Best Cake Greenery Edible

Greenery 25 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. DearHouse Artificial Eucalyptus Handmade Greenery

DearHouse Artificial Eucalyptus Handmade Greenery

TWICE AS STURDY: Made twice as durable as other brands, your premium squeeze bottles will last for years to come. If you no longer feel that one of their products is right for you, they will buy it back from you. Any time. For any reason. Period. The Handmade eucalyptus Garland is made from wood. Look like it. Silk flowers are placed over the edge of a table or sign. It's perfect for accent chairs, arches, backdrop,hallways and more. It's perfect for weddings, special occasions, and home decor. These are the best home wedding decorations, table centerpiece covers, wedding arch flowers, outdoor wedding flowers, decorations, and rustic eucalyptus garland. The artificial silver dollar eucalyptus garland is made of silk and plastic and has a wire rod inner for support with a vibrant green color. This vine is vintage color and has many branches, it is 6 ft long and has approx. Approx. 150 leaves. There is acorss. It is a kind of hanging plants that can be used for many things, such as indoor, outdoor, autumn, wedding, door, fireplace, Thanksgiving, Festival, and Dinner Party.

Brand: Dearhouse

👤My photos have not been edited, but they were taken with daylight being the light source. I bought 7 of the Eucalyptus Garlands for my wedding and they are beautiful and exactly what I wanted. The product matches the images online perfectly. I was hesitant to purchase any faux Eucalyptus garlands from any seller but the one I purchased my foam flowers from, which will later be incorporated into the garlands, but when I realized I needed 7 garlands, $18 each for one was way out of budget... The quality is exactly the same as the $18 option online, and I'm very glad I bought these from DearHouse. The leaves look real. I like how the leaves can be popped back onto the stem, even though one fell off while I was removing it from the plastic packaging, it was incredibly easy to pop it back on into place. You can twist the leaves. My main concern was the fact that almost all of the negative reviews had said they smelled horrible. I didn't notice a smell at all, unless I pressed my nose up to the garland, and it smelled very close to what leaves in the Fall smell like. If you're looking for high quality on a budget, I would recommend DearHouse's Eucalyptus Garland.

👤I am decorating for my wedding and I was looking for a budget friendly garland. I was hesitant at first because some people said it was flat. I decided to try it. It's a good deal to have five 6 foot vines. It is that price at other stores. Some people had a smell. Three out of five had no smell. The other two were very faint. If you have a sensitive nose, I would recommend letting it air out a little. The smell dissipated quickly. The people complained of how flimsy it was. I did not find this to be true. I found a few leaves that had come off the package. When you buy silks at the store, leaves and flowers are off. I fluffed it up, and the leaves didn't fall off. I was concerned that the stems looked light green, but in reality they look real. It was sparse, flat, wouldn't fluff, was one of the things that other reviewers complained about. It is not very thin. I doubled up on the vines for a more lush look. The main stem is wired but the smaller stems are not. It can be flat. You can only fluff it up if you separate the leaves in the right or left direction. I like the fact that there is a few extra inches at the end of the vine so that you can tie them to the next garland with ease. The first picture has a single vine. If you are looking for a vine that is so thick that it can be seen on a mantle, this may not be for you. I recommend it if you use it to decorate a table or sign for an event. Pros: good value, sturdy and realistic looking. A little sparse.

2. Meiliy Artificial Greenery Centerpieces Decorations

Meiliy Artificial Greenery Centerpieces Decorations

60pcs silk rose leaves are included in the package. The material is high-quality silk and plastic. Life-like green. The total length is approximately. There is a minimum of 7. The leaves are 2.3" x 1.6" The leaves of the rose green are large and have a clear texture. There is a hole in the center for thin stems to pass. Artificial rose leaves are perfect for making crafts and decorations.

Brand: Meiliy

👤I needed more than the 8 rose leaves that came with the flowers, so I purchased a bunch of Ling's Moment roses. Ling's sells extra rose leaves. I'm pretty happy that I ordered these instead. The Ling's rose leaf is left over from the Meiliy rose leaf. Ling's stem color is a little bit smaller than the tow products'. I was very pleased with this product since I spent less on this route. The smell is something I don't like about this product. They smell like plastic. They still smell almost 3 months later, so air them out for a while.

👤I love the leaves. They look realistic. I bought 300 roses from Amazon and also purchased rose leaves to add to the bouquet for my daughter's wedding in October. They are easy to add to any artificial rose.

👤These were perfect for a baby shower theme. We put some of the leaves in jars with oranges. They were great to use as table decorations. You can't beat the price of the product.

👤I gave a great review after pre-maturely reviewing these leaves. The machines that make the leaves are notLIGNED. I lost more than 1/3rd of the product. Frustrating. Whoever is doing quality control is out of control. If you purchase these leaves, take your chances. Once received, look at them. I did not. It is a fixable issue on the part of the manufacturer.

👤The stems were perfect in my first pack. I have ordered the packs three times. The majority of them were bent out of shape and I couldn't use them. I ordered a third time to replace the second order. The third set was good. If there is a need, I will probably order more. I like the color, the stems were thick, and I could easily stick diamanté pins through them to keep them in place. They worked well in my projects.

👤Great product! They look realistic. It's a little fragile. The fishing string snapped in half when I tied it around one of the balloons. I loosened them a little, so it was fine.

👤I am regalaré en ramitos de dos, todos pensaban, y las me sobraron las coloqués.

👤If you are putting together a centerpiece or something that people aren't going to pay much attention to, these are decent. I used the holes to loop floral wire through and place them where I needed them, and they fit on the stems of the flowers I had. It is good for what it is, don't expect 100% realism, but when you squint they are great.

👤We placed the artificial rose leaves on the tables after finishing the arrangement.

3. Artificial Hanging Greenery Garland Decoration

Artificial Hanging Greenery Garland Decoration

You can combine the greenery stems with roses, lotuses, lavenders, and grasses to make a special wreath. The stems of ucas stem are a great idea. It's ideal for outdoor greenery decorations. The leaves are made of silk cloth, which makes the artificial ivy not easy to fade, leaves will not fall off, and the stems are made of plastic. There are about 70 leaves on one artificial willow vines, the willow twig is 67 inches long with leaves measuring 2.5L x 0.7W. The artificial ivy can be used as all kinds of decorations for weddings, family and friends parties, bedrooms, gardens, stairs and so on. If the leaves have a slight odor, it's best to leave them in aventilated environment for a day or two for the smell to be more comfortable. Warm tips. The personal screen of display on the product may affect the color of the product.

Brand: Anphsin

👤The product is exactly what it is described as. The size is dead on, there are 3 pieces. The center pieces for the wedding will be draped over Welcome signs, Menu signs, and Mercury glass terrariums. Fresh flowers will be added for a more realistic look. To make sure they were as shown, I ordered these first. The photo is only for the movie. Placing an order for the entire event. Another thing was checked off my list.

👤I was able to cut apart and use the pieces and parts from the willow branches to make a 105" window box. It looks great, with my white Geraniums, Euc and bupleurim, and money vine dangling from the box.

👤Looks fake. To bright green. I tried a different one and it was the same ugly plastic. Don't waste your money.

👤These were bought to add window treatment. Something to fill in and make it look like a country. These were perfect. Very realistic looking. They have wire in the stems so the vines can bend. Would buy again. I am very happy with the purchase and price. I only had to use two of the three vines for the window.

👤The leaves were falling off all over the place and it took a lot more patience than I have. It does not bend easily. Returning. The leaves were realistic but the main vine was hard to work with and it did not seem to have a smell to me.

👤Will be buying more next time.

👤The product is great for the price. I was skeptical, but they came and looked great. No weird scent, maybe a bit plasticky? That is kind of expected. Allow them to air out for a day or two. They will be fine. It worked out great for our wedding.

👤These looked nice on a wedding arch. They definitely looked fake up close. They served their purpose. The plastic stems are green. The overall appearance wasn't bad.

4. Db11 Golden Decoration Baptism Decoration

Db11 Golden Decoration Baptism Decoration

Only one side of the paper. You can decorate your cake with high-quality flashing cardboard sticks, which are food-grade safe and harmless, and it won't affect the taste of the cake. The cake top hat is 6 inches long and 4.2 inches wide. The perfect cake decoration can be used for cupcakes, muffins, fruits, food, gender open parties and baby shower parties. The Oh Baby cake top hat has been carefully designed. The shiny appearance of the cake can add to the party atmosphere. It's suitable for baby shower parties, gender reveal parties, and other parties. I was happy to welcome the birth of this cute baby. cardboard will be used to protect the cake top hat. The product is shipped from Amazon. You can contact them at any time.

Brand: Qertesl

👤I looked great on my niece's cake but needed a longer stick.

👤I wish I knew how fragile this item was when I took it out of the bag. I threw it in the trash because I didn't want to deal with getting a refund. We didn't have a top scorer for the event, so we wouldn't recommend this item.

👤Fast shipping! Cute top. Sturdy as well.

5. Duovlo Flowers Vintage Artificial Decoration

Duovlo Flowers Vintage Artificial Decoration

Each bouquet has 13 stems, 6 flowers, and 2 buds, total length is 20.87''. The flowers were stuck to one stem and can be done. The hot wind of the hair dryer can make it more beautiful. There may be a slight colour difference due to the lighting, computer monitors, etc. You can use it for home, table, wedding, party, meeting room decor.

Brand: Duovlo

👤Salutations all. I decided to buy the most popular fake flowers to make sure I could make a decent looking wedding bouquet. The best looking was actually the fastest. I would give a solid 4 for quality. There are stains on the flowers, but she gets a 2.5. There are stains on the flowers and the leaves are weird.

👤These flowers are beautiful. When I first looked at them, I wondered what I had bought, but after they came out of the bag, you fluff them up, and they're gorgeous! I cut off all of the leaves and greenery in my first two sets and made a bouquet with wire cutter and a Mercury Glass job. I've ordered many sets since, and I'm making professional arrangements with them. I've been asked where I get them many times.

👤My daughter's Sweet 16 is coming up. Her color theme was pink and hot. I didn't want to spend so much money filling up the vases with single silk flowers at Michaels, because they cost 9.99 each. And voila... I found this bouquet on Amazon. I received it today and it is beautiful. I went to the dollar tree to buy the Long Spring Grass to accent the vase. The centerpiece consists of 1 glass vase, 1 bouquet, 1 Spring Grass, 1 yard of diamond wrap, and 5 vases covering the top and bottom. The bouquet stem should be cut at the ends to fit the vase. The stem was long on my vases. It stayed on the ground after I cut it. Love it!

👤I made a wreath out of the peonies I ordered. I gave them 4 stars because they smelled terrible. The smell and folded flowers were helped by the use of wrinkling release. Still pretty! And looked realistic.

👤I love these! I played with them for ideas for my wedding. I'm in love. I think this would be perfect for my crazy hot summer wedding, with a mixture of a few other flowers and better placement. Will purchase more from this seller.

👤The flowers look great. They were used to make floral letters. The stems were cut off and hot-glued to a piece of cardboard. Will definitely buy again.

👤The flowers are very high quality. These are perfect for photo shoots. A large bunch of peonies is perfect for a bouquet.

👤These flowers are gorgeous. I'm very pleased with how they look at my wedding and I'm using them for my centerpiece. I added fake babies to them. You can't tell if they are real until you get close. Highly recommend these!

👤Me gusta porque es, porque, porque

👤Parecen de verdad. Acabado.

👤Si me gusto, perfectas condiciones.

👤The flowers are plastic. I am covering plastic with tape.

6. PARTY JOY Artificial Eucalyptus Greenery

PARTY JOY Artificial Eucalyptus Greenery

It requires a lot of hand-made craft. The accessories of the eucalyptus garland have to be made by hand, which doesn't fade and doesn't drop the leaves. It takes 3 hours for each worker to make a garland. The leaves are 2.2 inches long and 2 inches wide and it has no odors, it is suitable for flat decoration. Silk leaves and plastic rattans are made from iron wire, which is easy to shape and soft, at the same time the product is easy to take care of. It is a very beautiful prop and it is very realistic, which is perfect for photography. It is a kind of green that has ins color. It is a very stylish prop for photography. It is easy to decorate a home or wedding. You can apply it to party tables, arches, background walls, fireplaces, windows, walls, stair railings, electric wires and water pipes.

Brand: Party Joy

👤I was worried that the garland would look fake when I received it. I was very impressed when I set it out on my table. I was happy with the price and the way it looks.

👤Good quality, beautiful! 5 minutes to make a wreath.

👤Beyond pretty. It was not a big deal to glue the leaves back together after they were detached.

👤This is a very beautiful piece of art. You can pop the leaves back on if they fall. I like them. I bought more to use at my wedding.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this, I needed it for a natural birthday party decoration. It is exactly what I wanted. I think it's a great idea! It is very long.

👤My house seemed empty after I took my Christmas decorations down. I put the two vines in different parts of my living room. The petals were larger than I had thought and looked a little artificial. I put one out and the other in a drawer as I was looking for something different when I received this item.

👤Have you ever felt that Amazon reviews failed you? It's like that. A cheap paper-like feel. I got this for a cheap price and I thought it would be a good deal. Nope. The leaves fall off. Unless you have a glue gun, the permanently-fallen-off type is not the put-back-on kind of leaves.

👤I bought two of them for my wedding. I bought three more because I loved them so much. It looks great!

👤They are nice. The seller messages you to review are decent value.

7. Decorations OrgMemory Diorama Supplies Woodland

Decorations OrgMemory Diorama Supplies Woodland

Flexible USAGE is perfect for any circumstance. The ultimate plant decor can be created with these faux eucalyptus garlands. You can use the greenery as decorations for special occasions like birthday parties, baby showers, and parties. Their faux wreath look is perfect on swing, door, wall hanging, mirror, aisle, stairway, fences, wedding sign, green table runner, fake fireplace mantle, or farmhouse greenery decor. Landscape Scenery, Ho Scale Trees, Diorama Supplies, Model Train Scenery, Woodland Scenics or Cake Decorations The greenery will not fall off, unlike the other model trees. The color is green and colorful.

Brand: Orgmemory

👤I bought these for a cake. You need to get them early enough so you can sit them out and give them a chance to reform themselves. The leaves and berries fell off in the package, but they pop right back on. I will use them again.

👤My child had to do a rainforest habitat project and we used a tree. They worked well. I give them 4 stars because they say they are for cake, but we didn't use them for that, so I'm not sure how well they work.

👤The product is great for the price. My children use them with their small animal figures. Some of them were difficult to get to stand on, but I realized that some of the bases were bent or not flat. I lightly sanded the bases and bent some of them back into place. They are standing perfectly now.

👤This cake came together beautifully after I added the trees. It was the perfect size for what I needed. A small cake was used for a 1 year old's birthday. The rest of the tress was taken apart to make the cupcakes. Hopefully my pictures will help. I would buy them again. They were hit. I had a lot left.

👤The foliage part of the garbage was separated from the tree/trunk part. The return policy on the item page states that a refund is available, but no returns are allowed when I try to initiate a return. Don't waste time or money.

👤I got these for my daughter's fairy gardens. They worked well for that reason. I think this product is very good.

👤Sand tray therapy can be done with these. I was able to glue wood bases to the bottoms of the display shelves to make them stand up on their own. The sand provides enough support to allow them to stand up in the tray.

👤Product came earlier than promised. The trees were in good shape. There is a very colorful orange tree. Unfortunately, that was the only tree that didn't have a double. Some of the trees had fruit. Others were trees. Some of the palm trees looked like palm trees. They're used as a display around the train.

8. Decoration Toppers Cupcakes Decorating Stickers

Decoration Toppers Cupcakes Decorating Stickers

The design of your baby shower party will make it very popular. There are carrot and sugar decorations. Place decorations on cakes, cupcakes and other food items. The bunnies will love these cute decorations for their Easter celebration. The sugar was painted with food colors. Use of cakes, cupcakes, fruits, cake pops, brownies and more. Cookie dough and pie crust can be baked with decorations. Can be used on icing that has hardened by simply applying a small amount of icing to the back of the decoration before adhering to your dessert. Product and Stickers are the same as shown.

Brand: Cakesupplyshop Celebrations

👤The carrots are fine, but I was anticipating the decorative stickers. I received something that was not described. Who would use confetti with sugar carrots? The "decorative stickers" They don't look like the picture. Terrible! It's really frustrating to pay $18 for candy carrot decorations and not get the full order you're expecting. Purchase was terrible and completely misleading.

👤It was perfect. Despite the frail nature, it was completely intact. It's just lovely. More than enough to decorate a carrot cake. Will definitely order again.

👤They were too large to use without a lot of decorations. They look cheap and faded because they aren't well dyed.

👤Most came apart. Too fragile.

👤The packing was not good. Several carrots were broken due to the items not being packed with enough protection.

👤I used the gems to decorate the carrot cakes. Everyone thought I bought the cakes from the store. I loved the quality, none were broken. The descriptions are exact. I don't have any complaints. Will purchase again from this vendor.

👤I used it to decorate carrot cake cupcakes. They were very fragile and broke easily. The sprinkles didn't do much for it.

👤The work was perfect on the jes. It was wonderful! It was worth every penny.

9. Floroom Artificial Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

Floroom Artificial Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

It's suitable for: home, table, wedding, party, meeting room. Floroom Studio's artificial roses are made of a soft high quality PE foam which gives them the look of fresh roses and touches soft. The rose head is called aprrox. The total height is 9 inches and the stem is about 8 inches long. They have flexible thin wire stems, which make it easy to work with. It's easy to bend, cut down or pull out. They are perfect for making bouquets, centerpiece, kissing balls, boutonnieres, cake flowers, or any other flower decorations, centerpiece and arrangements that you want at your wedding, bridal shower, party, baby shower or home decor. 8 complimentary leaves for every 25 flowers are offered by Greenery. You can add some leaves to your cart if you need more. It's a good thing. The size of the roses may vary slightly and there may be some color differences between different dye lots.

Brand: Floroom

👤My daughter's wedding is coming up. She wanted to use foam roses, however in the end she needed more and we found these ones and we were so excited and angry at the same time! We couldn't tell the difference between the ones from Ling's moment and the ones from these ones. They are perfect, delicate and thick. We would have ordered all the roses if we knew this earlier.

👤I like it! They were very soft. My daughter's 16th birthday dinner was held in the center piece. They looked real. They received a lot of praise.

👤It's a must buy. I wanted fake flowers for my bridal shower and these did not fail to impress. The pictures don't do it justice. They come with stems that are easy to work with, and they are very pretty.

👤Beautiful flowers. I ordered 50 pieces. The flowers were packaged beautifully. There were 7 leaves and 25 large crystals in each box. We hot glue the crystals to the flowers. I used it for a beautiful centerpiece. My family and I are buying again.

👤Wow! Well packaged and beautiful. They packed them in a box that was large enough to hold 25 faux flowers along with eight leaves so that they wouldn't be crushed. Nice job. I didn't realize that the stems were attached when I ordered them. The stems seem to be made from a type of paper that is flexible so for my purposes it is fine. I want to add these to a few arrangements so they can be clipped or tucked away. The colors are striking. I ordered pink and gray. Excellent quality! I can see these being used for a bride's bouquet. If I need more, I would definitely order these again.

👤The stems are not very strong. It was difficult to get them to stay in the place I wanted them. I made it work. I bought a vase filled with rocks at the dollar tree. The bouquet is pretty. It looks like I spent more than $13.

👤I had to get the wrinkled flowers out of my mouth. I bought the Floroom roses to see the difference. I came back for more to make bouquet's for my girls because they were so beautiful. They are perfectly boxed and each rose is perfect. The shape and detail of each flower. I know I say perfect, but they are.

👤My best friend is having a wedding and bridal shower. I have already recommended them to 2 other people for home use and for another wedding because of the quality and packaging. The way the stems are easy to change is one of the reasons I am using them. They will be great for filling in on the arch. I like how I can drape them in cloth. They ended up costing me the same price per flower as the white and pale pink roses pictured in my review pictures, but I like the purpose so I will mix in foam...

10. Lings Moment Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

Lings Moment Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

Also, note: The size of the roses may be different and there may be a color difference between different dye lots. There is a combo pack of flowers and colors. Ready for you to make your bouquet, centerpies, boutonnieres, and corsage. The package includes Dreamy blush pink, a white rose, a blush silk rose, a nude rose, and some greeneries. The artificial flower has a stem that is 8 inches long. They're perfect for making flowers at your wedding, party, baby shower, or home. The size of the foam flower may be different from the dye lots.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤I bought these flowers to put on diaper cake and cake for the baby shower. I didn't have a lot of accent pieces to work with, but the flowers were good and there were more pink flowers in the box than pictured. The peonies in my box were small, white, and not much in the way of color. I bought this box for the roses because I didn't use them, but only had two instead of four of the bigger pink roses, so I went down two stars for price. I added a few small roses that I already had and bought some lambs ear greenery to go along with them and everything turned out great. I had to buy more to make this box work. The roses in this box set were pretty.

👤I was very impressed with this. The greenery in my box looked fake, but the rest of the box looked good. You wouldn't be able to tell from a distance that they were not real. They didn't lose their cool out in the sun. I added in a bit of real greenery, which was dried so not actually green but real plants, which helped balance it out and made it feel less fake. This is not the best picture of it, and I would like to mention that I probably only used 50% of the flowers in the box for this bouquet so it definitely could've been bigger too! I would definitely recommend this. Adding in more real plants or less fake foliage is what I would recommend. It's a good thing.

👤I made a baby shower cake out of these flowers. The color was great and theDurability was great. It is very life like and similar to gum flowerspaste on cakes. Would buy again.

👤Real flowers are more expensive than fake flowers in some stores, but these are great quality for the price, quick shipping and very sharp packaging. I ordered them to start my home decor for spring and I was skeptical because sometimes things are not as they seem, but these are very good quality and look real, I will order more for the other seasons.

👤The flowers were perfect. They are beautiful and welcoming. I used them with vases that I already had. I hid the fake stems with the stones to make them look terrible in the vase. That made a huge difference. I think it turned out nice, even if you don't want a sheer vase with fake flowers. I used them to display my daughter's art. The flowers make it seem welcoming. I would buy them again. I know they are expensive. You pay for quality.

👤I think the quality and amount of flowers make this an excellent value for the money, even though this set was more than I was willing to initially spend. The foam and silk flowers were the same colors as described. They looked realistic. I was able to create two boxes of flowers, but I didn't have another box. I would purchase from this store again.

11. Weraru Flowers Wedding Birthday Decoration

Weraru Flowers Wedding Birthday Decoration

The Clear color bubbles ball cupcake toppers are already a complete product. You don't need to do anything else, just open the package and use them to make cupcakes for your party. Use them within six months of your acceptance. About the taste. It is not very good. They are tasteless and sugar free, suitable for vegetarians and vegan. There is a package. Pre-cut and very easy to use are what they put them into. You can use flower gently fold to make a butterfly, and then put it on the cake or cupcakes. The color of the flower is random. It is made by using rice paper and starch.

Brand: Weraru

👤They were packaged in a way that stuck them together. When trying to separate them. I didn't need many. Just like eating paper, there is no flavor.

👤Not what I expected.

👤They were made from wafer paper. Did not like it.

👤It was impossible to use.


What is the best product for cake greenery edible?

Cake greenery edible products from Dearhouse. In this article about cake greenery edible you can see why people choose the product. Meiliy and Anphsin are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake greenery edible.

What are the best brands for cake greenery edible?

Dearhouse, Meiliy and Anphsin are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake greenery edible. Find the detail in this article. Qertesl, Duovlo and Party Joy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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