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1. Got2b Styling Spiking Ounce Count

Got2b Styling Spiking Ounce Count

Stand up spikes, or create a messy look. Water retention is a problem. Your style will last because Delivers hold strong. The wind whistle is tested to endure intense conditions. Screaming hold; Spike, grip, chunk. Pack includes three 6 ounce Spiking Hair Glue tubes for a total of 18 ounces.

Brand: Got2b

👤It is questionable if the person is authentic. The bottles had different colors of yellow. There is a lot of fake stuff on Amazon.

👤Not a strong hold. You will have to reapply every morning if you plan on using it for a lace front wig. After every exercise session. It is not water resistant. It leaves a white mess. Lots of white stuff.

👤I am happy with this product and it's easy to use for African American hair and wigs. Life is getting better. I can slay like a boss now.

👤Remember the phrase, "A Little Dab'll Do Ya!"? Me not. I'm too young to have used it. Do you remember Rave? In the 80s it had four strengths: 1, 2, 3, and 4. You might not remember that either. I've been around a long time and have been fortunate to have hair into my 40s. I've been using this stuff for a decade. It's easy to use. You don't need much. You can use it on damp hair to sculpt and spike as you please. This is the strongest hair product I've ever used. Highly recommended!

👤I have been using the same sparkling gel for many years, I recently ordered a 3 pack, but it is not holding my hairs like the last one. I don't know if this is a fake product or if they are not able to keep their product quality the same. I don't know but I don't think it is the same quality as I used to. So not sure what to do. I hope the review helped. Thank you for reading.

👤I've tried many products that make similar claims but this one actually works. The last time they were out of stock, I usually buy this at the store. I ended up buying their equivalent brand, which was nothing like Got2be at all. I couldn't pass it up because it was a 3 pack and it was only 14 bucks. It's like if you buy 2 you get the 3rd for free. If you are looking for a product that can use a little amount to freeze your style in place while disappearing and never leaving a film, and also has a mild but pleasant fragrance, look no further!

👤This was too much for my straight hair. I used The Other GOT 2 B Glue, and then I used some Spiking stuff. If you use a good conditioner, the combination works well. Excellent product in combo.

👤All day long. I use this product on my head every day. I've used it for 10 years and have never found a product that comes close to the hold and texture this provides. It doesn't take a lot, and one tube lasts me for a couple of months.

2. SheaMoisture Coconut Hibiscus Enhancing Smoothie

SheaMoisture Coconut Hibiscus Enhancing Smoothie

The No.1 hair cream for thick, curly hair is the SheaMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Curl defining hair product reduces the appearance of curly hair for a soft, silky feel. Curl definition, bounce and frizz control are provided by this hair care product.

Brand: Sheamoisture

👤The product is sulfate free. You can see that they have changed the formula and have added alcohol to it. No Synthetic Color, No Synthetic Fragrance, and No Drug of Abuse. I really liked the way this made my hair feel and now with the addition of more alcohols, more vegetable oil, sulfates and other less than ideal ingredients that I do not want to put in my hair. Companies are getting greedy and trying to cut corners to save money, but they charge us the same for products that will do more damage than good. No thanks.

👤I'm very happy that I started using this product line. This is the best hair product for making my hair curly and less dry. My hair is dry, coarse, and unruly, and I've tried a lot of hair products. It's always been difficult to style my hair with calics. I haven't been to a hair salon in a while and my wife has been giving me home haircuts. I've tried a number of hair products to make my hair curly, and I've let my hair grow in the top. I've purchased a number of their products recently and they are the best for my hair. I like their products because they make my hair more curly. They love their products and recommend them.

👤I can not speak about how this works because of the smell. It is terrible. I got a headaches from the icky sweet smell even though I used the teeniest part of the product. It is so strong that it will overwhelm everything else around you. I couldn't smell my food because of the weird candy smell in my hair and people asked what it was. After washing it out, the headaches I had from using it were gone. I will never wear this again. Don't buy!

👤I love this for my hair type. My hair is soft, curly, and hydrated after using this smoothie. The LCO method on my hair works well. My hair is soft after a twist out.

👤I have been using this line of products for a few months now, and can attest to how great the product is. I use the leave in conditioner with the other ingredients and my hair is soft and smooth. I have a good hair day almost every day. The product was opened before I got it. It had spilled all over the bag. If I can figure out what the pictures are about, I will add them.

👤I love this product. My hair is very long, thick, hard to manage, and it goes from being wavy and curly to very curly depending on the day and weather. I have tried many products at many price points and it is tiring and expensive. I don't use anything on my hair that isn't freshly washed because it's never worked for me, my hair usually just goes limp or greasy. I finally bought this product after seeing it on a curly blogs. I forgot about it by the time it arrived. The container is HuGe! I think it will last me the rest of my life. For real. I have used it on my hair before I get out of the shower and it has helped my hair grow back. It's amazing! On the second and third day of hair, I apply a small amount to my palms and do the "praying hands", my hair is more defined and shiny than it has been in years. No crunch, no Greasiness! It is incredible! I didn't know my hair looked so good. I have done it in dry hair. It isn't as beautiful. It is still quite good. The smell is wonderful.

3. ARGAN MAGIC Defining Cream Milliliter

ARGAN MAGIC Defining Cream Milliliter

There is a pronunciation for WAVY and Curly hair types. A lightweight, hydrating curl cream is formulated to provide maximum nutrition and definition. It is suitable for all curl types, from medium to coarse. After just one application, your hair will be tangle-free and shiny. Defining Curl Cream conditions and reduce swirl add incredible definition and shine. It has a unique formula enriched with Biotin and Argan Oil that helps with hair care and styling. The natural pattern of your hair can be enhanced with the help of aDefining Curl Cream. The highest quality Argan Oil, which only grows in Southwest Morocco, is enriched with Biotin andAntioxidants in the formula. Women used argan oil to protect their hair and skin from the sun. The vitamins that hair craves are found in agne oil. It strengthens and protects your hair. The Ancient Beauty Rituals of Morocco inspired the creation of the rogacian beauty secret. From generation to generation, the beauty traditions of the Moroccan people have been passed down. The traditions and generations-old recipes that were incorporated into all of the products of Argan Magic will simply astound you. Made in the USA. The best care for you and your hair can be found in the Argan Magic Defining Curl Cream.

Brand: Argan Magic

👤I am a guy. Not like any other guy. flannel is my favorite color. I drink and ride motorcycles, split firewood, and drive a big truck. Beanie season is over and I grew my hair out for the winter. I'm tired of looking like a cousin. After reading a lot of reviews, I found this stuff. The scent is amazing. The easy of use is perfect. My hair is wet, my fingers are big, and I have a few pumps of this goodness.

👤Hopefully this review will help those of you with curly hair. If you have curly hair, the creme shouldn't weigh you down. It works great if you have thick hair. I have long hair and use two pumps. After you towel dry, apply creme and use a DIFFUSER! It is a hot mess if I dry my hair. I think that is where people are going wrong. I'm not a hairdresser, just my thoughts. I just place the diffuser in sections and move on. I flip my head upside down to give it more volume. I hope this helps.

👤The reason I gave this 4 stars is because of the shipping. The bottle had opened and the cream had spilled all over the bag. The product works great. I put a before and after at the beach so that you can see the magic of the product. I will definitely buy this product again, but before I buy on Amazon, I will probably look for something else to avoid shipping damages.

👤I can't find a product that doesn't leave my curly hair looking dull. I don't like that. I can use it on my damp hair with a defleman or on my dry hair without it feeling like a sticky build up.

👤I was disappointed in this product, but I figured out how it would work for my hair. I have wavy hair, but it's too long and heavy for the cream to help. After I wash my hair, I braid it and put it in a towel and let it dry. I was looking for a definition in my waves, without the crunch of other products. The scent is not overwhelming.

👤I started using this product a year ago and have not fought with my hair in years. I get soft loose curls and is also a great detangler. I apply it to wet hair, use a wide-toothed comb to comb through my hair, and then "scrunch" my hair with my hands while it's drying. If my hair dries too straight, I spray some water on it and start over. People who say it makes their hair stiff are using too much. You should experiment with the amount until you find the right amount.

👤I live in the mountains. My naturally curly hair has not been the same since I moved here eight years ago. I read so many reviews that said they would control the frizz, including this one, and I think it's the worst to control. Wrong. It did not make a difference in the hair. I have hard hair trying to tame it. To the drawing board again.

4. Marc Anthony Strictly Defining Definition

Marc Anthony Strictly Defining Definition

Curl styling lotion helps to repel humidity and gives you ultimate control over your hair. Curls can be dry or lightly blow-dry. This styling lotion uses a non-sticky formula enriched with vitamins E and B that bind to the curl strands to create definition, while leaving your hair bouncy and soft to the touch. Strictly Curls is a line of sulfate-free hair products for curly hair that can be used for hydrating masks, styling creams, leave-in conditioners and anything in between. Salon Created: For over 20 years, the team at True Professional has delivered professional hair care products with sulfate-free products and more for all hair types. If you've enjoyed any of the following, you should get the best: hairstyle by Marc Anthony.

Brand: Marc Anthony

👤It doesn't mean it's gunna work for you.

👤I hate a product that I can feel in my hair because I am notorious for running my hands through my hair all day. This has been the best styling product, as it leaves just enough of a crunch to give some hold while it air dries, but not so much that I can feel product in my hair. All I do is spray my hair with a spray bottle and then blow dry it after 5 minutes. My hair is barely 2a with no product, so this product defines my waves/curls.

👤I don't like this product. I bought it instead of the curl cream. This stuff is gross. It doesn't define your hair. It made my hair look matted. My hair looked like it had not been washed or brushed in a while and it was going to start to dread. My hair was bad with this product. It won't wash out easily. It took me three different things to get this out of my hair. This would never be a good idea for anyone.

👤This is a must have for curly hair. The hair is soft and not hard. Holds curls crazy. I can wash my hair and put this in, use a blow dryer to dry my hair, or use a T-shirt to dry my hair, and it will be good for the next two days. Even in high humidity, it keeps frizz away.

👤I decided to give this product a try after reading the reviews. I used a tube of Schwarzkopf Smooth'n Shine styling Custard for my hair and was looking for something similar. Not possible! This product makes my hair look great throughout the day, and it was definitely kept out of my hair. I am disappointed with the product in general. After just a few days of using it, I noticed that my hair was very dry and more tangled than usual, and I was put off by the consistency of the product. I have stopped using it and am trying to get something out of my empty tube. After washing my hair, I can see a difference in the amount of water in it. Just giving everyone a heads up!

👤This gel is the best for curly hair. I don't wash my hair every day, but I use a gel to keep my hair nice.

👤If you have curly hair, this stuff works great. I use a tiny bit in the shower after I wash my hair. I put 2 quarter size dolps through my hair, comb it through, and let it dry naturally. If you have thick hair and it is dry, this is not the product for you. You should use the cream instead of the lotion. For my fine hair the cream made it look greasy and heavy and weighed it down, but for someone with more of a dry hair, the cream would probably work better.

👤I've tried every single one of them. This 'lotion' is more like a gel. If you use gel, I would say give this lotion a try because a mousse never works for me. It doesn't make the hair hard. If you use a ton, just give the curls a squeeze and they will dry out.

5. Cake Beauty Friend Defining Cream

Cake Beauty Friend Defining Cream

CURL DEFINING CREAM Enhance your natural definition by curling your hair. This styler has a glossy look. Use a small amount on second-day hair. Fight ferociously. This formula is made with shea butter and natural oils and it will transform unruly hair into tame, polished perfection. It's free beauty. Their gorgeous formulas don't harm so much as a hair on a bunny's head. Natural beauty. All of their skin, hair, and body care products are made with high-performing natural ingredients. There are no sulfates or Parabens. Ever. The cake is beauty. They design award-winning, vegan, cruelty-free products that their customers love and trust.

Brand: Cake Beauty

👤This is one of the two products I use and it's for hair that's 3C/4A. I love the cake line.

👤After the second attempt, the last two pictures dried out. I used a natural cleanser and conditioner. It smells great, sticky and makes my hair look shiny/greasy. It didn't help my waves, I can't do it by myself. I'm going with a spray. My hair is long, fine, naturally curly, and still has waves on average.

👤Curl cream has a wonderful sweet smell. I use this every day. If you have to blow dry, only dry your roots for the cream to work. I held back one star because my go-to curl cream by Tresemme is not as good as Cake. I might try to mix them together.

👤Love the scent but it ends there. It weighed down my fine, curly hair. The product made hair feel heavy, sticky and straightened out. I was expecting the opposite. Maybe not for curly hair.

👤With the lack of haircuts, I rediscovered my curly hair. I had a reversed angle Bob for three and a half years. I saw my curly hair as my hair grew out. Since then, I've had two haircuts and my hair looks great. I thought I'd try the cake body products. It makes a huge difference in the amount and shape of my hair. I didn't know I had curly hair until I turned 40. I'll be 54 next week.

👤I have a lot of hair, so it takes a bit to smell Devine, but it is a good thing. It left my hair feeling soft and didn't weigh it down. I will buy again at this price, even though I usually purchase miss Jessie's pillow-soft curls for a dollar more each time.

👤The most reasonable priced curly hair product I've found is this one. I ordered a full-sized bottle from Amazon because I liked it so much that I originally got a little tube. Even if I accidentally put too much on, it doesn't make my hair greasy. When I let my hair air dry, my curls look more natural and bouncy, and even though I don't use a hair dryer, I still give them a little extra structure.

👤I have to clarify that this review is more about the version of the product that I bought from Amazon, not the general version of the product that I love and give five stars to all across the board. When I saw that Amazon was carrying Cake's products, I decided to give it a try. The scent of cake. The Curl Friend is very pleasant. Exactly like a cake. I like it. I can confirm that the product I purchased from Amazon has a weird smell that is not typical of any of the products I have used before. It is strong and unpleasant. I will be returning this to Amazon and going to my local store to get more. I received a tampered-with version of Cake's The Thick Trick a few days ago, but Amazon immediately sent me a replacement bottle that was not tampered with, to their credit. I will stick to local stores for cake products now. I don't know if this is a regular occurrence with Amazon and Cake's products. I wanted to let people know that I got a bad bunch and that they should keep an eye out for their own purchases from Amazon in the future. If you have curly hair and are on the fence, I highly recommend The Curl Friend. It has helped take the shine off of my dry hair and added some definition, and it hasn't weighed my curls down. The scent is usually the best, light and sweet.

6. Shea Moisture Hibiscus Enhancing Smoothie

Shea Moisture Hibiscus Enhancing Smoothie

The No.1 styling cream for thick, curly hair is the SheaMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Curl enhancing smoothie styling cream reduces hair loss and makes hair soft and bouncy. This hair cream makes hair shine and conditions it without weighing it down. Coconut Oil is known to protect and smooth hair, SilkProtein is known to smooth hair, and Neem Oil is known to control frizz. The hair cream product is free of many chemicals.

Brand: Sheamoisture

👤I love the product. I wash my hair. My hair is bouncy and soft.

👤I have been trying to get my curly hair in order for the last 29 years. This is the first product I've found that does not leave a trail of hair product and controls the hair for a whole day. I don't give it 5 stars because it has some health concerns and has high levels of allergens and potential irritants. I have not had an allergic reaction to it.

👤I didn't like this product. It was so thick that it looked like a paste. My hairdresser says I have so much hair that I have medium to fine strands. I don't feel like it blends well. It made my hair feel heavy, not flowing or smooth. I don't use a lot of styling tools so my hair is in good shape. A carrier hydrating styling product is a must. Sebastian Twisted and Olaples 6 and 7 are my go-tos. Not saying this isn't for you, just wasn't for me!

👤I would give it a lower than 1 star review. This isn't as advertised. Consistency is like glue. The scent is overwhelming and obnoxious. As you apply it, it starts drying up. It pulls hairs out worse than brushing, as it dries during application. Don't buy it. Period. The story is over.

👤The ingredients are clean. I live in an arid climate and this hair smoothie helps with static fly-away hair.

👤I have naturally curly hair, not ethnic hair, just natural spiral Curls and I love this brand. I love this product. It makes my hair smooth, it doesn't feel greasy, and it defines them.

👤This product was made for hair that was thicker but not amazing for me. It smells great and if I use a small amount, I get great hair, but they end up very dry by the end of the day. I dried my hair more by using more. This line of products has been hit or miss for me. I have a deep conditioner that I love but it didn't work for me.

👤Since I have fine hair, I still need to let my hair air dry slowly, but I haven't found a better product that will make my hair stay curly. I split the curls up when they are dry, and they are beautiful.

👤Deja el cabello, con mucho brillo.

👤Poco producto para excelentes.

👤Me gusto mucho, forma adems lo deja suave.

👤El producto para ser el primer uso me dej el cabello.

7. SheaMoisture Coconut Hibiscus Style Fluid

SheaMoisture Coconut Hibiscus Style Fluid

The leave-in hair treatment product makes curly hair soft, shiny, bouncy and frizz-free. You can use this anti-frizz cream for curly hair on a daily basis. The Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk helps to hydrate, reduce breakage and provide hair definition. This curly hair milk, made with Silk and Neem Oil, will give your hair a soft and silky feel. They are produced with care. Natural hair care is made with love. fair trade is pioneered through community commerce. This curly hair cream is made with no harmful ingredients. It has been tested on their family for generations and never on animals. The style of the dispensers is Squeeze.

Brand: Sheamoisture

👤This product is great for washing and styling natural hair. I would recommend this product for hair types 3b 3c and 4a. I used it to make my hair pop. After deep conditioning, I add a leave in conditioner to damp hair. I add this product last and comb through my hair and let it dry for a week.

👤I find that if I apply it to my freshly washed hair, that it works well, because I just squeezed the excess water out of my hair, and applied in moderation. I'm sensitive to scent and so a lot of the other leave in products are out based on scent alone, this is one that I am not allergic to and so it's my go-to. My hair is long and thin, and I use a large amount. I use prayer hands to apply it and then comb it through. I put my hair in a microfiber towel for about 10 minutes and I think it's the perfect amount for my hair.

👤I have naturally curly hair and I am trying to get it back to being healthy by using the curly girl method. I got cantu curl activator because I couldn't get the other one on Amazon during this time. I am very happy that I did. The cream does a better job. It makes my hair soft and bouncy. I have included a video to show how bouncy it is. It has a strong coconut scent. This might be too strong for some people, but I love it.

👤I only had this product for less than an hour. I only tried a small amount of it and I am writing a review. The scent alone made me fall in love with it. My hair is soft moist and smells like paradise, if that's even a scent. I can't wait to get the full experience with the products tonight. I didn't rate the drying properties because my hair isn't dry. The answer is no if they mean it. It's really moist as in not dried out. In m6 hair is dried out in no time. Not with this. I highly recommend it.

👤It holds curls and is great for hair.

👤I have been on a "curl journey" and have been searching for the perfect leave that was affordable. I wanted this to be the one. I have 2c/3a hair that is very coarse and needs a lot of hydration, but this was too much and left my hair feeling greasy. I tried to use less the next time I used it, but it left my hair with a bad smell. I had read about people having trouble with the bottle. I didn't think it would be a big deal. I had to take the cap off because it was hard to get out of the bottle.

👤I have been using this product for a long time. Whenever I wash and dry my hair, I use it as an intense moisturizer. I use this after I dry my hair to start my process of repairing it.

8. Cake Maker Texturizing Beach Spray

Cake Maker Texturizing Beach Spray

Beach spray can be used to create soft, textured waves. No water is required to give your morning a boost. Salty & Sweet is a spray that transforms second-day hair into sea-tossed hair without the harsh chemicals. This formula brushes out easily. It's free beauty. Their gorgeous formulas don't harm so much as a hair on a bunny's head. Natural beauty. All of their skin, hair, and body care products are made with high-performing natural ingredients. There are no sulfates or Parabens. Ever. The cake is beauty. They design award-winning, vegan, cruelty-free products that their customers love and trust.

Brand: Cake Beauty

👤After towel drying my hair, I spray a small amount into my palm and then run through the ends of my wet hair, because I don't want to brush the curls out later. I don't touch my hair again as it sets up and dries if I pin it or put it up. As my hair dries, it becomes perfect Curls on the ends. I have thick hair that is half curly and half straight. My hair is too thick. This helps my hair look natural and calm down. brush after hair has dried If you separate the curls, my hair tends to fall back up if I run a brush through it.

👤I'm going to give this 3 stars, but with a caveat. I have straight hair. It doesn't cooperate with styling spray that is meant to be lighter, which is what this one is. It's texturizing effects leave a bit to be desired for me. My daughter's hair is a lot thinner than mine and it works well on her. I'll spray her hair and make her look extra special. She keeps her hair all day. She's got a beautiful beach day look by spraying it in her damp hair. I recommend this for thinner hair. If you want a really subtle texture, you may want to rethink it.

👤I have curly hair. I wash my hair with cake. I comb through my hair when it is wet. There were no ringlets that had any hair. Not drying or stiff. My hair is soft and moving. It's just amazing.

👤This product is great for my hair. Does as advertised. You need to be careful with how much you put in your hair because it can make it feel sticky. If you use the right amount, it will give you great wavy Curls but may not be as good for those with thick dense Curls. My daughter has that hair and it doesn't do the same thing for her as it does mine, but I still would highly recommend giving this product a try.

👤I'm always concerned about Beach spray being hard after it dries. This spray leaves my hair shiny, loose, and smells good.

👤A bottle of this was given to me for my birthday. I used it at least 3 times. The whole bottle was leaking. I ordered a new bottle because I thought I didn't close it well. I didn't get to use the new bottle, it all leaked again. It is a great product and smells great, but the packaging is terrible if it leaked twice. I would like to get my money back.

👤Cake has a full line of fine hair fixers that don't dry out your hair, I love using them. They have it if you need it. They have a fix for that as well, but I really love the Cakes line of hair care.

👤I can't review it because I didn't get it in my order. The products from the Cake Beauty line smell great and work great. Maybe I will order again and I will get it this time.

9. Brylcreem Shining Styling Conditioning Cream

Brylcreem Shining Styling Conditioning Cream

Light hold and high-shine hair cream for men leaves any type of hair manageable and healthy. It's like a hair wax with the classic high-shine, slick-back look without the stickiness of gels or sprays. It won't dry your hair. It adds body to fine hair without leaving a sticky mess. Use after the shower to style. Use a dime sized amount to get the shine you want.

Brand: Brylcreem

👤I used Brylcream 70 years ago, so I looked to Amazon to find some. 3 months later, I'm about half way through the 5.5 ounce tube of Brylcream. My hair is under control all day. One tube will last me at least 6 months. It worked then and still works now.

👤I use this product because of the reasons I have read about people not liking the smell or being too oily. I use thick Hispanic wavy hair to make it less bristly and easier to manage. I used to use a lot of Argan oil and/or conditioner, but now use it in a different way. Your hair may get oily/greasy if you do both conditioner and this product. I love the SMELL for my personal tastes. I have always liked the old school clean barbershop smell. It may not be for everyone. I like it. This is not very expensive. Anyone on the fence should give it a try. The old 50s commercial is true. Don't expect to use a lot with hair gel. Just a small amount, about the size of a penny or smaller, and massage through hair. My routine is to do a small amount of medium or firm hold pomade after I comb it through. It works great if you put a little water on it. I get the shine and healthy looking hair vibe along with the pomade to hold it in either a pompadour or wavy look. I caution to only use a small amount because it makes my hair feel clean and healthy.

👤It adds enough weight to your hair to keep it perfect all day. There is a If you have Gray Hair, it adds a little shine to it, which makes it look like you just came from your hair salon. My wife told me yesterday that I look better now than I did forty years ago.

👤For over 25 years, I've been using this. When my hair was shorter, I didn't need it, but the wife likes a bit of curly length on top so have to manage it. Brylcreem is not perfect. I haven't found anything better for the price. Only recently purchased on Amazon because there was no local stock. I've tried other gels and groom cleans but they're too sticky, too expensive, or make my hair itch, so I've stopped using them. Brylcreem has mineral oil so take that into account when determining how much to use. I have an Undercut type hair style and use a small amount of a "dab" per instructions to manage the top which is anywhere from half inch to 4 inches. I apply with my fingers. I'm done with the comb. Simple. It doesn't look wet. It stays soft all day at the office. It's best to wash out with a single cleanser. I don't use hair conditioner in the shower because of the Brylcreem conditions.

👤Brylcreem is not easy to find in the US, so my husband stopped using it for a while. I had to order them from Amazon. My husband is a big fan of them. The scent and application are pleasant. They give off a nice shine for people with gray or silver hair. After I style my hair, I will apply a very thin amount to it. It won't affect my hair. Will order in the future. This brand is recommended by me.

10. American Crew Forming Cream Ounce

American Crew Forming Cream Ounce

A medium shine finish is achieved by using the Similar to Hair Gel. It's like hair gel for men. It works well if you want a natural look and a textured definition. Medium hold and medium shine are the key benefits. Provides a smooth hair look while protecting it from damage. To use, apply to towel-dried hair. Allow to dry naturally. American Crew is a leader in Men's grooming for hair, body, style, and beard. American Crew is committed to elevating men's style and enhancing their personal image.

Brand: American Crew

👤I've been using this stuff for a long time. I was surprised to see the negative reviews when I bought my next two-pack a few weeks ago, since the packaging is slightly off, and the scent is gross. I have been buying it here for a couple of years, so I dismissed those reviews. I wish I had paid attention. I know that one of the following is true - either American Crew has dramatically changed their product's formula and packaging, or Amazon is selling a counterfeit product here. Most people would agree that this item is an extravagance. It should be better than this if you're going to use a high-priced hair product.

👤I've used this stuff for a long time and what I received was greasy and gross. This is not an American crew forming cream. Please don't purchase this product because they don't allow returns.

👤I've been using American Crew for a while. When I get my hair cut, I buy it at the barber shop. The price of it has gone up at the barber shop so I ordered it off here. It looked very similar when I received it. The only difference I could see from the outside was a slightly different color label. No big deal. I opened it and it smelled different than what I usually buy. I don't like hair spray because it smells like hair spry, and it has a different hold than a gel. The forming cream has a soft hold. It's obvious that the smell and hold of the product are different. I will not buy this again.

👤I can tolerate some hair cream. I can't tell you how many different hair products I've tried, but I can tell you that they don't make me look like I just got out of a pool or Donald Trump. It's been a choice between gels or pastes that have no hold. This cream does well. It holds my hair so firmly that it would be hard for Thor to mess it up. This may be the first hair product I use.

👤I have never used this type of product before. I usually blow dry my hair. I don't have access to a hair dryer and I shower almost daily at the gym. I don't like sprays and gels because they make me look like a Wall Street mogul or the son of the current POTUS. After my shower, I towel dry my hair and rub a small amount of this into my hair and give it to my hands and a brush. My hair stays the same for about an hour after I brush it back. After the hair is dried, it gets softer, but still has a noticeable heft. It looks good for most of the day. My only complaint is that when I wake up in the morning, I have to deal with my wife's jokes about my hair. A damp brush will get it looking better. I enjoy this stuff.

11. Cake Beauty Graceful Blowout 4 7300000000000004

Cake Beauty Graceful Blowout 4 7300000000000004

Whipped balm helps protect your hair against heat damage, it also helps reduce blow dry time. Skip the salon and take your hair to sleek, smooth and lustrous with this blow out in a bottle. Apply to your hair and you're good to go. Their formulas don't harm as much as a hair on a bunny's head. They are both vegan and cruelty free. No animal testing has ever taken place. They use the high performing natural ingredients you love, and none of the stuff you don't. That's a big no-no to all of those chemicals. Cakeland has a line of bath, body and haircare products that are naturally decadent.

Brand: Cake Beauty

👤I have thick hair. I get treatments for my hair many times a year. This stuff does amazing things for my hair, as I'm nearing the time due for it. Not greasy at all. It smells great. If I can't schedule a treatment, it buys me time. My daughter uses it as well. She has thick wavy hair and it makes her hair shiny and lush.

👤I usually get this product at Walgreen's, but they have been hit or miss recently. I got a great deal on the river site. It would be a good idea! I use it on wet hair, but if I was heat drying, I would use it as well.

👤Fantastic! I love this product. It makes my curly hair soft and helps me get my hair straight with a blow dryer. I love it!

👤I use this after the shower to blow dry my hair because I love cake products. Sometimes I just leave it in without blow drying and it will bounce and smell great.

👤I love the t-shirt but didn't see where it influenced my hair.

👤The smell is sweet yet clean. It makes my hair glossy and full of volume all at the same time.

👤I haven't had the chance to use it yet, but I love cake. It smells wonderful!


What is the best product for cake hair cream?

Cake hair cream products from Got2b. In this article about cake hair cream you can see why people choose the product. Sheamoisture and Argan Magic are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake hair cream.

What are the best brands for cake hair cream?

Got2b, Sheamoisture and Argan Magic are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake hair cream. Find the detail in this article. Marc Anthony, Cake Beauty and Sheamoisture are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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