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1. Signature Brands Crocker Decorating 67Oz Green

Signature Brands Crocker Decorating 67Oz Green

The item package length is 0.7. The package width is 2.0 The package height is 5.0 The model number is BC740-05.

Brand: Betty Crocker

👤It's great for small jobs. The tubes are on the small side. I bought 4. To decorate the cake and to have the grand baby enjoy it. I think that's correct.

👤This was the easiest brand to use for cookie decorating. It looks transparent.

2. Wilton Black Sparkle Gel 3 5

Wilton Black Sparkle Gel 3 5

The package's height is 13.3 cm. This non-drying decorating gel is fun to use. The net weight is 3.5 ounces. Egg, milk, soy, wheat and tree nuts are all processed in the facility.

Brand: Wilton

👤I loved this stuff. It was pretty with the hint of sparkle. It worked well and was easy to use for someone who isn't a professional cake designer. It tastes the same as every other frosting product out there and I couldn't tell a difference when eating it with a store-bought cake. It tastes the same as regular frosting if you ask me. I thought the packaged product tasted good. It's not great, of course. It's in a tube. Really? It's good enough for casual parties and kids and family, and if you like frosting, it was really sweet and good, and I think it complemented the cake flavors really well. He gave it two thumbs up. The product is the best I've ever used.

👤I'm very disappointed that the consumers don't know that the gel takes 3 to 4 days to dry, which affects the freshness of your cookies. It's best for cake writing when it says "for cookies".

👤I had to do a birthday order so I bought this. I didn't think that it would dry all the way for packing. It was easy to use until it became hard to push out even though it was a full tube. A little goes along way, but there is still a lot left over.

👤I bought this green gel to make up for the shortage of decorating gel. The gels don't dry. Ever. If you want to stack your cookies on top of each other, be warned. It takes a better than average decorating experience to use the gels successfully. I will probably not use them for cookies next year. They are great for cake decorating.

👤It's hard to control. Some of the fat spots are too skinny. Not hardening is the worst part. It's pretty and tastes good.

👤It tasted great and looked great. It was easy to use and I am usually bad at cake decorating. It was easy for me to make a cake that looked like the one my daughter wanted. That saved the day. It glitters nicely and was a pleasure to get it, thanks to the quick delivery from Amazon.

👤This is black. I was not able to find glitter in the market, but this met my needs. I can't honestly rate that because there is no flavor. The job was done. It's a bit expensive, but no time to shop.

👤It was easy for my kids to handle.

3. Wilton Green Cookie Icing Oz

Wilton Green Cookie Icing Oz

You can draw directly on to the cake with the free flowing ink. It is easy to use icing for cookies. Use a spatula to ice cookies completely or use a bottle tip to create more intricate designs. The net weight was 9 ounces. There is a small amount of (255 g) Egg, milk, soy and wheat products are processed in the same facility.

Brand: Wilton

👤I have seen some negative reviews of this product, but most of them were because it gets too thin and doesn't work well when microwaved. I agree with you that the directions aren't helpful, because if you just use the icing at room temperature and don't microwave it, it is already soft enough to use and it works great. It is easy to decorate and set cookies. I will not use anything else when decorating cookies.

👤I decorate gingerbread houses and Christmas cookies with these every year. They work well for both kids and adults. To make them soft enough to squeeze out of the bottle, you just need to heat them up in the microwave. Throw them back in the microwave and heat them up a little more if it gets harder. The frosting tastes great. I would highly recommend these for easy clean up when making cookies.

👤Do not buy this product if you don't have strong hands. I couldn't shake the bottle long enough to fully incorporate the separated ingredients. I had a thin, watery icing that was hard to squeeze out. It was a disaster. The result was no convenience, I bought it as a convenience. Our cookie decorating day was ruined by it.

👤I bought this to use on gingerbread cookies. Both tasted like plastic. I was worried we had eaten spoiled food. I used another brand instead of tossing the bottles. It's complete waste of money.

👤I love decorating sugar cookies with this icing. It is easy for my children to use. It would be easier to get the last 50% of icing out of the bottle. I usually throw it away when it's too hard to squeeze. It tastes good.

👤I bought red, green, and white for the party. It's easy to use and perfect for a party.

👤It was wet, sloppy, and tasteless. It came out of the container in a weird way. It's hard to work with. I'll make my own next time.

👤I bought the cookies for my kids. It's hard to squeeze out for little hands. I had trouble. It tastes good.

4. Wilton 704 9998X Sparkle Icing Dispenser

Wilton 704 9998X Sparkle Icing Dispenser

The package includes 12 to 9 in. Doilies. It's great for baby showers. Easy-to-use, sparkle gel icing tubes fit comfortably in your hand for easy writing and decorating. Simply, squeeze to write.

Brand: Wilton

👤The kids were having fun decorating cookies. The cookies were messy because it didn't harden up.

👤I bought these for decorating, but they were too small to use. I threw them away.

👤Love it. It's great for writing on cakes.

👤I thought cake lettering was hard until I saw this icing dispensers. It's just that much easier to work with. I only draw and write. Nothing to clean up. Will buy again.

👤It was easy to use and my 7 year old great-granddaughter had a blast decorating her grampy's birthday cake with it.

👤The cake was too light and the nozzle made it difficult to write on it. A dark color would be better on a cake.

👤Lleg, y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y

👤My kids said it tasted bad. I have to agree.

5. Wilton 704 342 Violet Gel Tube

Wilton 704 342 Violet Gel Tube

The package has dimensions of 2.54 L x 6.985 H x 2.54 W. TheDecorating Gel is made from Wilton. Make your cake decorations more interesting. Their ready-to-use gel is great for sparkling color effects. 0.75 ounces tube. It was made in the United States.

Brand: Wilton

👤I made cookies all day. The product wouldn't set when these were used to place a design on top of the cookie frosting. They were left out for 4 hours. They were still tacky when I tried them in the fridge. They were placed in the freezer to see if they would set. Had to come up with an elaborate plan so the entire batches wouldn't be ruined. Do not use these for cookie designs.

👤The tube is perfect for writing something on a cake. It has no flavor, but it is not a bad thing. It's definitely more for a decorative look.

👤I shouldn't have cared that this yellow was so light. It was clear when applied.

👤Birthday cake decor. It is easy to use. The black is better than the red.

👤It worked well for what I needed. It has a gel look to it and is rich in color. This is a small tube. I had hoped for more out of it.

👤It works well. The white is easy to use. I can't really write on a cake. It was my first time. :P

👤I prefer to mix my own icing colors, but black is hard to mix, especially if you need a lot of it. The color was black and not gray. It was easy to use. I had to buy another tube from the store because the one I had was not enough for what I was using it for. I bought this gel because the first time I went to the store they were all out. I was not happy with the item that the store bought. I wanted the color to be as black as possible. Next time I need black icing, I will order several and not just one tube.

👤Not pink like hot pink, so disappointed.

👤It's hard to get a colour white these days, so add it to your white chocolate mirror glaze for extra white shine.

👤La consistenza discreta e anche il colore tiene abbastanza bene. Spedito in brevi. La consegna ha impiegato un paio di settimane ma.

👤Ottima base per poter creare vari colori. In ottimo rapporto, il prezzo con le tubetto sono.

👤I prodotto teoricamente sarebbe anche buono. trattandosi di un colorante alimentare ricevuto un tubetto scaduto da anni. Ho mandato diverse mail all'azienda ma non ho ricevuto alcun riscontro.

6. Wilton Yellow Sparkle Gel 3 5

Wilton Yellow Sparkle Gel 3 5

It is easy to stack without smashing your designs. This non-drying decorating gel is fun to use. The net weight is 3.5 ounces. Egg, milk, soy, wheat and tree nuts are all processed in the facility. Tubes are resealable. Their ready-to-use gel is great for sparkling color effects.

Brand: Wilton

👤I bought this gel icing to make a cake for my son's banquet cake contest. It made the water realistic. Next to a tent, campfire and trees, we did a waterfall and river. My son won an award for his cake with gel icing water, which set it apart from the other cakes with a tent, campfire and trees. It's a good thing. I paid full price for this product and have no relationship with the seller. If you need a dessert with water, I would recommend this product.

👤It is difficult for little ones to squeeze the tubes. It took almost two days to dry. Nice colors!

👤The product is not oil-soluble and is too runny for cake decorating, so it wouldn't work for chocolate decorating. The seller will deduct half the price for return shipping if you return.

👤For a luau-themed birthday cake, ocean water was used. It looked like waves, which was really cool.

👤I bought this product to decorate holiday sugar cookies, which is one of the possible uses of the packaging lists. This barely hardened after I let it set overnight along with the frosting on the cookies. It was easy to use, tasted good, and looked nice, but it is terrible for transporting baked goods. If you don't care about transporting/storing decorated baked goods, this will work.

👤I give it one star because it really doesn't taste good. It stuck to the cake.

👤Does what it is supposed to do. Legible on chocolate frosting.

👤The icing was the worst I've ever seen. It is like oil and never dries. I made a mess of my cookie decorations after I finished several.

👤Does the job and looks good.

👤I was not happy with the purchase. It was not feasible.

7. Yakamoz Pastry Decorating Nozzles Fondant

Yakamoz Pastry Decorating Nozzles Fondant

Do not write on cake pops, candy melts and chocolates. It's perfect for making your own beautiful and unique cakes, sugar paste, Cookie or chocolate. The pen gives you control over writing and decorating. If you write with a pen, decorate cakes as easy as possible. Simply fill the bag with frosting and decorate with a pen. The pen and nozzles are made of plastic.

Brand: Yakamoz

👤I wasn't sure how this would work. I try to find gadgets to make my life easier, but only half of them work. This one works. I have a hard time squeezing the bag. I think the hands are weak. This helped a lot. I would love to buy five more.

👤It was much easier to use than holding an icing bag. My grip is weak because of my arthritis and tendinitis. The product compensated for that. Love it.

👤I have a hard time decorating cookies since it hurts my hands. This helped a lot. It can be difficult to get used to having to keep changing the bags. I think it will last a long time because it's hard and easy to clean.

👤The pen is very easy to use. Buttercream frosting tends to be softer when handled in a traditional bag for piping icing-this device helps both with pressure control and icing consistency. Five stars!

👤There is a piece of junk. The bags are not disposable. There is a box covered in Chinese writing. The product has no word "Yakamoz" on it. Going back.

👤My husband bought this for me because I love baking and decorating cakes. It is very easy to use. You just put icing in a bag, put a tip on it, and write! It allows me to decorate a cake. The writing has gotten better and the decorations look better. It's a staple in our kitchen when it comes to baking/decorating cakes.

👤The pen was perfect for cake pop making. It was easy to use and I needed it. I was rushing to finish these and they came out well. My sloppiness was not the fault of the pens. This is magic.

👤My granddaughter was excited about this and requested it. She's a baker. I can't comment on how it compares to more traditional pastry decorating tools. She really likes it.

8. Wilton 704 0147 Cookie 9 Ounce Assorted

Wilton 704 0147 Cookie 9 Ounce Assorted

The package includes writing tube, pastry bag, and coupler. 10 ounces. There are 283 grams. Can be used with a spatula or bottle tip. Approx. covers. There are 12 cookies.

Brand: Wilton

👤Every year I host a Christmas cookie party for my children and friends. This frosting saved me a lot of time and energy and everyone loved how easy the bottles were to use. This is the best method for decorating with small children. I will not use anything else.

👤It's easy to mix with other icing.

👤There were no issues with the bottle or icing. I would buy at any other store. The blue is not fake. The royal icing has a good taste. As it dries it will be fine.

👤Do not buy this product if you don't have strong hands. I couldn't shake the bottle long enough to fully incorporate the separated ingredients. I had a thin, watery icing that was hard to squeeze out. It was a disaster. The result was no convenience, I bought it as a convenience. Our cookie decorating day was ruined by it.

👤The decorative frostings are too thin and watery to be a disappointment. We had the same results after I bought several colors. Next time, we will make our own.

👤It's easy to decorate cookies.

👤I bought the cookies for my kids. It's hard to squeeze out for little hands. I had trouble. It tastes good.

9. Cake Coloring Liqua Gel Decorating Baking

Cake Coloring Liqua Gel Decorating Baking

The Liqua-Gel colors are made in the USA and are used in cake decorating. It is easy to mix and distribute colors. You can add "drops" for easy-to-repeat colors whenever you want, because the gels come in flip-top bottles. Gels are resistant to bleed and will not break down. For use with buttercreme icings, cake batter, cookie dough and more. The colors are made in the USA with high quality ingredients and are certified Kosher.

Brand: U.s. Cake Supply

👤It is very good for making macarons. The color of food coloring is not clear and oily. These are so good.

👤I have different color swatch books for Americolor, Chefmaster, and Wilton. Americolor is the best so far. It blends better into the buttercream. The Americcolor is more vibrant than the other two. I will definitely use Americolor again if I am making buttercream.

👤I bought these to replace my old colors that had hardened over time. I was excited about the drop gel color aspect and not having to use a toothpick to get the color out of my old gel pots. The color came out great, the packaging was good, and there was nothing that exploded. I used half a bottle of royal blue to match my Thomas the train cake, but I only got a periwinkle color. I made a butter cream that was difficult to blend in. When I washed my dishes, the heat of the water activated the color of the dye and made it disappear. I had been looking for a royal blue color. It's incredibly disappointing.

👤These were ordered several months ago and have been used a few times. I'm happy with the quality so far. I feel this brand is better than other brands I've used. The consistency is good. I like that there is a tan color, but it makes a lighter brown color. The colors are mostly true from what I have used. I like mixing colors and those combo have turned out well as well. I use the coloring in buttercream frosting and homemade fondant. The colors were done from this set, and the cupcake pics are from my kids birthday parties.

👤The colors are vibrant and amazing, you can play with it to make the pastels or even come up with a new color such as we did with purple in the picture, my kids really loved making the rainbow cake.

👤You can't live without gel food coloring if you do a lot of cookie and cake decorating. For the past two years, I have used Wilton. I stumbled upon US Cake Supply gel coloring while searching for a color. The colors are deep and true. The dropper top is nicer than dipping a knife tip or toothpick in your bottles to get a little color. I like this stuff a lot.

👤I have only ever used the cheap food colors from the grocery store, so this is definitely many steps up. I came upon some suggestions to use this brand of gel colorings after watching a lot of videos on how to decorate Christmas cookies. I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at them on Amazon. I received them in a couple days after ordering them. I made cookies yesterday and I can't believe I missed out. I only used 1-2 drops of each of the colors in about a cup of icing. I can't believe they are so concentrated. The colors are bright and vivid. I know these will last me a long time, but if I ever run out, this is the product I will be purchasing from now on. My husband was impressed by the quality and also the fact that these didn't leave an unpalatable aftertaste. If you purchase these, you will not be disappointed.

10. Miss Jones Baking Buttercream Vegan Friendly

Miss Jones Baking Buttercream Vegan Friendly

There are 3 containers of frost. This balanced sweet, creamy, delicious frosting tastes like it was made from scratch. The product is made with only the best ingredients to give it the best taste. All of their products are made from sustainable ingredients in tree nut and peanut-free facilities. Artificial colors, trans fats, and flavors are not allowed.

Brand: Miss Jones Baking

👤The frosting is delicious. I made cinnamon rolls for someone with a food allergy. I was not worried about this frosting being subpar. It was easy to spread and the taste is amazing. I ended up eating the leftovers by the spoon, even my picky 4-year old liked it. This one could be homemade and taste like it was made from scratch. The texture is silky and smooth, and it's less sweet. It only has 6 ingredients that are all natural and organic, and is made in a peanut-free facility. The frosting got rock solid after a while, but only after cinnamon rolls with the frosting on top had been placed in the fridge. After being placed in the microwave, it gets soft again. If you're going to serve it straight out of the fridge, this frosting is probably not the best choice. The frosting is all-natural, and it's incredible. I will use it for all my baking projects.

👤What a waste of money. I threw the cans away. When I made cupcakes, I had high hopes. The first sign that this was going to be a disaster was that the frosting was hard. The taste is terrible. You couldn't taste the chocolate. It tasted like fat. There were small pieces of a white substance. So gross. I made chocolate icing from a recipe on the back of Hershey Cocoa. Save money and make your own money. This stuff is terrible.

👤I didn't expect anything amazing with this product, but it's the only frosting I can eat with my food restrictions, so I went for it. I was excited to see that I could have sprinkles too. It's rare to find a product that is dairy and soy free. The frosting tastes great. The sprinkles are not just dyed sugar. It was a treat to have. The birthday man, with no allergies, said that it was the best store bought frosting he had ever had. I didn't try anything complicated and it wasn't hard to pipe either. I have more to look forward to in a pack of 2. I was cautious in case we didn't like it. It's best to let the dessert sit out in the fridge for a little while before decorating it, as it's very hard to keep refrigerated.

👤It's horrible. I baked cupcakes for the kids. The kids didn't like the buttercream frosting. One boy said it tasted like vomit and he couldn't eat it. My son said it tastes better without the frosting. I used the same brand for the cupcakes. The frosting tastes weird. Would not recommend it. It was hard to spread.

👤This was perfect! It is hard to find decent dye free items for birthday cakes and such, especially for an affordable price. Our child was very happy to finally have good tasting cake icing. Will buy again.

👤It was very difficult to frost. I had to use a knife to break it apart and then use my electric whisk to aerate it and make it usable. It's best to microwave it for 15 seconds so it doesn't melt. It has a slight saltiness to it. I don't know if it was the frosting or the cake. I tasted a little bit of salt. It's not bad. You have to work to make it work, even though it served its purpose. That makes sense. I used all 3 to frost a cake. There was food dye added to the sea foam. There is a method for this.

11. Wilton 704 9991X Light Sparkle Dispenser

Wilton 704 9991X Light Sparkle Dispenser

Pre-cut and ready to use. The package includes 12 to 9 in. Doilies. It's great for baby showers. Easy-to-use, sparkle gel icing tubes fit comfortably in your hand for easy writing and decorating. Simply, squeeze to write.

Brand: Wilton

👤I don't recall if there was a flavor. We make cookies every year and I thought to add this type of frosting, but sadly it doesn't dry or freeze, so it was a mess when cookies were sticking to other cookies. It was easy to use.

👤I wish it had a taste. It is a gel. The tasteless gel is beautiful.

👤The cake was perfect because of the color.

👤It is not good for writing or looking on cake.

👤I thought it was pretty, but it was just cookie icing, and it cost a little more than I thought.

👤The coloring on this was very pretty blue and the glitter looked very good. It was easy to use. The size of the tip made it easy to write letters.

👤It is easy to hold and use. Not a lot of flavor. Great price!


What is the best product for cake gel writing?

Cake gel writing products from Betty Crocker. In this article about cake gel writing you can see why people choose the product. Wilton and Yakamoz are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake gel writing.

What are the best brands for cake gel writing?

Betty Crocker, Wilton and Yakamoz are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake gel writing. Find the detail in this article.

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