Best Cake Icing Tools Stainless Steel

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1. Scriber Biscuit Stainless Sugarcraft Decorating

Scriber Biscuit Stainless Sugarcraft Decorating

It is easy to use and clean. The cookie icing needle is made of plastic and steel. There is a package with a scribr needle tool. 3 colors were in random for shipment. The total length is 12.4 cm. The handle is 7 cm/2.76 inches. They can use it to make syrup. Also can be used to fill in corners.

Brand: Ttsam

👤These are good for a quick need, but they rust very quickly and get thrown away. They are decent.

👤I was working on a project and the stuff worked great.

👤Scribes were a great deal.

👤My wife likes them. She uses them to add designs to frosting. There was a small flashing on the handle ends that was easy to cut off with nail clippers.

👤First time decorating sugar cookies. These worked well. It was very easy to clean.

👤It works great for cookies.

👤It works well for royal icing. It is simple and easy to do.

👤5 of the 12 can't be used.

2. Nozzles Decorating Stainless Cupcakes Cookies

Nozzles Decorating Stainless Cupcakes Cookies

You can use the scraper to make a beautiful cake edge and personalized cakes according to your favor. These cake decorating tips are made of non-stick, durable, and non-rusty, and are easy to clean. This cake icing piping nozzle tip decorating tools are perfect to make all kinds of flowers on birthday cake, wedding cake, cupcake and more. The disposable forming and not easily deformed Piping Nozzles are suitable for decorating the cake/ cookies/ cupcakes/ meals/ west point and some dessert making. Perfect tools to decorate all your desserts/ cakes/ cupcakes/ cookies/ pastry/ sugar craft and more, helps you easily decorate cakes for birthdays/ weddings/ Christmas/ New Year and other events. The piping icing nozzles tips set is guaranteed to make any baking lover smile. Baking tools to decorate your birthday cakes/ wedding cakes/ cookie or family daily cupcakes are included. It's suitable for professional use, baking lover, or kids beginners. It's a nice gift for yourself or a pastry baking hobby friend. It will be your assistant as a professional desserts cook. The set is easy to use. You can save time decorating with these tips. A single squeeze on your icing bag will produce frosting from the decoration tip and you can create a gorgeous flower bud in full bloom. The kit includes nozzles for baking and decorating. The package includes 5 Rose Petal Nozzles, Practical Kitchen Utensils Gadgets, Pastry decorating Tools, and a set of piping nozzle tips. Adapt to all occasions, such as Birthdays Party, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Anniversary Day, and so on. The package includes 5 Rose Petal Nozzles, Practical Kitchen Utensils Gadgets, Pastry decorating Tools, and a set of piping nozzle tips. Adapt to all occasions, such as Birthdays Party, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Anniversary Day, and so on.

Brand: Koet

👤The tips for florals have a weird lip on the bottom edge that makes it hard to use with a coupler. It's not possible to change the tips on bags for different colors with the same tip size.

👤I've used them and they are ok, but I wish they had # on them to identify what size they are.

👤The tips are easy to work with and I think they could be a little thicker. My cakes are beautiful.

👤I love the products there and will be ordering again.

3. FOCCTS Stainless Scraper Decorating Smoother

FOCCTS Stainless Scraper Decorating Smoother

It's easy to clean the dishwasher. Before you use it, wash it in soapy water. The cake scraper is made of metal and has a decorative edge. The metal cake scraper icing smoother is made of solid steel. It is non-toxic. The 9-inch tall blade makes it easy to smooth your icing to near perfect. The cake icing smoother is used to smooth icing in preparation for decorating. It's ideal to help make cake. It brings convenience while serving pizzas, cakes, breads, straightening cream and pastries; decorate the shape of cake, a variety of shapes to play at will.

Brand: Foccts

👤The handle in the middle of the scraper makes it difficult to load the scraper into a bowl. I only use it for the final touch up when I'm not taking much buttercream off. I'll keep looking for a scraper that doesn't have the handle in the middle. It's really bad.

👤The product is described, but it is difficult to use frosting with it because it is so narrow. The purple handle is where the frosting gets all up.

👤The plastic in the middle makes it difficult to grab the scraper, and it is also difficult to get the frosting out of the bowl.

4. Kootek Cake Decorating Kits Supplies

Kootek Cake Decorating Kits Supplies

100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The highest quality products are what drives them. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to them for a full and prompt refund. All in One cake decorating kits include a cake turntable, 12 large numbered tips, 30 numbered icing tips, 3 decorating combs, 1 icing smoother, 2 silicone pastry bags, 2 flower nails, and 3 couplers. There are 4 icing bag ties, 6 paint brushes, 6 cookies cutter, 1 decorating pen, 4 icing spatula, 1 cake leveler, 100pcs disposable pastry bags and 1 cleaning brush. The cake turntable is made of heavy duty aluminum alloy, non-slip surface and rubber feet, and can help you get to all sides of the cake. Durability Baking Supplies: Strong, durable, STAINLESS STEEL, CERTAINLY resistant, RECYCLED, NON-stick, tasteless frosting tool, easy to clean, easy to use. Also, note: It is not recommended to clean it with the dishwasher. Baking Like A Pro contains everything you need to start decorating cakes, cupcakes, muffins and cookies. With cake decorating tools, you can develop your aesthetic and style. Please remove the blue plastic film from the cake decorating comb. The chart that serves as guide for the numbered icing tips and ebook in the guide, it help you how to use the accessories and make a cake or cupcake. The variety of tools in the kit is essential for beginners.

Brand: Kootek

👤I've never decorated a cake but wanted to try. I bought this after reading reviews. I decorated my first cake for my son's birthday. It makes decorating cakes easy with some time and patience. This set will help you with the rest of the process, including watching tons of tutorials, finding a good buttercream recipe, and getting gel food coloring. I couldn't have bought a better set. The turn table is smooth and makes no noise, the bags hold up well, and I was handling them well. The leveler works well if you go slowly. If you want your cake to hold up well, make a nice dense cake.

👤The starter kit is very nice. I was shopping at hobby lobby with my mother and she realized it was expensive when she threw baking supplies into the cart. I always look for a good deal. I decided to order it online since I could get more stuff for less. I bake her a cake almost every weekend to thank her for the effort she has put into trying to buy me things even though I am a full grown adult that doesn't live at home with her. I love her.

👤I have been doing cakes for 25 years when my turntable went missing. Making cakes for fun is easier with a turntable. I found a deal on a turntable on Amazon and the equipment that came with it. Wow! You will not find a better deal like this. If you have been doing cakes for a long time, this is even better if you don't have things in this kit. I would gift this or buy it again, because it has been a great buy.

👤My wife wants a lazy Susan type thing to decorate cakes. I stumbled onto this and bought it on Amazon. This was my wife's favorite gift of the year because her other gifts cost me more.

👤Excellent kit. You are ready to start a bakery. I watched a video of a pro baker and the kit had everything she had. It's great for beginners. I have never made a cake, but this has everything I need. The turn table is stable and rotates very smoothly. The icing tips were fun to play with. It made it fun to experiment, it had more than I needed. You should buy some cake boards separately.

👤I love the cake table, but I have only used it one time and it looks different now. When I used it for the first time a week later, I decided to make another cake and put it away. It looked like this when I took it out. The entire pack was only for the table. So disappointing.

👤Good product. The rubber writing pencil tool was damaged. A thicker handle is needed for easy cutting. I bought a different cake cutter. The cake stand is good. I'd like a new writing tool but not sure how to contact the company.

👤The cake turntable is very sturdy and all of the other pieces that we have used so far are great quality as well. No complaints!

5. Smoother Scraper Stainless Decorating Various

Smoother Scraper Stainless Decorating Various

It is possible to save a lot of space by snapping together three combs. The cake smoother scraper is made from food grade material and easy to clean. Enjoy the cake making process with your children. It's easy to decorate cake, no matter if you're a professional baker or a kitchen amateur. The cake smoother scraper is about 9 x 3 inch/ 22.8 x 7.6 cm and is suitable for most standard cakes. It's widely used for scraper, shoveling, chopping cream, cake, cheese, bread, biscuit, chocolate, dough, fondant, pizza, etc. They are responsible for the purchase behavior of their customers. If you have any issues with products, please let them know so they can solve it for you.

Brand: Hesanzol

👤This was my first time using this type of tool and I usually pipe icing, but this was different. I went without it for a long time. I didn't like buttercream because I couldn't get it smooth with other tools. This was easy to use for a beginner. The cake pictured was a lot of firsts for me. I am so happy I bought this tool. I will never make another cake without it. Love. This is a tool!

👤I am not happy with this. The rounded corners make it hard to get a smooth cake at the bottom.

👤I think I got a used one. 1st The box is not broken in a big way. 2nd The scraper was dirty. There is a small hole on one side of it that may ruin my work.

👤My scraper is covered with food and prints. I opened it.

👤This is wonderful! It works just as well as the wilton one. This helps make my icing smooth.

👤The tool is very easy to use.

6. Muzata Hydraulic Stainless Fittings Kit 45Ton Upgrade

Muzata Hydraulic Stainless Fittings Kit 45Ton Upgrade

It is easy to use and clean. The custom designed tool is perfect for crimping the cable railing kits that require more strength and power. The crimper has a pressure release system to let you know when the process is done. The handle is comfortable and easy to grip. This Muzata crimper CR09 is used for cable railing kits. It matches regular crimping dies to crimp aluminum or copper products. The Muzata CR12 is a cable cutter. The product is a pre-designed cable railing system. Everything you need to build a cable railing project has been planned by them. If you want to read more about the product or the user guide, please scroll down. Click on the title to check all their systems. They have upgraded this crimper multiple times to fix the problems like broken head and leaking oil. Please reach them if you encounter this situation. If you don't know how to build a cable railing system, please get in touch with them by clicking on "add to cart." You will be offered a personalized design. They have upgraded this crimper multiple times to fix the problems like broken head and leaking oil. Please reach them if you encounter this situation. If you don't know how to build a cable railing system, please get in touch with them by clicking on "add to cart." You will be offered a personalized design.

Brand: Muzata

👤It takes a lot of effort to use this. I will return it. I bought different brands. I will let you know how it works.

👤The product worked well for the first couple jobs, but it was unusual that the jaws broke when pressing a wire.

👤The thing broke after a couple of hours of use. Not worth the money.

👤These were bought back in July as a back up. I finally took it out of the box and it broke after being crimped a cable end four or five times. I am stuck with it because my return time frame ended in August.

👤It worked out perfectly. It is worth the cost. Would like to do my cable railing project with them.

👤My husband loved using this tool. He said it was very easy to use.

7. Reusable Stainless Decorating Smoother Couplers

Reusable Stainless Decorating Smoother Couplers

The set includes an D-shaped scraper, a triangle scraper, a large scraper, and a cake scraper. You can hang the cake scraper when not in use because it comes with a hanging hole. You can use the Silicone pastry bag and the 24 STAINLESS steel nozzle set to make various patterns on cakes, cupcakes, pastries, pies and cookies. The entire pattern of the product needs to be kept fresh. The material is of a high quality. Silicone and steel are safe and harmless. The cake decorating kit has everything for beginners and professionals. The cake board turntable makes it easy to get a smooth finish with the pallet knife. Reusable bags are available. Repeated use of non-stick, non-toxic, corrosion resistant can be done. It is easy to wash by hand or dishwasher. The size is 31x17 cm. The color is blue. The bag can be washed easily and can be easily trimmed. It is easy to squeeze and wash the interior. The rough exterior is good for gripping. You can use the icing piping tips with your kids and add family fun time in the kitchen with these seamless piping tips.

Brand: Nanaso

👤I used these bags to stuff some cookies with a filling on the thicker side, but it was too thick for these bags. I had high hopes for the screw on mechanism. The junction tip bag is still a problem, filling went down well in the silicone bag, but when encountered the tip, it pushed tip an all, I made sure to not cut the tip of the bag too big. It may work better for a flimsier filling. I did not decorate the tips, so I have no opinion on the quality of the tips.

👤These were terrible for beginners. The tips were cheap and flimsy.

👤I bought this to fill donuts, but it worked great to frost my Italian layer cake.

👤The bags are good, but not as good as the tips.

👤It is a great value for money.

👤We purchased this for our daughter because she wanted to get into cake decorating. It is perfect for beginners.

👤I can't make a comment because I don't know how to give instructions.

8. Lifters Gobaker Stainless Cupcake Decoration

Lifters Gobaker Stainless Cupcake Decoration

It's a good idea to wash them by hand. Clean them with warm water. It is not a good idea to use the dishwasher. The package includes: 4 Pcs Flower Nail Decorating Nails, 2 Pcs Flower Lifter. The 4 flower nail is great for larger flowers. The dimensions are 3 x1-1/6", 3 x1-3/6", and 2 x3inch. Flower nails are used to make flowers for wedding cakes and pastries. It's ideal for royal icing roses. The Flower Lifter can easily transfer flowers from nail to cake. The design of the cake keeps your hands from touching it. blades for easy cleaning The size is 5.3inch. It is easy to create beautiful icing flowers with the turntable tool. You will be able to decorate your cakes with this set. The control you need when piping or transferring icing flowers is provided by Gobaker.

Brand: Gobaker

👤Scissors are not very strong. They will break easily. The rose nails are the same as expected.

👤I purchased the cake flower nail and lifter set and was very disappointed when it arrived. The flower nail had a deep, sharp scratch on the top. There were no protective tips on the actual shipped product, despite the online picture showing them. The plastic lifters are cheap. I'm sending these back for a new set and I hope the exchanged items are in better shape. If I find the new set to be in better shape, I will update my review.

👤I didn't have time to buy these flower nails from the local craft store because I didn't like them. They helped me get the job done.

👤Sissors are cheap but the rose nails are the most important part of the job.

👤One of the nails was slightly bent when I got it. It's been great ever since. Very happy with the purchase.

👤The scissors allowed me to place the flowers on the cake with ease, because they are so easy to use. This purchase was quite happy with me.

👤So far they're fun to play with, even though I'm still trying to get the hang of transferring finished flowers to the cake.

👤This set is great. The flat scissors were great for picking up the rosettes. It was very easy to use.

9. PME Stainless Steel Scraper Silver

PME Stainless Steel Scraper Silver

You can make a special cake with your favorite design and style and put it on Christmas, Thanksgiving, family gatherings, birthday parties. It's ideal for royal icing, buttercream, and much more. The dimensions are 126 x 88 (5 x 3.5 in). The side of cakes can be used with the flat edge. Made from high quality steel.

Brand: Pme

👤I use a plastic bowl/icing scraper for my cakes. My plastic ones get chewed up and don't give me a smooth surface so I wanted a metal alternative. The product is the perfect size and does what it's supposed to do. It is heavier than I'm used to. I was hoping that it would be thin enough for play, but it isn't. I will probably get used to it. It's nice to have a product that doesn't tray on the edge.

👤A little too small. It works.

👤I love it! It is used to smooth the side of cakes. You can have a perfect cake if you practice.

👤Best there is. I had these at my old bakery. Had to order my own and was pleased. The icing is smooth and even. I love it!

👤This product is not larger than 5 inches. It is less than 5.

👤I was happy with the quality of the tool. It's perfect for smoothing icing on cakes.

10. Genrich Decoration Cupcakes Decorating Stainless

Genrich Decoration Cupcakes Decorating Stainless

Package quality is included with 10 pieces pipe tip couplers. Baking tools are suitable for professional use or for beginners. The cake decorating techniques are made of safe, non-stick, rust-proof, easy to assemble and clean, seamless design to ensure safety and can resist strong squeezing without tearing or warping. The bottom of the cake decoration technique is smooth and flat, and can be used again. You can wash it with water because it has good anti-slip properties. Users can easily create perfect shapes using precise cutting technology. The pipe icing nozzle tip kit can be used to make a smile on the face of any baking enthusiast. The housewife makes delicious food for her husband and children, learns to bake the best choice of value-for-money kitchen sets, and is a professional dessert chef.

Brand: Hendiy

👤I like to challenge anything new. They are really nice.

👤It is a perfect size and easy to use.

11. Suuker Stainless Decoration Biscuit Decorating

Suuker Stainless Decoration Biscuit Decorating

Enjoy your creativity. You can make many kinds of flowers and patterns on cakes, cupcakes, pies and cookies with their cake decorating kit tools, and feel free to use the icing piping tips with your kids, is also a best choice cake decorating supplies kit for child. This Cookie Press Set includes a Cookie Press Gun. There are 8 icing tips and disc shapes for different needs. Butter cookies and sugar cookies can be made by a novice in the kitchen. The cookie press gun set is made of food-grade steel which is non-toxic. It is very durable and has strong resistance to rust. When you are done with the press gun set, it is easy to clean. The nozzle on the gun is easy to remove. Simply rinse with water. You can enjoy making it. You have complete control over your cookie and cake decorating projects, just place the cookie dough into the gun, select and load the disc. You have full control over your cookie and cake decorating projects, just put the cookie dough into the gun, select and load the disc, attach a favorite nozzle to the top of the gun, fill the gun with your icing, and press it. This cookie decoration is a perfect gift for anyone who loves baking, it's a perfect gift for a birthday, wedding, Mother's Day, Christmas, Easter, housewarming or anniversary.

Brand: Suuker

👤The whole front or back of the device pops off if you push the cookie dough through the disc. This happens even when the dough is at room temp. You can use it for something like icing, but that's not what I want it for.

👤I did not work from the first day. I was unable to return because I didn't use it until march.

👤I would give this negative 888-405-7720 It is a piece of garbage. I thought it would be better because it is not plastic. The entire front pops off. I used it for deviled eggs and it was soft enough that it shouldn't have happened. This is a complete waste of money and I don't recommend buying it.

👤Whenever you try and use it, it comes apart. It is awful, but I tried to fix it. Don't buy.

👤I like the item but not the decorating tips.

👤I was so excited but I was disappointed in how this worked. It says to warm the dough up so it doesn't get cold and allow the dough to come out of the shooter.

👤The gun looks sturdy, but the cap threads can't hold up under the pressure. Immediately after use, the cap separates from the gun. In other words useless.


What is the best product for cake icing tools stainless steel?

Cake icing tools stainless steel products from Ttsam. In this article about cake icing tools stainless steel you can see why people choose the product. Koet and Foccts are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake icing tools stainless steel.

What are the best brands for cake icing tools stainless steel?

Ttsam, Koet and Foccts are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cake icing tools stainless steel. Find the detail in this article. Kootek, Hesanzol and Muzata are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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