Best Cake Frosting Tools Made In The Usa

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1. Sweet Creations 11 Piece Treat Decorating

Sweet Creations 11 Piece Treat Decorating

Everything you need to make cookies, cupcakes, and cakes. There are 3 accordion style decorating bottles. 5 interchangeable steel tips. The scoop is small for easy bottle filling. Icing makes it easy.

Brand: Sweet Creations

👤I used them to decorate 10 dozen Christmas cookies. They are much easier to use than piping bags. I have more control over my hands when doing close work. I think they are great, but I wish they held a little more royal icing.

👤I love the Betty Crocker set that I have. I searched for it but couldn't find it at a decent price so I decided to try this set instead. There were enough positive reviews that I thought I would take a chance, even though I read that some reviewers had the bottles split open within the first few uses. The bottles split open at the bottom seam during the first use. The third one is close to splitting. The Betty Crocker version has held up for a long time. The bottles have different thicknesses of the bottoms and a more substantial seam. Sad that these did not hold up. They are going back.

👤I am very happy with this set. I thought they would be too heavy in my hand, but once I started decorating, I didn't have any problems at all. I decorated several dozen sugar cookies using piping bags and it was much easier and neater. The tops are large enough to hold royal icing and hold more than I thought. It's easy to refill piping bags. When doing more detailed piping, they give you nice control. I used a larger round top for flooding and a small round tip for outlining. I ordered another set so I can have more colors. I put the accordion containers upside down in a cup so that the icing wouldn't get stuck in the tip of the pipe. It was easy to clean up, just soaked for a few minutes in hot soapy water. That is being said. These are great for decorating cookies with royal icing, but won't stick with piping bags for buttercream. I don't think it would be worth it to clean up the mess that buttercream would make. They don't hold enough to do much cake or cupcake decorating.

👤These are the prettiest! I use mine to pour deviled eggs filling and sour cream, we have a lot of taco night and baked potato night. I filled it up with sour cream so that it wouldn't sit in a small tub with water all the time. I got them at a great deal and I love them.

👤This was the beat up that I received. The original box was covered in plastic. I was going to return half the items that were missing. The flimsy box the items were in was thrown away. The bottles did not work for me. The ones that were not in the same place came apart. They were made of plastic. I got two bottles with tops and one bottle without a top. A spatula, spoon, and direction phamplet were included. That is not what the picture shows.

👤It was easy to decorate. These are great ways to decorate cakes. A scoop to fill the bottles, and a spatula are included with the four plastic squeeze-bottles. The bottles are compatible with other tips. Leftover icing can be frozen in these containers. The bottles are easier to use than icing bags and are great for any non- professional.

2. Decorating Pastry Tools Icing Piping

Decorating Pastry Tools Icing Piping

100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The highest quality products are what drives them. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to them for a full and prompt refund. The blue material is metal+ABS. The size is 4.1 inches. The package includes a pen, bags, and shape tips. You don't need to be a pro to decorate cakes, cupcakes,cookies, or fondants that look good enough to come from the Cake Boss bakery. You can decorate cakes with a pen. It's easy to use, any pattern you like.

Brand: Wafjamf

👤It was easy to assemble and use, it arrived in good condition. I work in a bakery. I had a hard time writing on cakes because I don't apply enough pressure on the bag for the frosting to flow freely. The frosting pen was fool proof to produce great lettering. I have different colors ready to go so I'm ordering more.

👤The pen is easy to use. The tricky part is having the right consistency in your frosting so that it leaves the pen not too stiff, not too drippy. If you follow the directions, you won't have any problems.

👤This is awesome. The frosting comes out smooth and easy, it feels like I was using a pen. It is very simple and helps increase my decorating skills.

👤I used it for sugar cookies and got perfect lines.

👤This is very easy to use. It's easy to use, which makes decorating much easier. I used it to decorate a cake and it came out perfect. I feel like I can go beyond simple with the ease of use. The distribution of the frosting on the cake was better than any other tool I've tried. I think I may buy more to use for multiple colors. After reading all the positive reviews, I was happy with this purchase. It's a good thing.

👤I tried to make churros with these. The tips are too small. The best use is shown in the picture. There is a cookie decoration. To share my experience.

👤It was very easy to use. I haven't decorated a cake in a long time, but I used the pastry tool to make it. The cake was beautiful.

👤The item is too big to squeeze as you go, which makes your lines different sizes. It was very difficult to use this with sparkling Paste for a craft project. I assume it was much harder to use than if I used it with frosting. It is definitely not for kids to use because of the size, but it would take practice to make it work.

3. Wilton 417 1648 Cake Icing Smoother

Wilton 417 1648 Cake Icing Smoother

It was manufactured in the United States. For standard cake heights, Icing is smooth. The grip is white and purple and smooths icing. The material is metal and plastic. 9 x 3 in. The measurement is 22.8 x 7.6 cm. Before each use, wash in warm soapy water.

Brand: Wilton

👤I bit the bullet and decided that I would like this product. I did not. However, I ended up not liking this for a number of reasons. I was worried the grip would get in the way of the scraper. The rounded corner edges are the real downfall of this product. If you don't plan on doing a bottom border, you need square edges to get a clean edge on the cake. I like the straight metal edge of this product. The grip was comfortable. I liked the size, but I thought it could've been a little bigger. The weight is fine. I'm not sure how well the product smoothes a cake since I knew from the corner edges that it wouldn't work for me. I went to a hardware store and bought a smooth tape for the same price after I returned it.

👤I bought this cake icing because I am going to bake a cake for my son's birthday. This smooth icing has an even amount of weight all the way around and it feels good in your hands. I love my products from Wilton.

👤You have to get used to it. I found it hard to hold and when you have a lot of icing it builds up on the blade and gets messy. I think it would work better if the blad was larger. I found that using a metal drywall scraper was easier to use and smooths cakes perfectly.

👤I like the way this is smoothed out. It feels very strong. The metal edge seems to work better than plastic for me. I wish that one of the corners had a right angle, but I'm pretty sure that Wilton just wanted to avoid sharp edges. I still get smooth cakes. I have used it to cut fondant because of it's straight edge. I expect to use this smoother for a long time. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤This icing is smooth. I have been using a dough cutter for a couple years but it never got my icing right. You can easily clean up the mess with a paper towel. It's easy to hold, it's large enough that you can smooth out 3 full layers, and it's exactly what I was looking for. I'm mad that I didn't purchase it sooner. Someone who only works buttercream cakes would have avoided a lot of headaches. If you're looking for an icing smoother that will make your buttercream absolutely stunning, get this.

👤After using this a few times. I still prefer the good ol' spackle spatula from the hardware store. This is great. It worked well on 9x13 cakes. I'm not happy with round cakes. I keep in my decorating arsenal.

👤Baking requires a smoothing tool. I wanted this to be the one for me. It's perfect for cakes with great height because it's longer than others. The edges of the cake smoother should not be rounded off. The smoother can't get a clean look at the bottom of the cake. It's a solid 5 stars if you fix that. It's a 4 until them.

4. Amestar Decorating Smoother Sawtooth Polisher

Amestar Decorating Smoother Sawtooth Polisher

100% SATIFACION. They pride ourselves on the quality of their products and are responsible for the purchase behavior of their customers. If you have any issues with products, please let them know, they will solve it for you. There is a set of cake slicers. You'd love how your cake look with so many designs and styles. These are perfect for cake decorating tools. Save your money. You can use any combination of the 12 designs and styles that are included. These are perfect for cake decorating tools. Different cakes are fun. Prime quality materials. These scrapers are made from safe material and are easy to clean. The plastic tools are thick enough to be dishwasher safe and not lose their shape. It's easy to use, it's durable and affordable. The sweetest thing is to see him eating the cake you made. It is easy to leave the mold because of the smooth surface and excellent workmanship. Your kitchen creations are in good shape. Before use, please clean it with water or neutral detergent and wipe it with a soft rag; In use, please use the cake mold cake turntable and the effect is better; and after use, please store it in a cool place.

Brand: Amestar

👤I have only used 2 of these scrapers so far, but they work well. Some scrapers cut into your cake too deep. I haven't had a problem with these cake scrapers yet.

👤Awesome lines on cakes. I only tried the one scraper, but I have so many options. Great price and product!

👤In love with it. The cake scrapers are great.

👤Great product! It was perfect for my best friend's birthday. It is easy to use and worth every penny.

👤It's easy to use and sturdy, and great for tall cake sides or long designs on cake tops. There are a lot of designs.

👤I have added flair to my cakes.

👤The producto was excelente. El precio es una calidad.

5. Smoother Scrapper Decorating Buttercream Frosting

Smoother Scrapper Decorating Buttercream Frosting

Their team is committed to providing each of their customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions, please contact them and they will be happy to help you. The cake smoother scrapper tools are made of high quality food gradeABS material for durable use, Eco-friendly, cut smoothly, and without a bladed edge. With smooth edge and stripes edge, it's easy to hold and make beautiful cake edges, stripes and smooth sides or tops. The cake icing size is 22 x 7 cm/ 8.7 x 2.7inch. The package includes 8 pieces cake decorating comb, which can be used to make different themed cakes, used to decorate the cake perfectly. The scraper can be used for scraper, shoveling, chopping cream, icing, frosting, cake, cheese, bread, mousse baking, biscuit, chocolate, dough, fondant, pizza, etc.

Brand: Yitokmc

6. Ateco 3110 Plastic Decorating Reusable

Ateco 3110 Plastic Decorating Reusable

Professional quality and quality design by Ateco. The bag is designed for both food service and home use. The cloth is lined with polyethylene and won't slip in your hand. It's great for piping food. It is easy to clean and economical.

Brand: Ateco

👤I ordered this for my mom and she loved it. It works with thicker pastes. She thinks the 10-inch is too small for her and recommends the 18-inch for more comfort. The material is strong and well made.

👤Although I will order a larger product next time, I am satisfied with this product.

👤I used to work in a bakery and didn't have anything like this. We used brown paper and then threw it away. This is convenient. It makes decorating a lot simpler.

👤A small bag of icing things. It is perfect for that.

👤Awesome item. My wife loves baking and decorating cakes at home. It's clean.

👤My daughter is starting to bake and needs something to frost cupcakes. This is a good size for her.

7. Ateco 3108 Plastic Decorating Reusable

Ateco 3108 Plastic Decorating Reusable

The bag is designed for both food service and home use. The cloth is lined with polyethylene and won't slip in your hand. It's great for piping food. It is easy to clean and economical.

Brand: Ateco

👤I am very happy with the purchase of the 18 inch. It's a dream to fill dog toys with peanut butter. Very happy with the quality. It's easy to clean, dries well and holds the shape well. Even if I'm not using it for the intended purpose, it's a great item.

👤The product is good. I am very disappointed with the waste of shipping three of the same item in two separate packages at the same time.

8. Writer Bottles Applicator Decorating Supplies

Writer Bottles Applicator Decorating Supplies

Quality: Excellent. The icing bottles for cookie decorating are made of LDPE, PP, and PS. It is easy to identify. The bottle is transparent so it is easy to distinguish spices and cream. You can choose between Red, Yellow or Clear if the spices are the same color. Use a label to identify the contents. Cookie and cake decorating, Royal Icing, Oil, Paint, Crafts Supplies are just some of the things that can be done with plastic writer bottles. AJUSTABLE TIPS can be enlarged by cutting the tip to make the opening bigger. Norberg & Linden has a quality guarantee, which means you can get a money back guarantee. They are confident that you will like these bottles.

Brand: Free Hand

👤I used these bottles to make cookies. I am not the best at them yet, but these bottles helped with the smaller details. They were great when using thinner icing.

👤I am a professional cookie designer. It was great for my flow royal icing. The items were ready to use. Caps fit well and prevent tip from getting stuck. Sometimes you just need to work on a small area of a cookie, and both sizes are useful. I had no pitting in my icing. I don't know if it's how the tiny tip removed more air bubbles or what, but I didn't need to go over any areas twice. It was the first time. Will order again.

👤These bottles are great for decorating cookies. They're easy to squeeze and make controlling the icing easy.

👤Absolutely love these bottles! The consistency of your icing has to be thin. I would recommend these to anyone.

👤It's so easy to fill and it's clean. I wish I had a pic to show you but there is no left. The bottles I had were hard to squeeze. They were used for oil and vinegar. These are the ones I love. Thanks for having them available!

👤These were a hit at the party. We could make our own royal icing. The caps keep the icing moist and prevent spillage. It was easy to clean up. They clean themselves by putting the icing into a bowl of warm water and then taking care of themselves. I can't wait to bake cookies with my daughter.

👤The quality was great for the price. We used to make Christmas cookies. It is easy to wash with a bottle brush. We had to carefully spoon in the icing but the tips were perfect and we could easily make the opening bigger. Caps were not interchangeable. It was difficult to find a bottle top that fit the cap. 5 stars because value for price is unbeatable.

👤I used these bottles to decorate cookies with mickey mouse. Since it was the first time I had ever decorated a cookie, I had to control my hand very well. They washed well. I used a bottle brush.

👤The bottles were large enough to get the details on the cookies. They kept the icing fresh for a long time. The trick is to use a small tea spoon or funnel that is the same width. This would be a 5 star product if it came with a funnel and brush. I don't think it's right for you to use it for anything other than royal icing. This is a must have if you want to do fine details and cookies.

👤La punta y listo tienen un pastel peto de los orificios.

👤100% recommendable.

👤El plstico es fcil de apretar. Buen producto.

9. Cake Decorating Kit Beginners Turntable

Cake Decorating Kit Beginners Turntable

If not satisfied, 30 days free return/refund. These cake decorating tools are great for beginners. The cake decorating supplies kit is great for kids, teens and adults. Adding this collection of baking tools and accessories to your home baking supplies is everything you need. Includes a rotating cake turntable that locks in place, cake decorating tool pen, Russian icing tips, icing bags, and more. Sturdy, reliable and lasting cake making tools are essential to help you craft your many delicious creations. The cake decorating set is the perfect gift for your loved ones. This cake making kit is perfect for a birthday, holiday, or celebration and will make your favorite baker very happy. This cake baking kit is risk-free if you buy it as a gift or add it to your kitchen collection. If you don't like their product as much as they do, they'll give you a full refund.

Brand: The Unruly Bear

👤It comes with all the basics for cake decorating.

👤It's so easy to decorate a cake.

👤My kids and I decorated a cake. I know we'll use them again because it had more equipment than we needed. The price is great for the quantity and quality.

👤The rotating cake stand is wonderful. The pattern and instruction chart was not included in the description. I tried using the code on the website but it was not functional.

👤The starter kit is easy to use.

👤This was bought for my granddaughter. She and her mother love it. It's easy for a child and professional for an adult.

👤It is perfect for new and experienced bakers.

10. Docgrit Decorating Decoration Turntable Numbered

Docgrit Decorating Decoration Turntable Numbered

The paint sprayer gun has a lot of different kinds of accessories, which can be used for all your needs. You can use different cleaning brushes to clean the airbrush inside. The effect of the ejection is more perfect if the air filter is effective in isolating the air with the humidity. All-in-one cake decorating kit supplies meet the decorating or practicing needs of cake makers. A non-slip revolving cake turntable, 2 Icing Spatula, 3 Icing Smoother, 2 Silicone Piping Bag, 6 Muffin Cups, 12 Numbered Cake Icing Tips & guide, 50 disposable Pastry bags, 1 Coupler, Icing Bag Ties, and a non The revolving cake turntable is made of food grade material. It has a non-slip base that can ensure the stability of the cake and prevent accidental drops during the cake making process. The hidden ball bearings make the cake turntable rotating smoothly and give the cake maker the perfect cake decoration experience. Icing tips with numbers and made of steel are included. They are easy to clean and connect with, they are strong and resistant to rust, and they can be used with the plastic Coupler. The guide about icing tips can help you decide how to decorate the cake quickly. The spatula and smoother are perfect for making cakes with layers and spreading on a crumb layer evenly. TheCake Flower Nail and Scissors are made of plastic and steel and are suitable for cooking. It's a good choice for cake decorating beginners to practice pipe a flower. You just need to hold a flower in your hand.

Brand: Docgrit

👤I watched several different cake decorating videos before attempting to use anything in this kit, but everything that came with it was great for a beginner like me. I made some practice ones that didn't come out as good, but after practicing on styrofoam, I am really starting to get the hang of it. The cakes I made with this kit were included in the pictures I included. It comes with a fold out that tells you what the tips will look like. The spinner is my favorite. It's easier to frost the cake and decorate it if you really think about it. The bags that this kit comes with are completely clean. I have to let them soak in the soapy water because of the grease left over from the frosting. I let them soak after turning them inside out. The kit is easy to use and clean and is great for beginners. They looked like an actual cake at times, even though they used the tools on styrofoam.

👤My wife was excited to get it, but I have no idea about it. She said it comes with everything she needed to start. Do they call themselves cake bakers? Who knows? I don't know if she is happy. I am happy. She is going to use it for our baby's first birthday. Excited to see what she does. She makes me feel like this is a value for the price.

👤I was looking for a stand that was cake turnable. I was surprised at what came with this product and the price. I read a lot of reviews before ordering. I received my package on Saturday and was excited to open it and see all the stuff that came with it. I was very happy with the things I received. I used the cake turnable because I had to make a birthday cake for one of my grandsons. It made icing a cake much easier. I make cakes for my kids' birthdays and this is going to be used a lot. The Spatulas are very nice and very good quality. I would recommend this product to anyone that makes cakes.

👤I am an avid baker, but never decorated cakes before, so I am a total beginner when it comes to cakes, I've never even used piping tips before! I had to make cakes for two birthday parties. I was quoted $50 on a basic paw patrol cake and thought I could do that myself. This set is perfect for what I needed. The product is easy to use, but I ran into a problem learning how to use the icing, but that was just part of the learning process. I had everything I needed in this set to make two cakes, and the brush it comes with was very convenient for cleaning the tips. The cake was not perfect because it was 95 outside and my frosting got too warm. I learned how to make a better cake. I love cake decorating and this set is perfect for it.

11. Wilton Decorating 55 Piece Decorating Supplies

Wilton Decorating 55 Piece Decorating Supplies

Before each use, wash the tips and couplers in warm soapy water. The ultimate cake decorating tip set is in a plastic case. 55 decorating tips are included in the set. There is an assortment of tips for cake decorating. You can grab any tip you need quickly with the Decorator Smart Tip Organizers. Plastic and metal. The flower nails are about 2 inches long. The tips, flower nails and couplers are dishwasher safe.

Brand: Wilton

👤This set is worth the money if you enjoy making different types of frosting designs. The sealable case that keeps everything organized is one of the reasons I love it. The set comes with 2 standard-sized couplers, but they do not fit the large tips that are included in the kit, which is why I knocked off a star. I don't know why the set doesn't include a standard and large one since both size tips are included. Everything you need should be included in this amount of money. If you buy this kit, you need to order a large coupler at the same time so that you can use everything in the box.

👤I didn't want a set of spatulas and other cake decorating supplies because I recently got into making decorated sugar cookies. I've been inspired to make more cookies, try different tips and make miniature flowers.

👤My daughter just started to take a passion for baking seriously, so I gave her a Christmas present. This is a good set for beginners. You can achieve all those classic swirls of buttercream with this set. All of the piping tips have the same brand name and number, and none seem to have any problems. It can be difficult to thoroughly clean the inside of the tips, especially the more narrow ones. If you have a very thin bottle cleaning brush, it may be easier to clean it. This isn't an issue with this particular set, rather something you should consider regardless of what brand piping tips you get. - If you're purchasing this for the first time, you should also purchase a Wilton 1M piping tip. It's a little bigger but my daughter was able to keep it in the box that comes with the set.

👤The only reason I am giving this set 4 stars instead of 5 is because the set includes 8 jumbo tips, yet they could not fit a jumbo tip in a coupler. The standard size tips come with 2 couplers. I can only give you one star because you get a lot of different tips with different designs, but in different sizes, so you have what you need to do some gorgeous decorating. Adding 2 flower nails is a bonus. I'm not sure if this set is always a good value. I think it was a great value. If I didn't have a carry case like the one I got, I would have to use a different method of decorating supplies, but it would be very easy to do. If I want to grab the tip I want, I might keep it, transfer it to that tray and use it on my work surface. I was very happy but I was disappointed that I had to purchase the large couplers to complete the set.

👤These photos were taken when I used these tips for the first time. The box is great for keeping them organized, but I wish there was at least one for the bigger tips.


What is the best product for cake frosting tools made in the usa?

Cake frosting tools made in the usa products from Sweet Creations. In this article about cake frosting tools made in the usa you can see why people choose the product. Wafjamf and Wilton are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake frosting tools made in the usa.

What are the best brands for cake frosting tools made in the usa?

Sweet Creations, Wafjamf and Wilton are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake frosting tools made in the usa. Find the detail in this article. Amestar, Yitokmc and Ateco are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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