Best Cake Icing Spatulas Wide

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1. SILVERWING Silicone Spatulas Kitchen Resistant

SILVERWING Silicone Spatulas Kitchen Resistant

We are responsible for the purchase behavior of customers. If there is a problem with the product, please let them know so they can fix it for you. Safety Silicone Rubber. Their scrapers are made of food grade silicone. The long handle has a steel core which makes it good for grips. It is resistant to high temperature. The frosted surface texture is easy to clean and the integrated manufacturing process makes it easy to store. There is a hanging hole at the end of the handle that makes it easy to dry and store. There are various colors in the size 4.25 "x 9.64" x . The bright colors are easy to distinguish. For kitchen use, it's suitable for mixing or stirring cream, chocolate, butter, flour, and peanut butter. The slanted surface of the scraper helps to reduce the time of application and make waxing and hair removal easier. It can be used to remove hair from hands, feet, and other parts of the body. It can be used to mix facial mask, powder, and essential oils.

Brand: Silverwing

2. Ateco Small Spatula Wood Handle

Ateco Small Spatula Wood Handle

Professional quality and quality design can be found at Ateco. A blade made of steel. The ground blade has a taper.

Brand: Ateco

👤I lost a lot of my kitchen tools and gadgets this year. My spatulas were in that group. I thought I would be able to find replacements in a local store. I was wrong. I couldn't find either of them. I ordered this. One of these has been in my kitchen for years. I am happy that I got this as a replacement. It has a good weight and feels good. I use a knife from my set often. There are times when you really need to spread. I can't express how comforting it is to have this in my drawer, it's one of the simplest things. This may seem silly to some. It is a historical precedent and the other part is having the kitchen stocked with the tools you need. If you leave the wood stain to get wet or soaked in the sink, it will run. Wait for the stain to be washed out over time or apply a protective coat. I still give it 5 stars.

👤I don't like the way the product was packaged. The glue is still on the spatula after opening it. The one on the left has sticky glue on it and I have cleaned it for 10 minutes or more. Gave up and will try again. I took away a star from the product because of the packaging. I don't see why it would take that long to remove the glue. This was to be used for food products. I'm not sure if I would want to do it again.

👤My mom has a small frosting knife that she uses to make chocolate frosting. This is the perfect size and well-made, so it is what I wanted.

👤Rob Cosman recommended it to me. It works better than an off-cut.

👤I had a spatula like this in my tool box. A flexible finger nail is about 4 inches long. Someone loved it more than I did. I ordered one from Amazon. I ordered another one a week later. Completely satisfied!

👤The quality of the blades is very good. The surface is smooth, shiny and seamless because the edges are barely curled.

👤I do a lot of baking where it's necessary to make precise measurements. I use a spatula to level off ingredients in my measuring cups. It is the perfect size for such a task and I like how easy it is to clean.

👤The set I have matches the one I have. They do it for extras. The handle was made well. Very nice.

👤My last two have lasted over two decades. The blades are still working, but the handles are a bit shabby. I'm changing them because of that. These have been the most used of my knives. I can't recommend them enough.

👤It is very strong and stable because it was beautifully made. Does a lot of jobs.

👤The tool is perfect for decorating cakes.

3. Impresa Acrylic Frosting Buttercream Smoother

Impresa Acrylic Frosting Buttercream Smoother

This is a pack of three. Also available as a single 10 inch cake drum or in great value multi-packs of 6 or 12 cake drums. You can see the full range of shapes, sizes and colors by visiting the Cakebon Store. The buttercream frosting smoother can be used to create smooth edges to cakes up to 12 inches high. The icing scraper is the ultimate professional finish to your cake. A flawless frosting can be achieved with this high quality 3/16” thick clear solid acrylic scraper cake decorating smoother that won't bend and its smoothing edge. The Professional Bakers tool is the only one on the market that won't crack, or allow your skill as an artisan cake maker to shine through. It's straight for a neater cake decoration that really wows. Simple Handleless Design: Handles can get in the way when decorating larger cakes. The design of the frosting spreader gives you the most control. Remove the protective barrier and wash thoroughly before use with detergent and soft cloth. The item may be damaged by aromatics and abrasives. When washing this item, make sure to retain a smooth edge.

Brand: Impresa

👤I have used a metal scraper for a long time and needed to replace it. I ended up trying this one after a lot of research. It has cut my cake decorating time in half. I would have traded up sooner.

👤The edge of the cakes is very sharp, thanks to these scrapers. Trust me! I got a bad feeling from it. They are pretty high maintenance. They will chip or crack easily. I'm going to order my 3rd one because of this issue. I'll have to treat it like a princess.

👤The cake scraper was awkward to use. I bake cakes a lot. I thought my small metal scraper was awkward, but it feels weird for me to hold, trying to get very sharp edges on my cake. I used it on a cake. It seems to be designed to use for a 3 or 4 layer cake. It did not give me a sharp edge. I went back to using that. As time goes by, maybe. It will be easier for me to use it once I get used to it.

👤This is the best scraper I have found for creating a smooth finish using my swiss meringue buttercream.

👤I've tried some of the cheaper ones with my own pieces, but nothing compares to the ones manufactured specifically for work. The height works well for taller cakes as well.

👤I wish I had ordered this earlier when I saw many bakers using it. The sharp edge makes my cakes come out smooth. 5 stars for the strength. This is perfect for any baker.

👤I was happy to find it on sale. I'm happy that it has a chip in it. I am not sure how it will affect the cakes.

👤I bake a lot. This was hard to use. It is long. I thought it would be great for my cakes. It is heavy and difficult to control with one hand, and I was not able to use it on cakes that were not tall, which is why I gave it 4 stars. I went back to my small plastic scraper because it was sturdy and well made. I need to practice and get used to it.

👤Compré el pasteles altos. Es bastante resistente. I cuesta trabajo manejarlo porque s es grande. Alisado perfecto, pero con paciencia.

👤Muy empacado y fcil de usar.

4. Wilton 409 7712 Angled Spatula Black

Wilton 409 7712 Angled Spatula Black

Everyone, everywhere, every day, has innovative products. There is a lot of inspiration. There is fun in the kitchen. This has been at the center of what they do for nearly 90 years. Whether you need to bring a special treat or host a party, they have it covered. 9 inch spatula. The blade is 4 1/2 inches. The handle has a finger pad. The blade is flexible and perfect for gliding over icing. Spatula gives you more control.

Brand: Wilton

👤The entire spatula is 9 inches long. The blades are 888-405-7720

👤This was my first time using a dedicated cake spatula. I couldn't decide on the size to get. Some people were not happy with large spatulas while others had trouble with smaller spatulas. I assumed the metal spatula was 9 inches long when I purchased it based on the reviews. I received a spatula that is 9 in length and has a handle. The metal spatula is only 3.75" I put it to the test. It worked perfectly, and I have frosted several 9" round triple layer cakes in addition to cupcakes and mini cupcakes. I had no issues with small size. The handle made frosting the cakes feel natural, as if I'd been using it for years, and in no way awkward. I was able to use it as a crumb layer scraper. A crumb layer scraper would have been ideal for my high layer cakes as it would have required minimal effort, but this spatula outperformed any substitute device I'd previously used, and in the end, my crumb layer was perfect. I can see a bigger spatula being more helpful for 9"+ layer cakes, as it would be faster and perhaps a tad easier, but I wasn't racing against a clock and my cakes turned out beautiful.

👤The blade is only.75 inches wide, and it says it is 1.5 inch wide. It is short for a 9 inch spatula and the blade is a third of the length. The packaging doesn't show the end of the spatula, so you can't tell in the photos. The company does not allow returns.

👤This item is not true. The handle is included in the description. You get a small usable area. It can't be returned. I will not buy from this seller again.

👤This sptula can be used in many different ways. Not too bendability but not too much. The plastic handle is nice. I first observed her using it when she was decorating a cake for her wife. In my experience, I've never used the intended cake frosting design. Good for reaching into jars, spreading butter/jams, freeing a burning corner of something cooking on stove, as well as frosting, and other reviews have commented on the lengh of this being only 9. The description says it is 9.

👤Wow, wow! Misleading item! Wrong pictures were used. Wow! Don't buy this item, it has ablade that is 3-4 inches long, and it's posted in the Review section. The pictures posted on the main picture section clearly show a longer blade. The last picture says "13 inch" at the very top. Wow! If you want a "frosting spatula" that is only 3 inches long, you should not buy this. The handle is 9 inches long. I'm serious. I'll just use a knife.

👤I use this for smaller items like cupcakes and I wanted to have more than one because I was tired of washing one in the middle of decorating to switch icing colors. I'd been using another brand but decided to use the Wilton because of the low price. I found this one to be superior because of the more stiff blade and handle which fit into my hand more comfortably. I wash my kitchen knives by hand, dry them and store them in a way that is appropriate. I am happy that I purchased three because I had enough to share with my three year old baker who loves his new gift. It's perfect for icing cupcakes and also works for spreading food.

5. Teenitor Scraper Smoother Icing Cutters

Teenitor Scraper Smoother Icing Cutters

The base ingredients allow the color to be dispersed quickly. PP plastic is a high grade material that can be used to guard your life. It is very sturdy and easy to use. 6 pc stiff cake smoother of different patterns, 1 pc clear thin cake decorating scraper, which have different sizes of serrated tooth and round shaped edges, and plenty of operations for you to experiment with are included in the package. It's great for a cake decorating beginner because it's very easy to operate, stiff but still soft enough to conform to the side of a bowl, and a hole in the corner allows a good organization and save your money. It's easy to clean, it can be washed in the dishwasher or in warm water. There are many dessert applications, including cakes, bread, chocolate, dough, and many other items.

Brand: Teenitor

👤I made my first wedding cake with these. I was glad that I listened and got the different smoothers that I was looking for. The cake looked like I'd been doing it for years. The pieces are serrated and I can't wait to try them. Someone needs a cake made.

👤Happy with the purchase. I was looking for something to paint with and this seemed like the perfect set for me since I am only trying things out and don't want to invest in art catalysts. The set is described. The quality is decent, but I was expecting more from this price. I'm pretty sure these will work well for cakes.

👤My daughter loves this product and she makes cakes almost every day. She is only 14. She started making cakes a few weeks ago.

👤Three items were not wrapped. The product was shipped from China. The pieces were in tact, but they were dirty. I cleaned the pieces using the dishwasher. I was able to remove the small black spots from the items. I thought it would be easier to clean them instead of having to return. There are good sizes for the items. I'm looking forward to using the product.

👤I am a professional pastry chef and these cake smoother's are great.

👤I bought this set for my granddaughter. She loves baking and decorating cakes. The set was large. She has a lot of options to experiment with. The set arrived quickly and all the pieces are there. Looking forward to her work.

👤I put one of the sets in my carry-all. A great purchase. I can remove stickers, tape, and mineral deposits without scratching. Some scrapers I have bought have left, so does not leave black marks.

👤I wish they were taller. The cake was taller than the scraper so they didn't work as well as I had hoped. The designs it makes are just meh, nothing special, and hard to get it right.

👤I bought these because they are a perfect alternative to buying similar that are specifically designed for art and double the price. I'm pretty sure that they're good for baking because you can use them in a similar way to mixed media.

👤I have used most of these for cakes, exceptional value and really useful tools, especially if making the new trend naked cakes. They are durable and not cheap. Excellent delivery from the briliiant supplier.

👤I want scrapers for mixed media art. I am very pleased with the selection and quality.

👤These are excellent! I get good edges and a smooth finish. I cried a lot because my cakes wouldn't smooth, even though I used various designs of smoothers. I love these! People who enjoy my cakes.

👤Excellent value. Does what it says. Butter cream cakes gave smooth edges.

6. Frosting Buttercream Smoother Patterns Different

Frosting Buttercream Smoother Patterns Different

You will get 6 pieces of cake smoothers in 9 patterns, both sides of the cake scraper are available to use, and there are 9 different shapes of the cake edges. The scrapers are easy to clean, they are thick and dishwasher safe, and the surface of the scraper is covered with a protective film to prevent scratching. A simple design without handles gives you the maximum control for a frosting buttercream, as the cake scraper with handle will get stuck when decorating larger cake. The cake grinding and smoothing tools are made of quality materials that are safe and can contact food, and the cake scrapers are thick enough to not break or be damaged. If you use these cake scrapers, you will be able to make delicious cake for your family and friends, instead of buying cake from a shop.

Brand: Grarry

👤I read a lot about how hard the sticker was and how they wanted it clear, but it's just plastic. You have to remove both sides of the film. It is easy to remove. Just remove it. It ends up being clear acrylic. Great product. Is stated. There are pictures to show.

👤The scraper is clear and nice to use. These come in a box that is nicely packed, they have a sheet of paper in each side to protect them during shipping, the sizes are perfect to hold comfortably, there are 6 different edges to different finishes.

👤When they got to do a cake this week, they had large stickers on each piece stating "please remove the protective film on the surface before use." If they put the film on the scraper, that's fine. I'm trying to figure out how to remove the stickers without damaging the scrapers. If you use on a cake one scraper is badly damaged and will show in the icing.

👤If I thought I was getting a clear product, I got a cheap plastic scrappers. I wonder if the food was safe because the stickers are impossible to remove. The cheap material probably causes the streaks on the cake.

👤It makes my decorating simpler.

👤If I thought I was getting a clear product, I got a cheap plastic scrappers.

👤I bought them. I was not happy with the metal one. These are dreams. A big fan! Buy them!

👤No habian quitado la pelicula para los peines. A mam.

👤Just 888-353-1299

7. Wilton 417 1648 Cake Icing Smoother

Wilton 417 1648 Cake Icing Smoother

It was manufactured in the United States. For standard cake heights, Icing is smooth. The grip is white and purple and smooths icing. The material is metal and plastic. 9 x 3 in. The measurement is 22.8 x 7.6 cm. Before each use, wash in warm soapy water.

Brand: Wilton

👤I bit the bullet and decided that I would like this product. I did not. However, I ended up not liking this for a number of reasons. I was worried the grip would get in the way of the scraper. The rounded corner edges are the real downfall of this product. If you don't plan on doing a bottom border, you need square edges to get a clean edge on the cake. I like the straight metal edge of this product. The grip was comfortable. I liked the size, but I thought it could've been a little bigger. The weight is fine. I'm not sure how well the product smoothes a cake since I knew from the corner edges that it wouldn't work for me. I went to a hardware store and bought a smooth tape for the same price after I returned it.

👤I bought this cake icing because I am going to bake a cake for my son's birthday. This smooth icing has an even amount of weight all the way around and it feels good in your hands. I love my products from Wilton.

👤You have to get used to it. I found it hard to hold and when you have a lot of icing it builds up on the blade and gets messy. I think it would work better if the blad was larger. I found that using a metal drywall scraper was easier to use and smooths cakes perfectly.

👤I like the way this is smoothed out. It feels very strong. The metal edge seems to work better than plastic for me. I wish that one of the corners had a right angle, but I'm pretty sure that Wilton just wanted to avoid sharp edges. I still get smooth cakes. I have used it to cut fondant because of it's straight edge. I expect to use this smoother for a long time. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤This icing is smooth. I have been using a dough cutter for a couple years but it never got my icing right. You can easily clean up the mess with a paper towel. It's easy to hold, it's large enough that you can smooth out 3 full layers, and it's exactly what I was looking for. I'm mad that I didn't purchase it sooner. Someone who only works buttercream cakes would have avoided a lot of headaches. If you're looking for an icing smoother that will make your buttercream absolutely stunning, get this.

👤After using this a few times. I still prefer the good ol' spackle spatula from the hardware store. This is great. It worked well on 9x13 cakes. I'm not happy with round cakes. I keep in my decorating arsenal.

👤Baking requires a smoothing tool. I wanted this to be the one for me. It's perfect for cakes with great height because it's longer than others. The edges of the cake smoother should not be rounded off. The smoother can't get a clean look at the bottom of the cake. It's a solid 5 stars if you fix that. It's a 4 until them.

8. Ateco 1305 75 Inch Stainless Dishwasher

Ateco 1305 75 Inch Stainless Dishwasher

The butter on the cake is kept away from your fingers with the Versatile Angled feature. The spatula is a professional quality. 25- 75-Inch blade. The blade is made from a steel called STAINLESS STEEL. Professional quality and quality design has been done by Ateco. Professional quality and quality design has been done by Ateco.

Brand: Ateco

👤I use this spatula every day in the kitchen and it hasn't let me down yet. It's light and maneuverable, the blade is perfect for icing cakes, the plastic handle makes it easy to keep clean, and it still looks good the day I got it. I would get the same one if I had to replace it. I don't think I'll have to do that soon. It's not a tool I want to be stuck without, so I bought a second.

👤I have been watching a lot of cooking shows and have been impressed by the use of spatulas and other cool tools. The brilliant design and inexpensive was what I found on Amazon. I'm very happy with this little one. It's made from Japan and has 100% STAINLESS steel. It's sharp and can double as a small cutting knife.

👤I was able to pull most of the glue off in one shot. I used goo to get the rest off. I don't know why the company used such strong glue on the tip of the blade. It is so ridiculous.

👤I've been using a standard butter knife for a long time. Fine for buttering toast, but not long enough for reaching into a peanut butter jar. I searched for something longer and came up with this. I felt it was too flexible when I tried it. I persevered, and once I got used to it, I came to love it. You can take as much as you want. It spreads everything you're doing. It takes a bit of getting used to. This thing is the cat's whiskers for spreading butter, and I wish they'd come out with one a bit longer and wider.

👤I needed a smaller spatula. The spatula is the right size. I was spared the sticker issue that others complained about. I was able to peel the label off with a small amount of glue. It was washed off easily.

👤I was watching Mind of a Chef and saw that every single one of them had one of these in their pocket, but I'm not a fancy-pants chef. I picked one up just for the sake of it. I haven't been using this since last Thursday. It is useful for all kinds of kitchen work. The offset design keeps the ingredients on the food, not your knuckles, and it's built well.

👤This product works well. The packaging is poorly thought out and I gave it a 3. The metal blade made it nearly impossible to pull off the sticker. The blade was partially bent when I did it.

👤The spatulas had Ateco stickers on them. The stickers were hard to come off. I hope it comes off easier after being in the dishwasher. It isn't even helping! What a waste!

👤It is easy to use. A little light and flimsy, but a good price. Dispatched quickly. Would recommend.

👤I use these palet knives a lot.

👤Veo that otros compradores se dejaron de la etiqueta. La pequeita isla. No para repostera. Me parece suficientemente resistente para uso moderadamente rudo.

9. Hi Q Life Spatula Dishwasher Stainless Plastic

Hi Q Life Spatula Dishwasher Stainless Plastic

We are so confident that they have the best spatula the icing on the market that they are giving you a 100% money back guarantee. If you have a problem with their product, please let them know and they will send you a new one without any cost or money back. Every customer is important to them and they do everything they can to make them happy. You can order with Amazon Prime. Want to decorate cakes like a pro? You can use their spatula set to spread the frosting on your cake. What are you waiting for? Prepare to channel your inner baker! The offset kitchen spatula set has multiple sizes. They have the perfect frosting knife for decorating cupcakes, pastries, cookies or large cakes. The blade of their frosting spatula is made of high-quality STAINLESS steel, which makes it rust-free. The handles are made of PP plastic and are lightweight. It's easy to clean after a big baking project. Nobody! The cake spatula icing set is easy to clean. Give the cake icing spreader a quick scrub or throw it in the dishwasher to make it clean. Customer satisfaction is their goal. The offset spatula cake set is ideal for both home bakers and professional cake decorators. If there are any issues, they will be happy to process a refund.

Brand: Hi-q-life

👤I'm a baker, but now retired. I don't bake as often as I used to. I need a new spatula set. I thought I'd try them. They are comfortable on the hand. They are sturdy and flexible. The 3 sizes will fit any project.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the spatulas. I went to a few stores looking for an offset spatula and I got 3 for the price of one. They are great. I highly recommend these spatulas because I am very satisfied with this product.

👤The spatulas are easy to hold. When using thick icing, they are stiff enough to put pressure down. They're easy to clean.

👤These aren't large enough to keep your fingers out of the icing. I will be looking for a better set.

👤Just buy them. Inexpensive and does a great job. It's nice to have different sizes.

👤I received a box that was exactly what I wanted. When promised.

👤It's easier to spread things in the 3 sizes.

10. AICHEF Spatula Stainless Scraper Decorating

AICHEF Spatula Stainless Scraper Decorating

20-gauge wire is used for larger flowers. It's not easy to rust, the material is high strength, good toughness, and durable. The overall thickness of the knife body is uniform, and the knife body is delicately designed, which will not touch the cake easily, and the smoothing effect is good. The handle is comfortable to grip, delicate material selection, and it will not be tired for a long time. The spatula has a variety of shapes and uses. Uses: cake demoulding, cake creaming, cream toning, fondant lace, etc.

Brand: Aikefoo

👤This set is great for my cakes. I have never used them before, but I can't wait to use them again soon. The set was fun to play with. It is washed up well. I don't put them in the dishwasher since the handles are wood, but I wash them quickly and they come out great.

👤They were purchased for cake decorating. I am looking forward to practicing with buttercream flowers because they seem to be well made.

👤The handles are off. These are not high quality tools.

👤The tools are great for flowers with buttercream. These are easy to clean. It took me a while to figure out the ratio of buttercream to put on and the way you do it, but I am very happy with this purchase.

👤I purchased this product for cake decorating and it did not hold up well at the wooden handle.

👤I saw a cake design and bought these. It was amazing to make flowers on a cake. Gave it a canvas painting look that was very impressive.

👤The metal spatula piece came apart when I washed them. I needed these as well. Disappointed.

👤I am a glazier in the construction business. I was told that they were good for caulking the windows. The wide spatula has served its purpose so far. The other ones have broken.

11. Culina Experts Stainless Offset Spatula

Culina Experts Stainless Offset Spatula

The smooth surface of the icing spatula's blade makes it easy to clean. Start to decorate your cake, enjoy yourself with a unique experience! It's a good idea to wash them by hand. Their cake decorating spatula is one of the best long cake spatulas for baking due to its design and quality. Their small offset spatulas for cake decorating have a grip made for novice and expert bakers, and are made with an ergonomics that keeps your hand steady. Their small offset spatulas for cake decorating have a grip made for novice and expert bakers, and are made with an ergonomics that keeps your hand steady. Make clean-up easy with their dishwasher-safe cake decorating spatula. Get back to the party by spending less time cleaning. They're so sure you'll love their premium 304 spatula that they're giving you a 30 day money back guarantee. The spatula is dishwasher safe. They offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Brand: Culina Experts

👤I bought this for my roommate. She loves this product and now makes layer cakes that are perfect. I'll buy myself one once I move out and don't have a roommate who bakes. It's a good thing.

👤This is all that's claimed in there. And then some! The handle has a balanced weight. The handle is perfect for my hand. Nice tool. Can't wait to use it.

👤It's easy to use. They are strong for applying icing. Highly recommended.

👤I baked swiss rolls on Christmas Eve. It's easy to put the cake mode with the cream. It works well.

👤It looks great and feels great. Excellent quality and finishing. Professional pastry chefs and cake makers use this tool. I can't wait to use it and will update once I do.

👤I bought this for commercial caulking, not for frosting a cake. The spatula was cut down to make it more sturdy. I use it a lot. It would be good for frosting a cake. I don't know.

👤You have made them delicious, now they are camera ready.

👤I was surprised that the order came early. The product was described. Very happy.

👤A spatula was less flat.


What is the best product for cake icing spatulas wide?

Cake icing spatulas wide products from Silverwing. In this article about cake icing spatulas wide you can see why people choose the product. Ateco and Impresa are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake icing spatulas wide.

What are the best brands for cake icing spatulas wide?

Silverwing, Ateco and Impresa are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake icing spatulas wide. Find the detail in this article. Wilton, Teenitor and Grarry are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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