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1. Marc Anthony Strictly Defining Definition

Marc Anthony Strictly Defining Definition

Curl styling lotion helps to repel humidity and gives you ultimate control over your hair. Curls can be dry or lightly blow-dry. This styling lotion uses a non-sticky formula enriched with vitamins E and B that bind to the curl strands to create definition, while leaving your hair bouncy and soft to the touch. Strictly Curls is a line of sulfate-free hair products for curly hair that can be used for hydrating masks, styling creams, leave-in conditioners and anything in between. Salon Created: For over 20 years, the team at True Professional has delivered professional hair care products with sulfate-free products and more for all hair types. If you've enjoyed any of the following, you should get the best: hairstyle by Marc Anthony.

Brand: Marc Anthony

👤It doesn't mean it's gunna work for you.

👤I hate a product that I can feel in my hair because I am notorious for running my hands through my hair all day. This has been the best styling product, as it leaves just enough of a crunch to give some hold while it air dries, but not so much that I can feel product in my hair. All I do is spray my hair with a spray bottle and then blow dry it after 5 minutes. My hair is barely 2a with no product, so this product defines my waves/curls.

👤I don't like this product. I bought it instead of the curl cream. This stuff is gross. It doesn't define your hair. It made my hair look matted. My hair looked like it had not been washed or brushed in a while and it was going to start to dread. My hair was bad with this product. It won't wash out easily. It took me three different things to get this out of my hair. This would never be a good idea for anyone.

👤This is a must have for curly hair. The hair is soft and not hard. Holds curls crazy. I can wash my hair and put this in, use a blow dryer to dry my hair, or use a T-shirt to dry my hair, and it will be good for the next two days. Even in high humidity, it keeps frizz away.

👤I decided to give this product a try after reading the reviews. I used a tube of Schwarzkopf Smooth'n Shine styling Custard for my hair and was looking for something similar. Not possible! This product makes my hair look great throughout the day, and it was definitely kept out of my hair. I am disappointed with the product in general. After just a few days of using it, I noticed that my hair was very dry and more tangled than usual, and I was put off by the consistency of the product. I have stopped using it and am trying to get something out of my empty tube. After washing my hair, I can see a difference in the amount of water in it. Just giving everyone a heads up!

👤This gel is the best for curly hair. I don't wash my hair every day, but I use a gel to keep my hair nice.

👤If you have curly hair, this stuff works great. I use a tiny bit in the shower after I wash my hair. I put 2 quarter size dolps through my hair, comb it through, and let it dry naturally. If you have thick hair and it is dry, this is not the product for you. You should use the cream instead of the lotion. For my fine hair the cream made it look greasy and heavy and weighed it down, but for someone with more of a dry hair, the cream would probably work better.

👤I've tried every single one of them. This 'lotion' is more like a gel. If you use gel, I would say give this lotion a try because a mousse never works for me. It doesn't make the hair hard. If you use a ton, just give the curls a squeeze and they will dry out.

2. Marc Anthony Conditioner Caffeine Essential

Marc Anthony Conditioner Caffeine Essential

This sulfate free, ginseng and caffeine infused conditioner and wash will leave your hair feeling soft, silky, smooth and shiny. Adding vitamins and minerals to each strand of hair will help to promote growth and combat split ends. Their hair care products have ingredients that nourish, protect and replenish hair. They look for innovative world class ingredients that help define each product. For over 20 years, they've made professional hair care products that are sulfate-free and can be used on all hair types. They have the right salon quality products to help you care for your hair, your way.

Brand: Marc Anthony

👤I've used vitamins for hair, skin and nails for many years. The Grow Long conditioner, shampoo, and leave in spray were used for the first time. Definitely recommend!

👤There is an update. I've been using this product for a while. I have hair and ears that are growing fast. Any form of new growth is a miracle to me because my hair grows very slowly. The product works great. It makes my hair feel soft. I love it and will probably never change. Will keep you posted as I use it more.

👤I am in love. My hair was thin before I started using this. I was depressed. I am in my 30s and shouldn't be losing weight. I used a product that caused thinning. It was amazing to find this. I am no longer thin. My friends have told me how long my hair is. I have gotten a subscription so I can continue using it. It is amazing! Buy it! Take a look at my before and after pictures.

👤I love this product. It works! I use the leave-in conditioner as well. My hair is growing fast. It also smells good. Two older women compliment me about my hair at the grocery store. This product is working for me. You will not regret trying this product. I know everyone is different, but this product is working for me and I will definitely buy again!

👤The hair is very clean when I use the pro side of the cleanser. That's the only nice thing I can think of. This stuff dries out my hair worse than the one I use for dandruff. I bought it because I have damaged hair and I wanted to help strengthen and hurry up new growth, but the fact that it turns the rest of my hair into a pile of straw is more important than any benefits. The train wreck can't be saved by the matching deep conditioner.

👤The product is great. I highlighted my hair just before I started using this line and the amount of growth showing from my roots is crazy. My hair is strong and healthy. The scent is pleasant and light.

👤This is a great product. It leaves my hair manageable. This has made a difference for me because I had been struggling to find an affordable hair product.

👤I am glad this is sulfate free. It smells nice. I have noticed that there is less hair on my face. I will buy again.

👤I used to have my hair fall out when I showered. My hair was affected by stress and other factors. Since using this product, I have not experienced any hair fall. It is a miracle product for my bleach damaged hair, and improves it's strength and softness. The smell is good, and it's refreshing. Would recommend.

👤My daughter has thin damaged hair. Her hair doesn't grow fast. Her hair seems to be growing a bit faster, but it's so much more healthy since she's been using this. There is a I received it with a hole in the bottle.

3. SheaMoisture Coconut Hibiscus Frizz Free Mousse

SheaMoisture Coconut Hibiscus Frizz Free Mousse

The Coconut and Hibiscus Frizz-Free Curl Mousse is made with Fair TradeShea Butter to make your hair bouncy and beautiful. Their volumizing hair product creates high impact volume and a soft finish by enhancing natural curl memory and wave pattern. The coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut and coconut The hair product is made with no mineral oil or petrolatum. It has been tested on their family for generations and never on animals. This hair styling product leaves your hair smooth, soft and silky. For generations, this hair product has been tested on their family and never on animals.

Brand: Sheamoisture

👤Life is changing. I have never liked my hair. I have tried a lot of products and none of them worked. I have straightened my hair for as long as I can remember. Until now. The magic foam is amazing. I never thought a hair product would change my life. It's so light that you feel like there is nothing in your hair. Volume and definition are not drawbacks of normal products. I follow the instructions of a guy on the internet named Brad Mondo, who says to saturate your hair with foam and it will sound like you didn't wash your hair out. It sounds weird. It works. I use about 35 pumps throughout my hair before using a diffuser. I get about 5 uses from this. It was worth it. I'm not happy that my second bottle doesn't pump foam, but it still works. My method... saturate my hair with the foam on 50% air dried hair and then diffuse it so it doesn't get hot or cold. When I'm 75% done, I spray a few sprays of sea salt spray. Stay until it is completely dry and BOOM. It was a wonderful hair! I feel hot. I have already purchased extras so I never run out. Life is changing. Buy it.

👤The product doesn't hold by itself. I ordered a gel to use. If you have 2B/3C hair, I wouldn't recommend following the directions for how much product to apply because it left my hair limp and greasy. One pump per side works best for me. I am happy with the product, but it doesn't hold my hair.

👤I have thick ringlets in my hair. I love this brand but this mouse is not thick enough to shape my curls and I think it would work better for less tight curls. It is more of a foam. It does help with frizz, but it's not good for my hair type. I wouldn't purchase again but would most likely work for someone with wavy or curly hair.

👤This product is wonderful. I had straight hair when I was younger, but it got curly as I got older. My hair was very thin and straight. I couldn't find it at my drugstore, so my hairdresser recommended this brand. She said that the Frizz Control is a great product for curly and thick hair, and that it has a wonderful scent, so you don't need much to get the job done. I would recommend this line to anyone. For a white girl, it's not shabby.

👤I will be using this from now on. It works for my hair, my daughters hair, and my husband's hair. It is great for the whole family. It is in green, which means it is good and no toxic ingredients.

👤This is a wonderful product for me. I have thick hair and it always works out. It doesn't make your hair dull.

👤My hair is soft. My hair is thin and this product makes it feel light and Waves in my hair.

4. Cake Beauty Serve Cream Conditioner

Cake Beauty Serve Cream Conditioner

The cream rinse helps extend the feel of freshly conditioned hair so you can wash it less often. Micro-proteins from moringa seed help fight pollutants. The lock is in equilibrium. Micro-proteins help repel dirt and pollutants. It leaves hair looking shiny and fresh. The lemon scent is delicious. It's free beauty. Their gorgeous formulas don't harm so much as a hair on a bunny's head. Natural beauty. All of their skin, hair, and body care products are made with high-performing natural ingredients. There are no sulfates or Parabens. Ever. The cake is beauty. They design award-winning, vegan, cruelty-free products that their customers love and trust.

Brand: Cake Beauty

👤This is not one of the great products that cake has. It comes out of the bottle like icing and smells delicious, but like other reviewers, it left my hair oily and heavy. I don't need to use dry shampoo the same day I wash my hair. It may help if you leave it on for 60 seconds or less. I will not be buying this again.

👤My daughter loves this conditioner. She simply says no to any other products I suggest. She has thick hair that is oily. Her hair is so thick that it's hard to get all the hair wash out of her hair. The hair mask is wonderful. Give it a try.

👤I love this brand and its conditioner. A lot of people talk about how it makes their hair heavy. I could see that. I use this and then I pair it with the wash. The posh wash makes your hair dry and makes it more moist.

👤The scent is wonderful, the texture is thick and creamy, and a small amount coats my thick hair. I usually wash, towel dry, and rub a drop into my hair to give it a soft and shine.

👤I have naturally curly hair and I absolutely adore every product I have tried from cake. The regular conditioner that I use by Cake was not available. I bought this one instead. I was happy. It was light and my hair curled nicely.

👤It does feel good on your hair. You have to use a lot more conditioner and you run out of it before you run out of hair.

👤I'm very fond of the Cake brand. I've stopped using my beauty products. I found them at Walgreen's and was very happy with all the products I tried. Trying to stay out of stores due to Covid, I ordered here. This conditioner is different from the one at Walgreen's. This is not a fake. This one left my hair feeling like it had been washed out and I haven't had any experience with cake products in the past. Just a warning!

👤A small bottle with a good smell and makes my hair look amazing. Really good brand.

👤It made my hair shiny.

👤It's good for 3A hair, but needs to be used more than I want. The scent is evil. A fake air freshener version of a cake. The smell doesn't go away when dry. I had a headaches. It doesn't get better after a few days. It won't be possible to use it.

👤I use this every other hair wash. I rinse my hair out of my shower with a conditioner and then scrub it all over my body, working it through to my tips. It makes my hair look clean without making it dry. It's perfect for curly hair. Once my hair is dry, it looks great. This has more of a cake smell than a lemon.

👤The conditioner is the best ever. I buy many different conditioners for my wavy hair. This is my favorite. It makes your hair shine and not weigh you down. Love it!

5. Cake Beauty Graceful Blowout 4 7300000000000004

Cake Beauty Graceful Blowout 4 7300000000000004

Whipped balm helps protect your hair against heat damage, it also helps reduce blow dry time. Skip the salon and take your hair to sleek, smooth and lustrous with this blow out in a bottle. Apply to your hair and you're good to go. Their formulas don't harm as much as a hair on a bunny's head. They are both vegan and cruelty free. No animal testing has ever taken place. They use the high performing natural ingredients you love, and none of the stuff you don't. That's a big no-no to all of those chemicals. Cakeland has a line of bath, body and haircare products that are naturally decadent.

Brand: Cake Beauty

👤I have thick hair. I get treatments for my hair many times a year. This stuff does amazing things for my hair, as I'm nearing the time due for it. Not greasy at all. It smells great. If I can't schedule a treatment, it buys me time. My daughter uses it as well. She has thick wavy hair and it makes her hair shiny and lush.

👤I usually get this product at Walgreen's, but they have been hit or miss recently. I got a great deal on the river site. It would be a good idea! I use it on wet hair, but if I was heat drying, I would use it as well.

👤Fantastic! I love this product. It makes my curly hair soft and helps me get my hair straight with a blow dryer. I love it!

👤I use this after the shower to blow dry my hair because I love cake products. Sometimes I just leave it in without blow drying and it will bounce and smell great.

👤I love the t-shirt but didn't see where it influenced my hair.

👤The smell is sweet yet clean. It makes my hair glossy and full of volume all at the same time.

👤I haven't had the chance to use it yet, but I love cake. It smells wonderful!

6. Cake Beauty Sulfate Free Swirl Shampoo

Cake Beauty Sulfate Free Swirl Shampoo

The style extension of scorpion. This innovative cleanser helps extend that just-washed feel. Formulated with moringa seed micro-proteins to help fight pollutants. The second day was a success. Set your hair up for success with these suds that keep it looking great for longer. The scent is delicious. It's free beauty. Their gorgeous formulas don't harm so much as a hair on a bunny's head. Natural beauty. All of their skin, hair, and body care products are made with high-performing natural ingredients. There are no sulfates or Parabens. Ever. The cake is beauty. They design award-winning, vegan, cruelty-free products that their customers love and trust.

Brand: Cake Beauty

👤A lot of people in the reviews say that this doesn't wash your hair, that you don't know how to use a sulfate free cleanser, or that it's not hot to use. You are supposed to wash your hair twice. After washing your hair, it becomes sudsy and you have to wash it again. If you have thick hair, wash the rest of it as you rinse it. This is my new favorite. It works, it smells good, and it is at an amazing price.

👤I had blisters all over my head.

👤The smell is terrible. It makes my hair feel dirty like it was before I washed it. I would like to get a refund. Maybe it will make a good shaving cream.

👤The smell of a harshly artificial cake/candy smell makes any benefits useless. I asked my cousin to try it, she's a Bath and Bodyworks girl, and she couldn't take the smell.

👤The product is what it is. It was fine for my colored hair, but I will not use it more than one time, because the smell is overpowering and not pleasant, and I will never purchase it again. I shouldn't try this new formula because it smells like the same as this hair product, but I was hopeful because the original velveteen hand lotion that hooked me was so good. But no. I wanted to gag every time I smelled my hair. To reduce the smell, I put oils in my hair. I will not be buying any cake products again. They've switched to new formulas in the last few years that have been disgusting. Unless you have a poor sense of smell, don't buy. It's not a 1 star because the actual hair is fine. It's a terrible scent.

👤This stuff stripped my hair and made me smell like glue. I will never use this brand again, I can only imagine how everything else is. No thanks.

👤It makes my hair very dry and heavy, and it weighs it down a lot.

👤It makes my hair feel heavy and I feel like my hair is still wet.

👤I used a good cleanser that left my hair soft. The smell is a deal breaker. It smells like a bad version of spice cake. Chemicals! It doesn't evaporate when dry. I had a headaches and a feeling of nausea over the day. They were not sure what they were thinking. It won't be possible to use it.

👤The scent is mild. Not tested on animals.

👤When I washed my hair, it smelled like chemicals. It was terrible and made my hair feel straw.

👤Cumple expectativas... The olor is delicioso.

👤My hair feels great, I love this cleanser.

7. Cake Beauty Flexy Spray Ounce

Cake Beauty Flexy Spray Ounce

Show your locks who's boss with this flexible hold hair spray. It has hints of caramelized sugar and is great as a hair scent. Good hair days are in your control. Hold it in place or mist it through your hair to add a burst of volume. This natural look is easy to use. It's free beauty. Their gorgeous formulas don't harm so much as a hair on a bunny's head. Natural beauty. All of their skin, hair, and body care products are made with high-performing natural ingredients. There are no sulfates or Parabens. Ever. The cake is beauty. They design award-winning, vegan, cruelty-free products that their customers love and trust.

Brand: Cake Beauty

👤This is the best hair spray I have ever used. This is the only product that doesn't weigh my hair down. It is easy to brush with and it is flexible, so I can do it when the wind blows. I will never use anything else again. This is the only product I use. The conditioner is the best. I use it daily and it is the best I have tried. All of the products smell amazing.

👤I'm really sad to be writing a poor review. I've been looking for an affordable spray that doesn't test on animals. The cake smell is overpowering and not great. You will smell like a toy all day. It has about 15 minutes of hold time. This isn't going to hold your fancy updo or grocery store run look. After you use this, your hair is brushable, but it has no hold. I really wanted to love you.

👤I trust other reviews and shouldn't have them. I have wavy hair. I use a spray to keep my hair from getting crazy. I didn't smell great. It wasn't as heavy as other sprays, but it was still very hard on my hair. It was hard to keep my hair in place. Not worth the price. I'm looking for a good flexible hold hairspray.

👤I love this product. I need products to hold a style for my fine hair. I am sensitive to scent and only buy items that are free of it. The scent of cake's hair spray is sweet and not overpowering. I don't understand what people are saying about the scent being overpowering and smelling of chemicals. I've been through more than five cans of this product. I wear a perfume that is very gentle and lovely. The can is powerful so be sure to hold it away from your head so you don't disturb your style while applying the spray. I can get nice waves by that night if I have a good hair day. This is extraordinary for someone whose hair resists curling as much as mine does. My hair is not damaged, there is no helmet head, and I have style. I go through a can every six weeks. If you want a flexible hold that works for fine hair, get this stuff.

👤I love this product. There is a It is sweet smelling, and doing it in short bursts helps those who are scent sensitive. When I step out in Oklahoma humidity, this helps my hair. It is not obvious that there is product in my hair. Highly recommended. I have become a hair spray user. My mom was having a bad time with her hair, so I gave it to her. She loves the product. She used to be from the Big Sexy line.

👤I usually buy this product from a local store, but decided to add it to my recent Amazon order. I use the product all the time. The bottle of spray was different in color, the packaging was different, and it had a lot of warnings on it. I didn't feel comfortable using it since it looked different. I was worried that it was a knock-off. I appreciated the fact that Amazon gave me a refund on something that didn't look right.

8. YAMYONE Continuous Aerosol Hairstyling Cleaning 5 4oz

YAMYONE Continuous Aerosol Hairstyling Cleaning 5 4oz

The mist spray pattern distributes water evenly, so it provides the right amount of water to mildly saturate the hair without getting gunked like the old kinds. Large areas can be covered quickly and easily with continuous spray. The ergonomics of the design reduces hand fatigue. You can spray with the bottle upside down without leaking or losing prime, thus all areas can be reached. If not being used in a few days, airless bottle has no odor and long shelf life. Fixed volume provides 1.25CC per spray consistently from the first to last drop.

Brand: Yamyone

👤I have been using it for over 2 weeks and it works just as well as the day I received it.

👤Didn't last. It was used once a month. By January, it was dead. Not worth the money. You can find the Amazon Choice 10oz version. I bought that months before this one. This one is dead, that still works.

👤Our daughter has curly hair and is at a point in her life where she wants to do more on her own. This was the key to adding hair to the list. 1) It is easier for her to use her hands. It's not possible to squeeze the bottle while holding it. There are two more It's bottle size and how it can be grasped by little hands allow for easy access to the Trigger, which is perfect because it's size is not too big and not too small. There are tiny little joys of design, like how they get this thing to spray so long. I'm going to buy another one. I can take it apart. The mist is really fine, and it sprays about 4-5 times as much as a regular bottle pull. There are four You can add conditioner and/or hair products to it without causing any problems. There are five It's very easy to clean out the bathtub. It's easy to find, and limits the amount of non target damage as the mist doesn't seem to get all over the place, she only uses it in the bathroom.

👤This is a good choice for hair removal. It doesn't make the hair wet. I was not sure about the size of the bottle. I thought I would have to fill it many times. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to give my entire household a haircut with leftover water. I have used this to water my indoor plants, to cool off the boat, and to lightly sculpt clay. I will find more ways to use it.

👤I don't know how I lived before I met this man. I can now go from being a troll that crawled out from under the shed to a woman who looks like she owns a comb in 30 seconds. It was a success. I'm a single mom. I don't have time, energy or inclination to care for my hair. My hair does what it wants. It is fine and curly. I look like a wild creature when I wake up. I never tried totting it with my hands. All I could do was wash it. This little lovely came along. It doesn't matter how wild it starts. I am good to go if you mist all over and use a product. As a bonus, you don't have to start the game. Which is quite amazing. You hold it and it creates a mist over your head. I know it. A hair mister. It is a life changing hair mister. Buy it. Period.

👤I like the style of the bottle. It has a continuous mist. The bottle is large. Very strong. It was very sleek. There were no leaks. I dropped the bottle a few times and it did not break. I will buy a second bottle.

9. Garnier Conditioner Moisture Smoother Frizz Resistant

Garnier Conditioner Moisture Smoother Frizz Resistant

Curl Nourish Air Dry Butter Cream Leave In Treatment, Curl Nourish Shampoo, and Curl Nourish Conditioner are all part of this set. The Fructis Curl Nourish System gives your hair 24 hours of control. Curl Nourish has no sulfates, silicones or Parabens, and it has the ingredient combination of Glycerin and Coconut Oil. The curly hair leave in conditioner is made with coconut, Jojoba and macadamia oils. The Active FruitProtein formula is an exclusive combination of vitamins B3 and B6, fruit and plant extracts, and strengthens hair.

Brand: Garnier

👤I don't know where to start. I used to pay $60 for hair care products, but now I only pay$15 for the same results I get with the Garnier Fructis products. It is amazing. It smells great. My hair is soft. My hair is amazing! I have found the best product so far. The products by the FAR are Beats Deva Curl, L'OrĂ©al and Pantene.

👤It's a good idea to use it after getting out of the shower. It helps you avoid the pain and frustration that my curly haired friends and I have to deal with every day to make our hair look like we actually care for it! After a shower, rub some in your hair to make it look better. You simply put a quarter sized amount up in your hand and ran your fingers through your hair, knowing that you didn't even brush your hair after your shower. This cream makes me want to eat candy.

👤My previous brand was no longer available when I bought this hair product. This one is good for my hair. It makes the waves softer to keep them from looking bad. It's a big deal to me that it's not crisp. The smell is fresh and subtle. It is a great product to use after showering.

👤It was a good moisturizer. It does contain silicones, which is not curly girl friendly.

👤It's perfect for curly hair. Don't be afraid to try this product. It smells great.

👤This is my favorite oil and cream for curly hair. It is affordable. I don't have to add weight to my hair. I can either have my hair straight or curly. I usually use a cream and an oil in my hair, but this product works on its own.

👤If you have curly hair, this line is for you. When I got out of the shower, I could see more definition in my hair. The leave in conditioner is great. When I want to wear my hair natural, I will always use this line. It makes my hair look more defined, and keeps it from getting frizzy.

👤My very active 2 year old has very tight hair. This leave in has saved my life. It was easy to comb through her tangles after using this product. Her hair is still soft and bouncy.

👤My daughters have curly hair that gets dry easily but it is workable and soft. I use it before braiding. Even after their braids come out, their hair is still beautiful. It's better than the salon brands at the specialty stores.

👤My hair didn't like the product. I was expecting a softer hair texture but it turned out to be crisp. I have curly hair. Maybe someone with fine hair appreciates this more. I was misled by the name of the product. It has a 3 star rating, plus the manufacturer, so it hasn't disappointed. I like the products from Garnier.

👤This isn't the item advertised. They are trying to get rid of old product and make it look new. I purchased an orange bottle 5 years ago and it's still sitting in my bathroom. This product is not for curly hair.

10. Aussie Miracle Curls Collection Conditioner

Aussie Miracle Curls Collection Conditioner

Your complete regimen includes one. One (1) bottle of fla oz hair product. There are one (1) deep conditioner, one (1) spray gel, one (1) detangling milk, and one (1) oil hair treatment. Curls, curls, and curls: get the most hydrated, shiny, defined, and nourished Curls you've ever laid your eyes on, with long- lasting frizz control. Exotic ingredients include coconut and Australian Jojoba oil. Curls are held in place with a styling lineup made exclusively for curly girls. Australian products are never tested on animals.

Brand: Aussie

👤I have always had a hard time finding a good hair product. It could either be left messy or unable to brush it. I love Aussie Miracle Curl. I don't have to use a lot of product because I can let it air dry.

👤I have had a mess of my hair for as long as I can remember. I knew it had a wave. I had no idea what to do. I thought I'd give it a try. After showering, deep conditioning, and dry with product in, this is before showering. I think it works for me.

👤This product line is great for my hair. It adds shine to your hair. I have mostly 3C hair and it works well.

👤The smell of this collection made my hair feel soft, but it weighed down and ruined my hair. Since I bought it to give my hair definition, I'm really disappointed. I'll use it when I want to change my hair color.

👤I was very excited to receive my package. . There are two conditioners and no hair product. I paid for the full set and ended up paying less for a separate hair product. Not good.

👤I'm in love with this set. I was concerned about committing to a line and price. My hair has gotten rough and tangles prone and I'm not getting haircuts or shopping for products whenever I feel like it. I've had good experiences with Aussies before. I decided to take the plunge. The products were nicely packaged in a gift box. The 3 minute miracle was bigger than expected and the products were a decent size. The only product I haven't used is the refresher spray. I now feel like a million bucks for hair texture. I'm not getting noticeable results with my hair, but it's getting better for the look and feel. I had to wash my hair more because the Garnier Curl line weighed it down after a day, so you decide if that is worth it. I love Aussies, it's great. I don't understand why I go away from it. If I knew a girl just starting to build or rebuild her hair routine, I would buy this as a gift.

👤The packaging was amazing when it arrived next day. There are no damages to the box. My hair looked fresh and hydrated. My hair loves this stuff.

👤It's great for curly hair. My daughter's 3c/4a curly hair is usually laid down and curled up beautifully with baby lotion, but it didn't work for me. I use it for my Brazilian deep wave bundles.

👤The best hair care product for my girl.

11. SheaMoisture Coconut Hibiscus Style Fluid

SheaMoisture Coconut Hibiscus Style Fluid

The leave-in hair treatment product makes curly hair soft, shiny, bouncy and frizz-free. You can use this anti-frizz cream for curly hair on a daily basis. The Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk helps to hydrate, reduce breakage and provide hair definition. This curly hair milk, made with Silk and Neem Oil, will give your hair a soft and silky feel. They are produced with care. Natural hair care is made with love. fair trade is pioneered through community commerce. This curly hair cream is made with no harmful ingredients. It has been tested on their family for generations and never on animals. The style of the dispensers is Squeeze.

Brand: Sheamoisture

👤This product is great for washing and styling natural hair. I would recommend this product for hair types 3b 3c and 4a. I used it to make my hair pop. After deep conditioning, I add a leave in conditioner to damp hair. I add this product last and comb through my hair and let it dry for a week.

👤I find that if I apply it to my freshly washed hair, that it works well, because I just squeezed the excess water out of my hair, and applied in moderation. I'm sensitive to scent and so a lot of the other leave in products are out based on scent alone, this is one that I am not allergic to and so it's my go-to. My hair is long and thin, and I use a large amount. I use prayer hands to apply it and then comb it through. I put my hair in a microfiber towel for about 10 minutes and I think it's the perfect amount for my hair.

👤I have naturally curly hair and I am trying to get it back to being healthy by using the curly girl method. I got cantu curl activator because I couldn't get the other one on Amazon during this time. I am very happy that I did. The cream does a better job. It makes my hair soft and bouncy. I have included a video to show how bouncy it is. It has a strong coconut scent. This might be too strong for some people, but I love it.

👤I only had this product for less than an hour. I only tried a small amount of it and I am writing a review. The scent alone made me fall in love with it. My hair is soft moist and smells like paradise, if that's even a scent. I can't wait to get the full experience with the products tonight. I didn't rate the drying properties because my hair isn't dry. The answer is no if they mean it. It's really moist as in not dried out. In m6 hair is dried out in no time. Not with this. I highly recommend it.

👤It holds curls and is great for hair.

👤I have been on a "curl journey" and have been searching for the perfect leave that was affordable. I wanted this to be the one. I have 2c/3a hair that is very coarse and needs a lot of hydration, but this was too much and left my hair feeling greasy. I tried to use less the next time I used it, but it left my hair with a bad smell. I had read about people having trouble with the bottle. I didn't think it would be a big deal. I had to take the cap off because it was hard to get out of the bottle.

👤I have been using this product for a long time. Whenever I wash and dry my hair, I use it as an intense moisturizer. I use this after I dry my hair to start my process of repairing it.


What is the best product for cake hair products curly set?

Cake hair products curly set products from Marc Anthony. In this article about cake hair products curly set you can see why people choose the product. Sheamoisture and Cake Beauty are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake hair products curly set.

What are the best brands for cake hair products curly set?

Marc Anthony, Sheamoisture and Cake Beauty are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake hair products curly set. Find the detail in this article. Yamyone, Garnier and Aussie are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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