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1. Wilton Bright Colored Sprinkles Medley

Wilton Bright Colored Sprinkles Medley

2 Silicone pastry bags and 20 disposable bags are used for decorating cakes or cupcakes. 3 plastic couplers are easy to switch from one tip to another, and 2 flower nails are used as a decorative bottom brackets. There is a pop to baked goods and ice cream with colorful sugars. The net weight was 4.4 ounces. There is a total of 122 g. It is made in a facility that processes both soy and wheat.

Brand: Wilton

👤I wanted others to know that the product I received was not made in the USA, but in China.

👤It's great for Carnival. You need sprinkles any time. These are awesome! The best squirtles ever. Love them. Winning...or waiting. Go to the team Wilton. I am making it my personal mission to review things with the most extreme reviews ever because Amazon keeps asking me to. Thank you Amazon. Thank you for your kind words. Thank you to my agent. My mother. My father. This was possible because of you. There are long live squirrelles.

👤This wasn't good to eat. Three dozen butter sugar cookies were thrown away. Work for nothing is not mentioned in the time and money. This tasted nothing like sugar. I went to the grocery store and bought the real sugar. This did not have a label at all. I should have known better.

👤Making a King cake for the first time, I loved that it has the three colors of sugar needed. It is cheaper to have this in my cupboard than it is to have 3 separate bottles.

👤This was bought to use on a cake. Sometimes the other color leaks out when using one color.

👤These worked out great for my daughter's birthday party, they tasted like normal sugar.

👤It was all in one place. It did well.

👤These are not the vibrant colors shown in the description, but pastels and they are being used to make treats for clients. How disappointing.

👤Donne un décoration.

2. LVEUD Birthday Birthday, Topper,Happy Ornament

LVEUD Birthday Birthday%EF%BC%8C Topper%EF%BC%8CHappy Ornament

The happy birthday cake toppers measure approx. 4.3 inch and are suitable for three different sizes: 2.4 inch, 3.1 inch and and 3.1 inch. The stick is 5.5 inch and the birthday cake toppers are 4 inch. The wood stick has a size of 3.8in. The Happy Birthday Cake Topper can be used directly at the birthday party to decorate your cake to showcase your cake artwork, saving you time and making you feel better at party fun. It is necessary to prevent damage during the delivery process. The cake top cover was protected with cardboard. It's suitable for cakes of any shape, round, square, double layer, handmade. You can contact Amazon customer service if you have questions about the delivery service. If the cake cap is damaged, please contact them and they will provide you with a solution. You can enjoy your party and happy hour 100% if you just serve you.

Brand: Lveud

👤This is a pretty cake decoration, but flimsy. It would be wonderful if it were more stable.

👤It is just glitter paper. Not worth the cost.

👤I thought I was ordering a plastic cake topper, but it's just made out of cardstock and 2 long toothpicks, so I am rather disappointed.

👤The perfect size for an average cake.

👤It was beautiful. We ordered a plain cake and then added butterflies.

3. Birthday Topper Glitter Cheers Decorations

Birthday Topper Glitter Cheers Decorations

What is included? Two packs of candles, one pack of 24 thin candles, and one pack of Happy Birthday letter candles are included in the set. The cake is great for an event. High quality thick blue glitter paper. Food safety and texture are excellent. Use cake toppers as a photo booth prop. The cake top can be saved for many years to come.

Brand: Magjuche

👤My daughter did not like the phrase "sweet 16". This matched her mountains perfectly and was respectful of her preferences. It was true to my expectations.

👤It did the job. I look great on the cake.

👤It was perfect for the cake.

👤It was perfect. It's large enough to fit on a cake.

4. Blue Panda Birthday Glitter Candles

Blue Panda Birthday Glitter Candles

The eye catching design is fun. There are 24 thin glitter candles in dark blue, light blue and sky blue. The holder can be removed to make any cake, cupcake or dessert stable. DIMENSIONS Thin candles are 5 inches. Save money by buying in bulk. Each pack comes with 37 candles, which is enough for many parties and celebrations. This candle pack will save you time and money. Quality wax is non toxic and food safe. What is included? Two packs of candles, one pack of 24 thin candles, and one pack of Happy Birthday letter candles are included in the set. What is included? Two packs of candles, one pack of 24 thin candles, and one pack of Happy Birthday letter candles are included in the set.

Brand: Blue Panda

👤My son's birthday was a space themed cake. The variation of the blues in these candles was perfect. The "Happy Birthday" candles were sturdy and didn't leak too much. The tall glitter candles came in a secure box, along with holders andwax catchers, and looked great on the cake.

👤These candles look amazing as cake toppers. It is definitely good value for money.

👤They were gorgeous! The glitter candles will be saved for future use.

👤The picture is pretty but dark.

👤The candles melted almost completely in the time it took to sing Happy Birthday, because there weren't enough letters to say Happy. Would not buy again.

👤The candles are pretty. The safe was kept from being broken. The value is great.

👤A great pack of candles for a birthday. It is hard to find them in multiple shades of blue.

5. INNORU Birthday Anniversary Children Decoration

INNORU Birthday Anniversary Children Decoration

The cupcake toppers printed with "Happy Birthday" letters can show the theme of the party and enhance the festive atmosphere; glittering appearance makes them shine in the light, drawing attention of guests and leaving an unforgettable memory. It's perfect for a baby or child's birthday party. It's suitable for birthdays of any age. The cardbroad is made of glitter. The paperboard is very shiny and thick, which will be even more shiny under the sun. No need to assemble sticks and paperboards. All kinds of occasions can be celebrated with party cake decoration. They can be used in many places. There are memorable moments. Surprise your guests. They will love it. You can fill your cart with Innoru items.

Brand: Innoru

👤The cake was espectacular. Para el precio, Es un tanto.

6. Glitter Topper Birthday Decoration Supplies

Glitter Topper Birthday Decoration Supplies

If you are not happy with the product, you can ask for a refund. The glitter navy blue card stock is food grade. You can assemble them in a minute with the package, which includes a piece blue "One" with crown cake topper, a long wooden stick, and 2 glue dots. The navy blue royal prince themed first birthday party is perfect for 6 to 10 inches cakes decorations. Please do not use it in the oven or microwave, it is not a toy, and it is not a good idea to put it in the oven or microwave. If you are not happy with the product, you can ask for a refund.

Brand: Alissar

👤One of them came apart. They sent a replacement before I returned the first purchase. Customer service was great and the item looked exactly like a picture.

👤It was well made. Sturdy. The value is great. Shows well.

7. Birthday Butterfly Decorations Anniversary Celebration

Birthday Butterfly Decorations Anniversary Celebration

The cake top can be saved for many years to come. The package contains a butterfly cake and happy birthday cupcake toppers in various colors, as well as a butterfly cake and glitter happy birthday cupcake toppers. The Luminous butterfly can be created by folding a butterfly to create a 3D effect, then putting the butterfly cake topper on the cake to make it look like the butterfly is attracted to the cake, and then bring the guests. Birthday parties, wedding parties, baby showers, and other celebrations can be achieved with the Luminous 3D butterflies and glitter happy birthday cake toppers. The happy birthday cake toppers are made of paper which is safe and reliable and can be directly inserted into cakes and cupcakes. The happy birthday cake toppers measure approx. 4.3 inch and are suitable for three different sizes: 2.4 inch, 3.1 inch and and 3.1 inch. The stick is 5.5 inch and the birthday cake toppers are 4 inch.

Brand: Jetec

👤Excellent quality! Maybe pieces to choose from. They are put on the cake, cupcakes, party favors, party decorations and many other uses. Definitely value savings. Highly recommended!

👤Sin embargo trae un olor super fuerte, de hecho tuve lavarlas para quitarles el olor de resto.

👤It was used on a baby shower cake.

👤Butterflies are useful for walls, cake decor and other things. It glows in the dark as well.

👤I couldn't set for a 3D shape because I didn't have all the pieces.

8. Acrylic Birthday Decoration Supplies Children

Acrylic Birthday Decoration Supplies Children

Their product design will highlight your gathering, and your satisfaction is their pleasure. The gold happy birthday cake topper set has 8 different styles, double-sided design, they can match different style cakes, making your cake more attractive and more delicious. A small decoration can have a big impact on your party. The cake top is made of high quality acrylic, it can be reused and more durable than other paper cake tops. It has a clear protective film, just tear it off when you need to use it. Their gold cake toppers are great for decorating cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, deserts, tables, and so on, adding more joy to your party and creating a very romantic atmosphere. The ideal size for most size cakes, a cake or a cupcake is their acrylic cake topper. You can adjust the cake depth according to your preference. 100% SATISFACTION: If you are not completely satisfied with their products, they will give you a full refund. They are waiting for you to contact them, so please feel free to do so.

Brand: Owill

👤I ordered these because I wanted a different cake. They are beautiful, but on the thin side.

👤If I could return it I would, I was so disappointed when I received it. I missed the return window because I was ill.

👤I like the size and all the different shapes arrive in perfect condition.

👤You are getting a lot of cute toppers to choose from. It isn't the best. The force you put on these will break.

👤This was a great value pack. It is always someone's birthday when I bake. I know I will get a lot of use out of gold. The cake in my photos is 8” in diameter.

👤Toppers are easy to break. They were broken to pieces when I received them. I bought them because they were cheap. I was disappointed after receiving the cake toppers. It was not as good as another product I had bought before. It was a waste of money because they can't be returned.

👤I bought this for my birthday and they all broke. They broke somewhere from the warehouse to me. They had to be glue down. The product needs to be able to be shipped in better condition.

👤This is one of the cake picks. It worked well. They were packaged nicely. The clear plastic on the front and blue plastic on the back have to be removed. Quality and price are great. Thank you!

👤These will be perfect for making my cake look special and I will use them on the next birthday cake I make. They are sturdy enough to be used again and have 8 different designs to choose from. The nice gold shiny effect is due to the fact that you need to peel the plastic cover off. I'm very pleased with these, they are well worth the money, and would be a good idea to reuse instead of paying for the card type each time.

👤These cake decorations are sturdy. Have ordered another set.

👤I use these on cakes for work. Good quality and sturdy. The film is protected on both sides and shiny after being removed. I will be buying again once I have used all of them.

👤I paid more than twice as much for one of them. When Ebay didn't show up on the day I ordered them as a back up. Well packaged and eight to choose from! Very pleased with them.

👤Overall the quality is good, but it looks a bit yellowish. good They arrived quickly and peacefully. You can use them with different styles of cakes. I wanted them to be a bit more expensive.

9. Glitter Birthday Anniversary Decorations Supplies

Glitter Birthday Anniversary Decorations Supplies

Non-ToxIC ingredients are the only ingredients contained in petals Dusts. It is used in paperboard manufacturing. Please rest assured use, card color is very thick and protects the environment. Buy it. It is the best choice for party supplies. For an anniversary party or 18th birthday. They will provide after-sales service if there is a problem after purchase.

Brand: Monmon & Craft

👤I used this for my daughter's 18th birthday and it looked gorgeous on her cake. This worked out perfectly for her because she loves the blues. It looks the same. I was able to save the top score for her.

👤The package was sturdy and ready for my 18th birthday. His cupcakes have a pretty accent. Thanks. A+.

👤It was pretty, but it was too flimsy. It was used as a decoration on the cake.

👤The letters are very small. The photo looks like a cake, but it's not.

👤Just as described. The size and color of the cake were perfect.

10. Wilton 710 046 Pearilized Sugar Decorative

Wilton 710 046 Pearilized Sugar Decorative

A bottle of Paralyzed Sugar is included. Comes in a variety of colors. It's perfect for cupcakes, mini cakes, jumbo and king-size cupcakes. It's convenient and mess free.

Brand: Wilton

👤This is not Rose Gold.

👤At graduation time, our local high school colors are maroon and gold, so it's always a problem to find sprinkles for cake and cupcake orders. I usually have them go with gold and forget the maroon, but this year I thought I would try these. I looked great! Customers were happy, but not exact, but closer than any others I have seen. That is a victory for me.

👤If you are looking for a unique red that isn't your typical red, then this is it. You found it! These were used for sanding sugar cookies and they didn't bleed. Highly recommended.

👤It was fast and true to color.

👤I used this to sprinkle on some cookies. The picture shown for this product is a bolder shade of red than what I received. The emerald green I ordered was the same. The emerald green looks too blue, and the Ruby red looks like a dark pink. I was not happy with both of them.

👤The color worked well on top of chocolate icing.

👤It was perfect for my cookies. It's safe to eat!

👤I love these. Look great. Look at the picture. The texture and flavour are nice. Would buy again. The decor should be class up.

11. CK Products Ounce Sanding Bottle

CK Products Ounce Sanding Bottle

Each of the six pumps has a measurement of 4-3/8" x 1-1/4" A bottle with a sift/pour cap.

Brand: Ck Products

👤The sugar was used to decorate a cake. It was small enough to get into the details of the stencil. The letters were clearly defined by applying a thick layer of sugar and the color stood out nicely. It would work well for decorating cookies and cupcakes since it's easy to sprinkle the sugar. The sugar was tasteless. It was stable atop the whipped cream frosting for several hours and did not melt into the frosting, even though it was softer than buttercream. I was unsure which size of sugar would work best for this cake, so I bought crystal sugar, sanding sugar and jimmies. I have included a picture of the sugar crystals in black, along with the sanding sugar in purple, and jimmies in purple, at the bottom. This will help you decide if this is the right size for you.

👤There was an item with different ingredients. If you have allergies, do not purchase. I purchased this item online because I couldn't find a safe version in the stores that didn't contain his life threatening food allergies. The package arrives late. The ingredients and label do not match what is shown on the site. Confectioners sugar, Carnauba Wax, and Confectioners Glaze are shown in the picture. The product I received was called Pure Cane Sugar May and it contained milk, eggs, tree nuts, wheat and other ingredients. The product was late and was a different product than I would buy a bottle of pure cane sugar from the store for. I tried to return it the day I received it, but it said I couldn't. If you or a loved one has allergies, I wouldn't buy this product. If you don't have allergies, I wouldn't purchase even if you do, because you won't get the flaky, decorative sanding sugar in the picture.

👤There are a lot of gold sprinkles out there, but they are closer to bronze. This is the perfect shade of gold. It was used to coat the sides of a cake.

👤I have a lot of different colors of this brand of sugar. It has been the same for me. I decorate holiday cookies the most. I just put some in a dish and place the cookie on top of it. You can see how I do it in the photos.

👤Love is love. The perfect amount of sparkle to drink from!

👤I put this on top of the cake. You can't tell if it's on your baked good because it's melting right into the frosting. There was no shimmer or shine. It was the same as shaking regular sugar onto something. When you put it on, it's not like shiny silver in the bottle. My cake was cold. The temperature was cooler than the room temp. But spreadable. I'm glad I had other baking decorations to use. You don't get what you pay for. I don't think this is a good idea.

👤I called to get a refund since food is not returnable. Sanding sugar is larger than table sugar. You know the difference if you are a baker. You can watch it. I paid $13 for table sugar. It is the same size as my table sugar. It matches my regular sugar. I knew I couldn't pick it up at Hobby Lobby due to Covid19. I have been staying indoors. Before buying Sanding Sugar, you should consider the sugar in your cabinet. I don't want a table bigger than I am used to and I don't want super big crystals. It should be called super fine sugar. The sugar I looked up was larger than the table sugar. I made sure I wrote this review.


What is the best product for cake glitter blue?

Cake glitter blue products from Wilton. In this article about cake glitter blue you can see why people choose the product. Lveud and Magjuche are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake glitter blue.

What are the best brands for cake glitter blue?

Wilton, Lveud and Magjuche are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake glitter blue. Find the detail in this article. Blue Panda, Innoru and Alissar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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