put her on a low fat diet with cottage cheese. My dog was on the mend after a few days. I gave her a greenie because she was eating a bland diet and she was so good. I went to the vet after she was sick for 12 hours because she couldn't loose more weight. She was put on the IV for 12 hours. She came back better than before. My dog has a problem with pancreatitis and I told Lynn about it. Lynn told me that her puppy had been operated on. Also with the same is pancreatitis. Lynn told me that the vet had to operate on her dog. The vet said it was a Greenie. I'm tough. The product that these As'"holes sell can kill dogs. It made me sick. My dog is on the mend. Amozon should not sell such a product. Please read the reviews.

👤I started feeding these to my dog once a day and he started acting weird like he wanted to go out all the time and he started having accidents in the house and my dog is 8 years old and very well-behaved and potty trained.

👤Within 24 hours, my two dogs were violently sick and had to be hospitalized. I didn't know what was happening until I remembered it was the only difference. I read over 100 instances of these treats causing dogs to die or be hospitalized. They are still in business. My dogs are doing well after treatment. I will never give them greenie products again. I hope Amazon will stop selling these.

👤I bought a 60 count Petite Size. There were 2 zip-lock bags of treats in the box. It took my dog a while to chew one up and eat it, the first few were hard. I thought it was a good thing that she was having to work on her teeth more. The chews have become soft even though I have kept the bag closed. I don't think they are doing much for her teeth. I don't know if they have gone bad. Is it safe to give my dog? I went to to inquire about the treats. They didn't bother to respond. If customers don't respond, what is the point of having a form? The lowest rating I can give them is because they have changed in consistency in a matter of days and the manufacturer doesn't have customer support.

9. Nordic Ware Puppy Love Treat

Nordic Ware Puppy Love Treat

Excellent service. Their priority is your satisfaction. Please don't contact them immediately if you have a problem. Cozifree will always provide the best customer service until you are completely satisfied with it. Dog treat mix is homemade. For puppies, not people.

Brand: Nordic Ware

👤I love Nordic Ware items, but this pan is not the same quality and price as other Nordic Ware items. The pan is lightweight. If it didn't say "Nordic Ware" on it, a dollar store could carry it. I gave the recipe 2 stars but returned the pan because the white coating on the pan started to peel after one use. My dog is 60 lbs. and the treats were small. She ate the whole pan in two sittings. It took a long time to mold the dough into the pan and it was difficult to get them out. Amazon has an amazing return policy. I took the pan to a store that did the packaging and returned it. The same day, my refund was issued. Amazon got 5 stars for that. I will make the treats using regular cookie cutters, instead of the molded pan, because I have on hand.

👤Really disappointed. After baking the treat on the second try, the coating peeled off the cavities and the treat was ready to eat. See the picture. The white specks on the treats are the coating and the silver specks are the cavities. My dogs don't need to eat paint or anything made of it. The pan and treats were thrown away.

👤I have made dog cookies several times. The dough was easy to fill and the cookies were delicious. I think I used the recipe. There is a cute pan.

👤The ad says "Puppy Love Pan and Mix Set, Blue". You get one pan, not two, and enough mix to make two batches with one pan. If I knew I would get one pan, I would have bought the one pan option for $13 and used all the recipes online for free. I can buy a bag of mix at the grocery store for $7, but I could have done without it.

👤I love the pan and the mix. I was not aware that I would be receiving a used item, but there was a cookie stuck to the pan in a couple of shapes and a scraper as if someone tried to get a cookie out. I was eager to use it because I had been promising my pup treats all day. I used it and would have liked to have gotten a new one. The only reason it wouldn't be a 5 is because I can't find the treat mix I want.

👤I love the pan. The non stick cooks evenly. I will be able to use this pan a lot. The cookie mix had one star. It took a little more water to get the mix together. The mix could only make 2 batches. We shared some dog biscuits with our neighbors. Recommendations: Only buy the onion.

👤There was no mix in the box. I can not rate it very well. The pan feels very slick and sturdy. I will use this pan to try some recipes.

👤I love this pan. I use this pan to make my dog cookies, they look like little bones, so easy to clean, and I would recommend it.

10. Old Mother Hubbard Original Assortment

Old Mother Hubbard Original Assortment

There are mini crUNCHYTREATS. An assortment of mini dog biscuits are a great training treat and a great addition to your dog's diet; they feature all natural ingredients and various natural flavors. All natural. Their delicious biscuit recipes include wholesome natural ingredients such as peanut butter, fruits and vegetables, which are slowly oven baked to preserve the natural flavors. Made in North America using only the finest globallysourced ingredients, they craft delicious recipes with simple, natural ingredients thoughtfully chosen for their nutrition benefits. They have an all natural recipe for every dog's needs and taste, from puppy to senior, small to large breed. Give 'em some love. Since 1926, they've used the same simple methods to bake their snacks, and each home style recipe is crafted from wholesome ingredients so you can feel good about giving your dog a healthy reward.

Brand: Wellness Natural Pet Food

👤Old Mother Hubbard treats are made in North America and not China. I am not sure if that has changed or if I was just naive in thinking that the ingredients for a product were from that country. Wrong. All of the dog treats you buy suddenly say "made in the USA" or "baked in the USA" People won't buy treats if they know they are made in China. To get around that, they put "made in the USA" or "made in Canada" and then underneath that says "from the finest globallysourced ingredients" I called the number listed on the bag and asked if some ingredients could come from China. The answer was yes. The man said some of the ingredients come from China. This is the last bag I will buy from Old Mother Hubbard. You have to do your homework and find out where the ingredients come from. If some of the ingredients they are baking with come from China, then that doesn't mean anything. It is very deceptive and dangerous.

👤I gave these treats to three small dogs. Three people got sick. Two of them are not eating. This situation has been a nightmare. These treats should be given to your furry friends. My pet passed away. I took him to the doctor. The doctor said that he had a high temperature. I don't like giving my pet treats. Don't waste your money on this poison.

👤These are good for dogs. I was wondering why my dog's heart rate went up after I fed him these. Along with twitches. This has green tea extract, which is high in caffeine. When I give them to my dog, I will finish them off. I don't have to give my dog a high energy dog biscuit because I will make my own. It's not good for dogs to have coffee. The green tea's caffeine explains why my dog would urinate more and be forced to empty his colon after a few treats.

👤). I have never seen them before in my 6 years of dog ownership. I checked but Amazon didn't have these. I had to go back to my local store to buy them. Milk Bone is cheaper than Old Mother Hubbard's treats and I transitioned to them as my dogs' go-to treat when they go potty. They are small enough for me to use less money and still satisfy them when I give them this treat. I came down to my last box of Milk Bone Mini's and thought I'd look at Amazon again. The Milk Bone Mini's are way overpriced compared to the local store, which is why Amazon has started carrying them. The Milk Bone Mini's are usually less expensive than a 15oz box at my store. Sometimes you can get them cheaper when they are on sale, but I have to buy them at full price more often than not. I saw that they offered these treats in a 3lb bag and I wanted to get my 20%. Old Mother Hubbard biscuits are cheaper than Milk Bone after 20% off. My dogs love the assortment. The Milk Bone Mini size is bigger than the "mini" size that these come in. I can break these in half and it will be the same size as a Milk Bone. I get double the treats for a great price. Thank you Amazon!

11. Greenies Original Teenie Dental Holiday

Greenies Original Teenie Dental Holiday

One Greenies dental treat a day is all it takes for clean teeth, fresh breath and a happy dog. The chewy texture helps clean teeth, maintain healthy gums, and make mouths happy. They make GREENIES Dental Treat for every age from puppy to mature, and every dog size from small to large, plus they offer Grain Free, Weight Management, and Fresh Flavor varieties. Greenies dental treats are made with natural ingredients and provide balanced nutrition for adult dogs. These dental treats are made from high quality ingredients and are great for your dog.

Brand: Greenies

👤I have a love/hate relationship with Greenies. My dog has been eating one Greenie a day for the last 7 years, and I think he has eaten 2,500 Greenies. If I've bought that many, then they must be great, right? Wrong! My dog loves the taste of them and has come to expect one every morning after he does his business. The treats are healthy and don't do him any harm, so he continues to get them. All of the positives are about the same. Greenies claim to clean the gumline to fight plaque. They don't do much in regards to any of these areas. He has a smell in his breath that is related to the food he eats. He has tried many different foods and still has bad breath. I'm not complaining that my dog has bad breath, but the product shouldn't claim to make it better if it really doesn't. It fails at fighting plaque and tartar. My dog is 7 years old and he has lost about a half a dozen of his teeth. A lot of this has to do with some dogs being more susceptible to having bad teeth like humans. Eating a Greenie every single day has done nothing to fight the decay of his teeth. My parents have two other dogs that eat a Greenie as well. Both dogs have a persistent smell. Greenies don't help in fighting bad breath. I keep buying the Greenies because he's used to them and they're just a tasty treat.

👤Greenies were the only thing different in my routine. After a week, she became very tired and acted like she had a problem with her bowels. We rushed her to the ER on New Year's Eve because we were told she was too sick to survive. Her blood sugar was through the roof and her kidneys were full of sludge. I'll always wonder if there's a connection.

👤Here's the deal. I have advocated for Greenies for a long time. I have small dogs. They love them. I broke the teenie size of the greenie treats into smaller pieces for my dog to eat after she went potty, because she really loves her greenie treats. The equivalent to 2 teenie size greenies per 24 hours. Not every day, but often and consistently throughout the week. For 3 years. It didn't seem like a big deal when I noticed some green poop as a result, and healthy happy dogs otherwise. Our other dog is a senior and I give them to him as well. I started to notice some issues in our dog who eats greenies nearly daily, but I didn't realize how bad it was or how to treat it. The bright blood with her poop was alarming. It seemed to be a one time deal. Fast forward a week later. She was restless at night and wanted to bite her back legs, like something was bothering her. I guess it was from the stomach. I didn't realize she was bloated as she was in obvious discomfort, she has a lot of fur. Vomited her dinner. It was bloody poop again. She was having trouble walking when I got her to the vet the next day, she cried out when I touched her sides, and suddenly couldn't jump up on things. She is hurting herself because of the symptoms of pancreatitis. She was immediately taken to the vet. The vet X-ray showed a lot of gas in her gut and inflammation of her poor tissues. It was very painful for her and I realized now that she probably was having a lot of those symptoms over a longer period of time from trying to process the greenies, but since it was not obvious, I missed the signs and discomfort she was experiencing. She had to take medication for relief and recovery of her stomach and bowels. I cut all the greenies out and really scrutinized her diet as a result. She only got one garbage treat that was a "digestible" rawhide called Dreambones, which I'm very suspicious of, as it has similar ingredients to the greenies. No more of that garbage either. I don't give her the treat if I don't make it myself. I have a bag of Greenie's that are worthless. I don't feel like I can donate it. If thry harm some other dogs. My dog's bowels and little system are getting better. A frightening experience and expensive vet too. I thought that these greenies were a relatively healthy, harmless and safe treat to give my dogs, and I always try to buy the very best for my dogs with all foods and products. I will never give my animals these greenies again. kindness on my part. Read the other bad reviews. Maybe something bad will happen to your dog. Why would you take that risk? The person in front of me at the vet was with a dog who was having occasional blood with pooping, and I overheard them say his favorite treat was the Greenies. People like me don't know the potential harm they're doing. So beware. Don't give it to your dog if you wouldn't eat it yourself.


What is the best product for cake for dogs mix?

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What are the best brands for cake for dogs mix?

Milk-bone, Bocce's Bakery and Petcakes Cat Birthday Cake Kit are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake for dogs mix. Find the detail in this article. Milk-bone, Greenies and Stewart are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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