Best Cake Frosting Spatula

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1. Spatula Stainless Smoother Decorating Supplies

Spatula Stainless Smoother Decorating Supplies

We are committed to offering top of the line home and kitchen products. If you're dissatisfied with anything, contact them and they'll give you a free replacement or refund. The cake spatulas are made from flexible but sturdy blades that are ideal for years of use. The plastic handles are designed for a good grip. The professional look and feel is perfect for your kitchen or bakery. The plastic handle is made from plastic and has a 45 angle to the knife, which makes it more comfortable to handle. You will save a lot of time when applying cream. The cake spatulas have three different sizes. The small size spatula allows you to decorate with precision, while the large size spatula allows you to be controlled and efficient. The icing set is made from high quality steel and is guaranteed to last. It has no smell and can direct touch with food. It's easy to clean, it's strong and durable. The smooth surface of the knife helps to spread the cream evenly on cakes or soils. More comfortable and safe. The cake spatulas can be used as cake spatula, decorating spatula, cake smoothing kiss knife, and it can make cake. The person is decorating. Become easy. It's great for making pies and cakes. The right size can make cake decoration easy. There is a suit for professional pastry chefs.

Brand: Briskyloom

2. Teenitor Scraper Smoother Icing Cutters

Teenitor Scraper Smoother Icing Cutters

The base ingredients allow the color to be dispersed quickly. PP plastic is a high grade material that can be used to guard your life. It is very sturdy and easy to use. 6 pc stiff cake smoother of different patterns, 1 pc clear thin cake decorating scraper, which have different sizes of serrated tooth and round shaped edges, and plenty of operations for you to experiment with are included in the package. It's great for a cake decorating beginner because it's very easy to operate, stiff but still soft enough to conform to the side of a bowl, and a hole in the corner allows a good organization and save your money. It's easy to clean, it can be washed in the dishwasher or in warm water. There are many dessert applications, including cakes, bread, chocolate, dough, and many other items.

Brand: Teenitor

👤I made my first wedding cake with these. I was glad that I listened and got the different smoothers that I was looking for. The cake looked like I'd been doing it for years. The pieces are serrated and I can't wait to try them. Someone needs a cake made.

👤Happy with the purchase. I was looking for something to paint with and this seemed like the perfect set for me since I am only trying things out and don't want to invest in art catalysts. The set is described. The quality is decent, but I was expecting more from this price. I'm pretty sure these will work well for cakes.

👤My daughter loves this product and she makes cakes almost every day. She is only 14. She started making cakes a few weeks ago.

👤Three items were not wrapped. The product was shipped from China. The pieces were in tact, but they were dirty. I cleaned the pieces using the dishwasher. I was able to remove the small black spots from the items. I thought it would be easier to clean them instead of having to return. There are good sizes for the items. I'm looking forward to using the product.

👤I am a professional pastry chef and these cake smoother's are great.

👤I bought this set for my granddaughter. She loves baking and decorating cakes. The set was large. She has a lot of options to experiment with. The set arrived quickly and all the pieces are there. Looking forward to her work.

👤I put one of the sets in my carry-all. A great purchase. I can remove stickers, tape, and mineral deposits without scratching. Some scrapers I have bought have left, so does not leave black marks.

👤I wish they were taller. The cake was taller than the scraper so they didn't work as well as I had hoped. The designs it makes are just meh, nothing special, and hard to get it right.

👤I bought these because they are a perfect alternative to buying similar that are specifically designed for art and double the price. I'm pretty sure that they're good for baking because you can use them in a similar way to mixed media.

👤I have used most of these for cakes, exceptional value and really useful tools, especially if making the new trend naked cakes. They are durable and not cheap. Excellent delivery from the briliiant supplier.

👤I want scrapers for mixed media art. I am very pleased with the selection and quality.

👤These are excellent! I get good edges and a smooth finish. I cried a lot because my cakes wouldn't smooth, even though I used various designs of smoothers. I love these! People who enjoy my cakes.

👤Excellent value. Does what it says. Butter cream cakes gave smooth edges.

3. Walfos Spatula Stainless Durable Decorating

Walfos Spatula Stainless Durable Decorating

They're so sure you'll love their premium 304 spatula that they're giving you a 30 day money back guarantee. The spatula is dishwasher safe. They offer a 100% money back guarantee. Walfos icing spatulas are made of food-grade 430 STAINLESS STEEL, rust-proof, stain-proof, solid and durable. The spatula set helps keep your hands and finger away from the icing. Walfos cake spatulas use plastic handles that are non-slip and break less than wooden handles, which are easy to crack and hide food and stains. The quality of the spatula is improved by the 0.09mm thickened blades. The spatulas are made of food grade 430 steel so that they can be safely placed in the dishwasher. It will achieve better results if it is put on the top of the dishwasher. The icing spatula can help you in a lot of ways, such as icing desserts, frosting pastry, cookies, crepes, pies and cupcakes, picking up and carrying cakes or pizzas, sandwiches, even cutting curds, as a gift. They are so confident that they have the best spatula the icing on the market that they are giving you a 100% money back guarantee. If you have a problem with their product, please let them know and they will send you a new one without any cost or money back. Every customer is important to them and they do everything they can to make them happy. You can order with Amazon Prime.

Brand: Walfos

👤I didn't know how much I needed the shorter spatula. I use it on a lot of things. Spreading cream cheese on a bagel is not the first thing that comes to mind. It was comfortable to hold. Well made and sturdy. It was a good investment on something that didn't cost a lot.

👤The bigger spatula works well. The handle for the small spatula is too long and it makes it hard to use in corners and tight spaces. The quality of both seems to be good.

👤I kept it because I thought it was smaller than I thought.

👤The spatula is the perfect size.

👤I needed to supplement my spreader. They are a little less sturdy, but they are a good value and serve the purpose I bought them for. I have bad hands and the handles are too rounded.

👤This one works for the price. It seems to take the minimal abuse it gets when using it as designed. It is always good to know that something is well made, even if it is not rocket science.

👤The description was not accurate, but it still worked well.

👤Works are described. It's nice to have different sizes.

4. Professional Stainless Decorating Frosting Resistant

Professional Stainless Decorating Frosting Resistant

The smooth surface of the spatula icing blade makes it easy to clean. Start to decorate your cake, enjoy yourself with a unique experience! The cake set comes in four different sizes and is your best choice to decorate a cake. The cake knives can help frost hard to reach areas without your hands getting in the way. It's great for making cheese, pizzas, sandwiches, and even cutting curds. The kitchen spatulas are made with the highest quality steel and have a natural wood handle. The smooth and flexible blade balances rigidity and flexibility. The wooden handle of the spatula is designed for a good grip and control. The quality of the material is assured. The smooth surface of the icing spatula's blade makes it easy to clean. Start to decorate your cake, enjoy yourself with a unique experience! It's a good idea to wash them by hand.

Brand: Puckway

👤I took it up to pass the time. I'm not an experienced baker and my perception are rookies. The metal blades are nicely finished and the wooden handles have a nice feel, which is important in the hands of a guy. I think this is a good value. Having the right tools is important, as I've learned that I'm better at icing baked goods than I thought.

👤I was looking for a spatula that could be used for spreading meat filling. Unlike room temperature frostings, refrigerated meat spread is hard to flatten out. The set by Puckway is excellent. I paid nearly as much for one spatula at a well-known kitchen shop as I did for the entire set of four from Puckway, and they still flex but not too much.

👤The blades are clean, smooth and flexible. It would have been nice if another 2mm all the way around could have been added. Three of the four were as pictured, but the spatula handle was rough and had splinters along the slot for the blade, and seemed to have lacked the final coat of finish. Not as finished as the others. I lightly sanded it and cut through the finish by cutting away the splinters, but I also used 400 grit (X-Fine) sandpaper to improve the feel. I'll sand it a bit more and give it a clear coat to help keep the wood dry. The handles were not level, and some of the rivet protruded a bit, but not enough to justify returning. They are worth the cost even with a small amount of work.

👤Transactions are very fast. Really nice product. There are different sizes of off-set. I've been looking for these for a long time. The product and seller are recommended by me.

👤The blades seem ok, but the handles are not. I will return these. All of them have big gaps in the wood where the metal handles are inserted, so that would make it hard to keep that clean. I will buy something else that will hold up better and get rid of the dirt.

👤I need them to make it the way I want them to. That's what I wanted. They are not dishwasher safe. The wood is splintering and peeling away from the handles because my husband didn't know I was going to hand wash them. I wouldn't order them again.

👤I wanted to use them on paintings. It was very big. I'm responsible for impulse buying. I can use the two smaller ones for smaller paintings. I am a painter and not a cake maker.

👤These spatulas were very disappointing to me. The wood handles should be washed by hand. I don't put them in the dishwasher. The stain on the wood started coming off after 5 washes. I thought they would be a good purchase, but it was a total let down. Buying a single spatula would be better.

5. LEGERM Decorating Stainless Frosting Spatulas

LEGERM Decorating Stainless Frosting Spatulas

The butter on the cake is kept away from your fingers with the Versatile Angled feature. The offset cake icing set helps keep your hands and finger away from the icing. The most common use size is 10 inches. They would do a great job decorating a large cake or small cupcake. The wood handle with the hole of the spatula feels very comfortable to hold in your hand. It is easy to hang and store. Features flexible and durable high quality blades, perfect for icing desserts, frosting pastry, cookies, crepes, pies and cupcakes, picking up and carrying cakes or pizzas, sandwiches, even cutting curds. The wooden handles are designed for a good grip. The quality of the material is assured.

Brand: Legerm

👤It's really my mistake, not the vendor's or the products. I put the spatulas in the top rack of the dishwasher. It was a mistake! The handles were made of wood and have been damaged by the hot water. The spatulas are rough to use now. You'll love these if you wash them by hand. They are very high quality.

👤I used my spatulas. I used the smallest one. They were in three different sizes. I noticed at the bend that there was a sharp line, like a seam across the bend, but it broke at the seam. I used the middle size because I needed to finish the cake. I looked at the spatulas that were left and saw that there was no seam at the bend. The middle spatula worked well. I have a broken spatula. I didn't inspect them when they arrived, but I wouldn't have known a seam at the bend would cause a break. When you receive them, look at yours carefully.

👤I only used the smallest one because the one of the handles has already started to fall apart and the wood is attached to the metal handle. The cover caps on their backside have fallen out and won't stay in, so I've set them aside. You can tell it's a little loose by holding it by the wooden handle. I will have to glue the pins and wood handles together. I don't want to waste money and the smallest spatula is pretty nice and works well.

👤I purchased them because they are beautifully made, not because they are not good. They don't fit in my palm as I wanted. The handle is broad and flat and it's difficult to balance in my small hand while frosting large cakes. The handle is awkward to use because you have to grip it as you work. I didn't find putting them in the dishwasher to be a problem. I don't like this set because of the handles. They might be more comfortable in a larger hand.

👤I don't think I should write a review before I use a product, but I have been an amateur baker since retirement, and every time I frost a cake with a straight spatula it's more difficult than it needs to be. I discovered offset spatulas after watching some videos. I like the set with different sizes and will be trying them soon.

👤The SHARP edge would have popped up if the metal circles in the handle had been inserted correctly. I cleaned all of them first because I needed one of them. The finish was peeling off after I cleaned them. Do not purchase. I would have given the item a zero, however, this was not an option.

👤The only caveat I have is that the wood finish on the spatula handles isn't the best, as it came off in the first wash, leaving them looking dingy. I don't care as they live in a drawer and do the job for which I bought them. I'm okay with it, but maybe someday I'll do a different thing.

6. Kootek Decorating Revolving Turntable Disposable

Kootek Decorating Revolving Turntable Disposable

The kit is made of premium materials, is more durable, and comes with a cleaning brush to help you clean and maintain the product better after you use it. When you open the package, the cake decorating tips, bags, and scraper are at the bottom of the cake turntable. The revolving cake turntable allows you to easily create beautiful borders when decorating cakes. Numbered cake decorating tips help you create beautiful patterns. With open star, closed star, french, round, leaf, rose tips, grass tips. The flexible icing spatula is ideal for frosting cakes and spreading on a crumb layer evenly. 3 decorating combs and icing smoother are perfect to create 3 different types of patterns on the side or top of cakes. Clear bags are ideal for instant icing color identification. When you open the package, the decorating tips, bags and scraper are at the bottom of the cake turntable.

Brand: Kootek

👤I read how to make this cake and ordered it. I am not a baker. I was impressed by the tools in this product. I love it!

👤I was worried that it wouldn't come with everything, but it did. I have never baked anything other than a sheet cake before and this seemed like a great price for a beginner set. Can't wait to use everything.

👤This is my first set of cake decorating. I was able to decorate my cakes using only the tools that came with the turntable. A good set for beginners.

👤I ordered a kit that included cake decorating tools. The only things I received were the turn table and spatulas. There are no tips or decorating items. Very dissatisfied.

👤If you are learning to decorate cakes, this is an excellent starter set. The plastic turntable is a good choice for beginners, it functions well, and you won't mind slicing cake on it. We've used it a few times and found it very useful. The decorating knives are worth the price. If you're more comfortable with it, you can order the metal turntable from the same seller. This is a perfect second or primary turntable.

👤The set is incomplete. The box is in the trash after it was opened.

👤This was bought for the turntable. It does what I need it to do for the price. I didn't expect it to have a brake to stop it from turning. It serves the purpose for now.

👤The cake turner works well. Despite being made of plastic, the ball bearings have held up for over a year. The tools that come with it are not of the highest quality. If you plan on making cakes frequently, you may want to look into alternatives. The metal for the off set spatulas and spreaders is very thin and doesn't seem to be set in the plastic handle securely. The decorating tools are made of plastic. The tips for piping have held up well. There is no rusting observed yet. I don't leave them soaking in water, so I make sure to clean them after use. The bags are not of the highest quality. They are made of plastic. Will they work in a pinch? Yes. Make sure you have back up plans in place if you need to make elaborate decorations. The starter kit is great. It probably won't last that long, so it's not a kit you want to pass down to your kids.

👤The package I received was only the turn table and no other items were included. All items are missing. They could not have missed sending it. Please refrain from buying this product.

👤There are bags missing from the package. The turntable doesn't move. It doesn't make sense to see the product quality if you bought at 498/-.

👤50 disposable icing bags were not received.

👤Beginners are the most helpful and value for money.

👤Just received a turn table and 3 scrappers.

7. PUCKWAY Decorating Stainless Frosting Stripping

PUCKWAY Decorating Stainless Frosting Stripping

There is a 30 day money back guarantee. The Support Team is available to help you seven days a week. PUCKWAY offset cake icing spatula set is great for smoothing icing on cakes or cupcakes and helps keep your fingers out of icing. There are four different sizes of the baking wooden spatula set. You can use their spatulas in many different ways, as they fit the bill for decorating, moving cookies, and removing cakes. You can get an extra cake stripping tool. The icing spatulas are made of premium steel blade and wood handle, lightweight feel allows you to use them for a long time. The offset cake decorating knives can help frost hard to reach areas. They are great for making cheese, pizzas, sandwiches, and even cutting curds. It's a good idea to wash them by hand. Clean them with warm water. It is not a good idea to use the dishwasher.

Brand: Puckway

👤I think that these spatulas are very nice for the price, especially considering the number you receive and the different sizes. The spatulas are stiff enough for a soft to medium thick icing. If you plan to work with a stiff icing or a tough medium, you may not be able to spread it evenly without bending a little, as with many spatulas. I don't know how well the handle will hold up to washing, but I can tell you that it won't hold together for long if left soaking or treated without care. The finish will come off easily, but the actual handle won't loosen or break, so that's a plus. The only real issue I have with these is that they aren't straight. The edges are straight. Yes. The angle of the spatula is different at the base and less wide at the tip. I rely on knowing that I'm making a perfectly straight line when holding my spatula, the blade a completely straight extension of my hand, but these require me to adjust my position because the blade does not continue straight from my hand. Keep that in mind if that is something you have issues with. Best of luck!

👤You pay for what you get. This set is cheap. The spatulas are sturdy and the largest one came warped. I don't think I would ever use that size to frost a cake in the kitchen, so I will probably use my pallet knives to paint it. The handles are the biggest issue. The finish isn't great according to others. Instead of smoothing the handles out they threw a lot of stain and sealant on them to try and cover up the roughness. Rather than sending them back, I will sand them smooth and then either oil or seal them with a food safe sealant.

👤The cake spatulas are easy to use, but the finish began to chip on the first use. The finish began peeling away immediately after they were handwashed and dried. They were a good value for the price. Next time, I'll go for something with a plastic handle instead of saving a few dollars.

👤I thought I only needed the large and small one, but I've been using all of them. Even if you take care of them and don't soak them in water, the dark wood finish on the handles will start to wear off immediately. It doesn't affect how well they work, but they look a little shabby because of it. I would not have given them five stars.

👤Very disappointed. The holes in the handles are so small that they wouldn't fit on any utensil hangers. I put the nylon pad in the sink with other dishes because I used it to wash hand washing. It stayed in soapy water for 15 minutes tops, washed and finished off without a handle. I should have bought plastic. They work well, but they have a bad wood finish. These are not well made, so spend more and get better quality.

8. Spatula Stainless Kitchen Decorating Sorxine

Spatula Stainless Kitchen Decorating Sorxine

Customer service can be provided by Parcel and Caring. Webake tolerates zero quality issues and values customers' satisfaction. Let them know if you're not happy with its performance. It's widely applicable. You can choose multiple sizes to meet your needs. A set of 3 includes 11, 13 and 15 inches overall length, 6 8 and 10 inches blades, and one of them is a straight spatula. It's great for decorating all the sizes of pastry, pies, cakes, butter icing, biscuit, cookie cream decoration, cupcakes, hot chocolate, egg tarts, holiday desserts and more. The blade is easy to clean. Enjoy the decoration because the blade is smooth and flexible. The handle bar has a human engineering design that is comfortable to hold and use. The handle of the spatula is very comfortable to hold and lightweight. The plastic frosted handles give you a good grip, comfort and control. The spatulas set is made of high quality plastic and steel. The material is easy to use, safe, and has no smell. The clean up is easy and safe to wash in the sink or top dishwasher. Dry the parts with a cloth to avoid rusting after cleaning by hand or washing in the dishwasher. It will not have a bad smell and the color will not fade.

Brand: Sorxine

👤The three spatulas are used in the kitchen to make cakes. These are easy to use to spread frosting. Highly recommend to the baker.

👤Really like these. I think it's just right. Sturdy enough for me. It's almost too long, the longest one I haven't used. Otherwise the same as described. I make a lot of cakes but they are not for sale to the public.

👤I bought these to spread the gesso on canvases.

👤It's ok, but not that flexible.

👤The product worked perfectly.

👤Came as described. I haven't used them yet but they seem to be a quality set.

9. Spatula Stainless Decorating Frosting Turntable

Spatula Stainless Decorating Frosting Turntable

A stylish addition to your kitchen is a great gift. The Spatula has a mini cake turntable. It's dishwasher safe. It's a perfect shape and size for decorating cupcakes. It's also useful for carrying food. The angle of the blade makes it easy to ice or top a dessert in a pan. The easy grip of the plastic handle is due to its comfortable finger grip. The blades are made from kitchen grade steel. If it was used, it should be clean.

Brand: Legerm

👤It was one of the best I bought. The handle is clean.

👤Ottime spatole. La parte dell' impugnatura robusta e di una plastica solida. Sono un pasticcere e ne uso diverse.

10. Decorating Rotating Turntable Spinner Supplies

Decorating Rotating Turntable Spinner Supplies

The cake leveler makes it easy to trim your cake to the right height to make a tiered cake, then smooth it with the icing or have a textured look by using 3 decorating combs. All things should be dry and clean after use. Simple and stylish. It is easy to clean. It's made for bakers of all ages and skill. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, don't hesitate to contact their Customer Success Team and they will make things right. Home Sweets Home makes it easy to make professional looking cakes, cupcakes and desserts at home. The cake decorating kit is perfect for home use. Premium Quality for the Love of Baking is made of high quality plastic and steel.

Brand: Hankang

👤I wanted to make a cake for my friend's birthday. The turner is cheap and just what I needed. The added tools are nice, and the rubber is helpful, as it adds grip to a lot of metal based ones. If you push it up it will be a little wobbly, but with the weight from the cake it should be fine. It's a good thing.

👤I wouldn't want to try without this, I've never made a round layer cake prior to this, but I wouldn't want to try without this. I didn't smooth my icing because of the type of cake I was making, but it made it easier to spread icing.

👤It does the job despite being not as sturdy as I would have liked. I like the fact that the platform is non-skid, so I can turn it without it moving. It was nice to have the accessories.

👤I was pleasantly surprised because of the price, but I did not have high expectations. I decorated a four layer cake. It did what it was supposed to do. Very happy.

👤The set was great for the price. It's light weight, durable, and holds the stand in place with out scooting. I've seen less expensive and more items in major retailers.

👤This cake stand is perfect for my needs because I am a beginner at making and decorating cakes. The scrapers and spatulas were included. It's very easy to clean.

👤I am happy with the product and the items are as shown. I will do it again when I need to. Came really fast.

👤A nice set. The stand is sturdy. The flat and offset spatula are sturdy. This is a must have for a baker.

👤Doesn't work well. There was no grip rubber included. There are cakes over the products. There is a Considering other products in a combo pack is expensive.

👤Not up to the mark.

👤This was bought to use for painting.

👤Para uso doméstico, pastel pequeo, la compré para regalo, se ve bastante.

👤While it is rotating, rotation is not smooth.

11. Transparent Flexible Smoother Decorating Supplies

Transparent Flexible Smoother Decorating Supplies

Sufficient quantity: you will receive 15 pieces of cake scrapers, enough quantity can meet your different kitchen needs and allow you to share with your family and friends. Compact size: each plastic cake scraper measures approx. 13 x 10 cm is 5 x 4 inch. The cake cream scrapers are made of plastic, flexible and durable, one-piece design with no seam or crack, which makes them dishwasher safe, and convenient to hand wash. The curved pastry scrapers are light in weight and compact in size, not easy to slip from your hands, and they are comfortable to grip and fit your palm shape. These transparent cake scrapers are ideal for beginners and skilled cooks, as they are easy to use and can be used for cake batter, icing, fondant, cream and other soft things that need to be prepared inside a kitchen bowl. The quality material and smooth surface of the pastry spatula scrapers will make your cake smooth and more beautiful.

Brand: Patelai

👤I didn't know how thin they would be. I will give more stars if I can learn to use them properly.

👤This is amazing for cake perfectness, super thin as I needed, and for the price, and many pieces can't ask for more.

👤They are hard to use to make frosting. Very flimsy.

👤Alisa tiene una paquete.

👤This is for what I wanted them for.

👤I got many for a good price.


What is the best product for cake frosting spatula?

Cake frosting spatula products from Briskyloom. In this article about cake frosting spatula you can see why people choose the product. Teenitor and Walfos are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake frosting spatula.

What are the best brands for cake frosting spatula?

Briskyloom, Teenitor and Walfos are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake frosting spatula. Find the detail in this article. Puckway, Legerm and Kootek are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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