Best Cake Greenery Stems

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1. Tinsow Artificial Eucalyptus Eucalyptuses Centerpiece

Tinsow Artificial Eucalyptus Eucalyptuses Centerpiece

It's suitable for weddings, parties, homes, offices and other occasions. It is a good choice for the bride to hold flowers. The two bouquets will have different effects. You should buy it in advance if you are using them for important activities. Each branch of Artificial Eucalyptus leaves has about 25 leaves. The leaves are made of good quality plastic and the stems are iron wire, you can bend the branch into different shapes. The size of the branches is about 15 feet tall. The long stem with iron wire is easy to shape and arrange for a bouquet, table arrangement, wedding centerpiece, party and wreath. If you have a problem, please contact them. They will reply to you as soon as possible.

Brand: Tinsow

👤I was looking for a great quality for the price.

👤This product arrived exactly as I expected. The only thing I had to do was remove the leaves from the stem to make the vase work. There was no weird smell and the stems were flexible enough to shape them. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤We found these on Amazon after finding bad quality faux plants at twice the price at Hobby Lobby and At Home. We are really happy we got these.

👤They think these are worth $9. They are cheap and smelly. They smell burnt and have a white dust on their fingers. When I opened the package, I thought it was my dryer, but when I smelled the burnt smell, I thought it was my washing machine. I thought my dryer was on fire. I freaked out. The smell is bad. You would get this at the dollar store. I'm not happy. I am sad because I love eucalyptus.

👤The quality of these stems is not what one would expect from a dollar store purchase. The location of these is in my entryway, but they are not the focal point. I think you can save if you use these for that purpose. If this is the center of your decor, I don't recommend it.

👤It was very realistic and flexible.

👤It's a great addition to my bathroom decor. It went perfectly in a vase I have, not cheap looking, good quality for your money. If you want a full look, I would purchase more. A great find!

👤When unpacking, it was covered in white powder. It looked like a fake after rinsing and air drying. The product is made of plastic. It does not look or feel realistic because there are small raised areas on the leaves. I didn't think it would look passably real, but I hoped it wasn't cheap. It was not worth the price. It is not a centerpiece material.

👤It is a cheap and kitschy plastic, small branches with some daisies added. Don't recommend! You can buy this type of product for a dollar. Very disappointed!

👤J adores the trs bonne qualité.

2. HATOKU Artificial Eucalyptus Greenery Arrangement

HATOKU Artificial Eucalyptus Greenery Arrangement

Artificial wicker is a touch of nature to your space. Hang this fake willow rattan on the living room to spread cheer in the environment. It's perfect for all seasons. It's a smart gift for someone who loves plants, but doesn't need water or sun, as it's a bit forgetful when it comes time to water them. There are artificial leaves and stems in the set. The fake eucalyptus stem is approximately 28 cm long. The leaves are green and there are no veins. The leaves are made from high quality silk. The stem is made of plastic. These faux leaves look great with flowers or greenery from all seasons to create beautiful wreath, garlands, and bouquets for decorating your home. They can be used to decorate balloons, gift boxes, gift cards for special events.

Brand: Hatoku

👤The look and color were nice. I couldn't use them in the flower arrangements because the leaves kept falling off. Would not recommend.

👤These are well made and lovely. They add a lot to the wedding table decor.

👤The leaves are fake on the bottom. I wanted them for a vase that was on a table so that you could see the sides of the leaves. I used it for a vase that was high up in the air, and it looked good. It depends on what you want them for.

👤I ordered it a few times. The first two times were good. The last one was terrible. The leaves look like that. I will not be ordering again.

👤The quality was not as expected. Doesn't look real and leaves are too big.

👤Absolutely terrible. They are impossible to work with. It was so stiff. Don't buy.

👤I used one in each bottle, so you may need to order a lot. It's a great color and quality for the price.

👤Totally looks fake. The looks better in the pictures.

👤I think these are lovely, they are cheap and good quality. They have turned out great for my bridesmaid bouquets. Would recommend.

3. CEWOR Artificial Eucalyptus Garland Greenery

CEWOR Artificial Eucalyptus Garland Greenery

It's perfect for weddings, special occasions, and home decor. The Rustic eucalyptus greenery is perfect for weddings and home decor. The package includes silver dollar eucalyptus garlands. The craftsmanship makes it look real. The eucalyptus garlands are about 5.9 feet long and have 128 leaves. The total length is over 30 feet. The leaf is about 2.60 feet in diameter and has leaves that are detaching. The leaves of Eucalyptus are made of silk cloth, the stem is plastic, and the stem can be shaped at will. The hand-made eucalyptus garland is a perfect choice for weddings. It's a good choice for decorating gardens, parties, balconies, bedrooms, fireplaces, windows, water pipes, and windows. It can help you live a longer life. A small number of leaves can fall. They can be re-installed. You can wash and dry the leaves with a blower if they are caused by long-distance transportation. You can contact them by email if you have any questions.

Brand: Cewor

👤I wish I'd bought them for the entire room at my wedding. I think they are great quality for the price. It was nice to decorate with them that they bend very easily. I knew they had a slight chemical smell because of the comments on other faux garland. I put them out for a week, and there was no smell. I was very happy with my purchase and would buy them again.

👤Each month I purchase these for my wedding greenery. If you need a lot but can't afford fake greenery, this is a good choice. I knew I would have to double them up if I wanted a full looking vine. The leaves are on point and the stem parts are green but they are not real. I like the green it still looks good. I plan on putting fake roses in it. I recommend going with these if you want the best quality within a cheaper price range.

👤I like that they are of good quality and that they are described. Each one is packaged separately. They are being used as table runners for a wedding. I would definitely recommend them. It's a good thing.

👤I absolutely adore these! I was surprised that they are still full. I was sure that I would have to use 2 of them together. One is full and gave me the look I wanted. The price is the best part.

👤I bought this for my wedding. This was a great purchase for the amount of money and it looked great out of the box. I couldn't pass up the chance to get three strands for $20 at hobby lobby.

👤They did exactly what I wanted them to do for my wedding, even though they were a tad cheap. If you take them out of the bag and hang them for a week or so, they'll be out of the round shape they're shipped in.

👤I decorated my bedroom with these. It helped bring my vision to life.

👤I was happy with the purchase and the result was what I needed. The product had a weird smell. The smell was gone a few days before the event. It's still worth it.

4. Floroom Artificial Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

Floroom Artificial Centerpieces Arrangements Decorations

It's suitable for: home, table, wedding, party, meeting room. Floroom Studio's artificial roses are made of a soft high quality PE foam which gives them the look of fresh roses and touches soft. The rose head is called aprrox. The total height is 9 inches and the stem is about 8 inches long. They have flexible thin wire stems, which make it easy to work with. It's easy to bend, cut down or pull out. They are perfect for making bouquets, centerpiece, kissing balls, boutonnieres, cake flowers, or any other flower decorations, centerpiece and arrangements that you want at your wedding, bridal shower, party, baby shower or home decor. 8 complimentary leaves for every 25 flowers are offered by Greenery. You can add some leaves to your cart if you need more. It's a good thing. The size of the roses may vary slightly and there may be some color differences between different dye lots.

Brand: Floroom

👤My daughter's wedding is coming up. She wanted to use foam roses, however in the end she needed more and we found these ones and we were so excited and angry at the same time! We couldn't tell the difference between the ones from Ling's moment and the ones from these ones. They are perfect, delicate and thick. We would have ordered all the roses if we knew this earlier.

👤I like it! They were very soft. My daughter's 16th birthday dinner was held in the center piece. They looked real. They received a lot of praise.

👤It's a must buy. I wanted fake flowers for my bridal shower and these did not fail to impress. The pictures don't do it justice. They come with stems that are easy to work with, and they are very pretty.

👤Beautiful flowers. I ordered 50 pieces. The flowers were packaged beautifully. There were 7 leaves and 25 large crystals in each box. We hot glue the crystals to the flowers. I used it for a beautiful centerpiece. My family and I are buying again.

👤Wow! Well packaged and beautiful. They packed them in a box that was large enough to hold 25 faux flowers along with eight leaves so that they wouldn't be crushed. Nice job. I didn't realize that the stems were attached when I ordered them. The stems seem to be made from a type of paper that is flexible so for my purposes it is fine. I want to add these to a few arrangements so they can be clipped or tucked away. The colors are striking. I ordered pink and gray. Excellent quality! I can see these being used for a bride's bouquet. If I need more, I would definitely order these again.

👤The stems are not very strong. It was difficult to get them to stay in the place I wanted them. I made it work. I bought a vase filled with rocks at the dollar tree. The bouquet is pretty. It looks like I spent more than $13.

👤I had to get the wrinkled flowers out of my mouth. I bought the Floroom roses to see the difference. I came back for more to make bouquet's for my girls because they were so beautiful. They are perfectly boxed and each rose is perfect. The shape and detail of each flower. I know I say perfect, but they are.

👤My best friend is having a wedding and bridal shower. I have already recommended them to 2 other people for home use and for another wedding because of the quality and packaging. The way the stems are easy to change is one of the reasons I am using them. They will be great for filling in on the arch. I like how I can drape them in cloth. They ended up costing me the same price per flower as the white and pale pink roses pictured in my review pictures, but I like the purpose so I will mix in foam...

5. Shxstore 1 Artificial Christmas Arrangements Decorations

Shxstore 1 Artificial Christmas Arrangements Decorations

The powder on the blade is not dust. It is designed to be realistic. When opening it, be careful because there may be powder dropping. Please contact them by email if you have any questions. Pine leaves decorations can be used for a Christmas tree, as well as pine wreath decorations. Artificial pine branches measure approx., while small not longleaf pine branches measure approx. The pine picks are made of plastic leaves and wire. Pine needles can be used for making pine tree decor, pine wreath, pine branches decor with berry and pine cones, and pine stems. Artificial Plants and greenery include pine branches for crafts, pine leaves for crafts, christmas tree garlands, pine stems and sprays. The first choice of many uses is craft pine needles.

Brand: Shxstore-1

👤It was useless. I screamed as I opened the box. I should have scrapped my project. I was determined to make it work. Don't waste your time. The pieces were very small. Depending on the project, you would need a minimum of 4 to create a piece with fullness. Very disappointing.

👤Not what I was expecting. The needles are plastic and can't be shaped, so they were smashed together in the box. Only a few were usable. The needle can fall out easily.

👤I need to make a winter arrangement for my covered entryway. They will be pretty with some pine cones and ribbon. It took me an hour to remove them from the small box and put them in a bigger box. How could anyone think that it was a good idea to cram them into a box?

👤I was going to use this in an arrangement for a small vase. The stems are not long enough to go into the vase. I had to work the needles to get them to go flat so I could stuff more into the vase. I had to add wire and florist tape to the stem so they would stay in the vase, because they look like white pine needles, and maybe another customer would prefer the shorter stem.

👤I was poking them everywhere because there were a lot more than I expected. They were stuck in greenery arrangements, around candles, and at the base of my ceramic tree. They look natural once they are poked in place. It is worth every cent. I should have bought more. They would be perfect with bows on gifts. There is a person named Heathens.

👤These are terrible. They were shocked by the small box. I realized they were just twisted wire when they started falling apart. There is nothing in place. I had to make them fall apart because they were smashed. I was not able to use a few of them. I will get something better next year.

👤It's perfect for crafting. I like them.

6. FUNARTY Artificial Eucalyptus Branches Arrangement

FUNARTY Artificial Eucalyptus Branches Arrangement

The green Succulent are perfect to use in different arrangements. You can give a gift to your friends and family. The package includes artificial greenery stems with olive leaves and eucalyptus leaves. Each steam of olive leaves and eucalyptus leaves is about 37 inches tall. The fake leaves of their artificial eucalyptus stems are made from high-quality silk and iron wire wrapped with plastic. The branches can be trimmed to any size with scissors or pliers. They are durable and realistic. They are folded and placed in a package that is easy to care for. Water, sunlight, andfertilizer are not required for the spray of eucalyptus leaf. They are easy to clean and can be used directly in your projects. All year round decoration. It is suitable for a variety of purposes, such as wedding bouquets, wedding greenery decoration, or elegant display in vases. Natural-style flower arrangements and table decorations can be made with silver dollar eucalyptus leaves.

Brand: Funarty

👤If you want to buy for events, read this. If you don't want to put a lot of work into this, don't buy at the last second. You will need to press leaves. If you're using a place where guests will see you, you'll want to clean up the glue and molded part of the leaf. If a guest will be close to the piece, the leaves may need to be trimmed or melted. This piece is a decor filler and not the focal point. I wouldn't use close up at eye level as a table runner, although it may be fine to make a wreath in a centerpiece with a lot of other elements. If you use this as a filler, you can fill in sparse areas of real olive branches or willow (feather) eucalyptus. This isn't a quality that I would want to use to decorate cake layers, but it would work well to fill lanterns or similar decor. I didn't plan to use this close up and personal. I was going to use this as a flower gift. I initially planned to use it with real laid on top but it looks good enough from a distance that I can leave the real out in some of the other things. The leaves come off so you can adjust and lay flat, and the back is a tad light, but long stems with notch for easy length cuts, and a messy leaf stem mold are all positives. Should you buy? Do you have time to make them presentable? Do you want something to be the star of the show? If you answered yes to the two questions, you should buy. You shouldn't buy if you didn't answer one or both questions.

👤Good value for money. I might try ironing the leaves, they were pretty realistic. I had to shave off some of the green plastic edges on the branches, but it was not a big deal. I made a faux tree out of leaves and drilled small holes in a stick for my project. Very happy.

👤I like to change the greenery on my kitchen counter with a pot. I had a small pine tree in the pot for Christmas, but I wanted a neutral fir for the New Year. These were perfect. They are inexpensive, so you should put a little effort in to make them look nice. I had to bend each branch carefully because they came in a bundle and were broken together. It took me about an hour to get them cleaned up, but I was happy with that because I couldn't find anything similar in the area. My mom asked if it was a real plant because of the time of year, and they looked real to her. I would purchase them again, but keep in mind the price and the fact that they need to be trimmed.

👤It looks like a fake. The leaves were folded to the point of crimping. These could not be as real as a little. I don't understand the positive reviews. The quantity you get for the price is the only positive.

7. LJY Artificial Garland Ceremony Headbands

LJY Artificial Garland Ceremony Headbands

100% satisfaction customer service. If you aren't happy with MoonLa, your satisfaction is their priority. You will get your money back or resend if you let them know about the fake Succulents Plants. Each artificial garland measurement is 1.5 x 0.5 cm, and each leaf is approx. Totally length is 30 meters/ 32.8 yards. The leaf is made of plastic and can be hung on different items, while the vine is made of iron wire and can be changed into different shapes. The leaves are green and very natural, you can fold them into different shapes to decorate items. You can make the artificial vine as headbands, around the cup, or make a shape for the coffee store, all in a wide range of usage. There are enough pieces of artificial vine for you to use.

Brand: Ljy

👤I was fully satisfied with the purchase. I used it to make a bunch of wreathes. The vine is easy to cut into pieces and can be bent into any shape I wanted. The quality is the same. The leaves are packed tightly and the wire is barely visible. It all looks very realistic because leaves come in two shades. When in active use, leaves tend to get wrinkled, but that's exactly what one should expect from the material. They were good when they arrived.

👤These are not fake. The fig leaves are brown. I wrapped a ribbon around the napkin and wreath to make them holders. The style is very up-to-date. I was so happy to get these fig vines.

👤I wanted to make a fake topiary of a wire deer. I got two orders and thought I would have more than enough. Guess again. If I wanted to spend that much, I would have gone to a hobby store, but I'm not taking what I've already wrapped off.

👤I was hoping for a nicer looking one. They look cheap. Since they will work for intended use, I kept them and wouldn't buy them again.

👤I thought I was buying the same thing I had bought at Hobby Lobby, but the leaves were smaller and more like paper. Many leaves fall off when working with it.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. The rolls were packed well and the price was good. The wire is strong and leaves don't come off easily.

👤Didn't use it for an original idea. I used brown paper as a ribbon and bow for the gift. The wire is stiff for balloons. Has to be the same shape as a pipe cleaner.

👤Good amount for the price. Will definitely do the trick for the wedding.

👤People said you get a lot for your money. It was just perfect, close up plastic looking but mixed in with lights and candles. They are easy to bend and cut, and I am happy with my purchase.

👤It was used to cover a hula hoop for a wedding decoration and it had one roll left over. I wrapped it around the hoop and didn't lose any leaves. Excellent quality.

👤The item was in a nice square box. It is a long wire with leaves on it, which is exactly what we needed, because we wanted to wrap it around something and the wire gave that extra support.

👤The lengths were boxed nicely and arrived in a small box. The packing was large. It's great for Christmas crafting.

8. TYEERDEC Artificial Flowers Lavender Decoration

TYEERDEC Artificial Flowers Lavender Decoration

faux plants for decoration are for home, garden, farmhouse, fish tank, hotel, terrace, office, front porch, veranda, patio, Christmas, wedding and other indoor outside decoration. The lavender is made of plastic that is non-toxic and has a flock coating. If you don't like the powder, wash the flowers. The leaves look like fresh lavender. There are 6 bunches of artificial lavender. There are 5 stems and 5 flowers in each bunch. The bending angle can be adjusted freely by the stems. The bundle is 14.2 inches high and the flower is 3.8 inches high. Artificial flowers are a great way to make an arrangement that will give your space a fresh look and add a pop of color to the room. If you want to add personality and artistic vision to your home, arrange flowers is a fun way to do that. It's a great alternative to dried flower.

Brand: Tyeerdec

👤I love these! I have purchased a different color for these second orders. The first order I received was yellow. They arrived on time. The flowers have a powder on them that makes them look messy, but I wanted them to look like I wanted them to. I will deal with it. The second order had the same powder as the first one so I was not surprised. You can mix in several stems in three different arrangements.

👤I made flower arrangements for the spring season. The smell is terrible and the dust is very dense. I was worried that the color would change, so I should have washed them off. I put the arrangement on top of my cabinets after spraying them with room spray. I cannot detect the smell unless I bring them down.

👤These are not real looking. The green color is bright and shiny. Maybe it's a bright Christmas green. I didn't return them, but that's on me. I might spray paint the whole thing and use it outside. Oh well. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

👤The powder coming off this product was so bad that I felt like I had a respiratory problem. Had to send it back because it puffed off when I touched it. I wouldn't recommend it. You can't get close to it.

👤The stems are too short for my base, but I like it. I tied bamboo sticks to them and they are now up. They are messy and should be washed off, according to other reviews. I like them either way.

👤I put these in an arrangement of similar colored flowers but found they looked better alone. A small bowl or dish with subtle foliage creates a subdued effect. Use florist's foam to keep the stems upright.

👤I was looking for greenery that wasn't Christmas themed. A bunch of lavender is what the bill calls it. I thought the greenery would be more soft looking than described. The look and feel are made of plastic. They look great in my wooden container.

👤These are great! They were used in bouquets for the wedding reception.

9. SVEN HOME Artificial Greenery Mix

SVEN HOME Artificial Greenery Mix

Buy it now and feel the difference immediately. The best seller on Amazon is their artificial babys breath flowers. A one-year warranty and friendly customer service are provided by JUSTOYOU. The artificial plants Baby's breath present greenery of lush green leaves and beauty of delicate petals, perfect for wedding decoration. Each bouquet has 9 flowers for each stem. The total length is approx' 12.6' with 6 bundles. The plastic ispoisonless and harmless and favored by customers. The Artificial plant wouldn't fall. The artificial floral Bunch is like a real Baby's breath to enhance the garden, veranda,balcony, patio,hanging basket, living room, dining table, bedroom, windowsill, bookshelf, festival, bridesmaid bouquets,party decor.

Brand: Sven Home

👤I don't have enough sun to grow flowers on my deck. They look real from several feet away. You can see every detail by zooming in. Reviewers who say they look plastic should have looked at the photo closer. They are plastic, but really beautiful, versatile, and look real from several feet away. I ordered the mixed colors. I am not sure if the solid colors would look real.

👤These little flowers are adorable. I thought they were taller than they are, but they are so cute. They look great in my small blue vase.

👤The flowers fall off quickly. It wouldn't be bad if it weren't so bad. It looks like a fake. If you are going for the fake flowers, look at this.

👤They are perfect for dollhouses. It was shipped fast too.

👤They look nice at first, but as the summer gets hotter, they start to melt. Embarrassment. They had to be pulled up.

👤Absolutely love the flowers! They are even more lovely than pictured. I love wildflowers and give you a generous amount in a variety of colors. This is the best thing I've ever ordered from Amazon and my best friend ordered some of them too. They will make you smile every time you see them.

👤I ordered these for my planter and they have been very well received. Everyone thinks they are real and have been asked to send a product number so they can order them.

👤There are flowers that won't grow naturally. I mixed real and artificial flowers. It is difficult to tell if it is real or fake. I love my purchase.

10. CEWOR Artificial Eucalyptus Centerpiece Arrangement

CEWOR Artificial Eucalyptus Centerpiece Arrangement

If you want to add personality and artistic vision to your home, arrange flowers is a fun way to do that. It's a great alternative to dried flower. There are artificial eucalyptus stems in the package. The faux eucalyptus stem is around 35.8 cm in length and has 13 leaves. Artificial eucalyptus leaves are made of plastic. The technology of powder planting creates a green in leaves. These plants give you a natural look without the need for care. You can mix the bulk of the eucalyptus stems with other flowers. They are perfect for decorations for weddings, baby showers, dining tables, and so on. The white powders on leaves are not harmful. These details are designed to look like real plants. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Cewor

👤The tops were bent in half when they were packaged in a plastic bag. The bottom part has metal in it that you can bend, but anything above the hole in the stem is not bendable material. This part won't go straight. Poor packaging bends the tops and causes it to flop back down. There is a They would be much better if they were packaged in a box that was flat. They have a white coating on them, but it doesn't come off unless you rub it off. I like the coating because it makes the leaves shiny. The tips are bent. These should be packaged better.

👤It's perfect for bouquets and arrangements. The best artificial eucalyptus I have ever seen is a great price and quantity. I will be buying more.

👤These are the cheapest plastic stems I have ever seen. I have gotten better looking stems from the dollar store. Yeah, yuck.

👤These are very nice. You can bend these into your project.

👤These were a lot nicer than I expected. I bought them for a display and they were nicer than the ones I saw at the store. Great deal, look great.

👤I thought I would have to clean because of other reviews, but it was a good value for money. They are only 15 inches long and stem is 5 inches so they wouldn't work with tall vases. Overall, pleased with the purchase!

👤Not good. The product is packed with stems folded in half and covered with a heavy layer of dust or powder. I tried to rinse it off because I don't want it on my dress.

👤I'm looking for something else and these will work for me. I am not happy. It was a hard pass. They smell bad. They are plastic! It was awkward and stiff. Not soft and flexible. Not happy with them. It was too much work to return them.

👤Ve un 80% reales.

👤My son is lindas y llegaron rpido.

👤Simple estn hermosas! Las recomiendo.

11. VGIA Artificial Greenery Eucalyptus Decoration

VGIA Artificial Greenery Eucalyptus Decoration

It's suitable for weddings, table, home decor, and party decor. It is amazing! The package is 27" x 9.5" Silk leave and stems are made of iron wire wrapped with paper and waterproof. Greenery floral are nice decor for home, wedding, dinner party, shop and banquet. Don't need water, sunshine, orfertilizer, feel the breath of spring around the year. All the branches can be twisted into different shapes, so you can adjust them to your liking.

Brand: Vgia

👤I have a hard time spending money. I wanted to do a centerpiece with eucalyptus in a large vase. I was hesitant to purchase these stems because I was unsure how nice they would look, and I thought $30 was a lot of money to spend for artificial stems. The stems are the average cost of stems, so they were worth the money. They make me smile every time I pass my dining room. There are a lot of things on them. It did not require a lot of forming.

👤I never buy faux flowers, they just look too fake to me, so I wanted to try it out. When I opened the package, it looked fake, but after I placed it in a vase and made it look good, I kept walking into the room. It looks elegant and real when sitting by the table.

👤The leaves are green and look great in a hallway or bathroom with little natural light. The branches can be posed in a variety of ways. I was able to bend in half or thirds to fit a shorter vase because the stem is a cluster of branches coming together.

👤I had to write a review. I am using these to decorate my table. I was worried about seeing other reviews that looked fake and had to turn leaves over to make it look better. That is not what I see here. As soon as I opened the box, I was impressed. The front and back of them are very nice. There are no fallen leaves. It was packaged well, flat, and will make your own creativity work to make it look like you want it to. They feel like silk flowers when they look at it. Not disappointed at all. So much. I plan to use them around the house after the holidays are over. These are just beautiful.

👤I love how these look after. They arrive with a slight smell and are bent in half. The stems are wrapped in brown paper and I was worried that this would make them harder to bend, which would make them more prone to damage. Not a problem at all. The thin branches off the stem work well for appearance. I used them in the arrangement I was making and ended up buying more the same day because they looked so good. I highly recommend these over any others I've bought. The best value for money.

👤This is a beautiful set for my home. I like how tall they are. If you spread out the branches and fluff them, you will get a high quality product that looks amazing.

👤It's a nice product, you can use it as a substitute in a full flower arrangement, or in a cluster on its own. I wanted a similar effect to what I got at the grocery store when I bought these, without having to pay money every week for a new stems. Do these look like the real stems? You can see the plastic on the backs of the leaves, so I would suggest fluffing out and bending each stem so that it looks more natural, and angling the front of the leaves towards the front of your arrangement. I think you will like my purchase as well.


What is the best product for cake greenery stems?

Cake greenery stems products from Tinsow. In this article about cake greenery stems you can see why people choose the product. Hatoku and Cewor are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake greenery stems.

What are the best brands for cake greenery stems?

Tinsow, Hatoku and Cewor are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake greenery stems. Find the detail in this article. Floroom, Shxstore-1 and Funarty are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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