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1. Wilton Decorate Cupcakes Cupcake Decorating

Wilton Decorate Cupcakes Cupcake Decorating

Before use, wash in warm, soapy water and then rinse and dry with soft cloth. The book and cake decorating tools set teach you how to decorate cupcakes. There are 18 different decorating techniques. There is a link for video support. 18 pieces make up the decorating set. Spatula and tips are dishwasher safe.

Brand: Wilton

👤I used this to make cupcakes. I'm learning how to decorate cakes and this book is helpful.

👤This product is great for people who don't think they can decorate cupcakes. You can use step-by-step instructions and pictures on your own timetable. You have all the tips you need to start.

👤This was a Christmas gift for a 13 year old girl who said she loved it and the video that came with it.

👤I bought it for my granddaughter. I think she had fun making cupcakes.

👤It worked as expected, helping with my Christmas baking.

👤He descubierto un mundo. No tienes un pack con las ms populares.

2. Wilton 417 1199 Flower Lifter Decoration

Wilton 417 1199 Flower Lifter Decoration

100% SATISFACTION You will love their cake decorating supplies. They will give each customer the best products and service. The Support Team is available to help 24/7. It's ideal for cake decorating.

Brand: Wilton

👤Does what it's supposed to do at a great price. Ta-da! It was perfect. Cleanup is made easier by the scissors coming apart.

👤My wife likes to bake cakes and these were perfect for transferring all sizes of buttercream roses on to her cake.

👤I was looking for a better way to pick up the flowers that I made and this was a life saver. It is easy to use.

👤Me encanta las cosas de la marca.

👤It's perfect for making sweat works of art.

👤A flower lifter. It is easy to use.

👤I have been making cakes for over 40 years. Getting flowers off of nails is something that has always bothered me. I dropped about 25% of what I made. They are designed to cut through icing. This will be a useful addition to my cake decorating.

👤The plastic is not the most durable.

👤The plastic does the job.

👤This is a great product that can be used again and again.

👤Im Gespritzte Blumen ist gut. Ich damit gut, die sechs selber ist leider unstabil. Sie zerfllt fter mal in the Einzelteile. Guten Eindruck macht. Ich ist die Zweckentfremdeten. Bastelschere besser.

3. Wilton Beginning Buttercream Decorating 20 Piece

Wilton Beginning Buttercream Decorating 20 Piece

The basic decorating patterns of each icing tip and related cupcake design ideas are shown in a colorful tip chart in the cake decorating tips guide. This Beginning Buttercream decorating set is a great way to learn and practice piping designs. The set is perfect for beginners. There are 10 decorating tips, including round, star, petals, leaf, and specialty. The tips are made of steel and the bags are plastic. Before each use, wash tips in warm, soapy water to make sure they are dishwasher safe.

Brand: Wilton

👤I ordered this to make cupcakes for my son's first birthday party. I was amazed at how easy it was to use. When I ordered this, I had no idea how to make cupcakes. The product was so easy to use that I felt like I could compete in Cupcake Wars. I watched videos before making my own frosting. I plan on baking more often.

👤My toddler daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and she loves checking out the sweets at the supermarkets. She wouldn't feel left out at birthday parties, so I wanted to learn to make some home baked safe sweets. For the price, the Wilton kit is attractive, but it is a no frills kit. It was straight forward to use and I am interested in learning more about decorating. The tips clean well in the dishwasher. There are a lot of cheap brands in the search for a set, but one brand that has been around for a long time is Wilton. I was not disappointed that they provided quality material for the kit. I hope to learn more techniques soon.

👤I loved this cheapo set. I am not a professional baker, but I decided to try a fancy design on my cupcake frosting. It's a good thing that fingers crossed. You will be doing those Food Network cupcakes on your first try with this kit. I got rave reviews on my skills, and cupcakes were a big hit. Me?

👤The variety of tips is what I like. The box was crushed and missing the guide. One of the reasons I got this set was because it supposedly has the guide, and I am a beginner. There is a Even though the box arrived crushed, the tips were not damaged.

👤Good quality. A nice set. You can just drop the tip into the bag and cut a hole big enough for the tip to pass through, but not the entire tip. You put the frosting in.

👤It's not necessary to have the piece. They were used to frost Christmas cutout cookies. My niece had no problem squeezing the frosting out onto her cookies because they were easy to fill and decorate. I chose this set because it had so many different tips. They make pretty designs. This was a big step up for me because I'm not a good buttercream spreader and I used to spread it with a knife. Looking forward to practicing with them.

👤The kit had everything I needed, except for the coupler. I made cookie monster cupcakes and it was very easy to make. I was glad to find the specialty grass tip in this kit, it was expensive, but it was included with a bunch of other tips and piping bags. I was able to make flowers and shells with the other tips.

👤I bought this set to try it out, I am a beginner at cupcakes. It is very easy to use for beginners. The price and amount of bags and tips are included in the package. It's a great value for your money.

4. Wilton Sugar Cookie Decorating 15 Piece

Wilton Sugar Cookie Decorating 15 Piece

The tips, flower nails and couplers are dishwasher safe. The decorating set makes it easy to make fun designs on cookies. Includes: Meringue mix, 8 icing colors, cookie icing bottle with 2 tips, and 3-piece cookie decorating tool set. Meringue mix net weight: 8 ounce (226 gram); is made in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, milk and wheat. Net weight is 0.2 ounce (14 gram) for each icing color. Icing colors are made on equipment that also processes milk, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. Silicone icing bottle is microwave safe and can be washed in soapy water. Meringue mix and icing colors are made in the USA.

Brand: Wilton

👤These items were EBT eligible and bundled together. Will be useful for Christmas cookies.

👤I decided to get this set instead of researching individual items because I wanted to start decorating with royal icing. The 8 gel colors are all that I needed. They will last for a long time because you only use a small amount. The royal icing was made in no time. The bottle with two tops was very flexible and easy to use. I would buy another one. It is expensive on it's own. I didn't think I'd use the tools. I used them all and they were very helpful. You can't go wrong with this set if you don't duplicate what you have.

👤It was easy to use and had many essential tools. The gels are a great set for beginners.

👤The set is perfect for beginners. The gel containers are the only thing I dislike. I wish they were squeeze bottles, instead of having to scoop out food coloring. The bottle and tools are amazing.

👤Do you want to use easy to use tools to make cookies? The kit is for you.

👤Excellent quality and small baking set. I decorated cookies with this kit and they all turned out beautiful.

👤The colors weren't very vibrant, but the tools are useful. I couldn't get a true Christmas red from these even after adding what looked like the entire tub of red.

👤I am going to decorate my cookies soon. All items are pictured and described. You don't find these items in a local store.

5. Wilton Decorate Practice Decorating Supplies

Wilton Decorate Practice Decorating Supplies

The water is warm and soapy. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. A plastic white board opens and locks into a flat position to imitate working on a real cake. There are over 80 piping techniques for buttercream and royal icing on the practice sheets. The practice board surface is 11.25 inch x 8.5 inch. Practice sheets are easy to clean and include internal storage. You will soon be able to make amazing stars, flowers, petals, leaves, dots, and borders.

Brand: Wilton

👤The kit is great for beginners. It will help people perfect their piping skills. Good luck and have fun. I know that! If you pipe directly on the sheets, they will get ruined. It's true! You don't have to worry about ruining the sheets because the front of the case opens so you can put them in. I think that's correct.

👤I like this, but it could be better. You can make it better on your own. The practice board does not come with bags or tips. Or something else. Those must be purchased separately. You should not use a metal spatula to remove the icing from the board. It will scratch the board. Silicone or plastic spatulas can be used. Again. . Not included. Here is what I find lacking. They use different tips on the same sheet. It would have been better to use the same tip for all of the exercises. You don't want to have to change your tips. The practice part is only once or twice. You should have an entire sheet of practice so you can do it over and over. You can do it on your own. You can make rose after row by making your own practice sheets on your printer. Scan the practice sheets. Or take a picture. And then take the picture. Print it out on a page in Word. The board will stand at an angel. You should practice on an angle because the side of cakes are not flat. It was made in China.

👤These practice boards have been a great addition to the lessons I'm teaching my grand daughters about cake decorating and sugar paste design. You should give each practice sheet a light lamination to prevent oil stains. As you move from sheet to sheet, oils can still get on the practice board as they work on each skill, but it is covered by the top of the sheets. A great product for anyone interested in learning how to decorate cakes.

👤Products arrived a day earlier than expected. I tried to figure out some of the patterns. The end result does not look like the pictures when your mind knows what to do but the hands are not as cooperative. Having these templates to practice the different patterns is a great help after the first 30 minutes. The shapes and lines looked better after my second practice. This product is designed to be used over and over again to make cupcakes and cakes look nicer. Repetition builds confidence and speed. There is no need to make a cake with this kit. The portable table has a smooth slate. You are ready to tackle cake or cupcakes when you are satisfied with your practice work.

👤The instructions were written in two different languages. I contacted the seller and was told to contact the manufacturer. Very disappointed with the small size and plastic that doesn't last very long. I was disappointed that it took me over a week to get here because I didn't check to see if prime when I ordered. I needed something like this and couldn't find it elsewhere. This is the first time in my life that I have been so disappointed with an order from Amazon.

6. Wilton 68 Piece Decorating Couplers Tutorial

Wilton 68 Piece Decorating Couplers Tutorial

This kit is easy to use. The book shows you how to make different types of flowers. The materials are metal and plastic. There is 9 in. Straight spatula, 3 couplers, decorating brush, flower nail, 50 flower squares, 12 disposable decorating bags and 13 decorating tips. Before each use, wash spatula, tips, decorating brush, flower nail, and couplers, rinse and dry thoroughly. There is a link for the How to Pipe Simple Icing Flowers video library. The components are 9 in. Straight spatula with 3 couplers. There are 50 flower squares, disposable decorating bags, and 13 decorating tips.

Brand: Wilton

👤This set is great. I have enjoyed making cakes. The set comes with everything you need to make a cake. The #789 tip was bent and rusted. The offset spatula was messed up. The main reason I bought this kit was for the #789 tip. I'm not sure if I would recommend.

👤I had used something similar from a friend. She has supplies and instruction. Since I only need it for 3 years, I didn't want to pay for the quality of her materials. This allowed me to do a good job, I don't know much about what I'm doing. The instructions were easy to follow and my daughter loved it. Before doing a birthday cake, I would recommend trying something out. It's a good thing.

👤This set is okay. It looks great and it's an awesome value. You can probably do better after looking at it. The punches are nice, but they should have different shapes. The roller is small, but I never used the small one that comes in this set because I bought the larger roller. I use the larger one because I think it is better for smaller designs and I get the idea that the small one is good to use for small designs. The products from Wilton are great. The products in this package are still of high quality. If you don't need some of the items that are only found in this set, I would recommend that you piece together your own set and not get stuck with a lot of items you don't need.

👤The kit has everything you need to decorate cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. The kit has the right amount of tips that you can use to make beautiful creations. The frosting knife is great, and it also includes enough frosting bags to get started, and they are sturdy bags that don't easily rip. I bought this for my 8-year-old, and she has been loving it, but it would be great for any home baker. The information booklet teaches you the basics and some ideas of what you can create with all of the different tips with very clear directions and images to kick off your decorating inspiration. The kit is worth every penny for a baking enthusiast.

👤This product has changed the life of a girl who is not a baker. I had to learn how to put icing on cupcakes without it looking like a 5 year old did it because my son has an egg allergy. The directions in the book are easy to follow. This kit is for people who stress about icing cupcakes. It is helpful, but I don't mean to sound like a commercial.

👤There wasn't enough instructions to follow. There was a tip missing and writing in the book. Someone had this before me and found the problem as well. The writing is in the book. Two of the same ones.

👤I still feel cheated by this set. As a beginner set, you would think they'd include the most popular tip? I have to buy another set to get the 1M because it is not included. It's a great set that comes with detailed instructions and all the items you'll need to start.

7. Wilton 3 Color Coupler 9 Piece Decorating

Wilton 3 Color Coupler 9 Piece Decorating

It's great for coloring cake batter, icings, eggs and more. This three-color set is great for making tri-color swirls of icing on cupcakes. The decorating tips include a coupler and disposable bags. The color is purple and white. Plastic and metal. Before each use, wash the tips and couplers in warm soapy water.

Brand: Wilton

👤This was a lot of fun to use. It's nice to have all three colors, but not in one bag. I was able to make a full pipe. Add icing to the bags near the end of the cake in about 15 minutes. The plastic bag should not cover the grooves and notch that are meant to interlock when you cut the bag at the right point. I will definitely use this again.

👤I am a complete novice in baking and this was my first attempt at cupcake decorating. Read the instructions. It seems rediculous to say that. I would have had a harder time if I had known how to assemble this. Be patient and don't overfill your bags. I used a fourth bag to hold the filled bags in place. It was easy once I had everything in its place. The cupcakes turned out better than I anticipated.

👤This product worked well for me. I ordered this product after reading the reviews because I wanted to make a tie dye themed cupcake for my son's birthday party. I had never piped frosting before, but the result was adorable. The set up does take some time. Make sure to couple the bags together. I had a small hiccup when I had to re-load some frosting into the bags halfway through and that created some air bubbles, but nothing was going to stop me. I will be using this again.

👤I was one of the people who had trouble with these. I couldn't get my bags to line up and lock together after I filled them. I just read an update that says the pieces are not the same and that they need to match the larger tab with the larger slot. I am going to try it again with some store bought frosting. I love the tri-color look and I'm hoping for better results. I did a practice run using canned frosting from the store, and I was able to get the bags on, lined up, and put the tip on, but I had to use Scotch tape to hold them together. I got it together after a few tries. The icing was room temp and too soft. I feel more confident using my homemade buttercream frosting now that I know I can get the whole assembly together. The first two attempts used up all the bags that came with the kit, so I'll have to pick up more.

👤2.5 stars. I'm lazy and I thought. I can do more than one color without stripping. One click! I've used it twice and both times I ended up with the biggest hand cramp. The frosting goes out of the top with the empty coupler. I didn't read the instructions to see if I did something wrong. I need to put the bag in with the coupler to do two colors. I think the results are pretty. A lot of work for the same results. I found it easy to use, but my hand hurts like a mother.

8. Wilton 418 1123 Tip Brush Tool

Wilton 418 1123 Tip Brush Tool

Two rare specialty decorating tips are included. This handy tool can be used to keep your icing and other decorating materials clean. It cleans the tips thoroughly. It is used for decorative purposes.

Brand: Wilton

👤I couldn't find them at a cheaper price. They are a good item but expensive.

👤I bought this brush as a replacement for a lost one. I had the original for a long time. I was surprised when I inserted the brush into the tip and it bent. It was very flimsy. The newer versions use poor materials. I was able to use it manually, but not as much as I need to. Disappointing.

👤Fast shipping! It's a must to clean those tips.

👤It is very small and uncomfortable to use.

👤The price is reasonable and it is well made.

👤The brush I bought to clean the Tassimo coffee machine is pretty good. The bristles are soft and can't hurt anything. Good for cleaning delicate things.

👤I'm pretty sure it works, but it's very flimsy and bendy, and I thought it was going to be bigger. I ordered the metal straws a while ago to clean the piping nozzles, and I'm going to stick to using the cleaners.

👤Icing out of my tips is easy. Great tool. I don't know how I've been able to manage without it. Would recommend.

👤It's perfect for cleaning those tiny tips.

9. Wilton Decorating Tips Assorted White

Wilton Decorating Tips Assorted White

You can change tips quickly and lock them in place with one quick turn. The tip cover keeps icing from drying out. It is compatible with standard-sized tips. Coupler cap, tip lock, body and base are included. The water is warm and soapy. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

Brand: Wilton

👤I have never piped anything before and I don't bake. I didn't know what I was doing at the time and this coupler saved me. The tip can be removed with the help of the coupler. I didn't sift the sugar when I made my buttercream icing because the clumps of hard sugar kept blocking the tip. The tip could be easily popped off with the help of the coupler. I could resume icing. Without it, I would have had to dump the entire bag of icing as there would have been no way to get the tip open. It was still useful at the time, but I know better now. It was easy to try out different tips with this coupler. The large tips will not fit.

👤The idea of the cover tip and the idea of the coupler is something I like, but I can't use them with the cupcake decorating tips from the same company because the return window has already been closed.

👤This was the first time I used it. Since then it has loosened and allowed frosting. I've washed it by hand in warm water before, and the high heat of a mechanical dishwasher shouldn't have caused the plastic to break.

👤I used to use the normal screw part. This works just as well and is much simpler. The cap you can put on to save it is the best part. The bag can't be emptied in the morning and then filled again in the afternoon. I put the cap on, went to bed, and in the morning the icing was the same as I left it. Maybe the end was a little rough, but it was able to push through the icing tube. I used royal icing which dries the fastest of any kind. You could not leave it forever, but who needs to? It was easy to use and made my life easier.

👤The ability to change tips is something I like. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because it cracked after 3 uses. I bought a second one because I decided I couldn't live without it. I'll be very careful when squeezing out thicker frostings.

👤Why didn't I buy these sooner? I don't mean to be an expert decorator. It is easy when you have different colors. You don't have to change the bags of the same color, or have different bags of the same color. Just twist off, change tip, and move on!

👤Changing tips is very easy as a cake decorator. The end cap makes it easy to save icing in the bag. I own 4 of these. I absolutely love it. There is a It will be a repeat purchase once you purchase one. This is a great choice for beginners and pros alike.

👤I really like this thing and will use it a lot. It is easy to use and innovative. It is described as a large coupler, which is deceptive. The standard icing tips are the only ones that can be used. Please note that the tips that are larger than 1M will not fit on this coupler.

10. Wilton Decorating 55 Piece Decorating Supplies

Wilton Decorating 55 Piece Decorating Supplies

Before each use, wash the tips and couplers in warm soapy water. The ultimate cake decorating tip set is in a plastic case. 55 decorating tips are included in the set. There is an assortment of tips for cake decorating. You can grab any tip you need quickly with the Decorator Smart Tip Organizers. Plastic and metal. The flower nails are about 2 inches long. The tips, flower nails and couplers are dishwasher safe.

Brand: Wilton

👤This set is worth the money if you enjoy making different types of frosting designs. The sealable case that keeps everything organized is one of the reasons I love it. The set comes with 2 standard-sized couplers, but they do not fit the large tips that are included in the kit, which is why I knocked off a star. I don't know why the set doesn't include a standard and large one since both size tips are included. Everything you need should be included in this amount of money. If you buy this kit, you need to order a large coupler at the same time so that you can use everything in the box.

👤I didn't want a set of spatulas and other cake decorating supplies because I recently got into making decorated sugar cookies. I've been inspired to make more cookies, try different tips and make miniature flowers.

👤My daughter just started to take a passion for baking seriously, so I gave her a Christmas present. This is a good set for beginners. You can achieve all those classic swirls of buttercream with this set. All of the piping tips have the same brand name and number, and none seem to have any problems. It can be difficult to thoroughly clean the inside of the tips, especially the more narrow ones. If you have a very thin bottle cleaning brush, it may be easier to clean it. This isn't an issue with this particular set, rather something you should consider regardless of what brand piping tips you get. - If you're purchasing this for the first time, you should also purchase a Wilton 1M piping tip. It's a little bigger but my daughter was able to keep it in the box that comes with the set.

👤The only reason I am giving this set 4 stars instead of 5 is because the set includes 8 jumbo tips, yet they could not fit a jumbo tip in a coupler. The standard size tips come with 2 couplers. I can only give you one star because you get a lot of different tips with different designs, but in different sizes, so you have what you need to do some gorgeous decorating. Adding 2 flower nails is a bonus. I'm not sure if this set is always a good value. I think it was a great value. If I didn't have a carry case like the one I got, I would have to use a different method of decorating supplies, but it would be very easy to do. If I want to grab the tip I want, I might keep it, transfer it to that tray and use it on my work surface. I was very happy but I was disappointed that I had to purchase the large couplers to complete the set.

👤These photos were taken when I used these tips for the first time. The box is great for keeping them organized, but I wish there was at least one for the bigger tips.

11. Wilton Piping Tips Organizer Case

Wilton Piping Tips Organizer Case

There are tools for blacksmithing. Silicone Baking Cups with non-stick lining make it easy to release food and the whisk is designed with non-stick and light weight in mind. Each spoon was marked with a standard size and metric units. Storage case keeps piping tips organized. The color is purple and white. There are 9 x 7 and 2 in. There is a new date. 9 x 17 7 x 5 cm Before use, wash in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly.

Brand: Wilton

👤I was excited to have a caddy that would hold my cake decorating stuff. I tried to put my stuff in it and it failed. The tips compartment doesn't fit large tips. You have to put them in the open area. The bottom of the case is not deep enough. Unless you put the containers on their sides, they won't fix. The Watkins extracts are to be discussed, as are the smaller squeeze bottles. I don't like the fact that I have to keep my supplies in different containers. The gels in the bottom are too tall and my large tips are off the side of the picture.

👤This design is terrible. The box is all curved, unless you have shapeless bags of fluids. The walls of my food coloring bottles are too curved so they don't stay in place when I move the box. The brushes and tools I put in at the top layer don't fit in the corners of the compartments and leave a lot of wasted space. I can't put anything on that spot inside the box because the handle of the lid can sit inside the box. It was so much wasted space. If you want to save space and not try to be all cute and round-cornered, buy a normal toolbox that has square edges.

👤Just as described. I put my extra large tips in the top compartment because the main section doesn't hold them. The other wilton organizer cases stack well together. The icing color organizers were purchased at the same time. I put a silver sharpie on top of my label.

👤I am a cake designer. I do nothing fancy for my kids' birthdays. I thought it would hold the color gels I bought. I kept them in a bag until they leaked all over and caused a huge mess. The holes in the container are not big enough for the colors of the Wilton. They teeter around and don't sit upright, which means eventually they're going to spill all over the place again. I don't understand how you can make a carrier that doesn't fit your stuff. What is happening?

👤Very organized! On both sides, the lid snaps on tightly. This is the best for tall icing colors. If you double stack short containers of colors, they will be all over the place when the container is tipped.

👤This held a lot of stuff from my brushes and implements. I don't have to look through all the little boxes anymore because I have space in my cabinets. The sort of domed top should be domed to allow for more space for larger tips to be stored. I have several large Russian tips as well. It seems like they would try to accommodate their own tips. It's neatened everything up, and I think it would be a great gift. I would have liked getting it as a gift. The larger one has drawers that can fall out. I decided to keep my food coloring in smaller plastic bins because I probably could use two of these. I'm not sure of the strength. When I lift it with the handle, I will probably support the bottom. I'm amazed by how much it holds after I'm able to separate the sections by lifting out the slides. It's similar to some of the plastic organizers that stack, but I didn't want it to be clear, and it has cubbies for specific things. I think the price could be lower. I went ahead with the purchase because I had rewards to use. I think that it should cost about 40% less than the price that Wilton has set, because of what it is made of and how it closes. I'm happy that I bought it. I recommend it. I feel like I'm in control.


What is the best product for cake icing tools wilton?

Cake icing tools wilton products from Wilton. In this article about cake icing tools wilton you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding cake icing tools wilton.

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