Best Cake Icing Bags Reusable

Bags 27 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Stainless Decorating 14×Nozzle Converter 3×Scraper

Stainless Decorating 14%C3%97Nozzle Converter 3%C3%97Scraper

The dishwasher is safe. Store tips inside the bulb when not in use. The kit includes 14 nozzles, a spatula, and a Silicone pastry bag, which you can use to create different patterns on cakes, cupcakes, pastries, pies and cookies. In case they don't rub each other. The entire pattern of the product needs to be kept fresh. The material is made of food grade silicone and steel which is safe and harmless. The cake decorating kit has everything for beginners and professionals. The cake board turntable makes it easy to get a smooth finish with the pallet knife. Reusable bags are available. Repeated use of non-stick, non-toxic, corrosion resistant can be done. It is easy to wash by hand or dishwasher. The size is 31x17 cm. The color is blue. The bag can be washed easily and can be easily trimmed. It is easy to squeeze and wash the interior. The rough exterior is good for gripping. You can use the icing piping tips with your kids and add family fun time in the kitchen with the seamless design of these piping tips.

Brand: Tailpa

👤I've been shown how to make a piping bag many times, but still can't get it right, so I bought this set. It is easy to use and improves my piping ability. It comes wrapped in plastic and doesn't have any instructions for fixing it. It is easy to clean and great value for money.

👤The icing set was basic. I used larger tips to decorate with cream cheese frosting and smaller tips to decorate with meringue frosting on cookies. There are many options of tips. I don't think the bags will last that long, but they should be easy to replace with plastic ones.

👤I haven't used it yet, but if I opened it from the package, it looked good and I liked it. I am not a cake person. I wanted it to be inexpensive and also an experience for my homemade tres leches cakes. I show the results after I use them.

👤I like having all the extra tips, but I might only use a few going forward. The bags look sturdy and have been cleaned up after 2 uses. The first time, the nozzle attachment is difficult. It makes sense after a few tries. I'm happy to not use plastic cases anymore. I need to figure out how to make my icing calories free.

👤This is a tryout for cake decorating. The bag is hard to work with. I think I will use those disposable plastic bags in the future.

👤The bags were very small. I used the first one to make buttercream frosting and put a hole in the bag.

👤I ordered this set to make a wedding cake. After a few years, the pieces get grungy. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the bags and tips. Excited to do the cake with new equipment.

👤I only had one bag for icing because one of the plastic rings did not fit. I have not contacted the company. I tried to make my granddaughter's birthday cake.

2. Weetiee Cake Decorating Supplies Tips

Weetiee Cake Decorating Supplies Tips

These will make each dish look special- ready for seconds. Simply look at the number engraved on the top of the tips and you can pick out the one you want. It's no longer necessary to guess which tip corresponds to which flower pattern, just as you did with some others' tips that only show Numbers in a flower pattern chart, but not on themselves! Various decorating patterns - make your desserts as creative as you want- 24 tips of different patterns, meet all your decorating ideas. Have you ever wanted to show people how creative you are and how great your cake is? Take the various decorating tips and be ready to impress them in no time. Icing Spatula & Flower Nail could not be simpler. A flower nail, a cleaning brush, and a spatula are just some of the things you can get with this item. With this handy set, you are all set for a great decorating journey that is easy to navigate. Storage Case with Exquisite Appearance is portable. An exquisite storage case with dividers not only stores all your cake decorating tools neatly and orderly for your next use, reflecting your refined attitude towards life, but also ensures anyone who loves baking will appreciate this decorating kit as a complete and amazing surprise! If there is an issue with their product, you are very welcome to contact them for a full refund or replacement, but they are sure this high-quality, non-toxic, food-grade frosting tips set will be yours. Click the button to add the item to your cart. Consider getting one for you and one for your best friend.

Brand: Weetiee

👤This product is great for beginners with many different tips in a box. I decided to return it because I compared the quality of the two products. The shapes of tips were off. It is large and ugly. It isn't what it shows on their picture. You can see the stitches on the tips. The shapes on some of the tips are changed due to stitches.

👤This is a great set for a beginner pastry chef. The set comes with a nice storage case. You include an insert of what each tip makes and the tips are numbered to make it easier for you. They give you 14 pastry bags, two of which are disposable and three of which are silicone, so you can have multiple bags ready to go. The set has an offset spatula for icing and a brush to clean up. This is a great gift. I couldn't find anything I disliked about this set. I am going to give more to my friends.

👤This is not a quality set but for the price, it is an extreme value. Everything was included and my tips were not bent. This set was very easy to use and I had never owned a piping bag before. There are many single piping tips that cost more than this set. I used the largest tip and one of the disposable bags to make deviled eggs. I'm going to try my hand at some cupcake decorating with a lot of different tips. A great set of tools for beginners is an AMZING value.

👤I know I should have had lower expectations for something at this price, but I thought the tips should be easy to get wrong. Some of the tips weren't the right shape, but they were the right shape. The re-useable piping bag and the box that comes in are good. I don't think I'll be using most of the piping tips in the future. The other items in this pack will be used instead of the piping tips I bought.

👤Half of the tips are not straight. I got this set for one star tip and it was fine. The bags are not damaged. I haven't used the ones that are reuseable yet. The tips are hard to get back right and the coupler doesn't work with other brands. It was not perfect, but it worked well. The spatula is not too big. The box does not shut all the way. It's funny. If you want good quality, I would look into getting a tip like that. The big metal seams on these are not nice. They don't show those in the pictures.

👤I bought the product for my sister and she loves how earth conscious and safe it is. This was a perfect gift for her to start baking because she has recently started baking with this coronaviruses. The package is easy to clean and use, it has a paper with the icing results for each tip and instructions on how to use it. It is a great buy for bakers and gifts. Definitely recommend!

3. ANSLYQA Reusable Silicone Couplers Decorating

ANSLYQA Reusable Silicone Couplers Decorating

There are multiple applications. These pastry bag ties can be used for many occasions, such as kitchen, cooking, bakery and parties, which are essential decorations for cupcakes, cookies, candies and pastry. Pastry bags were made from food grade silicone. The bag is made of Silicone. Reusable icing bags are in three sizes: 5x14 inch, 5x16 inch and 12x12 inch. 6 decorating bags ties, 6 small piping tips, 2 ball tips, and 2 russian tips are included. Piping bags are perfect for decorating cakes, biscuits, cupcakes, hot chocolate, and holiday desserts. Silicone frosting bag is easy to clean and can be used with any decorating tips. It is easy to squeeze and wash the interior. Use these pastry piping bag with large, medium or small tips easily. Attach a tip to the pointed end of the bag and fill it with frosting.

Brand: Anslyqa

👤I like how long these are. I was concerned that they weren't as thick as other Silicone products, so you can use tips and couplers with them. I like all the different sizes and am really pleased with them.

👤I like how these bags are sturdy and easy to clean, and at times I am able to reuse my piping bags if I am not too tired. I put everything in warm soapy water with a little white wine. I was able to get everything cleaned up.

👤The pastry bags are smaller than advertised. The bag on the left is the one I currently have and the bag on the right is what I received. Same size. I needed a lot of bags. The bag is not the correct size.

👤I wanted to try a bag made of silicone. I have tried canvas ones before and hated them, but also hated throwing out plastic bags. The size is large. It is easy to wash and hang up. They do a good job.

👤I bought these for my daughter and myself. She said they are the best ever. I can't wait to try them. The canvas turned hard when the disposables popped.

👤These blue disposable piping bags are great for big jobs. They are easy to pipe with, the big one holds a lot, and they are not difficult to clean.

👤I used these bags for decorating and they worked great. I haven't tried other consistencies of icing yet, but they are easy to clean and hold up well. Just wipe them and turn them inside out after you soak them a few minutes. Better for the environment too!

👤Silicone icing bags! There are lots of different sizes to fit. Love that they are disposable. I would really like to see the little screw on the top of these.

4. Kootek 42 Piece Decorating Supplies Decoration

Kootek 42 Piece Decorating Supplies Decoration

The RFAQK E.BOOK USER GUIDE FORBEGINNERS is for beginners. 3 cake recipes, method of cake baking, and leveling and icing cakes are included in the user guide. There are 3 frosting recipes, a step by step guide for using icing tips, and different kinds of icing tips. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The highest quality products are what drives them. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to them for a full and prompt refund. There are 30 different numbered icing tips, 2 Silicon Pastry bags, 3 Icing Smoother, 2 Couplers, and 2 Flower Nails. A pen and a flower lifter. Everything is kept in a storage case. There are cake decorating tips. Round, grass, open star, drop flower, leaf, rose, french, basketweave, petals, plain and closed star. Each of the tips creates a different design for different types of creations. Baking accessories are used to decorate cakes and Silicon pastry bags make it easy to switch tips. It's easy to swap out the tips. Attach the pen body with icing, jelly, honey, sauce and chocolate and squeeze the pen to write on cakes or cupcakes. All tips and accessories can be washed with a small brush. It's perfect for anyone who likes to decorate cakes, cookie, cupcakes, brownies, and pastries.

Brand: Kootek

👤I bought this set because I thought it was a good deal for the amount of products you receive in the kit. I was sad when I received the kit because the tips were not usable and felt cheap. I tried to reference the sheet detailing the tips and the designs they make, but I didn't get all the tips shown. I had 3 of the same tips and one that wasn't pictured. If you want a cheap set for just starting out and practicing, then this one is fine, but it is not very good. The icing bag, pen, flower nails, and other supplies are not horrible. I was contacted by customer service and they offered to send me a completely new kit with the correct tips. I went out and bought the correct tip, but they still apologetic and offered a full refund, even though I didn't need another kit. I changed my review to 3 stars because of the great customer service they provided and how eager they were to fix the problem. I will leave my original review because I believe this is a nice cheap set of tips for beginners or people wanting to experiment more with decorating.

👤I liked that. It had its own storage box. There are nozzles to try. A small brush is needed to clean the nozzles. The stand and scissors are included. 5. Silicone piping bags and different cake smoother designs have to be washed not to bend them.

👤I am just starting out in decorating and when a design asks for a #104 tip, I can't determine from the product which one they are asking for since they are not numbered. Maybe an experienced baker knows by the shape. If you are just starting out. The pictures and video I watched in the review section were the same ones I saw in the pictures.

👤I looked at a lot of these little packs. I settled for this one. I'm happy I did. There are some nice tools to play with. The bags are sturdy. The little pen is great for writing. I've only tried a few things. I can't wait to try the rest. The pack comes with a small box. It comes with a cleaning tool. I feel like I got the best value for my money.

👤I am not a baker. I like to bake and decorate cakes. It was easy to decorate this cake with these tools. It would not be perfect as I am still learning. If this product comes with a turntable and icing, this would be a complete set. The tips can have more designs. It looks like the tips are the same design. I had to use the one that looked in the picture because the leaf tip I was looking for was missing. The leaves are not pointed at the end.

👤It is great. They sent me two from the same leg.

👤I was very excited to get this product. I wanted my cupcakes to look cute for Easter. The product helped me achieve that. There are a lot of tip styles to choose from. Along with the other accessories, it comes with. Great product!

5. Reusable Silicone Couplers Standard Decorating

Reusable Silicone Couplers Standard Decorating

The cake piping bag can be used to depict various patterns to decorate cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and other baking works. 3 sizes (12''+14''+16'') of cake decorating bags are made of Silicone and can be used for piping tips. Food grade Sicilian bags. It was made of 100% food grade materials. Extra strength and resilience. The cake decorating kit is made of soft and durable silicone and is easy to reuse. It is easy to use and clean. Silicone icing bags can be trimmed and used with decorating tips. It is easy to squeeze and wash the interior. The rough exterior is good for gripping. You can make different patterns at the same time if you just screw on/off the nozzles. The user guide for dinner is by mail. A step by step guide for using icing tips is included.

Brand: Aisarch

👤The product is very nice. When you need the stability to pipe a nice design, they stretch to much. I would buy these for crumb coating a cake or for when the icing is too loose. These are not for bakeries.

👤Everything I needed for piping was included in the kit. I used it to make French macaroon dough.

👤The quality is very good.

👤The piping bags are easy to wash. I'm happy with them.

👤This product was easy to use and clean, and didn't take up much room for storage.

👤I bought these to make my body butters into Mason jars. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I can't make different designs with the same attachments.

6. Qozary Reusable Decorating Couplers Supplies

Qozary Reusable Decorating Couplers Supplies

Before use, wash in warm soapy water. Reusable piping bags can be used for different colors and can be used in multiple sizes. Each decoration piping tip has a number. You can see the result of the various piping tips from the pic or video. Plastic Couplers and Icing Bag Ties are plastic that fit for standard-size piping tips and can easily be swapped out. 9 icing bag ties, convenient bands, and a decorating bag. Take out icing and slide the tie down. Food grade bags and PP plastic couplers are safe for your family. You can decorate your cakes, pies, donuts and cookies at home. Silicone piping bag is eco-friendly and does not harm the environment. There is a free LIFETIME GUARANTEE. The quality of the bags set is something they are confident in. They will give you a full refund if you have a bad purchase experience, but they are sure you will love it!

Brand: Qozary

👤You have to figure out how to put the bags together. The tips are marked but there is no photos to show you what they will do. You have to remove the filling from the bag to change the tip. You have to get it right the first time.

👤It comes with everything I need to complete a cake or dessert, including frosting or decoration. The only problem I had was with the tips. The tips are not made well and the frosting doesn't come out the way it should. It works with the same size of tips even though it has different sizes of piping bags. It's recommended for people who like to decorate or people like me who just want to learn.

👤The size and feel is great, but I had some bags rip near the piping tip.

👤Did not receive the brush or metal tips.

👤Everything else is there even though the brush didn't come with it. It is easy to use and clean. I use it to make doughnuts and potatoes. There were no complaints.

👤Wow... they arrived the next day. I ordered them for an activity the next day with hopes that they would show up. I was happy when they arrived. They worked well and seem to last a long time. Children 3-12 years old had a cookie decorating activity. Thanks to these, it was a hit.

👤I have tried many different bags, and these are my favorite. I love the variety of sizes, the price was great, and I love that these work with and without the help of a coupler.

7. HUAFA Decorating Reusable Stainless Disposable

HUAFA Decorating Reusable Stainless Disposable

2 Couplers and 2 pastry icing bags ties are what you need. The icing bag ties can be used to wrap around your bag. The pastry bags are made from food-grade TPU materials, which are non-toxic and harmless, and can direct contact with foods and cooking materials. It is suitable for baking supplies, cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies, cake decorating and any other cookie decorating supplies. The kit contains all the supplies for decorating or practicing a cookie. There are 5 Reusable Silicone Piping bags, 20 disposable Pastry bags, 30 STAINLESS STEEL tips, 5 Coupler, 5 Icing bag Ties, and 1 Storage box. Ergonomic Design. ThePiping bags hook design makes it easy to clean. It's easier to use frosting bags if you keep your hands out of the frosting. It is easy to squeeze and wash the piping bags. The pastry bag can be trimmed and used with decorating tools. The cookie icing decorating set comes with a small plastic storage box, which can help you to avoid the messy desktop and the loss of small parts, greatly save your kitchen space and baking tools searching time. Reusable pastry bags can be used for dessert cooking, such as strawberries, sugar cookies, chocolate, donuts, and cupcakes. It's great for beginners, Baking lovers, Family, birthday, Wedding, Mother Day, Christmas, Easter, Housewarming and anniversaries.

Brand: Huafa

👤It is a nice starter kit. The interior seam is a bit thick and the tips are easy to bend but it will do the trick. It's nice that it has disposable bags and a storage box. I can keep all of my tips in one place. The Icing smoothers are an added bonus. I would recommend this set to anyone who is new to decorating.

👤There are lots of tips to play with. There are lots of bags for different colors. The flower tips are not exactly lined up at the seam, but it isn't noticeable when piping. It's all you need because of the extra stuff. The box is large enough to hold it all back in.

👤Everything is included in this kit. I like all of the different tips, and the icing smoothers are the icing on the cake. The storage container is small enough to hold everything. This set is a great gift for a beginning decorator because I have been decorating cookies for awhile.

👤Everything worked well. I used this to make my brother's wedding cake.

👤We got into baking during the Pandemic. This set is a must have for cakes. The piping bags are easy to use and hold up to washing. It comes in it's own case as a bonus. The price is a great value.

👤It's great for beginners because they have lots of tools to use. There are bags that are durable.

👤I would have liked a few instructions, as I have never used piping tips before. The three cake decorating items were missing.

👤A lot of different tips are included in the kit. If I had a chart of what each tip would create, I would have liked it more.

8. Kootek Decorating Supplies Turntable Disposable

Kootek Decorating Supplies Turntable Disposable

The set is suitable for most paint, such as oil paint, water paint, Enamels, Watercolors,Acrylics Inks and Dyes, Lacquers. It must be watercolors, dyes, and properlyDiluted paint. The revolving cake turntable allows you to easily create borders when decorating cakes. When you open the package, the decorating tips, bags and scraper are at the bottom of the cake turntable. Numbered cake decorating tips help you create beautiful patterns. With open star, closed star, french, round, leaf, rose tips, grass tips. Silicone piping bags can be used as disposable pastry bags. Clear bags are ideal for instant icing color identification. The flexible icing spatula is ideal for frosting cupcakes and spreading on a crumb layer evenly. 3 decorating combs and icing smoothers are perfect to create 3 different patterns on the side or top of cakes.

Brand: Kootek

👤I would recommend this product to anyone who is interested in baking and decorating. The key utensils for bakers are in this product. I would say that for the bags you have to cut it a little to make sure that the coupler fits and that you have more than one. I made a cake for my sisters baby shower and used the piping tips. It was a big hit. People thought I bought a cake at a fancy bakery. The picture is included.

👤It's great for the price, and you get everything you need to decorate like a pro.

👤I used this to make a cake for my daughter's first birthday. People thought it was done well. This was my first time decorating a cake and this set made it very easy.

👤The product, the value for money, and the ease of use would have made this a 5-star review. I'm not going to send it back because it's still a good value and I'm decorating a cake for a huge birthday party tomorrow. I have to use it. I have to go to the local party supply store to buy tips because they weren't in the box. They remind people that the tips and other supplies are under the turntable. Trust me, I looked. They aren't there. I got my kid and husband to help me look at my baking. Bummer...

👤This was hard to use. It is wobbly and slides along the countertops. The turn table doesn't spin very well and I've only used the small spatula twice. The spatula became loose after the first use. It fell apart on the second use. The kit is not worth the money it costs.

👤I bake a multi-tiered phenomenon about two or three times a year on special occasions. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a fancy turntable. The turntable is the reason I bought this set. The turntable is made of plastic, but it does a good job. It's a nice bonus that the rest of the items are included. The flat spatulas are good for crumb coats. Extra tips, bags, etc., are what people love. Nice products, great value. I'm happy I bought these.

👤A good product for the home. Not a professional set. It works well for me. I will use every attachment. I can make some pretty attractive items with a little practice. This set makes it easy to make fancy looking items. Not heavy duty, but functional. I am very happy. It should last a long time if you take care. Great transaction. Thanks Mike.

9. Upgraded Anti Burst Buttercream Decorating Gexolenu

Upgraded Anti Burst Buttercream Decorating Gexolenu

It is possible to trim any size hole to fit all piping tips or without them. It's perfect for cake decorating lovers. There are 100PCS 12INCH PIPING BALLS. The pastry bags are sturdy and can be used to hold still things, and you can use them to make cakes, cookies, cupcakes, treat pops, chocolates, buttercream, and more. The material is upgraded. The bags for piping, pastry, and frosting are all made of LDPE plastic, which is non-slip and safe for your family. The piping bags are much thicker than the cheap pastry frosting bags in the market, which are 1.5mil to 2.0mil. You are free to apply as much pressure as you want. Since the piping bags are disposable, you don't need to clean them, just toss them! The piping bags can be used with tips or couples, or even tipless, and they can be filled with almost any kind of decorating. The bags of pastry frosting will make it easier to refill. Let's enjoy the baking time, just add your tips or couples.

Brand: Gexolenu

👤The bags were small. They were either a single sheet of plastic or two sheets of plastic that melted together in the process of being sealed. The rest of the bags worked as they were described, but I was disappointed to find a portion of what I bought was not up to par.

👤These are the worst disposable pastry bags I have ever purchased. I don't know what to do with them because they burst every time I use them. I bake cupcakes for a living and will not use them again. It doesn't hold up for buttercream frosting.

👤These are the cheaper bags and I will order more when I need more.

👤I used these to make chocolate melt. I melted chocolate in the microwave and only cut off the ends, which worked for what I needed them for. It was easier to clean up melted chocolate. I had multiple colors to use so I could fill up separate bags instead of cleaning one bag each time. I was able to melt the chocolate in the bag, saving me a lot of time.

👤Maybe the bags were too strong. The bags were too stiff and difficult to tie off for my project. The seams were a bit stiff. I would prefer to work with buttercream for cakes.

👤Anti burst was a thing. It ripped out of my piping tip. Don't waste your money.

👤They don't split if you apply pressure or use a thicker frosting. It's great to have 3 sizes.

👤These bags are terrible. The opening is stuck together and it is hard to get apart. I won't order them again.

10. Kootek 32 Piece Decorating Stainless Smoothers

Kootek 32 Piece Decorating Stainless Smoothers

Children can usepencil grippers. It keeps you a good writing habit and prevents your middle finger from being exposed. The pencil grips are 1.57in x W 0.59in x H 1.96in. The hole is 8mm in diameter. The package includes 3x pencil grips. You can create all types of patterns on the cake with the help of the 24 numbered piping tips, 2 bags, 3 icing smoothers, 2 re-usable couplers, and 1 flower nail. Closed Star, Open Star, French, Round, Plain, Leaf, and Petal are some of the cake decorating tips. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Plastic couplers are easy to change from one tip to another. The flower nails were used to decorate the flower. The carrying case keeps the cake decorating kits protected in separate chambers and helps you choose which one to use.

Brand: Kootek

👤I have been looking for a way to save money on disposable bags and I was excited to get these piping bags. I was looking forward to the different tip sizes. The first time I used them, I had to use the smallest point tip for some cookie decorating. I followed the first two steps to insert the first part into the bag, cutting off the excess fabric and insterting the tip. The base of the tip was too wide for the piece to fit into the other one. It seems to work with some of the tips that have smaller bases. The product didn't work for all of the tips. It was very frustrating to not be able to use all of it. The attached image doesn't work, but the person's thumb is covering up the exact area that I am having the issue with in the photo. The only reason I am giving it a single star is because of the fact that they come with many different tips. Very disappointed.

👤I don't decorate cakes often so I didn't need a fancy set. This is not what I was expecting. The product is very cheap, even worse than expected. Several tips were not used. The metal is very thin. The cheap plastic coupler that the tips go in don't work. One wouldn't screw or change at all. The metal tip was stuck and could not be removed without great difficulty. This is useless. Not worth $10 or $5. I don't recommend this product.

👤I had a lot of fun with this set. I feel like a pro. I went to town after watching a few videos on how to ice cupcakes. I feel like I have every kind of tip I need. It was easy to swap out the tips. The bags are made from recycled materials. It was easy to clean. I wish there was room for the bags inside the box. I couldn't really pack in the folded bags as there was very little space on top of the slats and tips. I didn't want them to get ripped.

👤This is my first time using cake decorating tools so I notice my mistakes. It was easy to use and clean. My kids like the taste of my cakes but now they like the look too.

👤These tips do the job and then some. The only thing I wish they had included in this set was the large tips that you can use to frost cupcakes in a blink of an eye. I was able to fill the cupcakes with goodness that was hidden beneath the decorative frosting on top of the cupcakes I made, and they cleaned up like a dream. I used disposable piping bags instead of the silicone bags that were included in the set because I wasn't in the mood to take care of that, but with the decorating tools for flat cakes and the rose piping pick that they give you, you can let your creative muse loose! It's still going to taste delicious if it doesn't look perfect. This set is very easy to use. I had never used a piping bag or tips before I used this set and people didn't believe that I made cupcakes that were not store bought. The pricing was spot on and they are wonderful.

11. Wilton Featherweight Reusable Decorating Pastries

Wilton Featherweight Reusable Decorating Pastries

Using cake piping bags to decorate cakes can give you a lot of freedom. You can use their pastry bag to make any pattern you want. Your work will get good feedback. It is possible to reuse the Wilton featherweight decorating bag multiple times, it is coated to prevent grease from leaking. Not just for ICing. The bag can be used with or without a coupler. This bag will do the trick if you want to make a delicious buttercream frosting or pastry batter. There is a sturdy construction. The bag is dishwasher safe. You can use it to decorate cakes, cookies, pastries and other treats. Use any Wilson tip. It's easy to make cupcakes, cakes and treats with decorating bags filled with colored icing, piping tips and couplers. Everyone, everywhere, every day, has innovative products. There is a lot of inspiration. There is fun in the kitchen. This has been at the center of what they do for nearly 90 years. Whether you need to bring a special treat or host a party, they have it covered.

Brand: Wilton

👤I love this bag. It is easy to clean. I love that I can reuse it instead of using a plastic bag. Being easy to clean is a big bonus and I can just have it dry for the next use. I was tempted to get a smaller bag, but I decided against it as the 16” is large enough to hold about a dozen cupcakes to 18 cupcakes. I am just a home baker.

👤I bought 2 bas a year ago and I loved them. The quality of the 2 more was horrible. The gel on the side of the cone that was washed with hot water began to peel off. I took my old ones and checked them out. The new 2's left a gap that makes it hard to clean. I'm getting replacements to see how they work. I'm getting a refund if I'm still the same. I took pictures of my old and new ones to show you the difference.

👤My husband loves to cook. I ordered these because he ran out of bags. He said I probably ordered the wrong kind. He was very impressed when he tried them. They worked perfectly for him and didn't burst on him.

👤Have always been a fan of the products. They are sturdy, well made and have never had any problems with this brand.

👤My mom used to use this bag to decorate cakes. She was an instructor. Even though I'm confident you could use frosting to hang drywall, this one is easy to clean. The bag is light weight and thin, making it easy to apply pressure to it. It's large enough to ice a lot. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤The bag was easy to use and I loved it. It is easy to clean. I didn't have any issues with it. Great purchase! It was shipped fast.

👤It's huge. It's easy to clean and the material is strong.

👤I bought this bag to ice a cake. It is lightweight and has a better feel than disposable bags. I would buy smaller versions of this bag to use with piping tips.

👤A bunch of Viennese whirls were ruined when my last piping bag exploded. This one is much better. It was cheaper too.

👤The best bags for piping. Goes in the dishwasher.

👤It was a lovely bag, but I split it twice.

👤Icing cupcakes was easy. No need to keep the re- filling bag because the quantity of icing was larger. The bag was really good and felt professional. The price and delivery were great.

👤These bags are very nice. I always regret grabbing a disposable bag from the cupboard. I like the re-usable bags because they are easy to use and don't have the worry ofseams splitting. It is very easy to wash and dry.


What is the best product for cake icing bags reusable?

Cake icing bags reusable products from Tailpa. In this article about cake icing bags reusable you can see why people choose the product. Weetiee and Anslyqa are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake icing bags reusable.

What are the best brands for cake icing bags reusable?

Tailpa, Weetiee and Anslyqa are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake icing bags reusable. Find the detail in this article. Kootek, Aisarch and Qozary are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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