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1. 3 Tier Cupcake Cardboard Bithday Wedding

3 Tier Cupcake Cardboard Bithday Wedding

This display case is easy to install and includes all the necessary hardware for a smooth and rapid experience, unlike similar products on the market. The cake stand is made from thick paper material, which makes it more stable and durable. You will get a package that includes 2 sets of cupcake stands for the price of one. The cake stand is made of silver paper. The cardboard dessert tower is easy to assemble and disassemble, which is convenient for storage and space-saving. The cupcake holder is disposable and reuseable. Great for baby showers, weddings, parties, bakeries, food display, graduation parties. It can be used as a cupcake stand in the kitchen or as afternoon tea at home. The top dia is 7.2"/18.3 cm, the middle dia is 8.52"/24.2 cm, and the bottom dia is12"/30.5 cm.

Brand: Atrdto

👤When you pick up a cupcake, the others side tilts and cupcakes fall off, it's very poor quality.

👤Cheap cardboard. I had to order some plastic ones.

👤It wasn't sturdy when it fell apart.

👤My daughter's baby shower was held at my house. The stands were easy to assemble and were the perfect way to display my cupcakes. They were a hit. The display made it easy to see.

👤The product looks great and works well.

2. 3 Tier Cupcake Stands White Cardboard

3 Tier Cupcake Stands White Cardboard

It can be used for a child's birthday party, baby shower, baby boy shower, bridal shower or other special day celebration. It can be used as a cupcake stand in the kitchen or as afternoon tea at home. The cupcake holder has a scalloped edge. Easy to assemble; measures 12 x 12 x 13 in. It's ideal for parties, events, weddings, anniversaries, celebrations, and banquets. The paper board is made of quality 1400 GSM. There is an instruction sheet with the cupcake stands.

Brand: Sparkle And Bash

👤It was ok, and did the trick for the baby shower. I thought it was as strong as I thought, but it wasn't. We threw it away once we were done with it.

👤It was perfect for my tea party. Could paint to change it.

👤The product was simple and quality.

👤These were easy to assemble and very sturdy. Looked very nice.

👤Looked very good on the table.

3. Cupcake Plastic Serving Display Wedding

Cupcake Plastic Serving Display Wedding

If the product makes you unhappy, they will replace or refund you. The cupcake stand is made of food safety PP material and is small and lightweight. It's perfect for having a wedding or birthday party. The tiered serving stand are full of grace and romantic feeling and carved with sleek edges and wavy flower patterns. The cupcake tiered stand is sturdy and stable by connecting the tiers with pillars and screws. It is easy to assemble and requires no tools. The cupcake white stand can be used at many parties such as birthday party, tea party, baby showers, graduations, weddings, Christmas, Thanksgiving and more. Trust their excellent customer service and buy with confidence. If you have a problem with the cake stand, please email them and they will fix it for you.

Brand: Hoedia

👤It was very cheap, even for plastic. There were hanging chads in the tiers where the center hole was not punched out. There were jagged plastic bits that needed to be cut off using an X-acto before use. It didn't stand up completely once assembled. The top tier didn't look strong enough to handle more than two cupcakes. It's definitely a one-time use product.

👤Not worth the money. Very flimsy! Within seconds, I got a small crack. It is not sturdy enough to hold cupcakes without the risk of it sipping over. I put a couple cupcakes on it and it is wobbly. It is ridiculous. If you want it to hold cupcakes, try something that is not a cheap thin plastic.

👤I ordered several for an afternoon tea. I had to use glue and a screw that I had available to make up for the two that did not have all the screws.

👤Comes as described. It is pretty and elegant, but when you touch it or pick it up it feels like a Barbie doll house. I wouldn't suggest putting a lot of weight on it.

👤Aunque tienes una ves de eso, pero tienes porque no tena de otra. La puse algo para permaneciera derecho.

👤It was used for my sister's wedding. It was easy to assemble but wobbly. It did its job.

👤I needed it for what I needed it for. The deserts were light enough to hold it, but too heavy to hold veggies.

👤If you put something heavy on it, it won't blow over with the wind if you use it outdoors. Overall a great deal.

4. Boards Cardboard Cupcake Dessert Decorating

Boards Cardboard Cupcake Dessert Decorating

The round 3-tier dessert stands measure 12 inches in height when assembled, the widest layer of the cupcake stands is 11 inches, the mid layers are 8.25 inches, and the top layers are 6.5 inches in diameter. There are many kinds of desserts and pastries on display. Sturdy cake cardboard. The cake round keeps it from collapsing. They are made of food grade cardboard material, freezer safe, sturdy and durable, and will not bend easily. The dessert board is easy to use, it has a small tab on the side for convenient serving and handling. The mini cake boards are ideal for displaying cupcakes, mini cakes, pastries, mousse cakes, chocolates, brownies, and other pastries. They are great mini dessert bases for weddings, birthday parties, bakeries and other commercial uses.

Brand: Hulless

5. UltraOutlet Cardboard Cupcake Birthday Graduation

UltraOutlet Cardboard Cupcake Birthday Graduation

It's a perfect gift for Housewarming, Thanksgiving, Chrismas or New Year. The extra value pack is for people. You will get a package of cupcake stands for the price of one. The gold paper cake stand is great for cupcakes, desserts, and donuts. The cupcake stand has a height of 15 inches, a top diameter of 6.3 inches, a middle diameter of 8.5 inches, and a bottom diameter of 11.4 inches. It can hold up to 20 cupcakes. It is easy to exaggerate. The cardboard dessert tower is easy to assemble and disassemble, which is great for storage and space-saving. It's the same for all of them. The cupcake holders can be used to decorate wedding parties, birthday parties, graduation parties, baby showers, evening parties or other special events. The dessert tower has cupcakes and donuts on display. The cupcake stand is made from hard cardboard. It is a sturdy paper cake stand that holds cupcakes, donuts, and desserts. It's a great gift for your family and friends.

Brand: Ultraoutlet

👤It was great for our son's birthday party. I'm saving them for reuse. I plan to glue or tape it after it got wet. As long as they stay dry, I could get at least 3 or more uses from them. It is easy to clean. I kept the packages they came in with. Good purchase!

👤I wanted to do a cupcake display for the party. They worked well. I didn't find these to be re-usable and they need to be a little more rigid. My cupcakes had a chocolate decoration as well, so they were heavier. If needed, I would purchase again.

👤The cupcake stand was sturdy. It was easy to assemble.

👤This was used for a birthday party. They held up well, but it was nerve wracking to put cupcakes on them. They could have fallen.

👤It will definitely jazz up your deco. It is very easy to assemble. Completely disposable.

👤The cupcake stands were a hit at our party. Would buy again.

👤Get value for money. It is very sturdy and pretty.

👤It is in time for when I need them. It looks flimsy at first, but when put together, it holds up very well.

6. Rectangle Disposable Cardboard Platters Birthday

Rectangle Disposable Cardboard Platters Birthday

It's easy to see what's inside a clear container. It was made in the USA. The Gift Boutique White Tray with Gold Rim Set is made of heavy duty disposable paper. It gives your cake an amazing presentation which is sure to impress all your family and friends. You can use the disposable trays for a variety of purposes, from a buffet to hold any pastries, cupcakes, or dessert platter. The most popular cake size is the 9 x 13 inch gold foil rimmed white trays, which are the right size for all your fruit platter, cookies, candy, desserts, treats and more. The design of the tray and the decorative edges make it look impressive to your guests and will match any kind of affair you might have. You can enjoy more time with friends and family at any party if you use disposable paper. Food can be kept in high quality paper cardboard trays for a long time. They are food safe and don't have any unpleasant odors.

Brand: Gift Boutique

👤My daughter's baby shower is coming up and I wanted to use some of these for treats. They were perfect for the occasion because they were disposable. I didn't use all 10 of them. I saved them again.

👤I wanted something to dress up gifts of cookies, muffins, etc and these are beautiful for what is essentially a reinforced and sturdy paper plate. The plate has a design on it. The person who received my cookies was impressed with the presentation. I will buy these again.

👤We used them for our daughter's wedding. We put cupcakes on them. They served their purpose and were pretty. I might order them again. They worked for what we needed.

👤They look great! They are well made and pretty. Will purchase again.

👤I bought the trays to make cookies for the family. Some people had to pick up the tray because they couldn't believe it was cardboard. They are very good quality and a great deal. We don't entertain very often. I have 9 more of these trays in the cabinet and I am happy about it.

👤I used this product to deliver baked goods to my family. I thought they could enjoy some baked goodies from me since I am unable to spend Christmas with them. The plates were sturdy and elegant. I thought I had put together two plates. I would buy them again.

👤They are durable and beautiful. It looked like ceramic or glass, but you wouldn't know until you touched them. I fried hot wings and it held up well. They are large as well.

👤I am very pleased with the product. I used it to make cheese trays for Hanukkah parties. People were very nice.

7. 3 Tier Cupcake Holders Dessert 3 Piece

3 Tier Cupcake Holders Dessert 3 Piece

Sturdy cardboard is easy to use. It is easy to assemble and disassemble with a strong central stand and colorful discs. It can be used again and again. A gold foil border will instantly elevate your dessert display at a baby shower, gender reveal, or birthday party with their 3-tier dessert stands and 13.25-inch cake holder. Use the gold foil rimmed cardboard dessert stands to display cupcakes, cookies, muffins, donuts, brownies, or cheesecakes. Add a touch of class to your party by placing the 3 tier dessert stand on the buffet table for an upcoming wedding reception, baby shower, or birthday party. The cake stand set is made from cardboard and easy to assemble. The round 3-tier dessert stands measure 12 inches in height when assembled, the widest layer of the cupcake stands is 11 inches, the mid layers are 8.25 inches, and the top layers are 6.5 inches in diameter.

Brand: Sparkle And Bash

👤I needed the stands to hold cupcakes and a small cake, and they were good for that. I didn't have enough room for the cupcake toppers I wanted to use. They were wobbly when moved. They looked great and held the cupcakes. It works great if you just need it for a display that doesn't need to be adjusted.

👤The cup cakes have to be placed on the edge of the stand.

8. Piping Bags Disposable 200 Pack

Piping Bags Disposable 200 Pack

It's perfect for alternating between colors when decorating cupcakes. Is it possible that you are TIRED of small ICing and ballooning? The disposable frosting piping bags they created at Craftit were easy to fill and use, and held more than the standard 9 inch opening. The 200 tipless piping bag makes creating in the kitchen fun and simple. It's a shame to use small plastic bags that are dispensable. Their disposable bags are made from heavy-duty plastic. The thick design helps prevent the bag from breaking under pressure. The royal icing piping bags are kept closed so that nothing spills out of the other side. These disposable chocolate and cupcake piping bags are microwave safe and have the ability to hold a large pastry bag. Their set of icing bags can handle anything from frozen to hot food. Use disposable icing bags in the microwave or hot water to heat chocolate, mashed potatoes, or any other item. You can easily fit their tipless piping bags on any coupler with icing tips. Their replaceable plastic bags come in a handy holder with a hard closed lid. The box they have allows you to pull out one pre-cut small tipless piping bags at a time. There was no exces or accidentaltears. A professional quality baking and cake decorating experience is perfect for budding home bakers and professional pastry chefs. They aim to bring you Professional quality kitchen essentials, cake decorating supplies, and more at affordable prices. Leya created Craftit Edibles to make your time in the kitchen a joy, and your baking masterful, even for beginners. Need assistance? Don't hesitate to reach out.

Brand: Craftit Edibles

👤This is a great kitchen accessory. The bags are even thicker and the box is dishwasher proof. You have to love it. I will be applying the icing on my cakes now. I would recommend this to my baking friends.

👤These bags are wonderful. I started using them for chocolate. Take a handful of chocolate chips and microwave for 30 seconds, knee the bag a bit and repeat until all chips are melted, cut the tip of the bag and leave. The bag has a good feel to it. I will never use a different bag again. Love them, they are wonderful.

👤I love these bags. I am the Pastry Chef for a large supermarket chain and they are perfect for small jobs or when there are many colored frotsting involved.

👤I love these bags. I don't wash them out, but you could. I don't want my sink and pipes to be tortured by my icings. It's a good thing. I don't feel bad for washing them out because they are inexpensive and I wasting them. There is no seam. The best part of these bags is that there is no seam. Will purchase from you.

👤These are useful. I would have liked to have found them sooner. Most of the time, we just cut the bag. The green wasn't tight enough to prevent leaks. I will try to wrap it twice.

👤I was looking for a bag that was sturdy. I'm very happy that my cupcakes worked out perfectly.

👤I love these bags! The box makes it easy to get to them. They can be used all the time to help me fill the cups without a decorating tip.

👤Quality bags. I used one of these disposable piping bags for my daughter's birthday cake, and they are so strong that I would have spent another few dollars on this, even though they are so strong.

👤It's not so thick that it's difficult to pipe with, but it's an excellent product. I've been able to use tips from three different brands because of the great filling qualities of the angled tops. Thank you so much!

9. Gold Cardboard Round Board Boards

Gold Cardboard Round Board Boards

Use this cake tray to make your cake display more impressive. It will make your cake stand out and make everyone notice it. You can use it to make cakes for weddings, birthday parties and baby showers, and it's also very suitable for bakery displays. The cake round is made of food grade 2.5mm thickness cardboard boards. The surface of the cake base is slip resistant. The package and size includes 3 cardboard cake rounds. It's perfect for home baking and cake decorating. The surface is oil / water resistant and it has a elegant and simple design. cake rounds can be used as a tray for cupcakes, a centerpiece on a dessert table, or as a pizza pie board. It's ideal for various events such as a wedding, birthday, baby shower party, etc.

Brand: N

👤It's great for cakes. I think it's a good idea.

👤It was what I expected and worked out for me.

10. Hapray Glitter Plastic Cocktail Stirrers

Hapray Glitter Plastic Cocktail Stirrers

Quality assurance is great. The sticks are made of durable quality plastic, toxic free and odor free, safe to use, disposable for easy clean up, or hand wash for reuse, great for daily use. The great size fits most small coffee cups and disposable lid, which is ideal for stirring your favorite cocktails and mixed drinks. Clear plastic pick stirrers with ball on top and glitter golden pieces are popular and contemporary design to keep fruit and vegetable garnishes in place. It's great for mixing drinks such as coffee, tea, juice, mixed drinks, cocktails, hot chocolate, etc. Use as cake pops and stir sticks, great addition to a cocktail party, anniversary reception, baby shower, wedding, bridal shower and any other party or events.

Brand: Hapray

👤I like a flat stir sick when I stack olives. These are perfect. Love the pink color. It was what I wanted and a great price.

👤The pink stir sticks with tissue, ribbon and a couple pieces of candy are a perfect gift for a neighbor.

👤I bought them for everyone to eat. It would recommend 100% value for the money.

11. Jucoan Dessert Display Cupcake Serving

Jucoan Dessert Display Cupcake Serving

The cake stand set is easy to install. Attach the tray top to the base and it will be ready to display. It is easy to wash by using a wet cloth. The Jucoan dessert stand is made of high strength iron and has anti-rust qualities. The base is heavier for stable holding. The best way to display cakes, cupcakes, candies, cookies, muffins, pastries and any other dessert is with these golden metal cake stands. The round cake stand is very nice and stylish, perfect for any occasion. The cake stand is easy to assemble and can be dismantled when not used, it is convenient to store and carry. There are three different sizes of cake stands, Large cake stand, Middle cake stand. The small cake stand is perfect for showcasing your favorite cakes and desserts at any wedding, birthday party, baby shower, anniversary, afternoon tea, and any other event or special occasion.

Brand: Jucoan

👤No tienes suficiente fuerte para resistir un cake de 2 lbs o ms, para postres y cake pequeos.

👤Muy hermosos, justo. Entrega a rpida.


What is the best product for cake holder disposable?

Cake holder disposable products from Atrdto. In this article about cake holder disposable you can see why people choose the product. Sparkle And Bash and Hoedia are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake holder disposable.

What are the best brands for cake holder disposable?

Atrdto, Sparkle And Bash and Hoedia are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake holder disposable. Find the detail in this article. Hulless, Ultraoutlet and Gift Boutique are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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