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1. NWK Cupcakes Pedestal Birthday Graduation

NWK Cupcakes Pedestal Birthday Graduation

Vdomus customer service will provide friendly and easy-to-reach support if you have any problems with their products. Extra large plates and extra high struts can hold 1218 standard size cupcakes. The bottom tier plate diameter is 10.9, the middle tier plate diameter is 8.8 and the top tier plate diameter is 7.8. The style is elegant and classic. This classic cupcake stand will impress your guests. The cupcake stand is made of three tier hollow-out white plates and gold struts, and will go with any home style and party theme. It's lightweight, portable and wide, perfect for weddings, baby showers, Easter parties, and any other occasion where display holders for cupcakes, cookies, candies, desserts, snacks, donuts, pies, bakery etc., are needed. The user manual is included. It takes less than 3 minutes. It is easy to clean with warm soapy water and soft cloth.

Brand: Nwk

👤The stand is wobbly even if it is easy to put together. It was a waste of money because it couldn't hold cupcakes without shaking.

👤It was not sturdy and difficult to put together, so I was hesitant to buy it. It is very simple if you follow the instructions. For a product under $10 and for a 6 year old birthday party cupcakes, I am very impressed. I think it looks great because it is just to hold cupcakes for a princess party.

👤I ordered 2 of these last month for an event at the end of this month. Unpacked them tonight. Everything was packed perfectly and assembly was easy. Right away, I got to the second one. There was hair on a couple of the plates and it was not packed as nice. I don't have to wash it. I look for the plastic screw that holds it together. It's not there. Someone has already put this dam thing together if you look at the piece that would have been attached to the screw. I feel like this thing has been used. It's not cool. The screw that holds the whole thing together isn't there. You give a person the option of buying used items.

👤They are cute, but not very structural. Everyone is worried the cupcakes will fall off because they lean a lot. It doesn't sit straight no matter how tightly you assemble it. I think they are just decent for the price. It was noticeable to me and the guest of honor, but not to everyone else.

👤We got cupcakes at the local cupcake maker to support our local businesses, but had to present them in style at my daughter's birthday party. My wife did that. The cupcake stand and dessert tower serving tray was perfect for her birthday and we will use it again. It is large enough to hold 1218 cupcakes and large enough to hold your beautiful cake icing. It has a bottom tier plate diameter of 10.9'', a middle tier plate diameter of 8.8'', and a top tier plate diameter of 7.1''.

👤My son's 100 days party is coming up and I want to hold 2 dozen cupcakes on two trays. I had no time to check it out as it came in two packages. We had no choice but to use 2 layers instead of 3 because of the package that came with wrong parts. The other one that comes with the right parts was really bad. It kept moving even though it didn't stay firm. I went cheap in hopes of saving some money, but I guess that's not what you want to do.

👤I wanted to display cupcakes at the baby shower. They were easy to assemble and are cute. They are plastic and not very sturdy, but if you take care of assembling them and arranging them, they will work perfectly. The price was reasonable and I needed something in a pinch. I disassembled them for easy storage after the party. This is a great place to display cupcakes occasionally.

2. Jucoan Dessert Display Cupcake Serving

Jucoan Dessert Display Cupcake Serving

The cake stand set is easy to install. Attach the tray top to the base and it will be ready to display. It is easy to wash by using a wet cloth. The Jucoan dessert stand is made of high strength iron and has anti-rust qualities. The base is heavier for stable holding. The best way to display cakes, cupcakes, candies, cookies, muffins, pastries and any other dessert is with these golden metal cake stands. The round cake stand is very nice and stylish, perfect for any occasion. The cake stand is easy to assemble and can be dismantled when not used, it is convenient to store and carry. There are three different sizes of cake stands, Large cake stand, Middle cake stand. The small cake stand is perfect for showcasing your favorite cakes and desserts at any wedding, birthday party, baby shower, anniversary, afternoon tea, and any other event or special occasion.

Brand: Jucoan

👤No tienes suficiente fuerte para resistir un cake de 2 lbs o ms, para postres y cake pequeos.

👤Muy hermosos, justo. Entrega a rpida.

3. Display Graduation Birthday Anniversary Ceremony

Display Graduation Birthday Anniversary Ceremony

Size:11.7 is x 8. For cake less than 11 inches in diameter, the height is suitable. Made of 100% food grade plastic, it's environment friendly and stable. The white cakes stands are easy to assemble and clean. It's perfect for displaying your cakes, cupcakes, cookies, fruit, or other desserts. The cake display stand is suitable for all occasions, like parties, birthdays, weddings, baby showers, holiday gatherings, Christmas and other events. High temperatures and high pressures should not be treated.

Brand: Klaskware

👤We bought a cake stand for our wedding and we were very happy with it. It was easy to travel with the stand as it was simple to assemble and it held our cake perfectly. We simply washed our wet clothes with a paper towel. Highly recommended!

👤I bought several cake pedestals because I was not sure which one would work best. This was the best choice. It is break proof if it is the same color as the picture. I bought pink and blue for a dual birthday party and they were beautiful and looked much more expensive than they were. There is an 8” round cake on the stands.

👤I received a box. There was cake on it. Why am I paying full price for something that is not used?

👤The cake stand is sturdy and nice. The stand is level and easy to turn so it's perfect to decorate with. The top plate portion of the cake stand can be used if you want, but the plate portion can also be used if you want. I like that the stand is decorative and makes a great showpiece for my cakes. The stand design is a solid color and works well with any cake design I am working on.

👤This cake stand is amazing! The pieces are easy to assemble and screw on and off. It's easy to store. I put the pieces back in their packaging after saving the box. It is easy to clean. I removed the cake before smashing it for my daughter's first birthday and cake smash photoshoot. I can't wait to use the cake stand again.

👤I bought a few stands for my baking business. I thought they were porcelain stands. They are actually a substance called melamine. The base can be removed from the platter, which is nice for easier storing, and they look very similar to my porcelain stands, which you can't even tell, even though they are made of melamine. I will keep them.

👤Many products are falling apart even when new. This isn't the case here. I was surprised by this purchase. I was not sure what to expect, but I trusted the reviewers and they were correct.

👤I love this stand. I kept it in the big store. I wish it was more durable for this reason. It's a great product. All parts were screwed up nicely. It is easy to clean. It looked great.

👤I got the stand on time and I like the way it was packed. It can be a great gift. Can hold cakes and more. I like 2 things. My girls love purple. It is not something you use every day, so it is made of two pieces. If you don't have room to display, you can easily store it. It was wonderful.

👤My son had a birthday cake. We used a cardboard under the cake to make sure the knife wouldn't scratch the surface. It is easy to store.

👤I was surprised to see a broken piece, but I was able to reassemble it. It's a stand that I use daily.

4. NWK Cake Plate

NWK Cake Plate

The package includes a 7.8" cake stand, a 9.8" cake stand and a 11.8" cake stand. They will be happy to service you if you have a question. The extra large cake plate can be used for a large cake. It is made of thick plastic and has non-slip pads. The centerpiece is made of beautiful lace patterns and can be easily decorated with any party theme. Light weight, reuse and wild applications, ideal indoor and outdoor use in any occasion: display holders for cupcakes, cookies, candies, desserts, snacks, donuts, pies, bakery etc., perfect for wedding birthday tea baby shower thanksgiving Christmas new year party or just simply Each cake stand comes with bonus string lights, which make it possible for it to be stylish and magical. It is easy to install. The user manual is included. It takes less than 3 minutes. They are easy to clean with warm soapy water and soft cloth.

Brand: Nwk

👤It was easy to make her party unique.

👤The light is easy to put together but not as visible as the picture shows.

👤It cost more than the cake stand I got at Walmart. I don't have time to return it since I don't have time during the holidays, so I'm very disappointed that it showed up broken.

👤It's horrible. Don't buy because it's too fragile.

👤I just opened it and am past my return window, so there isn't a contact seller option. The legs won't fit together. I was given two female portions. Can someone please send me the correct leg so that I can use it?

👤I thought it was difficult to attach the lights to the plate, but I was able to do it. The number of bulbs is the same as the holes and spaces around the plate so it was easy after a few times. There are lights around the plate. I get the pleasure of looking at it lighted on the table, even though I don't have a chance to use it. I hope the batteries last a long time.

👤A little cheap but pretty.

👤A nice complement to your display.

👤Arrivato rotto al centro dove.

👤It is impossible to assemble Le produit.

👤The cake stand has dainty fairy lights. It is easy to assemble by cutting the bottom pieces from the cake board and threading the fairy lights through the pre cut holes around the edge of the stand. It's made from clear plastic which is light in weight. The lights add a touch of class to the cake and make it look elegant. The product is great, it's recommended to anyone who wants something different to stand their cake/ dessert on.

5. Dessert Cookies Weedings Birthday Anniversary

Dessert Cookies Weedings Birthday Anniversary

The cupcake stand is elegant and gives you a sensory experience that you never had before. A beautiful gift box is included with each ceramic cake rack. The cake stand is used at weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, anniversary, and any other event. You can use it as a cake stand,cupcake stand,dessert candies stand, or serving tray. The base is weighted and has edge curling to make it strong on the table. Spot weeding technology makes cake plate more smooth. The gold cake stand is made from high-quality metal and finished with a shiny metallic finish. Product checking before shipping to make sure all items work. After-sale customer service is included in the one year warranty.

Brand: Huenlyel

👤This was a good option because I didn't want a typical pedestal cake stand. It looked great online, but when it arrived it felt cheap and rough, making the top part feel rough. If you try bending, the designs can be easily bent. It doesn't feel good in the hands, but it looks good sitting under a cake. I guess that's what matters. It can be used as a fruit bowl. Keeping it. Please tap if this review is helpful. Thank you.

👤Esto me, el pastel se vea. Muy buen material con robustez. A comprar un size ms grande. %Lo recomiendo.

👤The right height for a birthday cake is the perfect size. It's easy to carry with cake on top.

👤The baker had the cake board too wide.

👤I like the stand. It looked great with a white cake.

👤I like the cake stand, but it isn't as sturdy as I thought it would be, and it doesn't look as fancy as I thought.

👤The cake looks better after being placed on top.

6. BACUTHY Plastic Cupcake Birthday Graduation

BACUTHY Plastic Cupcake Birthday Graduation

The 3-tier design serving platter can save space and make your table clean and tidy. It is convenient to store and carry it when not used. The cupcake stand is made of food safety PP material, which is lightweight and can hold 1218 standard cupcakes, great for putting cupcakes, crackers, strawberries, chocolates, finger sandwiches and so on. This cupcake serving stand is carved with sleek wavy edges and is looking beautiful and elegant. The cupcake serving stands are easy to assemble and install in 3 minutes. It is easy to clean with warm soapy water and soft cloth. Perfect for wedding, engagement, birthday, party, baby shower, Christmas, thanksgiving, tea party, etc. Their 3 tiered cupcake stand is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee. They will do everything they can to make it right if you reach out to them.

Brand: Bacuthy

👤So chinchy. What do you think the price will be? The look for my daughter's birthday was compatible for storage. I wouldn't put a lot of stuff on cupcakes and cookies.

👤This was the perfect party for you to throw away. You can place cupcakes on top, but you have to fill the bottom first.

👤It is very small and cheap, not what I expected.

7. Kootek Turntable Decorating Accessories Decoration

Kootek Turntable Decorating Accessories Decoration

Premium Baking Supplies are made from food grade material and have strong, durable, and non-stick qualities. After use or wash, keep dry and clean. The essential cake decorating tool is 11 inches in diameter and can be used to create borders along the base or design a professional cake. Hidden ball bearings make the turntable turn smoothly, great for left- and right-handed decorators. Premium Material is made of food grade plastic. No worries about the elements being added to your food. The design of your cake prevents it from moving. It is easy to wash with a towel. The display stand is lightweight and easy to carry. White color can match any decor at your party.

Brand: Kootek

👤This is the worst turntable I have ever used. It has no motor, either direct drive or belt driven. It doesn't have a center spindle. It's impossible to make sure you don't get weird sound variations. The lack of a tone arm is the worst thing. It defeats the purpose of having a record player who doesn't have a tone arm. My wife told me that this is a rotating tray for decorating cakes, not a record player. My bad. Ahem. Let me start over again. And yes. I am a father. The budget option for people looking to decorate smaller cakes is the Kootek Cake stand. It is made of cheap plastic with six metal bearings in a plastic bearing ring and is unlikely to be suitable for regular cake making. The bearings work well, with the stand spinning easily. A review of this stand complained that a heavy 4 layer cake did not turn on. I put a 2 foot stack of heavy hardcover history books on it, way more than you'd expect a cake to weigh. It turned out to be a good thing after they left for a while. The cake stand is easy to disassemble. It's a great thing that decorating and eating cake can get messy. The turntable is made of three pieces, a platter, stand and bearing ring, which are held together by plastic clips on the bottom of the tray. The clips come apart because of a little pressure. I wouldn't wash the bearing ring because I don't want to lose the bearings, but the rest should be easy to wash. It's doubtful. The version of the product that lacks decorating tools has a note on it that says tools are enclosed. There was a demand for the tray without extras. There are several versions of this stand. If you are serious about making cakes and decorating or making heavy multi-layer cakes, go with a metal tray. It will hold up better to heavier use and have better bearings to allow for turning. For the casual cook and occasional baker, this cake is a great low budget option for decorating. Don't try to play records on it.

👤I have been waiting for a product that I can use to spend my acrylic skin and this is going to be perfect, I would suggest putting a piece of tape on the back of your picture frame to make it easier to spend without slipping off, if anyone has another idea please share.

👤This product has helped me a lot, it's cheaper than the turn tables I use for that. My paintings are looking better with this product.

👤I bought the cake turn table because I was going to make my daughter a birthday cake. I bought this one because of the positive reviews, and I'm happy I did! I was able to frost the cake because of the sturdy turn table. I made a mess with the frosting when I was making it. I thought I was a fancy cake baker when I was pretending to know what I was doing. I grabbed a napkin and wiped it down. The turn table is easy to clean. When I decided to move the cake to a new location, I picked the whole turn table up to make sure I didn't miss anything. It was sturdy and not wobbly. I'm very happy with this purchase and I'm looking forward to baking more cakes in the future. This turn table made it easier for a first time cake baker to frost a cake. It's a plus that it's cheaper than other brands.

8. HOMOKUS Halloween Christmas Decoration Anniversaries

HOMOKUS Halloween Christmas Decoration Anniversaries

If you have a question, please feel free to contact them and they will get back to you. Will you always control your kids daily sugar intake and give them a surprise at their birthday party? The cake pop stand is the best choice to display kids favourite candy. The stand is easy to clean and can be used many times. It can be used in many occasions, like a wedding party, baby shower, family activity, Christmas, afternoon tea, and so on. The stand is made of high quality acrylic and is food safe. The double-layer fixing hole design can make it difficult to swing from side to side with cake pops or lollipops. Their goal is to make you feel satisfied. If you're not happy with the product, just contact them and they'll give you a refund or send you a new one.

Brand: Homokus

👤I have to use every other hole if I make my cake pops too large because they touch each other. It's great for displays. Due to how close they get to the candy coating, it can cause some smudge and smearing if not careful. It's easy to clean and it seems sturdy. Kids have dropped them a few times, but they are the same as when I opened them.

👤I knew from other comments that the frame I was getting was not very strong. There needs to be more support in the middle. Pop's should stay in their position while moving, otherwise they will get damaged when they touch the tray. It needs holes to equal 24 instead of 21. Ppl do not order odd numbers. Don't remove the plastic screw holes when assembling. It is very short and so I worry that it will tip over, like cake pops, and become top heavy. I think it will be great for a throw away item. Not a lot of times. We will see.

👤Couldn't use them. It was an appealing buy because it came with two holes. The holes weren't large enough and the cake pops wouldn't stay straight up

👤It looks pretty, but it's not practical. If you lift the tray, the pops will slide through until the cake balls hit the first layer. The holes were too close for ice cream scoop-sized balls, so they had to skip spaces.

👤Not my favorite place to shop. The first order didn't arrive. The pieces to put the displays together wouldn't work after a free replacement order was placed. This one is close.

👤The stand is made of high quality materials and is easy to put together. The price for a double pack was less than 15 dollars. I highly recommend.

👤They hold 21 cake pops easily. There is no need for an assembly. They are wrapped in a plastic wrap.

👤Some sticks don't fit in the holes.

9. Tier Pink Stand Birthday Party

Tier Pink Stand Birthday Party

The product is made of plastic and may be warped a little after long-distance transportation. 60 degrees Celsius hot water can be used to rinse it. They will solve all the problems for you if you have any other questions. The size is:12.7inch. High quality cardboard. It's not easy to slip or tilt the base and tape. It is easy to fold and accept. It can be used many times. If the product makes you unhappy, they will replace or refund you.

Brand: Everforyou

👤Very cute and does the job. The pedals will rip too far if you bend them.

👤It's what I wanted and it's what I expected.

👤It was not easy to assemble the part for my grand baby's birthday.

👤Way to flimsy. Don't waste your money.

👤It worked well for my cake.

👤Good quality for a party.

👤It was bigger than expected. I only used one because it was very sturdy. The decor was good.

10. ANDGOO Lollipop Anniversaries Halloween Decorative

ANDGOO Lollipop Anniversaries Halloween Decorative

Before use, wipe with a clean, damp cloth. The lollipop holder is made of high transparent food grade acrylic. It will include engagement, wedding, birthday, baby shower, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Anniversaries, Halloween, party, etc. You can display your cake pops with the stand. The cake pop display stand passed strict approved tests. A double-layer design with a thick board can keep lollipops from tipping. They should look their best at any buffet or table. Each display stand is designed to hold up to 21 cakes. The double layer design makes it easy to fit pops into the stand. The cake pop holder is 11′′ x 4.7′′. Warm-tips. It's suitable for pop or lollipop sticks less than 5mm in diameter. Before using this lollipop stand, please remove the protective paper from both sides. The cake pop holder is easy to clean. You can wash and dry them. They will lay them flat and disassemble them. There is a 2-pack of cake pop stand. If the product is damaged during shipping, please contact them. Quality assurance and friendly customer service are provided for a year.

Brand: Andgoo

👤This is a good place to store cake pops. I am not a baker. I volunteered to make cake pops for my coworkers and their families. That ended up being more than 150 people. Talk about regretting that decision! I bought a couple of these stands. The stand would have been great if I had the correct cake pops sticks, but I ended up with cookie sticks which were too big to fit in the holes. Well, well, well. I got out the power drill and drilled some bigger holes. The plastic stayed together despite being cracked in multiple places. I would like the holes to be bigger so that people can get different sized cake sticks. The holes need to be a bit more straight. I don't think I was making cake pops that big, they would touch the drying stand. If I had made a different design, I had to skip a hole between them. I was happy to have bought 2 stands. It was easy to assemble and did its job. I put it into it by drilling bigger holes. It was easy to clean after. I would recommend them to a friend.

👤The first thing I noticed was that the holes were too small for the cute designer sticks.

👤This is a great stand. It was easy to assemble, attractive, and even came with a screwdriver. It's easy to store because I can take it apart. I didn't think I needed two stands but I ended up using both because the batter yielded more than I expected. I didn't want the cake pops to touch the chocolate when it was still hardening, so I placed them next to each other. I think it looks better this way for display purposes. I highly recommend this product.

👤The cake pop holder I ordered was terrible. The lining had to be peeled off. Returned quickly. I ordered these after taking a chance. What a difference! They had tabs on the lining. The screws and plastic spacers went on without a problem after it came all 4 sides. They provided two extra screws per set. There is a small screwdriver. This company is very deserving. They provided rubber feet so that the screws on the bottom don't scratch your surface. I will get the same ones if I need more. This purchase will not make you regret it.

👤I like these for displaying my cake pops in a retail store, but there needs to be one more layer of acrylic, maybe a half inch apart from the current bottom panel, on the very bottom, so that the stick don't slide down every time the display needs to.

👤To have the tabs where you need to peel off the protective film, to have everything in plastic bags, and to protect the bottom, you need to use plastic feet. There was a little card with all the instructions. I dropped one of the screws and couldn't find it. Extra screws were added just in case. I will purchase from this company again because these are so nice for the money. The 2 pk holds 42 cake pops. They are pretty as well, and they are a great value. Thank you!

11. Goabroa Lollipop Anniversaries Halloween Decorative

Goabroa Lollipop Anniversaries Halloween Decorative

The wings have to be folded slightly to create a 3D effect. This offer is for cake pop/lollipop display stands which are manufactured in high transparent 2mm thick acrylic which is food safe and sturdy. Each stand has been designed to hold up to 21 cakes. They are easy to clean and finished with a shiny and smooth edge, so you don't have to buy more if it gets dirty. Will save you money down the road. The double layer design makes the cake pop. It is easy to assemble and disassemble a flatpack. Store is easy to store when laid flat. The size is 11 inch long x 4 inch wide and 1.4 inch high. The inch is 3mm. Perfect for wedding party, birthday party, christening, bridal shower, bake sales, family events, shop window displays, afternoon tea party, etc. The modern design makes it easy to present your cake pops. It's more attractive for your party.

Brand: Goabroa

👤The product is described. It is impossible to pick up the stand without the cake pop sticks falling through the holes in the top and bottom of the stand. It is difficult to carry them from one place to another. It should have had a tray with no holes so the cake pops could be carried. It is not sturdy at all. It is very lightweight and flimsy. It does what it is supposed to do. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤This product is not helpful for the actual cake pop making and should only be used as a display. It is hard to clean this product because of the chocolate and frosting on it. The cheap material always looks bad. The cake pop sticks that I bought are too small for this stand, so you have to pick it up by the cake part since you can't really reach the sticks. Purchasing long cake pop sticks could solve this issue. This is not a good stand for cake pop making since the spaces between the different holes are small. If you dip your cake pop in chocolate and use it as a cooling stand, they will all fall on each other. This should only be used as a cake pop stand. Since there is no solid bottom, you can't transfer the cake pops on the stand, it's only an ok product. The product was disappointing and would not recommend it.

👤The cake pop stand was easy to assemble and clean. The kids were able to take out it at the gender reveal event I had set up. To save space, I would go with this because it is very easy to replenish cake pops.

👤My client loved the display and so did I. The table was beautiful because of it. I recommend anyone to purchase this for a party table display. It is easy to assemble.

👤The display case is awesome. I need to say that the thank you note is over. The display was made with film to keep it from scratching and the tools and supplies were in a separate bag with the little screw driver. My cake pops had to be spread farther apart because the display had 21 holes that would be great for lollipops. I was only able to place 12 because I squeezed three in the back. I know that it's not a problem. I'll buy two or three if they ever offer another version with the holes for cake pops. Such a cute product! I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤This item is made of glass. Plastic looks like glass. You will need to assemble this product. The product has all the tools needed. It will take a while. There are 21 lollipops on the stand. It is 5 inches in length and 11 inches wide. There are 2 inches between the bottom and top plastic. I didn't remove the plastic from the photos I showed. The product held the chocolate lollipop well and I have no issue with it falling over. It is light and easy to transport. Does it do what it is supposed to do? Is the best looking product. It's good. Thank you for taking the time to read my review. If you found this review helpful, please let me know by clicking on theHelpful button below. I would like to thank you in advance. I don't get paid for my reviews, but I try to help potential buyers make an informed choice.


What is the best product for cake holder stand plastic?

Cake holder stand plastic products from Nwk. In this article about cake holder stand plastic you can see why people choose the product. Jucoan and Klaskware are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake holder stand plastic.

What are the best brands for cake holder stand plastic?

Nwk, Jucoan and Klaskware are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake holder stand plastic. Find the detail in this article. Nwk, Huenlyel and Bacuthy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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