Best Cake Frosting Tools Spreader

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1. Acronde Straight Professional Stainless Decorating

Acronde Straight Professional Stainless Decorating

The dimensions and care are 10. " L X 1. The dishwasher is safe. The spatula is made with a non-toxic material. The cake decorating knives can help frost hard to reach areas without your hands getting in the way. It's great for making cheese, pizzas, sandwiches, and even cutting curds. The spatulas are made with the highest quality food grade steel that won't rust and fall apart. It is easy to hang because of the hole on the handles. The wooden handles on the spatula are designed for a good grip and control. The quality of the material is assured. Whether you are a professional pastry chef in a busy kitchen or a weekend baking enthusiast, you will benefit from having these tools. The most common size of icing spatula is 10 inches. They would do a great job decorating a large cake or small cupcake.

Brand: Acronde

👤We will throw these away after 6 months. There is open space in the handles where you can see the rivets because the slot in the handle is wider. The open joint has food or icing in it. It is impossible to clean the handle joint without using the dishwasher because the finish is not dishwasher safe. The finish is sticky in the dishwasher. The design and construction of the spatulas are shoddy, even though the metallic part of the spatulas is the correct size and shape. These are pieces of garbage.

👤The price is nothing to dislike. The thick red and white joint firestop caulking was applied with this set. They worked well with a little soapy water applied to it and slid easily, perfect! I'm sure you can use it for icing, but that's not the case.

👤The smaller two are used for pallet knives. They give great control and are awesome. I put them in the dishwasher and noticed that the handles were splintering, so I deducted a star because they have to be hand washed.

👤The workmanship in the construction of the blades and handles is really nice. Expect to get many years of service, if not a lifetime of service,flexible when needed but sturdy when required for the most delicate of use.

👤I have been happy with the ease with which I have used these on a few cakes. They have been helpful with placing items, icing and other things.

👤The wooden handles felt spinsterish after being washed. Never again!

👤I have nutella on toast every day and I needed another one. It is difficult to get down in the jar and most of these are great to do that.

👤These make frosting cupcakes and cakes easy. It seems sturdy and flexible. They've held up so far, I just wash them.

2. Scotts Elite Broadcast Spreader EdgeGuard

Scotts Elite Broadcast Spreader EdgeGuard

Their silk peonies flowers are placed in plastic bags in their natural vertical state and are not artificially bent packaging. They want the fake peonies you receive to be soft and fluffy. Plug on to the branches if the little flower drops off. A 6ft spread pattern and unbeatable accuracy are provided by dual rotor technology. This spreader is the most accurate they have ever had. It can hold up to 20,000 sq. feet. Scotts lawn product includes grass seed, fertilization, salt and ice melt. To conquer any terrain, never-flat tires are required. The material is plastic. The handle has a phone holder. Minor assembly is needed when spreading coarse rock salt.

Brand: Scotts

👤I used to work for Scotts/Trugreen and I can tell you that it takes some practice to not stripe a lawn. Many homeowners think that it's a one and done treatment. The first tip is for inexperienced homeowners to stick to a 10-year release type ofFertilizer. You don't need the Phosphorus part on a new lawn. The recommended rate for your spreader is less than 2. If you want to see how far your spreader goes, you can practice on your driveway. If you can, try not to overlap too much. Plan on spreading a normal or weak mix every 3-6 weeks from early spring to late fall in the snow belt. Walk on the grass that is frozen. It needs to be watered in. If you don't water your lawn between the rain showers, it will never look good. The first application should be a granular fert. Most weeds and Crabgrass will be stopped from emerging. Pre_emergent is a preventer of seeds. It doesn't kill weeds that have already sprouted. Pre-emergent will kill grass in the spring and you will need to water the area weekly all summer if you spread new grass seed. Wait until the fall. Oct. . There is a difference between a Pre-emergent/fert combo and a granular weed killer/fertilizer combo. Liquid weed killer should only be sprayed where the weeds are. Anything other than that is a waste of time and money. A weed killer needs to hit a weed that is already growing. If your budget can handle it, Aerate or Aerate/Oversee every fall. If you watch, make sure you give it plenty of water between the raindrops and stop using weed control after seeding. If it doesn't rain, spread seed on an area that you can water weekly. If you have a big lawn, you will probably not water it all the time. Don't cut your lawn. The lawn should be 3-4 inches. It can grow faster if it is cut short during the growing season. A longer lawn allows less sunlight to penetrate to the soil where the weed seeds are. Don't expect quick results. If your lawn has been neglected for a long time, it can take a long time to get that golf course lawn. Water in the early mornings. The water in the soil should be kept cool. You should not water at night because it will cause damaging fungus on your lawn. Water is the most important part of a healthy lawn. If you can't or won't water between the raindrops, don't bother with fertilization as it will be wasted. Use preemergent once in the spring to spot treat weeds. Plan on spending at least $500 an acre for a perfect lawn with fert, weed control, mowing, trimming, aerating and watering. How much depends on how much you do. Put in a sprinkler system if you can afford it. It will save you time and water.

👤I read the reviews and saw that the only negative ones were about how the wheels collect. I read a review about a lady putting a baking tin on the wheels and I used the cardboard that came with it to pull the wheels off.

3. Wilton 417 1648 Cake Icing Smoother

Wilton 417 1648 Cake Icing Smoother

It was manufactured in the United States. For standard cake heights, Icing is smooth. The grip is white and purple and smooths icing. The material is metal and plastic. 9 x 3 in. The measurement is 22.8 x 7.6 cm. Before each use, wash in warm soapy water.

Brand: Wilton

👤I bit the bullet and decided that I would like this product. I did not. However, I ended up not liking this for a number of reasons. I was worried the grip would get in the way of the scraper. The rounded corner edges are the real downfall of this product. If you don't plan on doing a bottom border, you need square edges to get a clean edge on the cake. I like the straight metal edge of this product. The grip was comfortable. I liked the size, but I thought it could've been a little bigger. The weight is fine. I'm not sure how well the product smoothes a cake since I knew from the corner edges that it wouldn't work for me. I went to a hardware store and bought a smooth tape for the same price after I returned it.

👤I bought this cake icing because I am going to bake a cake for my son's birthday. This smooth icing has an even amount of weight all the way around and it feels good in your hands. I love my products from Wilton.

👤You have to get used to it. I found it hard to hold and when you have a lot of icing it builds up on the blade and gets messy. I think it would work better if the blad was larger. I found that using a metal drywall scraper was easier to use and smooths cakes perfectly.

👤I like the way this is smoothed out. It feels very strong. The metal edge seems to work better than plastic for me. I wish that one of the corners had a right angle, but I'm pretty sure that Wilton just wanted to avoid sharp edges. I still get smooth cakes. I have used it to cut fondant because of it's straight edge. I expect to use this smoother for a long time. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤This icing is smooth. I have been using a dough cutter for a couple years but it never got my icing right. You can easily clean up the mess with a paper towel. It's easy to hold, it's large enough that you can smooth out 3 full layers, and it's exactly what I was looking for. I'm mad that I didn't purchase it sooner. Someone who only works buttercream cakes would have avoided a lot of headaches. If you're looking for an icing smoother that will make your buttercream absolutely stunning, get this.

👤After using this a few times. I still prefer the good ol' spackle spatula from the hardware store. This is great. It worked well on 9x13 cakes. I'm not happy with round cakes. I keep in my decorating arsenal.

👤Baking requires a smoothing tool. I wanted this to be the one for me. It's perfect for cakes with great height because it's longer than others. The edges of the cake smoother should not be rounded off. The smoother can't get a clean look at the bottom of the cake. It's a solid 5 stars if you fix that. It's a 4 until them.

4. Anvin Smoother Flexible Decorating Birthday

Anvin Smoother Flexible Decorating Birthday

The side of the cake has a flat bottom. Premium quality. These cake smoothers are made of food grade plastic-PP and are flexible and eco-friendly. They are easy to clean and can be washed in the dishwasher. It's easy. You will look more professional if you use these cake scrapers. You can make your cakes look more beautiful by decorating them with different tool shapes. The cake scarper smoother can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use cake scraper to decorate the shape of cakes. 6 Pcs stiff cake smoother in different tooth shapes and sizes, plus 4 Pcs clear thin cake decorating scraper, is included in the package. The scrapers are designed with a hole for easy storage. There are enough styles for your different cake decorating needs. Quality Assurance- All quality issues are taken care of with a replacement or full refund. If you have problems with your order from Anvin Official, you should get efficient customer service. Delivery time is guaranteed because all products will be shipped by Amazon from their US warehouse.

Brand: Anvin

👤The pieces they send are great value, the biggest smoother is perfect for tall cakes, the styled scrapers are fun to use, and they are easy to use and maintain.

👤I needed them to make my icing smooth. I love that there are multiple sizes and some with decorative edges to give my cakes a little dazzle. The smoothers are soft but firm. Clean up is easy.

👤I was very happy with my order. They were received quickly and well packaged. Would definitely order from them again. Thank you!

👤The products are great for the price. Get it.

👤I got a lot of different tools in this set. I have everything I need to make cakes. The price and quality were great. Would recommend this set to others.

👤Me agradarno todas.

👤There is a big pack of value scrapers. There are so many in a pack. Would use this seller again.

👤My friend loved it when I gave it as a gift.

5. Docgrit Decorating Decoration Turntable Numbered

Docgrit Decorating Decoration Turntable Numbered

The paint sprayer gun has a lot of different kinds of accessories, which can be used for all your needs. You can use different cleaning brushes to clean the airbrush inside. The effect of the ejection is more perfect if the air filter is effective in isolating the air with the humidity. All-in-one cake decorating kit supplies meet the decorating or practicing needs of cake makers. A non-slip revolving cake turntable, 2 Icing Spatula, 3 Icing Smoother, 2 Silicone Piping Bag, 6 Muffin Cups, 12 Numbered Cake Icing Tips & guide, 50 disposable Pastry bags, 1 Coupler, Icing Bag Ties, and a non The revolving cake turntable is made of food grade material. It has a non-slip base that can ensure the stability of the cake and prevent accidental drops during the cake making process. The hidden ball bearings make the cake turntable rotating smoothly and give the cake maker the perfect cake decoration experience. Icing tips with numbers and made of steel are included. They are easy to clean and connect with, they are strong and resistant to rust, and they can be used with the plastic Coupler. The guide about icing tips can help you decide how to decorate the cake quickly. The spatula and smoother are perfect for making cakes with layers and spreading on a crumb layer evenly. TheCake Flower Nail and Scissors are made of plastic and steel and are suitable for cooking. It's a good choice for cake decorating beginners to practice pipe a flower. You just need to hold a flower in your hand.

Brand: Docgrit

👤I watched several different cake decorating videos before attempting to use anything in this kit, but everything that came with it was great for a beginner like me. I made some practice ones that didn't come out as good, but after practicing on styrofoam, I am really starting to get the hang of it. The cakes I made with this kit were included in the pictures I included. It comes with a fold out that tells you what the tips will look like. The spinner is my favorite. It's easier to frost the cake and decorate it if you really think about it. The bags that this kit comes with are completely clean. I have to let them soak in the soapy water because of the grease left over from the frosting. I let them soak after turning them inside out. The kit is easy to use and clean and is great for beginners. They looked like an actual cake at times, even though they used the tools on styrofoam.

👤My wife was excited to get it, but I have no idea about it. She said it comes with everything she needed to start. Do they call themselves cake bakers? Who knows? I don't know if she is happy. I am happy. She is going to use it for our baby's first birthday. Excited to see what she does. She makes me feel like this is a value for the price.

👤I was looking for a stand that was cake turnable. I was surprised at what came with this product and the price. I read a lot of reviews before ordering. I received my package on Saturday and was excited to open it and see all the stuff that came with it. I was very happy with the things I received. I used the cake turnable because I had to make a birthday cake for one of my grandsons. It made icing a cake much easier. I make cakes for my kids' birthdays and this is going to be used a lot. The Spatulas are very nice and very good quality. I would recommend this product to anyone that makes cakes.

👤I am an avid baker, but never decorated cakes before, so I am a total beginner when it comes to cakes, I've never even used piping tips before! I had to make cakes for two birthday parties. I was quoted $50 on a basic paw patrol cake and thought I could do that myself. This set is perfect for what I needed. The product is easy to use, but I ran into a problem learning how to use the icing, but that was just part of the learning process. I had everything I needed in this set to make two cakes, and the brush it comes with was very convenient for cleaning the tips. The cake was not perfect because it was 95 outside and my frosting got too warm. I learned how to make a better cake. I love cake decorating and this set is perfect for it.

6. Spatula U Taste Stainless Decorating Frosting

Spatula U Taste Stainless Decorating Frosting

Baking supplies are the perfect gift for Christmas, weddings, birthdays, home bakers, and more. The tips set is guaranteed to make anyone smile. You can contact them if you have any questions. They upgrade it not just make it. They upgrade products according to the advice of buyers. The blades are stout and won't break easily. There is no more rust spot. The PP handle has a round edge for easy gripping. Flexible enough to move easier when frosting cake. The butter on the cake is kept away from your fingers with the Versatile Angled feature.

Brand: U-taste

👤The product is sturdy and gives full control. My hands don't slip when using the handle. The spatula part is wider than I expected, but I like it because it gives me better control when spreading and lifting. They look professional, each has their own sleeve which protects them when stored. I have not used icing yet, but I love all three sizes for serving and flipping. They are becoming the most used tools in the kitchen. Excellent quality, I expect them to perform well for a long time. I am very happy with the spatulas.

👤I had to make my daughter's 5th birthday cake and I couldn't find my offset spatula so I picked these up in a pinch. I was not planning on covering my cake with fondant to make it look better. One of my best tips is to use offset spatulas for smooth frosting. You can smooth the frosting using an offset spatula or a frosting smoother after crumbcoat and frost. Then, keep your cake out of the fridge. Pull the cake out of the fridge and put an offset spatula in the hot water. Before you use it on the outside of your cake, make sure it is dry. Let the spatula do the smoothing work for you. This set of spatulas was a great price. I like the different sizes. I've never owned a small spatula but it came in handy. I used 2 of them to help move my cake from the turntable to the final round. I would definitely recommend them.

👤My number one received these as a gift. The recipient was looking for a smaller icing spatula and this set fit that bill and more with multiple sizes. I was worried that they would be flimsy, but they are. It's perfect for icing needs.

👤These are easy to hold and made from quality STAINLESS. They're only one offset spatula, trimmed front-end and/or back-end to produce three different sizes. The thickness is the same. The shorter one is going to be if you just spatula the shortening without decreasing blade thickness. Less. It is flexible. This is obvious when you attempt to make a cake or use spatulas to spread it. This part must have been missed by the designer. I don't do a lot of detail work. I'm keeping mine. If you're serious about detail work, I recommend that you go to a physical store that sells offset spatulas and see for yourself what you're buying, because pictures do lie sometimes.

👤I ordered these because they would have covered a variety of cooking uses, I was looking for an angle spatula to frost cakes and use in baking dishes. I like to use a spatula that has a steep angle on it so that my fingers and knuckles stay above the icing or whatever it is, but it's pricey. These weren't very interesting. My fingers would have been spread all over the cake pan when I held them. I liked the handle and the strength of the metal, and I would have had no problem with them if the angle had been greater. It was my fault, I didn't look carefully enough at the reviews, or I would have seen people complaining about the same thing.

7. Decorating Decoration Straight Tweezers Supplies

Decorating Decoration Straight Tweezers Supplies

Your money back or 100% satisfaction guarantee! The complete cake decoration tool set includes 7 pieces cake decorating brushes, 6 pieces stir needles, 2 pieces elbow and straight kitchen tweezers, 15 pieces in total, Sufficient quantity and nice combination set can satisfy your daily do-it-yourself and decorative demands. The sugar needle scribingrs are made of plastic and metal, the baking decorating brushes are made of plastic and fiber, and the practical tweezers are made of steel, which are sturdy and safe to use. Simple operation: this cake paint brush is practical for depicting a variety of patterns, also appropriate for removing fingerprints on surface impurities, soft, reliable and easy to clean, and the tweezers make it convenient to pick up. The size of the stir scribing needles is approx. The cake decoration brush is about 5 inches in length. The tweezer is approximately 16.7 to 13.9 cm/ 6.7 to 5.56 inch in length. Proper dimensions make them comfortable to handle when decorating cake and cookie. The cookie decorating tools set is a nice choice for you to enjoy a happy baking time with your family and friends, which can serve as meaning and well prepared gifts for baking lovers on birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, graduation, housewarming, anniversary, Mother's.

Brand: Geiserailie

👤They are what I needed to decorate cookies.

👤Clean and fast shipment. It's great for details in decorating with royal frosting.

👤A fun project with a teenage daughter. It is easy to clean and use great tools.

👤Soft brushes for applying colors. The picks are great for spreading royal icing and ensuring chocolate makes it into all the nooks and crevices of your molds, and the tweezers are great for applying small details. Useful tools have a great value.

👤The items arrived before the time they were supposed to. I use the brushes for chocolate and the tweaser set for dipping amd decorating. This set is very good.

👤Tienen una textura Sueve. I permite poner las piedras.

8. Kayaso Decorating Icing Smoother Scraper

Kayaso Decorating Icing Smoother Scraper

Do not put bakeware in the dishwasher; wash it in warm soapy water. You would love how your cake look if you created your cake edge with so many designs. They are great for cake decorating. The icing comb is made of durable plastic materials to ensure that they never chip, crack, or bend as you work on big project idea, cake shop or any parties. The flat edge of this set smoothes out your icing or buttercream. Also can use as pastry cutter.

Brand: Kayaso

👤They are tall and quiet. I was impressed with the weight of each one. I also have a spatula with me. You can compare them by taking a photo of one up against the other.

👤I got this set to make a striped cake and two of the same combs, and I need the striped one, so I am giving 3 stars. I would like to get the missing comb for the weekend.

👤I bought this set for my aunt who has a home bakery and she had been searching for perfect decorating combs that didn't feel heavy and were easy to use. She uses it with Italian merengue icing and it looks beautiful. I bake for a living and bought it for myself recently. The secret is to put a lot of icing you want and then go slow but surely around a few times. And then you will have it.

👤They work well, but not good on a tall cake. I should have checked the numbers. The spatula is easy bake oven sized. The quality is good. The combs are made of plastic.

👤I used the comb to make my stripes. Excellent product. Highly recommended.

👤It is easy to use decorating combs. Tall enough to use on cakes. I wish they were a bit wider so that when you scraper off icing it doesn't get as close to the middle as you are holding it.

👤I'm not a professional when it comes to baking, but I am a little further along than a beginner. I was very pleased with the results after using the tools for the first time. It would be a good idea for easy and cool cake decorating.

👤The job is done and the height is good. The middle part is the only thing I don't like. It is difficult to get all of the frosting off of it. You don't want leftover frosting on the scraper if you decorate cakes. It makes me angry.

9. Teenitor Scraper Smoother Icing Cutters

Teenitor Scraper Smoother Icing Cutters

The base ingredients allow the color to be dispersed quickly. PP plastic is a high grade material that can be used to guard your life. It is very sturdy and easy to use. 6 pc stiff cake smoother of different patterns, 1 pc clear thin cake decorating scraper, which have different sizes of serrated tooth and round shaped edges, and plenty of operations for you to experiment with are included in the package. It's great for a cake decorating beginner because it's very easy to operate, stiff but still soft enough to conform to the side of a bowl, and a hole in the corner allows a good organization and save your money. It's easy to clean, it can be washed in the dishwasher or in warm water. There are many dessert applications, including cakes, bread, chocolate, dough, and many other items.

Brand: Teenitor

👤I made my first wedding cake with these. I was glad that I listened and got the different smoothers that I was looking for. The cake looked like I'd been doing it for years. The pieces are serrated and I can't wait to try them. Someone needs a cake made.

👤Happy with the purchase. I was looking for something to paint with and this seemed like the perfect set for me since I am only trying things out and don't want to invest in art catalysts. The set is described. The quality is decent, but I was expecting more from this price. I'm pretty sure these will work well for cakes.

👤My daughter loves this product and she makes cakes almost every day. She is only 14. She started making cakes a few weeks ago.

👤Three items were not wrapped. The product was shipped from China. The pieces were in tact, but they were dirty. I cleaned the pieces using the dishwasher. I was able to remove the small black spots from the items. I thought it would be easier to clean them instead of having to return. There are good sizes for the items. I'm looking forward to using the product.

👤I am a professional pastry chef and these cake smoother's are great.

👤I bought this set for my granddaughter. She loves baking and decorating cakes. The set was large. She has a lot of options to experiment with. The set arrived quickly and all the pieces are there. Looking forward to her work.

👤I put one of the sets in my carry-all. A great purchase. I can remove stickers, tape, and mineral deposits without scratching. Some scrapers I have bought have left, so does not leave black marks.

👤I wish they were taller. The cake was taller than the scraper so they didn't work as well as I had hoped. The designs it makes are just meh, nothing special, and hard to get it right.

👤I bought these because they are a perfect alternative to buying similar that are specifically designed for art and double the price. I'm pretty sure that they're good for baking because you can use them in a similar way to mixed media.

👤I have used most of these for cakes, exceptional value and really useful tools, especially if making the new trend naked cakes. They are durable and not cheap. Excellent delivery from the briliiant supplier.

👤I want scrapers for mixed media art. I am very pleased with the selection and quality.

👤These are excellent! I get good edges and a smooth finish. I cried a lot because my cakes wouldn't smooth, even though I used various designs of smoothers. I love these! People who enjoy my cakes.

👤Excellent value. Does what it says. Butter cream cakes gave smooth edges.

10. Decorating Supplies RFAQK Decoration Springform

Decorating Supplies RFAQK Decoration Springform

Enjoy your family time. You can use the icing piping tips with your kids and add family fun time in the kitchen with the seamless design. You can make a variety of cakes from scratch with this Ultimate 360pcs cake supplies. The cake kit for beginners is all about value. The set includes a 9 inch Springform Pan, a 7-inch Springform Pan, a 4 inch Springform Pan, a 30 Parchment Paper Liners, and an Egg Beater. There is a list of cake decorating and serving supplies. 3 non-stick Springform cake pans, turntable, tips for decorating, and 48 icing numbered tips are included. The Ultimate Guide and Satisfaction with eBook and Pattern Chart is a cake set for beginners that comes with a pattern chart and an eBook for product knowledge, recipes, and tips and tricks.

Brand: Rfaqk

👤The starter kit is great. I am new to baking and I bake cakes and cupcakes. Everything I needed was in this kit. I thought the materials would be cheap, but they aren't. They are perfect. The amount of frosting tips you get is amazing. There are many. I baked my first cake from scratch with this kit. The kit is still great if you are not new to baking. It is in a box that is small and perfect. I received an email from the company asking if everything was in the box. I thought it was great.

👤This is a complete kit. Most of the other kits have what you need. This kit has everything. It's easy to decorate a cake with this quality. The non slip feet on the turntable and the spring pans that aren't in the other kits are nice. The presentation is done well. Its in a nice box and separated into its own bags. A great gift. They are loving it, and I bought them for my gf and daughter. I get to eat the cake. They got to me in hours, not days, after I contacted customer service about the eBook. The book is over 100 pages. Excellent customer service too!

👤Wow! I was surprised when I bought this kit last minute for my first attempt at a tier wedding cake. The items inside the packaging were in good shape despite being a little beat up. The kit allowed me to create a masterpiece despite the fact that the cake leveler did not work as I needed it to, but it did allow me to create a masterpiece. It's a good investment for a beginner.

👤I don't know how they fit all the stuff into this box, but once you open it, there's no way to put them back in the box for storage. Before you open, have a plan. The products are mediocre in quality, like you bought them from the dollar store. It is still an ok value for all the things you get, especially if you will use every single item in there. If you don't want to use all the items in there, then it's better to just buy them individually and get better color coordinated tools. This would be a great gift for your niece who is 13 to 17 years old. There are a lot of things that are better quality and cheaper at Ross/Marshall's or Fred Meyer. I just started to notice the cake tools at the stores after I bought this box.

👤There are many pieces to this set. If you know how to use them, that's great. I bought this for my 10 year old. I thought this might be a decent substitution as the kids sets were sold out. There is no instruction. There are pieces in there that you will not know how to use.

👤The kit is for beginners. As you learn the art of decorating, it has everything you need. The value is good for beginners. I looked at prices at Michaels and the hobby lobby. The price of this kit with everything in it can be beat, even though both stores have terrific goodies. Have fun with it.

11. Spatula Smoother Scraper Professional Stainless

Spatula Smoother Scraper Professional Stainless

The multi-purpose scraper/chopper ensures timesaving convenience when it comes to clean up, please wipe dough scraper with a clean cloth after use. It's dishwasher safe. There are 4 packs of scraper blades in this package. 3 packs of different types of scrapers. The scraper is made of high quality steel and wooden. There are holes in the handle for easy hanging. The scraper is made of high quality plastic, which is safe and harmless. It is hard to break. The cake decorating knife helps frost to hard-to-reach areas. It's great for frosting desserts, biscuits, cheese, pancakes, pies and cupcakes. Their set is available in multiple sizes and styles. The most suitable cake scraper is what you will have.

Brand: Awpeye

👤These are about the right thickness, shape, and edge smoothness. They could be offset more for me. My big hands are too big to keep my fingers out of the frosting. The weakest link is the handles. There are wood splinters on the edges of the metal spatulas. It would have taken a while to remove the splinters and finish the edge. I don't like wood handles because they aren't dishwasher safe and they are rarely finished properly. It usually means rough sides and cracks where food andbacteria can hide. Such is the case with these. Two of my spatulas click loudly as the blades move slightly in their handles, because the rivets are not flush with the handles. I wonder how long the popped up rivets will last. The spatulas themselves are very nice, so it is a shame. The sides have been smoothed to remove the squared edges that can cut you. What you get for this price is a good deal. You get a set of four that covers everything from cake tops to cake sides. Unless you have been spoiled by better equipment, you won't know any better. It is a good set for a student or beginner. Highly polished blades are a pros. Smoothed on the edges. The price is good for what you get. The wood handles are not finished well. It could be offset more for large hands.

👤The first shipment was lost in transit, however, they were replaced immediately. The Cake Icing Spatula Set of 4 Packs and the Cake Smoother Scraper Set of 3 Packs were great for the money. I would purchase something.

👤The spatulas in this set are the same quality as the ones I almost bought at the same price. None of my wood was splintered. I don't plan to wash them in the dishwasher. I see these lasting quite a long time and I am sure that will remove the finish of the wood.

👤It's a really good product. The different sizes that you can use with the stuff that I wanted to use is something that I love about it. It is flexible enough for peanut butter and icing. The bonus product is useful when slicing bread dough. I started making bread.

👤I like the different sizes of this product. It works well for sticky or thick things. I have been using batter on dehydrating sheets to get the batter just the right thickness. Don't do frosted cakes so can't comment on that, but I know these blades are versatile.

👤The wooden handles smell strongly of chemicals. A fire smell. I will run them through the dishwasher to see if that helps. I don't want that smell to transfer to food. After running through the dishwasher, the smallest one had little smell left. The other three haven't changed.

👤Excellent value for money with a great set of offset spatulas. Bonus cake decorating tools are included. The different size helps you have something on hand for most jobs. They are well made for the price and are not the heaviest. They are easy to use for a long time.


What is the best product for cake frosting tools spreader?

Cake frosting tools spreader products from Acronde. In this article about cake frosting tools spreader you can see why people choose the product. Scotts and Wilton are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake frosting tools spreader.

What are the best brands for cake frosting tools spreader?

Acronde, Scotts and Wilton are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake frosting tools spreader. Find the detail in this article. Anvin, Docgrit and U-taste are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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