Best Cake Greenery Flowers

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1. SVEN HOME Artificial Greenery Mix

SVEN HOME Artificial Greenery Mix

Buy it now and feel the difference immediately. The best seller on Amazon is their artificial babys breath flowers. A one-year warranty and friendly customer service are provided by JUSTOYOU. The artificial plants Baby's breath present greenery of lush green leaves and beauty of delicate petals, perfect for wedding decoration. Each bouquet has 9 flowers for each stem. The total length is approx' 12.6' with 6 bundles. The plastic ispoisonless and harmless and favored by customers. The Artificial plant wouldn't fall. The artificial floral Bunch is like a real Baby's breath to enhance the garden, veranda,balcony, patio,hanging basket, living room, dining table, bedroom, windowsill, bookshelf, festival, bridesmaid bouquets,party decor.

Brand: Sven Home

👤I don't have enough sun to grow flowers on my deck. They look real from several feet away. You can see every detail by zooming in. Reviewers who say they look plastic should have looked at the photo closer. They are plastic, but really beautiful, versatile, and look real from several feet away. I ordered the mixed colors. I am not sure if the solid colors would look real.

👤These little flowers are adorable. I thought they were taller than they are, but they are so cute. They look great in my small blue vase.

👤The flowers fall off quickly. It wouldn't be bad if it weren't so bad. It looks like a fake. If you are going for the fake flowers, look at this.

👤They are perfect for dollhouses. It was shipped fast too.

👤They look nice at first, but as the summer gets hotter, they start to melt. Embarrassment. They had to be pulled up.

👤Absolutely love the flowers! They are even more lovely than pictured. I love wildflowers and give you a generous amount in a variety of colors. This is the best thing I've ever ordered from Amazon and my best friend ordered some of them too. They will make you smile every time you see them.

👤I ordered these for my planter and they have been very well received. Everyone thinks they are real and have been asked to send a product number so they can order them.

👤There are flowers that won't grow naturally. I mixed real and artificial flowers. It is difficult to tell if it is real or fake. I love my purchase.

2. AUMVEYI Eucalyptus Artificial Arrangement Centerpieces

AUMVEYI Eucalyptus Artificial Arrangement Centerpieces

The silver dollar leaves can be used to make a bouquet, a brooch, a cake decoration, or as a wedding background. Artificial eucalyptus stems spray are a great way to accent your flower arrangements. The photo backdrop, arch, garland/wreath, and other elements should be used with other elements. Individual leaves stems decor can bring a nice vibe to your spaces. There are fake flower decorations that are perfect for your home decor. The package includes 20 faux eucalyptus stems in bulk. No short at 15.7". The greenery stem has fake leaves. The fake eucalytpus plant branches are easy to make. They are made of plastic, using advanced powder planting technology to spray a natural green in leaf, which look real and could last for a long time. The stem is easy to bend and can be shaped into a vase or hook onto the rest of the greenery for wreath making. If you mix green eucalyptus flowers with other silk flowers, you can make different floral deocration to add season vibe. It can be used as a nice rustic farmhouse, modern chi vibe for your space. It's perfect for desk, dinning table, bookshelves, bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen and more. Also, note: The leaves have white powders on them. These details are careful to make them look like real tree branches. It's a good idea to make your space look natural. Please email them if you have any questions.

Brand: Aumveyi

👤I was looking for a feeling. This didn't meet my standards. They are plastic. Definitely won't order again. Yes, and yes. I don't want to return them. It will be difficult to make them look right when I use them in my bouquet after my wedding. I will place my order somewhere else.

👤They were a little short for me.

👤I used these in a centerpiece arrangement for a bridal shower. They were easy to fit in and worked perfectly.

👤It looks like plastic. Does not look real.

👤The measurements are not as large as stated. I think it's old plastic leaves that my grandmother had. Very disappointed to return.

👤Absolutely beautiful stems. It was easy to use. It wasn't needed any fluffing.

👤These are perfect. They were used to make some of my wedding decorations. They are easy to work with.

3. Duovlo Flowers Vintage Artificial Decoration

Duovlo Flowers Vintage Artificial Decoration

Each bouquet has 13 stems, 6 flowers, and 2 buds, total length is 20.87''. The flowers were stuck to one stem and can be done. The hot wind of the hair dryer can make it more beautiful. There may be a slight colour difference due to the lighting, computer monitors, etc. You can use it for home, table, wedding, party, meeting room decor.

Brand: Duovlo

👤Salutations all. I decided to buy the most popular fake flowers to make sure I could make a decent looking wedding bouquet. The best looking was actually the fastest. I would give a solid 4 for quality. There are stains on the flowers, but she gets a 2.5. There are stains on the flowers and the leaves are weird.

👤These flowers are beautiful. When I first looked at them, I wondered what I had bought, but after they came out of the bag, you fluff them up, and they're gorgeous! I cut off all of the leaves and greenery in my first two sets and made a bouquet with wire cutter and a Mercury Glass job. I've ordered many sets since, and I'm making professional arrangements with them. I've been asked where I get them many times.

👤My daughter's Sweet 16 is coming up. Her color theme was pink and hot. I didn't want to spend so much money filling up the vases with single silk flowers at Michaels, because they cost 9.99 each. And voila... I found this bouquet on Amazon. I received it today and it is beautiful. I went to the dollar tree to buy the Long Spring Grass to accent the vase. The centerpiece consists of 1 glass vase, 1 bouquet, 1 Spring Grass, 1 yard of diamond wrap, and 5 vases covering the top and bottom. The bouquet stem should be cut at the ends to fit the vase. The stem was long on my vases. It stayed on the ground after I cut it. Love it!

👤I made a wreath out of the peonies I ordered. I gave them 4 stars because they smelled terrible. The smell and folded flowers were helped by the use of wrinkling release. Still pretty! And looked realistic.

👤I love these! I played with them for ideas for my wedding. I'm in love. I think this would be perfect for my crazy hot summer wedding, with a mixture of a few other flowers and better placement. Will purchase more from this seller.

👤The flowers look great. They were used to make floral letters. The stems were cut off and hot-glued to a piece of cardboard. Will definitely buy again.

👤The flowers are very high quality. These are perfect for photo shoots. A large bunch of peonies is perfect for a bouquet.

👤These flowers are gorgeous. I'm very pleased with how they look at my wedding and I'm using them for my centerpiece. I added fake babies to them. You can't tell if they are real until you get close. Highly recommend these!

👤Me gusta porque es, porque, porque

👤Parecen de verdad. Acabado.

👤Si me gusto, perfectas condiciones.

👤The flowers are plastic. I am covering plastic with tape.

4. CEWOR Artificial Boxwood Courtyard Decoration

CEWOR Artificial Boxwood Courtyard Decoration

The leaves of each shrub can be adjusted freely and the branches of this artificial boxwood can be assembled at your will. You can adjust the shape of the stems to make the plants look more lush. The package includes artificial boxwoods that are enough to fill one or two large vases. The plastic is high quality. Bright colors are non-toxic and can be exposed to the sun. For home, patio, balcony, office, party decoration. It is an ideal decoration for weddings. There may be an odor when plastic products are in a sealed package. After unpacking, leave them in the air for a few hours and the smell will go away.

Brand: Cewor

👤I've been looking at local stores and they either didn't have what I wanted or didn't have enough. I have 3 jars left to craft with. Good value!

👤The sweet boxwood will do well after we have finished feeding the chipmunks.

👤I have an old coal pot that has been sitting on my porch for a while. I decided to add something to make it stand out. I used all 8 stems and it turned out pretty. I am hoping that the greenery won't fade quickly because it is so realistic. I might place an order for more.

👤Several variations of artificial plants were purchased by me. I am a single mother with a full time job who doesn't have time to make sure that I have on all of my clothes in the morning. Making sure I have 2 of the same shoes on is considered success if I don't realize I don't before the day is over. I take a lot of pride in my home and the shrubs that were here when I bought it were a ton of maintenance. I wanted artificial plants that looked real so they wouldn't need to be cared for. I am very excited about the results, I got my wish. The picture is before and after. The patio should be ignored. I haven't cleaned or staged it yet.

👤The quality and looks of the greenery stems are very pleasing. It takes more than you think to make it look lush. I fill an 8-ft window box with 4 packages of stems. I wish I'd ordered 2 more packages because it looked lush. Product arrived in perfect condition and was shipped on time. I'm quite happy with my purchase.

👤I was a bit skeptical of getting these for a project, but they turned out well. The package was very well packaged and no damage was done.

👤I have a garden but I am not good at caring for plants or watering them. I've been looking for plastic plants. I was worried about the fake plants, but I was glad I bought them. They are made of plastic, but they look real when you look away.

👤This is my second or third purchase. These are just in simplistic Farmhouse Decor as greenery. These are bushy and full. I've been back to purchase more because you get your money's worth from this purchase. They are realistic and classy.

👤I was nervous about ordering but I am happy with them. The product took a bit longer to be delivered but I am really happy with it. It's great for crafts. Just order it and you will not be disappointed.

👤I will give you a total of 16 ramos, 2 of which are for me.

👤I was very happy with the purchase. I wanted these to look more real, and they are perfect! They are a piece of decor that is very similar to real plants. So happy with the purchase.

👤The size did not match what I was expecting.

5. Mistari Artificial California Blueberry Decorative

Mistari Artificial California Blueberry Decorative

The artificial greenery is Silk and Plastic. The fake blue California berries have a total length of 9 inches. The package is 10 packs. If you have a big vase, they recommend you to buy fake bush berries. The artificial flower bouquets are great for home, table, wedding, party, meeting room decor and anywhere you want to put them. If the item is going to be damaged, please spread it gently.

Brand: Mistari

👤These were lovely. I used them in a wreath I made for my mother-in-law's birthday and I loved the way it turned out so much that I wanted to keep it. My husband's family owns and lives on a berry farm so I wanted the berries to look realistic. They had a lot of bright blue powder on them, but after working with them to add them to the wreath, a lot of the powder was wiped off, making them look more realistic. There was a lot of blue powder on my hands and floor, but it was easy to clean up. The customer would probably have minimum mess and clean up if they just put them in a jar.

👤These things always look bigger than reality. These are cute, but not worth the price because they are so small. I have bought huge silk orchid stems and hydrangeas for less than $13 a branch. I'm going to try to get something similar in the area so that I can reuse them.

👤They are very light blue with a powdery coating. I was hoping to see the first picture of the item. There was a little blue dusting. I might be able to take some of it off. I am not sure if that will be possible. I need to stop ordering on Amazon. I am almost always disappointed.

👤I ordered these to use on my Christmas tree and figured I can use them after the spring. The 20 pack arrived in 10 bundles with the last pick stem wrapped around them. Some of the fruit came off the stem and were in the bag. If you don't separate them, you'll be popping more berries off. The dark blue is a bit shiny and the lighter blue is a chalk paint. If one is not careful, the chalk can get all over your hands and clothing. I would be hesitant to wash these because you may end up washing the chalk paint off completely. You will have to split the branches. You could break them if you were too rough. I will give 3 stars for now and update after I use them on the Christmas tree. Let's hope the dog doesn't eat them.

👤I was looking for a flower that would compliment the blue color of my wedding centerpiece. I came across these berries after months of not finding what I was looking for. It was perfect! I had a weird moment. They looked nicer in person. I would be careful when pulling them apart because some of them were stuck together with glue. I only lost 2 fruit. If you are looking for something blue, I would recommend this product. Good value for money.

👤When I switched my decor from Christmas to a winter theme, I purchased this item to put in an arrangement on my porch. The frosted appearance of the berries makes them perfect for this look. I could use these in the summer for a 4th of July arrangement. There is a The bundle was small enough for what I needed. I keep them outside on a table that is subjected to whatever weather we're having. They sat through some heavy rain and wind this past weekend and still look the same as they did when I received them. I would buy these again.

6. Tenn Well Natural Artificial Wedding

Tenn Well Natural Artificial Wedding

The SEAL is open. You can put the flowers out of air for a few days when you ship them all in a single bag. Premium quality. The ribbon is made of artificial vine and is eco-friendly. There is a sturdy twine. The 4 ply natural Jute twine is soft but strong and won't resist stretching. The art is impressionist. It looks like real plants because of the vivid texture. The leaf ribbon is easy to clean. There is a wide application. The artificial vine rope can be used in many ways. DIMENSIONS The twine has a length of 20m. Each leaf is 10mm in length.

Brand: Tenn Well

👤Beautiful twine. I replaced the plain with this twine. If it was heavier, I would give it a full 5 stars. I was able to double the twine because of the generous amount on the roll.

👤I love this fabric. Since I received it, I have been thinking of many ways I can use it. It makes a nice touch to gift wrapping especially tying up gift bags with tissue paper, so if you want to use this for decor, projects etc, take a look on Penterest. Everyone I use this with tells me that they keep the leaves for a future gift.

👤The twine is even better in person. I was going to use this to wrap vases. I'm thinking of other ways to use it. You won't be disappointed.

👤It is absolutely beautiful and functional. I used this twine to wrap a present for a friend and it was a hit. He didn't open it so his wife could see it. Thank you for the high quality, it looks like a real vine and is very beautiful. You have a customer for life.

👤A shabby chic door decoration needed a hanger. I like the leaves that look great with the decor I'm working with and this may not last as long as other choices. The flower holder is made of wood so it wouldn't fall in bad weather. During rainstorms, I would bring it. Otherwise beautiful twine!

👤At my Women Who Wine event, this twine was added to the cutlery. The leaves were made of silk and looked high-end. I liked the finished look.

👤What a beautiful product! I have a lot of ideas. I made a fairy lantern for my granddaughter. Don't hesitate... Go for it if you are thinking about it.

👤Absolutely perfect! I'll be using this to build bridges. If I need more, I would definitely buy again.

7. Lings Moment Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

Lings Moment Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

The best choice for weddings, parties, homes and offices. Two bouquets have better effects. There is a combo pack of flowers and colors. Ready for you to make your bouquet, centerpies, boutonnieres, and corsage. The package includes a garden with a dusty rose, blush rose, ivory rose, and blush high-centered rose. The artificial flower has a stem that is 8 inches long. They're perfect for making flowers at your wedding, party, baby shower, or home. The size of the foam flower may be different from the dye lots.

Brand: Ling's Moment

👤The flowers were bought because of the reviews and pictures. Some people said that the color was off. That isn't true! They held up to the abuse when I made and remake my Boquet 6 times. They are beautiful. I had a hard time keeping my circular. I think I got it down. I ordered the dainty dusty, garden dusty and elegant dusty. I thought the french garden would be my favorite. I didn't enjoy it as much as the other people. My dusty was lost in the mail. I bought an additional box of dusty rose for fourteen dollars. I used 3 different boxes for my dance. They look stunning in person, and it's worth the money. I received a rose. If you are going to buy any of them, buy that one. It's the most beautiful box of flowers.

👤The lighter colors have a slight sparkle, I love that! You wouldn't know they were fake if you had a flashlight on. The code for 30% off purchases was on the package. You should get the second one from there because I want more than one.

👤My daughter's wedding is in September and I have spent a lot of money preparing for it. Buying multiple boxes at the same time. The flowers are not real. I have bought 16 boxes and have another 1 coming. boutonnieres, table decorations, throw bouquet, bridal bouquet, bridesmaids boutique, and mom's wrist corsages are included in the wedding. The box I received yesterday was terrible. It was not even half full, there were 4 stems without flowers, what was in there was not as good as I have been used to. I was disappointed. I will be ordering more because I need to finish getting ready for everything, but I hope that this was a coincidence. I was expecting more of this box because it was one of the more expensive.

👤These are amazing. I wanted a bouquet for my wedding, but it was expensive. I bought a bunch of supplies after using pins on the board. I am amazed! I bought the flowers and broaches off eBay and Amazon. It is absolutely gorgeous. The flowers are beautiful. They are not real with this look, but they are great quality. I will purchase more to use elsewhere for my wedding. Definitely worth the money.

👤These flowers are wonderful. They are just as beautiful as real flowers. I made my bridesmaids bouquets as well, they turned out pretty good, but I loved them, the colors went perfectly with our wedding colors, and I am no expert in floral design. The bouquets looked really elegant and beautiful because of the elegant dusty rose.

👤The flowers of Ling's Moments are of the highest quality. They are pleasing to the eye and soft to the touch. My daughter's wedding bouquet was expensive. I was going to buy one from Ling's. I came upon some flowers. I decided to make it myself. My daughter loved her bouquet. She said she was not tossing it. Please make another one for tossing. We used a few on the cake. Don't second guess yourself. Purchase flowers from Ling's Moments. You will be like HaPpY. You and your bride will be happy.

8. Greentime Artificial Eucalyptus Heart Shaped Greenery

Greentime Artificial Eucalyptus Heart Shaped Greenery

The package includes 6 x large, 6 x medium, 20 x small monstera leaves, 38 x 7 styles artificial tropical leaf with stems, and 70 pieces. They may bend stems for easier transportation and storage. During transportation, the leaves may be squeezed and bent. You can use a hair dryer to get rid of the leaves. The package includes faux eucalyptus stems that are 13in long. If the leaves fall, you can pop them back on. The vase is not included. The fake magnolia leaves are made from silk material with a touch of real life, the main stems are made of iron wire wrapped with plastic. You can twist any shape you want. There is no wire support inside the branches. Artificial eucalyptus branches are perfect for bridal bouquet and wedding decor, graduation party arrangement, summer party arrangement, valentine's day decor, anniversary party decor, baby shower decor, christmas decor, New Year decor. It can be used to add a touch of nature to home decor, such as a vase, table centerpiece, or a wreath. You can mix these leaves greenery with other flowers.

Brand: Greentime

👤These are soft and realistic. I thought I could split it between the two vases, as a decorative accent, and then put it in the neck of the vase. I was only able to use one set, per vase, as putting less than eight pieces in the neck of the vase would have meant that they would have fallen. If you wanted to put these in a table top vase, you would have to buy more than one set. I liked the look of these, as they looked more realistic than other flowers, plants, etc, that I had tried, and it was what I was looking for, to complete the look.

👤I bought these leaves to add to a bouquet. They don't have a weird plastic smell, which can be a problem when ordering things online. The most accurate representation of the color was included with the measurement photos. I included a photo of all the stems.

👤I designed a silk bouquet for a bride. I have found the most realistic willow eucalyptus. Definitely buying more.

👤I buy a lot of artificial leaves for wreath making. These are the worst I have ever seen. Really terrible. You could tell from a mile away that they are fake. I realize I'm buying fake greens, but they are bad. No wiring to make it look like a weed that one would not want to put in an arrangement or wreath. I have never written a review on the leaves I buy. Do yourself a favor and find another choice.

👤I ordered another product based on Amazon ratings that didn't live up to its reviews. I didn't like these. The leaf is placed on the stem at the same distance as the one above it. The stems are short and there is no leaves to stand in the vase. To accommodate these short stems, you must use an extremely short vase or the bottom of a taller vase. 3. The stems have no wire that allows them to hold their shape. Making an arrangement is near impossible because they bend wherever they want. I used a lot of them and worked on it for a while. It took 8 stems and less than 3 minutes to complete the project when I got a better quality product. 4. Multiple vendors sell the same stems, and the prices are crazy. I ordered from two different sellers. The pictures and wording were very different, leading me to believe that the products were also different. I received the same products, but one cost more.

👤These looked real to me. The quality of the seeds was very good. I have been in floral designs for many years and was very happy with how these came out in my boutique.

👤I buy a lot of faux clothing for my business. These are thick plastic, which reminds me of the material you would use for a pool toy. The image shows what they looked like when I took them out of the package. I won't buy them again because they are too thick and unrealistic for my purposes. They were too expensive for what I got. I paid 15.

9. GPARK Wisteria Artificial Greenery Decoration

GPARK Wisteria Artificial Greenery Decoration

Artificial flowers, milk white petals, and a pistil are included. Each wisteria vine is 45 inches long and 3 feet wide. The total length is 44 feet. The material is material. The silk petals, natural and soft, Leaf venation, application of high temperature welding connection technology, bonding firm, not easy to fall off, is a natural and soft leaf venation. UpGRADE: The leaf connections are denser and more natural. There are applications It's perfect for wedding, party, office decoration, decor, altar, church, corsages, pew bows, reception centerpiece, and more. The SEAL is open. You can put the flowers out of air for a few days when you ship them all in a single bag.

Brand: Gpark

👤These were amazing. It's so inexpensive.

👤I was disappointed when I saw the small package, I thought it was not what I was expecting. Wow! They are what I wanted. The back of my couch has 12 pieces on it.

👤I needed to add some detail to a forgotten corner in my garden. I didn't expect anything special, but they looked fine online. I was happy to see how full and long they were. For the price, these are excellent. Be careful when unpacking because the strands may be loosened. The glue points were attached to the leaves.

👤The decor of my arch was praised a lot. There are three sets of 12. I added my own Ivy to it. It was worth the money and I am very happy I bought it.

👤I bought 2 packs of wisteria because my sister-in-law requested them for her birthday and my brother-in-law was putting their whole wedding together themselves. I'm not sure how many she got. I didn't take them out of the package to look at them, but I was able to tell they were in great condition because the bag they came in was clear. I was finally able to see my BIL's work at their wedding, and it was absolutely amazing. The wisteria was hung over the dance floor. He said it was great and he didn't have any problems with it. It added a romantic and magical effect. I highly recommend them.

👤They are pretty. The stem area of the pink vs white was torn apart when I took them out of the package. I had to put them back together. The pink ones were packaged differently than the white ones. Will be buying other colors. It was worth the price.

👤I bought these for my porch. I took two broken items, a plastic birdbath and a pillar for a gazing ball. I had the wisteria coming from the center of the item after spray painting them. They look great. The bees and butterflies think they are real. No one would think they are silk wisteria. The 12 pack was enough to do both pillars. I love them!

👤I bought a set of white wisteria. Even one set of 12 strands can create a pretty nice effect. The stem is flexible so you can make it your own. This is one set of wisteria and one set of vines and strings of lights. I hung the whole thing from the wall with two 3M hooks and taped the stems to each other.

👤Franchement superbe, la couleur, la texture, je, qui, Jattend. The disponibilit√© was pour en commander un deuxime.

👤The product wasn't good.

10. LJY Artificial Garland Ceremony Headbands

LJY Artificial Garland Ceremony Headbands

100% satisfaction customer service. If you aren't happy with MoonLa, your satisfaction is their priority. You will get your money back or resend if you let them know about the fake Succulents Plants. Each artificial garland measurement is 1.5 x 0.5 cm, and each leaf is approx. Totally length is 30 meters/ 32.8 yards. The leaf is made of plastic and can be hung on different items, while the vine is made of iron wire and can be changed into different shapes. The leaves are green and very natural, you can fold them into different shapes to decorate items. You can make the artificial vine as headbands, around the cup, or make a shape for the coffee store, all in a wide range of usage. There are enough pieces of artificial vine for you to use.

Brand: Ljy

👤I was fully satisfied with the purchase. I used it to make a bunch of wreathes. The vine is easy to cut into pieces and can be bent into any shape I wanted. The quality is the same. The leaves are packed tightly and the wire is barely visible. It all looks very realistic because leaves come in two shades. When in active use, leaves tend to get wrinkled, but that's exactly what one should expect from the material. They were good when they arrived.

👤These are not fake. The fig leaves are brown. I wrapped a ribbon around the napkin and wreath to make them holders. The style is very up-to-date. I was so happy to get these fig vines.

👤I wanted to make a fake topiary of a wire deer. I got two orders and thought I would have more than enough. Guess again. If I wanted to spend that much, I would have gone to a hobby store, but I'm not taking what I've already wrapped off.

👤I was hoping for a nicer looking one. They look cheap. Since they will work for intended use, I kept them and wouldn't buy them again.

👤I thought I was buying the same thing I had bought at Hobby Lobby, but the leaves were smaller and more like paper. Many leaves fall off when working with it.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. The rolls were packed well and the price was good. The wire is strong and leaves don't come off easily.

👤Didn't use it for an original idea. I used brown paper as a ribbon and bow for the gift. The wire is stiff for balloons. Has to be the same shape as a pipe cleaner.

👤Good amount for the price. Will definitely do the trick for the wedding.

👤People said you get a lot for your money. It was just perfect, close up plastic looking but mixed in with lights and candles. They are easy to bend and cut, and I am happy with my purchase.

👤It was used to cover a hula hoop for a wedding decoration and it had one roll left over. I wrapped it around the hoop and didn't lose any leaves. Excellent quality.

👤The item was in a nice square box. It is a long wire with leaves on it, which is exactly what we needed, because we wanted to wrap it around something and the wire gave that extra support.

👤The lengths were boxed nicely and arrived in a small box. The packing was large. It's great for Christmas crafting.

11. Yatim Artificial Garland Hanging Wedding

Yatim Artificial Garland Hanging Wedding

These decorations are perfect for decorating your dessert. This is a simple decorating technique that can make your home-made or store bought treats look professional and elegant. The material is Silk Fabric and Plastic. The leaves and stems were made from plastic. 60 pairs of leaves are in each strand. Each leave is 1.57 x 1.38 inches. Each order has 12 packages of garlands. Total of 12. It's suitable for home decoration, wedding decoration, jungle theme party supplies. It is normal to have a plastic smell when using an artificial vine, but it won't hurt the human body. The vines can be placed in theventilated place for a while to eliminate the smell.

Brand: Yatim

👤It was terribly misleading. I only got 8 strands. They are cheap and thin. Would not recommend.

👤The pictures for this product are not accurate. We were going to get a good bundle so that we could use it as a screen for a baby shower. That did not happen, as you can see in the pics I provided. Very disappointed in the amount. We like the product and no issues with it. The amount and the images are misleading. They should correct that.

👤I only had to order one of these to cover most of my ceiling and backwall for my 5th anniversary. Everything was tied together by my woodland theme. Yes, they smell. It fades after you open the package and let them out. The garlands I bought at the dollar store were better quality. If you want a few accents or only decorate a small area, you only need one package.

👤I attached them to a bamboo privacy fence to give me more privacy on my balcony. I secured them with green twister ties and made a loop at the top. If you are looking for larger leaves, you may want to buy another brand or size. I will have to buy another pack to make it thicker for the privacy I am after. I'll see how they do after we get more rain in Cali.

👤Product worked well. They are all individual strands. A photo backdrop was used for a baby shower. A photo shows a package. It's probably a good idea to order two more to be a bit wider. Still was a big hit.

👤The background for my niece's prom picture was provided by this product. It is cost effective and efficient.

👤I used these to decorate my pipe and drape for a jungle themed paint party. I plan to reuse them for a Black Panther themed party, they held up well, so I plan to continue to do so.

👤It looked great for the event. They smell terrible. It was a kind of smell. I didn't use all of the two packs because I was afraid the smell would fill the room. I used fabric freshner and prayed no one would smell it.


What is the best product for cake greenery flowers?

Cake greenery flowers products from Sven Home. In this article about cake greenery flowers you can see why people choose the product. Aumveyi and Duovlo are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake greenery flowers.

What are the best brands for cake greenery flowers?

Sven Home, Aumveyi and Duovlo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake greenery flowers. Find the detail in this article. Cewor, Mistari and Tenn Well are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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