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1. Cake Beauty Friend Defining Cream

Cake Beauty Friend Defining Cream

CURL DEFINING CREAM Enhance your natural definition by curling your hair. This styler has a glossy look. Use a small amount on second-day hair. Fight ferociously. This formula is made with shea butter and natural oils and it will transform unruly hair into tame, polished perfection. It's free beauty. Their gorgeous formulas don't harm so much as a hair on a bunny's head. Natural beauty. All of their skin, hair, and body care products are made with high-performing natural ingredients. There are no sulfates or Parabens. Ever. The cake is beauty. They design award-winning, vegan, cruelty-free products that their customers love and trust.

Brand: Cake Beauty

👤This is one of the two products I use and it's for hair that's 3C/4A. I love the cake line.

👤After the second attempt, the last two pictures dried out. I used a natural cleanser and conditioner. It smells great, sticky and makes my hair look shiny/greasy. It didn't help my waves, I can't do it by myself. I'm going with a spray. My hair is long, fine, naturally curly, and still has waves on average.

👤Curl cream has a wonderful sweet smell. I use this every day. If you have to blow dry, only dry your roots for the cream to work. I held back one star because my go-to curl cream by Tresemme is not as good as Cake. I might try to mix them together.

👤Love the scent but it ends there. It weighed down my fine, curly hair. The product made hair feel heavy, sticky and straightened out. I was expecting the opposite. Maybe not for curly hair.

👤With the lack of haircuts, I rediscovered my curly hair. I had a reversed angle Bob for three and a half years. I saw my curly hair as my hair grew out. Since then, I've had two haircuts and my hair looks great. I thought I'd try the cake body products. It makes a huge difference in the amount and shape of my hair. I didn't know I had curly hair until I turned 40. I'll be 54 next week.

👤I have a lot of hair, so it takes a bit to smell Devine, but it is a good thing. It left my hair feeling soft and didn't weigh it down. I will buy again at this price, even though I usually purchase miss Jessie's pillow-soft curls for a dollar more each time.

👤The most reasonable priced curly hair product I've found is this one. I ordered a full-sized bottle from Amazon because I liked it so much that I originally got a little tube. Even if I accidentally put too much on, it doesn't make my hair greasy. When I let my hair air dry, my curls look more natural and bouncy, and even though I don't use a hair dryer, I still give them a little extra structure.

👤I have to clarify that this review is more about the version of the product that I bought from Amazon, not the general version of the product that I love and give five stars to all across the board. When I saw that Amazon was carrying Cake's products, I decided to give it a try. The scent of cake. The Curl Friend is very pleasant. Exactly like a cake. I like it. I can confirm that the product I purchased from Amazon has a weird smell that is not typical of any of the products I have used before. It is strong and unpleasant. I will be returning this to Amazon and going to my local store to get more. I received a tampered-with version of Cake's The Thick Trick a few days ago, but Amazon immediately sent me a replacement bottle that was not tampered with, to their credit. I will stick to local stores for cake products now. I don't know if this is a regular occurrence with Amazon and Cake's products. I wanted to let people know that I got a bad bunch and that they should keep an eye out for their own purchases from Amazon in the future. If you have curly hair and are on the fence, I highly recommend The Curl Friend. It has helped take the shine off of my dry hair and added some definition, and it hasn't weighed my curls down. The scent is usually the best, light and sweet.

2. OGX Smoothing Liquid Luminescent Parabens

OGX Smoothing Liquid Luminescent Parabens

SHINE-ENHANCING SERUM: It helps smooth hair to reflect light and luster. Help the hair look shiny. There are hair goals for MermAID. Their Smoothing + Liquid Pearl luminescent line has pearl extract and sea kelp in it, which will make your strands look shiny and smooth. Beauty pure and simple. Nature inspired OGX products. They don't try to make hair look perfect because they want it to look better. OGX hair care products are designed to bring out the best in you. Real quality, real beauty. Unattainable looks don't inspire them. The OGX hair and skin care product collections can help you look your best. They are pure and simple.

Brand: Ogx

👤I have long, thick, curly hair that is prone to being unruly. I usually use Aquage, but am always looking for something that is more cost effective and works just as well. The product line is nothing special. It isn't the best smoothing line I've ever used, and didn't completely eliminate any frizziness, but it did leave my hair shiny and lustrous. I used it for several days and tried it out with styling, but nothing came of it. I used all 3 products and let it air dry overnight, but nothing came of it. I used all 3 products, but added 2 more pumps of serum and let it air dry overnight, which resulted in less hair loss and less shine than normal, but my hair had a tacky feel to it and less shine than normal. I let it air dry while I was awake and did things around the house, which resulted in less hair than letting it dry while I slept. I didn't notice a difference in the shine of my hair, and I also didn't notice a tacky feeling, so I must have distributed the product differently through my hair. My hair is not as full of body as it should be. I used all 3 products and blow dried my hair. My hair feels soft and shiny, but it is not as shiny as I would like it to be, and it has a lot more hair loss than I would like. This isn't an amazing product line, and left me wanting in a few areas - primarily with regard to frizz control. Would I use it again? Probably not. I prefer the Aquage product line over this. After using this for 5 days, my hair had the consistency of straw and lacked any shine or body. I am hoping the damage is not permanent because the products were returned.

👤I was hoping to add some color to my hair. I thought this product would do the trick, and I love the idea of tiny sparkles. Wong. I made my hair sticky. It looked terrible, and that's putting it mildly. Don't waste your money.

👤This is the best stuff. The bottle describes it as having akelp smell. I read that people in Hollywood use fine glitter to make their hair shiny, but it seemed messy and like a craft project, and I would mess it up. I thought I would try this. I only wash my hair once a week after I have my hair done, and then I add a dry wash when necessary. After day 3, my hair looked dull and dry. That was fixed by this stuff. I add a pump or two to my hair and work on it. If my hair is dry, I mix a pump of oil with it and it makes it look better. When I use this product, I only get praise for my hair. Definitely recommend.

👤I saw it on a post and bought it. I was expecting a little more hair control and a little more shine. I found that! I put it in my freshly dried hair and it added a little luster because I was supposed to style it after I put it in. I would buy it again. I wouldn't consider it a necessity.

3. Flexible Coconut Alcohols Parabens Silicone

Flexible Coconut Alcohols Parabens Silicone

This foam styling mousse is great for volumizing and keeping curls intact. This lightweight, no-crunch mousse helps define and retain, adds volume to and de-frizzes curls. The first ingredient in this formula is 100 PercentAloe Vera, which makes them look hydrated and healthy. The coconut milk and mango butter give your hair the hydration it needs. It is easy to apply the foam to damp hair. Let it dry after you crunch it. A hair product that is free of harsh Additives is something I love.

Brand: Maui Moisture

👤Everything seemed fine as I applied this to my curly hair. It was a mix of tacky and crunchy when it started to dry. I couldn't get my fingers through my hair to separate it. I had to wash it out before it dried. I've tried a lot of different products over the years.

👤I have hair that forms into ringlets and it is amazing. It makes my hair shine. I wet my finger tips and make sure the curls bounce back if they start to fall. I wash my hair when I don't want to. It's not heavy but it's beachy. I bought it in a drug store and it's a very stealable substance as their inventory says they have it. No one could find anything on 3 different occasions. Thank you, Amazon!

👤The lightweight foam is great. One of the few products that doesn't weigh down my blonde hair is this one. It lasts all day without feeling greasy, curly, or dull and I use a light hair spray.

👤Se fue directo a la basura.

👤I liked the smell and texture of this product. My hair became dull and dry after a couple of hours after I diffusing it. I don't know if I did something wrong, but this product is not for me.

👤It makes my hair feel good.

👤The reviews for this product were pretty good, I had high hopes for it. I wanted to try something different and have used curl mousse my whole life. I was happy with the scent when I first used it. It's definitely coconut scented. It worked well with the scent of my hair product. That was the only negative. It looked like a matted ball of fur after I dried my hair. I had no idea what my hair looked like. It was sticky. I tried to give it a few days to figure it out, but it just got worse. I had to wash my hair out after the second day. I thought maybe I used it wrong. I let my hair air dry the next week, instead of using it. Same issue. I tucked the hair product into my basket and said I would try again later. A few weeks later. I went to use it again, but no foam came out. The liquid was straight instead of foamy. I spent 5 minutes trying to figure out why it wouldn't spray, and then used the liquid instead. Nope, aaaaaand nope. It isn't working right. My hair was greasy and sticky. Not soft or lightweight, it's so tangled. I've been using the product for 20 years and haven't had an issue like this before. I will not be buying this product again.

👤I have been trying to find the right hair products for a long time. This product is great for my hair. It doesn't take long to dry. It doesn't affect my hair at all. It makes my hair look good and nourished. I don't use any other products with it. I wash and condition my hair while I am in the shower and wrap it up in a towel. I put a mountain of foam in my hand after I combed through my hair. I do this 3 times for my hair, my middle section and my bottom section. I finger comb my hair and let it dry. It turns out to be amazing. I have also used a hair dryer. I like the results when I dry them off. I hope this helps.

4. Premium Anti Cellulite Treatment Massage Dp B076DSBHD1 Ref Ast Sto Dp

Premium Anti Cellulite Treatment Massage Dp B076DSBHD1 Ref Ast Sto Dp

M3 Naturals Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil will help you get rid of cellulite. Natural active ingredients mean that you can toss the chemical creams that take a long time to absorb. It is time for something thin, lightweight, and effective. Their cellulite cream is made with Stem Cell andCollagen and will help to restore your beautiful skin. A powerful combination is delivering anti-aging skin care results. * Natural essential oils in this blend are sure to be absorbed quickly by your skin and give you strong tightening, hydrating and regenerating benefits. * M3 Naturals is proud to provide men and women beauty products with the highest quality natural ingredients that are not only cruelty-free but made right here in the United States of America. *

Brand: M3 Naturals

👤My skin elasticity is never the same after I have kids, so I am a twin mom. I started using this product because I was looking for a skin tightening regimen and I stumbled across this item and the reviews were good, so I decided to try it out. I ordered it and it arrived in a bottle with a broken pump, so I have had to open the top multiple times. I gave it 4 stars because it is a mess. The product is great. On the first day of using this product, I took a picture. I took another picture after using this product once a day. I am very impressed with how it works. The top photo is used once a day and the bottom photo is used once a month. The difference in these photos is proof that it works. This product is something I would recommend.

👤I usually don't write reviews but after I did my before and after picture, I had to share my results. Genetics plays a huge role in the appearance of cellulite. I was hesitant to try this. I've always been an avid exerciser, but as I get older, it's becoming harder to keep this stuff out of my body. I'm glad I took a chance on this product and tried it out, the picture speaks for itself! I have increased my workouts and water intake since I started using this oil. I didn't realize how far I've come until I looked at my first picture. I used to use it every day for 2 months, but I still have 1/3 of the bottle left. I highly recommend!

👤When I get out of the shower, I use a massage tool to work on my legs, and then I massage it in with my hands. I'm happy with the way my legs look now. I took pictures to see if it worked. It really works.

👤I decided to try it because I was satisfied with the reviews on the product. I have been using the product for a few weeks after purchasing it. I see a change in my body when I apply the anti-celluade oil. Would recommend to friends and family. Thanks.

👤I bought the product for a number of reasons. I wanted to test it for my wife. I wanted to see if it would help reduce the amount of fat on my body. I am trying to get in the same shape I was when I was 19 years old. The oil is great for many reasons. I have a small lump that has been around for years that seems to be getting smaller, but I see a difference in just the first few days. It feels good on the skin. It is two thumbs up for me.

👤I knew my skin was not super absorbent when I read people complaining that the product made them oily. I used it with the Beauty pants. The product doesn't absorb oil, it's oil, not a cream! You need to wait or cover your clothing with something if you want to just put it on. I have done 7 applications so far and I am very pleased with the results. I use this oil after a workout because I like my blood circulating and my skin being ready to take the most out of the product. My skin is getting tighter and I have stretch marks. 100% recommended!

5. VoilaVe Moroccan Anti Aging Moisturizer Carotenes

VoilaVe Moroccan Anti Aging Moisturizer Carotenes

High quality ingredients. Their oil is pure and free of any harmful ingredients. It is cold-pressed from the kernels of the Argania tree. Natural hair growth oil is used to grow long and thicker hair in a quick and natural way. Adding VoilaVe oil to your hair care products will make it soft, lustrous, and manageable. Men and women can use their oil to repair damaged hair. Their oil can be used as a beard oil, nail oil, and lips oil. It is an excellent organic lip balm. Men use their oil to make their beards soft and healthy. Their oil can be used as a face balm for men and also as a cleanser. It's rich in vitamins E and carotenes. It is possible to use a naga oil to relieve dry skin and protect against pollution.

Brand: Voilave

👤I was expecting a lot. The last product I tried worked well. I am going to fight it as hard as I can because I am starting to show signs of aging. This product is used for hair, nails and face. I used it on all 3 occasions. I used a small amount to style my hair. It adds shine, but not a greasy look. It works well as a cuticle oil. Not much to say about that use. The product shines on the face. It made me feel better about my skin. It took a couple days to make me look younger, but I noticed a difference. My face is sucks up the oil. It is not greasy. I am behind on taking care of my skin. This will be a part of my routine for the rest of my life. I am very pleased with how it works on my face. My skin is very soft.

👤The bad reviews are probably paid off. Does this product have a nutty scent? Does it absorb quickly and doesn't leave a greasy feeling? I've ordered this product many times and I will continue to do so because I still know that my eating habits were stupid even though I was obese and blamed my parents for never challenging me about hygiene or nutrition. I bought this product to repair my damaged skin, now my dry skin is completely gone, and I lost all the weight, but I am still very young, but the results are still there. I've been using this oil for 6 months and I swear by it. It's unrealistic for lose skin to bounce back if the weight was never there but it's possible if you know how to use it. Good luck today, we can all start bettering ourselves.

👤I've read a few reviews that stated the product they received was close to the best by date, but that was a problem since the packaging says the product expires one year after opening it. Okay, well. I'm kind of stupid. I didn't know it had a "best by" date when I bought it in July of last year. The bottom of my bottle says "best by 09/10/2018". I've been using it as a facial moisturizer since July of last year, and it still works well. I stopped using it for a month or two after I purchased a new gel from Clinique that made my skin look worse. If you end up using it past the best by dates, I can assure you that the world will not end. It's not as effective as using it, but it's still effective. I have about 1/2 inch of oil left in my bottle, but I will definitely buy it once that is gone.

👤I was hooked on Josie Maran, and then I saw all the questions and reviews for VoilaVe comparing them, and claimed it to be the same or better. I tred it and was thrilled as I knew I would be. Amazon's customers speak the truth. I lost the almost finished bottle because I forgot the brand name. I was very upset when I traced my previous purchase. I can't wait for my new bottle now that this is the one.

6. OGX Moisturizing Strengthening Paraben Free Sulfated Surfactants

OGX Moisturizing Strengthening Paraben Free Sulfated Surfactants

The argan oil of morocco penetrating hair oil treatment helps strengthen hair and leave it silky smooth. The 3.3-ounce container of OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Penetrating Hair Oil Treatment gives hair a renewed look and feel of silky perfection. Hair care for all types and styles. This rich hair oil is ideal for all hair types and helps to penetrate the hair shaft. Nature inspired hair care. This blend with rich cold-pressed Moroccan argan oil is rich in vitamins and minerals and helps to nourish and revive hair. The sulfate-free surfactant haircare system is gentle for use on all hair types and texture to help improve strength and elasticity while creating soft, touchable tresses.

Brand: Ogx

👤I've been loyal to this product for a long time. I loved it and never had any issues. My hair was protected and left shiny. The product is TERRIBLE, I believe the formula was recently changed. I bought one about 2 months ago because I ran out and the first day I opened the bottle, I was horrified at how my hair looked. It was greasy, heavy, and dirty. Even with styling the oil still looked gross because it stayed very oily and didn't absorb or dry into the hair. I thought maybe I used too much, but it wasn't the same problem. I started using small amounts that didn't protect my hair or cover it, and it became more damaged from styling tools. I said enough is enough and maybe this is a defect bottle. I bought another one so I could get my old product back. Nope, the same AWFUL new formula. I switched brands. Don't waste your money, I'm much happier now. This product is not what it used to be.

👤I saw that the bottle was made out of Morocco and contained a product recommended by Amazon. It didn't say thatOGX was renewing. The reviews indicated that if Argan was not the first ingredient listed on the content to not purchase, it was a waste of money. I tried the product right away when I got it. The perfume gave me a throbbing head. I looked at the ingredients on the bottle and found four chemicals. I enlarged the box after returning to my order. It listed seven ingredients, five of which were Argan.

👤This is either a knock off or a charge. I bought this product on Amazon because it's been out of stock in the store and I've been using it for years for my dry coarse hair. It sits on top of my hair and makes it feel greasy. Really bad stuff. This was my go to hair oil, but not anymore.

👤This didn't help my hair. Everyone in this category has different hair types, so finding hair products is hard. This smells great. Doesn't help my hair. The ends are very dry.

👤This is still my favorite. Over the years, I have tried hair treatments and masks. This does not make my hair feel good. Even if I am not using heat, I put it on my ends. If my hair is dry, I will sleep with it in a braid and rinse it in the morning. It leaves my hair soft and shiny. I will come back to this one after 10 years.

👤My hair is shiny and soft. This helps with tangles and brushing them out. This is the best product I've ever used and I couldn't find it in-store anymore. It was so good. It's not fruity or floral like a lot of hair products, it's a very neutral and sweet-smelling scent that I can't describe. My husband likes spraying this stuff on. I highly recommend this! The same thing is said about the non-spray version. I like this because it's less messy with my hands. It is 10/10 recommend. Don't leave this page empty-handed.

7. Organic Lavender Grapeseed Vitamin Moisturizer

Organic Lavender Grapeseed Vitamin Moisturizer

Ancient Greek Remedy Oil is a blend of Cold pressed Olive, Organic Sweet Almond, Grapeseed, and Vitamins E and Lavender essential oil. It's free, non-GMO, GLUTEN, PARABEN, and PRESERVATIVES. There are four ounces. The best skin care for your face, body, hair, nails, hands, feet and heels. If you are not completely satisfied, please send them an email and they will send you a full refund of your money. There is no need to send the bottle back. All skin types can benefit from a safe and effective night and day skin care regimen. Their organic body oil is great for smooth and hydrated skin, as well as reducing the appearance of scars on the skin. After a shower or bath, massage their natural blend of pure oils to improve your skin tone. A natural alternative to hair products. It's perfect for all hair types. Straight hair, wavy hair, Curly hair, and Kinky hair. Natural hair oil can be used for a softer, longer, and richer look. It's ideal for split end treatments. It is a hair styling product that protects your hair. Try using a blend that is 100% chemical and free of harmful chemicals. 1x per week is the recommended amount of time for a soft and healthy scalp. The best spray oil for hair growth is a blend of carrier and essential cold-pressed organic oils, which will help promote hair growth. Natural hand moisturizers are safe alternatives to hand creams and hand lotions. Dry, rough, cracked hands are caused by weather conditions or excessive work. A natural cuticle removal. Treatments for nail growth include strengthener, hardener, and damage nail treatment. 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, please send them an email and they will give you a full refund. No need to return the sample!

Brand: Ancient Greek Remedy

👤I am not the type of person to buy a product like this, but my girlfriend persuaded me to buy it. I don't like to write reviews about products. This product is the real deal. I ordered two more bottles after I received my shipment. There is no need for two more bottles. I went into panic mode and tried to imagine myself without oil. I can't imagine it. I am waiting for the end of the world, where I will be the most prepared human in terms of facial oil preparedness, and I am writing this review with my smooth face.

👤I read that this oil will fade brown spots, but I didn't know if I should believe it or not. I had tried everything to correct the stubborn ones on the sides of my face. The stuff did it after applying it for a week or so. It works well on my face. I don't think it does much for dry skin elsewhere. I can't explain it, but the brown spots which disappeared at first have reappeared. I didn't want people to have a lot of confidence in my review.

👤Initially, during the summer. I bought this oil for myself. My skin became very dry, as it preferred lotion. I stopped using it immediately. During the winter, my hair became very dry and I developed 2 dry patches. I use Olive oil and Tea Tree Oil to keep my hair shorn and have been for about a year and a half. The combination didn't prevent the dry patches. I decided to try the Ancient Greek Remedy Oil after a few weeks of dry patches. I used to apply the oil directly to my head, but I transferred the oil to an applicator bottle. The flakes were gone by the end of the week. I was impressed by how quickly this worked and also that it addressed my itchy scalp. I only use this oil once a week, because it is my new hair product. It didn't stop there. It was put into my nightly routine to make me feel better. I only use 3 drops from the bottle at night to apply to my face. The texture of my skin has improved greatly. I love this product. I love how effective it is, and I love the smell. One more thing. I use it on my feet at night.

👤This oil is amazing. I use it on my hair, face, nails and everywhere else. I like the way the blend makes my skin feel. I told everyone about it. My friends have noticed that I have a plump face. I used to have redness on my cheeks. I use rose water on my face as a tonic after I clean my face with bar soap and apply oil on my face. It's doing wonders for me because of my daily routine. I could go on and on. I think you understand the point. Make sure to get a bottle or two. You can see how smooth and clear my face is by looking at my pic.

8. Maui Moisture Quench Coconut Shampoo

Maui Moisture Quench Coconut Shampoo

Coconut oil is anti-frizz. De-frIZZ and DEFINE CURLS. The Maui Moisture Curl Quench and Coconut Oil Shampoo is a 13 fluid ounce bottle. Curled hair care. The anti-frizz shampoo is safe for use on color-treated hair to help protect and define your hair's natural curl pattern leaving behind shiny, bouncy curls. A unique bend with alabaster. The first ingredient in the rich blend of this hair product is 100%Aloe Vera, along with coconut milk, plumeria extract and papaya extract. Not all muses are the same. The vegan formula of this sulfate-free surfactant shampoo is gentle and effective.

Brand: Maui Moisture

👤I would love to give a rating for the product, but can't because the bottle is leaking into the box or broken lid. The bottle is not good quality and needs to be improved or shipped as a fragile item. Disappointed!

👤My daughter's hair is thick and curly. It gets a bit messy. She's 8 years old. She's not crazy about putting in products and we don't use heat styling tools. We have to help those curly hair and tame the flyaway hair with the help of a product like the shampoo. The smell of this product is sweet. She seems to have more definition in her hair. The rest of the bottle was thrown out by the 4 year old. We will try something else.

👤I only buy what's necessary and I hate collecting bottles of things. I used to use conditioner and apple cider rinse. This was ok for my hair, but not great. This product was recommended to me by a curly friend. I wash my hair with this and then use a hair butter to style it. I like how the cleanser makes my hair feel. It's clean but still moist. I used this after doing an oil treatment and it did not get all the oil out. Be aware of that. You may need more power. I no longer feel the need to pre-poo with oil since I started using this. I love this stuff!

👤As a long time user of Not Your Mother's Curl Defining, this falls short. I read the reviews and thought I would give it a try, I am a person with long, thick, curly hair. tangles are not a war and I can get away with using both of the products I mentioned without their partner conditioners. The Shea Moisture Curl & Shine Conditioner is a staple in my house, but this product wasn't nearly as hydrating as I thought it would be, and I was disappointed at the difference I noticed when trying to untangle. By the 3rd wash, I knew there wouldn't be a 4th.

👤I can't find this item in the stores in Florida. I like the smell of the cleanser. I have wavy hair that is highlighted. It doesn't strip my hair and leaves it feeling clean. I use this product to wash my hair everyday. I like it a lot and I hope it isn't discontinued. The scent of the cleanser is not known or if it is, it is very light. This isn't for you if you want a perfumy smelling cleanser. I like this product a lot.

👤I only used the milk quench and the styler this morning after I got out of the shower because I have been using the wrong products before. I haven't had my hair like this in a long time, it's always puffy with no curls or sad. I am amazed that these products will be buying again.

👤For me hair milk is a must. It is best to barely use the hair milk, it is very oily and keeps your hair moist. The hair is dry and brittle to touch after 1-2 hours. The hair is tangle free. I will not use the milk as it creates coils and shrinks because I am looking for a more two strand hair twist approach to make waves.

9. Cake Beauty Sulfate Free Swirl Shampoo

Cake Beauty Sulfate Free Swirl Shampoo

The style extension of scorpion. This innovative cleanser helps extend that just-washed feel. Formulated with moringa seed micro-proteins to help fight pollutants. The second day was a success. Set your hair up for success with these suds that keep it looking great for longer. The scent is delicious. It's free beauty. Their gorgeous formulas don't harm so much as a hair on a bunny's head. Natural beauty. All of their skin, hair, and body care products are made with high-performing natural ingredients. There are no sulfates or Parabens. Ever. The cake is beauty. They design award-winning, vegan, cruelty-free products that their customers love and trust.

Brand: Cake Beauty

👤A lot of people in the reviews say that this doesn't wash your hair, that you don't know how to use a sulfate free cleanser, or that it's not hot to use. You are supposed to wash your hair twice. After washing your hair, it becomes sudsy and you have to wash it again. If you have thick hair, wash the rest of it as you rinse it. This is my new favorite. It works, it smells good, and it is at an amazing price.

👤I had blisters all over my head.

👤The smell is terrible. It makes my hair feel dirty like it was before I washed it. I would like to get a refund. Maybe it will make a good shaving cream.

👤The smell of a harshly artificial cake/candy smell makes any benefits useless. I asked my cousin to try it, she's a Bath and Bodyworks girl, and she couldn't take the smell.

👤The product is what it is. It was fine for my colored hair, but I will not use it more than one time, because the smell is overpowering and not pleasant, and I will never purchase it again. I shouldn't try this new formula because it smells like the same as this hair product, but I was hopeful because the original velveteen hand lotion that hooked me was so good. But no. I wanted to gag every time I smelled my hair. To reduce the smell, I put oils in my hair. I will not be buying any cake products again. They've switched to new formulas in the last few years that have been disgusting. Unless you have a poor sense of smell, don't buy. It's not a 1 star because the actual hair is fine. It's a terrible scent.

👤This stuff stripped my hair and made me smell like glue. I will never use this brand again, I can only imagine how everything else is. No thanks.

👤It makes my hair very dry and heavy, and it weighs it down a lot.

👤It makes my hair feel heavy and I feel like my hair is still wet.

👤I used a good cleanser that left my hair soft. The smell is a deal breaker. It smells like a bad version of spice cake. Chemicals! It doesn't evaporate when dry. I had a headaches and a feeling of nausea over the day. They were not sure what they were thinking. It won't be possible to use it.

👤The scent is mild. Not tested on animals.

👤When I washed my hair, it smelled like chemicals. It was terrible and made my hair feel straw.

👤Cumple expectativas... The olor is delicioso.

👤My hair feels great, I love this cleanser.

10. Chloe Lighting CH33353VR21 DC3 Tiffany Style Chandelier

Chloe Lighting CH33353VR21 DC3 Tiffany Style Chandelier

If the product received is faulty, please contact me, I will try to improve the product and bring a better shopping experience to the customer. The 60 Watt max E26 type A bulb is not included. The wall outlet switch is hardwired. 486 pieces of glass cut, 63 pieces. Highly skilled with top quality materials. It was finished in an antiqued bronze. It was finished in an antiqued bronze.

Brand: Chloe

👤The light is nice. The hardware looks a bit different in person than it does in the picture. It is a large light. We decided to move it into our dining room because it was too large for the spot we originally planned. We are very pleased with the light. The stained glass is beautiful.

👤Absolutely gorgeous. It looks like a Tiffany lamp. It is easy to assemble. Someone comes over and I get a compliment. It is simply beautiful and bright. It's worth the price.

👤Absolutely gorgeous! It is what you are looking for. The colors are beautiful even without the lights on. The directions could be better. It's not hard to assemble and wire. Such high quality. Highly recommended!

👤The light fixture is difficult to install. The lamp holders that hold the globes are cheap and I hope I don't have to replace them. The fixture comes in many pieces and is difficult to attach. I have been an electrician for 30 years and know how to install light fixture. Just be prepared for a challenging install, this fixture really does look nice.

👤The light is beautiful. This fixture has so many details that it makes it look like a real work of art. It is well constructed, has ample cord and chain, and is gorgeous! It was better than I could have imagined. I love this light and I am very satisfied.

👤The light was packed in the wrong box in China and the wrong directions for assembling it were in the box. Everything was good after I figured that out. I bet on plastic and the globes are glass. It's a nice overhead light, I hope you get the right directions.

👤I wanted a chandelier with light shining down on the table instead of the previous model that 800-381-0266 The glass is very pretty and is complemented by vintage-style bulbs. I want more Tiffany glass because the bronze finish fits with the hardware in the house.

👤I was amazed at how beautiful the lamp looked after I installed it and then turned on the juice, I was so glad I purchased it just in time for dinner.

👤We love the handmade quality of the light, we also went with the Edison bulbs, which makes a difference. In case of damage or not being able to replace the same globe, we want to order 2 more. The response time is days, and still waiting to hear if it is possible to only purchase globes.

👤A piece in my bedroom. I put the bulb in the air.

👤The light is beautiful. Better than expected.

👤The light was easy to install and delivery was earlier than expected.

11. Cake Beauty Graceful Blowout 4 7300000000000004

Cake Beauty Graceful Blowout 4 7300000000000004

Whipped balm helps protect your hair against heat damage, it also helps reduce blow dry time. Skip the salon and take your hair to sleek, smooth and lustrous with this blow out in a bottle. Apply to your hair and you're good to go. Their formulas don't harm as much as a hair on a bunny's head. They are both vegan and cruelty free. No animal testing has ever taken place. They use the high performing natural ingredients you love, and none of the stuff you don't. That's a big no-no to all of those chemicals. Cakeland has a line of bath, body and haircare products that are naturally decadent.

Brand: Cake Beauty

👤I have thick hair. I get treatments for my hair many times a year. This stuff does amazing things for my hair, as I'm nearing the time due for it. Not greasy at all. It smells great. If I can't schedule a treatment, it buys me time. My daughter uses it as well. She has thick wavy hair and it makes her hair shiny and lush.

👤I usually get this product at Walgreen's, but they have been hit or miss recently. I got a great deal on the river site. It would be a good idea! I use it on wet hair, but if I was heat drying, I would use it as well.

👤Fantastic! I love this product. It makes my curly hair soft and helps me get my hair straight with a blow dryer. I love it!

👤I use this after the shower to blow dry my hair because I love cake products. Sometimes I just leave it in without blow drying and it will bounce and smell great.

👤I love the t-shirt but didn't see where it influenced my hair.

👤The smell is sweet yet clean. It makes my hair glossy and full of volume all at the same time.

👤I haven't had the chance to use it yet, but I love cake. It smells wonderful!


What is the best product for cake hair oil?

Cake hair oil products from Cake Beauty. In this article about cake hair oil you can see why people choose the product. Ogx and Maui Moisture are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake hair oil.

What are the best brands for cake hair oil?

Cake Beauty, Ogx and Maui Moisture are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake hair oil. Find the detail in this article. M3 Naturals, Voilave and Ogx are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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